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New Kenmore 800
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Post# 311677   10/26/2008 at 20:55 (3,620 days old) by dadoes (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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Interesting update on the "classic" direct-drive platform. There's a similarly-featured Whirlpool model.

Post# 311678 , Reply# 1   10/26/2008 at 21:05 (3,620 days old) by arrrooohhh (Sydney Australia)        

What is so interesting?? I just looked at the Whirlpool website and couldn't see anything interesting.

Post# 311679 , Reply# 2   10/26/2008 at 21:12 (3,620 days old) by andrewinorlando ()        

Is there a link to for this one? I can't find this model on Sears website.

Post# 311697 , Reply# 3   10/27/2008 at 02:09 (3,620 days old) by dadoes (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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The 800 is not yet on Kenmore's site, I saw it in a store. Whirlpool's model is listed on their site.

1. Traditional direct-drive/tranny toploader.

2. EnergyStar qualified.

3. Automatic water level. The 800 does not have a water level control at all (no manual selection). I can't say about the Whirlpool, there isn't a close-up of the panel.

4. Triple-spray fill flume integrated into the tub ring.

5. Separate control for Softener Added Yes/No, which changes the rinse.

6. The 800 has a Bulky cycle, which is something new for a DD toploader.

Post# 311703 , Reply# 4   10/27/2008 at 07:23 (3,620 days old) by drewz (Alexandria, Virginia)        

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Other interesting items about the 2009 800 Series.
-You can no longer get a porcelain lid & top on either washer or dryer in 2009.
-Hardware being used (esp) knobs are of much less quality than I have ever seen in a Kenmore or Whirlpool product.
-800 Series does not offer any colors, but lower end line 700 Series offers a darker blue color.
-Sears/Whirlpool has also limited series to only 800,700,600, & 500, others have been dropped.

Post# 311724 , Reply# 5   10/27/2008 at 11:04 (3,620 days old) by jasonl ()        
38 years later...

It's STILL a dream machine!


Post# 311725 , Reply# 6   10/27/2008 at 11:05 (3,620 days old) by jasonl ()        

Ain't nothing like the real thing.

Post# 311740 , Reply# 7   10/27/2008 at 12:49 (3,620 days old) by drewz (Alexandria, Virginia)        

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your link shows the last of the 2008's 800 Series with a porcelain top, lid, and wash basket, (shown the 28847) is the last of it's kind, on clearance and is a deal!

The new 2009 800 Series will not hit Sears websites till after Thanksgiving.

Post# 311792 , Reply# 8   10/27/2008 at 14:08 (3,620 days old) by kenmoreguy64 (Charlotte, NC)        

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I am not particularly a DD washer fan (I do respect them and recommend them when asked by friends what they should buy), but I LOVE those pacific blue machines. We just got a Sears outlet store that is right on my way home. During it's grand opening it had about 25 of those machines all lined up, back to back. Some had five water levels, some had the infinite switch, but either way they were awesome looking. Next to them in another huddle was the matching 27-inch dryer. If they'd had a 29-inch dryer, I'd have been hard pressed not to leave with a set (not sure what I'd do with it later, but I'd have bought it!).

The machines were priced well too, relatively, at less than $500.

I agree with Jason whole-heartedly, nothing beats the real thing.


Post# 311829 , Reply# 9   10/27/2008 at 17:22 (3,619 days old) by arrrooohhh (Sydney Australia)        
5. Separate control for Softener Added Yes/No, which changes

So am I correct in guessing this has a shower rinse system?

One hopes that the spin speed has been ramped up a little.

I wonder when these features will be made available across the rest of the Whirlpool line and when we will see them in Australia?

Post# 312059 , Reply# 10   10/28/2008 at 19:59 (3,618 days old) by vintagesearch ()        

here it is seems cool....i wanna see the whirlpool version

CLICK HERE TO GO TO vintagesearch's LINK

Post# 312061 , Reply# 11   10/28/2008 at 20:01 (3,618 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Jason, I saw on Craigslist around here an avocado 800 dryer.

Post# 312088 , Reply# 12   10/28/2008 at 22:47 (3,618 days old) by tuthill ()        

So how does it become energy star qualified??????????

Post# 312122 , Reply# 13   10/29/2008 at 07:51 (3,618 days old) by coldspot66 (Plymouth, Mass)        

Probably cooler "hot & warm" temps....option of spray rinsing instead of deep rinse, auto water level control and maybe faster spin?

Post# 312212 , Reply# 14   10/29/2008 at 16:42 (3,617 days old) by jetcone (Schenectady-Home of Calrods,Monitor Tops,Toroid Transformers)        
Look in that pix how worried Mark is that

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Jason is going to have a complete breakdown if he forces him to leave for dinner upstairs!!!

Post# 313643 , Reply# 15   11/7/2008 at 13:44 (3,609 days old) by repair-man (Pittsburgh PA)        

I see that Whirlpool has the same machine in their line. And I'm sure Maytag won't be far behind. You have to give Whirlpool some points for doing what will probably be neccessary to keep toploaders alive (or should I say legal) for a little while longer.


Post# 313784 , Reply# 16   11/8/2008 at 15:18 (3,607 days old) by nmaineman36 ()        

I saw the Kenmore 800 at Sears along with the Whirlpool version. It amazes me that they are claiming the washbasket capacity is 4.0 cu ft. Its the same size washbasket in the other Kenmore/Whirlpool Direct Drive machines. So if you think about it 3.2 cu ft is the new 4.0 cuft. I am curious at how the Auto Water level works. I will have to say i would love to get my mitts on that tub ring and put that in my Whirlpool.

