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The New Speed Queen Set / Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee Apartment Life For Me
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Post# 950467   7/28/2017 at 14:05 (355 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

The new Speed Queen set arrived and I've already done three loads of wash (large load of bath linens; medium load of shirts/dress shorts; small load of filthy white towels/rags used to clean the house before the final walk-through by purchaser.

I did a manual soak with the small load of filthy whites and it worked beautifully! Didn't need to use extra water at all. A single rinse vanquished all traces of the 1/2-cup of Clorox.

Used the Normal Eco cycle on the load of lightly soiled shirts/dress shorts and all emerged clean. Used the Hot setting to get a bit of warmth for the wash water. I think the Eco cycle will do just fine handling lightly soiled small-to-medium loads that can be washed in what is, for all intents and purposes, cold water.

Photo 1: The new pair.

Photo 2: The pass-through hallway to get from the front to the back of the building. These are the four sets (and furnaces/water heaters) of the upstairs apartments.

Photo 3: I think this can be considered mainlining hot water to the washer. Yes, those faucets are attached to the pipe leading out of the water heater. Super hot washes!

Photo 4: Thick, sudsy wash water using Tide Ultimate Stain Release. Small load setting.

Photo 5: Washer control panel.

Photo 6: Dryer control panel (it was drying the load of bath linens)

Photo 7: My neighbor's cool vintage KitchenAid set. Will sneak in during the night and get a close-up of control panels.

Photo 8: My new dishwasher---NOT. A friend was over for lunch and these are the dishes, washed with a sponge and Dawn Power something or other. I like the Polder dish rack.

Since I won't have a range for two weeks, I made a tasty microwave meatloaf, Damn Good Deli Macaroni Salad (chopped, microwaved cauliflower in place of elbow mac) and iced tea. The range is on backorder.

And so, apartment life begins.

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Post# 950470 , Reply# 1   7/28/2017 at 14:16 (355 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        

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Hope these give you years of good service...although knowing you, you'll  probably be buying some new exciting washer within 5 years. LOL


I have to admit that one concern I had (which I may or may not have voiced, but was voiced by others) was how well the appliances would survive cosmetically in a hall. But judging from what I can see in the photos, it looks like other appliances are doing well. I saw one "problem"...and then realized it was something on my computer monitor, not the washer!


I like the KA set. I can't say I'm horribly wild about DD machines for a variety of reasons. (Although I do recognize they could be incredibly durable, and there was ease of repair.) But I wouldn't mind having that one set pictured...

Post# 950473 , Reply# 2   7/28/2017 at 14:25 (355 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        
Living without a range

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for even two weeks could be a pain! Although to my mind this time of year is probably the best time for that. I have a hard time working up enthusiasm for cooking these days (partly because I hate doing dishes!), but I note my enthusiasm really tends to fall when it's warm out. I like having things that need no real cooking (e.g., salads), or, at most, a fast trip through microwave.

Post# 950474 , Reply# 3   7/28/2017 at 14:30 (355 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        

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I think the Eco cycle will do just fine handling lightly soiled small-to-medium loads that can be washed in what is, for all intents and purposes, cold water.


My big concern with the eco cycle isn't temperature. The thing that concerns me is that IIRC the only rinsing is by spray rinses. I won't say it wouldn't work--it seems to me I've heard of washer designs that did work--but I'm a little cautious.

Post# 950475 , Reply# 4   7/28/2017 at 14:40 (355 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Lord Kenmore-- As you can see, the little hallway is quite narrow and it gets a lot of use. My upstairs / front-of-the-building neighbor and I park in the garage and walk through the hallway with all purchases; groceries, etc. Both of us will be careful. We are near a park and kids from the two back apartments come tearing through to go out the front door. Time will tell. All my detergents / laundry additives are in an unlocked cupboard above the SQs. I guess we're a trusting bunch, LOL.

Range-Free Kitchen: My college roommate and I weren't on the campus meal plan. We cooked with a microwave for four years in our dorm room. I learned to make everything from steak (using a Corning sizzle pan) to lasagna. It will be fine. The appliance dealer felt bad about the backorder, but...what can you do? It is what it is. Probably should have hung on to one crock pot, eh? If I start jonesing for roast beef I can borrow one.

Normal Eco cycle: I dosed the Tide HE Turbo parsimoniously and the clothes were rinsed adequately. I'd never use the cycle for large loads or heavy fabrics like bath towels.

And you're a year or two there will probably be a SQ front-loader sitting in its place. I want to see--or, more accurately, hear and feel how the GE front-loader (photo #2 in original post) handles big loads and high-speed spins. The top-load SQ is quiet during spins--I purposely unbalanced the towel load a bit for the final spin and even then it was quiet and didn't rumble or vibrate.

Post# 950494 , Reply# 5   7/28/2017 at 16:49 (354 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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congrats!....yours look to outshine every set there...I am sure some will be envious....who knows, one of the other tenants may purchase it off you should you choose to go with a FL set....

keep us posted....and we look forward to more pics.....

Post# 950505 , Reply# 6   7/28/2017 at 18:01 (354 days old) by whirlykenmore78 (Prior Lake MN (GMT-0700 CDT.))        
Welcome to the SQ Owners Club:

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Those are BEAUTIFUL MACHINES! They are far superior to ANY other TL made today. Have fun with them.

Post# 950521 , Reply# 7   7/28/2017 at 20:50 (354 days old) by Joe_in_philly (Philadelphia, PA, USA)        

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Congratulations on your new machines!

Post# 950523 , Reply# 8   7/28/2017 at 21:01 (354 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        

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Congrats on your new setup Frig. Can't wait to see your new dishwasher and range.

Post# 950525 , Reply# 9   7/28/2017 at 21:40 (354 days old) by aamassther (Hendersonville, NC )        

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Congrats on your new digs! Your new machines are certainly the belle of the ball!

