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Air Wash
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Post# 240184   10/3/2007 at 15:44 (4,336 days old) by liberator1509 (Ireland)        

Hi people - has anyone across this machine? Looks pretty cool to me - I wonder if 'air wash' works though....

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Post# 240187 , Reply# 1   10/3/2007 at 16:14 (4,336 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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It's a cool looking machine - not so sure about the "Air Wash" feature, looks rather gimmicky to me...

Post# 240188 , Reply# 2   10/3/2007 at 16:15 (4,336 days old) by mulls ()        
Damndest thing ever...

Amazing-blowing hot air on your clothes to clean them-talk about smelly after 3 or 4 wearings!Why not just run them in the dryer you already have instead of buying their washer?

Post# 240191 , Reply# 3   10/3/2007 at 16:40 (4,336 days old) by toggleswitch (New York City, NY)        

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"The AirWash will keep your loved ones fresh and fluffy with out any damage to fur."

Sorry, but a good convetional shower (with water) is still preferred.

Post# 240192 , Reply# 4   10/3/2007 at 16:43 (4,336 days old) by funguy10 ()        

But this machine can actually do in-home dry cleaning. It can relive odors but I'm not sure about stains.

Post# 240193 , Reply# 5   10/3/2007 at 16:54 (4,336 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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Just a washer/dryer... Nice styling, though!

Post# 240195 , Reply# 6   10/3/2007 at 17:28 (4,336 days old) by funguy10 ()        

Well, I've just read the machine's manual online. I found out several things:

1. I don't think the machine can remove stains from Dry-Clean Only clothes but that's whay they came out with Dryel.

2. To TechniGeek, if you are out there reading this, The machine's "Tub Clean" cycle uses SilverCare and realeases silver ions into the wash tub and kills mold and mildew.

3. SilverCare sanitization does not begin to wear down for a month after you use it on your laundry. This will mean your clothes will stay sanitized for one month afterward. Because of this, the sanitization also keeps mold and mildew from growing on the drum for one month.

4. Apparently, the AirWash can blow wrinkles out of clothes.

5. Yes,it is a washer/dryer combo. Apparently runs on 240 volts.

Post# 240229 , Reply# 7   10/3/2007 at 21:38 (4,336 days old) by toggleswitch (New York City, NY)        

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~SilverCare sanitization does not begin to wear down for a month after you use it on your laundry. This will mean your clothes will stay sanitized for one month afterward. Because of this, the sanitization also keeps mold and mildew from growing on the drum for one month.

To me it means that whatever deleterious effects it has will be passed on to you and your skin for a month, too

I had heard that there were environmental concerns of AG ions in the drain water.

oh and Im thinking Dryel and the above machine are totally unrelated!

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Post# 240234 , Reply# 8   10/3/2007 at 21:48 (4,336 days old) by toggleswitch (New York City, NY)        
When all else fails change your underwear more frequently.

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Surprised by a strange smell?

And find out that it is caused by mold in the washing machine?
No need to worry.

Worry? Why worry it solves NOTHING!

Marcia Marcia Marcia, I mean........
marketing, marketing, marketing

Post# 240236 , Reply# 9   10/3/2007 at 22:16 (4,336 days old) by toggleswitch (New York City, NY)        
Oy that should be my biggest dilemma!

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"The dilemma of deciding what to do with clothes that are not dirty enough to warrant a normal wash, but not fit for simply hanging back up in your closet is a thing of the past!"

Uhm... put on a hanger and allow to air. No energy required. Or one could actually buy a used portable mechanical dryer or a rack dryer just to air-fluff stuff that is worn but re-wearable. The idea of putting unwashed clothing in my real dryer doesn't quite appeal to me.

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Post# 240239 , Reply# 10   10/3/2007 at 22:45 (4,336 days old) by peteski50 (New York)        

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This looks real interesting. I would be interested in this combo. I don't know if they sell it here in the states. But it's like LG is their reliable service? I would never want to experience that again with such poor service.

Post# 240241 , Reply# 11   10/3/2007 at 23:29 (4,336 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        

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I think we should all just forget about this washer business. Want to save on water?
We should all buy one-time-use disposable clothing!
That'll solve the nasty problem of washers and water usage!

