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2018 Maytag vs. SQ
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Post# 996788   6/10/2018 at 20:05 by Supersurgilator (Indiana)        

Look what finally came out! Thought u all would enjoy.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO Supersurgilator's LINK

Post# 996793 , Reply# 1   6/10/2018 at 20:14 by appnut (TX)        

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YAY Maytag!!!

Post# 996795 , Reply# 2   6/10/2018 at 20:23 by henene4 (Germany)        
Bitch slap

They started that. They deserve that.

Post# 996798 , Reply# 3   6/10/2018 at 20:54 by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

I glean no pleasure from Speed Queen's misstep with their new line...but seeing is believing, kids. It's pretty obvious that Maytag takes the checkered flag on this one.

Have said it before: Am so glad to have purchased the SQ 9 Series when I did. 

Post# 996799 , Reply# 4   6/10/2018 at 20:56 by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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What the hell is that SQ supposed to be doing? Canít be washing. I love my Maytag Centennial. It is dependable, fairly quick, and does a great job both washing and rinsing. And that new Maytag Commercial machine looks like it means business. I would buy one if I neede to ever replace the current Maytag.

Post# 996800 , Reply# 5   6/10/2018 at 21:06 by wayupnorth (On a lake between Bangor and Bar Harbor)        

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I'll keep my 35 year old Maytag LA511. Fills to the top with whatever temp I select and does a decent roll over, even with an extra, extra large load. I'll keep this baby going as long as I can.

Post# 996803 , Reply# 6   6/10/2018 at 21:11 by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        
I saw the vid

And I like the fact that they're both commercial grade. I give the SQ points for gentleness while maintaining powerful clean through forceful currents of water, not to mention the construction. At least SQ has Maytag to compete with.

Post# 996805 , Reply# 7   6/10/2018 at 21:37 by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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Aw shucks. Poor Speed Queen.

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Post# 996814 , Reply# 8   6/11/2018 at 00:07 by tolivac (greenville nc)        

If I have to buy a new washer-It would be the Maytag.

Post# 996816 , Reply# 9   6/11/2018 at 01:48 by mayfan69 (Brisbane Queensland Australia)        

This post has been removed by the member who posted it.

Post# 996827 , Reply# 10   6/11/2018 at 09:56 by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        

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It's like riding a Merry-go-round and expecting to get exercise.

Post# 996853 , Reply# 11   6/11/2018 at 14:36 by Murando531 (Huntsville, AL)        

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The most fascinating part of Speed Queenís logic behind this machine is that whenever they show their own demonstrations of wash action, the tub is filled with what canít be more than a half tub of dry clothes, yet a full tub of water. Iím sorry, but where is the improvement from the past design if in order to get good results, you have to load with less than half of what you could with the 2017- models? In theory that means this new 2018 design is MORE of a water and resource guzzler than its predecessors. And who are they kidding, I know of no typical American laundry user that is willing to wash less than a full, and frequently overloaded, tub of clothes, which this SQ design clearly canít handle.

Post# 996864 , Reply# 12   6/11/2018 at 17:54 by cuffs054 (MONTICELLO, GA)        

Where is LorainFurniture been? He's very quiet. Did SQ bump him off?

Post# 996883 , Reply# 13   6/11/2018 at 19:25 by stchuck (Winfield, il.)        

I have had the Maytag washer for a couple of months now and my clothes are cleaner and smell fresher than with my previous front load washer.. gasp. Reliability is an unknown at this point. Maybe Maytag will continue to add some of the features talked about above such as choosing the water level etc. If they could increase the spin speed as well that would be a huge thing. At this time I would not consider a front load washer again, but there will be plenty of advances that could sway me in the future. If this machine becomes repair prone I will let everyone know. I will say the matching dryer is extremely quiet and very accurate in its drying. Its probably one of the quietest dryers I have owned. Its definitely head and shoulders above the speed queen dryer I had.

Post# 996899 , Reply# 14   6/11/2018 at 20:26 by Lorainfurniture (Cleveland )        

Iím still alive

Post# 996901 , Reply# 15   6/11/2018 at 20:30 by IowaBear (Cedar Rapids, IA)        

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Effective video. They don't say much because not much needs to be said.


For now, this Maytag is the "old school" choice. 


If Maytag can sell this water hog without temp controls, I just don't buy that SQ had to ruin their design completely.

