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ASKO Opinions
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Post# 278892   5/7/2008 at 19:50 (3,787 days old) by ha_asfan ()        

Hi Guys, Long time since I posted. In trouble and don't know where to turn for real info. Need to get rid of the amazing and incredible worthless piece of crap GE Frontload washer. It's blown it's second bearing....yada yada....I found a nine year ASKO Model 660 Quatro and dryer for $800.00. Neither unit has been used for two years and neither unit can be tested prior to purchase. I am a bit hot to get the set but am worried that the price is too high and I may be getting machines that don't function properly. I think my real questions are: what are your opinions of ASKO and what are your opinions on purchasing machines which have been idle for an extended period? I wish I could say that I would repair them myself if they needed anything but I won't....I would need to hire a tech guy. Thanks for your input! ha_asfan

Post# 278906 , Reply# 1   5/7/2008 at 20:42 (3,787 days old) by maytagbear (N.E. Ohio)        
Uh, I myself,

would be very reluctant to buy a secondhand machine I could not test.

Askos are beautifully designed machines, but the Asko brand dishwashers are not particularly reliable. The washer might be more reliable than the dishwasher, but I would still have doubts.

If I were buying new, and a new FL, I would get the lowest line of the Frigidaire, the one that has been out for over 10 years. I have seen the washer being sold for about 498.

Good luck with whatever you choose.


Post# 278947 , Reply# 2   5/8/2008 at 04:42 (3,787 days old) by sudsman ()        
Not used for 2 years

In itself can be a major problem.. Belts and seals can dry out and crack. Bearings can "freeze up" and if in areas where their are harsh winters water could have frozen causing more problems.. Would not buy anything that could not be run and checked out. Wiring can also become brittle and crack. And you must be sure there were no "critters" using it for a home. Had a friend that bought a D/W that had been outside for 2 months and when he got it home snakes came out.. Take your time and LOOK CLOSELY.

Post# 279022 , Reply# 3   5/8/2008 at 18:40 (3,786 days old) by soapnsuds ()        

Why can't they be tested? Is the person far away from where you live? Could they follow you to your place, so you could hook them up and test them? If they work great, if not, then it would be a no sale.

$800 seems a bit much for 9 yr old Asko's. I have 3 year old ASKO's and love them. Mine do sit in the garage for months at a time while they are rotated in and out of service for my daily driver.

Hopefully the ones you want before they were stored, the pump was drained. If they didn't you could have some dried up muck in there that could prevent the pump from spinning. So first I would look at the pump for anything odd and then do a partial fill with water and then hit the drain cycle. It may take a few seconds for the water to refill the pump and lines before it discharges. We have 110 degree summers and winters in the 30's...granted mine haven't been stored for years at a time, but again, I have not had any issues. Good luck! -Laurent

Post# 279459 , Reply# 4   5/11/2008 at 17:41 (3,783 days old) by timon90 (Norway)        

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Asko diswashers are one of the most reliable machines you can get here in Norway!!! They win all the test, and is always on 1'st place. Miele on 2'nd or 3'rd.

Post# 279474 , Reply# 5   5/11/2008 at 18:48 (3,783 days old) by ha_asfan ()        
The Asko Dilema, Miele, Vertical Axis???

Thanks for your input, all appreciated. The owner of the machines, inherited via the purchase of a house, claims there is no power nor water to where they are stored. Hence, can not test the machines. In the interim, I have decided that I will probably, possibly, maybe....bite the big bullet and buy a new Miele. I am just sick of buying washing machines every six or seven years. When I lived abroad, we always had an Electrolux top loading vertical axis machine. It worked like a top and i loved it. I would consider another vertical axis top loading machine if I could even find one here, but, I can't. I believe there was a company, Stadler??? making them but they seem to have disappeared. So right now I am in the throes of making the decision between the Miele, maybe something else or just an annual pass to the laundromat. HELP!

Post# 279494 , Reply# 6   5/11/2008 at 19:55 (3,783 days old) by ha_asfan ()        
I mis-spoke

I didn't mean vertical axis, i meant the top loading horizonatl axis machines....

Post# 279558 , Reply# 7   5/12/2008 at 08:31 (3,783 days old) by volvoguy87 (Cincinnati, OH)        

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I believe the American company of which you are thinking is Staber and I believe they are still in business. I have never used, nor even seen one. I know nothing about how well they perform or how well-made they are. From what I have read, they have virtually no support, but unlike LG, they planned for this and designed their washers to be at least somewhat serviceable by their operators.

Any other Staber opinions?


