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LG top loader added to my collection
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Post# 191195   2/15/2007 at 08:54 (4,602 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

Hi all, hope everyones ok. Now as a few of you know i've just aquired an LG top loader. I've been after one of these for a while and i'm really pleased with it and it was an ebay bargain. It has a 10kg load works very quietly and has no heater so requires a hot and cold supply. I've done four loads so far in it and all have been excellent. It has auto wash which means you just put the clothes in, detergent in the drawer and press start. The machine then does a quick spin of the drum and decides what settings/water level you need and away it goes. Has a waterfall fill, detergent, softner and bleach dispenser. You can alter anything you want from water levels, spin time, wash and rinses. Makes the usual LG pretty tune when you turn it on and plays a different note for every setting! I'm unsure of the spin speed but clothes come out similar to an 800 spin front loader. The wash action has a pulsator which spins in opposite directions and the whole drum goes back n forth at the same time while water pours from the sides over the clothes. I will do vids soon once i've disabled the saftey switch! This is my 7th LG machine and I know you have issues in the USA with LG but all of my freinds here in South Wales have LG washers (all sold by me of course) with no problems in the past 3 years use. Now this one dwarfs my Hoover vision next to it in the picture and i will be moving it on soon as it takes up so much space, but for now i'll enjoy it!


Post# 191197 , Reply# 1   2/15/2007 at 08:55 (4,602 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

Inside the drum

Post# 191198 , Reply# 2   2/15/2007 at 08:57 (4,602 days old) by sparkcymru ()        
The controls

Control panel

Post# 191226 , Reply# 3   2/15/2007 at 13:30 (4,602 days old) by hoovermatic (UK)        

I remember seeing one of these in Gardiners in Bristol some years ago and was SO tempted to buy one but didn't. IIRC, the one I saw had a metal pulsator. What is the load capacity? I would still get one of these if I had the room. I would love to run my Hotpoint TL but the 10lb capacity is a pain as I really want to increase the load size I have at my disposal plus I have nowhere to plumb it in!! Really looking forward to the vids!

Post# 191240 , Reply# 4   2/15/2007 at 14:02 (4,602 days old) by kirk280980 ()        

IIRC, the LG Turbodrum machines (as pictured above) had a spin speed of 680 rpm. That's slightly faster than a Whirlpool US top loader, which hits approximately 650 rpm.

The model with a metal pulsator was the Turbodrum DD (direct drive). On this machine, the pulsator actually formed the base of the drum itself. Rather than counter-rotating against each other, the drum and pulsator rotated back and forth together as one piece at varying speeds, giving a centrifugal wash action. The spin speed was a little higher on this model, at 730 rpm.

We had one of each type on the sales floor at one store where I worked, but never managed to take any orders for them - so eventually the display models were sold off and that was that. Always found them fascinating myself, but never did get to see one run so I'm looking forward to viewing the clips too.



Post# 191247 , Reply# 5   2/15/2007 at 14:20 (4,602 days old) by toggleswitch (New York City, NY)        
Dig that shag-a-delic pulsator, baby!

toggleswitch's profile picture

21 minutes, but not 20? *LOL*
5 (count them )5 rinses?

Interesting location of fill-solenoid valves!

I too look forward to videos! Thank you so very much for posting this!

Now If I could only get past my fear of LG service, I reluctantly really like their products!

Post# 191263 , Reply# 6   2/15/2007 at 15:21 (4,602 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

Thanks everyone,
Hoovermatic it's a 10kg load which is quite hefty.

Yes the fill pies are in a strange position and also the 21 mins wash is a strange choice. Maybe someone at LG was a bit of a fun person and said lets not have a 20 min wash but 21 just for the hell of it!

