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Wow I got my first front loader today
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Post# 925681   3/8/2017 at 13:40 (467 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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For FREE.   


And no the trusty GE Filter Flo of 30+  years trouble free performance hasn't crapped out.  


When I go up this morning and looked out the front window I see the next doors washer and dryer sitting out on the curb and a big delivery truck backed up to their garage. So I grab my cafe and wander over to ask the Mrs why because they only bought them 6 or so years ago when they moved in.. They're actually separated and she lives elsewhere but that's a whole nother story.. Anyways she tells me the heater in the dryer broke and "he" just decided to go to Sears and buy a new set.. So what's wrong with the washer I say?  Nothing she says, it works perfectly... So he's just putting it to the curb for big garbage day pickup tomorrow?  Yes...   Really?  Why wouldn't he have just called the Habitat Store to come pick them up.. Hell if she knew.. he's just like that.. So  he's gone out and spent near $4,000 incl tax and ext warranty on an even bigger Kenmore set..     

Well after it sitting out there for about 6 hours I could stand it no longer. We do have room for it in the laundry room along with the GE..  I figured me other half wouldn't be too thrilled about hauling something else in.. but he was game and so we did..   Now I just have to do some re arranging and get it in there.  


I should have took a   pick of them both out there but here's one of the dryer still sitting there.. she really doesn't know what's wrong with it.. could be really nothing .. It'll probably be gone by nightfall anways if scrappers drive around.  


I can't believe how people will just toss good stuff to the curb like that.. In fact the previous people in that house did the same thing.. I remember a year or so after we moved in seeing their washer/dryer set on the curb.. when I asked  her what was wrong with them.. nothing.. they just wanted a new set..  so they went in the crusher.   


I mean even if we don't really end up using this thing and it works I'll donate it to Habitat.  

Post# 925682 , Reply# 1   3/8/2017 at 13:41 (467 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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the dryer 

Post# 925683 , Reply# 2   3/8/2017 at 13:44 (467 days old) by ken (Ulster Hgts, NY)        

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Surprised you didn't bring the dryer home too.

Post# 925703 , Reply# 3   3/8/2017 at 15:27 (467 days old) by Iheartmaytag (Wichita, Kansas)        
The dryer looks so sad sitting out there all alone

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Go get it, put a heater in, save it from destruction.

Post# 925705 , Reply# 4   3/8/2017 at 15:32 (467 days old) by rp2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        

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I think you'll be very pleased with that Duet washer.  It still uses a decent amount of water compared to newer machines, and the "clean washer" cycle is both very effective and fun to watch. 


You can't beat the price!

Post# 925706 , Reply# 5   3/8/2017 at 15:51 (467 days old) by beekeyknee (Columbia, MO)        

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That's the unfortunate mindset of people today. Just throw it away at the first sign of a problem. Landfills full of things many things that could have been fixed and used. It's a terrible waste of resources.

Post# 925711 , Reply# 6   3/8/2017 at 16:27 (467 days old) by iej (Ireland)        

People need to get back to seeing white goods as 'durable goods'. This notion that you can just buy a machine that lasts a few years / you change your decor slightly and then you throw it away is going to utterly destroy the planet.

It's the main reason I am willing to spend a good bit more money on something like Miele, rather than just buy a cheaper machine that will only last a short time.

People need to start repairing things again and they need to be designed to be repairable.

The amount of energy, metals, plastics and even just someone's hard work that went into making those machines really needs to be respected a lot more than it is.

Post# 925720 , Reply# 7   3/8/2017 at 17:50 (467 days old) by washerdude (Canada )        

The dryer is definitely worth getting, all it needs is a new heater and they are not at all that expensive, and very easy to replace.

Post# 925741 , Reply# 8   3/8/2017 at 19:02 (467 days old) by rp2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        

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Millennials lack the concept of anything being built to last, and they have been conditioned to think this way by computer and smart phone manufacturers whose fundamental business plans are firmly based on planned obsolescence.   These kids -- though they may be well into their 30s -- apply this principle to everything they buy, and have no trouble paying exorbitant amounts for items they'll consider junk within a year or two.


It's been said for decades that we've become a throw-away society, but nobody ever expected it to be as bad as it is now.   More and more, I'm beginning to view Steve Jobs as the worst thing to happen to literacy and independent thought in the history of the world.

Post# 925743 , Reply# 9   3/8/2017 at 19:10 (467 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Next best word in the English language besides cake is

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Congrats on your major score.


Post# 925744 , Reply# 10   3/8/2017 at 19:12 (467 days old) by vintage1963 (Ohio)        

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I have a Duet washer and it is great. Right now it isn't in use as I have it for a backup. I have always been pleased with its performance.

