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GE Front loader help needed
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Post# 576147   2/15/2012 at 15:47 (2,259 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

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I bought a new GE model WCVH6260FWW front load washer in early 2005. It has given me no troubles whatsoever, even after having salt spray all over it during Hurricane Ike in 2008 (it was in the garage near an open door, it is now inside the house).

Now, when it spins, it sounds like it is banging against the left side - hard. I ran an empty load and it is louder and vibrates more on spin than it used to (I've run empty loads before). The drum itself seems a little loose when I move it by hand. Is there a stabilizer that could be broken? Could the drum be loose from its mounting? I know nothing about front load washers, I've only worked on top loaders, and that was years ago.

Post# 576205 , Reply# 1   2/15/2012 at 19:29 (2,259 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        

sure sounds like a broken spider or failed bearings...Is this a "frigilux" machine
or something asian?

Post# 576214 , Reply# 2   2/15/2012 at 20:29 (2,259 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

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The data plate says Made in P R China

Post# 576240 , Reply# 3   2/15/2012 at 22:16 (2,259 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        
little swan

must be a "little swan"built washer.By description,sounds like a broken or corroded
away spider the likely problem-bad bearings should roar or rumble.Wonder what
getting parts for GE imports is like...

Post# 576287 , Reply# 4   2/16/2012 at 07:20 (2,258 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

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I'll call the appliance repairman today and see what this is going to take. My bosses' son owns an HVAC company that also works on appliances, maybe I'll get a little discount. I posted here first so that I would be at least a little informed when I make the call.

Post# 576301 , Reply# 5   2/16/2012 at 10:02 (2,258 days old) by Volvoguy87 (Cincinnati, OH)        
Looked it up at work.

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I looked up your machine at work (I work for Cincinnati Appliance Parts) and it looks as if you'd need a new rear half of the outer tub and a new inner drum. I could not find the spider or bearings listed as seperate parts. I think this is like the machine my mother bought around the same time you got yours. The thoughts on that design of washer here at the store are "mostly junk." Based on using my mother's washer, I'd have to agree with my coworkers.

The type of washer we reccommend to our customers who are replacing an older machine is a Speed Queen. They are durable, good performers, and the parts (when needed) are available at reasonable prices. Servicing procedures aren't too complicated either.

Let me know what part numbers you may want and I'd be glad to see what they cost for you. Shipping, however, on something that big may be cost prohibitave.

Good luck,

Post# 576318 , Reply# 6   2/16/2012 at 12:21 (2,258 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        
Thanks, Dave.

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I really don't know how to work on these units, but when I figure out how to get the front panel off, I can probably fix it myself. My appliance guy hasn't returned my call yet. I would be interested in the cost of the parts, it will help me to decide whether to repair it or get a new one. Shipping might be prohibitive, but might still be cheaper than paying for a service call.

Post# 576330 , Reply# 7   2/16/2012 at 12:55 (2,258 days old) by wayupnorth (On a lake between Bangor and Bar Harbor)        
Sounds like

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the same thing that happened to my next door neighbors Kenmore branded Frigidaire. The Sears repair guy quoted her $775 for a new outer tub and all the parts labor needed. Naturally, she was flabergasted and went out and bought a new Kenmore that went 1 month and the electronics fried. Sears replaced it with another new one and so far she says it is ok.

Post# 576355 , Reply# 8   2/16/2012 at 14:57 (2,258 days old) by ronhic (Canberra, Australia)        

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Everyone seems to instantly jump to a broken spider, but it could well be a worn out suspension component....

Post# 576436 , Reply# 9   2/16/2012 at 19:53 (2,258 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

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After looking at some diagrams, I'm not sure I want to take the time to work on this myself. When I hear back from my repairman, I'll decide if I'm even going to spend the money. I started looking at new front loaders at Conn's and will hit the box stores this weekend. Speed Queens, while an attractive choice, are not sold in my area and I'm a little hesitant with their 2.84 cu. ft. capacity - I prefer larger. Plus, I've read here on the forum that they tend to vibrate a lot during the spin cycle. My house is on a chainwall foundation and has wood floors. Also, I will need to finance this purchase so I can't pay cash outright.

Now, if I buy a new washer, I need to decide if I want to keep the 7 year old GE dryer and hope it doesn't go out soon, or go ahead and buy a new matching set.

