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Post# 136869   6/20/2006 at 11:07 (4,383 days old) by bethann (Indianapolis)        

In another thread Veg posted that my computer died in a storm yesterday. So, on this borrowed one for the first time I can see all the beautiful colors! I don't know what in the world was wrong with my settings but, I have never seen the background yellow, the pictures behind the post, the different color type or any of this stuff! Just the pink washer on the front page and the different color topic threads. WOW, it's like I have a new site to look at!

BTW, Veg is on a plane back home as we speak!

Post# 136870 , Reply# 1   6/20/2006 at 11:27 (4,383 days old) by cybrvanr ()        
Have you been using an LCD flat-panel?

Although those things are liked by many, their picture quality, especially the older ones, has a lot to be desired. LCD panels have a limited contrast ratio (the range between light and dark that can be displayed) The result is that bright areas tend to get "washed out" and subtle details are lost.

This effect can be easily demonstrated with what we call in the business a 5% grayscale pattern. This pattern displays grayscale bars from 0 to 100% brightness ranges in 5% increments. LCD monitors will give trouble usually in the brightest and darkest ends of the range, where you will not be able to tell the difference between the first 2-4 and last 2-4 bars. I imagine the background images this board produces are up there in the upper 90% brightness range and were being washed out by a lack of contrast range on your old screen.

Although many of the newer LCD monitors are getting better in respect to contrast ratio issues, they still have a little ways to go. What's even worse is that many of these monitors come out of the box with factory default settings that exhasperate the problem.

Download a test pattern software, and tweak up your new monitor with that, and you'll REALLY see a difference, not just on your grayscale, but also on your colors, and other picture aspects.
I know NEC has one avaliable from their site to download, and so do a few other. In fact, some of the latest video cards have them built into their driver sofware. Righ-clik on your desktop, and select "properties" and find out what you have.

Also, make sure you are running at the native resolution of the display. Digital displays, which includes all flat-panels, only display an exact, specified amount of pixels. If you are attempting to display a higher or lower resolution, your display will need to add, or remove pixes to make it fit the screen, resulting in a lower quality picture.

Post# 136875 , Reply# 2   6/20/2006 at 12:06 (4,383 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Bethann, are you trippin', girl? (wink, wink)

Glad you're enjoying all the pretty colors the rest of us see, LOL!

Post# 136876 , Reply# 3   6/20/2006 at 12:08 (4,383 days old) by rickr (.)        
Brought to you in living colour

rickr's profile picture
Now your seeing colours?? What kind of LSD did you and Veg do?? LOL!!

BTW Beth Ann... Do I have something to tell you... Call me at work when you can.

Post# 136877 , Reply# 4   6/20/2006 at 12:11 (4,383 days old) by bethann (Indianapolis)        

Hi Steven,

I'm still using the same monitor. It's not an LCD either.

It's a Dell P1130. It's something I messed up in the settings more than likely!

Post# 136879 , Reply# 5   6/20/2006 at 12:26 (4,383 days old) by cleanteamofny ((Monroe, New York)        

cleanteamofny's profile picture
If you really want to see colors, in living color?
Get a LCD monitor (with DVI connection), upgrade your video card (DVI ready) and get a DVI-D cable.

If your monitor suppports DVI-D, get rid of that VGA cable and replace it with the DVI cable, the colors are sharp and lines are clean!!!

Now if you viewing pictures and matching colors?
Then stay with the true and tried CRT's.


Post# 136880 , Reply# 6   6/20/2006 at 13:20 (4,383 days old) by mistereric (USA)        

mistereric's profile picture
or dispense with all the cables and DVI-D video cards and CRT monitors and get an iMac. mmm.... imac...

Post# 136895 , Reply# 7   6/20/2006 at 14:28 (4,383 days old) by cleanteamofny ((Monroe, New York)        

cleanteamofny's profile picture
I like home built PC's.
You will know the difference when you know exactly what is inside and the time and effort to get it up and running beats any pre-fab machine that is on the market.

This beauty is considered TOL minus high-end SLI graphic cards.

Post# 136903 , Reply# 8   6/20/2006 at 14:41 (4,383 days old) by rickr (.)        

rickr's profile picture
I had a Dell, and it was a piece of sh.. I replaced it with a custom built model when the "Dell from Hell" was only eight months old. Best of all, it lights up also!

