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In search of Maytag D106
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Post# 946220   7/1/2017 at 13:17 (298 days old) by mrchevy (orlando fl.)        

Hello all, new member here. I was wondering if someone can advise me on where I could find a Maytag D106. My wife has an A106 washer (white) that I have been told shall never be replaced and she has become infatuated with vintage appliance porn videos as I call them. I though I might try to find a matching dryer for her but have no clue where to begin or look. Any help and advise would be appreciated. I am very capable of repair work but would not really want to get into finish work like a repaint if possible and it does not need to be "Mint". The washer she has, has the ice blue color on the panel. We are located in Orlando Florida but may travel a reasonable distance to acquire the right dryer. Also, is a D106 the only appropriate coupling for the A106 or is there a different model that would have been an option. I would like to have what would be considered a match set. Thanks for any advise.

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Post# 946226 , Reply# 1   7/1/2017 at 14:09 (298 days old) by speedqueen (Harrison Twp, Michigan)        

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Being the A106, and the fact that Maytag's machines almost all looked the same up the model line until the 806 and 906 save for the extra buttons you could probably substitute any D(E/G)*06 except the 806 (lighted control) or 906(push buttons only) dryers and it would look quite matched.

Besides, you probably would want to have an automatic dry cycle with moisture sensor anyway. I believe the D106 would be a BOL (Bottom Of the Line) model and not have this rather useful feature. It would probably be time dry only.

*Note I used "probably" because I am not a MT expert but I'm sure one of the experts will come along and verify or correct me.

Don't forget to tell your wife all about, I'm sure she'd fit right in!

Post# 946249 , Reply# 2   7/1/2017 at 17:50 (298 days old) by easy (Boston, Mass)        
A106 dryer match

I don't think Maytag ever made a 106 dryer.

I think the model you are looking for is a 306. It's a three cycle, timed dry only model. It also has the same plastic trim around the console as your A106 washer.

Higher end models would be a close match, but have chrome trim on the console. They would have automatic termination for the dry cycles though.

Post# 946253 , Reply# 3   7/1/2017 at 18:21 (298 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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what if we were able to upgrade her to a matched, LIGHTED, 806 set....

seriously, once you go to an 806, you can't go back to anything less.....

more features, cycles, and options....and more variables than you can count!

larger capacity and a Suds Saver to boot!

our own Kenny if offering this wont find a better price for a set like this.....

just a thought!


Post# 946303 , Reply# 4   7/2/2017 at 02:42 (297 days old) by rp2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        

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What Yogi said -- sort of.  I agree 100% with his statements about the 806.  But --


If the small capacity of the A106 hasn't been an issue, then what you might want to do is look for an A206, which is the same as the 106, but it has two selectable speeds, actuated by a pair of buttons located where the "Automatic" plate is on the 106, and it has the chrome trim around the console.   I don't think the tub size increases until you hit the 606 (maybe 406?) models and up.


If you limit your search to a D_306 only because it would have the matching plastic console trim, it could take you a long time to find that specific machine.  On the other hand, if you upgrade the washer to a 206 or higher model, any dryer with a chrome trimmed ice blue console will be a match, except for the 806 (lighted glass console panel) and 906 (all buttons, no dial, and quite rare, so don't even worry about it).  You could keep the 106 as a parts donor if you have a place to stash it. 


And finally, let me just say that your wife is a keeper.   Most women want the latest models with the most bling and don't even consider build quality or longevity.  Your wife knows she'll never find anything more solid and, as they say, dependable than a classic Maytag.  Give her a bunch of hugs from all of us!

Post# 946347 , Reply# 5   7/2/2017 at 10:53 (297 days old) by mrchevy (orlando fl.)        

Yogitunes, She has seen the models you linked to and absolutely loves them. She says " how cool is that". However, she has informed me that since we have had this washer since "96" and it has never failed her, it is now family. besides, she has now named it KITTEN, so it ain't going nowhere. Ironically, the set in the link is in South Bend In. and she is going up to LEO In.(just north of Fort Wayne) in about 2 weeks to visit family. It's a bit far to drive from Florida for a washer/dryer set and I don't think it will fit in the overhead compartment of the plane, but thanks for the link and suggestions.
RP2813, yes she is a keeper, and I understand her not wanting anything else. I have a Gibson Les Paul Custom I bought in 2007. I've wanted one since the mid 70's but could never afford one. I've played hundreds of them but this one spoke to me in such a way it is now my second wife, so I understand the attachment. I just thought it might be a cool birthday or Christmas gift to find her a matching dryer, so she doesn't know I'm actually looking. She is a very nostalgic person and loves old things, including cars and me. Is there a specific website, resource, or something that I might be able to locate one, preferably in Florida or at the most, a bordering state within a 6 to 8 hr drive. What might be a reasonable price to pay for one? By the way, I would be looking for an electric model, not gas.
Also, EASY commented about not being sure of a 106 dryer model..., can someone verify this and confirm what models I should be searching for to match the A106. Simple and basic is her cup of tea.....She doesn't like the "damn Star Trek crap" as she calls the new stuff.
Thanks for the input so far and am grateful for any further input. I will see what Google can turn up in the meantime.

