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Video of Restored UK Hotpoint 18580
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Post# 148760   8/16/2006 at 19:54 (4,324 days old) by nickuk (chelmsford UK)        

Hello friends,

Work has finally finished on the machine. It has had, among other things......
- A new dispenser pipe
- New clips, sealant etc on all internal hoses
- Limescale removed from all around the detergent dispenser
- A new sump hose and clean of entirely clogged filter
- A new drain hose
- A new neon lamp
- An adjustment to the timer which was stuck in the `off' m
- An adjustment to the motor tachometer
- Motor thoroughly cleaned out, checked all parts (fine),
oiled, brushes reinstalled,
belt tension tightened
- Descaling, disinfecting, WD40 over everything etc.

I first saw one of these machines operating in the early eighties when my grandparents who lived in Bath bought one very similar. I was about six years old. My Mum had always had a Hoover machine which makes a much softer gentler noise when it washes, and when I first heard this machine start washing I ran away from it as it sounded so cross and scary! Needless to say I got used to it fairly quickly. They had the machine until about 1995 when they gave it away, still working, to a grandaughter setting up home. They replaced it with another Hotpoint. Unfortunately my grandparents are no longer with us.

I really like this machine and I must have done 20 loads in it so far. The cycles are fast which is on the whole a good thing. A regular 60 degree cottons wash only gets 15 mins or so agitation, which is probably inadequate really though I've not noticed any remaining stains. A normal cycle from start to finish runs 40-50 minutes. The rinsing is good, though after the short spins the pump needs to run for a little longer. As things stand, it begins filling for the next rinse with soapy water remaining in the sump. I suspect this is because the pump has become lazy, though it may be a design fault.

I am most impressed with the old distribute system and wish that we could have a return to it. The concept of increasing speed with the tub full of water always spreads the laundry out evenly enough for a spin. I have a `problem load' which finished off a Hotpoint WMA something two years ago, and occasionally makes the Zanussi bang, but which this machine deals with just fine. It's a single heavy towling dressing gown. The worst this machine has done has made a slight `knock' on start up of spin, but because the bulk of the water is thrown out so quickly that's the worst it got. I do remember that some of the Hotpoints were quite scary on spin; banging and moving about the floor, but I believe these were the two leg suspension models (as opposed to 3 on this one)which came out slightly later probably to cut costs. The spin on this machine is great, laundry is really well dried.

I need to move it from the temporary position in the kitchen to the garage, so hastily made a video last night. However, I am really tempted to install this as my daily driver, it's great plus it would look good in my kitchen next to the similarly coloured cooker. This may be a little cruel though... I don't want to finish it off. Having said that it might fare better in regular use than in storage. Opinions?

When you watch the videos please make excuses for the fact that I am not very good at (and am impatient with) computers. I was really pleased that I'd made a nice video but something weird has happened and there are frequent drop outs. This makes my commentary partially incomprehensible, the distribute looks like it has crazy fast flashes and the ramp up to final spin sounds jerky - it's not, it's smooth as they come. I think it's due to Windows Movie Maker capturing the movie as a series of clips, some of which are about 2 seconds long only (it decides that automatically) and then putting them all back together. I am SO ANNOYED but I'm too stupid to fix it. Sorry.

Notice also that I load the machine twice - this is because I changed my mind about the camera angle and then forgot to delete it!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to watch my videos and do, of course, ask any questions you'd like to, or point out when I'm talking rubbish !

Regards to all,



Post# 148765 , Reply# 1   8/16/2006 at 20:25 (4,324 days old) by unimatic1140 (Minneapolis)        

unimatic1140's profile picture
Hi Nick, thank you so much for doing such a great video, the commentary was great and very helpful, nice to see you as well on the video! That mechanical timer is way fun on the machine.

I love your vintage Hotpoint, and I especially like how fast it ramps up to full speed spin, not wasting 10 minutes of slow spin time first!