Post# 136904 , Reply# 9   6/20/2006 at 14:48 (4,383 days old) by gadgetgary (Bristol,CT)        
I had a Dell, and it was a piece of sh..

gadgetgary's profile picture
Guess it is all in the 'luck of the draw'

I have been using a Dell laptop(Inspiron 5100) since March '04 with zero problems.
I would do it again if I had to.
I have heard negative comments about Compaq & Gateway(my sister's Gateway WAS a piece of sh*t).

Guess there are lemons everywhere.
So you know the saying......make some lemonade~!(much needed with the HOT temps in CT today).

Post# 136908 , Reply# 10   6/20/2006 at 15:04 (4,383 days old) by cybrvanr ()        

Yep, DVI is awesome isn't it Cleanteam! They have some pretty outrageous picture quality. I like that case you built your computer in too! I'm about ready for a new desktop PC. It's a K6/500Mhz. Pretty slow, but because it's running Linux, that's been it's saving grace. I've had a 2 Ghz Dell Laptop for about 3 years now running Windows 2000, and it's been a pretty good machine. It's only had two minor mechanical type issues...a broken monitor hinge, and a frayed power supply cord.

What processor do you guys prefer...Intel or AMD? whose got the faster bus speeds out right now? That's where the true speed is made!

Chances are if your picture was getting washed out like that, it may have been the brightness and contrast controls tweaked all the way out...either that, or your monitor was getting worn out, and the hi-voltage power supply wasn't keeping the tube charged up enough.

Post# 136986 , Reply# 11   6/21/2006 at 00:59 (4,382 days old) by cleanteamofny ((Monroe, New York)        
What processor do you guys prefer...Intel or AMD?

cleanteamofny's profile picture

My Gateway FPD2185W 21" Widescreen High-Definition LCD Flat-Panel Display monitor is fine, it's my camera.
This is a Nikon cool pix 2000 camera and I hate it so much that it will be replaced with something better later this year.
It's part of my last years Christmas wish list of want(s) and this too will come to pass.

Anyway, I've had 2 Compaq computers with Intel chips and I thought it was the best thing to sliced bread.........
Well that is in the past and the AMD chip is like Sazon in Puerto Rican food!
The flavor is so robust that it will knock you off your feet!

The key of finding the right chip is all about what applications you are running, if you're doing spread sheets go for the Intel's chip and if you are into gaming, go AMD!
I had the AMD 3500+ Venice since January of this year and it was flawless and last Sunday my brother and I replaced my chip with the AMD 4800+ Toledo Dual core and it still blows both Intel's chips out of the water.
So you see AMD made a believer out of me.

Now if I had waited until I was really ready to swap out the 3500, I would of replaced it with the AMD's FX60 since the price is close to $400.00 lower since the new AMD AM2 chip hit the market last month.
It's not too late for the next upgrade, but at this time I am beyond pleased with my home built system!

Remember, home built PC's gives you flexibility to upgrade every component, pre-fab limits you and the money that you've spent is more for the software than the hardware that comes bundled, so in reality we all been ripped off and our pockets raped by the big boys with their little toys!

So if any of you was to build a PC today, what would you put in it?

Post# 136992 , Reply# 12   6/21/2006 at 02:33 (4,382 days old) by cleanteamofny ((Monroe, New York)        

cleanteamofny's profile picture
This camera really blows!
I will try to lighten up the area better for better viewing since it's my day off!
I have 15 windows open and no signs of freezes or lag time delays......

CLICK HERE TO GO TO cleanteamofny's LINK

Post# 137012 , Reply# 13   6/21/2006 at 08:28 (4,382 days old) by frontaloadotmy (the cool gay realm)        
Did you use

bluing on your computer?

Post# 137021 , Reply# 14   6/21/2006 at 08:50 (4,382 days old) by cleanteamofny ((Monroe, New York)        

cleanteamofny's profile picture
Just a little.

Post# 137026 , Reply# 15   6/21/2006 at 09:05 (4,382 days old) by frontaloadotmy (the cool gay realm)        
I thought

so :>)

Post# 137032 , Reply# 16   6/21/2006 at 09:33 (4,382 days old) by gizmo (Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Au)        
monitors and stuff

Timely thread for me...

