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AEG Lavamat 971 has arrived!
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Post# 216603   6/17/2007 at 16:53 (4,444 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

Hi all. Well after much excitement seeing this gorgeous AEG on Ebay I finally got it home after being stuck in Hereford for hours on end due to flash flooding. The nice lady i bought it from for the pricely sum of 99 pence kept me happy with lots of tea while we waited for the rain to subside and the roads to become passable. She did live on a farm and I really could have done with a 4x4 to get down her driveway.

Anyway i got it home and eager to test run it I plumbed in and switched on. I got it through a cycle but the pump leaked in every direction lol so had to mop up afterwards. A new pump was waiting anyway so I opened up the front of the machine which is well designed for servicing and fitted a new pump. Now two loads of washing later its running perfectly and i'm well impressed with its performance. Nice water levels, lovely noises and perfect washing and rinsing. I haven't yet found an exact date of manufacture in this machine but its seen many years service and is a credit to its owner and AEG for being in near pristine condition and running order.

This machine is the 971 model and is 1000 spin. I love the spin sequence which starts off slow and jumps up bit by bit to 800 then spins for a good while before shooting to 1000. It dries well for 1000rpm and the spin sensor does a very good job balacing the load for a perfect spin. I love the chunky controls and clunky buttons. I'll get some videos done this week of it in action. Hands off Jon it's mine! lol but as you know I get bored after a while so you never know....

Post# 216604 , Reply# 1   6/17/2007 at 16:55 (4,444 days old) by sparkcymru ()        
The drum

Nice drum shot!

Post# 216605 , Reply# 2   6/17/2007 at 16:55 (4,444 days old) by hotpointwf220 ()        

looks superb mate

Post# 216615 , Reply# 3   6/17/2007 at 18:04 (4,444 days old) by platinum6 ()        

That's a very nice AEG you've got here, it looks very smart and classy for it's age.

I see many buttons and features, Wonder what they all do.

Hope you have a great time using it.

Happy Washing!

Post# 216616 , Reply# 4   6/17/2007 at 18:12 (4,444 days old) by carlstock ()        

Lovely, Steve! :-)

Fantastic condition for a start! :-)

Carl :-)

Post# 216668 , Reply# 5   6/18/2007 at 03:01 (4,444 days old) by dascot (Scotland)        

Year of manufacture - around 1987-1989.

My grandparents had a 981 that was purchased in 1988. Gave them 10 years of faultless service before the pump went wonky and the machine wouldn't always spin. They bought a replacement machine and the 981 was taken back by the appliance shop to be refurbished.

Post# 216672 , Reply# 6   6/18/2007 at 04:37 (4,444 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

Platinum6, well the buttons are very classy. Lovely solid feel to them. They are power on/off, door open, two buttons for I think delicates which alter the spin sequence cancelling outthe spins between rinses and doing a different final spin plus it adds a rinse hold, thers also half load, economy wash and 1000/650 spin settings. The pump cost about 8.50 to me so this machine is a bargain and there is not a single dent or rust anywhere even inside despite the fact it had been leaking. It's not quiet by any means but makes a nice noise and is very stable. These are very servicable machines with plenty of parts available easily and cheaply plus you can remove front and back panels to access whatever you want. I'm going to video the next wash when I do the bedding this week so you can see it in action and the spin sequence which is kool.


Post# 216675 , Reply# 7   6/18/2007 at 06:25 (4,444 days old) by mrboilwash (Munich,Germany)        

mrboilwash's profile picture
Congratulations ! I`ve owned a similar machine (an AEG Princess) once. The rinse perfomance on cottons is just superb.
Did you know there is a little black plastic screw behind the detergent drawer? You can ad another (4th) rinse by altering the position of that switch. Regular is only 3 rinses with 75 liters.
The gentle cycle knob with the low level tub is for easy care and Quick (programm No 3) the other one is Delicates.

