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First Rex-Zanussi Imput System (1984)
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Post# 312002   10/28/2008 at 15:44 (3,466 days old) by favorit ()        

It is the first attempt of the Imput series that came out in late 90ies. Five buttons allow the choice of fabric-colour-load size-detergent type-soil level

Post# 312010 , Reply# 1   10/28/2008 at 16:17 (3,466 days old) by vivalalavatrice ()        
La piů perfetta macchina da lavare presente oggi sul mercato

Ah... che frase... vabbč

GOOD Carlo! But over all.... BIO PRESTO TAED!!!! My very first mom most used washer detergent. I remeber my Sangiorgio whan mum did the whitest whites with dialing on 1 whit soaking option and then she let the machine go ahead the following morning!!
What wonderful memories!!

Nothing is new if it come back again!!

Post# 312011 , Reply# 2   10/28/2008 at 16:25 (3,466 days old) by favorit ()        
again from 1984 Rex brochure

The R899TX (right) was the TOL zanussi sold on italian market.
It has a 1000 rpm spin (at those times TOL mieles W772/784 were 1200 rpm), half load, 500 rpm setting, extended wash time for low temps and - unique feature ever seen on Zannies - interval spin

The R875X was the average machine of those times, with an outer door to fit better under counter and "hide" in the kitchen

Post# 312016 , Reply# 3   10/28/2008 at 16:58 (3,466 days old) by favorit ()        
hai ragione - you're right ....

...the R 899 was much better than that christmas-tree-lighted R2001IS : 47 litre drum vs 42, so it was a REAL 5kg machine, not a 4.5 kg as the others.
In those times our Candy SA5 was about to die (it was 20yo...)
so we were on the hunt 4 a new washer.

Post# 312018 , Reply# 4   10/28/2008 at 17:14 (3,466 days old) by newwave1 (Lincoln, United Kingdom)        

newwave1's profile picture
Thanks for posting those pics! I love those machines! Very sucessful range for zanussi over here!


Post# 312021 , Reply# 5   10/28/2008 at 17:27 (3,466 days old) by hotpoint9534 (UK)        

Was there a Zanussi version of the R899TX sold here in the UK? If there was I'd like to find it!


Post# 312024 , Reply# 6   10/28/2008 at 17:39 (3,466 days old) by favorit ()        

Hi Tom,I guess so. Such machine seems to be oriented towards northern EU markets rather than southern ones. I bet it has been rebadged for local markets ... those games began much earlier than Electrolux bigbrotherhood


Post# 312031 , Reply# 7   10/28/2008 at 18:02 (3,466 days old) by matchboxpaul (Just north of Derby, U.K)        

matchboxpaul's profile picture
Thanks for posting the brochure images Carlo.

Ever since I first saw a piccy (a poor one at that) of the dark facia of the Zanussi Input System, I have always wondered what it really looked like.

The first piccy of the Rex input system has helped a great deal - it looks superb! I wonder if therer are any about today?
Here's hoping.

I was always very fond of the Zanussi Washcraft range and have my eyes peeled for one at the moment.

Hi Tom.
Like you I wonder whether we did ever recieve the four button machine. The highest i ever remember seeing was the three button Z939T and Z949T - but never a four button jobby.
A little Zanussi mystery there then!


Post# 312034 , Reply# 8   10/28/2008 at 18:24 (3,466 days old) by favorit ()        

Still we are in the Big Brother Year but chez AEG. If the fascias were covered you'd say " they're Zannies !!"

Post# 312036 , Reply# 9   10/28/2008 at 18:32 (3,466 days old) by favorit ()        
nostaligie ! - the last drop down door !!!

Lavamat Clara 604

Post# 312045 , Reply# 10   10/28/2008 at 19:04 (3,465 days old) by favorit ()        
BrandtAEGs ??

Those were the first Favorits with adjustable upper rack
Middle arm feed come from a jet in the centre of the lower arm.
They were loudy as Candy Stipomatics (probably the loudest DW ever made)
Design is neither the usual AEG nor Zannish ..maybe Brandt made as some top loaders (lavamat 84/87) ??????
Anyway it was suddenly discontinued

Post# 312055 , Reply# 11   10/28/2008 at 19:53 (3,465 days old) by hotpoint9534 (UK)        

The pre-Electrolux years of Zanussi still hold a great deal of mystery for me. I keep seeing machines that I never knew existed. Electrolux have disowned some of the older machines, with technical information being very hard to find.

