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AEG OKO Lavamat 72640 went bang and stopped working
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Post# 316498   11/23/2008 at 08:42 (3,588 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        

I was washing a second load in my AEG Lavamat 72640 which we have now had for 6 years yesterday. There was a loud 'bang' and the electrics went off in the house.

I ran into the kitchen and there was an 'electrical' smell, I assumed this was the washing machine as this was the only appliance I had switched on. I went to the safety box that we have and turned the electric supply back on. I went to put the washing machine back on and there was nothing! This was a nightmare as I had the machine full of washing on 60 degree cycle and no power, so I had to pull the black pipe out at the bottom roght hand corner and drain the water out (please note though that the machine had already unlocked the door when the electric went off so I could therefore open the machine if it was full up with water) I took my clothes and and completed the wash in my next door's machine which she let me use her Beko (quite nice machine).

We needed a new machine desperately and went to our local John Lewis and purchased a Zanussi Jetsystem ZWF 12370 W I wanted this one as my AEG has a Water Jet and I really like this feature!! But I don't think the Zanussi does Spin Rinsing like my AEG does and the supposedly 6KG drum looks smaller than my 5.5KG AEG drum! This new machine was due for delivery on Thursday next week. Now I am very inquisitive so I pulled out the AEG and took the lid off and looked around the wires, I couldn't find anything but then I looked at the back and saw a wire with a grey connector hanging down, I went and pushed this back in and then turned the machine on and HEY PRESTO the machine came on again fully functioning. So I pushed the machine back in and did a load of washing and the AEG is back to the way it was again so I called up and cancelled my purchase of the Zanussi.

Just a warning to anyone who thinks that thair machine has 'had it' and then goes and buys a new one, sometimes wires and that come out and just need to be put back in. We would have thrown out a perfectly functing machine if we didnt investiage or have to pay out engineer call out charges.

This problem happened before when the machine tripped the electrics but when I put the electrics back on the machine was fine so I think this wire problem has been there waiting to come up for sometime.

BTW this wire that came out goes onto the silver Capacitor, so I think it does anyway, I have uploaded some pics of the machine. This machine is near enough identical to a Zanussi inside but this AEG machine is a 2002 model MADE IN GERMANY and a very good machine too. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is careless with spinning and spins unbalanced sometimes making a right noise.

Post# 316499 , Reply# 1   11/23/2008 at 08:43 (3,588 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        
the front of the machine

front of machine

Post# 316500 , Reply# 2   11/23/2008 at 08:44 (3,588 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        

Capacitor - The connector on the right of it, is what came out.

Post# 316501 , Reply# 3   11/23/2008 at 08:45 (3,588 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        

Top view of inside

Post# 316502 , Reply# 4   11/23/2008 at 08:47 (3,588 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        

The programme computer. I noticed its souced from an Italian company. The Zanussi - Electrolux, Tricity Bendix and Privileg will probably have the same one.

Post# 316503 , Reply# 5   11/23/2008 at 08:49 (3,588 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        

The suspension legs in AEG OKO Lavamat 72640 are the same as these ones here

Post# 316504 , Reply# 6   11/23/2008 at 08:50 (3,588 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        

Another view of the programme computer

Post# 316505 , Reply# 7   11/23/2008 at 08:52 (3,588 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        

Back in action. I forgot to mention the tub is Hi Carboran which is mentioned in Zanussi brochure and not in the AEG brochure. At time of buying my machine though in 2002 AEG brochure said steel tub!! And one question I have has this machine really got Fuzzy Logic inside?

Post# 316507 , Reply# 8   11/23/2008 at 10:07 (3,588 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        

A Spin Rinse video - Mine does exactly the same thing as this video


Post# 316517 , Reply# 9   11/23/2008 at 11:10 (3,588 days old) by samsungfl (United Kingdom/London )        

samsungfl's profile picture
Sorry to hear about you mishap with the AEG! Though Im glad its working again!

The inards of your AEG are almost indentical to what my 2006 Zanussi looked like inside! Whilst it didnt last very long I do think that Zanussi/AEG are still one of the best brands to buy before you start breaking the bank with really expensive machines!

Though after seeing your AEG, it does make alarm bells start ringing in my head because AEG's are a fair bit more expensive than Zanussi's, yet what your paying for is more or less the same as a machine that you could buy for a cheaper price! I think that their more expensive because they are more stylish looking than Zanussi's ( these days anyway!). I miss the days when AEG and Zanussi where actually different LOL!

Glad its up and running again!


Post# 316521 , Reply# 10   11/23/2008 at 11:50 (3,588 days old) by favorit ()        
maybe wiring went out of place because of those unbalanced s

Hi AEG03,


only Miele makes in house PC-boards, yet guess they buy other devices from Siemens, AEG or GE (note these are electric devices branches that have nothing to do with BSH, Electrolux and GEappliances).

Other brands buy even PCB from Siemens, GE .....

