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Post# 275515   4/16/2008 at 19:09 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

NO! Not THAT Westytoploader.........THIS ONE! Bought this set over the weekend in fairly nice unrestored condition. Well optioned with extra features.......this is the first Westinghouse Top Loader I have come across in ages......

Post# 275517 , Reply# 1   4/16/2008 at 19:10 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

Washer controls.......

Post# 275520 , Reply# 2   4/16/2008 at 19:11 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

Temperature push buttons......

Post# 275523 , Reply# 3   4/16/2008 at 19:12 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

Ok guys, this IS a first! I have never seen "TINY" as a load size......!

Post# 275524 , Reply# 4   4/16/2008 at 19:13 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

FIFTEEN Most Often Used Wash Cycles.......??? !!!!!

Post# 275525 , Reply# 5   4/16/2008 at 19:14 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

Two For The Price Of One! Yes, this is the dual agitator model, with the handwash agitator inside the curved vane blue one........

Post# 275526 , Reply# 6   4/16/2008 at 19:15 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

Westinghouse blue curved vane agitator........

Post# 275527 , Reply# 7   4/16/2008 at 19:16 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

Unscrew the cap, pull the big agitator out, and PRESTO! a smaller handwash agitator......

Post# 275528 , Reply# 8   4/16/2008 at 19:17 (3,813 days old) by dirtybuck (Springfield, MO)        

On Frigidaire's.

Post# 275530 , Reply# 9   4/16/2008 at 19:17 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

The washer also has the famous "Weigh To Save" Lid that weighs the clothes.........Some of the graphics are gone.....but it still works........

Post# 275531 , Reply# 10   4/16/2008 at 19:18 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

Weigh To Save lid rest.......

Post# 275533 , Reply# 11   4/16/2008 at 19:20 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

Timer Controls........this has the "Lock n Spin" feature where the lid locks shut during spin. Westinghouse never had a tub brake on their transmission....and this is how they met the new Federal Regualtions for safety during the spin cycle. On this machine it has been disconneted, thank goodness.......

Post# 275534 , Reply# 12   4/16/2008 at 19:21 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

Dryer controls.......

Post# 275535 , Reply# 13   4/16/2008 at 19:22 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

Dryer Temp Push Buttons.......

Post# 275536 , Reply# 14   4/16/2008 at 19:23 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

More Controls.......

Post# 275537 , Reply# 15   4/16/2008 at 19:23 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

Dryer Timer.......

Post# 275538 , Reply# 16   4/16/2008 at 19:24 (3,813 days old) by dirtybuck (Springfield, MO)        
Hotpoint Washers

Didn't they also have a hand wash agitator underneath the regular one?

Post# 275539 , Reply# 17   4/16/2008 at 19:24 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

Cross Vane Tumbling..........and drum light at the top of the port.......

Post# 275540 , Reply# 18   4/16/2008 at 19:25 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

Philco and Westinghouse both had similar names for their tumbling action.....

Post# 275542 , Reply# 19   4/16/2008 at 19:27 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

Notice that the washer is serviced from the back and not the front. Im not sure of the vintage year of these, but since the front does not come off, I think these are from approx 1969.........I do believe that later models had the removable front panel.......anyone know for sure????????

Post# 275548 , Reply# 20   4/16/2008 at 19:51 (3,813 days old) by golittlesport (California)        

nice Westy TL set Jimmy! And they ARE Westy....not White-Westy. Very flexible machine with the four speed combos and the hand wash agitator....great for your unmentionables! Thanks for all the pictures!

Post# 275555 , Reply# 21   4/16/2008 at 20:26 (3,813 days old) by nasadowsk ()        

Ok, where's the underhood shots? :)

Post# 275567 , Reply# 22   4/16/2008 at 21:53 (3,813 days old) by brent-aucoin ()        

Very nice Jimmy! I think they are in great shape!
Is the dryer electric or gas? I could not tell.
This is a great set!

Post# 275568 , Reply# 23   4/16/2008 at 22:01 (3,813 days old) by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
OOOHHH Jimy, beautiful copper. Those were TOL I do believe!!

Post# 275575 , Reply# 24   4/16/2008 at 23:26 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

Hey Brent! The dryer is electric. A gas Westinghouse would have had a little access door in the lower left front panel........

Post# 275576 , Reply# 25   4/16/2008 at 23:57 (3,813 days old) by maytagbear (N.E. Ohio)        
Nice grab, Jimmy!



Post# 275577 , Reply# 26   4/17/2008 at 00:15 (3,813 days old) by tuthill ()        
Cool washers!

Do these have the indexing tub?