Post# 148770 , Reply# 2   8/16/2006 at 21:00 (4,324 days old) by stratus ()        

hey nick - cheers for your response -

checked out your vids of the restored hotpoint! nice work man!i love those machines - a freind of mine used to have one when i was a kid - used to spend forever watching it! loving the sound of that motor during the spin cycle! hehe

Post# 148778 , Reply# 3   8/16/2006 at 21:56 (4,324 days old) by tlee618 ()        

Hi Nick, Thanks for sharing the great videos. That is a neat machine. Interesting that it fills with water before the tumbling starts. Also love the sound it makes going into that high speed spin. Very little wasted time there. Great job on this restoration. Terry

Post# 148807 , Reply# 4   8/17/2006 at 03:42 (4,324 days old) by brettsomers ()        

very nice, Nick. perhaps you have some adverts or literature for this same machine you could share? i esp liked your commentary during the various "processes".

Post# 148809 , Reply# 5   8/17/2006 at 05:37 (4,324 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        
Nice One!!!

chestermikeuk's profile picture
Hi Nick

Great to see the Hotpoint up and running once again, looks showroom brand the clicks n sounds, you forget how noisy these machines where, but in 45mins a clean load of washing...Well done on the restoration...

Now all you need is the matching dryer!!! Lol..

Cheers, Mike

Post# 148810 , Reply# 6   8/17/2006 at 06:02 (4,324 days old) by retromom ()        

Great videos Nick....and a really great Hotpoint!!!

Would this have been considered a TOL machine? It appears to be about a 12-14 lb. capacity. Would thata be a good guess?

I am always impressed by European machines!! They seem to have so many more features, wash options, and that spin, all at a reasonable price!!!

I would definitely use this as my daily driver. Despite its diminuitive size, I am assuming that this is not a portable and needs permanent installation? Whatever you do, keep this great machine close by and enjoy it!!

Hope to see more videos from you!


Post# 148812 , Reply# 7   8/17/2006 at 06:06 (4,324 days old) by lavamat_jon (-)        

Wow!!!! Makes me realise just how much I love these machines... sounds so similar to our old WM64 in the final spin too! Love the great noises, and the videos were greatly produced too! Hopefully a video (or several) of my AEG of the same standard will be popping up soon once it is restored :-).

Nick you are definitely right with that distribute system. I was at my nana's the other day, and watching her Hotpoint WF340 spin and it took 20 minutes for the whole final spin cycle, just so it was balanced enough to do a 3 minute 1400rpm spin at the end! That would have the old Hotpoint designers turning in their graves! It's amazing how they still maintained quite similar cycles right until the WMA series in 2000, though. You can see a lot of aspects of Hotpoint's like yours were still prevalent in the WM50 and 60 series washers.

Thanks again for the brilliant videos.


Post# 148813 , Reply# 8   8/17/2006 at 06:09 (4,324 days old) by lavamat_jon (-)        

Venus - that machine would have been fairly high-end at the time, but if memory serves me correctly there were computer control versions too called the Microtronic - my auntie had one before replacing it with one of hte last GE Hotpoints, a Hotpoint WM62 in 2000. Still had the great motor noises though!

Those Hotpoint's had a 9lb capacity if I rightly remember, though quite ironically the same drum was still used up until 2000 and the rated capacity had gradually crept up over the years from 9lb to 12lb!

Anyway... I'm answering for Nick again so I'd best keep schtum :-)

All the best,


Post# 148852 , Reply# 9   8/17/2006 at 11:58 (4,324 days old) by sudsman ()        
neat extract sounds of the hotpoint

Are there any machines in the U S with the same start up sounds in spin as the Hotpoint?

Post# 148867 , Reply# 10   8/17/2006 at 14:32 (4,323 days old) by l86810 (Southend, UK)        

l86810's profile picture
Wow!!! great job on the restoration, it looks good as new! lol

The videos are brill, had great fun watching them, reminds me of my nans hotpoint although the interm spins wheren't as fast.
Thanks again!!!

good job

Post# 148871 , Reply# 11   8/17/2006 at 14:51 (4,323 days old) by seamusuk (Dover Kent UK)        
Im impressed :)

seamusuk's profile picture
Hey Nick

Very nice- about the only way you could have topped it is if it had been the Liberator version ;), wouldnt have been as easy to video through that purple door tho!!!


Post# 148899 , Reply# 12   8/17/2006 at 16:58 (4,323 days old) by westytoploader ()        

Nick, LOVE the videos, I am amazed at how many features your machine has! I like the decent distribution speed and how it accelerates immediately into spin. Congratulations on the looks brand new with the original sticker on the front!