I have just bought a new notebook - A Benq Joybook A33. They came out #2 in the Choice test, the #1 (Asus) cost a lot more and didn't have the widescreen.
My previous computer is a Compaq notebook about 4 years old, a Presario 1200. It has been OK but has needed minor hardware repairs several times. (touchpad buttons break regularly, keyboard buttons play up, screen has had bad connection problems).

One thing I am noticing on the new Benq is that some larger text does not display as clearly as on the older Compaq. The Compaq 14 inch displayed 800 x 600, the new computer display is 15.4 inch widescreen, whatever pixel count that displays I don't know yet.
For example on this page, the text "add your reply to this message thread" looks slightly blurry and there is some variation in the black, it varies grey to black. It is almost like it is slightly out of focus, but fine text such as what I am typing now shows crisp and clear. All the black text in everyone's posts looks slightly fuzzy too and has the same "shades of grey" appearance to the black.

Is there any tweaking I can do? Any suggestions?

Apart from these slight problems with certain sizes of text, the image is very vibrant and clear.



Post# 137034 , Reply# 17   6/21/2006 at 09:41 (4,382 days old) by designgeek ()        

I've heard bad things about Dell in the past (like, 5 years ago), but over the last few years they seem to have gotten their quality control together and now they seem to becoming something of a standard in the PC universe. We've just specified Dells for two different clients' file servers, which we'll set up with BSD (another open source operating system, similar to Linux, and the "stuff under the hood" with MacOSX). These are clients who run mixed desktops (one is mostly PCs with a few Macs, the other is mostly Macs with a few PCs) so BSD is logical for them.

You can always do well by building your own machine from scratch if you're up to the task. Though a friend of mine who *always* built his own machines has switched over to Macs since OSX came out, because he likes the ability to use the terminal window to dig into the BSD infrastructure under the hood.

The new Intel-based Macs look darn good and will run any combination of operating systems you like. My laptop replacement schedule calls for replacing the G4 iBook next year, but I'm tempted to do it this year. BTW, OSX Tiger has all kinds of clever utilities built in, including a language translator that includes major Asian languages.

My ideal system would consist of two Intel Mac Minis, each with its own monitor hanging on the wall, each machine configured with OSX Tiger and WinXP Pro. A separate mouse for each, but one keyboard between the two of them, with an A/B switch. This way I could be programming a PBX on the Windows side while writing notes & client instructions on the Mac side, see both running at the same time, and have a lot more free space on my physical desk than my present setup provides (iBook and HP laptops, each with their own extension keyboard & mouse). (This is not a recreational setup; it's pure work-related).

Post# 137091 , Reply# 18   6/21/2006 at 13:39 (4,382 days old) by cleanteamofny ((Monroe, New York)        

cleanteamofny's profile picture

I'm not up to speed with laptops but there are two or three minor tweaking that can be done.

1. Adjust screen resolutions
2. Make sure you have the latest drivers for the video card
3. Add more memory

Click on the link below to see if you need to adjust to clear type.......

CLICK HERE TO GO TO cleanteamofny's LINK

Post# 137254 , Reply# 19   6/22/2006 at 09:26 (4,381 days old) by gizmo (Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Au)        

Hi Cleanteam

Thanks for the link.
I am using the old 'puter tonight but next time I'm online with the new toy I will try it. It looks like just what I am after.
You are a gem.

Thanks again


Post# 137429 , Reply# 20   6/23/2006 at 00:43 (4,380 days old) by dadoes (TX, U.S. of A.)        

dadoes's profile picture
The system I'm using right now, at one of the offices, I built about 8 years ago. It's OLD. Asus mobo. SCSI drives. Dual-processor 233 Mhz Pentium III. Win NT 4. But it has been a workhorse and stable as a rock.

My PC (the one I use at home, out of 15 others spread among two offices) crashed-and-burned last Sunday afternoon. The power supply fan had been 'sticky' for months. If turned off long enough to cool down, it'd not want to get running unless I gave it a poke. Wasn't a problem being as I never turn the thing off except during an extended power outage. I *knew* about the situation, kept putting off changing the power supply or rigging up an alternate fan. Apparently it got completely stuck, the power supply overheated, and took the motherboard and CD burner with it. D-e-a-d. Although I know better, I had not been doing daily backups (I have a tape drive). The tape drive had gone out months ago, and I'd disabled the backup scheduler. I replaced the drive, did an ad-hoc full backup of the C drive (but not the J partition) in February, but didn't turn the daily scheduler back on. By Sheer Luck the hard drive is OK so I slaved to the new system. The tape drive and SCSI card are OK, DVD burner, and modem.