Post# 313791 , Reply# 17   11/8/2008 at 17:16 (3,607 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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The auto load detection system on the classic washer system has a control that will sense the load in a washing machine to provide the required amount of water during fill and rinse. This control will interface with a new flow meter, the current ATC combo switch, and the timer as required during a cycle. The new control will provide consumer benefits of new energy saving water options.The auto load detection control is the Fabric Softener Switch. If “Softener Added” is selected the unit will give a full sized fill in the rinse cycle. If “No Softener Added” is selected, the rinse fill will be measured.

This system will replace the current pressure switch. During the first fill, the water will enter to a low level, then agitate for 10 seconds. This is to assure that all of the clothing becomes saturated. The Load sensing control will analyze the adjusting information from the flow meter and the pressure sensor to then fill to a proper level. The second fill will fill by volume, measured by the flow meter. The Accessory Plug is a test point for the factory. All failures default to high water levels.


Post# 313792 , Reply# 18   11/8/2008 at 17:25 (3,607 days old) by vintagesearch ()        

how interesting, reading the tech info says if it fails to measure the water level properly it will fill to its max with water interesting.....

Post# 313832 , Reply# 19   11/9/2008 at 05:42 (3,607 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

That must be an interesting sight at 120 strokes per minute and a full load with half a tub of water.

Is there any load sensing capabilities built into the drive mechanism or it just all based on absorbtion?

Post# 313834 , Reply# 20   11/9/2008 at 06:14 (3,607 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

NEW!!!We now present the "auto load detector" KN 800 clothes CHOPPER!!A new recipe for shredded clothes-not enough water to circulate them in-so they get chopped up by the 120STM agitator!Think the system should go to lo speed if it selects lo water level.

Post# 313891 , Reply# 21   11/9/2008 at 09:11 (3,607 days old) by nmaineman36 ()        

Now are we sure that it would start at 120 spm and not the full 180 spm. I dont think I would want a machine that would agitate at a low water level with a full load. The clothes would really take a beating. Even for 10 seconds the damage that could happen would be eye popping.

Post# 313896 , Reply# 22   11/9/2008 at 10:19 (3,607 days old) by chaskelljr2 (Washington, D. C.)        

You're right Jason!!!!

There's NOTHING like the real thing.......

That is a cool looking 1972 Model 800 you're posing with.

The old one is FAR MORE attractive than the newer looking one I saw on Sears' website, if I do not say so myself.


Post# 318095 , Reply# 23   12/4/2008 at 09:13 (3,582 days old) by drewz (Alexandria, Virginia)        
2009 Model 800 Series

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Over heard a conversation about New 800 Series Kenmore, Energy Star, seems that alot of people are returning them because they keep lifting the lid and doing this makes the cycle/system reset. They said people want to see if the water level is correct for the load size and when they lift the lid it resets the cycle.

People are exchanging down to 700 Series that allows water levels to be chosen manually. 700 Series is currently the best seller.

Post# 318155 , Reply# 24   12/4/2008 at 18:24 (3,581 days old) by surgilator_68 (Maryland)        

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If you open the lid during the first 10 seconds it will reset the system causing the machine to do a High Fill. This is normal and not a defect. The latest machines will now have this notice plastered on the machine, not only in the owners manual. You know how EVERYONE reads the owners manual......

Post# 318157 , Reply# 25   12/4/2008 at 18:26 (3,581 days old) by surgilator_68 (Maryland)        

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The upper end Maytag Classic line has Porcelain top and lid, a few extra coats of paint and is fully galvanized steel. Same with the dryers.

Post# 318163 , Reply# 26   12/4/2008 at 19:13 (3,581 days old) by vintagesearch ()        
You know how EVERYONE reads the owners manual......

LOLZ so true no one reads manuals and wonders why they dont yet fully understand most things, it maybe a good idea for kenmore and whirlpool to put some sort of indicator for those people who are curious or need to know what the water level is. who knows what other kinks they have to work out! i wonder if the agitator dogs will wear out faster since the washer first needs to sense the load before filling to proper levels. my advice just buy the cabrio,kenmore, or maytag bravo agi models....

Post# 318171 , Reply# 27   12/4/2008 at 20:47 (3,581 days old) by arrrooohhh (Sydney Australia)        

Why don't they just put a window lid in this machine? Problem solved!

Post# 318176 , Reply# 28   12/4/2008 at 21:09 (3,581 days old) by surgilator_68 (Maryland)        
Window lid...

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Because it won't do any good if you use warm or hot water. The window will fog up.

Post# 318177 , Reply# 29   12/4/2008 at 21:10 (3,581 days old) by surgilator_68 (Maryland)        

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All you have to do is wait for the machine to finish it's sensing / fill cycle and you can open the lid to see how much water is in there.

Post# 318316 , Reply# 30   12/5/2008 at 15:05 (3,580 days old) by vintagesearch ()        
small update

well after i read the more complaints than compliments of this washer from sears website i found one customer says that the agitation during the sensing process uses "very slow agitation like its delicate even in the heavy duty cycle" (im paraphrasing) well i guess thats a good thing (no wear and tear on the clothes or agitator dogs).
And i agree with eveyone else the consumer should educate themselve about the appliance just let it finish filling and then check the water level jeeeezuz LOL

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