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GE Hydrowave!
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Post# 287928   6/30/2008 at 13:40 (3,669 days old) by pulsator (Saint Joseph, MI)        

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I'm expecting a Hydrowave of my own to be delivered tomorrow between 11 and 2! And FINALLY, there is a vid of one on youtube!!! SOOOO QUIET! A close friend of mine just bought one and DAMN it is quiet, thus why I just had to have one!!! I dare say it is quieter than a Unimatic!!!!


Post# 287933 , Reply# 1   6/30/2008 at 14:27 (3,669 days old) by jeffg ()        

Sounds similar to a Cabrio, except with knocking noises.

Post# 287934 , Reply# 2   6/30/2008 at 14:30 (3,669 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

That's great, Jamie! I've watched the video of one working at GE's website and I like the slower, long agitation stroke. If I were to replace the Frigidaire TLer, I'd probably opt for a Hydrowave, too. I never want a short/fast stroke machine again. I got tired of having buttons sewed back on my shirts. And I'm sure you'll post pictures, right?!

Post# 287944 , Reply# 3   6/30/2008 at 16:04 (3,669 days old) by tuthill ()        

Since we want to see a very fun, cool, and functional piece of modern engineering in operation were a bunch of weirdos?? Wow, there really ARE some weirdos out there!

Jamie, that's really cool you're getting a Hydrowave! I'm sure you'll love it and you better take a lot of pictures!

Post# 288017 , Reply# 4   6/30/2008 at 22:31 (3,668 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        
GE washer

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Nice vid. In this day and age of crap appliances, I'd definitely get or urge my parents to get a Hydrowave. They look nice and simple, and finally a top loader of the 21st century that won't beat the balls out of your clothes.

I just inherited a bottom end GE washer in my new townhouse. And I gotta say, for a cheapo washer, it's pretty decent. Alot quieter than our parents 1982 Maytag washer. Yes, it does have an insanely fast and short stroke, what looks like 90 degrees or something!
When I've been doing shirts, I've only been using the "EasyCare" cycle with slow agitation and fast spin.

As far as that knocking noise? That's probably normal for GE. I think it's their crap top hung suspension. Mine really shakes around when washing on high speed. It's got these rubber bands that hold it in place when agitating from the torque. Real interesting. Kinda dumb, but it sure does the job. I was impressed.
I think I prefer GE machines over Whirlpool now....

Of course nothing will replace a Dependable Care Maytag....

Post# 288036 , Reply# 5   12/31/1969 at 18:00 (17,729 days old) by supersuds (Knoxville, Tenn.)        

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Will you have Andy moving it for you? ;)

My sis has had a Hydrowave for, oh, 18 months or so, and with her having three kids, it has operated more or less continuously. No problems at all, is very quiet. I don't recall hearing a knocking sound, but there is always such a ruckus going on with the kids it could have been drowned out I guess.

Her only gripe is that drawstrings sometimes get caught in the gap between the agitator vanes and the bottom of the agitator.

Post# 288038 , Reply# 6   12/31/1969 at 18:00 (17,729 days old) by dadoes (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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They look nice and simple, and finally a top loader of the 21st century that won't beat the balls out of your clothes.
{sigh} I won't bother to again point out the manufacturer that has been agitating much like this since the late 1990s.

Post# 288043 , Reply# 7   7/1/2008 at 02:20 (3,668 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

If the mechanism is like the Australian domestically made machines, it should last forever.

All locally made machines here have worked like that since the mid 1980's and most still have a life expectancy of 10 years.

The Dual action agitator hasnt caught on here though, its still always the straight vane.

Post# 288064 , Reply# 8   7/1/2008 at 07:18 (3,668 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

OK, Glenn, I'll carry the torch on this one: Yay! Rah! Fisher & Paykel! Yay! Rah! Fisher & Paykel!

I know what it's like to get no respect---you should try owning a houseful of latter-day Frigidiare appliances. Nothing but smackdowns all the day long, LOL.

I may become an LG man, though. A steam washer pair on platforms at the appliance store keeps hitting on me every time I go in. Oh, and that French-door refrigerator with a control panel on the front, too.

But first...I need to rob a bank.

