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How Many Loads A Week??
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Post# 257793   1/5/2008 at 06:17 (3,911 days old) by chrisbsuk (Bristol, uk)        

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I am interested to know how many loads of washing people do each week. What do you think constitutes as heavy use of a washer?
As you know, I have a Hotpoint Aqualtis, and so far so good. I have asked all of us living in the house to keep a record of the loads that we do from the last week the machine has done:

1 90* Wash (White Towels)
1 60* Synthetic Wash Chefs Whites
3 60* Bed and Bath Cycles (Bed Linen)
2 30& White & Pre wash Cycles (for football and rugby team kits)
1 40* Shirts Cycle
6 40* Synthetic Cycle (for general clothes)
1 30* Wool/Handwash Cycle
1 cold Wool/Handwash cycle
1 30* Coloureds cycle (for Denim)

The vast majority of this then gets tumble dried -pics to follow

Post# 257794 , Reply# 1   1/5/2008 at 06:18 (3,911 days old) by chrisbsuk (Bristol, uk)        

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Washing a 90* Load - just getting started

Post# 257796 , Reply# 2   1/5/2008 at 06:19 (3,911 days old) by chrisbsuk (Bristol, uk)        

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and the drier - its a condensor model

Post# 257806 , Reply# 3   1/5/2008 at 06:27 (3,911 days old) by dj-gabriele ()        

At home in Bologna our washing machine is used once a day everyday and sometimes it does two loads but yo can count for 7-8 washes per week.
Of these 6 are 30C and 1 or 2 are 60C everyhing on cotton programme

Post# 257812 , Reply# 4   1/5/2008 at 06:35 (3,911 days old) by lavamat78800 ()        

I do up to 14 loads a week in a 4-person household.

Post# 257813 , Reply# 5   1/5/2008 at 06:36 (3,911 days old) by robliverpool (england Liverpool)        

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i wash every day sometimes two loads a day so 8-10 loads a week... i have the hotpoint aquarius and i tend to do most washes on a 60 degree or a 50 degree, i just cant bring my self to wash at 30 or 40

Post# 257822 , Reply# 6   1/5/2008 at 07:28 (3,911 days old) by runematic (southcentral pa)        

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We do about 10 loads a week. I just delivered a new top load washer to a farm family that does 10 loads A DAY, every day. They were extremely PO'ed that the Amanatag washer failed after, as they say, ONLY 4 years. That's 4 years worth of 10 loads a DAY, every single day. they just couldn't understand that they used the washer way way more than most folks. Let's see, 10 loads a week = 520 loads/year. 10 loads a day would equal about 3650 loads/year. So 4 years @ 520/year = 2080 loads through most washers. Their washer over 4 years = 14600 loads. That's about 7 times more loads. So using this convoluted math their washer is equal to about 28 years old (520*28=14560). Not too shabby for a POS washer.

Post# 257861 , Reply# 7   1/5/2008 at 11:24 (3,911 days old) by sadose ()        
from a view without any children etc involved.....

Just me and my partner we tend to typically do (per week):

1x whites load (socks undies t-shirts etc) at cottons 60

1 or 2 light coloured loads (general clothing) at cottons 40

2 or 3 dark coloureds loads (general clothing) at cottons 40

1 load of white towels at cottons 75

1 load of (dark) coloured towels at cottons 60

1 load of white sheets at cottons 75

1 load of (dark) coloured sheets at cottons 60

1 load of teacloths/dishcloths/kitchen linen at cottons 95

every fortnight, 1 load of jeans done on cottons 40

typically, there may be a numerical deviation of between 2 and 5 loads each week either way to account for time spent away from home or washing other household textiles like bathmats, rugs and curtains etc.

This probably could be condensed down but we end up doing that on average due to me being somewhat fussy as to what articles I will wash in a specific load.


Post# 257874 , Reply# 8   1/5/2008 at 12:20 (3,911 days old) by mrx ()        

For 10 loads a day, you really need a commercial machine or at the very least a Miele.