Post# 149003 , Reply# 13   8/18/2006 at 01:58 (4,323 days old) by nickuk (chelmsford UK)        
Thanks guys

For all your kind observations and for taking the time to watch it.

Robert, sorry the water level isn't higher. On the deluxe forum is a link to a video of the Zanussi washer which gives a nice splashy rinse.....

Bretsomers...I have all the original literature - help, how should I get it to you, photograph each page and post it? Help out the technophobe here please..........

Jon you know it's always fine for you to answer for me - your answers are better anyway.

Thanks again everyone - this site is so great and with so many lovely people on it.



Post# 149006 , Reply# 14   8/18/2006 at 02:58 (4,323 days old) by brettsomers ()        

perhaps, if you have a scanner, you can scan, reduce the images slightly, then post as a photo here in this thread? very nice explanation of the Hotpoint nonetheless.

Post# 149087 , Reply# 15   8/18/2006 at 17:56 (4,322 days old) by newwave1 (Lincoln, United Kingdom)        

newwave1's profile picture
hey nick,
Ahh the sights and sounds of an old hotpoint am i 4years old again?! heehee. the sounds truely unique. the water levels are fairly low for a vintage model! at my new flat is a Hotpoint first edition washerdryer, its quite intreguing how the cycle is virtually the same as jon said.

I have to agree distributing with water is far better than the half effort modern machines with out of balance sensors.

My quartz throws everything against the wall from the first tumble! speaking of your one single dressing gown; i always have this issue too. mums aeg has a good out of balance sensor n got on with the spin fairly quick for a modern machine.

Neither my quartz or my logic have a problem either. the quartz doesnt move. with it bein on a seperate chassis i believe, and the logic just bounces slightly until the bulk of water has gone.

But both my quartz and logic do this with minimal fuss, or movement.

thanks for sharing your videos!


Post# 149089 , Reply# 16   8/18/2006 at 19:07 (4,322 days old) by lavamat_jon (-)        

Darren! ARe you on MSN?


Post# 149125 , Reply# 17   8/19/2006 at 03:01 (4,322 days old) by newwave1 (Lincoln, United Kingdom)        

newwave1's profile picture
u no i have msn jon lol. i've not been on today no. just a quick visit.

Post# 149127 , Reply# 18   8/19/2006 at 04:47 (4,322 days old) by lavamat_jon (-)        

That's OK. Just had summit to tell you but it'll wait :-)...

Post# 150674 , Reply# 19   8/26/2006 at 14:53 (4,314 days old) by aldspin ()        
hotpoint 18580 video

hey nick (and everyone first posting!!!)....great video..but even more so, it was great to listen to your commentary and explanation of the washing process. It is great to see someone with such a passion for these machines!!! Anyone who shares in this passion is not only unique but someone I call friend.
I love when the mechanical knob goes into the heating mode and the rotation changes with more pausing to soak! Its my favorite. I am from the U.S. and I have a Bosh Neext Premium washer. The washer has temp boosters to heat but doesnt have soak and pause and heat. It continues to wash at 50 rpms and will do that thru-out the course of the cycle until it heats up to 125 and temp boost to 150. The heating element l.e.d. lite shuts off. Then washing/heating l.e.d. lite goes out and continues to say washing at that temp. So i miss hearing the heating element sounds when its heating. My first intro to european washers was a creda which made those same sounds. Also, Miele heats the same way without the mechanical sounds which brings me back to your washer.
The clicking sounds brought memories back of my first european dishwasher- the gaggenau 215!!! it was a beautiful piece of machinary. It clicked for 15 min during the main wash and then had one large clunk sound then it would heat up for 40 min to 150 (it was cold water fed). After this it would start clicking all over again!!!! It would then finally clack and drain .
Anyway, your hoover is awesome! Thanks for sharing...I am a new guy on here and cant wait to talk to you all!!!

Post# 151151 , Reply# 20   8/28/2006 at 15:25 (4,312 days old) by peterh770 (Marietta, GA)        

peterh770's profile picture
Wow! Nice video, Nick.

If I didn't know better, I'd say that machines sounds like it needs a new bearing. Is that just the motor sound we are hearing?

Do you consider that a full load? I don't think Bob would approve...

Post# 151163 , Reply# 21   8/28/2006 at 16:07 (4,312 days old) by nickuk (chelmsford UK)        
Hello Aldspin and welcome...

