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Discontinued detergents/products that you remember
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Post# 507498   3/28/2011 at 05:07 (1,890 days old) by twinniefan (Sydney Australia)        

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Would like to know about any discontinued detergents, additives, stain sprays etc that you remember which are now discontinued,here is my list.
1.Rinso-how could it not be 1st
2.Bio-Ad- the original soaker.
3.Ajax- and it's blue beads of bleach and it's sucessor- Ajax plus
4.R.M.Gow's-powerful,hardworking washing powder which gives you real value for money.-I kid you not that entire sentence was its full name.
5. Aura- I think the very 1st liquid in OZ and I reckon the best liquid ever.
6.Blue Torrent-I think I am the only person in Australia who remembers it.
7.Castle and Castle Excel-pretty good local made products, especially Castle Excel.
8.Bio-Joy- the 2nd best known soaker that I can remember.
9.Wisk-I know is available in US but only lasted a short time here, funny Mum liked it had a built in deodorizer from memory.
10.Care -budget priced liquid,nice fresh lemon fragrance.
11.Persil-ok I know we have Omo but I still include it anyway for old times sake.
12.Frend prewash spray-remember the jingle?."Keep a frend near your washing machine when it comes to getting out stains."
That's about it for me, really looking forward to your lists.

Post# 507504 , Reply# 1   3/28/2011 at 06:08 (1,890 days old) by polkanut (Wausau, WI )        

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I miss the original P&G Oxydol, BluWhite or La France, Rinso, Borateem, Axion, original Biz, and Instant Fels detergent. 

Post# 507507 , Reply# 2   3/28/2011 at 06:41 (1,890 days old) by angus (Fairfield, CT.)        

My list would include:

Tide, Gain and Cheer's original fragrances from the 60's (Cheer's fragrance didn't change until the late 80's. The real original Tide fragrance changed in the early 70's when all that phosphate unpleasantness started and Gain's changed once in the 80's, again in the 90's and many more times since)
Oxydol, Dash, Duz (detergent and soap) and Bold from the 60's.
Rinso with Color Bleach
All with the 3Bs
Fab (pre lemon freshened Borax scent)
Ajax and Punch Detergents from the late 60's
Wisk from the 60's
Surf Detergent from the 80's
Instant Fels Soap Granules
Solid Bleachette Laundry Bluing
Purex's Vano Liquid Starch
Original Prell concentrate
Faberge Wheat Germ Oil and Honey Shampoo
Safeguard deodorant soap from the 70's (new fragrance ok but strong)
Lifebuoy Deodorant soap (gone since 2000)
Lux Beauty soap (also gone since 2000 or so)
Original Camay Beauty soap (in Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue)
Sweetheart Lime Deodorant soap and matching dishwashing liquid
Lux, Dove Thrill and Rose Lotion Vel dishwashing liquid
Dishwasher All
Aqua Velva Ice Blue Cologne (not after shave) and matching deodorant

I am sure there will be more...

Post# 507616 , Reply# 3   3/28/2011 at 13:18 (1,889 days old) by kenmoreguy64 (Charlotte, NC)        
Just going by product names that seem to be discontinued (no

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Wisk Power Scoop and regular Wisk powder
Cold Power
Super Suds
Dishwasher All

Post# 507640 , Reply# 4   3/28/2011 at 14:16 (1,889 days old) by mielabor ()        

I miss the Vim scouring powder. The alternative Jif/Cif cream is just a joke when it comes to effective cleaning of my terrazzo bathroom floor.

Post# 507649 , Reply# 5   3/28/2011 at 14:45 (1,889 days old) by ptcruiser51 (Boynton Beach, FL)        

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Jubilee!  Nothing better for kitchen cabinets and appliances.


Kleen & Shine!  Great for quick cleanups (and smelled like 7up).   When it was getting discontinued years ago, my sister and I bought a case each.  We're both on our last can.


Off-topic:  Sea & Ski clear suntan lotion.  Non-greasy, non-sticky, and smelled remarkably like gin.  Honest!

Post# 507684 , Reply# 6   3/28/2011 at 16:28 (1,889 days old) by Maytagbear (N.E. Ohio)        
Calgonite dishwasher powder!!

Tidy House Spring Rain water softener powder.