Ever tried to find a technical manual for the C7000/C8000 series of machines from the 70s/80s? Electrolux would say there's no such thing, yet I'm sure they did make one.

My Zanussi Z9191T has the most complex timer I've ever seen, so many wires! Then again, there are no electronics either, so the wires must compensate. I can't get the half load function to work and I don't know where to begin!


Post# 312058 , Reply# 12   10/28/2008 at 19:58 (3,465 days old) by hotpoint9534 (UK)        
Early Zanussi/Privileg Washer Dryer

There was a Zanussi version of this machine available in the UK, I've never seen one though. I believe it's quite rare.

Post# 312060 , Reply# 13   10/28/2008 at 20:01 (3,465 days old) by hotpoint9534 (UK)        
Privileg machine sold in Germany

A nice example of a C7000/C8000 series machine produced by Zanussi. Love the drum with the double circle at the back!

Post# 312098 , Reply# 14   10/29/2008 at 03:50 (3,465 days old) by vivalalavatrice ()        
Privilege = Zoppas!

Hi Tom,
Privilege is a brand of machine here which are branded Zoppas!

Her you are one of my last restoration, it's a Zoppas P404... lovely the low wash rythm... unfortunately I didn't any video of the machine beofer have hooked it down

Post# 312100 , Reply# 15   10/29/2008 at 05:08 (3,465 days old) by favorit ()        
Zoppas 1985 TOL : P448X - P498TX

Tom, I've never seen that dropdown Privileg !! At those times italian producers sold in internal market mostly BOL and MOL, cause people bought italian washers for price. TOL machines came mostly from Germany, even if I remember some squared door (real)Hoover in a shop close home -never seen elsewhere

Post# 312101 , Reply# 16   10/29/2008 at 05:27 (3,465 days old) by favorit ()        
little jump in the future : 1998 Candy TL dryer

Diomede I cant't help posting it ;-))
Washers on the left, tumbler on right

Post# 312111 , Reply# 17   10/29/2008 at 06:03 (3,465 days old) by favorit ()        
Back to Zoppas 1985 : TOL DW P 105 L

Looks like a certain CASTOR C75 someone knows well .. ;-)
Those DW really were nice potscrubbers. It is due to their "long" washing time 106 mins vs 60 mins of my old miele G507 @ cold fill

Post# 312115 , Reply# 18   10/29/2008 at 07:12 (3,465 days old) by vivalalavatrice ()        
certain CASTOR C75 someone knows well .. ;-)


Here it you are in a before-after restoration picture.

Concerning the 800 super spin (nowadays would be not the worst but of course is a goal reached and outranged, speaking of 1400-1600-1800rpm!!), it was a really good performance without any electronic control but only based on the better quality of the machine's components and thanks to the higher complexive weight of the shaking-group consisting in outertub and ballastes.
Really... "Zoppas li fa e nessuno li distrugge" (=Zoppas made them and nobody crashes them)


PS: Carlo ci pensi che i cataloghi REX di quell'epoca li ho buttati!?!??!?! GRRRR!!!

Post# 312116 , Reply# 19   10/29/2008 at 07:13 (3,465 days old) by vivalalavatrice ()        
1998 Candy TL dryer

...just like the US F&P!!

Post# 312117 , Reply# 20   10/29/2008 at 07:16 (3,465 days old) by vivalalavatrice ()        
Lavamat Clara 604

Should I take the opportunity to pick up a machine identical to this and restor it!? Where I found the Indesit (with a Smeg DW too but really this is in worst condition!!), there's an AEG Lavamat just like that, brown control panel and double lid.

What about friends, concerning that the machine would be sold away after the restoration!?


Post# 312120 , Reply# 21   10/29/2008 at 07:41 (3,465 days old) by hotpoint9534 (UK)        
Zanussi WD2290

Diomede, I love the square door on the Zoppas P404, a very smart machine. They were never sold here in the UK like this.

I have found the control panel details of the UK version of the dropdown Privileg. Here in the UK it was known as the Zanussi WD2290. The 'special features' control knob is something I have not seen before on a Zanussi.