Thanks for your story too.

Peter H, the machine doesn't need a new tub bearing. The sound you hear is the motor. The motor could probably do with replacing, I just serviced it and refitted it. I consider that a `good' load, it was loaded fully but not tightly. I keep hearing references to `Bobloads' but not fully understanding them? I'm guessing Bob is a guy who likes to run a tight ship.......


Post# 151164 , Reply# 22   8/28/2006 at 16:14 (4,312 days old) by sadose ()        

I agree in your vids you use a sensible size of load which is adequate for the machine...however it depends on preference i suppose. My idea of a full load is way different to Jon's and Richard's... Lets face it you don't want to abuse the old dear hehehe.

Nick...a fellow Zanussi owner...I love them, my mother very recently passed on her Timeline jetsystem 1400 which is more or less identical to yours in terms of its action. More on that somewhere on the deluxe forum. Link to a few vids of that and my "underloading" below!


Post# 151167 , Reply# 23   8/28/2006 at 16:41 (4,312 days old) by peterh770 (Marietta, GA)        

peterh770's profile picture
A Bob Load (C) is probably what you might consider overloaded. Watching your vid, I would consider that a small load, and put at least twice as much in there.

You ever crumble your Persil tabs and use the dispenser drawer? I really don't like using the bags.

Post# 151168 , Reply# 24   8/28/2006 at 16:46 (4,312 days old) by kirk280980 ()        

Can't believe I missed this thread up until now!

What can I say, you did an absolutely cracking job on the restoration there Nick, and the machine looks like it has just been delivered. So I do hope you're taking advantage of the free installation check from your friendly Hotpoint engineer LOL.

Often saw these Hotpoints in other people's houses when I was growing up, they seemed to be everywhere at the time. IMHO your restoration has preserved an important piece of history; this machine was designed and built by Brits primarily FOR Brits, and that's something we no longer have. Today's Hotpoints and Hoovers are UK-assembled clones of Euro machines, and while I'm sure they have their merits, sadly it just doesn't feel quite the same.

Anyway - enough babbling from me. I do hope you're pleased with your handiwork and that all the effort has been rewarded with much enjoyment. Great videos and commentary by the way, and of course, it's always nice to see a face to put with the name.



Post# 151309 , Reply# 25   8/29/2006 at 07:54 (4,312 days old) by nickuk (chelmsford UK)        

Thanks Kirk for your kind comments. I enjoyed working on the machine, now I just have to figure out what will be my next conquest!

PeterH, for the second time you have been critical of the amount of laundry I choose to wash in a load. On the video I think I showed the drum close up which showed it full apart from a hand width at the top, with the washing loosely loaded. Not that I should have to justify myself, but incase anyone's interested...I choose to use a washing machine this way because....

(a) I like the washing to tumble freely through the water, reach the top of the drum and then fall etc etc. A more loaded machine would result in a more harsh washing action with more abrasion and possible wear on fabrics.

(b) I do not like to iron and fuller loads = more creases. With my loads, a drop of softener and a low spin (I normally would use a low spin on that load) most items do not need ironing when low tumble dried then hung while still slightly damp. Or even if just shaken out and hung on a hanger without using the dryer....

(c) I try to sort my laundry reasonably well and often don't have a huge load of one type of wash, but don't want to keep my family waiting ages to have their clean clothes returned.

(d) I feel that in a FL the laundry is often not quite so fresh (and no, I don't mean `scented') after a big big load - though this is possibly psychological.....

I feel that when it comes to loading a washer - each to his / her own. I would never dream of commenting on (what is essentially) your ability to run a washing machine and I feel it impolite of you to think it's ok to question my methods. Furthmore, as if during a restoration I wouldn't have noticed a worn tub bearing!

To answer your other, I don't crumble the tablets in the drawer. To be honest I wouldn't be bothered with the whole crumbling thing. I must say that I'm not attached to the whole net thing either, especially since they are a faff to prewash with and not much good on a really gentle wash. I only use these particular tablets because they clean and rinse really well in my conditions and my son who has eczema tolerates them. However If I wanted to use a more delicate cycle I would probably use a liquid detergent like Ariel Color, or a Wool wash product for wool and silk, and that would also go in the drum directly inside a little ball.