Back up your computer now and keep it backed up regularly -- daily if you use it for finances -- using some choice of media that holds the data separately and off the system -- tape, CD, DVD, external hard drive, whatever works for you. It does no good to keep backup copies of files on the local hard drive if the drive gets zapped.

The new system is an AMD something or other. 4.3 Ghz? I don't even know. I don't have time to build a system these days, so I told the computer store in the room across from my desk, gimme one of what you got. They build 'em in-house. Gigabyte mobo. 1 GB RAM. 160 GB hard. DVD burner. Monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, I already had. I added the original hard drive, tape & SCSI card, DVD burner, & modem this evening. Windows 2000 Pro. I do not care for XP.

Post# 925313 , Reply# 21   3/6/2017 at 14:27 (471 days old) by cleanteamofny ((Monroe, New York)        
Brought back from the dead!

cleanteamofny's profile picture

I had problems before I took sick back in 2011/2012 and now it's up and running with Windows 10, story to follow when I get some rest....

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Post# 925387 , Reply# 22   3/6/2017 at 22:03 (471 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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Talk about a necro-thread.. 2006..  10 years  LOL   


Where's Bethann now? 

Post# 925390 , Reply# 23   3/6/2017 at 22:08 (471 days old) by Kb0nes (Burnsville, MN)        

kb0nes's profile picture
We are only 4 Windows OS versions newer at this point lol

Post# 925394 , Reply# 24   3/6/2017 at 22:15 (471 days old) by duke ()        

Which one do you prefer phil??LOL

Post# 925407 , Reply# 25   3/7/2017 at 01:23 (470 days old) by cleanteamofny ((Monroe, New York)        
10 years is a long time and many changes in life been made!

cleanteamofny's profile picture
So many things in life causes thing to be put off and that day finally came to fix the ole boy. When I built this PC back in 2006, this PC was near a screamer in speed for that day and Window XP arrived which was way better than Win. 98Se. ME came around and I've blew by that upgrade due to the fact it was nothing but eye candy. XP rolled in and liked it very much and Vista was just OK and lagging in performance, but very easy to navigate.

Now the death of my dad in 2007 forced my family to make housing changes and I've relocate to Monroe, NY. In 2010, I was down loading a Windows hotfix and the system was hanging so I made a rookie move and I've shut the PC down and rebooted to a black screen. Man-o-man, I just hit the crapper because of that and then I took sick in 2011/12 so there was no time to deal with this gem...

So this weekend I've done a non-sleep marathon to work on this beast.
I've started Saturday morning when I got off work, 11pm-7am was my work shift, had then jumped the CMOS jumper and cleared the memory.
Great, a fresh start with the display screen viewing, then I've tried to update Vista and it was a no go, Windows IE is the life of the operating system and the security was on locked down, whatta man to do?

Go and get Windows 10 and start fresh, oh the Joy!

Windows 10 on a USB stick that was not fun to attempt to install and upgrade.
Now I'm stuck between the digital crushing walls looking for a solution, Searched the web and found one, Windows 10 will not install via USB unless one of Win 7, 8, or 8.1 was on the system and lucky me had a copy of win 7 in my possessions. Installed that, looked for updates then installed Windows 10 via USB and we are in business!
Now I have to work 7am-3pm Sunday, then back to work at 11pm to 7am for Monday so the body is tired but hey, this is what I enjoy doing!

Windows 10 looks great on this old PC and the speed are fantastic compared to my low grade basic laptop with Windows 10!

Thermaltake Tsunami Case
750 watts Thermaltake Power Supply
A8N-SLI Premium Motherboard 939 socket
Zalman Cooling 2 Ball CPU Fan
4 150 Western Digital Raptor Hard Drives 10,000 RPM
4 patriot 1GB DDR 400 SDRAM
LG blu-ray disk burner
HP Burner DVD
Creative Lab Sound Blaster X-FI SB0460

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