Post# 576458 , Reply# 10   2/16/2012 at 21:13 (2,258 days old) by westie2 ()        

One daughter in law works at our Lowes and they really sale the Electrolux more than the other brands then the Whirlpool/Maytags..  Hoime Depot sells lots of the Maytags.  We have a local store that has good prices too they will meet or beat the big box but it is cash no charge.  Lots of time you can get gredit and no interest if paid in 12 months,  I did that when we got my mother new washer.  She wanted a top load (she is 92) so got her the FP ecosmart with the full agitator.  We ahve the Kenore FL made by Frigidaire.  The one thing we realy like is ithe drum is straight not tilted.


Post# 576486 , Reply# 11   2/17/2012 at 00:28 (2,257 days old) by arbilab (Ft Worth TX (Ridglea))        

Kenmore FL by Frigidaire owned by White and name leased to China. Eyeroll. Brand identities mean absolutely nothing these days.

I have a Fr'daire (98) by White, fortunately from a European design which is why it still works. I dodged a bullet. A few years later they were Chinese. The exact same product sold under GE and one other brand.

If your 7yo dryer works fine, keep it. Who cares if it "matches"? What's important is that it WORKS. A new "matching" one might not last 7 months. Or even 7 WEEKS.

Gawd, I've become so cynical. But I grew up in the era of generational (20yr) appliances and there just ain't no such thing anymore.

Post# 576663 , Reply# 12   2/17/2012 at 17:53 (2,257 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

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My repairman said about $700-900 minimum to fix, so washer shopping I go. Two places, one 40 miles away and one 50 miles away, can order an SQ front loader w/ pedestal for me. Total with taxes will be about $1840 which is about the same price as A.J. Madisons who will deliver for free. I'm also looking at some other options. I've read a bunch about Maytags, Frigidaires, Whirlpools, LGs and Samsungs. So far, the choice for me is SQ or LG, maybe a Samsung. I'm leaning towards SQ for the reasons given on other posts. One retailer has Electroluxes - any opinions about them?

I didn't take any vacation last year so the boss told me today that I can cash it in. I will thus be able to pay cash for whatever I decide to get.

Post# 576668 , Reply# 13   2/17/2012 at 18:12 (2,257 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        

did the repairman tell you what was wrong with the washer?

Post# 576762 , Reply# 14   2/18/2012 at 10:42 (2,256 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

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Basically what Dave said above: Need to replace the rear outer tub half. It is possible the front half is damaged too. That is about $600 or so in parts plus labor. I can't justify fixing it when I can get a new washer for about $1000, or bite the bullet and get a Speed Queen with pedestal for ~$1840. Since members here say SQ washers are designed to last about 25,000 cycles verses about 3,000 - 5,000 cycles for most other brands, I think I will go with SQ - I may never need to buy another washer again. Now that my laundry is inside the house, hopefully no salt spray exposure will occur to shorten its lifespan. If it does, that means I've probably lost the entire house.

Before I make a final decision, I'm going to look at SQ top load machines too - the one comment I keep hearing about the FL is vibration. As I said above, I have a chainwall foundation with wood floors so that might be an issue.

Post# 576769 , Reply# 15   2/18/2012 at 11:28 (2,256 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        
rear tub outer half...

that was what was said about "frigilux"front load washers too-have to replace the
rear tub half if bearings bad...found that to not be totally true on the frigilux
machines;fixed up a "bad bearings"'98 frigilux with only a new seal and bearings
-did take a few tricks though as there was a plastic ring to help retain the seal
that was "hot staked"in place-had to break the ring free and reattatch with some
S.S. screws going back together. 6306 and 6307 size bearings were used in the
frigilux-plenty stout;they were damaged by water getting past a worn seal.
For a new machine,SQ probably the best bet :)

Post# 577014 , Reply# 16   2/19/2012 at 13:11 (2,255 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

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Before I spend the $$ on a new Speed Queen, I decided to go ahead and take the top and front off of the machine. The repairman, who didn't charge me since I work for his bosses' father (therefore he didn't completely disassemble everything since it was a no-charge visit) took the top off and moved the inner drum around to diagnose. He was mainly drawing on his 20+ years experience and gave me his opinion, which is really all I was asking: Do you think this is worth spending money on, or should I buy a new washer?

After I took the front off of the machine, I took a video and posted to youtube, I would appreciate any comments any one can give:


Post# 577020 , Reply# 17   2/19/2012 at 13:23 (2,255 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        

myself,i'd dig in further to see if the shaft,tub bearing housings,or spider are
damaged,parts cost/avalibility and evaluate from there..I am very used to working
on all kinds of machines though and have a lot of special tools,ETC.
If you would have to "farm out"the repair work,i'd say time for a new washer...