Post# 946351 , Reply# 6   7/2/2017 at 11:53 (297 days old) by easy (Boston, Mass)        
dryer match 106

Let me suggest a cheap way to make your search much easier.

At the top of the AW website, click on "automatic ephemera".

For publisher, select "Maytag".

For product, select "Automatic Washers and Dryers".

Scroll down and purchase "A New Generation of Dependable Maytags". Note that these are the first year of the blue bottom console models and unlike your A106, do not have the blue Permanent Press cycle on the washer timers. The dryers are essentially identical to later models.

Also, scroll down and purchase the 1974 "Maytag Washers and Dryers" for the last year of the blue bottom console production.

These are full sales brochures that you can print after you download and let you determine what model(s) you should be looking for.

Good luck in your search. I've had good luck getting Maytags on Craigslist.


Post# 946377 , Reply# 7   7/2/2017 at 16:41 (297 days old) by goatfarmer (South Bend, home of Champions)        

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I know Leo, IN well. Used to have a delivery that way.

Post# 946381 , Reply# 8   7/2/2017 at 17:29 (297 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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There was indeed a D106 dryer to match the A106 washer.  Timed dry only.  Regular, Permanent Press, and 15 or 25 minute air fluff.  All heated dry cycles are low heat (for all-fabric care).  Regular had about 60 or 70 minute dry time length with a 3 or 4 minute cool down.  Perm Press was about 50 minute max with a 10-12 minute cool down. 

Post# 946515 , Reply# 9   7/3/2017 at 09:57 (296 days old) by Volvoguy87 (Cincinnati, OH)        
106 Dryer.

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Maytag Dryer model nomenclature as follows:

1st character is a color code.
L = Almond
K = Avocado Green
H = Harvest Gold
Blank = White

2nd Character (1st on white machines): Appliance Type
A = Automatic Clothes Washer
D = Clothes Dryer

3rd Character (2nd on white machines): Heat Source:
E = Electric
G = Gas

4th Character: Position in the model lineup
This is a number that indicates what features might be found on the machine.
1 is BOL (Bottom of the Line)
2 adds features, but there is no 2 series dryer.
3 larger capacity washer, a few more features on the dryer.
4 more features.
5 There is no 5 prior to 1981.
6 Nicely equipped washer and dryer with moisture sensing.
7 There is no 7 prior to 1981.
8 The famed 806 washer & 806 / 808 dryers. Fully featured with lights.
9 All push-button operation, no knobs, and all the lights of the 8s.

5th Character: 0. I have no idea why this is a zero, but it is, prior to 1981.

6th Character: I call this the phase or era identifier.
6 = Early incarnation of the 1966-1980 era. The 06 machines were in production for a long time and nearly always have a blue lower portion of the control panel. They underwent some changes which added features, like permanent press.
7 = An intermediate step from the 1970s, circa 1975 - 1977 I think. The lower control panels are gold. I don't know if there are any 07 dryers.
8 = A late center-dial machine. More washers have bleach dispensers. Dryers are the large-capacity stream of heat design, as opposed to the older Halo of Heat design.
9 = Late dryers. I don't know of any 09 washers, but I do know there were 309 & 409 dryers.


The 806 washers were always 806. There were no 807 or 808 washers.

106 dryers. There were 106 dryers available in the Halo of Heat design (small square door, lint filter in rear of drum) and 106 dryers in the Stream of Heat design (larger rectangular door, lint filter at the 7 O'Clock position around the door opening. The later Stream of Heat dryers were sold to match late 106 washers which were produced with the blue portion of the control panel through 1980.

It is possible to have a BOL washer, like an A106 and pair it with a higher end dryer without lighted controls hand have it match, like a 606 dryer. Maytag allowed models to aesthetically match throughout most of their offerings, until you got up into lighted control territory. This way the sales team could upsell one appliance and not the other.

Clear as mud?

PS: If you're getting an '06 Halo of Heat dryer, the gas versions have a standing pilot light and can be a bit more tricky and less-forgiving than the electric versions.

PPS: An A106 washer is white. A matching dryer would start with DE for electric, or DG for gas. If there is a letter before that, like an HDE, that would indicate a color other than white, in the case of an H, it would be Harvest Gold.

Post# 946670 , Reply# 10   7/4/2017 at 10:03 (295 days old) by mrchevy (orlando fl.)        

Thanks everyone for all the input. Good info. I suspect this will be a long quest to find a dryer for this washer. Let the journey begin.

Post# 946678 , Reply# 11   7/4/2017 at 12:01 (295 days old) by goatfarmer (South Bend, home of Champions)        

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It may not be too bad of a journey. I scrapped one about 6 months ago, it needed a motor. Still see them on occasion.

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