I figured about 680 spin was about right. it's quite good due to the size of the drum the clothes come out pretty well spun. Also the spin comes in bursts. The motor kicks in in short bursts over a couple of mins until the speed builds up then stays on till it finishes.Makes a lovely sound. Very very stable and not had the oob kick in yet. No spin brake either like the hotpoint TL ,just slows down gradually. great fun. Now i've only done cold wash so far as it seems to like them but dirty white shirts came out spotlessly clean on a 15 min wash. Now i'll try get those vids done and get them up for you all next 24 hrs or so. Steve

Post# 191280 , Reply# 7   2/15/2007 at 16:16 (4,602 days old) by toggleswitch (New York City, NY)        

toggleswitch's profile picture

Post# 191282 , Reply# 8   2/15/2007 at 16:22 (4,602 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        
Life Expectancy

Hi Guys,

Most of the earlier versions of these machines and most LG FL's appear on Ebay over here with various faults by the 4 year mark.

LG is now managing to sell more machines, as with the retailer they now offer a 7 year guarentee all the machines, which most people see as alright, because by that time its paid for itself.

People buy them with the view, that its LG and likely to need service, but at least its paid for, for the 7 years.

Post# 191383 , Reply# 9   2/15/2007 at 22:15 (4,602 days old) by oxydolfan1 ()        

That is a very attractive machine, and I like the control panel, which seems very intuitive.

Steven, would it be possible, at your convenience, to look and see where this machine was built/assembled?

Post# 191439 , Reply# 10   2/16/2007 at 00:33 (4,602 days old) by panthera (Rocky Mountains)        
5 Rinses

panthera's profile picture
LG quality here in Germany is seen as very good. But after the bullsh** (sorry PC police, forgot we are supposed to pretend) I got told at Homo Depot a few weeks ago; I will not buy anything from them in the US:
Me: "So I hear they have serious service problems?
Sales Weeny Idiot: "They are our top of the line. Even men find them easy to use" The fantasy continues:
Me: "Well, yeah, they look good, but I hear folks have trouble getting them repaired."
Sales Weeny Idiot: "They outsell GE Performa with our high-end customers. Your wife will just love all the stainless steel."
(What a jerk. There I am in my pill-box hat, my whiter-than-white Samantha Steven's purse under my arm and he thinks I'm straight?) My "wife" needs to shave twice before lunch, mister...but I digress.
Anytime a salesman avoids a direct question twice, you know they are lying to you through their teeth.
Never had any trouble with my LG here...but what should a US consumer do, ship their problem child over here to get it fixed?

Post# 191454 , Reply# 11   2/16/2007 at 05:17 (4,601 days old) by sparkcymru ()        
made in Korea

oxydolfan1, this machine is built in Korea as are all the UK ones. Are they made anywhere else?

Now I must get on with those vids


Post# 191456 , Reply# 12   2/16/2007 at 05:32 (4,601 days old) by lederstiefel1 ()        
LG and others

These machines are very seldom to be found at EBAY's here in Germany - but one of the members in the "" (which is currently out of order - heaven knows why Kai stopped it...?!?!!), Bernd, told me that a friend of his in Spain has one of these machines - a Daewoo - and she is so disappointed. She says it knots everything up, all washing is absolutely tangled...I cannot imagine that...well....
I'd love to have one of those - but my mate would quarter me if I buy one...


Post# 191466 , Reply# 13   2/16/2007 at 06:40 (4,601 days old) by westyslantfront ()        

The inside looks alot of GE Harmony which is also made by LG.


Post# 191472 , Reply# 14   2/16/2007 at 07:10 (4,601 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        
Nice One!!

chestermikeuk's profile picture
Hi Steve

Looks a nice size drum, does the waterfall work all the time etc?? and I`m sure I saw one of these machines shooting jets of water from the holes in the plate and from the middle disc, does yours do this??

Is it ultra quiet in operation??, have you looked at the transmission/motor etc...

Have fun, Mike

Post# 191487 , Reply# 15   2/16/2007 at 08:33 (4,601 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

Tangling does not happen with this machine although i've had a pulsator twin tub that tangled everything up in knots. I guess its all down to the wash action. The Transmission and pulleys etc are all metal in this. Good strong belt too like an alternator belt rather than a a washer one. It is quiet yes especially on spinning. Just hums really and no rattles.