Post# 996960 , Reply# 16   6/12/2018 at 12:35 by cuffs054 (MONTICELLO, GA)        

Interesting, the MT Commercial doesn't have a "clean cycle".

Post# 996967 , Reply# 17   6/12/2018 at 14:30 by RP2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        

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Pretty much any dryer out there, new or vintage, is better than Speed Queens that dry everything until it's extra crispy.


I hate direct drive machines, even though they may deliver adequate results.  But if Alliance hasn't fired their entire design team along with the execs that approved this epic fail, I don't know what they're waiting for.  It would have been no contest between SQ's previous models with long stroke agitation.  The DD Maytag would have been the loser in that one.

Post# 996968 , Reply# 18   6/12/2018 at 15:03 by wayupnorth (On a lake between Bangor and Bar Harbor)        

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I often wonder if anyone from Alliance headquarters checks this site out and hears the negative reports on the new models that people on this site know about and saw for themselves.

Post# 996973 , Reply# 19   6/12/2018 at 16:00 by DADoES (TX,†U.S. of A.)        

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DD Maytag?† The one in the linked comparison video?† It's a VMW belt-drive machine.

Post# 996975 , Reply# 20   6/12/2018 at 16:08 by john76 (USA)        

Iím not sure it makes a lot of sense to wash a lightweight microfiber cloth in a washer full of blue jeans. If I did and used the Speed Queen, I would have put it in first. The manner in which the SQ washes is different than how a dual agitator does as seen in the video. A bogus demo IMO.

Post# 996979 , Reply# 21   6/12/2018 at 16:48 by DADoES (TX,†U.S. of A.)        

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The towels function as indicators for load rollover.

Post# 996987 , Reply# 22   6/12/2018 at 18:17 by john76 (USA)        

And load rollover is what happens in a dual agitator washer. Not how most other washers operate. That dual agitator fails miserably in comparison if using the same criteria with a front load machine.

Post# 996993 , Reply# 23   6/12/2018 at 18:38 by RP2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        

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DD, VMW, whatever -- it's all the same to me.  That rapid chick-chick short stroke action is annoying.


Whether you're inclined to defend the new SQ or mock it, the number of returned SQ machines due to cleaning failure is what will ultimately tell the tale.


And if anybody from Alliance has ever visited this site, they would have known better than to change their design so radically from one that had been celebrated by every sector of the general public, not just the washer enthusiasts here.

Post# 997005 , Reply# 24   6/12/2018 at 19:47 by Murando531 (Huntsville, AL)        

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With all respect, there is a HUGE difference between a DirectDrive and the VMW belt drives. This Maytag Commercial model is the first to use the short quick strokes for long periods of time rather than switching to the longer wide strokes at the beginning of the wash portion. The shorter stroke agitation is still only *maybe* 90 oscillations per minute. The DirectDrives agitated at 180 opm on their regular/fast agitation speed, which gave them their loud knocky sound and their ďShredmoreĒ nickname. I loved the WTW4800 VMW Whirlpool I had for a few years. The longer wider stroke agitation was gentle but could rollover large loads just fine.

The ONLY DirectDrive I would ever willingly have would be a true KitchenAid Superba 3-speed, with the slightly larger agitator fins but with the agitation speed maxed out at 120 opm.

Post# 997006 , Reply# 25   6/12/2018 at 19:51 by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        
speed queen...

I'd take the 2018 Speed Queen anyday because it cleans gentler and better due to the currents of water passing over and through the clothes, and the fact that it's built more solid compared to the Maytag. Just saying!

Post# 997008 , Reply# 26   6/12/2018 at 19:58 by stchuck (Winfield, il.)        

The agitator fins on the Maytag 575 appear to be bigger than some of the direct drive models I have had in the past. I have no proof though because I have nothing to compare them to. As I mentioned previously I don't have enough history to speculate reliability but I feel like this machine can really turn over a load quite effortlessly. My memory may be dim but I feel like its better than the direct drives but its been 15 or more years since I have had one. I also had a speed queen top load washer maybe 10 years ago and I even think it does a better job than that washer. I can feel the cyber eggs being launched at me already for saying that but that's what I love about this site we all bring different experiences and opinions to the table. Its okay to disagree as long as its polite. :)

Post# 997011 , Reply# 27   6/12/2018 at 20:04 by johnb300m (Chicago)        

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The 2018 SpeedQueen has been rated poorly by Consumer Reports.
Currents of water or no.
It doesn't perform well in a plethora of tests.