Post# 950549 , Reply# 10   7/29/2017 at 02:12 (354 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        

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My college roommate and I weren't on the campus meal plan.


Interesting that you didn't have to have a meal plan! I only know my old college's policies, but they were adamant that people who lived in the dorms had to have some sort of meal plan. I understand that there is still a policy. I think now--and maybe even my era--there was some leeway (e.g., breakfast might be optional).


I want to see--or, more accurately, hear and feel how the GE front-loader (photo #2 in original post) handles big loads and high-speed spins.


It would be interesting to note. I did notice that washer in the photo, and thought it proof that a front load machine can survive. Although, of course, I suppose it might only survive with carefully calculated loads, and the lowest spin speed possible... It will be worth paying attention to.


Post# 950553 , Reply# 11   7/29/2017 at 06:47 (354 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Thanks for the comments, everyone. I have to admit it's still fun to watch a spin-drain. Some things you never outgrow. The angled fill flume is more effective at spray rinses during the first spin than was the one on my AWN542. The longer final spin (9 minutes at 770 rpm, I believe) produces noticeably drier results. I was pleasantly surprised upon pulling the big load of bath towels from the washer. The gentle splish-splash during agitation reminds one of a Whirlpool Surgilator.

SQ did a great job remaking their front-loaders and tweaking their top-loading machines.

Martin-- There's a Neptune front-loader in the downstairs laundry.

I'll have to go there on the ruse of checking my water softener tank and snap photos of the laundry pairs.

Lord Kenmore-- College food service: I had to provide a written explanation of why the meal plan would not work well for my situation. I was playing in a rock band that travelled the tri-state area and consequently I wouldn't be around for most breakfasts or suppers. They accepted my explanation and allowed me to opt out. My roommate's explanation was that he was our roadie (not true) and wouldn't be around for most meals. Technically, we weren't supposed to have a microwave in the room, but our RA would give us a heads-up when the fire marshall was expected and we'd hide it. Technically, we weren't supposed to smoke pot in the room either. Oh, college days...

Post# 950555 , Reply# 12   7/29/2017 at 07:16 (354 days old) by DADoES (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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Make note of the models and serials of the KA pair if possible, please, thanks.

Post# 950560 , Reply# 13   7/29/2017 at 08:33 (354 days old) by peteski50 (New York)        
Speed Queen!

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This is a real awesome set - good luck with them!

Post# 950588 , Reply# 14   7/29/2017 at 11:28 (354 days old) by chetlaham (United States)        
Very Happy

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To see Speed Queen! :) Life will be good to you now, you have made a very wise decision.

Also, can you post pics of the other machines, pretty please? :P

Post# 950627 , Reply# 15   7/29/2017 at 14:37 (354 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Glenn and Chetlaham: I'll get photos...eventually. I'm the new guy in the building so I don't want "He's messing with everyone's washers and taking photos of them!" to be among their first encounters with me. I can imagine everyone is a little protective of their laundry equipment since they're in a common area.

Peter-- Thanks; I am impressed with the tweaks Alliance made to their SQ top-loaders. This is the first time since 1987 I haven't had a front-loader as my daily driver.

Ben (washman): Are you out there somewhere? Hope you are doing well and getting a chuckle out of Frigilux, of all people, purchasing a top-loading, defiantly non-HE Speed Queen washer.

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Post# 950669 , Reply# 16   7/29/2017 at 17:15 (353 days old) by earthling177 (Boston, MA)        


Congratulations on your new home and appliances, here's hoping you get many years of use of them, and that you enjoy many years of good health too.

I have not made meatloaf in many years, but I often made them in the microwave and it's hilarious to me how people say they are yummy until they learn it came from the nuker, then all of a sudden, they are "rubbery", LOL!!! People don't fool me, they ate half of the meatloaf before finding out, couldn't be that bad!

If Ben gives you any trouble we'll send you a bag or two of laundry detergent pods to Tide you over, pun intended... :-P

-- Paulo.

Post# 950750 , Reply# 17   7/30/2017 at 08:17 (353 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Paulo-- I'm actually having a bit of fun cooking in the microwave since there's an end point in sight. Made meatloaf sandwiches for Friday's lunch to mask the lack of browning. I'm cooking chicken thighs today to make chicken salad for sandwiches when my sister and her husband arrive this afternoon.

Also want to wash a twin-sized comforter today using the SQ's Bulky cycle. From what I understand it provides constant, slow agitation and a fast spin. The comforter was used to cover the back seat of the car during the move. It is actually fairly soiled and therefore a good test of the cycle.

But first...I'm playing baritone in a brass group this morning, so I'd best get ready and head out the door.

Post# 950759 , Reply# 18   7/30/2017 at 09:13 (353 days old) by mayken4now (Panama City, Florida)        

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Nice Speed Queens. Yogi is right, your machines outshine all the others.

Post# 950797 , Reply# 19   7/30/2017 at 14:44 (353 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Thanks, Steve, but I think the primo-condition vintage KitchenAids belonging to my neighbor give the SQs a good run for their money. This is as close as I'll ever get to owning vintage laundry equipment, so I'm enjoying it. Dropping little bundles of items around the agitator holds a nostalgia factor for me, as does watching the load roll over after agitation begins. The crowning vintage-era touch is the spin-drain. Pretty rare on a top-loader purchased in 2017.

Water Temperatures: Absolutely perfect in my book!

Hot: 148 degrees
Warm: 110 degrees (same as the 'Medium' temp on the 1960 Kenmore Model 80 I grew up with)
Cool: 90 degrees
Cold: 61 degrees (current tap cold temp)

I assume warm and cool temps will drop when our tap water goes down to near 40 degrees in January.

Bulky cycle worked well on the twin-size comforter. Will wash a queen-size next weekend.