REAL Ivory dish liquid, not the formula sold now.

Coconut NuSoft fabric softener.

REAL Zest "deodorant beauty bar," not this fake-o stuff sold now.

Fostex facial cleansing bar.


Post# 507685 , Reply# 7   3/28/2011 at 16:30 (1,889 days old) by goatfarmer (South Bend, home of Champions)        

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Arthur Godfrey, and the "BIZ BAG".

Post# 507702 , Reply# 8   3/28/2011 at 17:51 (1,889 days old) by retromania (Anderson, SC )        

I miss Top Job. My mother used it all the time. It smelled so clean.

I can't think of the name, but she also used a liquid detergent for mopping and it had a really strong smell. It was called the white tornado in a bottle and that's all I can remember. Can anyone help me out with that one.

She used Babo (sp?) and after it was no longer available around here she started using Comet, but we contined to call scouring powder Babo no matter what the brand. Funny thing is I saw Babo (liquid) in the dollar store recently.

She used Twinkle copper and metal polish and I haven't seen that one lately.

She used Dove dish detergent and Cascade dishwasher detergent, but of course Cascade is still going strong!

My aunt used the Grease Relief. Anyone remember that?

We used Life Buoy, Camay (the old formula), Lux. Then in the 70's we started using Irish Spring and it was so stong smelling and I sneezed so hard I got a nose-bleed. My brothers howled over that one!

We used Janitor in a Drum for a little while, but then went back to Top Job.

Mom used Jergen's Lotion in the glass with the pump. It sat on her dresser. It smelled like cherries. I loved that fragranace. I would sneak in there and squirt it all over myself. Of course she knew what was going on. My mother was very tolerant! The only thing you couldn't touch was her sewing machine. She would have a hissy.

Post# 507718 , Reply# 9   3/28/2011 at 18:23 (1,889 days old) by retromania (Anderson, SC )        

I don't remember the clear Sea 'n Ski , but I loved that suntan lotion.

Post# 507720 , Reply# 10   3/28/2011 at 18:32 (1,889 days old) by retromania (Anderson, SC )        

Then we all started using Hawaian Tropic suntan oil and Forever tan after sun lotion. I wish they still made Forever Tan lotion. It was darn good lotion. Kind of pricey, but it was good. Now we are all using sunscreen and hoping we don't get skin cancer!!!!!!

Post# 507734 , Reply# 11   3/28/2011 at 19:03 (1,889 days old) by 112561 (River Park, in Port St. Lucie, Florida)        

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I remember Grease Relief, loved it, Janitor In a Drum, how about Blue Mink shampoo?

Post# 507760 , Reply# 12   3/28/2011 at 20:47 (1,889 days old) by GadgetGary (Bristol,CT)        
Anyone remember

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The detergent with 'Hazel' on the box?

Post# 507765 , Reply# 13   3/28/2011 at 20:54 (1,889 days old) by kimball455 (Cape May, NJ)        
Now gone products

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I remember that my Grandmother used Fels Naptha for the laundry. I think that we used Wisk when we got the automatic washer. I do remember the clean smell of Top Job. It seems that you really have to tweak todays cleaning products to get the same results of the vintage products we all discuss here.

Post# 507794 , Reply# 14   3/28/2011 at 22:51 (1,889 days old) by JoeEkaitis (Rialto, California, USA)        

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Original cyclamate-sweetened Fizzies and Ghirardeli Flicks.

Post# 507831 , Reply# 15   3/29/2011 at 06:04 (1,889 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Not All Discontinued, But Still

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Like a trip down memory lane!

Excuse me whilst I go and weep for my mispent youth! *LOL*


Post# 507896 , Reply# 16   3/29/2011 at 11:22 (1,888 days old) by franksdad (Greenville, South Carolina)        
I can't think of the name, but she also used a liquid de

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Andy, that would be Ajax liquid cleaner. It was white and they claimed it cleaned like a white tornado.

Post# 507897 , Reply# 17   3/29/2011 at 11:23 (1,888 days old) by franksdad (Greenville, South Carolina)        
I can't think of the name, but she also used a liquid de

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Andy, that would be Ajax liquid cleaner. It was white and the commercials claimed it cleaned like a white tornado.