The waterfalls run when the pulsator spins Mike so its not constant but stop start.
I've got it apart at the mo while i bypass the door sensor. Nicely made inside with a resin sealed module too so no water can get in it.


Post# 191489 , Reply# 16   2/16/2007 at 08:41 (4,601 days old) by tomturbomatic (Beltsville, MD)        

Ross-- you da man. I thought the same thing. We picked up, as in put out for scrap, a brand new Harmony. Found out it had a dime wedged in between the plate dealy and the tub lip or whatever you call the piece around the plate thing. Dime removed--all parts moving harmoniously again.

Toggle, I think you are allowed to choose the number of rinses depending on how many times you mash the RINSE button.

Steven, Thanks for posting this. Question: What are "fill pies"? I wonder if 21 is a lucky number in Korea?

The Cabrio, a F-P clone does the same pulsing when it starts spinning to keep the pump from air-locking while the bulk of the water is spun out

Post# 191495 , Reply# 17   2/16/2007 at 09:19 (4,601 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

Fill pies! yes well spotted Tomturbomatic, guess I had pies on my mind when i typed that lol. Back to grammer school for me!

Post# 191542 , Reply# 18   2/16/2007 at 11:49 (4,601 days old) by revvinkevin (So. Cal.)        
Hey Steven - "sparkcymru"

revvinkevin's profile picture
Is there any chance you can get your new machine to operate with the lid open and shoot some video?? I would love to see it in operation!!

Thanks in advance!

Post# 191608 , Reply# 19   2/16/2007 at 16:35 (4,601 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

Kevin i'm working on it as we speak. A fiendishly clever door sensor is incorperated in this machine with a hidden magnetic switch in the lid and under the top rim. Its a pain to fiddle but i'm nearly there with it so vids coming yeah.

Post# 191897 , Reply# 20   2/17/2007 at 15:18 (4,600 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

Ok managed to get some vids of the LG done today so enjoy! Link to the first one below.



Post# 191904 , Reply# 21   2/17/2007 at 15:52 (4,600 days old) by revvinkevin (So. Cal.)        
Link not working....

revvinkevin's profile picture
Steve, it says the video is "not available".
: - (

Post# 191905 , Reply# 22   2/17/2007 at 16:02 (4,600 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

none of the uploaded vids are able to be viewed as yet, if it dont sort out i'll put them on another site soon

Post# 191909 , Reply# 23   2/17/2007 at 16:42 (4,600 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

ok i've put them on another site as youtubes playing silly beggers!

Nice pic of me on there too. lol


Post# 191931 , Reply# 24   2/17/2007 at 18:36 (4,600 days old) by glamwales ()        

Thank you :) Sparky

Post# 191966 , Reply# 25   2/17/2007 at 23:13 (4,600 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

logixx's profile picture
Cool vids - thanks! The spin is amazingly quiet, kind of reminds me of our spin dryer. The auto load recognition really seems to work. BUT: how do you like turn-over? In the vid it seemed like to items would be swishing back and forth but there didn't seem to be a lot of turn-over.

BTW: the videos have a much better resolution. I, too, noticed that after uploading my dishwasher videos - the quality dropped *in some cases* dramatically after YouTube down-sized the video file. :(


Post# 192003 , Reply# 26   2/18/2007 at 03:47 (4,599 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

Alex, well there really isn't any turnover in this machine but then with another pulsator i had that did more action it just tangled the clothes, where this one doesn't. I think LG have it just right with this wash action. The machine is very stable on spin too as the whole tub hangs from four rods attached to the top with a plastic float type end on each one that moves with the tub. No springs to squeak and makes it very smooth. The only problem I have is I don't have a hot water feed to it and we don't have things like cold power detergent in the uk, but it still washes well. I will be moving this machine on soon so i'll enjoy it for now.