Post# 925775 , Reply# 11   3/8/2017 at 20:33 (467 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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May not be the heating element, a few other components can cause a no-heat situation.  Proper diagnosis is needed, if that hasn't yet been done.

Post# 925809 , Reply# 12   3/9/2017 at 05:26 (467 days old) by washdaddy (Baltimore)        

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even though the dryer isn't heating it sure wouldn't hurt to grab it and find out what the cause of the problem is. If it's something really minor maybe you can take care of it. It can't hurt anything. It's not like you had to pay any money for it. Than you have a good set to do with as you please. Whether you sell it or give it to someone.

Post# 925811 , Reply# 13   3/9/2017 at 07:02 (467 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

As a life-long cheerleader for the front-load format, I hope you enjoy your Duet. Can't beat the price!
Hope you saved the dryer. Sounds like the heating issue repair is manageable; and if not, you have a Super HE energy saving air-only dryer, LOL.

Post# 925814 , Reply# 14   3/9/2017 at 07:53 (467 days old) by marky_mark (Sitges, Barcelona)        

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I've used a Whirlpool Duet washer and matching dryer on pedestals just like the ones in these photos.  The washer I used had a heater (not sure if they all do).  I found that it worked very well when using the Whitest Whites cycle or Heavy Duty cycle combined with extra rinse.  The rinses were only performed at low water level but it did 3 rinses (with extra rinse selected) and had good interim spins (not particularly quiet).  Very pleased with the results.  However I felt that the Normal cycle without extra rinse was far too short for a front loader -- only suitable for refreshing very lightly soiled items.  Hope you enjoy it.  Personally I would rescue the dryer and have a little play with it.  Perhaps it could easily be fixed just by seeing to the heater or thermostat, or maybe not.  You wouldn't lose anything by trying and you could still put it back out for collection if you can't get it working.  I do like a matched set!  Good luck!

Post# 925826 , Reply# 15   3/9/2017 at 09:36 (467 days old) by PassatDoc (Orange County, California)        

I had a 2006 Frigidaire FL (2350) set which was working well, but my neighbor's washer broke and he was between jobs. I was looking for an excuse to buy a larger machine, and got a new Electrolux pair. My neighbor inherited my Frigidaires, still going strong after 11 years without a service issue on either machine of the pair.

Post# 925930 , Reply# 16   3/10/2017 at 02:40 (466 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

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Glad you saved the washer, I hope you went back for the dryer too.  I bought a FD dryer on CL last fall that wouldn't heat for $20.  Spent $20 on a part and now it's my daily driver that fits well with my Miele w1986 washer.

Post# 927040 , Reply# 17   3/15/2017 at 17:23 (460 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        
This looks JUST Like my duet

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that will be 12 yrs old next month. This has got to be more than 6 yrs old. I only say this because this design changed a year or two after I got mine. That poor dryer. My duet dryer has never been serviced. KNOCK ON WOOD! Yes, the normal cycle is very short. I always use heavy duty with extra rinse and more soil or same with whitest whites. Once in a while sanitary.

Post# 927042 , Reply# 18   3/15/2017 at 17:29 (460 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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meant to attach front panel of mine

Post# 927155 , Reply# 19   3/16/2017 at 08:29 (460 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        

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Not only did you get get it free, but it was right next door.

We used to live in the neighborhood where money apparently was growing on trees. At least the neighbor next to our friends thought so as she threw out perfectly good furniture because she just got tired of it. The husband came home and discovered that they didn't have any more living room furniture-not exaggerating.

We had a pair of GE front loaders but we did not like ours and they not only had a perpetual problem with mold but they didn't really clean. I know that's hard to believe when over $2000 (Uniway buying club)was spent in 2006. These Duets sound much better. And as a side note, I agree with reply 6 and Ralph's comment. I'll be looking for future comments from you Pete... so you just left the dryer out there? A number of aw org people are lucky with curb finds, so let us know how it all washes out.:))

Post# 927183 , Reply# 20   3/16/2017 at 12:54 (459 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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Yes the dryer is still out there today with a bit o snow on it.. Surprised no scrapper has come round.   I would love to take it but I just don't have the room or the mental strength to deal with the shite I'll be subjected to from my partner if I dare try..  seriously.   I was somewhat shocked when he agreed to take the washer and helped cart it over... I guess I was mistaken to it being approx  6 y.o. , they had it before they moved in here.. I'd thought they bought it when they moved in. 

Post# 927188 , Reply# 21   3/16/2017 at 13:36 (459 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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There serial number is coded for the year and week of manufacture.

Post# 927194 , Reply# 22   3/16/2017 at 14:19 (459 days old) by Pierreandreply4 (St-Bruno de montarville (province of quebec) canada)        

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petek the duet washer you saved look anything like the one my mom and i have if so then the unit must be 13 years old, washer is on the left.

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