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Speed Queen front loader walking
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Post# 918363   1/30/2017 at 23:32 (503 days old) by Helicaldrive (St. Louis)        

My Speed Queen front loader, not quite a year old, has gotten to the point that it walks during virtually every load. When new, it only did so with a full load of towels, and even then not every time. The walking occurs when the tub swings back and forth to balance the balancing balls, and it will walk an inch or two or three with each tub swing. It stops walking when the tub swinging is finished and it revs up to spin, at which point it is perfectly smooth and vibration free.

This machine is awesome and produces the best laundry results I've ever had. In fact I want to buy another -- the stack model -- but I'm hesitating now, because this walking issue is getting really annoying. And if the stack were to walk, it would pull the dryer vent out of the window and could break the dryer gas line.. Luckily it always walks in the direction where the floor slopes down, away from anything I wouldn't want it to hit. I even tried putting drywall sanding screen under the two front feet, thinking the friction would help. Nope. And I tried wedging shims under it by the leg that always slides. No help. And the machine is perfectly level.

What's the deal here? Should I make a service call? Is there a balancing sensor that could be defective?

I hesitate to have a service call, though. Three people here seem to have had nothing but even more problems after service people began tinkering with their SQs.


Post# 918365 , Reply# 1   1/31/2017 at 00:08 (503 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

stricklybojack's profile picture
Are the rubber pads installed on the feet of the machine?
If they are not it will walk. Put them on and it stays put, in our experience with the same machine.

Post# 918384 , Reply# 2   1/31/2017 at 04:59 (502 days old) by brucelucenta ()        

Dang!!! Sure seems like there are a LOT of problems with speed queen washers!!!

Post# 918403 , Reply# 3   1/31/2017 at 07:52 (502 days old) by Helicaldrive (St. Louis)        
Rubber feet are on

I'll try replacing them with new ones. Thanks

Post# 918442 , Reply# 4   1/31/2017 at 12:52 (502 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Rubber Anchors

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My SQ FL came with 2 of these for the front feet.
They really do solve vibration and walking issues.



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Post# 918445 , Reply# 5   1/31/2017 at 13:25 (502 days old) by brucelucenta ()        

Buying a different machine solves it even better!!!!! Along with solving many other issues too. I'm beginning to think that speed queen owners have overpaid so much for their machines, they don't want to admit they aren't what they thought they would be and/or any problems they have with them.

Post# 918448 , Reply# 6   1/31/2017 at 13:33 (502 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

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I'm not particularly a Speed Queen fan, but beating on a dead horse in every Speed Queen thread becomes very annoying now Bruce.

Post# 918450 , Reply# 7   1/31/2017 at 13:45 (502 days old) by brucelucenta ()        

What is dead is speed queen.....

Post# 918454 , Reply# 8   1/31/2017 at 14:03 (502 days old) by washman (Butler, PA)        

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Kinda hard to admit a problem when I've never had one in the first place Bruce. But you knew that already right? wink


Ordinary clean or Speed Queen clean?


Make an investment, not a mistake, see your local Speed Queen dealer today!

Post# 918455 , Reply# 9   1/31/2017 at 14:04 (502 days old) by washerdude (Canada )        
Leveling suggestion

I know you said the machine is perfectly level, but by any chance if the unit manages to get out of level, I'd recommend setting the feet to the lowest they can go and leveling the machine like that.

Further, I have a newer Whirlpool Duet which sits on the second floor of a wood framed house and it has never ever walked since the day it was installed, however, I noticed vibrations would increase after a couple of months and I had to re level the machine over and over. I tried a different way of leveling when after the last time it happened. I linked a video below which I used to level my machine and vibration has been consistent ever since and I have not need to re level it again.

You could also try putting down a piece of plywood and see if that helps any at all.

Lastly, is this a newer or older SQ front loader?

Post# 918522 , Reply# 10   1/31/2017 at 21:37 (502 days old) by Helicaldrive (St. Louis)        
Thanx for the suggestions

My floor is not the best. It slopes a bit by the front left leg which must be extended considerably more than the others. The back legs are not extended at all. It always slides in the direction where the floor slopes down. I suspect floor paint has come off on the bottom of the feet and is reducing the grabbing power of the rubber feet. Other washers have had tenacious walking problems in the same spot, I remember now.

Anyway, called Speed Queen -- they suggested rubber anchors, most likely same things you mention, Malcolm, and I ordered some.

They offered another suggestion: anchoring an aluminum track to the floor and putting the back feet in it. Sounds like a plan to me.

Not to change the subject but Malcolm which do you prefer, ur SQ's or ur Elex set?

Post# 918528 , Reply# 11   1/31/2017 at 22:11 (502 days old) by Lorainfurniture (Cleveland )        

Look up stove anti tip bracket, it might be the perfect thing for you.