Post# 950836 , Reply# 20   7/30/2017 at 21:23 (352 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Funny How The Universe Works: After talking about how I rarely entertain or cook much anymore, I've had company for a meal every day since moving to the apartment. And I'm cooking without a range or a dishwasher. 😂

Post# 950843 , Reply# 21   7/30/2017 at 22:05 (352 days old) by mrsalvo (New Braunfels Texas)        

I'm very happy for you, and envious on downsizing(!), I'm trying to get there as well. [I've got stuff I have to idea what to do with, among of which is a complete set of American Peoples Encyclopedia of 1956 and yearbooks from 1961 - 1976, and more books and books! I have 3 sets of family china I'll never use. Etc. Etc. Etc.]
But I'm glad you posted the pictures, esp. the one of the common area so others can get a good idea what you were talking about. The upkeep of a home gets to be to much after a certain age. Like I said, Less Is More.

I really like your Speed Queens, I have the 432 model and so far, so good. Really like the fast cycle times on it. Are you going to get covers for them?
Again, very nice.


Post# 950866 , Reply# 22   7/31/2017 at 04:46 (352 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

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Congratulations on the new machines! Hopefully your kitchen will be complete soon. Microwave cooking can be done. I have a cookbook completely dedicated to microwave cooking. No problem to cook complete meals.

I hope you're feeling at home soon in your apartment.

Post# 950882 , Reply# 23   7/31/2017 at 08:16 (352 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Louis-- Thanks. I've been adapting recipes to utilize the microwave and so far it's working just like it did back in 1977-81. I already feel quite at home in the apartment. It really isn't bad at all. Trying to break myself of the habit of being up and about in the middle of the night. Neighbors will not appreciate that. I walked across to the park and sat on a bench by the river with a cup of coffee early this morning. It was very peaceful. And I don't have to mow or take care of any of it!

The washer is purring away washing sheets at the moment, with the air pockets sticking up out of the Tide-scented water. I'd forgotten about that tendency with traditional agitator washers. The tub is indexing a fair amount, so that's probably aggravating the issue. Sheets used to wrap themselves tightly around the agitator on my wildly-indexing 2005 Frigidaire top-loader. The first spin should deflate those air pockets for the rinse.

Barry-- DO IT! Downsizing significantly has been the best decision I ever made. I'd accumulated so much 'stuff', most of which was fun to have but saw very little-to-no actual use. Radically scaling back possessions has been a very cleansing, empowering experience. I have what's needed to be comfortable and no more than that. My small apartment is a breeze to keep clean. It's wonderful.

Post# 950886 , Reply# 24   7/31/2017 at 09:07 (352 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        

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Trying to break myself of the habit of being up and about in the middle of the night. Neighbors will not appreciate that.


I'm not sure that simply being up and about would necessarily be a problem, as long as one tries to be reasonably quiet. Sitting at a computer browsing, or reading a book shouldn't be problem. But they might not enjoy listening to you play that baritone you mentioned earlier at 3 AM...


Old joke:


A couple of drunks stagger into an apartment lived in by one of the two.


The second points to a big gong. "What's that?"


"My talking clock."


"Talking clock?"


The first drunk hits the gong hard. From the other side of the wall, comes: "Quit that! It's 2 AM in the morning!"



Post# 950887 , Reply# 25   7/31/2017 at 09:13 (352 days old) by MrAlex (London, UK)        

Nice setup! and welcome to apartment life!

I have a shared laundry room (commercial schulthess washing machine and dryer, 4.50/5.80$ per load) I use the dryer but not the washer since I got a top loader earlier this year for my apartment.. My neighbours used to leave their laundry in them all the time for several hours so it was unpractical for me

Post# 950891 , Reply# 26   7/31/2017 at 09:29 (352 days old) by warmsecondrinse (Fort Lee, NJ)        

Congrats and welcome to apartment life.

I like the flexibility the SQ offers... Third rinse? Cool!

Microwave cooking: Yeah, you can a lot more than most people use it for. I have an elderly Panasonic that lets you do multiple cook times & power levels back to back. 1 min at 100% power, 2 min @ 90@, 3 @ 80%, etc. is great for frozen foods if you can't stand and watch.

Maybe a counter top dishwasher? Am thinking of getting one for a friend who just moved to an apartment without a d/w.


Post# 950894 , Reply# 27   7/31/2017 at 09:41 (352 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Thanks for the comments, everyone! I appreciate it.

Jim-- Hang on to your hat. If you press the 2nd and 3rd rinse pads simultaneously, you get (drum roll, please) FOUR--yes, four--deep rinses. Why on earth anyone would need four rinses is beyond me, but the SQ will do it.

Post# 950896 , Reply# 28   7/31/2017 at 09:46 (352 days old) by Rolls_rapide (Scotland, UK)        

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It's amazing the amount of clutter one accumulates over the years, and if you don't use it or need it, the best thing to do is to get rid of it.


That's the trouble when things are shared - inconsiderate neighbours.

Post# 950897 , Reply# 29   7/31/2017 at 09:48 (352 days old) by Rolls_rapide (Scotland, UK)        

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It's amazing the amount of clutter one accumulates over the years, and if you don't use it or need it, the best thing to do is to get rid of it.


That's the trouble when things are shared - inconsiderate neighbours.

Post# 950901 , Reply# 30   7/31/2017 at 10:55 (352 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        

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If you push Whites and Perm Press at the same time while running, the machine will jump to the end of the existing phase. Aka, timer advance.


Post# 950910 , Reply# 31   7/31/2017 at 12:02 (352 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Malcolm-- Wow, that's a nice piece of information to have; thanks! Where did you learn about the Whites/Perm Press trick? Accessing a 4th deep rinse was covered in the user guide.

Post# 950915 , Reply# 32   7/31/2017 at 12:14 (352 days old) by henene4 (Germany)        

One thing you have to give that machine props for forsure:

It's perfect rinsing ability. You can get up to 6 full fills AFAIK. May use 120gal or more, but still, 6 fills!