Post# 577022 , Reply# 18   2/19/2012 at 13:25 (2,255 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

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I'm thinking that to tear into this more I might need help. But since it is most likely garbage, I might just keep going and see what happens. If I have the mind set that the washer is going to the curb anyway, what is there to lose?

Post# 577029 , Reply# 19   2/19/2012 at 14:10 (2,255 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

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OK, tore into it all the way and found the problem: the shaft connects to the back of the inner drum via a thick aluminum trigon bracket. This had corroded and broken:

Post# 577030 , Reply# 20   2/19/2012 at 14:11 (2,255 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

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The front lip of the front outer drum half is chewed up. This part is $188 plus S&H.

Post# 577031 , Reply# 21   2/19/2012 at 14:12 (2,255 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

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The rear outer drum half looks OK - the bearings are good. Its just covered in debris from the aluminum that gave way.

Post# 577032 , Reply# 22   2/19/2012 at 14:18 (2,255 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

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Looking at the GE parts website, you cannot just buy the shaft and trigon bracket. You have to buy the entire basket (inner drum) assembly which is $536.00 plus S&H. That plus the front outer drum half makes this not worth repairing. I can buy a new machine for a little more than the cost of these parts, or go for the SQ and hopefully not deal with this again in my lifetime - I doubt I will ever come remotely close to doing 25,000 loads of laundry:)

Post# 577041 , Reply# 23   2/19/2012 at 15:00 (2,255 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        
corroded spider

the trigon bracket is known as the "spider"-with that only avalible as a complete
drum for $536(!)+ the shipping cost of a bulky item,that washer is way,way NWR...
A couple years back,a local appliance store was closing out some older style
frigidaire front loads(mid-'90s era basic design)and they wanted $349 for those-
a great deal,they sold out fast.when i did the bearing repair on the '98 frigilux
it's spider showed just minimal surface corrosion and it was a high usage machine
-original drain pump just about shot,noisy as hell.

Post# 577045 , Reply# 24   2/19/2012 at 15:16 (2,255 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        
GE Parts

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Get your GE parts here. HeHe.

Lots of good parts, but probably the ones that never fail, so I doubt there is a market for them. If anyone needs anything though, let me know.

I didn't know what the "spider" was, thanks for enlightening me. It wasn't even shown on the parts diagram.

Heading to my office to wash my work clothes for the coming week.

This post was last edited 02/19/2012 at 19:45
Post# 577148 , Reply# 25   2/19/2012 at 23:16 (2,254 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        
7yrs not too bad for chinese import

was thinking 7 yrs really not too bad of a lifetime for a late model asian import
washer-may have made the 10 yr mark if spider had not corroded and broke...
Last year there was a thread about a repair on an LG direct drive and it's spider,
though still intact,was really nasty!

Post# 577150 , Reply# 26   2/19/2012 at 23:56 (2,254 days old) by alr2903 (TN)        

Now that's some "Imagination at work".  Go GE,  its very disappointing when you pay several hundred dollars for something thats so poorly made.  alr

Post# 577163 , Reply# 27   2/20/2012 at 03:21 (2,254 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

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I averaged about 2-3 loads per week which came to about 1100 loads total for this machine. Despite my earlier comments about salt spray during the hurricane, there was no corrosion inside the cabinet. The electronics looked new and all of the screws and bolts were clean. The only rust was along the top edge were the top mounts to the cabinet and at the very bottom where the bottom cover under the door mounts to the cabinet.

I was thinking that simply powder coating the spider would probably solve the corrosion problems.

Post# 577173 , Reply# 28   2/20/2012 at 06:24 (2,254 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

mark_wpduet's profile picture
Still a mystery why some spiders corrode, while others don't.

Post# 577994 , Reply# 29   2/24/2012 at 17:44 (2,250 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

58limited's profile picture
Just to update, I ordered a Speed Queen model AFN50F from A.J. Madison this past Monday. It will take about 14 business days for delivery.


Post# 577995 , Reply# 30   2/24/2012 at 17:52 (2,250 days old) by mtn1584 (USA)        

Best of luck!!!

Post# 578264 , Reply# 31   2/25/2012 at 22:55 (2,248 days old) by combo52 (Beltsville,Md)        

combo52's profile picture

David congratulations on your purchase of a new SQ FL washer and thanks for going to the trouble of dissembling your old GE and documenting it for everyone to see.