Post# 275581 , Reply# 27   4/17/2008 at 01:03 (3,813 days old) by gewa1054wguy ()        
WestyTopLoader, Oh My

What a great find! Hope to see these working in August!


Post# 275584 , Reply# 28   4/17/2008 at 01:33 (3,813 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Great find! Thee machine do have an indexing tub, though they don't index as much as my '06 Frigi TL'er. Love that ramped agitator.

Post# 275587 , Reply# 29   4/17/2008 at 02:00 (3,813 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        
Coppertone Westys

chestermikeuk's profile picture
Hi Jimmy, lovely machines you have there, and what a range of features!!! did any other make have the Agi over Agi??

What would the spin speed be about 600rpm??....looking forward to seeing these beautys in action in August!!!

Cheers, Mike

Post# 275592 , Reply# 30   4/17/2008 at 03:18 (3,813 days old) by filterflo ()        

HI Mike & Mike! Yes both Westinghouse and Hotpoint had models with a double agitator, and GE did at the very end of the model run for their 1995 washers........other than that Im not sure if anyone else ever did that. Im not quite sure of the spin speed of these......but its certainly NOT ultra fast.....I believe you are in the correct range with about 600 rpm........

Post# 275601 , Reply# 31   4/17/2008 at 05:33 (3,812 days old) by jons1077 (Portland, OR)        

jons1077's profile picture
I think my Westinghouse pair is from around the same time as yours. Exact same cabinet and all with a hundred screws to remove off that back panel. Your pair must be TOL or close to it. Lighted panel too right? Those are really nice and so glad someone got those. Congrats!


Post# 275615 , Reply# 32   4/17/2008 at 06:22 (3,812 days old) by polkanut (Wausau, WI )        

polkanut's profile picture
Those agitators look like they were inspired by EASY's Swirlator design.

Post# 275616 , Reply# 33   4/17/2008 at 06:31 (3,812 days old) by cycla-fabric (New Jersey)        

Great Westy Set Jimmy, Neighbors across the street had that same set in the same color. I remember them when I baby sat the kids(late 70's). Ran a load of wash through them while watching the kids. Neat action too and a slight index tub action too. I remember when using gentle spin the machine would spin first at high speed to extract the water then shift to low speed. The dryer has a great end of cycle signal too, comes on during the cool down phase and doesn't stop until the machine finishes the cycle - No short buzz here, just a nice buzzzzzzzzzzzz. HA HA! Enjoy them as they were a good machine!


Post# 275625 , Reply# 34   4/17/2008 at 07:03 (3,812 days old) by swestoyz (Cedar Falls, Iowa)        

swestoyz's profile picture
Very nice Westys there Jimmy - love the dual agitators. Saw the matching washer recently at an estate sale, and of course they laughed when I inquired about the machine. Glad your set didn't become crusher fodder!


Post# 275633 , Reply# 35   4/17/2008 at 07:43 (3,812 days old) by geoffdelp (Foley, Minnesota)        

Very nice set, Jimmy!

Will these have a lot of "splash-a-lation"? :-)

They looked like they were well cared for.

Post# 275647 , Reply# 36   4/17/2008 at 09:14 (3,812 days old) by laundromat (Hilo, Hawaii)        

laundromat's profile picture
There was a higher end model washer that had a flurescent lighted panel as well as a matching dryer.I had the same washer a few years older than this one in avacado had the fabric softner dispenser lid.I always wondered how Hotpoint legaly took away the hand wash agitator idea from Westinghouse who was the developer of them sometime around 1967.They had them on their high end models and they were also an optional feature you could purchase for an aditional charge.Enquiring minds want to know.Anybody know the answer?

Post# 275781 , Reply# 37   4/17/2008 at 21:25 (3,812 days old) by filterflo ()        

I love this pair since they have features not normally found on "ordinary" washers! Ha! Such as the Weigh To Save lid, the dual agitators, lock and spin lid, etc etc. They both were quality construction...... Im not overly fond of the indexing tub, however the washer has great turnover and does a very good job of washing......the tub is large and deep....Westinghouse also made this design for Montgomery Wards for a while which was a much better and quieter design than the Norge based Wards washers.......This set was made in the original Westinghouse plant in Mansfield Ohio...

Post# 275843 , Reply# 38   4/18/2008 at 07:51 (3,811 days old) by jons1077 (Portland, OR)        
Tiny Load

jons1077's profile picture
On my Westinghouse washer (the green ones in the picture) the lowest water level setting is about half full. I'm curious about how much water is in the tub on the "tiny" setting.

I've learned that with this particular kind of machine with the ramp agitator and the indexing tub, it does actually do quite well if it's not overloaded. It's a really large capacity for both washer and dryer. I still think that's probably the best dryer I've ever used so far. Absolutely quiet! Would love any other pics or vidoes you may have and congrats again!


