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maytag e2l parts id
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Post# 638434   11/12/2012 at 02:57 (2,044 days old) by msgt1942 ()        

I purchased a maytag e2l today for 50 dollars
according to the the red tag on the back it is an e2l but it does have a power water thingy. So. I guess that would really make it a e2lp i think it is a1948 or 1949 the wringer release is red and the agitator is aluminum. On inspection the wringer does not lock and when i removed it i could tell it was. Missing a part that believe is called the index slide the 4 bolts and the 2 flat metal pieces that hold it all together. Secondly their is a piece
e broken that comes down from the wringer covef held by 2 bolts. And has a hole ithat holds the bearing of the top black roller im hoping someone can give me the part# so that i can order that stuff and hope that my wringer will work and a phone number to call thanks

Post# 639130 , Reply# 1   11/14/2012 at 20:24 (2,041 days old) by stan (Napa CA)        

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It would help if you could post some a pics of what's broken.

Can you post the serial #

The parts you need could most likley be had from Phil, at Phil's Maytag in Ovid N.Y

Hope this helps!

Post# 639143 , Reply# 2   11/14/2012 at 21:11 (2,041 days old) by qsd-dan ((SF Bay Area))        
the wringer release is red and the agitator is aluminum.

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Post# 639790 , Reply# 3   11/17/2012 at 19:29 (2,038 days old) by msgt1942 ()        
you guys are great

Yes i see the part in the schematic it has 2 numbers A4226 and A5189 why is that ? Also i bought 2 more maytags i think it is a model 31 thats what the engine showas and either a model. 80 or 90 electric

Post# 639797 , Reply# 4   11/17/2012 at 19:39 (2,038 days old) by msgt1942 ()        

Here is the inside of the e2l

Post# 639833 , Reply# 5   11/17/2012 at 21:47 (2,038 days old) by shankstr (St. Louis, Missouri)        
Roller bearings

They made 2 different size wringer rollers.. a standard and oversize. The A4326 roller bearing would be for the standard size and the other for the oversize roller. I can't help on how to determine what size roller you have as I don't know what the standard vs. oversize diameters are. I'm sure somebody here will chime in.


Post# 639842 , Reply# 6   11/17/2012 at 22:16 (2,038 days old) by shankstr (St. Louis, Missouri)        
parts contact

Try Phil for parts he's a good guy. Philip Hornyak -

Post# 639902 , Reply# 7   11/18/2012 at 08:25 (2,038 days old) by wringer (x)        

The smaller diameter wringer rolls are for the N models only and the larger ones are for the J's and E's. They are very hard to find around here. I think Phil still sells new ones. I was lucky and purchased 3 NOS bottom rolls of the bigger size and they work great. They are expensive but worth it if you use them as daily drivers like I do. Anywho, The N's for some reason always had smaller rolls. I see no difference in the wringing process with mine so maybe it was for cost? Good luck on your job that is ahead of you and do keep us posted.


Post# 639983 , Reply# 8   11/18/2012 at 13:42 (2,038 days old) by msgt1942 ()        

hi guys first i want to thank you all! for your help as i know literally nothing about these machines i am however researching and trying to learn. i would like any info such as year made if possibe. as you can see i posted a picture of my three maytags. from left to right.

1. this machine (with the model 31 motor)has a serial # 635381X i think it is a model 92.

2. the white maytag in the middle serial# 112840A i think its a e2lp because it has a power water dispenser but red sticker on back just says says e2l.

3. and the mystery for me is an electric old maytag serial #819995.

all three machines have ALUMINUM AGITATORS. any info such as MODEL and YEAR produced would be great i am going to try and restore all three of them oh yeah color of machines if known would be great.


I PAID 50 dollars for the white maytag and a day later i ran into another set of maytags the 2 older ones and paid 350 for both. my wife thinks i am crazy i dont know what happened i just got the bug all of sudden i also like ww2 jeeps willys. so i do love old stuff. i did free up the engine on the electric and purchased a belt at ace hardware and freed up the gears and now it works. the gas one took me some time but the model 31 engine runs and the machines also appears to work,

Post# 640025 , Reply# 9   11/18/2012 at 16:55 (2,037 days old) by qsd-dan ((SF Bay Area))        

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Steve is correct. Maytag had standard and oversize bearing hangers.

Unfortunately, the parts description doesn't provide any dimensions to decipher which is standard or oversize.

Post# 641094 , Reply# 10   11/23/2012 at 19:50 (2,032 days old) by msgt1942 ()        

Thanks to gsd-dan shankstr and wringer for your help i bought 3 old maytags that i am doing a home restoration i know literally nothing about them but i like them.

Post# 641095 , Reply# 11   11/23/2012 at 19:54 (2,032 days old) by msgt1942 ()        

Working on this one as well

Post# 641099 , Reply# 12   11/23/2012 at 20:13 (2,032 days old) by Kenmore71 (Minneapolis, MN)        

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If am reading my wringer serial number charts correctly, that machine was "born" in Dec. of 1949. Maytag used aluminum agitators after the war until sometime in 1950 when they went to a red bakelite agitator. Also, your machine should have the earlier cast aluminum tub as opposed to the later spun tub. The cast tubs were considerably thicker and they hold the water hot for a long time! I have an E2L (no pump) from June of 1948 and it has the cast tub and the aluminum agitator.

Post# 641104 , Reply# 13   11/23/2012 at 20:37 (2,032 days old) by qsd-dan ((SF Bay Area))        

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Wow, already on the ball. That Model 31 looks great! Decals are available if you want it to look factory fresh.

Looks like your E2L is probably a '49 or '50.