Post# 950916 , Reply# 33   7/31/2017 at 12:18 (352 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        

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That information came from a web site in AU that had service manuals posted. Apparently, the FL models can have the Energy Saving logic disabled as well as a max fill override.


Post# 950917 , Reply# 34   7/31/2017 at 12:22 (352 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

120 gallons of water for a load of wash is child's play for a Speed Queen. Add a soak and prewash to that and we're up to 160 gallons. Let that sink in: ONE HUNDRED SIXTY GALLONS OF WATER to wash one load of laundry.

I could wash 13 loads in the Maytag 8100 for that amount of water.

Post# 950947 , Reply# 35   7/31/2017 at 17:42 (351 days old) by whirlykenmore78 (Prior Lake MN (GMT-0700 CDT.))        
Whites+ PP trick

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Now I have to find out if my FL version does the same thing.

Post# 951008 , Reply# 36   8/1/2017 at 04:29 (351 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Nick-- Let us know if it works!

Post# 951065 , Reply# 37   8/1/2017 at 10:33 (351 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        
Give and take or "Bring and Buy," @ Hyacinth's :

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The secret to non-bubbling sheets is to load them in the conventional washer style: After machine has filled and agitation begun, feed the sheets one at a time; the currents and the agitator do all the organizing--fun to watch and surprising to see the grand efficiency.

Life moving so fast now, need to speed cook, like potato salad in minutes, cubing baby reds then boiling them in the microwave, (small batch). But what, old chums, is the secret to microwaving our much beloved meatloaf?

Thanks, loved the shot of the sudsy small white load whirling.

Post# 951076 , Reply# 38   8/1/2017 at 11:13 (351 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

3/4 cup minced fresh onion
1/3 cup minced green bell pepper

3 tablespoons butter

1 8-oz. can tomato sauce

1/4 cup brown sugar

2 teaspoons prepared yellow mustard

1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

3/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

3/4 teaspoon dried thyme

1 teaspoon dried oregano

2/3 cup crushed saltine crackers

2 eggs, lightly beaten

2 pounds 93% lean ground beef


1.  Spray an 11" x 7" Pyrex dish (or other 2-quart casserole) with nonstick cooking spray.


2.  Put onion, bell pepper and butter in microwaveable bowl.  Cover with plastic wrap; poke three little slits in plastic wrap with tip of sharp knife to vent.  Microwave on high 2-4 minutes or until vegetables are softened.


3.  Whisk together tomato sauce, brown sugar and mustard until sugar is dissolved.  Set aside.


4.  Combine onion mixture with remaining ingredients, along with half of the tomato sauce mixture.


5.  Press meat into prepared Pyrex dish.  Pour remaining sauce over the top.  Cover with plastic wrap and vent.


6.  Microwave on high for 12-16 minutes or until center registers 165 degrees.  Remove plastic wrap and allow to rest for 10 minutes before cutting into serving portions.



Post# 951077 , Reply# 39   8/1/2017 at 11:15 (351 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Good to hear from you mickeyd! Thanks for the tip about loading sheets into the washer without creating air pockets. Never thought of that.  Give the meatloaf recipe (one post up) a try; it's really good.

Post# 951094 , Reply# 40   8/1/2017 at 12:57 (351 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        

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The "receipt" is almost identical to sweet Geraldine's, esp. the healthy 93 lean. So No Eugenian Tweaks, Tips, Tricks, or Cautions ?

Almost as quick as potato salad--leave the skins on.

"Receipt" comes from those two wonderful Brits whose "Bubble and Squeal" episode (potatoes and cabbage) always comes to mind. The show was called "Two Fat Ladies" on PBS, but I never see re-runs anywhere and heard one of them passed. Would love to replay their shows. Will check Youtube. Those two gals were among my all-time favorites.

In the manual for the early Blackstone Automatics, they insist that all loads be loaded in the conventional manner. For all washer lovers who have never loaded this way, it is a real treat. Haven't tried this protocol in a Unimatic--don't know what the pulsator would do, even though it's moot, since the Frigidaire crushes all bubbles, and OH! those pulsamatics.

Post# 951098 , Reply# 41   8/1/2017 at 13:09 (351 days old) by pierreandreply4 (St-Bruno de montarville (province of quebec) canada)        

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frigilux must be hard to resist the urge to look at your neighbors washers in action lol

Post# 951116 , Reply# 42   8/1/2017 at 14:36 (351 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        

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I never thought of that method of dealing with sheets, either.


These days, I've had little trouble with sheets with the WP DD I'm currently using. It seems like it does a very good job of pulling stuff under the surface of the water.


The WCI Frigidaire I used previously was really problematic with sheets. I generally would stop the washer's operation part way through the wash and manually redistribute. I figured that way everything got at least some washing. I did the same stop washer/redistribute with the rinse.

Post# 951124 , Reply# 43   8/1/2017 at 15:09 (351 days old) by whirlykenmore78 (Prior Lake MN (GMT-0700 CDT.))        

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The Whites+PP timer advance trick works on the SQ FL as well.

Post# 951148 , Reply# 44   8/1/2017 at 16:03 (350 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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Congrats on your move and glad to hear the downsizing went well. It can be very stressful but it sounded like you were prepared and ready to do it. Sorry about the range on backorder, sometimes the challenges can be turned to a learning and fun experience. Did you order a portable dishwasher as well?

160 gallons for one load. Wow. That will be some sort of record. Are those all deep, agitated rinses or some spray rinses? The Hotpoint Lady Executive can be set for pre-wash, wash and two rinses which will break the 100 gallon/single load barrier, but the SQ would win hands down now. You could start the washer on the most thirsty cycle and drive out to the reservoir and watch the bathtub ring getting bigger :-)

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Post# 951151 , Reply# 45   8/1/2017 at 16:44 (350 days old) by Rolls_rapide (Scotland, UK)        

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That photo of the lake is alarming.