Post# 288065 , Reply# 9   7/1/2008 at 07:22 (3,668 days old) by estesguy (kansas)        

I have had one of the Hydrowave washers for about a year now with no problems. Mine does not make any clicking/knocking at all during the wash cycle. IMHO this guy has overloaded the machine, I don't care what he says. That was my first impression when the video started, was that there were clothes clear up above the top of the tub line. When mine is in action all clothes move around the tub just fine. It reminds me of one of those battery powered baby swings, it is very quiet. The drain pump is the same one GE has used for years, and is not so quiet, lol. The spin cycle is 650 RPM, and can get somewhat noisy with a rather noticible " whooo" sound to it. The motor reverses back and forth electronically from a circuitboard mounted on top of the motor and protected by a drip shield. The notorius braking system that failed in so many older GE's is gone too. The machine just coasts to a stop, unless you lift the lid sooner, then it brakes electronically by reversing the motor.

Post# 288074 , Reply# 10   7/1/2008 at 08:56 (3,668 days old) by gizmo (Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Au)        

Anyone got a link to a diagram that shows its innards?

That knocking sounds like a solenoid operated brake, just like you find on any Japanese or Aussie machine from the 1980s, except F&P. The brake holds the tub still during agitation, you hear a slight knock as the tub tries to turn with each turn of the agitator. There is a little clearance between the brake arm and brake band, they tap together at each stroke.
I'd be interested to see if the "new" GE works the same way.


Post# 288078 , Reply# 11   7/1/2008 at 09:32 (3,668 days old) by askomiele (belgium)        

650 rpm? that's it? Come one, thought they would ramp up the spin speed to at least 1000 rpm. What a shame! Seems to me, good machine, simple design, nice reviews...

Post# 288084 , Reply# 12   7/1/2008 at 11:20 (3,668 days old) by estesguy (kansas)        
You get what you pay for

The spin speed is 650-700 on these machines. If you want more, you have to buy the Harmony series washers, which go to 1010 spin speed. These Hydrowave washers are considered mid-line washers that can be purchased for around 375-500 depending on the model and discount the store is willing to offer you. There are 2 wires coming from the base center area of the machine, that I am pretty sure operate some kind of solenoid that works to allow the tub to remain stationary during the wash, or locks it so that it spins during spin cycle. There is NO transmission in these machines. If anyone trys to tell you otherwise, they are wrong. The center shaft goes from the belt driven pulley, straight up to the agitator. If the electronics of this machine hold up, I would think it would be a very reliable machine.

Post# 288104 , Reply# 13   7/1/2008 at 13:53 (3,668 days old) by johndaytonausa ()        

Hi, I also own a GE Hydrowave washer. I bought mine from Sams Club last April. So far it has been one of the best washing machines I've ever had! It is VERY QUIET and does a great job washing. It had taken out some stains that my Duet Sport couldn't. I think for the price these machines can't be beat. I hope they prove to be reliable.

I wish Jamie good luck with his new Hydrowave!

Post# 288111 , Reply# 14   7/1/2008 at 16:06 (3,668 days old) by vintagesearch ()        

what a far cry from what they used to be like!!! our GE that we bought in 2002 was a major POS granted it cleaned very well had a great capacity it was loud as hell! we trashed it it developed a huge leak, the brake wore out, and eventually wouldn't drain! i wish you all the bes!t they seem to be made much better. and so quiet! slower wash action, how interesting. best of luck and laundry times!

Post# 288129 , Reply# 15   7/1/2008 at 18:56 (3,667 days old) by funguy10 ()        

It's almost 8:00 in the evening. Why haven't you posted pics and stuff yet? Or are you currently working on it?

Post# 288152 , Reply# 16   7/1/2008 at 21:58 (3,667 days old) by pulsator (Saint Joseph, MI)        

pulsator's profile picture
Well, after a very long day filled with many many loads of wash, the Hydrowave is finally resting, and I'm finally sitting down and checking the computer for the first time today!

Funguy, seriously, don't nag me for picures, it's getting old FAST.

Here she is gleaming next to the Miele set!

Post# 288155 , Reply# 17   7/1/2008 at 22:01 (3,667 days old) by pulsator (Saint Joseph, MI)        
The Timer

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I've noticed that the only difference between the normal and delicate speeds is not actually the speed, but rather the arc length! Normal speed has a 360 degree arc length, delicate appears to have a 180 degree arc length!