Consumer Reports and the EPA would love this shit!

Post# 240248 , Reply# 12   10/3/2007 at 23:57 (4,336 days old) by arrrooohhh (Sydney Australia)        

Nice looking machine but I so hate how the Korean manufacterers have to have a useless gimmick to sell their machines. With LG it is that stupid pulsator with the whirly bits on it that do nothing to the fancy steam technology on its FL's that make people go "OOH" in the showroom but is not really that useful everyday.

Airwash indeed!

Post# 240273 , Reply# 13   10/4/2007 at 07:01 (4,336 days old) by toggleswitch (New York City, NY)        

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Hi Peteski!

I believe this one is 220v, which I think is not available to you.

Do they have a 110v model?

Post# 240355 , Reply# 14   10/4/2007 at 16:21 (4,335 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

That is a beautiful machine. Very interesting features. Good fun i imagine but Samsung always have to have a big sticking out control knob somewhere lol.


Post# 240451 , Reply# 15   10/5/2007 at 06:24 (4,335 days old) by toggleswitch (New York City, NY)        

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I don't find any fault when there is something sticking out to grab on to.

Post# 240472 , Reply# 16   10/5/2007 at 08:44 (4,335 days old) by mayken4now (Panama City, Florida)        

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What a joke. First it was less, less, less, less water. NOW None.

Oh My Goodness.

Post# 240623 , Reply# 17   10/6/2007 at 06:19 (4,334 days old) by funguy10 ()        

I'm not sure how it works but according to, the SilverCare option on the SilverCare washer really works.

Post# 240626 , Reply# 18   10/6/2007 at 07:09 (4,334 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

Just one other thing. I notice it has handles on the sides. I wish everyone else wud adopt them on their machines. I know most people buy a machine and stick it in place for as long as it lasts but us washer boys need something to grip onto when we are changing our machines around and loading in and out of cars. All we get is cut fingers lol.


Post# 240630 , Reply# 19   10/6/2007 at 07:31 (4,334 days old) by funguy10 ()        

If this machine has handles on the side it must be a pretty heavy machine. all the heavier machines have this so you don't give yourself a hernia trying to lift and move it. The Dyson Contrarotator has a handle underneath called the "RollerJack" for this same purpose. 2DrumsAllergy, do you Dyson machines have those handles underneath?

Post# 240646 , Reply# 20   10/6/2007 at 09:10 (4,334 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        

Hello Funguy10,
Yes indeed all Dyson washers are fitted with the RollerJack™ handle, this makes moving the very heavy Dysons a breeze.


Post# 240656 , Reply# 21   10/6/2007 at 09:52 (4,334 days old) by toggleswitch (New York City, NY)        

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~The SilverCare option on the SilverCare washer really works.

Just becuse one CAN do it does not mean one SHOULD do it.

Post# 240669 , Reply# 22   10/6/2007 at 11:02 (4,334 days old) by funguy10 ()        

Well Toggleswitch I've not seen complaints on Epinions about skin rashes/conditions on clothes due to SilverCare but I can't argue over it because it's just our different opinions. Also David, why are the Dyson Machines so heavy? How heavy are they?

Post# 240683 , Reply# 23   10/6/2007 at 13:28 (4,334 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        
Dyson CR02 2-Drums Allergy

Hello Funguy10,
The Dyson weighs 103Kg 227Lb.
They are heavy because of the Cast Iron balance weights, the Automotive strength gearbox, two main motors, two drum support spiders and of course two drums. The RollerJack™ makes it very easy to move though.

See my link to the CR02 User Guide.


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Post# 240685 , Reply# 24   10/6/2007 at 13:38 (4,334 days old) by funguy10 ()        

Thanks. By the way, how are the videos of the Dyson coming along?

Post# 240886 , Reply# 25   10/7/2007 at 13:40 (4,333 days old) by funguy10 ()        

AH-HA! Here it is straight outta Conumer Reports! Thier test of the SiverCare washer. Apparently the Ag+ option really works on thier review.


Post# 240889 , Reply# 26   10/7/2007 at 14:43 (4,333 days old) by dadoes (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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You neglected to mention these comments from the review:
But SilverCare adds 6 to 24 minutes per load, and you must replace the silver bars after 10 years or 3,000 washes (about $50 to $75 per pair). We’re also concerned about potential health and environmental impacts of silver on clothes and wastewater.