Post# 507898 , Reply# 18   3/29/2011 at 11:24 (1,888 days old) by franksdad (Greenville, South Carolina)        

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Sorry, I think I double posted.

Post# 507900 , Reply# 19   3/29/2011 at 11:27 (1,888 days old) by franksdad (Greenville, South Carolina)        
Ajax cleaner

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Post# 507904 , Reply# 20   3/29/2011 at 11:37 (1,888 days old) by franksdad (Greenville, South Carolina)        
The original

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Green or pink Palmolive soap. My Aunt Laverne used this and her bathroom always had that distinctive aroma. Mama would buy it from time to time. I remember these commercials. Many folks do not know Palmolive soap came in pink or green. There was a commercial I remember where twin girls would argue "It's green!" "It's Pink!" Then the maternal unit would say "Girls you're both right! It's green and pink!" Why do I remember such useless trivia?


Post# 507905 , Reply# 21   3/29/2011 at 11:43 (1,888 days old) by franksdad (Greenville, South Carolina)        
Jergen;'s Lotion

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Mama always used the cherry-almond scented Jergens lotion. I always loved that smell and it reminds me of Mama. Jerggens lotion and White Shoulders parfume were Mama's signature aromas. I have Mama's original limited edition special Jergens bottle that was hour glass shaped with a pink spout.

Post# 507922 , Reply# 22   3/29/2011 at 13:27 (1,888 days old) by dirtybuck (Springfield, MO)        

Thanks for putting the link to the pics of all the cool products. listed on there.

I distinctly remember:

Dial (when it came in all colors)
Salvo detergent
Peaches and Cream Thrill dish washing liquid
Bold detergent
Shield deodorant soap, Phase III (later renamed Phase II before it became Lever 2000), Lifebuoy and Zest Deodorant Beauty bar (these used to be my favorites)
Camay, Woodbury, Jergens and Lux Beauty soaps
Freewax Floor wax (My dad was a big believer in the claim that it killed bugs, especially roaches, and it was true...more than once we'd come into the den and see an occasional dead or dying roach).
Kleer Floor Wax/Kleer with Raid (by Johnson Wax). They tried to copy the Freewax formula, but it bombed.
Odor-O-No (liquid deodorant with a wand type applicator..a favorite by my mom)
Sta-Puf and Nu-Soft fabric softeners
Colored toilet paper and tissues

Post# 507936 , Reply# 23   3/29/2011 at 14:49 (1,888 days old) by booandsue (Middlesex Vt.)        
Discontinued detergents and products

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Germicide spray. A glass pump spray slender hour glass shaped bottle in two scents, regular, and rose scent. Both smelled the same, but rose was a pink color. Really smelled sort of like sour alcohol, and disinfectant.
Swan dish detergent.
Woodbury bar soap.
Mum deodorant.
Jubilee kitchen wax for appliances.
Hai Karate after shave and cologne for men.

These were a couple things that came to mind while reading these posts. Brings back a lot of memories.

Post# 507937 , Reply# 24   3/29/2011 at 14:56 (1,888 days old) by mtn1584 (USA)        
Hey I think I have a few you guys missed........

Does anyone remember "SNOWY" color safe bleach, or "Viva" Papertowels? Has "Rain Barrell" fabric softener been mentioned or the original "Final Touch?"
How about "Agree" Shampoo and Conditioner.

Post# 508006 , Reply# 25   3/29/2011 at 19:40 (1,888 days old) by retromania (Anderson, SC )        
Yes I remember .....

Hai Karate. Santa left bottles of it to my brother and me in our stockings one Christmas and we sloshed it on and I'm sure stunk up the whole house using way too much of it, but we thought we were grown because Santa had brought us men's cologne! LOL

Post# 508010 , Reply# 26   3/29/2011 at 19:51 (1,888 days old) by angus (Fairfield, CT.)        

That detergent with "Hazel" on the box was Colgate's Burst. It was introduced in 1969 as a concentrated enzyme detergent and was only around a few years. Smelled a lot like Fab before the lemon freshened borax.

Post# 508032 , Reply# 27   3/29/2011 at 20:21 (1,888 days old) by suds14 (Pittsburgh)        

The 3 detergents I miss most are Dash, Ajax and Rinso. Also really miss the Original April Fresh Downy. The laundry product that I miss the most and wish I could get some is LaFrance bluing.