Post# 951158 , Reply# 46   8/1/2017 at 18:18 (350 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Mickeyd- Damn Good Microwave Meat Loaf is actually a Eugeneian / tweaked version of 'Shelby's Microwave Meat Loaf' from It has quickly become a favorite. Am looking forward to trying it baked in an electric range.

Peirre- I have, so far, resisted the urge to peek into the other washers when they're in use. I did look at the settings on the GE front-loader a couple of times to confirm the owner was using the slowest spin speed available. Whether that's due to personal preference on her part or because the machine vibrates / is noisy on the wood floor at higher speeds is anyone's guess.

Lord Kenmore- I'll second your observation on how the Frigidaire top-loader wreaks havoc with sheets.

Nick- Thanks for confirming the Whites/Permanent Press timer-advance trick works on an SQ front-loader as well as the top-loader! Don't know how often one would need to use it, but it's a fun trick to have up one's sleeve.

Gansky- I haven't braved the reservoir-draining four rinses yet, but am pretty sure they are all deep rinses. Truth be told, I'm more concerned about overextending the swapped-monthly Culligan water softener tank than I am about drying up the local wells; another reason I may switch to a SQ FL sooner than later. That TL uses a lot of water by comparison. Don't want to accidentally spend the week before the scheduled tank swap with hard water. I'll have to call Culligan and ask how many gallons of water a tank can soften before it becomes ineffective.

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Post# 951222 , Reply# 47   8/2/2017 at 06:27 (350 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Rapid Advance

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I think the rapid advance thing would be more useful on the FL machine. For example, you need to purge the hot water line to get a tap hot wash. Set the machine for the cycle you wish, but add a pre-soak and a pre-wash. Once filled for pre-soak, rapid advance to drain that water. It refills for pre-wash, then, add your detergent for the main wash and rapid advance to pump out the pre-wash bath. Boom, tap hot water in the main wash fill.

Additionally, to truncate a wash bath where an over-sudsing condition is forming, bump it to drain and start the rinse.


Post# 951223 , Reply# 48   8/2/2017 at 06:30 (350 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Another idea...

mrb627's profile picture
For embedding a soak in the middle of a wash bath in your TL machine, let the machine fill and agitate for a few minutes. Then pause and cancel the cycle. Then, reset your cycle but include a delay start for however long you want. At the end of the delay, your wash automatically resumes.


Post# 951298 , Reply# 49   8/2/2017 at 12:52 (350 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        

johnb300m's profile picture
Your first month there, you can calculate your water usage, and give that info to Culligan who might be able to better accommodate a softener tank for you based on your average monthly use.
I'm sure they'll sandbag a little for customer satisfaction.

Post# 951299 , Reply# 50   8/2/2017 at 13:18 (350 days old) by RevvinKevin (Southern California)        

revvinkevin's profile picture



GOOD GOD.... FOUR deep rinses in a top load washer???   Yeah that's a neat trick to know, but why in the hell would ANYONE need so many deep rinses??!?!?!?   Yeah talk about a reservoir draining, water wasting option, WOW! surprised



Culligan water softener.  I had a Culligan rep come do the sales pitch & demo at my home some years back.  Impressive demo for sure, but when all was said and done, they wanted just over $3000 for the system, PLUS the charge for (annual?  semi-annual?) servicing which incvolved replacing their "filter cartridges".   I ended up buying a water softener from Sears and installed it myself for a little over $400 total. 

Post# 951450 , Reply# 51   8/3/2017 at 15:21 (348 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Culligan Update: Called the Culligan man who told me the tank might be able to soften 800 gallons of water before losing effectiveness. 800 gallons would be the very high end of efficacy.  I used around 1000-1300 gallons per month at the house depending on various factors. Ironically, the weekly regeneration of the softener used quite a bit of water.  At any rate, I upped the swap-out service to every 2 weeks for an additional $8, bringing the monthly total to $33.  I'll see what my water usage is the first month or two and then decide whether a fresh tank every two weeks is overkill.


For everyone who says hand washing dishes uses more water/hot water than a new dishwasher: You are right!  


I wash a number of items and set them in the other half of the double sink.  Then I turn on the hot tap and rinse each item.  I also use classic yellow rubber gloves so hands can withstand the nearly 150 degree water.

Post# 951511 , Reply# 52   8/3/2017 at 23:34 (348 days old) by mrsalvo (New Braunfels Texas)        

I spray a little bit of bleach in the soapy dishwater to sanitize when washing dishes by hand, I think our hot water is set at 130. We just had a new hot water heater installed, it wasn't cheap but we change the out every 10 years or so due to the hard water in the area. Would love to install a water softener but don't know if that would be good on a septic tank, which we have. The septic tank is split in half, one for the bathrooms and one side for the gray water, this way we can water the grass during droughts here in Texas. I try not to use to much bleach if I can help it in the gray water, wouldn't be good for the grass.
I must admit though, due to illness in the house I've been using the dishwasher a lot the last 3 weeks or so. At least I can recycle it in Stage 2 restrictions.
As I've said though, having or not having a dishwasher is not a deal breaker for me.

Post# 951547 , Reply# 53   8/4/2017 at 07:41 (348 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

foraloysius's profile picture
If you need more inspiration for microwave cooking, these recipes were in the BBC Good Food news letter.

Post# 951567 , Reply# 54   8/4/2017 at 09:16 (348 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Barry-- I've been pre-rinsing anything that touched raw meat, then sanitizing the sink with a bleach solution. Items that have touched raw meat get washed last. Then I sanitize the sink and dish sponge again. Just purchased a bottle of Dawn Platinum and it says not to add bleach to it---surprised me, too!

Louis-- Thanks for the link to the microwave recipes. Easy Sweet & Sour Chicken and Fish With Peas & Lettuce are at the top of my list. I want to try the Peanut Butter & Jam Brownies, as well, even though I can't eat it. I seem to have guests daily, so the brownies will be a nice treat with a cup of coffee.