Post# 151311 , Reply# 26   8/29/2006 at 08:11 (4,312 days old) by brettsomers ()        

aww Nick, i dont imagine Peter meant any harm. dont be cross. the bobload crowd likes to see a machine loaded on the verge of overload. i liked your video, and like your speaking voice, sounds good for radio.

Post# 151326 , Reply# 27   8/29/2006 at 09:28 (4,312 days old) by peterh770 (Marietta, GA)        

peterh770's profile picture
Definitely, Nick you have a broadcast quality voice...

One must remember that when USA folks view Euro machines, we typically consider them as "small". When Miele and Asko appear at trade shows over here, they royally stuff their machines to prove the the USA market that their "little" 5kg machines can hold as much as any other toploader available, while in reality their demo loads would not even get damp in the middle throughout a 2 hour program. Having a 5kg Miele myself, I am very curious as to how the rest of the world loads up their 5kg machines. I think the reasons you list are excellent and make perfect sense, especially when you also take into consideration restrictions on the amount of water issued for each fill. Seeing your's and others' videos makes me wonder about how I load my machine. I maintain that my "little" 5kg Miele can hold as much as a extra-large capacity Dependable Care Maytag toploader, but maybe that is too much.

The first few times I used the bag for Persil tabs, the bag worked its way to the front of the tub and smeared detergent around the window. It took a while for the load to wipe it all away, and all I could think of was the super-concentrated, undissolved and undiluted detergent chemically burning up my clothes. Since then, I'm a Crumbler!

No criticism intended. My first post was meant jokingly. My second post was explanitory. Sorry you took it that way.

Post# 151389 , Reply# 28   8/29/2006 at 18:12 (4,311 days old) by lavamat_jon (-)        
Loading up a machine...

Nothing to do with the actual thread topic but thought I'd add my pennies worth... to me you can get a lot inside a European frontloader; I don't pack it full however I do fill the tub up so that there is room to slide your hand in between the edge of the drum and the laundry - so it is full to capacity but not bulging out over the door seal. Once the load becomes wet it compacts down anyway so there is enough room to tumble (ususally the load compacts down so that it fills about 3/4 of the drum), and especially with this Miele and the Zanussi we had for a month I still get perfect rinsing results. However in the old Bosch; I could never stuff it full otherwise it would leave lint and fuzz all over dark laundry especially; so for it to wash and rinse properly you could only fill the drum 3/4 full with dry laundry. So I think it also depends on the machine you are using.

However I do agree with Nick that, for gentler loads and also for items that are more susceptible to creasing a load such as the ones in his Hotpoint videos then only loading half or 3/4 full, or a "loose" full load like Nick's is the way to go - however this is of course listed in most user manuals.

I have to say though when doing the family laundry if we didn't utililise the maximum 6kg capacity of mum's washer then we'd be washing for eternity!


Post# 151483 , Reply# 29   8/30/2006 at 01:46 (4,311 days old) by westtexman (Lubbock, Texas)        
Still learning the FL . . .

I've had my Danby for over a year now, and I'm STILL playing around trying to find the optimal loading technique for my machine. Essentially, I don't feel like my clothes truly get clean when I pack the machine full on the "Cottons" cycle.
When I pack it full and allow the machine to run at the default water level (which is VERY LOW), the machine takes several minutes to add enough water for all of the clothes in the load to actually get wet! Being the obsessive-compulsive guy that I am, I have begun filling all of my wash loads using the 1st rinse setting on the Permanent Press cycle and then turning the machine back to the beginning of the Cottons cycle for the long wash. This ensures they all get wet, and makes for a true profile wash at the same time.
I wonder if I would have this problem if I had a better machine such as the Miele? I have also considered buying the Duet HT, solely for the Jet Direct system that saturates the clothes with a recirculating jet of water and concentrated detergent. I was disapppointed to find, however, that this only takes place at the beginning of the wash cycle, and not through the duration of the wash and all of the rinses like Nick's Zanussi.
I suppose that until I can shuck out the cash for a 6 kg Miele, I will contuinue manually operating my machine and washing smaller loads to achieve satisfactory results.
Nick - great machines and awesome commentary on your vids!