Post# 508059 , Reply# 28   3/29/2011 at 21:27 (1,888 days old) by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

The products I miss are:

Pride (liquid furniture polish)

Both were Johnson Wax products.

Sani-Wax (something like Jubilee)

I saw Ajax ammoniated cleaner somewhere not too long ago. It was in a gallon jug at a janitorial supply place.

Post# 508074 , Reply# 29   3/29/2011 at 22:27 (1,888 days old) by GadgetGary (Bristol,CT)        

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Thank you for posting!

Post# 508105 , Reply# 30   3/30/2011 at 02:08 (1,888 days old) by alr2903 (TN)        

Slvo laundry tablets,  for Spacemate westy machines, Mom would break the big tablet in half.  alr2903

Post# 508107 , Reply# 31   3/30/2011 at 02:29 (1,888 days old) by sudsmaster (East of SF, West of Eden)        
What I actually miss...

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White King D. It was cheap but had phosphates and worked well.

Real soap version of Ivory Snow.

Costco's "Clout" bargain powder, also with phosphates, which worked very well. When they pulled the phosphates out, it performed poorly.

And while we are on topic of cleaning products... in the automotive field, in California and probably the rest of the country, chlorinated solvents are pretty much gone from the marketplace. And yet they had many advantages over their substitutions: they were not flammable, they evaporated slowly, and they cut through grease and grime excellently. The replacements are generally highly flammable, mostly acetone or heptane, and evaporate so fast that they don't have much of a chance to dissolve stubborn deposits.

I can understand why they are gone - probably something to do with the ozone layer - but they did serve a purpose. There are, however, still some available. Such as electromotive cleaner, which because it's used on electrical parts that might spark, still have chlorinated solvent that are not flammable. Of course I would NEVER use such a product on, say, brake rotors or drums. Never ever.

Post# 508116 , Reply# 32   3/30/2011 at 04:33 (1,888 days old) by zanussi_lover (Nottingham, UK)        

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ARIEL - OLD SCENT, quickwash action formula - up till 2005, reformulated in 2006

Ariel Futur - Compact Powder, Tiny Scoop (Discontinued in 2001)

Ariel Alpine - 1998-2002, they still sell it in France.

Comfort Silk - Disappeared in 2002

Comfort Lily and RiceFlower - lovely smell, they stopped selling it in 2007

Comfort Blue - Old Scent, without the fresh release,

Lenor Spring Awakening - Old Scent in Blue Bottles with Blue Cap - late 1990s

Lenor Alpine Spirit - Blue Bottle Green Cap - Late 1990s

Lenor Oriental Blossom - Blue Bottle Pink Cap - Late 1990s

Bold Spring Fresh/Summer Meadow Fresh - 1990s

Bold Aqua/Active Fresh - 2000s

Daz - Old Scent 90s-2005

Persil Automatic - 80s/Early 90s - My Gran used to have a big box of Persil Automatic and wash the teatowels/bartowels in her Bendix/Zanussi

Persil Aloe Vera Liquigel/Small and Mighty

Surf Cotton Fresh/Sunfresh/Lemon Fresh - 1999-2003

Asda Logic with Silk

Sainsburys Novon

Sainsburys Bio Powder - reformulated in 2009 (crap now)
was my favourite powder at uni, actually cleaned well and smelt like old Ariel.

I remember the days when powder was in bags and small boxes
powder was compacted down into a small bag/box
liquid had refill pouches
Fabric Conditioner had refillable Cartons.

Post# 508120 , Reply# 33   3/30/2011 at 05:12 (1,888 days old) by retromania (Anderson, SC )        
I talked to my mother...

...last night on the phone and we were reminiscing about the Hai Karate Christmas and she said: "How well I remember! You all were supposed to use just a little bit and instead you put on half the bottle!" I told her she had a good memory!

Post# 508187 , Reply# 34   3/30/2011 at 12:11 (1,887 days old) by hoovermatic (UK)        

Sainsburys Novon was the best. Why they had to screw around with it I have no idea. Used to come in concentrate powder and one scoop did the works! I really miss that product.

Post# 508189 , Reply# 35   3/30/2011 at 12:43 (1,887 days old) by dirtybuck (Springfield, MO)        

Wasn't Pride by Johnson Wax the furniture polish that you let dry to a haze and then wipe it off? I vaguely remember my mom using that.

