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Lawn Mower Collectors?
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Post# 931922   4/11/2017 at 22:14 (462 days old) by ClassicTVMan81X (Milwaukie, Oregon, USA)        

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Is there anyone out there, here in the USA, that is known to have a large collection of walk-behind lawn mowers?

I know how hard it is to do this: space is one thing, but being able to keep every mower in good condition is another (especially when it comes to gasoline used).


Post# 931960 , Reply# 1   4/12/2017 at 06:50 (462 days old) by norgeway (mocksville n c )        
I dont have a large collection

But I DO love old mowers, especially Lawn Boys.

Post# 931963 , Reply# 2   4/12/2017 at 07:14 (462 days old) by wishwash (Illinois)        

I don't either. But I second the Lawn Boys.

Post# 931983 , Reply# 3   4/12/2017 at 09:43 (462 days old) by countryford (Phoenix, AZ)        

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I have two vintage lawn mowers. One is a Sunbeam electric mower(pictured is mine). It works with no issues. The second one is a Craftsman gas mower(Pictured one is not mine but identical). The Craftsman one is not running and I'm hoping to one day restore it. Just not on the top priority list.

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Post# 931990 , Reply# 4   4/12/2017 at 10:36 (462 days old) by PhilR (Quebec Canada)        

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I'm not in the States but I do have a few old Lawn Boys. Here's the oldest one.

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Post# 932021 , Reply# 5   4/12/2017 at 14:37 (461 days old) by ClassicTVMan81X (Milwaukie, Oregon, USA)        
Twin-Blade Electric Mowers

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I have this 1983 Sears Craftsman 663.914126 (Sunbeam 4318A). Still runs pretty good, and the belts are also still good!


Post# 932033 , Reply# 6   4/12/2017 at 15:54 (461 days old) by abcomatic (Bradford, Illinois)        

It looks like Lawn Boy built mowers for Sears? They look a great deal alike.

Post# 932042 , Reply# 7   4/12/2017 at 16:56 (461 days old) by norgeway (mocksville n c )        

Sears mowers were not lawn boys, that engine is a Power Products 2 cycle, Lawn Boy built their own.

Post# 932054 , Reply# 8   4/12/2017 at 17:44 (461 days old) by PhilR (Quebec Canada)        

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Soon after, they switched to their own design after Lawn Boy was acquired by OMC.

This engine has a similar flywheel and also labeled as "Iron Horse" but it's a OMC product.

Lawn Boy did sell motors to MTD (in Canada at least) as the blue Lawn Flyte mower in the 3rd picture has a Lawn Boy "D" engine.

They also made mowers for International Harvester.

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Post# 932064 , Reply# 9   4/12/2017 at 18:57 (461 days old) by goatfarmer (South Bend, home of Champions)        

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I have lawn and garden tractors, does that count?

Post# 932073 , Reply# 10   4/12/2017 at 19:29 (461 days old) by duke ()

Post# 932481 , Reply# 11   4/15/2017 at 00:31 (459 days old) by dartman (Portland Oregon)        

I love old Snapper mowers. I had a nice old commercial version that was great but had a welded deck from running over something and a bad drive belt and idler wheel. I paid 10 bucks for it after verifying it ran and at least tried to self propel. I bought a new belt and idler for about 30 bucks and used it for 10 years till I ran over a large stick and blew out the welded spot on the deck. I kept it around and bought a few other cheap mowers at garage sales and finally found a close enough deck for again 10 bucks and modified it to work with my parts and ran it a few more years till the spark quit. In the mean time I was given a newer conventional deck Snapper from my Step sister when she got remarried and didn't need it anymore. It has the same drive system the old red deck commercial I had but a normal deck and bag setup. Parts are cheap for it and it mulches too so I keep replacing or cleaning up parts as they wear out. They still make the old school Snapper high bag red deck machines but no longer make the conventional deck version with the same drive system. They also make a cheap front drive consumer version that places like Walmart sell now, made by mtd and junk. I used to pick up mowers cheap at garage sales and had a John Deer with a Kawasaki engine that was interesting and probably had been a great mower but had issues with the carb and electronics that made it randomly stop running once it got warm enough and refuse to start till it cooled down. I hate the newer front drive machines, they never seem to pull straight and that makes them hard to turn unless you lift the front wheels. If you want a good classic mower, or a newer good quality one cheap garage sales are your friend. I even picked up two older pro grade weed wackers for 120 one summer and still have my Shindia that is a tank and parts are cheap and easy to find for it too.