The problem is that you should not have had a heavy build-up on the spider and in the seal area in the first place and if the new SQ is used in the same manner it may not fare much better. The only good thing about the SQ is if it has seal and bearing failure it is much cheaper and easier to repair.


  But you truly need to use some combination of hotter water, softner water, more detergent or better detergent [ It is almost impossable to harm a washer in this manner buy using too much detergent and doing so will NEVER cause this type of build-up and damage ]. It interesting to note that in my long experance of working on residential and commerical washers [ which are the same machines in design and construction ] We NEVER see ANY build-up and damage in the commerical machines like yours experienced. We have seen Cheap Frigidarie FL washers used Commercially for many years and the spiders never fail even doing 10 loads per day for more than 8 years. Be  especially careful to avoid using too cool wash water with liquid detergents and liquid fabric softener and using Cheap powered detergents like Arm and Hammer , Am-Way and the Sears detergents as these are the ones that we constantly see problems with unless you have perfectly soft water, liquid chlorine bleach used properly will also extent the life of any washer.


Good Luck with your new washer.



Post# 578286 , Reply# 32   2/26/2012 at 02:24 (2,248 days old) by qualin (Canada)        
To 58limited and to Combo52

I know it may be a little bit belated, but Congratulations on your purchase.

I honestly hope this machine gives you many many years of trouble free service and that you don't find that the vibration is too bad.

After you receive the machine, please let us all know how you find it. I'm kind of curious to know how it performs in your environment.

I'm absolutely stymied as to what causes spider failure like what you experienced, this seems to be an extreme example of what happens, usually I've always just seen pictures of the spider cracked, instead of downright deterioration.

I'm trying my best to discourage my wife from washing in cold water, unless absolutely necessary. (ie. The labeling on the clothing calls for it.) We do tend to use cheaper detergent, but I'm planning on switching over to using HE Tide instead as I really like the smell. I find that just using standard liquid Tide does a great job if I use half the amount, but it does foam up a lot. (No sudslock though.)

If we had enough parts lying around, I personally would like to see a standard GE/Whirlpool/WCI/etc spider and a SQ spider soaked in non-diluted bleach for 12 hours. Then removed, cleaned, scrubbed, etc .. and see what they look like afterwards.

I've seen bleach dissolve aluminum (After cleaning something in a way I should not have, live and learn.) so this is the most extreme example I can think of.

If anything, this is more something out of curiosity more than anything else. At first, I thought this was galvanic corrosion, but after reading a good thread on here, apparently it's not.

There is a really good video from Alliance where they show them running a corrosive "Slime" through their machines for months on end. It makes me wonder what the components look like after all of this.

Post# 578321 , Reply# 33   2/26/2012 at 07:13 (2,248 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

58limited's profile picture
John, I always used either warm or hot cycles. When doing whites such as socks I used the sanitize feature. I used bleach with the whites too. I usually use Sauvital softener. I was using cheap bulk powdered detergent and not much at that. I always left the door open after a load was run.

The water here isn't too hard. It can take years to see any kind on mineral deposit form on my faucets and shower heads, very little if any mineral residue in the shower stall. I haven't had the water tested so I don't know its actual softness or hardness.

The part of the spider that corroded was the part that wouldn't be under water while running a cycle, but would probably get splashed. Or water would run down it towards the center as the drum rotated. So now I'm wondering if residues would splash or run onto this area , not be fully rinsed off, and cause corrosion. The center shaft is steel so there could have been a galvanic process going on too.

Again, if the manufacturers would simply powder coat these, problem solved (except for the possibility of stress cracking).

Bud, I looked at a a diagram of the SQ and it looks to have the same suspension/shock absorber set up that my GE had, so hopefully the vibration will be no worse.

Post# 578438 , Reply# 34   2/26/2012 at 14:17 (2,248 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

Will AJ Madison install your machine, or just drop it off on your driveway?

Post# 578462 , Reply# 35   2/26/2012 at 15:49 (2,248 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

58limited's profile picture
They will if you pay more. I'm just having it delivered to the door. I'll do the rest.

Post# 582963 , Reply# 36   3/17/2012 at 03:58 (2,228 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

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The Speed Queen finally shipped on Thursday. There was a slight manufacturer back order but it is now on the way, will hopefully arrive next week.

Post# 583019 , Reply# 37   3/17/2012 at 12:39 (2,228 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

Was that GE FL machine you had the Adora model?