A few more products I thought of:

Spray and Vac (Glamorene came out with this in 1972. I remember using it on the carpet when we moved into our new house)
Chiffon Margarine (it's not nice to fool Mother Nature)
Glass Wax (oh, those Christmas designs on the windows..and a snap to wipe off after the holidays were over)
Prolong (Texize developed this and sold it mainly at Christmas time. It was added to the water in the Christmas tree stand to keep the tree from drying out)

Post# 508190 , Reply# 36   3/30/2011 at 12:48 (1,887 days old) by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

Yes, Johnson's Pride was a wax that you buffed with a cloth after it had dried. I think it may have been like paste wax that was thinned down with a solvent. It left a beautiful finish on the wood, unlike the smeary Pledge and other spray waxes.

Post# 508200 , Reply# 37   3/30/2011 at 14:09 (1,887 days old) by jamiel (Detroit, Michigan)        

A couple of recollections:

AllWays Soft (Texize...softener which you could use in the wash, rinse or used more in the wash than the rinse, and squirted it onto a washrag and tossed it into the dryer--late 70s)

Switch (color safe liquid bleach...I remember the ads on the noon news-mid 70s)

Clorox detergent (late '80s, test marketed in Chattanooga, TN)

Cinch (P&G dishwashing liquid, late '80s, with grit in it for scrubbing, test marketed in Kansas City). unusual swing spout (instead of push/pull). Later name resurrected as a window cleaner (mid 90s)

Monchel (P&G complexion bar...probably a Dove knockoff...mid '80s)

Liqua4 (Dial pearly liquid soap in a bar-soap-sized/shaped plastic bottle, tested in Michigan early 80s)

Borax Sudz (local brand in St. Louis, sold in barrels by Famous Barr...I think the point was to phone Famous' notions department and have a 50 lb container delivered back when department stores delivered)

Famous-Barr actually advertising drug-store stuff (they pulled this out of the stores in the early 80s I'd guess)

Post# 508269 , Reply# 38   3/30/2011 at 20:19 (1,887 days old) by angus (Fairfield, CT.)        

Surprising number of brands that were test marketed but never made it nationally. Especially since the New York Metro area is not used as a test market area so we miss a lot of products.

I forgot about Clorox Detergent. I was working in the LA area and apparently it was past test market but not national so every time i went to California, I would stuff some boxes in my luggage. I still have one box left securely wrapped in plastic. It was a pretty good product and low sudsing to boot with a great fragrance.

In the early 80's Clorox also had a non chlorine bleach powder being test marketed in the midwest. I was working in Kentucky and would bring home boxes of "Wave" bleach. Again, great fragrance and not a bad product.

Also forgot Purex Vano liquid starch. Also would ship home that stuff while in California or Arizona. Was much more concentrated than the Linit or StaFlo liquids available here. But once Dial acquired Purex, StaFlo was the remaining brand and Vano bit the dust.

Finally I recalled Brillo Enzyme Detergent also from Purex. Wasn't out long, probably only 3 years. Great packaging and a good product. Disappeared when all the phosphate nonsense started.

Post# 508276 , Reply# 39   3/30/2011 at 21:06 (1,887 days old) by laundromat (Hilo, Hawaii)        

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I forget the brand name but it came in a front loading washing machine container.

original All
Klear floor wax
Lestair packets
Action bleach packets
Swan dishwashing liquid
Original Bold
Calgon water conditioner
King Fluff fabric softener

Post# 508313 , Reply# 40   3/31/2011 at 03:12 (1,887 days old) by booandsue (Middlesex Vt.)        
Hai Karate

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My mom, alias Santa, got my dad and my brother, and myself each a set of Pajamas that looked like karate clothes for Christmas one year. We we would act out the t.v. commercial for Hai Karate after putting some of it on us.

Post# 508315 , Reply# 41   3/31/2011 at 04:39 (1,887 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Clorox Non-Chlorine Bleach

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If youse mean that blue and white box with the huge Clorox logo, it *was* sold here on the east coast. Had several boxes in my stash and am now finishing up the last.

A very good activated oxygen bleach product it was/is. Can be little high foaming but then again it was designed for top loading washing machines.