The only two places I've seen SQ's new design perform "well" is by claims from SQ themselves, but no evidence. And from Kirk Rivas' reviews where he puts wet muddy jeans in them.
That's not dried on dirt, nor is it a real stain. It's just mud on jeans. Garden hoses could remove that.

Post# 997029 , Reply# 28   6/13/2018 at 00:20 by Murando531 (Huntsville, AL)        

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Rub some good ol Alabama red clay dirt on those jeans and see how well it fares lol.

Post# 997042 , Reply# 29   6/13/2018 at 06:41 by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Red dirt, sure;

plenty also in Tennessee. Not far from Huntsville. I saw lots of it there. When the glaciers moved through the great lakes region, all they left behind was brown and grey clay. Kentucky and Tennessee have some beautiful scenery. I've not been through Alabama. I have Georgia though. I think the Atlanta area is nice. We're all flat lands here, so hills look nice, even if they are smaller hills.
Just way too humid though. It's 84% here this morning. Even at 70 f. when I went outside, yuck! A/C set at 75 and has already been on once.
At least there are plenty of swimmin' holes Ya'll can take a cool dip in, if ya haven't got a pool.

Post# 997090 , Reply# 30   6/13/2018 at 21:48 by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        
my call to speed queen

I spoke to Linda from Speed Queen, and she said that the wash action depends on water passing through every fiber of the clothes in strong currents as opposed to aggressive rollover to prevent damaging to clothes, even the ieavy duty ones. It uses a strong 1 horsepower motor and a heavy duty cast aluminum pulley along with a 7 ribbed belt to drive the water currents in order for it to clean clothes. I will ALWAYS be a fan of Speed Queen no matter the cost. Besides, you don't women's clothes to be destroyed over time, do you? I don't.

Post# 997091 , Reply# 31   6/13/2018 at 22:07 by Murando531 (Huntsville, AL)        

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Post# 997092 , Reply# 32   6/13/2018 at 22:07 by Murando531 (Huntsville, AL)        

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Post# 997096 , Reply# 33   6/13/2018 at 23:28 by NeptuneGuy27 (Baltimore,MD)        

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Post# 997100 , Reply# 34   6/14/2018 at 00:34 by speedqueen (Harrison Twp, Michigan)        

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Aggressive rollover isn't the actual cleaning action, it is a side effect of very strong water currents at the bottom of the tub, a concept invented by Maytag with their "Gyrator" agitator versus the previous oscillating dolly types. Rollover is however needed to insure that all clothes get their turn at the strong water currents, henceforth the addition of a cork-screw does actually help cleaning action.


In clothe-less demonstrations of the new SQ, there are hardly any water currents to be seen, on the new Maytag, however I could actually see it forcing water currents through every fiber, the SQ, not even close...


To conclude, these are just marketing buzz words used to paper over the glaring flaws in the design.

Post# 997112 , Reply# 35   6/14/2018 at 06:30 by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Yes Richard, rollover

gets laundry clean for sure. Some of the "new" design" full up agitator washers don't even have vanes up the sides to help move the clothing into the roll over. It's just the same lower infusor plate as before, with a smooth tube up to a fabric softener dispenser. I guess some low water use front loaders spray water into the clothes to remove stains, etc.

Post# 997129 , Reply# 36   6/14/2018 at 10:14 by Glhturbo2 (Reidsville, NC)        
Can't believe

That Speed Queen made that. I will take the Maytag any day. I really would like to see my greasy work clothes in these. My Frigidaires handle the clothes wonderfully.


Post# 997237 , Reply# 37   6/15/2018 at 11:10 by GusHerb (Chicago/NWI)        

I like how they made it look like itís actually moving clothes in their latest video...

Post# 997248 , Reply# 38   6/15/2018 at 14:06 by speedqueen (Harrison Twp, Michigan)        

speedqueen's profile picture

Looks like everything is getting tied to the agitator, just brilliant...


To the few lawn mower enthusiasts here, this is eerily similar to what Snapper did with their venerable rear engine riding mower in 2012, I wanted to like the new design but then heard all the bad reviews about chassis parts like the steering breaking, something virtually impossible with the older design. I used to consider Snapper the last good quality riding mower, after Briggs and Stratton bought them out, they are a far cry from "the company that said no to Walmart".