Post# 895041 , Reply# 30   8/22/2016 at 09:28 (666 days old) by hotpointwfwt02 (Manchester)        

hotpointwfwt02's profile picture
Nick what was the difference Hotpoint Ultima you had in 2004 and the Hotpoint 18580. What was the model number of your Hotpoint from 2004 as I'm interested in which Hotpoint Ultima you had as I'm wondering about it? Could you describe your old Ultima to me? I'm guessing it was a WF860/WF865 or the last WMA series Ultima. Did it do the powerstream? And I really like your Zanussi videos and wondering if you could upload something as you've not uploaded in 10 years.


Post# 895072 , Reply# 31   8/22/2016 at 14:01 (665 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        
Hotpoint 18-- series

chestermikeuk's profile picture
Hi Janak, hope all is good with you, I dont think Nick is around much so you may not get a response from him, (would be great to see him posting again) as this thread is many years old - however its great we can now pull up older threads in order to build on them as for instance quite a few other 1800 series Hotpoints have now come out of the woodwork...

The difference between the 1800 series (wrap around cabinets) and the later 95 series is vast, they built a brand new state of the art factory for this completely different built machine, motor still on top but now boasting plastic drums and LCD electronics and better electronic motor controls...

Here is a picture of my later 18680 with matching dryer, am just about to move it over to the new washer room and be placed next to the purple amerthyst matched set...

Post# 895074 , Reply# 32   8/22/2016 at 14:14 (665 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        
Hotpoint 1800 series

chestermikeuk's profile picture
Here is a video of Lees 18680 washing machine, gotta love that Hotpoint growley motor, this is the next model to Nicks 18580 above.

Fill & heating


Pump & distribute


Final rinse with fabric conditioner & spinning

Post# 895075 , Reply# 33   8/22/2016 at 14:25 (665 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        
Hotpoint 1800 series

chestermikeuk's profile picture
Here are the earlier Purple or Amethyst stacked set just installed in the new washroom...they do look great with the matching dryer. Need to get some vids of these in action now.

Post# 895076 , Reply# 34   8/22/2016 at 14:31 (665 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        
Purple or Amethyst galore !!

chestermikeuk's profile picture
Matching Top Loader, Front loading stacked set, Fridge Freezer and compact tumble dryer.

Post# 895082 , Reply# 35   8/22/2016 at 14:40 (665 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        
Hotpoint Through The Ages

chestermikeuk's profile picture
From the Hotpoint Empress wringer washer of the 1950`s, the Light & Easy vac of the 60`s, the Purple Bronze & Brown Hotpoint Liberators of the 1970`s to the latest Hotpoint New Generation series of the 1980`s....."Hotpoint Serving Generations !!

Post# 895228 , Reply# 36   8/23/2016 at 08:11 (665 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        
Hotpoint 1800 series

chestermikeuk's profile picture
And here is the last incarnation of this series, the Hotpoint 1842 in a rich brown colourway which was produced in 1981 as an exclusive for Currys UK Electrical Superstore. a few months later the "Next Generation" series by Hotpoint would be launched built in a state of the art new factory near the old one in North Wales.

Post# 895238 , Reply# 37   8/23/2016 at 08:45 (665 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        

aquacycle's profile picture
Got to love the 18 series. As I've mentioned (just a few times, not repeating myself...COUGH AHEM!) my Grandma had a 18371 and matching dryer for many years whilst I was growing up. I used to love watching that machine. In many ways, I would say the 18 series were better than the new gen's, although the latter are certainly more of an 80's style icon in the same way the Liberator's are to the 70's.

Post# 896292 , Reply# 38   8/29/2016 at 19:57 (658 days old) by Hotpointwfwt02 (Manchester)        

hotpointwfwt02's profile picture
Reason why I was asking about Nicks old Ultima was because I was wondering which Ultima he owned in 2004 before he bought his Zanussi so could u help me guess which Ultima it was as I'm interested in these Hotpoints and the model number

Post# 955403 , Reply# 39   8/31/2017 at 07:39 (292 days old) by washerguy02 (Manchester )        

washerguy02's profile picture
Mike your hotties are really cool and awesome and I love them, I was gonna get a 95622 but I was outbidden lol and I love the rocker switches and chrome door on the 95622 and I like the purple door matching set and the fridge and compact dryer and they look well amazing and purple door looks well cool and retro on the Libby 👍🏽

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