Post# 918532 , Reply# 12   2/1/2017 at 00:30 (502 days old) by brucelucenta ()        
washman investment.....get real! To my recollection an investment should increase in value or be so worthwhile to own that you have an extreme advantage to have it. speed queen does neither and has been quite a detriment to some of the owners who post on here. Certainly no investment at all regardless of the high price you pay for one. As far as "speed queen clean", any front load machine will clean just as well as a speed queen machine if not better in most cases. I have used them in laundromats before. The home units are impressive looking, somewhat crudely built in comparison to other machines and smaller in capacity than most other machines. The fact is that not all of them are trouble free for years of use as people would be led to believe. And what is worse, is that service for them is not good either. I would just expect more from a product that is supposed to be the best of the best and certainly costs like it should be, so they are held at a higher standard than most. On this very site there have been several people with horrible experiences with both the top and front loading machines and the service providers for those machines. That certainly has nothing to do with me or my opinion of speed queen.

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Post# 918551 , Reply# 13   2/1/2017 at 04:26 (501 days old) by Mrsalvo (New Braunfels Texas)        

I bought my Speed Queen in April of 2015 and I don't regret buying it at all. It sure is solid, very heavy. I thought then i was definitely buying a good machine, I still think so. I don't think it's really all that expensive now considering the new import excise tax tariffs that are getting ready to come into play. It's going to hit nearly every single manufacturer out there including Whirpool. Good luck on getting parts that won't eat your lunch. I not saying I agree or disagree with the new line of thought coming out of Washington, just peering into the crystal ball. I look to see cost of living go much higher in terms of food and consumer goods. Hmmm!?!

Post# 918555 , Reply# 14   2/1/2017 at 05:57 (501 days old) by combo52 (Beltsville,Md)        
Walking Washing Machines

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Hi HD, you never said what your laundry room floor is made from, but I will assume it is concrete, in any event an aluminum channel for the back feet is not a bad idea, this is done all the time in laundry rooms.


I have seldom ever seen any brand of stack WD walk and the SQs are no exception, the extra weight seems to really keep them in place.


Speed Queens are a good investment,


There Are


An investment in the Earth, they won't have to be replaced for 25-50 years, some of our customers said they are listing them in their will.


They are an investment in American Workers.


They are an investment in things that WORK and not aggravating bells and whistles and failure codes, LOL.



My SQ FL washers and my Brothers are both 12 years old now and neither has missed a beat, my 9 month old TOL GE DW is about to get pulled out of my kitchen, it is the most aggravating appliance I have ever had. When I open the door and it sings a little tune after a THREE HOUR cycle and I see everything wet and food bits on many items and the inside of the machine, AND the stale smell if I don't open the door for more than a day.


Hi Bruce, I like the fact that I live in a country where we have the choice of buying things from all around the World, BUT I will not spend my life promoting Chinese-Korean appliances when this country has been so good to me and generations of my family, I would not be able to sleep at night.



Post# 918582 , Reply# 15   2/1/2017 at 09:40 (501 days old) by brucelucenta ()        

For me, it is not really about where it is built. If the USA built the best cars, appliances or anything else and had the features that were important to me, that is what I would buy. In this case I bought an LG made machine because it holds at least half again what the speed queen does and it has the temp. boost feature too. There was a time when I would buy ONLY American made cars. Since cars like Honda and Toyota have been around and far surpass American made cars for reliability and durability that has changed. It's a shame, but why settle for something less just because it is built in America? As far as how long a speed queen washer will last, I think that is beyond absurd. Only time will tell, but there are already others who have discarded their speed queen machines or gotten something different on this very site. It is unrealistic to think that one would last on average 25 years. I have nothing against speed queen, I just don't believe they are really any better than anything built in China or Taiwan.

Post# 918587 , Reply# 16   2/1/2017 at 09:48 (501 days old) by glomain (tuscarawas cnty. (eastern ohio))        

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that dead horse Bruce.Maybe it will drink your kool-aid !!!!!

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Post# 918607 , Reply# 17   2/1/2017 at 12:53 (501 days old) by washman (Butler, PA)        

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I am real Bruce. Very real in fact.


How about you?


Hi frig!tongue-out

Post# 918629 , Reply# 18   2/1/2017 at 15:49 (501 days old) by bendix5 (Central Point, Oregon)        

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When living in our last home we bought Maytag (Samsung) front load washer and dryer. These replaced our Frigidaire front loads which we loved. We thought they were damaged when we moved in the house because the Frigidaire shook violently which it never did in our old house. Had repair man out and he said nothing wrong. We bought the Maytags and in high speed spin they shook the house. Worse than the Frigi. The left side came dancing out from the wall. The water heater was next to the washer so I traded the w/d around to see if that made a difference. Not at all. Talked with a guy down the street who had same washer with the same floor plan with the same problem and he told me when they bought the machines he had to have extra support put under the laundry room. We had the same guy do ours and it fixed the problem right away. No more shaking in the house at all. Who would have thought. Since then we have moved back to OR, live in a mobile home and the machines are stable here going on 12 years. They do a great job for us.