Post# 288156 , Reply# 18   7/1/2008 at 22:05 (3,667 days old) by pulsator (Saint Joseph, MI)        
Water level and temperature

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When I was about 8, my parents got divorced and dad got an apartment which had one of the early plastic tub GEs, the water levels were extra small/medium/extra large. I used to always wonder why the hell they didn't just put extra medium instead of just medium! Now it seems medium no longer exists...

I like the Cool/Cold option, I hate using cold water in the winter because it's so cold that nothing dissolves! (Besides, I do not allow liquid detergents anywhere NEAR my machines!)

Post# 288157 , Reply# 19   7/1/2008 at 22:06 (3,667 days old) by pulsator (Saint Joseph, MI)        
The Money Shot!!!!!

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I'm lovin this tub, it gives an extra washboard-like action, I wish that it had a single piece agitator though... Anyone know if that's possible? How do these come off?

Post# 288158 , Reply# 20   7/1/2008 at 22:08 (3,667 days old) by vintagesearch ()        

niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice glad you got nice one im diggin' your miele set too!

have fun washing! ( im sure you have)

Post# 288159 , Reply# 21   7/1/2008 at 22:08 (3,667 days old) by pulsator (Saint Joseph, MI)        
The maiden washload!

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6 bath towels, 2 floor towels, and a hand towel. Does this count as a Bobload?

Post# 288161 , Reply# 22   7/1/2008 at 22:13 (3,667 days old) by pulsator (Saint Joseph, MI)        

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Super, Warm/Cold, Cottons cycle, heavy soil setting!

(Notice how the fill stream isn't quite centered... Nice GE, nice.)

Post# 288162 , Reply# 23   7/1/2008 at 22:13 (3,667 days old) by pulsator (Saint Joseph, MI)        
Washing away!

pulsator's profile picture
This thing is quite literally whisper quiet, no gimmick there! (At least on agitation... Sounds kinda like a Norge-Beast when it drains!)

Post# 288164 , Reply# 24   7/1/2008 at 22:16 (3,667 days old) by pulsator (Saint Joseph, MI)        
All done!

pulsator's profile picture
I gotta say, I wasn't satisfied with the spin speed so I went ahead and ran it through the spin dryer for a few minutes at 3,100 RPM and things dried pretty quick!

Something I'll have to video tape eventually is the tub stopping when the lid is raised while spinning, such an awesome sound it makes!!!!

Post# 288166 , Reply# 25   7/1/2008 at 22:37 (3,667 days old) by maytagbear (N.E. Ohio)        
Thank you!

Awesome pictures!

Hope you have a lot of fun with this machine.


Post# 288173 , Reply# 26   7/1/2008 at 22:59 (3,667 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        

johnb300m's profile picture
I have the non-hydrowave version of your washer. the fast agitation is a bit much, with what looks like a 90deg. arc.
But I gotta say, i do like it.

It does a few interesting things. It does neutral drains :-(

After the wash, it does a series of pulse spins, it doesn't just spin before rinse.
No spray spin between wash and deep rinse.

BUT, it does the spray spin after the deep rinse which i kinda like. And the final spin is quite long.
Though it spins sorta slow, it gets things well ringed out.

I'm diggin' my GE dryer too with the auto thermostat sensors too.

Post# 288179 , Reply# 27   7/2/2008 at 00:00 (3,667 days old) by johndaytonausa ()        

Hi Jamie, the agitator just pulls off. You just have to get a firm grip on the bottom part of the agitator and give it a hard tug upwards. Also I believe a single piece agitator would work as the air bell coupling is the same on all GE toploaders.

Your GE looks to be the same model as mine.

Post# 288181 , Reply# 28   7/2/2008 at 00:11 (3,667 days old) by johndaytonausa ()        

pics of my Sam's Club model Hydrowave

Post# 288182 , Reply# 29   7/2/2008 at 00:13 (3,667 days old) by johndaytonausa ()        
money shot

plastic ribbed tub

Post# 288187 , Reply# 30   7/2/2008 at 03:43 (3,667 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

I love it! Judging from the video I've seen, the vertical ribbed tub really helps 'scrub' the clothes during agitation. Judging from your towel-load photo, it fills to the top row of holes (an obsession of mine, since my Frigidaire only fills about 2/3 of the way).