Your gray ghost with the non riveted tub is a Model 31 (if the motor is original) Probably a '36 or '37 as it's a later production model via the serial #. Engine looks like 92 to me.

Your gray ghost with the riveted tub is a Model 80. Looks like a later model as well, given the serial #. It's probably a '26 or '27.

Very nice lineup! You have the perfect set up too. One wringer/washer to wash and the 2 for rinses (wringers require 2 rinses after a wash). Your wife may think you're crazy, but wait until you start cranking out loads of clean laundry at record speed. She'll quickly grow to love 'em ;>)

Here's a site that gives a bit more detailed info.


Post# 641302 , Reply# 14   11/24/2012 at 17:00 (2,031 days old) by msgt1942 ()        

Qsd-dan thanks for the sticker idea i found one on ebay and also some for the engine the engine has a metal plate stamped with model 31 above the carburetor

Post# 641303 , Reply# 15   11/24/2012 at 17:02 (2,031 days old) by msgt1942 ()        

Here is the crown i did with stell wool and sandpaper

Post# 641577 , Reply# 16   11/25/2012 at 16:35 (2,030 days old) by msgt1942 ()        

Well i got several parts from phil and for the wringer on my e2l and it works but rollers only go in one direction they wont reverse what could be the problem?

Post# 641745 , Reply# 17   11/26/2012 at 13:01 (2,030 days old) by e2l-arry (LAKEWOOD COLORADO)        
Uh oh!

Sounds like a messed up gear in the wringer head. Lots of gearing in the head to make it roll in one direction or the other. There's a lower spring and pinion that makes it go counter clockwise and an upper spring and pinion that makes it go clockwise. Depending on which direction it goes/won't go, that's probably the issue.

The wringer head, to me, is scary territory. I don't even know if our Maytag Wringer guy Geoff, has gone there. Depending on you skill level, you could get a service manual and give it a try. If it were me, I'd be talking to Phil about sending him just the head for a rebuild.


Post# 643238 , Reply# 18   12/1/2012 at 17:24 (2,024 days old) by msgt1942 ()        

I guess as long as the wringer works in one direction i will leave well enough alone it still wrings clothes well here are updated pics. 2 down one to go

Post# 643239 , Reply# 19   12/1/2012 at 17:25 (2,024 days old) by msgt1942 ()        

Here is the model 31

Post# 643240 , Reply# 20   12/1/2012 at 17:33 (2,024 days old) by msgt1942 ()        


Post# 643253 , Reply# 21   12/1/2012 at 18:48 (2,024 days old) by msgt1942 ()        
last one

This is the one i have left will start on it soon qsd-dan called it a grey ghost or are both my old maytags grey ghost?

Post# 643254 , Reply# 22   12/1/2012 at 18:49 (2,024 days old) by msgt1942 ()        
what color

Shoul i paint this one all grey?

Post# 643537 , Reply# 23   12/2/2012 at 18:24 (2,023 days old) by msgt1942 ()        

Qsd-dan here it is with the sticker

Post# 643553 , Reply# 24   12/2/2012 at 18:51 (2,023 days old) by qsd-dan ((SF Bay Area))        

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Finished product looks marvelous! I'm still in awe of that shiny tub crown. That must have taken lots of work to accomplish.

Hows the 80 coming along?

Post# 643646 , Reply# 25   12/3/2012 at 00:54 (2,023 days old) by msgt1942 ()        
to qsd dan

I just started so it will take a few days i will post pics as i progress as for the crown i used steel wool sandpaper and then aluminum polish thanks for your input and ideas.qsd dan Oh by the way this is how dumb i am about these machines i was pulling up on the small rod to swivel the wringer i did not realize you could place the top l shaped lever in the center and press down on it to move/ swivel the wringer boy did i feel DUMB when i accidentally figured it out. Lol at myself. Semper fi.

Post# 643929 , Reply# 26   12/4/2012 at 01:31 (2,022 days old) by stan (Napa CA)        
You do nice work!

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What paint are you using on these old girls?

Post# 643972 , Reply# 27   12/4/2012 at 09:14 (2,022 days old) by wringer (x)        
What a

beauty she is !! You have done a marvelous job restoring her. Now I can't wait to see your further work on the others. Great going !!


Post# 645123 , Reply# 28   12/8/2012 at 22:52 (2,017 days old) by bradross (New Westminster, BC., Canada)        

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Like Stan, I'd like to know what type of paint you used. You've done a fantastic job - and believe me, I know from experience the amount of work it takes! I used Valspar paint from Lowe's, which I'm mostly pleased with - but it took about 2 weeks for the paint to really cure hard.

Hope you'll be posting some pics of the tub interior and agitator.

Post# 645177 , Reply# 29   12/9/2012 at 09:46 (2,017 days old) by msgt1942 ()        

i have been using rustoleum paint seems to be doing great. i am also thinking of putting a maytag engine on the grey (ribeted tub) would a model 92 engine be corret what would the value be on the grey model if i was to put a model 92 maytag engine (the electric maytag motor does work) andpaint/ clean her up. as for the green and black one i finished what would be a realistic price not ebay but realistic price be i did completely rebuild the engine new rings,gaskets etc it runs great.

Post# 675751 , Reply# 30   4/27/2013 at 06:36 (1,878 days old) by wringer (x)        
G'morning !

I just read this thread again and am wondering how you did on the remaining old gal?
Let us know, when you have time, about it. You did a beautiful job on the first two.


Post# 676298 , Reply# 31   4/29/2013 at 19:23 (1,875 days old) by stan (Napa CA)        

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What happened here?
No final outcome, or a pic of the last restoration.
Inquiring minds...

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