Post# 257895 , Reply# 9   1/5/2008 at 14:05 (3,911 days old) by askomiele (belgium)        

Oke typcial laundryscheme for a normal week! 5 persons all between 49-15 (i'm 19)

4 dark loads on 30 (generaly clothing)
2 lightly colour loads on 30 (generaly clothing)

in summertime that changes because more lightly clothes are weared

2 loads of whites on 95 (kitchentowels, theatowels, undies white soaks, washclothes, facetowels)
3 loads of towels on 60-70

1 load of woolens cold
1 load of handwashables 25

sheets washed every 3 weeks + 5 extra loads on 60

So 14.5 loads a week

6 of them washed and dried during the week between 9pm and 6am
7 of them washed and dried in the weekend between 9pm fridaynight and 6am monday morning
the sheets fills up the spaces in the saturday laundry!

Post# 257897 , Reply# 10   1/5/2008 at 14:30 (3,911 days old) by zanussi_lover (Nottingham, UK)        

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All i do is

1 load of towels, teatowels and kitchen stuff (dirty socks included) at cottons 60
1 load of delicate whites (white t-shirts, lights) at synthetics 40
1 load of darks (jeans included) at cottons 30
and every so often woolens on a wool cycle when needed

and this isn't every week, its when the basket gets full so some weeks the washing machine isn't used, hence the reason why my zanussi is still going strong 7 years later :) mind you i'm at uni so there are only two people in the flat (my mum and dad)

Post# 257911 , Reply# 11   1/5/2008 at 15:56 (3,911 days old) by jaxsunst ()        

Before the Calypso, I did 9-12 for my family of four. Now, with the Calypso, I only do 5-7. My wash is divided into 5 categories, sometime, I have to do more than one load of a certain type.

I use the extended spin option on most loads, so my drying never takes more than 45 minutes.

Post# 257912 , Reply# 12   1/5/2008 at 16:03 (3,910 days old) by dadoes (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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Average is about 1. :-)

The only thing I do on an established weekly basis is sheets. Did sheets yesterday.

Everything else is done when enough is collected. Whites/towels is when I'm close to out of clean socks, which is typically two weeks (need to do a load in the next couple days). Shirts and jeans can go about 1.5 weeks. Did jeans yesterday. Did shirts couple days ago.

Post# 257935 , Reply# 13   1/5/2008 at 17:52 (3,910 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

I average about 5 loads per week

2 loads of sheets @ 50degC
1 load of towels @ 50degC
1 load of darks @ 40degC
1 load of whites @ 50degC
1 load of Business Shirts @ 50degC

If its fine I hang it all outside on Saturday morning and spend Sunday chasing up the ironing.

I use calgon in all loads and a colour detergent for the darks.

Post# 258069 , Reply# 14   1/6/2008 at 08:39 (3,910 days old) by toggleswitch (New York City, NY)        

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In a two person household:

2 loads of darks per week
1 load of whites per week
1 load of sheets per week (2 sets of Queen size)

If there are many reds/vivids there will be another partial load.

Strangely my towels go with darks usually (only in the front-loader), but sometimes separately. I change towels twice or thrice weekly; not a new one every day.

Placemats and kitchen towels get a specal-purpose load here and there. Perfect for that GE FF mini-basket!

Post# 258070 , Reply# 15   1/6/2008 at 08:41 (3,910 days old) by gadgetgary (Bristol,CT)        
What do you do?

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-I change towels twice or thrice weekly; not a new one every day.

In CT, he gets a new one every day.

Post# 258071 , Reply# 16   1/6/2008 at 08:43 (3,910 days old) by toggleswitch (New York City, NY)        
I'm treated like a queen. In a good way.

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It is SO NICE to get the royal treatment.

Chrisbuk- Love the radiator under the towel bar. Perfect!