Post# 951568 , Reply# 55   8/4/2017 at 09:19 (348 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Malcolm-- I'm going to try embedding a soak by using the delayed start feature. Good idea!

Post# 951577 , Reply# 56   8/4/2017 at 11:25 (348 days old) by mtn1584 (USA)        

How about some pictures of the apartment itself, and or the building it looks very interesting. When are you getting the dishwasher, and if I may ask why didn't you just but the SQ FL? Are you really going to buy a new SQ FL after spending one box of ziti on the top loader? Just curious

Post# 951580 , Reply# 57   8/4/2017 at 11:53 (348 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

1. Nothing much to see as far as the apartment goes. Two bedrooms (one of which is my home office), a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. Will post photos of new range when it arrives.

2. Dishwasher is on hold until I decide how to best use free wall space in kitchen. Will post photos of it if/when it arrives. Besides, I look stunning in yellow Playtex dishwashing gloves.😍

3. I went with the SQ top-loader because I was concerned about installing a front-loader on a wood floor. The one FL set (GE) in the upper laundry is always set to the slowest spin---I'm guessing because it is loud and causes vibrations in the apartments (both upstairs and downstairs) if allowed to go full-tilt. I prefer the FL format, but am happy with the TL. I can no doubt find a good home for it if the decision is made to switch to a front-loader. Someday.

Post# 951589 , Reply# 58   8/4/2017 at 13:36 (348 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        

lordkenmore's profile picture

Just purchased a bottle of Dawn Platinum and it says not to add bleach to it---surprised me, too!


Isn't there ammonia in dish detergent? That could explain the "no bleach".


Also, it seems to me Dawn Platinum might have enzymes. At least, I have a vague recollection along those lines... But it's been years since I had Dawn Platinum.



Post# 951592 , Reply# 59   8/4/2017 at 14:37 (348 days old) by Iheartmaytag (Wichita, Kansas)        
Dawn Platnium

iheartmaytag's profile picture

Does have enzymes that helps dissolve the food residue.  "Overnight soak in five minutes."  Chlorine would inactivate these little helpers. 


Post# 951622 , Reply# 60   8/4/2017 at 20:19 (347 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

yogitunes's profile picture
just jumping in for a second......

I too would love to see pics of the whole apartment, when you get time....

ps...Barry....just an FYI, grass loves bleach.....straight bleach will turn it yellow, die, and then it will grow back full, thick, and dark gray water flows over the lawn, also why one side of the house is dark and plush.....I need to hook up a pump to cover the other side....

Post# 951624 , Reply# 61   8/4/2017 at 20:31 (347 days old) by cuffs054 (MONTICELLO, GA)        

Foraloysius, thanks for the link. I don't do much with MW but am trying to learn. Some of these sound good.

Post# 951787 , Reply# 62   8/6/2017 at 02:09 (346 days old) by mrsalvo (New Braunfels Texas)        

Yes, by all means get a pump. We have one that is tied in with leech lines in the yard that run to various areas where it would be needed. We also have additional leech lines that do nothing but collect rain runoff that empties into the tank. 5 years ago we had a sever drought and we used that water around the foundation of the house, when other houses in the neighborhood were shifting, we came through it okay. We usually run the gray water at night to lessen evaporation. We live in south central Texas so summer water restrictions are a yearly thing.
I understand everyones concern about "water hog" washers, but in our case that water is often used twice. It works!!!!
Love my Speed Queen TL.


Post# 951825 , Reply# 63   8/6/2017 at 10:39 (346 days old) by warmsecondrinse (Fort Lee, NJ)        

Four rinses? Cool! The only use I can think of would be if one uses an additive that leaves a lingering smell, such as Didi7 which I used in my building's Huebsch to remove sun-induced (that's what I was told) stains from a stark white comforter. However, the point of that and of the rapid advance trick is that the user has control.

Raw meat paranoia; I rarely eat meat at home (too much work) but I'm like that about eggs. Glad I'm not the only one. Friends have commented over the years that they've never seen someone who was so clean yet so UN-tidy at the same time. I can only guess that having grown up surrounded by nurses has given me a different set of worries about contamination.

Apartment pics; I agree. It'd be cool to see.

Dishwasher: I would go with a dish DRAWER... MUCH easier on the back!

Microwave: I've seen suggestions to add a bit of oil to the veggies to brown them properly before cooking.

Range: My personal inclination would be to go with a 2 burner gas and a 2 burner induction cooktop and install a wall oven. Again, to avoid back pain.

Leeching fields: I grew up in a 60's development. People usually left the initial field intact and added a grey water field for the washer and sometimes another for the kitchen sink & dishwasher. Using Rid-X helps as well.

Downsizing: I'm already trying to do that and I'm only 53. I'm drowning in paperwork and am looking for software with OCR so I can scan everything and shred the paper.


Post# 951845 , Reply# 64   8/6/2017 at 13:52 (346 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        

lordkenmore's profile picture

Raw meat paranoia; I rarely eat meat at home (too much work) but I'm like that about eggs.


I have only very rarely cooked meat myself over the last 20 years. Part of this is a touch a paranoia, mixed with laziness at resisting the extra work involved with cleanup (due to paranoia of pathogens in meat).


Interestingly, I was talking about my mostly-vegetarian diet with someone this weekend. A huge factor for me now that this other man knows about is my seriously limited grocery budget. He asked if I missed meat at all, and I mentioned that I've not cooked meat a whole lot over the years due to concerns about pathogens.


I also admit paranoia about eggs--although not as extreme--thanks to all the risk of salmonella in eggs warnings over the years. Strange to think that when I was young I routinely ate raw egg (in the form of raw cookie dough), and no one thought anything of it...

Post# 951849 , Reply# 65   8/6/2017 at 14:15 (346 days old) by henene4 (Germany)        

Weired. Never worried, never had much of a problem.