Post# 312121 , Reply# 22   10/29/2008 at 07:45 (3,465 days old) by hotpoint9534 (UK)        

Special features

Post# 312123 , Reply# 23   10/29/2008 at 08:00 (3,465 days old) by favorit ()        
Thanks Tom !! WD 2290

at those times Zanussi italian brands (Castor - Rex - Zoppas)didn't have any combo available here. There were only 2 vented dryers, one time ctrld , the other with moisture ctrl
Only Sangiorgio had a WD line called Ghibli

Post# 312194 , Reply# 24   10/29/2008 at 15:36 (3,465 days old) by matchboxpaul (Just north of Derby, U.K)        
What a great thread!

matchboxpaul's profile picture
Really really thanks for the great brochure shots Carlo.

The round door AEG's look unusual - I am so used to the left hand drive versions in that colour scheme, that a right hand drive machine looks a bit weird.
Does anyone know whether they were ever sold in the UK - the right hand drive machines that is?


Go get it, go get it! I would love to own one of these classic AEG's.
A friend at school had one, set beautifully in a dark wood kitchen, with matching panel door. Always took notice when the door was dropped down, due to the unusual construction of these machines.
Your magic touch would, I am sure, produce a stunning machine.
I am sure you would quickly begin to appreciate it in your collection.

My GOD! when was that WD2290 on ebay? that was in the UK! did it sell? Ohhh the pain of it - what a splendid looking machine.
My knowledge of 1970's UK sold Zanussi's is virtually non-existant - was this machine from the first series sold in the UK?
What was the first Zanussi model sold in the UK?
I take it, it wasnt the SL118/SL128 series?
Questions, questions, questions - cant type fast enough! That WD2290 is straight into my Zanussi folder and I have just been over to serviceforce and downloaded the full manual - some bedtime reading.


Post# 312236 , Reply# 25   10/29/2008 at 18:06 (3,465 days old) by hotpoint9534 (UK)        

Hi Paul,

The picture is actually of the German 'Privileg' version of the WD2290. This was on German ebay a couple of months ago. Apart from the different brand name, the UK Zanussi version was identical.
The WD2290 was introduced in around 1980, just before the first Washcraft series of Zanussis such as the Z919, Z929 etc.
This was the first Zanussi produced washer dryer sold in the UK.
The first Zanussi washing machines sold in the UK (that I know of) were the DL22, DL4 and DL6 models introduced sometime in the 70s. The manuals for these can be found on Serviceforce.
These DL series were followed by the SL24, SL26T and SL27T. After this came the SL118, SL128 and SL227T which were produced until about 1981.

Hope that's of some help!


Post# 312271 , Reply# 26   10/29/2008 at 19:54 (3,464 days old) by hotpoint9534 (UK)        
You can tell it's a real Zanussi if...

... it has this drum. A much neater design than the currect Electrolux drum I'm sure you'll agree!

Post# 312317 , Reply# 27   10/30/2008 at 05:19 (3,464 days old) by dubstar85 ()        

I do love that drum! Such a great thread! My Auntie had a WDi9091. The 1000rpm washer dryer from the 80s. She got the machine in 1987 but i think it was old stock. I remember it being really quiet and the 500rpm spin was louder than the 1000rpm.

Would love to see one in action again. Sadly all the machines seem to be down south :-(


Post# 312318 , Reply# 28   10/30/2008 at 05:37 (3,464 days old) by dubstar85 ()        

I do love that drum! Such a great thread! My Auntie had a WDi9091. The 1000rpm washer dryer from the 80s. She got the machine in 1987 but i think it was old stock. I remember it being really quiet and the 500rpm spin was louder than the 1000rpm.

Would love to see one in action again. Sadly all the machines seem to be down south :-(


Post# 312363 , Reply# 29   10/30/2008 at 08:54 (3,464 days old) by favorit ()        
Stainless Steel

These old drums were made of remarkable better quality SS.
Current ZannEluxes (and AEGs too) havent' such a good SS

For all the brochure addicted like us, here is the link to a similar old thread



Post# 312375 , Reply# 30   10/30/2008 at 10:13 (3,464 days old) by favorit ()        
Candy - early 70ies drums ?!?