Post# 216703 , Reply# 8   6/18/2007 at 10:32 (4,444 days old) by sparkcymru ()        
extra rinse

Hi Stefan, yeah i've found the extra rinse switch though I find 3 rinses are fine given the water it uses and good spins between rinses. i'm just setting up the cam to video it so will be on here Tuesday sometime in action. Just gotto decide wat detergent to use in it for maximum effect of suds lol


Post# 216775 , Reply# 9   6/18/2007 at 18:41 (4,443 days old) by toggleswitch (New York City, NY)        
Now THAT is a bargain!

toggleswitch's profile picture
99 pence? Less than a pound sterling. *FAINT*

(Simiar to 99 cents, less than a dollar.)


(The tea, the water and heating it probably cost her more!)

Post# 216879 , Reply# 10   6/19/2007 at 02:50 (4,443 days old) by mrx ()        

0.99 is:

US$ 1.95
or, 1.46

Post# 216888 , Reply# 11   6/19/2007 at 06:12 (4,443 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

The best price i've paid for an ebay machine was 35p for a Servis Caress (about all they are worth!) and 65p for a Servis Easi Logic. Then sold for 60 and 80 afterwards once fixed. I still have my Hoover vision though after selling it on ebay it went wrong so I had to tell the bloke he couldn't have it after all. I may keep it after all i'm not sure but the control board is in for repair so we'll see. The spin sensor failed and the machine shook itself into a jibbering wreck.Its sitting quietly next to the AEG now all sad! lol


Post# 216918 , Reply# 12   6/19/2007 at 10:32 (4,443 days old) by carlstock ()        

Poor Hoover Vision! :-(

He must have got upset and so turned into that jibbering wreak! ;-)

Hope you get it sorted. :-)

Carl :-)

Post# 217074 , Reply# 13   6/20/2007 at 03:23 (4,442 days old) by sparkcymru ()        
Video filling

Ok here's the first video of the start of the cycle. More to come shortly.


Post# 217077 , Reply# 14   6/20/2007 at 04:55 (4,442 days old) by sparkcymru ()        
Main wash vid

Video of Main wash cycle. W5 detergent is used. Nice n sudsy.


Post# 217078 , Reply# 15   6/20/2007 at 04:56 (4,442 days old) by sparkcymru ()        
Rinse cycle

Final rinse cycle


Post# 217081 , Reply# 16   6/20/2007 at 05:21 (4,442 days old) by sparkcymru ()        
Final Spin

Final spin video 1000 rpm. Spins upto 800 then holds for sometime b4 going to 1000 though goes up n down a bit first. Please note it's rather noisy as the bedding was a bit unbalanced so it does sound like a jet aircraft and the fact it's in my conservatory just amplifies the noise lol.

Enjoy. Steve


Post# 217141 , Reply# 17   6/20/2007 at 11:51 (4,442 days old) by robliverpool (england Liverpool)        

robliverpool's profile picture
congrats on ur machine, love the step up on the final spin, sounds like its going to take off lol everything looks and sounds as it should for the age of the machine, what a bargain 99p, nice one for the vids

Post# 217149 , Reply# 18   6/20/2007 at 13:42 (4,442 days old) by fredriksam (Sweden)        

Wow!!!. Cool videos. Congrats on your great find there mate.
Guess the Hoover vision will be jealos. Nice thing that the machine is such great condition. It was a great price also.

Post# 217151 , Reply# 19   6/20/2007 at 13:53 (4,442 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

Yeah i'm really putting it through its paces catching up on all the washing. It does clean very very well. I'm hoping the vision can be fixed, still waiting for the control board to come back so we'll see because a new board is not worth it.

Post# 217182 , Reply# 20   6/20/2007 at 16:32 (4,441 days old) by mrboilwash (Munich,Germany)        

mrboilwash's profile picture
How do you like the "Lidl" detergent, apart from its lovley suds ? I guess it is the only liquid left on the German market that does not require a stupid dosing ball. Haven`t tried it out yet but I`m tempted.
The AEG activates it`s pump for a few seconds at the beginning of most programmes. I don`t know what is the logic behind that. Maybe it has something to do with the detergent recovery valve, which was a brand new technology back in the late `80s. So I was quite surprised to see that much suds in your vids and not all the detergent gone down the drain before the wash :-)

Post# 217283 , Reply# 21   6/21/2007 at 06:23 (4,441 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

Yes the pump starts when you press the on button. Some Hotpoints do that too only for a bit longer from what i've seen. I think i've seen a few others do it as well so its certainly not uncommon.