Am also here to tell you that when used as part of a "boil wash" either on the range or in a washing machine, the stuff is fantastic.


Post# 508396 , Reply# 42   3/31/2011 at 14:10 (1,886 days old) by franksdad (Greenville, South Carolina)        
Niagra Instant Starch

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in the green box. My Mama used it when I was young to starch shirts and her work dresses. I would love to have some to starch my shirts in for old time sake.

Post# 508398 , Reply# 43   3/31/2011 at 14:14 (1,886 days old) by franksdad (Greenville, South Carolina)        
Niagra Instant Starch

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in the green box. My Mama used it when I was young to starch shirts and her work dresses. I loved it when she hung out the starched shirts and dresses. When they dried they would be stiff as cardboard. We would bring them in and she would place a sprinkler cap on a Pepsi bottle filled with clear cool water and "dampen down" the clothing. Mama would put the plastic laundry bag filled with starched clothes in the chest freezer until she ironed them. Sometimes Mama would squech my begging and let me starch the pillow cases, dampen them down, and iron them. I would love to have some Niagra Instant starch to starch my shirts in for old time sake. Everytime I go into an old store I look for it.

Post# 508399 , Reply# 44   3/31/2011 at 14:22 (1,886 days old) by booandsue (Middlesex Vt.)        

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Jello 1,2,3,
Whip and chill
Snow's clam flavored chips in a can
Bonamo turkish taffy
Quisp cereal
Quake cereal
King Vitamin cereal
Screamin yellow Zonkers
Sugar Mama
Candy cigarettes
Bubblegum cigars
Cains Sandwich spread. A relish and mayo mix
Chocolate, or lemon, or caramel pudding cake mixes.

Post# 508403 , Reply# 45   3/31/2011 at 14:32 (1,886 days old) by booandsue (Middlesex Vt.)        

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Sorry, posted this on the wrong thread.

Post# 508432 , Reply# 46   3/31/2011 at 17:09 (1,886 days old) by retromania (Anderson, SC )        

...thanks for the link to the vintage products!


Post# 508497 , Reply# 47   4/1/2011 at 00:21 (1,886 days old) by dirtybuck (Springfield, MO)        

With all the talk on here about past detergents, soap, cleaning products, beauty and health items, food products and other numerous items mentioned in this forum, you guys are giving me NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD and I don't know how much more I can handle! Robert, PLEASE twitch your nose and take the ones who've responded on here back to the various time periods that have been mentioned! :)

Frank, I SOOO remember one of the neighbors "throwing" water on the clothes, rolling them up, placing them in her refrigerator and waiting for an employment agency "domestic" to come do her ironing.

To those who mentioned it, I also remember using Clorox Detergent back in the late '80's.

A few more items:

Unguentine Spray (for insect bites, cuts, scrapes and sunburn. There's a mention of it on "I Love Lucy" in "The Fashion Show" episode)
Solarcaine (used mainly for sunburn, it was manufactured by Plough, who also made Coppertone products)
Beads-O-Bleach (made by Purex)
Pine-Sol Cleanser (made by American Cynamide who also made Pine-Sol before it went to SC Johnson, to take on Comet and Ajax, but it was a sorry contender. It also had the most hideous odor to it)
Plunge Drain Cleaner (manufactured by Drackett, who also made Drano, but a weaker version of Liquid Drano and an "economy" brand
Vanish/Sani-Flush Toilet Bowl Cleaners (there's an interesting link to this which I'm adding below)
Kellogg's Puffa-Puffa Rice Cereal (my brother and I ate only a half box of this crap before it was thrown out)
"Blue" Rain Drops Water Softener (don't know who made it, but it was an "economy" version of Calgon)
Calgon POWDERED Water Softener (all I can find these days is the liquid)
Chiffon Dish Liquid (made by Dial)
Aero Wax


Post# 508506 , Reply# 48   4/1/2011 at 01:53 (1,886 days old) by sudsmaster (East of SF, West of Eden)        
Cleaning products that might not be missed today

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Back in the day (my Mom told me) they used to "dry clean" clothes with... gasoline...

Kind of dangerous. However I have an old Binks air compressor in my workshop, and the air intake filter says to clean it in... gasoline...