On metal surfaces, most bacteria can only survive a verry limited time when there is no dirt or moisture.

Post# 951911 , Reply# 66   8/7/2017 at 00:55 (345 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        
"But first...I'm playing baritone in a brass group&#

askolover's profile picture

Frig, I didn't know you are a brass player! Is baritone the only one you play or like me play a few?  I started with trumpet/cornet, then changed to French horn during concerts, baritone, tuba and sousaphone, as well as alto and soprano saxophones, bells, and piano.  I still have my trumpet and I bought an old un-loved French horn on ebay that I cleaned and refinished in shiny black with nickel keys and caps.


Tony and I have commented about our half acre being too much yard and have contemplated a condo, but I just don't want people that close to us.  Glad you are liking it so far!

Post# 951934 , Reply# 67   8/7/2017 at 08:02 (345 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

I grew up playing trumpet. In college, piano became the major instrument with an emphasis in brass.
Can still play the upper brass instruments, but don't have the chops for full gigs, anymore. I primarily play keyboards, baritone, trombone, tuba and mallet percussion these days, with the occasional gig on drums.

Ongoing SQ experiments: Let machine fill with hot water; add sheets when agitation begins per mickeyd's suggestion. Then cancel and switch to Normal Eco. Get a scalding wash but save about 12-20 gallons of water depending on the initial water level setting (the wash fill is not reduced on the Normal Eco cycle).

EDIT: Filling the washer with hot water, then canceling and selecting the Normal Eco cycle worked well. Sheets are dazzling white and feel adequately rinsed. Detergent scent is no stronger than usual.

I'm beginning to re-examine my bias against the Normal Eco cycle. It won't work for loads of kitchen & personal whites due to the addition of chlorine bleach...but otherwise, it saves almost as much water as a suds-saver.

The real test will be a load of bath towels. I'll run a deep rinse at the end of the Normal cycle and see if more detergent remains than normal in very soft water. (You'll recall a couple of years ago I washed a load of bath towels in the AWN542, then reset for a 2nd deep rinse and found a fair amount of suds in the water.)

One more thing: I'm normally a "detergent first, then load, then start machine" guy. The exception from now on will be with bed sheets. Mickeyd's suggestion of letting agitation pull the sheets underwater worked perfectly. Not an air pocket in sight!

This post was last edited 08/07/2017 at 10:21
Post# 951987 , Reply# 68   8/7/2017 at 15:37 (344 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

INTERESTING FIND: Was surfing through the FAQs at Speed Queen's website and found out why they discourage manual soaking in their machines. I've done it three or four times with no problem, but have never let the manual soak go over an hour. Anyway, here's the explanation provided by SQ:

This post was last edited 08/07/2017 at 17:02
Post# 952003 , Reply# 69   8/7/2017 at 18:14 (344 days old) by midcentnurse (Lake Charles, La)        

midcentnurse's profile picture
Got our new Speed Queen washer in today, over 6 weeks waiting, national backorder, washed 4 loads so far. Love it! will post some more pics and reviews later.. Really impressed so far though..

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Post# 952007 , Reply# 70   8/7/2017 at 18:41 (344 days old) by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture

Brady, glad you got a front loader!!!

Post# 952029 , Reply# 71   8/7/2017 at 20:33 (344 days old) by whirlykenmore78 (Prior Lake MN (GMT-0700 CDT.))        

whirlykenmore78's profile picture
Welcome to the wonderful world of SQ FL ownership. More than likely you will love the machine and congrats on a fine purchase.

Post# 952089 , Reply# 72   8/7/2017 at 23:54 (344 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        
[Normal Eco] saves almost as much water as a suds-saver

lordkenmore's profile picture

I suppose Normal Eco does save water, but a real suds saver obviously does much, much better in that it gets more use out of heated water, and it gets more use out of detergent. It's hard for me to get excited about saving a few gallons in rinse given that rinses are (I assume) always cold water. (Unless, of course, one lives someplace where water use needs to be limited...but at that point, a front loader is a better choice for saving water.)


Although it's interesting that Normal Eco sounds like it works better than I'd have thought it would!


This post was last edited 08/08/2017 at 01:09
Post# 952155 , Reply# 73   8/8/2017 at 11:39 (344 days old) by midcentnurse (Lake Charles, La)        

midcentnurse's profile picture
Thanks, I'm really loving it! Got a suds code yesterday, probably from washing some stuff i washed in that old washer I borrowed from my mom's barn. They must have poured a bunch of dawn in there or something :( It did its thing and got rid of the suds on its own, pretty impressive!

Post# 952194 , Reply# 74   8/8/2017 at 15:51 (343 days old) by marky_mark (Sitges, Barcelona)        

marky_mark's profile picture

Frig, I love your shiny new set!  Gorgeous!  Hope you're enjoying apartment life :-)

The one thing about your laundry set-up is that you'd better get your story straight now for when you meet your new neighbours for the first time as they walk through the hallway and you're paying an inexplicable amount of attention to your washer as it runs with its lid up LOL.


As for the normal-eco cycle -- I would have to agree with you.  I couldn't say that I like the idea of only doing a spray rinse.  However I have to say that I've used SQ TLs a couple of times in recent years in hotels.  They only did a spray rinse.  I really couldn't tell the difference at all.  But of course, I guess there must have been more residue left in the clothes.

Post# 952240 , Reply# 75   8/8/2017 at 20:34 (343 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Surprising discovery: The warm and cool wash water temps listed above are incorrect. Originally, I measured the water temperature at the beginning of the fill. Came to the realization today when I returned to the washer to submerge a queen-sized comforter (Bulky cycle) that at some point during the fill the water changed from warm to cold. The chosen setting was cool. Will take water temp when agitation begins and repost correct temps.