This Samsung is fairly pricey. You can get a washer with comparable ability to remove dirt and stains, such as the Kenmore HE2, for less.

Post# 240892 , Reply# 27   10/7/2007 at 16:00 (4,332 days old) by funguy10 ()        

Didn't see that...

Post# 241794 , Reply# 28   10/11/2007 at 16:47 (4,328 days old) by funguy10 ()        

Does anyone know if this machine has VRT(Vibration Reduction Technology) like the SilverCare?

Post# 242320 , Reply# 29   10/14/2007 at 07:21 (4,326 days old) by funguy10 ()        

Toggleswitch, I know that Dryel and the machine are unrealated. I probably worded that wrong though.Now for the list of machine features.

SilverNano Wash: When the "Ag+" (Positive Silver) option is selected, positively-charged silver ions become realeased into the wash load to sanitize it and remove germs even in cold water and even without using bleach. Of course there is all the talk here about this being harardous to your health. What is wierd is that the machine has a "Sanitary" cycle.

AirWash: The AirWash blows concentrated hot air on your laundry to neutralize odor particles. Afterwards, it stores them in the machine's condenser where they later get pumped out of the machine.

Clean Cycle with Ag+: The machine's clean cycle uses SilverNano to kill mold and mildew. But since this, once again is dangerous to your health, it wolud be better to run an empty Sanitary cycle with bleach or vinegar. Well okay, vinegar would probably make an awful smell.

Long-lasting SilverNano: The effects of SilverNano do not wear off on either your laundry or the drum. This kepps your laundry sanitized for a month (and hurts your skin for a month too!) and keeps mold and mildew from growing on the drum for a month.

10.5 Kg capacity: The machine has a capacity of 10.5 Kg. I'm not good at math and can't convert that to english measuremants but it looks as big as the drum in the Kenmore Oasis HE washer.

Washer/Dryer combo: The machine is a Washer/Dryer combo. You can select a dry-only cycle or a wash/rinse only or rinse only clcle.

Vibration Reduction Technology(VRT): The machine has the same VRT as its predessesor the SilverCare washer. This ensures for super-quiet, vibration-free spin operation. (One reviewer of the SilverCare washer on mentioned that the machine only made a quiet,low hum at highest spin speed.)

Post# 244213 , Reply# 30   10/23/2007 at 15:32 (4,316 days old) by xyz ()        

Well guys, this ain't no new concept at all. Benjamin Franklin come up with the concept of the "AIRBATH" fro people. If my memory serves me correct, his concept was to get naked and run around outside in below freezing cold air for about a half hour. His idea had some credibility because the cold just may have killed some of the odor causing bacteria but stil la funky way to live but ya know back then it was probably a bitch to fetch water, boil it and bathe only to get out of washtub to a rather drafty ass house with innefficient fireplace heating. Something to think about.

Post# 244257 , Reply# 31   10/23/2007 at 19:43 (4,316 days old) by sudsmaster (East of SF, West of Eden, California)        
Ever eat using silverware?

sudsmaster's profile picture
Or use a silver service?

Have silver tooth fillings?

Let's face it, putting a minute amount of silver into your laundry wash water is far less of a potential health issue than eating with silverware could ever be (not that silverware is any health concern to begin with). Just my opinion - maybe I'm wrong, and there's something terribly insidious about silver ions, but ... I think there are more important things to worry about... like the chlorine fumes from good old liquid bleach.

Post# 244261 , Reply# 32   10/23/2007 at 20:14 (4,316 days old) by funguy10 ()        

Or swallowing Liquid Chlorine Bleach!

Post# 245335 , Reply# 33   10/30/2007 at 18:48 (4,309 days old) by xyz ()        

Bleach tastes much better than ammonia though.

Post# 245339 , Reply# 34   10/30/2007 at 19:37 (4,309 days old) by funguy10 ()        

And I still wouldn't drink either of them!

Post# 245536 , Reply# 35   10/31/2007 at 21:51 (4,308 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        

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I still prefer the taste and crunchy texture of Lemon Cascade.

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