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Post# 997268 , Reply# 39   6/15/2018 at 18:52 by Johnb300m (Chicago)        
Perfect Wash

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Oh nice.
They gave an official name to their steaming turd.

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Post# 997291 , Reply# 40   6/16/2018 at 00:56 by tolivac (greenville nc)        

This topic is mainly about washers-but Snapper mowers was brought up.They do make quality equipment.There is another factor to add in the home lawn care market.That is lawn care contractors.I now use such a contractor.Yes,I like using rider mowers--BUT the cost of them has gotten so high its just cheaper to hire the contractor.Same with some of the other lawn chore I HATE doing.Its nice watching the contractor do those hateful jobs.It is sad that Snapper gave in to the big suppliers.Remember when you had to go to a DEALER to buy one.You vgot some no-name machine at the big box store like WalMart.When you bought your WalMart mower they would put the box on your cart and guide you to the check out lane.No guidance at all on how to assemble and use the mower.You were on your own.At a dealer kinda like with a car they would assemble and prep the mower for you--then show you how to use it properly.I like MOWING my yard but not the OTHER things that go with it.The cleanups,weeding,and yanking poison ivy vines off the house outside walls.I break out just looking at that stuff and can't bear to watch the contractor ripping these vines done-their venom doesn't bother him.

Post# 997310 , Reply# 41   6/16/2018 at 06:48 by Lorainfurniture (Cleveland )        
I just bought a new snapper

And I bought it from a snapper dealer. They did everything for me including dropping it off at my house. Yes, I could have bought it online, and saved $100., and 30 minutes of driving.

You either get cheap price or great service. You canít have both.

Post# 997342 , Reply# 42   6/16/2018 at 12:25 by RP2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        
Video Clip

rp2813's profile picture

Game changing?  I suppose so, when you consider Alliance has turned it into a no-contest situation.  Sorry Speed Queen, you lose.


"Proven" to get clothes clean?  By who, exactly, and how?  I've seen videos from unbiased testers that indicate the exact opposite.


As we've witnessed over the past couple of years, the example these days is that when you're making false claims and are called out on them, you double down.  This will lead to SQ losing the popular vote.

Post# 997396 , Reply# 43   6/17/2018 at 04:49 by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

askolover's profile picture

Not to de-rail....

I've had my Snapper for about 17 years.  Bought it new and still starts on the first pull of the cord (manual start).  The new rear engine rider looks like an updated Murray....(B&S took Murray over since Murray was so in debt to them, then they closed the plant in Lawrenceburg, TN).  Ironically, Murray fought for many years to keep other factories that paid more out of Lawrenceburg.  People thought they just COULDN'T live without Murray.  Well guess what?  Lawrenceburg is still there and the people are still living while Murray is gone and that big old blue building has been empty for a long time.  I hated that place when I worked there!


We now return to your regularly scheduled program already in progress....

Post# 997453 , Reply# 44   6/17/2018 at 15:10 by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        
2018 sq

At least the 2018 sq is built tough.

Post# 997456 , Reply# 45   6/17/2018 at 16:55 by Aquarius1984 (Ripley, Derbyshire)        

aquarius1984's profile picture
Built tough???

Machine lasts twenty years but I get to walk around in dirty clothes.....

Machine lasts five years but my clothes are impeccably clean.

Il take the latter every time.

Thereís no use having a WASHING machine that lasts a long time but does not clean clothes.

Post# 997462 , Reply# 46   6/17/2018 at 17:47 by Lorainfurniture (Cleveland )        

Washboards last forever

Post# 997464 , Reply# 47   6/17/2018 at 17:58 by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        
gotta cost less to make too...

twintubdexter's profile picture

The very nice owner of the store where I bought my 2017 Speed Queen (and yes it's still stored away in the garage) pointed to the "old" and new front-less SQ's on his sales floor and said "at least this new machine looks like it would be easy to service"...and why not, a motor, a little electric pump and a great big belt.

Post# 997465 , Reply# 48   6/17/2018 at 18:00 by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        
Washboards last forever

ea56's profile picture
And SQ should pack one in the tub of each of their new 2018 TLís to insure the user will have a way to get their laundry clean.

