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Frigidaire TL'ers: Dumbing Down Gets Even...Dumberer
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Post# 294206   8/2/2008 at 17:50 (3,705 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Spent time in an indie appliance store in Winona, MN on Wednesday. Noticed the TOL Frigidiare TL'er has been dumbed down even further than my 2006.

Get this: The Automatic Temperature Control now works only on the hot water setting. I believe it dumbs down hot water to around 115-degrees. Which is not hot by anyone's standards.

There is no longer ATC for warm or cold wash water, which sucks, especially if you live in Minnesota, where the water is ice cold 8 months out of the year. Sure glad I purchased mine before this update took place.

Good God! What's next?

Post# 294211 , Reply# 1   8/2/2008 at 19:59 (3,705 days old) by roto204 (Tucson, AZ)        
What's next?

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Well, the next logical step, of course!

Post# 294215 , Reply# 2   8/2/2008 at 20:28 (3,705 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        


Post# 294233 , Reply# 3   8/2/2008 at 22:04 (3,705 days old) by tlee618 ()        

Nate I bet that Roger is going to get a laugh out of that one!! Sad to say but it probably isn't to far away.

Post# 294235 , Reply# 4   8/2/2008 at 22:09 (3,705 days old) by roto204 (Tucson, AZ)        

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He's probably on his way to the bathroom right now with his hand over his mouth... :-P

Post# 294237 , Reply# 5   8/2/2008 at 22:19 (3,705 days old) by tuthill ()        

Well it's not like you could get clean clothes in one of those things even if the water was 200 degrees....

Post# 294240 , Reply# 6   8/2/2008 at 22:43 (3,705 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Now, now, Jed...

I get sparkling clean loads from the Frigidaire TL'er! The unfortunate thing about them is you need to achieve just the right ratio of water to clothes. Too much water and clothing drifts rather than rolling over; Too little water and rollover slows to a crawl.

The tub is simply too big for the agitator. If one loads the tub to the third row of holes from the top (which is also the maximum programmed water level), it handles the load very well. Fill the tub to the top, there is a noticeable slowing of rollover, even if you add water to the top of the tub.

Having said all that, I'd hate to see the results when someone who knows nothing about the machine crams it full of clothes, closes the lid and walks away.

Post# 294257 , Reply# 7   8/2/2008 at 23:51 (3,705 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        
Top loading washers?

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Post# 294279 , Reply# 8   8/3/2008 at 05:58 (3,705 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Look at all them purdy symbols! What does they mean, Greg? What does they mean?

Post# 294283 , Reply# 9   8/3/2008 at 06:37 (3,705 days old) by funguy10 ()        
Look at all them purdy symbols! What does they mean, Greg? W

I think he's saying the government ordered all companies to stop manufacturing Top-Load washers with agitators in 2012.

Post# 294297 , Reply# 10   8/3/2008 at 11:16 (3,705 days old) by jonv112 ()        

Damn I wish I could take advantage of my Asian-ness and read Chinese, but sadly I was raised in Canada :P

Post# 294329 , Reply# 11   8/3/2008 at 13:45 (3,705 days old) by jeffg ()        

> I think he's saying the government ordered all companies to stop manufacturing Top-Load washers with agitators in 2012. <

Please tell us you're joking.

Post# 294373 , Reply# 12   8/3/2008 at 18:22 (3,704 days old) by tuthill ()        

Eugene yeah maybe your right. The Franklin has seen WAY better basket agitator set ups in its day. Another thing I've noticed is that the agitator (at least the straight vanes, I don't know about your dual action) fins are just too small to move water.

Post# 294375 , Reply# 13   8/3/2008 at 18:28 (3,704 days old) by roto204 (Tucson, AZ)        
I think...

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...that Greg was saying:

Post# 294394 , Reply# 14   8/3/2008 at 19:37 (3,704 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Da-shiong bao-jah-shr duh la-doo-tze!

(Rough translation from Chinese: Oh, shit!)

Post# 294609 , Reply# 15   8/4/2008 at 15:24 (3,704 days old) by toggleswitch2 ()        
Yes dears. Selling new top-loaders has been effectively outl

In which if the four tones, however does one say that in Chinese?

Ok girls I have the solution. You take a "Y" connector and place it on the washer's hot and cold solenoids. The other end goes to a regular washer hose. You clip the damn thing onto a kitchen faucet with a snap-coupler and use as much hot water as you damn please.


It may take $20 +/- worth of hardware and make the machine "semi-automatic" (i.e. you selct the temps) instead of automatic, but who cares? *LOL*

Post# 294614 , Reply# 16   8/4/2008 at 15:38 (3,704 days old) by toggleswitch2 ()        

~There is no longer ATC for warm or cold wash water, which sucks

Then you have to MAKE ONE.

Take an ordinary mechanical thermostatic tempering valve.
Make sure to buy one that will give you a cold enough temp.

Hot to hot, cold to cold and mixed output to function as cold for the washer.....

(note that the "mixed" output is normally considered the tempered hot and is used with steam heating boilers that also generate hot water to bring the hot water temp to lower, safer limits when steam is being generated). :-)

Post# 294665 , Reply# 17   8/4/2008 at 18:02 (3,703 days old) by lasvegasrox ()        
he said and i

Quote "The traditional top-down load washer will become matter, when new energy standard activation, in 2012.
Said goodbye them all when we have lion's market share.
After will not be able to have any American manufacturer to leave, we will obtain in our hand GE." i went o a free on line translator

Post# 294682 , Reply# 18   8/4/2008 at 19:46 (3,703 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

First: The Chinese ARE planning to take over the world!