Safer product that followed it was carbon tetrachloride. Until about 20-30 years ago, it was fairly common. You could buy it at supermarkets and hardware stores. Not flammable, but could give off toxic gas if overheated.

And it's effectively banned now because of the effect of chlorinated hydrocarbons on the ozone layer.

Post# 508510 , Reply# 49   4/1/2011 at 02:56 (1,886 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Gasoline For Dry Cleaning

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Oh yes they did!

One shudders to think now many housewives and anyone else "dry cleaning" with petrol went to their makers after a horrible death, or were badly burned and or injured to the point of disfigurement. IIRC there is a video on the same site that hosts vintage Ironrite movies about what happened to a woman dry cleaning at home with petrol. All one can remember is the opening shot of a woman running screaming from her house on fire.

Many of my vintage housekeeping/laundry manuals from the early part of the 20th century give directions for "dry cleaning" with petrol. However that is going way back just too far a Moi!

"French" dry cleaning (as it was known back then), wasn't always available everywhere, especially if one lived outside a major urban area and or out in the country, so people had to make do.

Turpentine or petrol was also used when laundering clothing as well. My old manuals give directions and amounts to be used. Basically one added either to boiling soapy water, and it was supposed to do away with all the soaking and scrubbing that went with laundry day before washing machines came along. When you think about it first naptha soaps, then modern detergents (which are made from petrol based chemicals), replaced the former.

Post# 508511 , Reply# 50   4/1/2011 at 03:19 (1,886 days old) by lavamat_jon (-)        

"More dangerous than dynamite"

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Post# 772941 , Reply# 51   7/24/2014 at 22:54 (675 days old) by arris (Rochester New York)        

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I've been reading all the posts regarding what we all remember using or our mother's using brings back great memories, I do have to say that I love reading Launderess's posts, the way she phrases them is great.. It's great reading them !!!! some of them I laugh until I have tears in my eyes, they are great pick me up's !!!!!!

Post# 773064 , Reply# 52   7/25/2014 at 15:08 (674 days old) by paulg (My sweet home... Chicago)        
Powdered Calgon in Chicago

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Powdered Calgon water softener is available in Chicagoland.
However, CHEER seems to have disappeared entirely from the stores I frequent.

Post# 773068 , Reply# 53   7/25/2014 at 15:43 (674 days old) by liberatordeluxe (Chelmsford)        

I miss the old perfumes of Ariel and Persil, they were just soapy none of these silly fragrances you see in the supermarkets. I liked Sainsbury's Novon and Ariel 'Ultra'.

Post# 773069 , Reply# 54   7/25/2014 at 15:48 (674 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Cheer Has Been Discontiuned

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Brand is no longer as P&G has decided to create Tide for "colors". We have a thread around here somewhere on the subject. Mitch created it IIRC.

Post# 773348 , Reply# 55   7/27/2014 at 02:28 (673 days old) by matthewza (Cape Town, South Africa)        

Up until a few years ago we were graced with Skip Perfect White powder. Best product I ever used on whites, didnt need additives either. Also, I could put the whites in my LG FL on a 30C wash with this detergent and everything came out blinding white. The white towels got 60C though.

We also had the Perfect Black version, but we never tried that. Then all of a sudden, they disappeared off the shelves and now we just have regular Skip powder and liquid. Good stuff, very pricey , but normally a bargain when on sale.

Post# 773366 , Reply# 56   7/27/2014 at 07:31 (673 days old) by pierreandreply4 (St-Bruno de montarville (province of quebec) canada)        
for me brand that where discontinued or stop selling

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Hello to all aw members,

I know this thread is old but i need to post this in the province of quebec idk what was the reason they discontinued selling all laundry detergent (*thats still avalable in the us) oxydol laundry detergent wisk bold 3 ect i wish they would start selling these producs again in the province of quebec like all laundry detergent powerder for non he washers and he washer in other word for all machines same with wisk and oxydol and other laundry detergent and product avalable in the us that should be made avalable for canadiens including the province of quebec. sigh

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Post# 773406 , Reply# 57   7/27/2014 at 11:54 (672 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

Nobody mentioned Calgonite Dishwasher Detergent. It was about as popular as Cascade or Finish. My parents used it in their GE Mobile Maid circa 1961 or so.

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