Post# 932482 , Reply# 12   4/15/2017 at 00:42 (459 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

Don't have any gas mowers-just cordless electrics-nothing new in my collection.Did sell the JD tractor-just too much hassle and expense for maintenance.Worse than a car.Considering having Kevin my yard care guy mow the front and sides with his Bad Boy ZTR-tried the mower was fun---but it cost 9 grand!!!He was saying if I let him mow he may let me drive his mower.

Post# 933736 , Reply# 13   4/21/2017 at 15:47 (452 days old) by fridgenut (Cape Girardeau, MO)        
Hey! Another interest of mine old engines, cars, and of course mowers. Working on old mowers is what I cut my mechanical tinkering teeth on. I have a 1967 Lawn Boy which up until recently I used every week. I feed it ethanol free gas, a healthy 16:1 (what it calls for) ratio of gas to full synthetic 2 cycle oil, octane booster, and lead substitute. I know that is a little much but I figure that I want to get as close to "original" gas as I can. I have never had to do any service to it. Unfortunately it looks like garbage. I think that somebody left it outside for a long, long time because the top cover is very rusty. However, most of the old "Lawn Boy" script is still there. It looks so ratty that I actually love using it and putting modern mowers to shame with its impressive power. It easily cuts through the tallest grass with ease. Sure, I had to fiddle with the carburetor to get it to work right but it was worth it. It almost never "4 cycles" which means that the mixture is spot on. People stare at it when I mow because they can't believe that this rusty hulk is mowing so well and actually sounds good. One guy knew what it was and stopped me one day. He was amazed that it was still running. I also love how light it is with the magnesium deck! I can't recommend synthetic oil enough. I use "Lucas" brand because it has a high rating "Jasco FD" which is about as high as you can get. Compared to "Lawn Boy" oil it is great. Almost no smoke except at start up. Believe me, when you are mixing at 16:1 this is important, I used to create a hazmat area every time I mowed the damn yard!

This isn't my mower but it looks just like it aside from being in much better shape.

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Post# 933740 , Reply# 14   4/21/2017 at 16:18 (452 days old) by norgeway (mocksville n c )        
Those were known

As the Buttercup....Years ago there was a salesman at Bernhardt Seagles, our local Lawn Boy dealer, who still had a new one of these IN THE BOX!!!

Post# 933747 , Reply# 15   4/21/2017 at 16:44 (452 days old) by fridgenut (Cape Girardeau, MO)        
New in box! That is amazing!

I think I heard somewhere that this model was the buttercup. Thanks for confirming that norgeway. What a cute name! I would fall over if I had seen that box with a lawn boy in it. So cool. I've always wondered if I need to rebuild mine or not.

Post# 934852 , Reply# 16   4/26/2017 at 22:40 (447 days old) by sambootoo (Moody, AL)        

Mine are not Lawnboys and I really never considered these a collection but here are my vintage mowers.

First up is my Kinco sickle bar mower. I use this for all the underbrush, hillsides, and banks on my property. This thing is a beast and will give you a workout mowing with it!

The other 4 are my Yazoo Master Mowers. These were made in Mississippi and are especially good for long, overgrown grass or for uneven terrain--very popular in rural, southern areas. The newest of these I bought new in 1979, the oldest is from the 50's, the other 2 somewhere in between. The 2 on the left get used frequently, the 2 on the right need some work to get them operational. Like all our other vintage things, it's getting harder to find parts.

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Post# 934861 , Reply# 17   4/26/2017 at 23:15 (447 days old) by wayupnorth (On a lake between Bangor and Bar Harbor)        

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I mowed our lawn as a kid with a 2-stoke Lawn Boy that you had to wind the starter cord on and pull quick to get it started. I still have a 1988 John Deere NON self propelled that is like pushing cement as cast iron is so much heavier than cheap aluminum. I now use a Troy-Bilt self propelled. Both the JD and Troy always start first pull. My lot is way too big to use a cordless and too hilly for a rider. Waiting for it to try to somewhat dry out here so I can just mulch all the leaves the wind decided to place back on the lawn after cleaning them all up last fall.