How was the rollover with your full load of towels?

Congrats, Jamie, on the new addition to your ever-growing collection!

Post# 288188 , Reply# 31   7/2/2008 at 03:46 (3,667 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

I love it! Judging from the video I've seen, the vertical ribbed tub really helps 'scrub' the clothes during agitation. Judging from your towel-load photo, it fills to the top row of holes (an obsession of mine, since my Frigidaire only fills about 2/3 of the way).

How was the rollover with your full load of towels? How much slower is the gentle speed agitation? I'm a little surprised the speeds aren't fast agitation and slow spin for the Easy Care cycle.

I really want one of these, now!

Congrats, Jamie, on the new addition to your ever-growing collection!

Post# 288207 , Reply# 32   7/2/2008 at 06:55 (3,667 days old) by funguy10 ()        
I wish that it had a single piece agitator though

What is wrong withe the Dual-Action Agitator? It actually cleans better then a straight-ribbed one. Also I guess you haven't disabled the lidswitch yet huh?

Post# 288213 , Reply# 33   7/2/2008 at 07:38 (3,667 days old) by mihi ()        

The hydro-wave is pretty awesome.

Question - if it has no transmission the motor must be directly connected to the shaft. How is it different from the Fisher-Paykel? Also, does it use a diverter valve (a bit of a weak point on the F-P, but easy to fix)
or two pumps?

Very nice machine there.

Post# 288240 , Reply# 34   7/2/2008 at 10:48 (3,667 days old) by jeff_adelphi (Adelphi, Maryland, USA)        

jeff_adelphi's profile picture
This washer has a belt to connect the motor to the main drive shaft and give a speed reduction. It only has one pump for draining, no recirculation. It is a very simple design. I did have replace a motor just this week for a customer because the electronic controller failed. It was just under 2 years old.

Post# 288270 , Reply# 35   7/2/2008 at 13:34 (3,667 days old) by tuthill ()        

That's pretty cool Jamie, thanks for the pictures. Maybe if GE started making these right after the Filter-Flo's the appliance unit would still be in business.

You should do a video but do it better than the lame-wad who felt the need to narrate the fact that people who enjoy this are weird.

Post# 288271 , Reply# 36   7/2/2008 at 14:01 (3,667 days old) by nmaineman36 ()        

Nice machines. According to GE those ribs in the wash basket are called ExtrAction ribs...they are more or less designed to give more area to extract the laundry and squeeze out more water. To me they do look like scrubbing ribs. I did notice that they made the holes smaller than the previous flat tub design. I had a Hotpoint version and i would always catch a knuckle on the holes and those suckers were sharp and I always bled. I learned fast not to get too close to them.

Post# 288337 , Reply# 37   7/2/2008 at 18:34 (3,666 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

If you look at the video linked above---the one with the guy washing 50 sheets in one load---the items are definitely scrubbing back and forth on those ribs. I wonder how much extra water is being extracted? That's interesting.

Post# 288338 , Reply# 38   7/2/2008 at 18:39 (3,666 days old) by vintagesearch ()        

why on some cycles its has no rinse or spin label?

Post# 288370 , Reply# 39   7/2/2008 at 22:22 (3,666 days old) by swestoyz (Cedar Falls, Iowa)        

swestoyz's profile picture
Jamie - this is a very cool GE! I do like the 'ExtrAction' basket. It reminds me the basket in Robert's 1947 1140 RPM GE - I would imagine that it would be helpful in extraction.

Thanks for sharing ~


Post# 288453 , Reply# 40   7/3/2008 at 10:44 (3,666 days old) by washboy2005 (UK)        
"the one with the guy washing 50 sheets in one load&quo

50 sheets in one load? Is that too much? LOL

I love your new machine. I do like american toploaders!
Was at my friends the other day and he has a Whirlpool American Set!

Fantastic machines. The washer is very quiet, and the dryer just rumbles pleasantly along!

Thanks for taking the time to post pictures.
I hope you have many happy years washing with this machine!

P.S Love the Mieles :-D

Post# 288534 , Reply# 41   7/3/2008 at 19:49 (3,665 days old) by bestcleaning ()        
GE is wonderful :)

Thank you for the pictures.
Does your washer has some spray rince on spin cycle?