Post# 583193 , Reply# 38   3/18/2012 at 08:41 (2,227 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

58limited's profile picture
Allen I really don't know - it didn't have a model name on it. I will say it never gave me any other problems and I liked how clean it got my clothes, it just broke suddenly.

Post# 583208 , Reply# 39   3/18/2012 at 11:02 (2,227 days old) by mysteryclock (Franklin, TN)        

mysteryclock's profile picture
Post some pictures of your new SQ when she arrives!!

Post# 583684 , Reply# 40   3/19/2012 at 17:37 (2,226 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

58limited's profile picture

Will do! Estimated delivery is sometime between 3/20 and 4/5 - that means it will probably arrive on 8/17 Wink

Post# 585972 , Reply# 41   3/30/2012 at 17:35 (2,215 days old) by 58limited (Port Arthur, Texas)        

58limited's profile picture

The Speed Queen is in Houston. The delivery company only delivers to Port Arthur on Thursdays and next week's truck is full, so they told me that I have to wait until 4/12. They said I had to call the seller to see if there is any other delivery option (meaning another company to get it and bring it here). Needless to say I'm pissed. I called A.J. Madison at 4:30 Eastern time (3:30 my time) today. Their answering system said "we are closed, our hours are 9am-5pm M-F...." Needless to say, I'm even more pissed.


I ordered this on 2/20, there was a back order and it was shipped on 3/15 - supposed to be delivered within 14 business days which would be 4/5 at the latest. I'd see if I could go pick it up but my truck gets 10MPG and has a Chambers Imperial in the bed that I don't want to unload.

Post# 586051 , Reply# 42   3/31/2012 at 07:10 (2,214 days old) by qualin (Canada)        

Hang tough man.. I had to wait six weeks for my washer and I'm still waiting for my dryer, I placed the order for it in late January. It's been two months and counting...

Post# 910238 , Reply# 43   12/8/2016 at 21:15 (501 days old) by jlag (Natick)        
Spider corrosion.

Bought a GE WCVH6240FWW FL in late 2004. Bearings started to go about 3 months ago and now loose (12 years of service). I stood on the inner drum to see if the spider could take my weight and it appears still solid throughout its rotation. Unfortunately I don't have time to take it apart to inspect the spider. I never used fabric softener, rarely used LCB, mostly liquid detergent and never a lot, have very hard water, always left the door open and almost always used cold water.

Post# 910298 , Reply# 44   12/9/2016 at 08:28 (500 days old) by man114 (Buffalo)        

This is essentially the same as the one I got rid of this summer. Bearings went, I bought it on clearance from a local appliance store in 2009 so it lasted 7 years. That said it was used pretty heavily sometimes multiple loads a day and I took no special care with it.

I disassembled the whole machine and stripped anything I could potentially use. It was difficult to take apart in certain places. Not really worth fixing in my opinion just based on parts costs and length of time to disassemble it.

Post# 910299 , Reply# 45   12/9/2016 at 08:37 (500 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

yogitunes's profile picture
well, you did get 12 years out of it....

of anything, COLD water washing is most likely your worst enemy....

anything can be repaired, its a matter of mechanical skills, and wanting to tear into one of these....

or, start searching for a new one....

Post# 910319 , Reply# 46   12/9/2016 at 10:32 (500 days old) by swestoyz (Cedar Falls, Iowa)        

swestoyz's profile picture

Martin - when friends and family ask my why their washer died, they typically give me an evil look back when I respond with the question, "how often do you wash with cold water?"  Ignorance is bliss, at least with washing habits. 



Post# 910377 , Reply# 47   12/9/2016 at 16:58 (500 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

yogitunes's profile picture
it is sort of a blessing Ben.....

and sometimes works to our many people wash in cold water, which either ends the machines life early, or the mold baffles them and they are off to a new machine....

theres another thread going on about mold issues and the machine not cleaning well....we encounter so many of them, almost wishing for a PDF file on our front page, follow these rules, and you will never have an issue....ever!....its not rocket science....

this only allows me to purchase these machines, super cheap or free from these people.....a bearing job, or just a simple clean out.....and I have a brand new machine, with my own laundry practices, will never see the issues its original owner has had.....

almost like adopting a pet from the shelter, giving it a second chance at a better home....

people will not wake up.....blaming the machine or manufacturers.....if it was truly the machine, wouldn't every machine built have the same problems....and wouldn't I have the same issues?....

like twisting their arm to use 3 gallons of hot water.....

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