Post# 934915 , Reply# 18   4/27/2017 at 09:50 (447 days old) by fridgenut (Cape Girardeau, MO)        

Those mowers are vicious looking. Especially that sickle bar mower. The belt drive mowers I have never seen before. That's what I need for my horrific, hilly, uneven, mole infested yard.

Post# 935241 , Reply# 19   4/29/2017 at 02:05 (445 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

I used to have a Kee mower-had to sell it when I had to move back to Wash,DC.Now so wished I still had it-not only a GOOD mower--but a collectors item.Also liked KEE mowers which were belt drive brush mowers like the Yazoo.The advantage of a BD mower is if you hit a stump,survey stake,etc you won't bust the crankshaft of your motor like on a DD mower.The belt absorbs the shock instead.Yazoo is no longer with us went out of business a few years ago-Yazoo and Kee mowers were common in the South.Folks that have either won't sell them at ANY prioce-don't blame them.

Post# 935381 , Reply# 20   4/29/2017 at 23:25 (444 days old) by speedqueen (Harrison Twp, Michigan)        
Vintage mower...

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I am now the proud owner of a 1985 Toro mower model 16570. The previous owner was meticulous with keeping it up. It looks like it is only a week old. By comparison to MTD side discharge, it is lighter, stronger and easier to push. I ordered the grass catcher kit, NOS on ebay. I will post pictures later next week when the side bag arrives.

Post# 936092 , Reply# 21   5/3/2017 at 18:53 (440 days old) by ClassicTVMan81X (Milwaukie, Oregon, USA)        
MTD Electric Mowers

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Does anyone remember any of MTD's 1975-82 electric mowers? Here is a trio of electrics they sold in Canada, including to Eaton's (under the Viking brand).

Counterclockwise from right:
18" Standard Single Blade Mower (red steel deck; adjust wheels with wrench)
18" Deluxe Single Blade Mower (patina gray deck; height adjuster on all fours)
18" Deluxe Twin Blade Mower (patina gray deck; height adjuster on all fours)

This trio of electrics had the same CGE (Canadian GE) motor units as those mowers CGE themselves made, including those sold to Sears and Canadian Tire.


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Post# 936134 , Reply# 22   5/3/2017 at 21:27 (440 days old) by speedqueen (Harrison Twp, Michigan)        
It's later next week...

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...and as promised here are the pictures of the Toro Model 16570. Sorry for the boasting of the last picture showing what a good job it does(and my hard work eliminating the creeping charlie). ;)

As a side note we used to have a garden in that bare spot and I seeded it last week or so.

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Post# 936139 , Reply# 23   5/3/2017 at 22:00 (440 days old) by PhilR (Quebec Canada)        

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I used to have a slightly older Toro Whirlwind II that had a similar deck.

Post# 937441 , Reply# 24   5/9/2017 at 20:52 (434 days old) by ClassicTVMan81X (Milwaukie, Oregon, USA)        
Hahn Eclipse Mowers

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Is there anyone on here that owns at least one of these bad boy walk-behind mowers?

That's right: the Hahn Eclipse Pow-R-Pro 22! I know there are numerous Hahn Eclipse mower owners scattered throughout the USA, but are any of you here at among them?

The Pow-R-Pro series is unique in that it predates the CPSC's June 30, 1982 requirement of manufacturers being told to sell all their new walk-behind rotary mowers with some form of blade stopping. This one has the BBC (blade brake clutch), but on the early machines circa 1962 it was in the form of a slide lever similar to the engine throttle control, meaning you will have to disengage the blade by sliding this lever to off before you turn the engine off. Around 1968 that changed to a lever (what Hahn called the "BladeMaster") similar to those units with the self-propelled power drive, for even greater safety (no longer does the blade remain engaged after you let go of that bail). 


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Post# 941652 , Reply# 25   6/3/2017 at 22:26 (409 days old) by michaelsemanoff (Waterbury,Connecticut)        

One of the reasons I joined today was to answer this thread. Yes, I collect mowers. I have over 200 vintage mowers,mostly power,including a Coldwell "H" from the late teens,a version of the first electric (1923 Coldwell) one of the first rotarys (1930 Pioneer). What do you want to know? I also have a collection of appliances, mostly kitchen smalls. Toasters, waffle irons, irons,few vacuums, I try to stay with Connecticut made stuff. To keep some kind of control-I know you all know what I mean- usually unsuccessfully. I recently picked up a Landers, Frary and Clark wringer washer.