Found another old thread about Candy (the real Hoover killer)

We had a SA5, probably the strongest machine they did

Then we had a C134. Such POS machine had No BAFFLES at all.
When half loaded (i e curtains or minimum iron) the load did't tumble but literally floated. The upper part of the load came out still dry... Why did they remove baffles from drums??

Whent this nightmare broke (bearings...) we bought the 16WD combo. This has gone back with baffles. Yet stuff boilwashed in it, if rewashed in the miele 60°C ecoboilwash came out much cleaner

Today in their manuals Candy warn people not to wash full loads made of towels .... Mieles have not only towel programs, but pillows program too ... is it a bearings affair ?!? ;-)


Post# 312410 , Reply# 31   10/30/2008 at 16:20 (3,464 days old) by vivalalavatrice ()        

Mio caro Carlo... se solo tu sapessi...

This is the SAVING italian corresponding, the word which lead maufacturers to have started with 4, has arrived and using 3 but where 1 is still a "cost" in a machine project... no baffles is the way to wash!!


Post# 312495 , Reply# 32   10/31/2008 at 12:50 (3,463 days old) by matchboxpaul (Just north of Derby, U.K)        
Cheers for the info Tom.

matchboxpaul's profile picture
Am so glad that that W/D wasn't on UK ebay - would have been very frustrating.

It does/did look a wonderful machine.


Post# 312498 , Reply# 33   10/31/2008 at 14:04 (3,463 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

foraloysius's profile picture
Interesting thread! I found an old brochure with information about the Z999TX. Here's the page in the brochure.

Post# 312499 , Reply# 34   10/31/2008 at 14:14 (3,463 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

foraloysius's profile picture
The real TOL machine in 1982 was the Z2001IS. Here's a picture of it.

Post# 312514 , Reply# 35   10/31/2008 at 17:23 (3,463 days old) by newwave1 (Lincoln, United Kingdom)        

newwave1's profile picture
I'd LOVE a Z2001IS!!!!!!!

I'll make do with the two other zanussi's i have :D


Post# 312798 , Reply# 36   11/2/2008 at 17:54 (3,460 days old) by favorit ()        
Three twins

Notice as the Z 999 TX has a 3KW heater vs the usual 2KW one on her twins REX 899 TX and Zoppas P 498 TX. This happened as Rex, Castor(r.i.p) and Zoppas are specific brands for our internal market. Here houses have usually a 3 KW feed. So a 2,2KW WM or DW allows other small appliances running without exceeding the max load

Another small difference: Rex and Zoppas have bleach dispenser, Z 999 has those times the tipical italian housewife was still bleach-addicted ;-))

Zanussi badged appliances are not very common in Italy. They were (are ?) sold in Expert stores only.

Post# 312799 , Reply# 37   11/2/2008 at 18:02 (3,460 days old) by favorit ()        
wood ranges ?!?

Same brochure of the R 2001 IS, on the page next to microwave ovens, there are wood ranges.
Nowadays wood ranges are still common in north eastern Italy.
Ultimate ones are fully integrated in the kitchen just as the likes of a fridge or a dishwasher

Post# 312803 , Reply# 38   11/2/2008 at 18:04 (3,460 days old) by favorit ()        
Rebadged Zankers ?

MOL Lavamats (1983/84)

Post# 947792 , Reply# 39   7/12/2017 at 07:31 (287 days old) by patwist (Slovakia)        
Zanussi DL 1400T

Hello, in Czechoslovak movie Zítra to roztočíme, drahoušku...! (1974) (translation of name can be Tomorrow we'll spin it, dear) you can see a package of washer Zanussi DL 1400T
YouTube scene from movie

They coming home with a new washing machine packaging box with made in USA sticker and loud say they have machine so neighbours can envy, but in fact they have empty packaging box from Italian Zanussi DL 1400T :-D

(I googled for Zanussi DL 1400T images and found this thread on this forum so I registered there to let you know about this funny movie scene :-D
Greetings from Slovakia ;-)


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Post# 947822 , Reply# 40   7/12/2017 at 11:14 (287 days old) by RobM (Buxted)        
AEG 802 TS

Just seeing this thread re-opened I noticed the AEG 802 TS in the brochure above. I just did a quick video of this a few days ago.


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