Post# 279597 , Reply# 8   5/12/2008 at 11:52 (3,783 days old) by ha_asfan ()        
Such Indecision in my 90 240DL

Oldvolvoguy, thanks for the response....found the link. OK, so I am off on yet another tangent because I fear getting my tats caught in yet another ringer. My appliance dealer offered me an in the carton, never opened, stored in the "somewhat" heated warehouse for five years Miele Novotronic W1966 for $800.00. That $800.00 keeps popping up around me....It will come with a one year Miele warranty. OK, that's $1000.00 less than the new and comparable machine so it sounds good to me. Once again, I amback where I started with a machine which has been sitting for quite a period and no use only this time, with a warranty. Thoughts???
Thanks in advance, you guys do give good advice.

Post# 279603 , Reply# 9   5/12/2008 at 12:03 (3,783 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

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The W1966 is a nice Miele model. And with a one year Miele warranty I would say the offer is at least interesting. If there are problems with the machine due to storage that long they will come out in the first year. I think this worth the gamble.

Post# 279622 , Reply# 10   5/12/2008 at 14:01 (3,783 days old) by norgenocker ()        
my ASKO dishwasher cleaned

incredibly well compared to the Miele it was replaced with (HATE that top silver drawer) --BUT it only lasted 6 years--and in those 6 years the "motherboard" or whatever it was called had to be replaced. Bought Bosch washer & dryer rather than ASKO because I felt burned by the ASKO d/w--ASKOs don't seem to be worth the extra $. (Btw my parents--in their 80s--just replaced a Whirlpool d/w they bought in 1970 and used at least once a day. One service call.) All of which is to say--don't spend all that $ on such old machines. Put it toward newer & better.

Post# 279636 , Reply# 11   5/12/2008 at 15:24 (3,783 days old) by ha_asfan ()        
Miele Warranty and HE Detergents

Gd, I'd rather buy clothing than another washing machine. So I got on the blower with Miele as the idea of a five year old machine from a Miele distributor still left me a bit queezy feeling. Because the machine is from a Miele dealer, in the original un opened carton and will be installed by a Miele technician, the original one year warranty will be honored. In addition, at the normal cost available to all new Miele products, the extended warranty, five years, can be purchased. To my way of thinking, this sounds like a decent deal which leads me to the next issue, HE Detergents, anyone have experience with these products?

Post# 279650 , Reply# 12   5/12/2008 at 16:38 (3,783 days old) by norgenocker ()        
HE detergent--

I use All 3x "Small & Mighty Free & Clear" HE in my Bosch Axxis--it works well--although at first I had trouble with the condensation dryer (matching Axxis) not drying well, but that was my fault. I was using too much HE, not believing that only a little more than half of that little cap was going to clean a full load--the Bosch help desk explained that too much detergent can (for various chemical reasons I didn't absorb) cause ineffective drying--causing the clothes to retain too much moisture or some such. Anyway--once I did exactly as the bottle and Bosch recommended, I had no trouble with drying. Btw--one thing I've noticed is that All now has a 2x concentrated detergent--hope they're not phasing out 3x, the small bottle of which is much more convenient for apartment dwellers--

Post# 279659 , Reply# 13   5/12/2008 at 17:42 (3,782 days old) by volvoguy87 (Cincinnati, OH)        

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My mother uses Costco Kirkland HE liquid in her pathetic GE Adora. I find that detergent to be low-sudsing, but also of limited effectiveness. I would prefer Tide HE Powder.

Give me my top loader and conventional detergents any day,
Dave (Go with the Miele.)

Post# 279691 , Reply# 14   5/12/2008 at 19:30 (3,782 days old) by sudsman ()        
I have had 2 Staber washers

THere is NO service network for the machines . They ship you a part and u fix .. they were the WORST machines I have ever had. service wise.. in less than 9 mo. Replaced motors,timers, water valves, motor controller boards, and drain pumps. Junk them both less that a year after purchased..

I see all the happy bs from the buyers.. It s very easy to be pleased with a machine when it is new.. I want to hear someone sing the happy lines after owning a machine 2 or 3 years that is when it means the most.

I have asked Staber several to provide testimonials on their machines that are 3 , 4 or 5 years old.. they cannot do it. That says a lot

Post# 282612 , Reply# 15   5/31/2008 at 07:16 (3,764 days old) by ha_asfan ()        
The Done Deal

Update: I went ahead and purchased the Miele been crated and in the warehouse for five years Novotronic W1966. Been using it for two weeks now and it seems to be an amazing and incredible machine! I compare everything to my old Electrolux top loading horizontal shaft machine and this one is even better. It is incredibly quiet, has a full range of cycles and really cleans beautifully. Thanks for your input and thoughts on my now passed dilema!

Post# 282726 , Reply# 16   5/31/2008 at 18:06 (3,763 days old) by launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Once Again, Appliance To The Rescue

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