Post# 941710 , Reply# 26   6/4/2017 at 09:44 (409 days old) by countryford (Phoenix, AZ)        

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Sounds like you have an impressive collection of vintage mowers. I for one would love to see pictures of them. Is there a site dedicated to vintage mowers?


Post# 941965 , Reply# 27   6/5/2017 at 20:13 (407 days old) by michaelsemanoff (Waterbury,Connecticut)        

There are several lawn mower organizations including a local (New England) bunch that gets together once a year. The guru is a gentleman from Massachusetts named Jim Ricci. He knows all. Heres a small sample picture. I overdo everything.

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Post# 941976 , Reply# 28   6/5/2017 at 21:36 (407 days old) by Lorainfurniture (Cleveland )        

You wouldn't happen to have a vintage snapper with a cast aluminum deck?

Post# 942042 , Reply# 29   6/6/2017 at 09:52 (407 days old) by PhilR (Quebec Canada)        

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Or a correct handle for a 1954 Lawn Boy? Or rear wheels for a 1957 Lawn Boy?!

Post# 942456 , Reply# 30   6/8/2017 at 10:05 (405 days old) by ClassicTVMan81X (Milwaukie, Oregon, USA)        

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I wonder if among the many mowers you have... any Hahn-Eclipse "Pow-R-Pro" belt-driven ones?


Post# 942546 , Reply# 31   6/8/2017 at 20:16 (404 days old) by michaelsemanoff (Waterbury,Connecticut)        

I try (poorly) to keep to 40's and earlier. I do have a Snapper but it predates aluminum decks, I have most of the rotary mowers in another area. I do have about ten Lawn Boys. Four are reel type. I'll mine my way into the other storage area and see what I have. That goes for the Hahns also. There is a guy in New York that specializes in rotary mowers. He has close to 1000. I'll post a photo of the Snapping Turtle (note turtle on front) and some appliances.

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Post# 942805 , Reply# 32   6/10/2017 at 00:58 (403 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

Remember the "Snapping Turtle" Snapper mowers were common among lawn services in the mid 60's in Florida-was fascinated by those mowers.They worked really well and were FAST!

Post# 942830 , Reply# 33   6/10/2017 at 07:06 (403 days old) by warmsecondrinse (Fort Lee, NJ)        

Hans, seriously? Lawn mowers, too?!

You are a walking encyclopedia!!!

If I were a millionaire I'd hire someone to follow you around and write down your information downloads. After it got organized and published you'd be a millionaire.

It's not a crazy notion. Dan Holohan did it with The Lost Art of Steam Heat.

Disclaimer: The above is a compliment. Hans is one of the members here who explains all sorts of fragments I remember from childhood and reassures me I was NOT imagining them as certain family members insisted I was.

Post# 943528 , Reply# 34   6/14/2017 at 23:37 (398 days old) by ClassicTVMan81X (Milwaukie, Oregon, USA)        
History of Hahn-Eclipse

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As taken from a fan site about the defunct company:


Post# 943529 , Reply# 35   6/14/2017 at 23:59 (398 days old) by norgeway (mocksville n c )        
Re Snapping Turtle

Believe it or not....You can tie a rope around the turtle head, and a post in the middle of a field, engage the drive, and it will circle round and round and wind itself up....mowing the field with no walking!

Post# 943530 , Reply# 36   6/15/2017 at 00:01 (398 days old) by norgeway (mocksville n c )        
Thanks Jim

Lord have mercy...I can remember all this stuff..and can lose my car keys and have them in my hand..LOL.....I have NEVER been able to remember anything I was not interested in!

Post# 943531 , Reply# 37   6/15/2017 at 00:05 (398 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

This was the first mower we had that got me started mowing 3/4 of an acre by hand when I was 7.

These ads were everywhere from the 70's onwards, in Theory they had a 2 stroke engine with a ZIP cord, that started first time, every time. Thus the Zipedee Doo Dah jingle. The reality was that as they got older, you would pull and pull and pull, My grandfather had a 60's model that he'd park in the sun before he'd try and start.

This is the model my Grandfather had

They still built the 2 Stroke models in Australia up until 2016, by which time 8 million Victa's had been built since the early 50's. It was the Euro 4 compliance that put an end to unclean engines. The factory was closed and they're now all imported Honda and B&S engines fitted.