Post# 193163 , Reply# 27   2/23/2007 at 23:53 (4,594 days old) by laundryshark (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)        

I was successful in locating and saving WMV clips of your LG and Hoover washing machine demos. In my situation, lack of eyesight did not hamper my enjoyment of these videos, as the sound quality was such that I could get a good audio view of how these machines work. Many thanks for these washer videos!--Laundry Shark

Post# 193714 , Reply# 28   2/26/2007 at 12:41 (4,591 days old) by modernhygiene ()        
5 Rinses


I remember that day at the "depot", you were in your nighty, hair in curlers, and green Grinch slippers. I'm sure the salesman was doing his best because he thought you were fresh off the "tour" bus.

The guy was truly a geek!

Post# 194201 , Reply# 29   2/28/2007 at 16:29 (4,589 days old) by liberator1509 (Ireland)        
load sensing

Hi Steve and all

Nice to see the LG machine in action. Just a thought on watching the Load Sensing part of the cycle - from even the couple of turns it makes at that point, it would appear that the pulsator is capable of rolling over the load when dry.

I wonder how that sort of action would work rolling over a wet load in low (i.e. EU front loader) levels of water? It strikes me that some enterprising company might work on this so we get top loader convenience with AAA rating. For my money the roll-over is unlikely to be harsher on clothes than tumbling action.

The F&P/Whirlpool Cabrio design is a move in this direction - using less water than conventional US machines, but still more than EU FLs. I wonder if this is because the action requires this amount of water or because the US market would be uncomfortable with extremely low water levels?

Comments would be appreciated, though as Top Loaders represent less than 7% of the EU market, we are unlikely to see even AAA rated vertical axis TL introduced even if they were technologically possible - what d'ya all think?


Post# 194266 , Reply# 30   12/31/2069 at 18:00 (18,162 days old) by panthera (Rocky Mountains)        
would never fly over here

panthera's profile picture
We have the situation here in Germany that the only people who use top loaders are either folks with lots of space or very little.
Top loaders in 40-45cm widths often end up in small bathrooms where there is no space for the 60x60cm units.
Since nearly all kitchens use "built-in" counters with continuous counter tops, adapting one to fit is a real pain. I had one for a long time (Miele) and loved it.
But these are H-Axis machines with low water levels.
Given that our laundry comes out cleaner with less water, detergent and energy use than with these designs, I don't see how they would appeal to anyone except me.
I love Rube Goldberg solutions - but most folks I know would say "too complicated" "too loud" "a repair waiting to happen".
And the energy/water ratings would kill them. I also wonder just how well they would work with the problem of heating the water.
The UK is radically different to the rest of Europe here, there they might stand a chance. Many British machines expect a hot water input, here that is extraordinary. And heating that much water to a useful temperature with a 2000W element...there goes any time savings.
LG in Germany at least, has a good reputation. I know five people besides me with LGs - none of us have had any problems and the service is properly organized. In the US, based on what I have read here and in other forums (together with what the obviously rehearsed lies the idiot sales in-duh-vi-dual at Homo-Depot said about how good there service was)I would never buy an LG anything.

Post# 194328 , Reply# 31   3/1/2007 at 12:40 (4,588 days old) by hoovermatic (UK)        

Regarding the UK machines expecting hot water, I think that may be correct. I am no expert in that regard - I have ALWAYS used a 'Y' piece to convert such machines that I have had to cold fill only as in my opinion, the hot water fill was always a waste of time and totally ineffective - by the time the pipes were purged, the flow had stopped. My mother's first auto had hot and cold but only on the 95 degree wash did the machine use only hot water and it took forever to fill from a gravity system. Unlike today, when so many people have combi boilers that can easily fill a TL in next to no time.

Post# 194331 , Reply# 32   3/1/2007 at 12:59 (4,588 days old) by liberator1509 (Ireland)        

I think my point might have been mis-understood!