Post# 952246 , Reply# 76   8/8/2017 at 21:01 (343 days old) by whirlykenmore78 (Prior Lake MN (GMT-0700 CDT.))        
The cool fill on a SQ is like ATC cold:

whirlykenmore78's profile picture
I found this out by opening the detergent drawer multiple times while the machine was filling on cool. It filled with mostly cold but some warm water. Here is my controller, the temp setup looks to be the same. Mine also fills to the set temp except for Normal/Eco. However there is no difference on the FL in the default rinsing between N/E and HD or Whites. It is still 2 normal fill rinses. You can option up to 5 rinses on any cycle except Quick where 4 is the max. The FS dispenser is ONLY active on the final rinse.

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Post# 952278 , Reply# 77   8/9/2017 at 05:58 (343 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Thanks for the info, Nick. Must admit I was surprised that the temp of the 'Cool' setting was so warm when I took the initial reading last week. Now I know why. The temp of the water once the tub was filled and agitating when I washed the comforter yesterday felt like temp-controlled cold. Now I'll have to see if the machine adds some cold water to bring the 'Warm' setting down from what seemed an unnaturally high temp of 110. Always something new to learn, eh?

Nice set of SQs, Brady. I really like the look of the rear-console front-loader. Congratulations!

Post# 952284 , Reply# 78   8/9/2017 at 06:51 (343 days old) by henene4 (Germany)        
Water layering

Could it be that the water settles in layers like in hot water tanks, hotter at the top, cooler at the bottom? Thus, once agitation starts, the actual temp is achieved?

Post# 952632 , Reply# 79   8/11/2017 at 21:00 (340 days old) by cehalstead (Charleston, WV)        
tl tub indexing

the tub indexing will eventually stop.....both of mine did that in the beginning, and stopped indexing with use. (I only had to replace the first one because my basement was flooded with muddy river water last year). I had the first one seven years and not one repair. Gotta love that! And of course, I replaced the ruined one with another Speed Queen.

Post# 952708 , Reply# 80   8/13/2017 at 06:41 (339 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Didn't want to start a thread about the new range, so am posting a photo here. 


There is apparently no steam clean feature, although it's mentioned in the user's guide. When you press self-clean, the cycle defaults to the maximum 5 hours. If you press it again, it drops to 30 minutes...which happens to be the length of steam cleaning. However, it is not mentioned in the specs for the range (model 860) at GE's website. It is mentioned in the specs for the two models above it (980 and 960, I believe).  Didn't opt for either of those  as they weren't available in white.  Makes no matter; had no intention of using the (by most accounts) ineffective steam clean.


Made pot roast and a casserole yesterday.  Used the upper oven for the casserole and the lower oven for the roast. That took care of the acrid 'new oven' smell for both. The power boil burner (left front) lived up to its name.  The range hood is powerful and relatively quiet, even at high speed.  There's also a turbo boost high speed.  It runs for about 5 minutes, then drops to 'normal' high speed.  The halogen lights have bright and dim settings.  'Bright' really lit the cooktop far better than the incandescent bulb in the old hood.


Making a dozen Damn Good Cinnamon Rolls and Chocolate Chip Muffins for a friend later this morning.  We'll see how baked goods turn out.


Whoops!  Should have taken degreaser to the wall behind the range (grease line on wall from the edge of the old hood) as well as the cupboard doors above the hood before posting a photo. Rookie mistake.


The microwave is OK; doesn't heat as evenly as the Kenmore did (it stayed with the house), nor does it have specialized settings for softening butter, cream cheese or ice cream which I used frequently.  Will experiment to find close approximations.


I re-ordered the Whirlpool portable dishwasher yesterday.  Figured out a way to have both a kitchen table and a dishwasher, so win-win on that count.  It should arrive in a couple of weeks.


Home sweet...apartment.

Post# 952720 , Reply# 81   8/13/2017 at 08:59 (339 days old) by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture

Eugene, looks terrific!!  BTW, I don't think I caught the hood brand and model?  I was doing similar yesterday--steam baked a pu8dding cak3e in lower oven and roasted some hamburger patties in the upper oven; then later on slow-cooked a roast in the lower oven for 5 hours and roasted 5 chicken leg quarters in the upper oven.  Plus simmered a pot of black beans on the 7" hob for about 2 hours.   All of this while we were under a heat advisory (heat index of 108) all day.   Even though the 860 doesn't mention steam, do the two oven cavities have the indention on the oven floor to pour the cup of water in it (see manual for diagram of where you pour the water if needbe). 


Glad you figured out a way to have a kitchen table and dishwasher--uhh, I imagine the dishwasher top is not he table top. 

This post was last edited 08/13/2017 at 09:34
Post# 952754 , Reply# 82   8/13/2017 at 13:44 (339 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Thanks, Bob. It's a pretty humble range next to your new induction double-oven! Having two ovens in the space of a 30" range is awesome, isn't it? As I've said before, I rarely need more than four burners, but use two ovens all the time.

Both ovens have an indented floor to hold water for a steam cycle, but both have exposed heating elements--something else I'm getting used to. I liked the hidden ones on my Frigidaire. The TOL GE has hidden elements, but it's not available in white.

The hood is a GE JVX5300DJWW. The model up from this one has something called Chef Connect. It pairs with your range (via Bluetooth) so the fan and lights come on (at your preferred settings) whenever the burners are turned on. A cool feature, but there are many instances in which I wouldn't necessarily want the fan going. It isn't difficult to reach up and touch a button or two on the hood.

EDIT: Damn Good Cinnamon Rolls fresh from the oven. I'm a little stingy with frosting the tops because each roll comes with a little Jello-shot-sized container of frosting. Frankly, I think the little pot of frosting is what sells them, LOL. Not bad for a first attempt in the new oven. Temp is spot-on accurate according to an oven thermometer. The timer gives you a heads-up one minute prior to 'zero.' It's actually kind of helpful. I was in the office doing work, heard the one-minute alert and had time to put foil on the counter and get cooling racks ready.

This post was last edited 08/13/2017 at 14:13

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