I've used Lidls detergent for a long time both W5 and Addritt plus Maxitrat as well as the usual Persil and Bold depending on where i'm shopping. I only use W5 now cause i didn't like the smell of Lidls other ranges and its always cleaned very well although they chaged the colour at some point from a lovely white gloopy liquid to green or red depending on non bio or bio which looks rather freaky if you ask me. I do love a few suds and the bottle is a good design too with a no dribble cap so full marks to it.

Post# 222721 , Reply# 22   7/14/2007 at 23:51 (4,417 days old) by laundryshark (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)        
Congrats and Many Thanks!

Greetings, Steve:

I still have and enjoy playing your video demos of the Hoover and LG units. I just got through listening to the AEG and am quite impressed. If you still have Windows Media files somewhere of that AEG, I would like to collect those as well. Again, very interesting. Many thanks!

Laundry Shark

Post# 222736 , Reply# 23   7/15/2007 at 03:05 (4,417 days old) by robm (Buxted)        

robm's profile picture
Hi there Steve

Congratulations on the find. Here is an advert from 1983 for a similar machine


Post# 222737 , Reply# 24   7/15/2007 at 03:06 (4,417 days old) by robm (Buxted)        

robm's profile picture
and the second part

Post# 222739 , Reply# 25   7/15/2007 at 03:41 (4,417 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands)        

foraloysius's profile picture
Great machine, I love that series AEG with the bigger buttons, the later series with the smaller round buttons were not as well built. And they also have the lower water level in the rinse cycle. I had a 625 and now I have a 6450. This last one is better than the 625, but I would still prefer yours. The only odd thing I noticed is the variation in the spinspeed in the end. Mine never did that in that way, although my 625 always started a bit faster than 1000rpm I think and then slowed down a bit.

Post# 222871 , Reply# 26   7/15/2007 at 18:58 (4,416 days old) by bellalaundry (Hamilton, Canada)        
Great videos!

bellalaundry's profile picture
Thanks for posting the vids...I had the matching dryer a few years ago, and always wondered how the washer was.

Here in Canada AEG is a premium brand like Miele, is it premium over in Europe as well?


Post# 223045 , Reply# 27   7/16/2007 at 10:04 (4,416 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

I think AEG are still held up there with the premium brands ok though I think they are not the same since Electrolux took over.
Foraloysius- the spin variation at the end was something its only done once and not again, it was out of balance on that vid so that may have been why. It is quite fussy getting itself balanced but spins anyway after a while and can get a bit rowdy lol.

Its working very well I have to say. I've used all programs now, i especially love the wool wash which is very high water levels and a good spin sequence. I have to admit it rinses better than my Hoover vision did even if i had used the extra rinse button, the AEG outperforms it. The clothes come out very very clean too . Think I shall be keeping this one for a while.

Love the AEG advert RobM. Its very retro! and its true about the rust proofing, not a spot of rust on my machine inside or out! We've also just had to retire our 1983 AEG dishwasher in our holiday cottage as I couldn't repair it but not bad after 24 years service. No rust on that either.

Post# 223387 , Reply# 28   7/17/2007 at 17:40 (4,414 days old) by rolls_rapide (0)        
AEG & the initial pump out...

The reason why the 'proper' AEG's pump out for a short time is to properly activate the 'Eco-lock' sump ball valve. The sump water is pumped up to a header tank (this is why the drain hose appears to be attached to the top of the machine).

When the pump stops, gravity allows the water to flow back down into the sump, forcing the ball-valve to be sealed against the tub base. The header tank principle allows a better 'back pressure' than can be achieved by simply using normal drain hoses (current Bosch, Hoover 'New Wave', etc).

This is also why you have to pour a litre of water into the machine when new, or after inspecting the pump filter.

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