Second: Online translators may cause WWIII.

Post# 294684 , Reply# 19   8/4/2008 at 19:58 (3,703 days old) by launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Basically the only way top loading washing machines are going to meet ever stricter government mandated energy requirements, is to either reduce the amount of hot water they take in, or find away to heat water themselves,thus not relying on house hot water supply.

Some newer top loaders are decreasing the space between inner and outer tubs, to lower water usage, much like vintage solid tub machines. Others will have to do as above, and lower "hot" water temperatures down to what most would consider warm or lukewarm water.

There simply won't be any room in the future, at least in the United States for domestic washing machines that use 15 or more gallons of hot water per wash cycle. Nope, they don't have a bit of use for em.

Savvy and smart consumers are sticking with and or seeking out vintage washing machines, as word gets around, much like low flow toilets how bad the government fix was to a small problem.


Post# 294689 , Reply# 20   8/4/2008 at 20:14 (3,703 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Low Water-Use Toilets: The pressure-flush models are fantastic; They do the job better than any high water-use golden oldie. It's the new gravity toilets that suck. That's where it all went wrong in Toiletville.

Washers: When the price of water increases 10-20 times what it is now (and it will, kids; water will be the petroleum of the future), or when each house gets a set number of gallons of water per week before the mains automatically shut off (again, I firmly believe the youngsters at this site will see this occur in their lifetimes), then the LG front-loaders that can wash 20 pounds of laundry with 15 gallons of water will make much more sense.

Post# 294690 , Reply# 21   8/4/2008 at 20:33 (3,703 days old) by tuthill ()        

Great minds think alike! I have the same exact set up servicing my 806.

From the sink...

Post# 294691 , Reply# 22   8/4/2008 at 20:35 (3,703 days old) by tuthill () the machine!

Post# 294692 , Reply# 23   8/4/2008 at 20:41 (3,703 days old) by tuthill ()        

Gotta love the 806 and its warm rinse option... COMEPLETE ATC. And the fact that it's "semi-automatic" is comepletely no bother to me. I wouldn't dream of starting this machine and simply walking away!!

Post# 294722 , Reply# 24   8/4/2008 at 23:02 (3,703 days old) by volvoguy87 (Cincinnati, OH)        

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I have learned that the energy and resources used by an appliance should not be the only consideration. You must also consider the energy and resources required to produce the appliance/fixture, its reliability, its lifespan, and the difficulties and energy and resources required in its disposal. The most efficient appliance/fixture is worthless if it takes lots of energy and resources to produce, breaks frequently, is difficult or impossible to repair, and/or has a short useful life. In other words, I can deal with more water usage if it is extremely reliable for a long time.

As a historic preservationist, I often deal with buildings. I will be the first to admit that many modern gravity toilets have some MAJOR shortcomings. They tend to suffer from a problem I call "C.F.S." "C.F.S." stands for Can't Flush S**t, literally or figuratively. I'll let y'all guess what the last word is. I hate the pressure-flush toilets because, compared to gravity toilets, they are expensive, mechanically complicated, failure prone, and loud. I also think that average building occupants should be able to attempt basic repair to toilets because they are so important and fail at the most inopportune times, particularly if you only have one of them. I think that a toilet should have the performance of a power-flush toilet, but the reliability and ease of repair of a gravity toilet. How is this possible? Just look to the past!

A century ago, how did people increase the power of their flushes without mechanical assistance? They mounted the tank several feet above the bowl! Pipe is cheap, gravity is free, has no moving parts, and is quite reliable. In fact, if gravity does fail, flushing toilets will be the least of our concerns.

Have a chuckle at some potty humor. If you can't win, at least smile,

Post# 294747 , Reply# 25   8/5/2008 at 04:48 (3,703 days old) by j2400 ()        

I don't know if this is still the case, but I remember reading an article a number of years ago that said many people, frustrated by new toilet's performance, or lack of, went to Canada, which didn't have the toilets with stringent water use requirements.

Post# 294749 , Reply# 26   8/5/2008 at 05:51 (3,703 days old) by mielabor ()        

Hmm, I think that the water problem is a bit exaggerated. Unlike oil, water can be (and naturally is, in the form of rain) recycled.

I have always wondered why toilets with high-level cisterns went out of fashion to be replaced by lousy-flushing low-reservoir models. This already took place before water usage became an issue.

Post# 294753 , Reply# 27   8/5/2008 at 06:25 (3,703 days old) by j2400 ()        

In some places, water either is or will be an issue. Yes, water is naturally recycled. But sometimes the supply isn't great enough for the population.

I wouldn't be surprised if Washington doesn't have trouble eventually. This is ironic, given the amount of water in the for of lakes and the ocean. But infrastructure investments are often minimal. I don't think that the state does the best job of thinking ahead. I know of one area that is growing, fast, and is entirely well based. Some are saying the wells won't be enough. And should a really bad drought hit, there'll be problems.

Post# 294761 , Reply# 28   8/5/2008 at 07:02 (3,703 days old) by toggleswitch2 ()        

~Toggleswitch:Great minds think alike!
Be careful of what you say. There may be a torch-wielding lynch-mob forming right now! LOL.

~The Chinese ARE planning to take over the world!
So are the Moslems. If they kill each other will they leave the rest of us alone? (eyes roll). In a Hyacinth Bucket accent: "World domination is SO '60's Richard, dear".

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