Post# 918630 , Reply# 19   2/1/2017 at 15:49 (501 days old) by brucelucenta ()        

Absolutely! Not too sure about you, if you see a speed queen washer and dryer as an investment though unless of course you take in washing and charge for it. Then perhaps, but better have a back up set of machines! That much is obvious.

Post# 918636 , Reply# 20   2/1/2017 at 17:02 (501 days old) by washman (Butler, PA)        

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Absolutely! Not too sure about you, if you see a speed queen washer and dryer as an investment though unless of course you take in washing and charge for it. Then perhaps, but better have a back up set of machines! That much is obvious.


By jove, you have given me a great idea. Since those units are vastly underused, I could take in washing and drying, collect the extra quid and apply it to my mortgage

Post# 918642 , Reply# 21   2/1/2017 at 17:28 (501 days old) by Sbond22 (Grove City, Fl. USA)        
take in washing and charge for it.

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I'm getting ready to put a sign out in my front yard. What a great investment!

Post# 918643 , Reply# 22   2/1/2017 at 17:41 (501 days old) by toploader55 (Massachusetts Sand Bar, Cape Cod)        

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very few understand these days that Laundry is a health issue.

Make the clothes smell good and all is right with the world.

Good God... I am getting tired of this nonsense. Cheap detergents. not proper rinsing,

Just stupid.

Post# 918658 , Reply# 23   2/1/2017 at 18:49 (501 days old) by mtn1584 (USA)        
Look closely Bruce

My Speed Queen is flipping you a birdie!!!

Post# 918685 , Reply# 24   2/1/2017 at 20:49 (501 days old) by Pierreandreply4 (St-Bruno de montarville (province of quebec) canada)        
the problem might be link to the wash rinse temp

pierreandreply4's profile picture
The problem itself might not be the detergent but related to the wash rinse tempature if you wash in cold water it can cause at least thats what i am thinking the washer to get unblance i learn the hard way and i have a whirlpool duet washer of 13 years old thats near an outdoor wash and i notice if i had to do a load using cold water it depends on the load when the washer would reach the spin portion it would vibrate a bit more now i use hot water for towels and white heavy duty cycle warm water heavy duty cycle for colors and it has solved the problem and i have also switchback to using powder detergent that seem to disolve more easly in the dispenser if its a frontload than if i would use liquid or pods. and if when the time comes to replace the duet with a new washer dryer set i have put number 1 speed queen possably an awn432 model and will use the same pattern and avoid the normal eco cycle.

Post# 918687 , Reply# 25   2/1/2017 at 20:58 (501 days old) by Pierreandreply4 (St-Bruno de montarville (province of quebec) canada)        
made a typo

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What i ment to say was an outdoor wall

Post# 918702 , Reply# 26   2/1/2017 at 22:25 (501 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

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My Miele would walk until I took 1x2 strips and screwed them down on both sides and across the front of the floor.  It too is perfectly level...but it can't walk now!  Made a pen for it to play in haha. 

Post# 918703 , Reply# 27   2/1/2017 at 22:32 (501 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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None of my washers have ever 'walked' unless the load was off-balance enough for the tub to repeatedly impact the cabinet.  Machines with an off-balance switch may move a little depending how quickly the oscillation pattern triggers the switch.

Post# 918727 , Reply# 28   2/2/2017 at 05:11 (500 days old) by Sbond22 (Grove City, Fl. USA)        
My Speed Queen is flipping you a birdie!!!

sbond22's profile picture
That big fat middle finger looks like a perfect fit.

Post# 918729 , Reply# 29   2/2/2017 at 05:34 (500 days old) by brucelucenta ()        

To each his own.

Post# 919325 , Reply# 30   2/4/2017 at 22:26 (498 days old) by Helicaldrive (St. Louis)        
Thanks to all for their suggestions

The anti-tip range brackets were a particularly creative idea.

After I &itched about this, I moved it to a different spot several inches forward, leveled it again, and it has not walked since! :-)

Post# 919397 , Reply# 31   2/5/2017 at 08:27 (497 days old) by brucelucenta ()        

Hurray!!!! Success!!!! Sometimes the simplest things are the solution. Thank goodness!

Post# 919468 , Reply# 32   2/5/2017 at 13:33 (497 days old) by man114 (Buffalo)        

I've got no issues with my electronic control top loader, my mother has the old Amana based on the design it's 16 years old or so at this point and works fine.

Post# 920434 , Reply# 33   2/9/2017 at 21:30 (493 days old) by Helicaldrive (St. Louis)        
No walking with a load of very heavy towels!

Yay I'm a happy guy.

Post# 920435 , Reply# 34   2/9/2017 at 21:32 (493 days old) by Helicaldrive (St. Louis)        
No walking with a load of very heavy towels!

Yay I'm a happy guy.

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