Post# 997506 , Reply# 49   6/17/2018 at 21:37 by Johnb300m (Chicago)        

johnb300m's profile picture
Maybe you should put your money where your mouth is a buy a 2018 Speed Queen Jerome.

Lets hear ya prove all us wrong.
Make us eat crow.
I'll wait.

Post# 997511 , Reply# 50   6/17/2018 at 22:27 by GusHerb (Chicago/NWI)        

I ran a bath towel I used to wipe clay/mud off my shoes that was caked on in a couple spots through my 2015 SQ along with my regular load of colored towels and it came out perfectly clean. Oh and not to mention that towel has lived in my car for two years without ever being washed.

When I pulled it out of the washer I thought ďthere really is no way in hell a 2018 SQ wouldíve gotten that clay outĒ (Clay that I spent 20 minutes scrubbing out of the soles of my shoes). I think the Commercial VMW Maytag wouldíve done just fine too.

Post# 997580 , Reply# 51   6/18/2018 at 09:40 by speedqueen (Harrison Twp, Michigan)        

speedqueen's profile picture



Buying your own SQ won't cost too much either just wait a few more months for people to get rid of them cheap on CL.

Post# 997596 , Reply# 52   6/18/2018 at 14:36 by washerdude (Canada )        

Better yet, you don't even need a 2018 speed queen if you have a laundry tub.

Simply fill it up with water, load clothes and detergent and push the clothes around weakly by hand.

Post# 997609 , Reply# 53   6/18/2018 at 16:29 by Infusor (Usa)        

Why are people on here so rude.

Post# 997638 , Reply# 54   6/18/2018 at 23:52 by tolivac (greenville nc)        

There was a member on here that would put clothes and water in a tub-then use a Maytag agitator by hand.That would work better than the 2018 SQ.Just that YOU do the work rather than the washer.

Post# 997691 , Reply# 55   6/19/2018 at 10:23 by johnb300m (Chicago)        

johnb300m's profile picture
Yeah, there's definitely been people who have let their passions fly on this open forum. Even on the border of being rude to eachother.

But I just have to laugh, hearing lessons on rudeness from you, Infusor.

Post# 992678 , Reply# 55 4/30/2018 at 21:41 by Infusor (Usa) report offensive post to webmaster
Checkrate/Like 1
The fisher & paykel agitator top load WA3927G1 had the same score in every category scored just "fair" for stains and has a 55 minute cycle, compared to speed queens heavy duty at 50 min, which ALSO scored "fair" yet i do not hear anybody bashing that machine. My how people can be so biased and ignorant. In fact lots of people on here have said "it's the only top loader worth buying now" SMH

Post# 993875 , Reply# 20 5/11/2018 at 12:57 by Infusor (Usa) report offensive post to webmaster
Yes it is apples to apples genius, both 50min cycles both warm water. Funny how you make excuses for the fisher and paykel but bash speed queen. "Oh well it would do better with a longer cycle" ya well the speed queens heavy duty is as long as fisher and paykels normal and they get same results go figure. " oh well the FP would do better on heavy duty" yeah FP heavy duty is well over an hour. Give speed queen over an hour and it would do great. You are clearly biased

Post# 993883 , Reply# 22 5/11/2018 at 14:48 by Infusor (Usa) report offensive post to webmaster
YES IT IS!!!!!! Cycle time temp everything is the same, do you not have common sense?? There is a cycle on the tr7 called max soil, it has an even longer wash time AND a soak period. You do not know what you are talking about.

Post# 993885 , Reply# 24 5/11/2018 at 14:58 by Infusor (Usa) report offensive post to webmaster
Im done trying to explain common sense to people too challenged to comprehend. WITH THE SAME AMOUNT OF WASH TIME THEY PERFORM THE SAME!!!! Ughh. 50 min and 55 min pretty comparable to me. You are trying to compare a 28 min cycle to a 55 min cycle. Heavy duty is basically speed queens normal cycle. Even says in the owners manual normal eco is only for "lightly soiled items"

Post# 993933 , Reply# 44 5/11/2018 at 23:49 by Infusor (Usa) report offensive post to webmaster
Your point is ignore the facts about the 2017. Because you are biased thats why.