Post# 275846 , Reply# 39   4/18/2008 at 08:10 (3,811 days old) by filterflo ()        

"TINY" load is this washer is really tiny! It would have most likey been designed to be used with the smaller handwash agitator. I will try and get some pics of it soon.......
I believe Westinghouse was trying to compete with General Electric's MiniWash/MiniBasket with this model......
If you notice on the WaterSaver graphis the load size is (somewhat) in increments of "4", ie "4", *8", "12", then jumps to "18", (this being an 18lb capacity machine). The reason for that is that the "Weigh To Save" lid only weighs up to 4 lbs of clothes at a time........ So if you have say a 12lb load, you have to weigh the clothes three times! Actually its just a gimmick (but a neat one at that), since the tub is really filled more by bulk than by weight.........

Post# 275888 , Reply# 40   4/18/2008 at 16:23 (3,811 days old) by jons1077 (Portland, OR)        
very interesting

jons1077's profile picture
I know my machine does not have the "weigh and save" lid but the water level switch is as you described. I found it kind of funny that half a tub of water is what is used for a 4 lb. load of clothing. Somehow that second half of the tub makes up for the extra 14 lbs.!

Post# 275894 , Reply# 41   4/18/2008 at 16:50 (3,811 days old) by pierreandreply4 (St-Bruno de montarville (province of quebec) canada)        
Great find

pierreandreply4's profile picture

great find this was the exact model they add in Home economic at my school except it was avocado green and saw the same model when i was young a a neighbor 's house in Harvest Gold hope you will show pictures and a video of a complete cycle once its restored. congratulation on your find.

Post# 275963 , Reply# 42   4/19/2008 at 13:48 (3,810 days old) by soapnsuds ()        
Oh dios mio!!! CVT!

I had a Westy Front loader w/the dryer stacked on top way back in the late 80's. I remember being SO excited about the Cross Vane Tumbling..thinking it was somthing fabulous. NOT! What a mess of the clothes those things made! My 1/18 has never even come close to a mess like that. Hated, hated, hated that dryer. Thankfully I lived in San Francisco at the time and I had two clotheslines out the kitchen window. Loved the washer though and the silly Weight-to-save door. Oh...the good old days.

Post# 275999 , Reply# 43   4/19/2008 at 19:17 (3,810 days old) by timonator ()        
As Allways!

You allways seem to run across the coolest stuff! And a Matching pair at that! Hmmmm I dont have any Coppertone..appliances....yet!

Post# 276016 , Reply# 44   4/19/2008 at 20:50 (3,810 days old) by filterflo ()        

Yeah Tim, I just "happened" to run across these.......$100.00 and a 12 hr drive later, they just fell into my lap! ha

Post# 276034 , Reply# 45   4/19/2008 at 23:55 (3,810 days old) by timonator ()        
Your a True Blue Die Hard Washer Fan!

Not everyone would drive 12 hours to get something like that but I KNOW you would ! And a few others may....Most people really have no idea what a hobby like this entails... The price of Fuel alone is staggering. Then you have to have a place to put them so and and so forth..but not telling you anything you dont allready know

Post# 276083 , Reply# 46   4/20/2008 at 12:27 (3,809 days old) by bestcleaning ()        

Wow Awesome set. Very beautiful and uncommon color. Now I understand about the "Weigh To Save". Thank you for the pics.

Post# 961410 , Reply# 47   10/8/2017 at 23:19 (351 days old) by agiflow2 ()        

Just looking at this set and remembering the westy washer we had that was just like this one but also had seperate speed selections and a panel light. This machine replaced the Norge washer that died in 1983 after a decade of use.

Coming from a Norge to this used Westy , the tub was definitely smaller but it washed very well and had an excellent suspension system. Very good machine overall. The 2in1 agitator and weigh to save lid was cool.

Those ramped agitators splashed a lot especially with partial wash loads. Very entertaining wash action. Nice long spray rinse if I remember correctly. They were good machines and quiet. Coming from a Norge anything seems quiet. Lolol

Post# 961411 , Reply# 48   10/8/2017 at 23:34 (351 days old) by pumpkina (California)        

They're beautiful!


Where did you find them?

Post# 961413 , Reply# 49   10/8/2017 at 23:47 (351 days old) by DaveAMKrayoGuy (Oak Park, MI)        

daveamkrayoguy's profile picture
Well, hope that Weigh To Save really does help you use the correct amount of water...

Love "Tiny Load" as well...

I enjoyed seeing, as I hope you'll enjoy using!

-- Dave

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