Post# 943643 , Reply# 38   6/15/2017 at 20:23 (397 days old) by ClassicTVMan81X (Milwaukie, Oregon, USA)        
2-Cycle Engines

classictvman81x's profile picture
Of all the more contemporary examples of two-cycle engines for walk-behind lawn mowers, the Suzuki M120X (or the GTS120 in Toro lingo) that also found its way into numerous Toro mowers from the mid-'80s to the early-'90s (and in commercial units to 2003) was quite a robust example!

M120X on a hover mower:

M120X on another hover mower:

GTS120 on a Toro 20684:

Last, but not least, would be a more contemporary version of the Lawn-Boy's legendary design:


Post# 952697 , Reply# 39   8/13/2017 at 00:03 (339 days old) by Northwesty (Renton, WA)        
Just picked up two vintage gas mowers

from my research that one on the right is a 56-59 or so and the one on the left is the one that came soon after. One is Sears and the other is Craftsmen. The older one is a two-cycle from what I can tell. I haven't had time to try to start either one unfortunately, but I am betting they both work. Thanks for looking.

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Post# 952725 , Reply# 40   8/13/2017 at 10:16 (339 days old) by neptunebob (Pittsburgh, PA)        
Good thing I came here...

neptunebob's profile picture
Would anyone be interested in a Honda lawn mower with an aluminum deck from 1985? Picture coming soon. Cosmetically, it is in good condition but it does not run at all, does not have compression anymore. After all, we did run it for 17 years, how many mowers last that long with no problem. Let me know if interested in the mower or any parts.

Post# 953130 , Reply# 41   8/16/2017 at 17:42 (335 days old) by ClassicTVMan81X (Milwaukie, Oregon, USA)        

classictvman81x's profile picture

What model would that one be? I'd guess HRA214 or HRA215.


Post# 953139 , Reply# 42   8/16/2017 at 18:46 (335 days old) by neptunebob (Pittsburgh, PA)        
You are correct....

neptunebob's profile picture
It is an HRA214. No it's not being recycled yet. Doesn't look bad for its age (picture coming).

Post# 953568 , Reply# 43   8/19/2017 at 12:10 (332 days old) by perc-o-prince (Southboro, Mass)        
The guru is a gentleman from Massachusetts named Jim Ricci.

Jim's a very nice guy and really loves his mowers! We've run into him many times at Brimfield over the years and always have a good discussion. Check out his site/book at the link below.


CLICK HERE TO GO TO perc-o-prince's LINK

Post# 963093 , Reply# 44   10/18/2017 at 00:51 (273 days old) by neptunebob (Pittsburgh, PA)        
HRA214 Honda Mower

neptunebob's profile picture
Does anyone here want it? I will give it away. It ran well for 17 years before the engine stopped running. Would not produce any torque. A new engine would cost as much as a whole new mower, which we did buy. If I do not hear by next week, it's going to the recycling.

Post# 963227 , Reply# 45   10/18/2017 at 19:53 (272 days old) by norgeway (mocksville n c )        
Early 2 cycle

Mowers such as that Craftsman shown above with the Power Products engine use 16 to 1 gas oil mixture, that is 8 oz of 30 weight oil to 1 gal of gas, DO NOT USE a leaner mixture or they will be ruined!

Post# 963593 , Reply# 46   10/21/2017 at 03:35 (270 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

Added a new electric mower to my collection--a Greenworks 60V Pro 21 in-brushless DC motor-this thing ROCKS-better than any gas mower I used to have!

Post# 963595 , Reply# 47   10/21/2017 at 04:10 (270 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

askolover's profile picture

I'm not a mower collector, but I did work at the Murray plant in Lawrenceburg, TN a long time ago.  It's gone now.  The last true Murray mower was produced August 30, 2005.  Briggs & Stratton acquired the company and assets due to Murray owing them money.  B&S closed the Lawrenceburg plant and Brentwood corporate offices and moved everything to their other plants.  I still have my badge!

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Post# 963607 , Reply# 48   10/21/2017 at 06:18 (270 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

Sadly B&S has gone down in quality on their small consumer type motors used on mowers today-the engine is filled with cheap plastic parts-and when they break the motor isn't serviceable.Some say the engine won't last past its first oil change---PITIFUL--PITIFUL!!!And to top it off they moved most of their motor production to--CHINA!!!ANY older motor would be better!!!!Their commercial industrial engines are better-but these aren't typically used on consumer gear today.

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