Post# 258090 , Reply# 17   1/6/2008 at 10:48 (3,910 days old) by cbosch ()        
My loads

I live in a flat by myself during the week and at my parents house at weekends and hols therefore

2 60degree towel and underwear washes
1 60degree sheets
1 30 easy care darks
1 40 easy care lights
1 90 cleaning cloths

1 fornightly 30 woolen wash
I also do curtains periodically

4 60/90 towel washes
4 40 easy care white/light
3 40 easy care dark
2 wool 30/handwash programme
3 60 sheets

At weekend I will do all sheets plus 7 of the above loads. Remainder done by mum and cleaning lady during the week
All 60 /90 degree washes are on cottons cycle
both machines are bosch models with wash plus and aqua plus always selected

I also do 3 loads of sheets and twoels at my grandparents on a saturday this is 60degree cottons, in hotpoint
1/2 loads of woolens aswell.

Once fortnightly I do three loads of sheets and towels and my paternal grans 60 degree cotton in electrolux machine.

Post# 258123 , Reply# 18   1/6/2008 at 13:52 (3,910 days old) by sparkcymru ()        

Hi, well there is just two of us in my household so at the moment I do:
1-2 40 degree washes per week
1 60 degree bedding loads per week
1 60 degree whites every 2-3 weeks
plus the odd wool wash for the large bedding throw

Post# 258360 , Reply# 19   1/7/2008 at 08:54 (3,909 days old) by samsungfl (United Kingdom/London )        
My Weekly Washes...

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I average out at about 20 loads or so a week, I Wash...

Up to two loads a day of either coloured or dark washing, general clothes - T-shirts e.t.c Done usually on Non Fast 40c (Sometimes with the Stain Blaster option if clothes have stains)

One or two loads of jeans each week

One load of dark coloured towels on Cottons 60c + P

One load of light coloured towels on the same cycle

One load of kitchen linen done on Cottons 90c + P

a load of whites done on Colourfast 60c

One to Two loads of sheets done on Colourfast 60c

However sometimes there is slightly more than this to wash for seperate items such as : Net Curtains, Jackets, Delicates and Woolens



Post# 258958 , Reply# 20   1/10/2008 at 00:49 (3,906 days old) by pturo ()        
Probably 5 runs a week on the Maytag A408

2 People household, but I am a very picky lanundrer, so only about 3 loads per week are to top capacity,(sheets) the others are medium capacity depending on color or weight,but winter with more sweat pants and heavier garments probably another 1 load per week. I use the A107 for tighty whities and soaking of bleached things and the A408 for big loads of color things. But I would say 5 loads. If I used to full capactiy would be perhaps 3 loads a week, but I sort like the devil like I was taught by my mother. You just dont wash ecru terry towels with black t-shirts just because they are non whites, and synthics should never be washed or dried with all cotton pilling garments. I think we make too much about capacity in the US: Size is important, but not to the detrement of a quality outcome. Allegedly. Who wants a 20 lb washer that you put everything in, all fabrics, all colors,the king size comforter, the mattress, the living room rug in? Laundry is personal. Get the members of your household to do their own. Send the big things out.

Post# 259008 , Reply# 21   1/10/2008 at 09:15 (3,906 days old) by seeitrun2006 (Braselton/Hoschton GA)        
4~6 loads weekly with Duet HT size-4.0

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Depending on if we have bed sheets, rugs or dog's bedding to wash. We use our towels twice before putting them in the dirty clothes. Prior to that with the 2 year GE we had we washed 6~8 loads per week. We have been using the Duet HT since November and noticed our city water bill has dropped about $10.00 dollars.

Post# 259603 , Reply# 22   1/13/2008 at 12:21 (3,903 days old) by rolls_rapide (Scotland, UK)        
Who wants a 20 lb washer that you put everything in, all fab

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I think that was Hoover UK's thinking when they switched from the 11 lb 'Ecologics' to the 10 lb 'New Wave' and 'Classica' models.

I seem to remember reading about "smaller quantities being washed more often." Thus the smaller drum, initially.

Whether or not that line came from Hoover, is a moot point. It might have been magazine blurb.

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