Post# 993984 , Reply# 55 5/12/2018 at 12:56 by Infusor (Usa) report offensive post to webmaster
So i give you proof of people i have talked to that said the machine did great and you dismiss it and say "its just a review" yet if its NEGATIVE you are all about reviews. Just proves all you ignorant and biased people on here are all about attacking me. And literally anything i say. And some peoples vandetta against speed queen. In the words of eugene "its going to be a bloid bath" if thats not vandetta i dont know what is. I guess it doesnt matter anyways, all you people on here do is complain how everything modern is basically junk anyways.

Post# 997700 , Reply# 56   6/19/2018 at 11:28 by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Do they "last forever"? (washboards)

Maybe until they are "Swept away" (Diana Ross)
As usual, she has the last laugh.
"Does she? Does she?"

Life is too darn short to gravel over such trifles.
We don't want to end up in Mortville like Betty Gravel and Grizelda now in Desperate living. Or Queen Carlotta.

Post# 997786 , Reply# 57   6/19/2018 at 20:51 by LeeLee (Canada)        

I looked at both the Maytag 575 and the 2017 speed queen series 8 at my local appliance dealer. The Maytag 575 was listed at $1475 Canadian and the speed queen $1299 not including the 13% sales tax in my province. I purchased the speed queen based on the many positive reviews and the Maytag 575 had just come out and I could find no reviews. I also liked the sturdier feel of the speed queen. I liked the fact that the warranty on both machines was longer than 1 year.

I am sad and disappointed to say I spent a great deal of money on the speed queen. Iíve been using it since Feb 2018. Iím not impressed with its cleaning ability. Iím a mom to 2 kids and my hubby works in the trades. Our laundry is dirty. This machine does not cut it. I use the heavy duty cycle with prewash now and I can get ok results. But if something is super dirty I run it through 2x. (Mud from digging trenches, red sand from baseball diamond). Sometimes I can even smell my perfume still on my clothes after being washed and dried. My old GE hydrowave and my older Cabrio Agi cleaned much better although had longer cycle times. I often wonder whether a 45 min cycle would have been more sufficient for the heavy duty cycle compared to the 33 min cycle.

Well thatís my truthful confession for the day!
I spent a lot of money for something I thought would be superb. I can work around it......but I shouldnít have to!

Take care everyone.

Post# 997793 , Reply# 58   6/19/2018 at 21:55 by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

nmassman44's profile picture
I too thought what "Infusor" said was as Bianco del Rio would say..."Really, Queen?!" Talking about being rude...ummm that takes some balls to call people out on that fact since you were the one that didn't care for what people had to say here. I get it that you are a SQ dealer since you decided to post a memo that Alliance sent to your dealer on here. Then the pieces of the puzzle fit together and I thought now I get it. If we are saying that the new SQ machines for 2018 are not going to pass muster and CU says that as well other sites, there must be some truth to it...they can't all be wrong. This I know will hurt your bottom line, not to mention the suckers I mean customers that think that the new and "improved" SQ washers will be better than the previous generation, they will get them installed in their home only to find out that the machine can't even do its task of getting clothes clean...I can tell you that alot of people will return said machine and if you refuse, count on a state's Consumer Protection Bureau to be up your ass and not in a good way.

Post# 997794 , Reply# 59   6/19/2018 at 22:02 by DaveAMKrayoGuy (Oak Park, MI)        
F#%^* Yo' Simple @$$...!

daveamkrayoguy's profile picture
Competition between those two... And the Speed Queen looks prettier and more housebroken...

I often feel sorry for Rocky's opponents....

-- Dave

Post# 997878 , Reply# 60   6/20/2018 at 20:39 by wft2800 (Leatherhead, Surrey)        

LeeLee, what you need is a good front-loader, preferably with an on-board heater. Normally I'd recommend Miele, but their honeycomb drum means grit/sand extraction isn't too great, but it's much gentler on delicate fabrics than a normal drum. I'd look for a front-loading machine - possibly secondhand - with normal large holes, and lots of 'em. A commercial Speed Queen FL with a heater might be a good option, but the domestic ones (all now discontinued apart from the washer & dryer stack unit) all lack heaters, so as hot as you'll get is what's in your hot water line, and the machine has no way of keeping the water at that temp - which, in winter when it's started cold, is going to be a pain.

Post# 997933 , Reply# 61   6/21/2018 at 12:01 by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        
In response to reply #53 by Infusor...

twintubdexter's profile picture

Not only rude, but often filled with dirty low-life words and comments...a sure sign of a single-digit IQ. They don't belong here.

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