I was suggesting that perhaps a low-water level wash action might be possible with a variation on the LG pulsator - crucially achieving water consumption of about 10L per Kg (which is about that required to achieve AAA rating). If this were possible, such a top loader would be no different to a Front Loader in terms of water or energy consumption even with cold fill only.

With regards to cold fill, practically all Front Loaders marketed in the UK and Ireland are cold fill only - the assumption being that self-heating cold fill machines will be generally more efficient than hot and cold fill. Not entirely true (if you have solar water heating for example), but generally the case - so no different from the rest of Europe. Hot and cold fill machines dropped out of general circulation in the British Isles a couple of years ago.

Cold fill traditional top-loaders would be hopelessly slow of course - the instruction manual for our 1968 Hotpoint Automatic 1502 stated that if converted to cold fill only, the machine could take up to FIVE hours to reach the 'Very Hot' (95 degree) temperature - hence it used was designed to fill with hot!

I'd be up to buy an energy efficient H-axis top loader


Post# 194332 , Reply# 33   3/1/2007 at 13:02 (4,588 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

Nearly all UK current FL machines on sale are now cold fill only as the reduction in water usage makes it pretty pointless having a hot fill inlet. Certainly the machines i've tried recently hoover candy servis etc fill for just a few seconds at a time and the boiler or tank would not have managed any hot water reaching the machine in that time. Also Biological powders need cold water to work at first hence Miele machines always used to cold wash before heating up much later in the wash cycle. The LG is now up for sale on ebay by the way. I've had my fun and it is huge so it has to go now `and i'll continue with my beloved hoover vision.

Post# 194334 , Reply# 34   3/1/2007 at 13:02 (4,588 days old) by liberator1509 (Ireland)        
a mistake...

I meant to say, in the last line of the previous message, that I'd be up to buy an energy efficient V-axis top loader!!

Silly me....


Post# 194335 , Reply# 35   3/1/2007 at 13:08 (4,588 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

David i'd certianly be up for one of those too. I'd love the smaller Lg top loaders they do which wouldn't take up as much space as this beast does but alas they don't sell them here.

Post# 194371 , Reply# 36   3/1/2007 at 17:45 (4,588 days old) by liberator1509 (Ireland)        

I wonder how far the US market will develop energy efficient top loaders - after a few false starts (the Neptune TL and the Calypso) there is at least one machine that seems to be working - the Oasis/Cabrio. Fisher and Paykel have released a similar model for their home market - reading the available info, it appears that in 'HE' mode, the F&P model uses the magic 10L per Kg required for EU AAA rating.

The cabrio concept seems to use about half the amount of water of a conventional TL machine, but I wonder if even this much is strictly necessary? Perhaps they will get even more efficient as time goes on...if they do, there is an off chance we will see them in Europe.

Serious subject drift now; I have service books for Hotpoint Top Loaders (1504 and 1509 series machines), and a quick glance at these would suggest that even if we hadn't had EU ratings, these machines would have eventually been dropped. Their construction was far more complex than Front Loader design (specifically the gearbox and brake) and I'm sure they had become economically unviable by the end of ever Mammon would have ruled if Europe hadn't got there first - shame though as they were great washers....

Post# 194373 , Reply# 37   3/1/2007 at 18:12 (4,588 days old) by richie ()        
off on a tangent

Sorry to go off on a tagent, but liberator1509 are you from Bristol Engalnd? only asking as I am as well. Tried to email you but keeps coming back as failed.Once again folks sorry for changing the subject. Regards Rich

Post# 194374 , Reply# 38   3/1/2007 at 18:21 (4,588 days old) by liberator1509 (Ireland)        
off on another tangent

I sure am...and emails on here don't seem to work....

Post# 194377 , Reply# 39   3/1/2007 at 18:31 (4,588 days old) by richie ()        
off on one last tangent

Well small world. We both seem to have a thing for top loaders. I have an American Whirlpool and Zanussi If you fancy a chat, my email is Once again sorry for hijacking the thread over and out. Rich

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