Post# 288692 , Reply# 42   7/4/2008 at 21:03 (3,664 days old) by pulsator (Saint Joseph, MI)        

pulsator's profile picture
Vintagesearch- Not sure why the rinse and spin aren't labeled on some of the cycle, nonetheless, I know right where they are!

Bestcleaning- There is no spray rinse.

Post# 288769 , Reply# 43   7/5/2008 at 10:56 (3,664 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Jamie--- I went to CR Online and read a bunch of user reviews for GE toploaders (which I believe are Hydrowaves). Quite a few people complained that clothes were left very wet at the end of the cycle, sometimes with about 1/2-inch of water left in the bottom of the tub.

Have you noticed a problem? I was taken aback at how many complaints there were about this.

I have been bouncing around the idea of sellling my Frigidaire TL'er and dryer, and getting a GE pair (I'd love to have a 7-cu. ft. dryer drum). I'd keep my Frigi FL'er.

How has your Hydrowave been behaving for you?

Post# 288772 , Reply# 44   7/5/2008 at 11:10 (3,664 days old) by pulsator (Saint Joseph, MI)        

pulsator's profile picture
I have had absolutely no problems with the Hydrowave when loaded properly, I imagine that it struggles wth balancing when it's overloaded. After the maiden towels load, I did a GIGANTIC load of jeans and cargo pants with a few left over towels, it did a prety good job washing but had trouble spinning because it was so off balance, I just stopped it and redistributed the load and didn't really think about it. It seems to struggle with pants and bulky things like blankets quite a bit, they get tangled and ball up on one side thus the off balance issue. I bet all those complaints were caused by overloading of trying to wash bulky things like big heavy blankets.

Post# 288774 , Reply# 45   7/5/2008 at 11:44 (3,664 days old) by estesguy (kansas)        
No problems spinnig

I've had mine for almost a year, and have never had any water left in the tub, and the clothes come out as dry as can be expected for a 650-700 RPM spin. Only recently was there one time I noticed it started banging from an off balance load, and I think it shut itself down momentarily, then tries to start again, but it didn't seem to help. I went in and found my son had tried to do a load with only 2 bath towels and one sheet. The towels had both gotten on one side of the tub, and were throwing the balance off. I redistributed the towels and the machine finished the spin just fine. That is the ONLY time I've ever noticed an off balance problem. I think if you load the machine properly, by not overloading or underloading, it does a good job. I'm always amazed how many people think a normal load involves whatever is in your laundry basket, just push it down in the tub and MAKE it fit, lol. The clothes won't come clean, and its hard on the machine, but I've seen it happen over and over with other people doing laundry.
BTW I have the TOL Hydrowave, and love the "Speed Cycle" setting for doing a load of towels that aren't that dirty to start with. The total time is 28 minutes, 31 with extended spin selected.

Post# 288798 , Reply# 46   7/5/2008 at 15:13 (3,664 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Thanks for the info, guys. That puts my mind at ease about purchasing a Hydrowave.

The one thing my Frigidaire TL'er has going for it is this: It's nearly impossible to create an unbalance situation that causes the spin speed to slow down or the tub to hit the cabinet.

Whenever I have a small load that I know will trip-up the front-loader when it comes time to spin, I use the TL'er. You can wash two pairs of jeans or two big bath towels, ball them up in one tiny area of the tub and the darn thing will spin like a champ (at 625 rpm, I recently learned).

It's frightening to watch how wildly the tub oscillates under those circumstances, but the machine doesn't walk or vibrate (it's on cement). It just takes a little longer to get up to full speed. I once had a load of sheets get tangled into a ball and when I innocently opened the lid during the final spin, I almost freaked when I saw how crazy it looked, wobbling around, not quite hitting the cabinet, at top speed. And it wasn't even making any distressedl sounds.

Post# 289651 , Reply# 47   7/9/2008 at 22:47 (3,659 days old) by appliancelover ()        

This guy's second video is even more exciting.

I liked the way he showed the agitation close up, allowing us to see the dual-action agitator giving those clothes a PROPER CLEANING for once.

It made me very happy ;)


CLICK HERE TO GO TO appliancelover's LINK

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