-Drum size-

You're right. Never trust them. Always trust on the drum volume and the 1:10 ratio.
Matching 2002 and 2007 Zann-brochures, found out the same 46 litre drum was rated 5 Kg in 2002, now Zanussi sells it as a 6 Kg one. This "doping" occurred when Dreamspace and Logixx 9kg appeared on Eu markets


Your Lavamat was made in Nuremberg. Last year Electrolux stopped production there ... so latest Lavamats are even closer to TimeManager Zannies (central dial, LCD screen, buttons).

E'lux saves money by standardization. The same filter of my Favorit fits to latest Zanussi dishwashers. This means less spare parts = lower costs . Unfortunately they aren't able to maintain the quality level these brand had in the past

My aunt has a 12yo Favorit still running strong. As Miele at those times didn't made StainlessSteel door DW, 2 y later we bought AEG and we've been lucky. Now many people complain with their new AEGs or Zanussies, so I'm afraid won't buy Elux anymore

Post# 316527 , Reply# 11   11/23/2008 at 12:15 (3,588 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        


Thanks. Its funny how Electrolux can charge differences and use the same materials.

I think this is bad, the reason why AEG is more expensive than Zanussi is that people have associated AEG with a premium tag like Bosch used to be and Miele. Miele is still the best, as you know but Bosch is no longer as good, I think they look and feel cheap! The AEG is a Zanussi with AEG badge on it. The reason why we bought it in 2002 is that we thought it was different and a premium product. It has been a very good reliable machine, but it is disappointing to know that it is no different from a Zanussi inside.


Yes I think it happened because of the unbalanced spins because the machine does spin with the drum extreamly out of balance, I once filled up a pillow case with 3 towels in them and rinsed it then tried the spin cycle, the machine tried to balance and after 8 minutes or so it gave up and went into spin and the drum hit the glass door gashing the glass and leaving a mark on it so maybe the top of the assembly hit the wire connector and knocked it loose.

With regards to the PCB in the AEG brochure of 2002 it said my machine is updateable, it can be re programmed with new programmes like Miele, I think this is a marketing ploy as I dont think Electrolux AEG has created any such updates for their machines.

The brochure also says it has Fuzzy Logic, well if it has the fuzzy logic certainly does not work on the spin cycle and if this programmer is the same that is in the Zanussi then surely the Zanussi has Fuzzy Logic, well there was no mention of this is Zanussi's brochures ever!!

The drum in my machine can take around 6KG near 7KG easily but as you can see from the picture of the suspension leg, it isn't of the best quality.

Post# 316532 , Reply# 12   11/23/2008 at 12:58 (3,588 days old) by favorit ()        

I do agree with you. Old Zanussies were good machines (see thread 19626), but AEG was some steps over. I dare to say that those drop down door Lavamats were as strong as Mieles. The way down began in mid 80s with newer machines (plastic door ones).

"Its funny how Electrolux can charge differences and use the same materials" and BSH too - I add
This make me guess today BOL Mieles are always better spent money than TOL BSHs or E'luxes

Killercase - poor Lavamat .. even a Miele wouldn't enjoy that much while spinning a pillowcase filled with some towels *LOL*


Post# 316665 , Reply# 13   11/24/2008 at 07:56 (3,587 days old) by variomatic ()        

Glad your Lavamat is running again. If it will happen on my AEG Lavamat, Iīll remeber what you told me. LOL. Iīm having mine for 4 years and itīs still going strong even when I do up to 14 loads a week with it. Mine used to be very loud while spinning too and so I assumed it has a drum bearing failure. That was when warranty was passed and 2 years later,now, I think that it was a mistake. The drum sometimes really sounds weird when it stopped spinning, but I donīt care anymore. I think itīs a great machine and the water jet is AMAZING!
Forgot to mention: I rarely use the 1800 rpm spin as my machine will run away. ThatÂīs the only disappointment.

BTW: my Lavamat also has a break in the door glass..

Post# 316683 , Reply# 14   11/24/2008 at 10:21 (3,587 days old) by whirlpolf ()        
service manual

have a service manual for those machines, unfortunately in German only. So if you are interested..

Post# 316703 , Reply# 15   11/24/2008 at 12:54 (3,587 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        

Hi Variomatic

Thanks for that pic. I will post the gash on my machine. I had the glass replaced on the other glass which had 3 BIG cracks on the glass from the drum hitting it on spin but I have a picture of the small gash on the glass from the last inbalanced spin. Its quite poor the machine spins like this!

Hi Whirlporf I am interested in the service manual can you post this on here or to me directly on

Post# 316704 , Reply# 16   11/24/2008 at 13:02 (3,587 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        
The door gash from drum hitting glass


Heres a pic of door gash from drum hitting glass probably what caused the able to come out and the burning smell and tripping of the elctronics in the house.

Post# 316705 , Reply# 17   11/24/2008 at 13:03 (3,587 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        

inside Drum

Post# 316706 , Reply# 18   11/24/2008 at 13:04 (3,587 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        

My AEG washer which is connected to cold water pipe and Bosch Dishwasher - Which is connected up to the hot water pipe

Post# 316707 , Reply# 19   11/24/2008 at 13:05 (3,587 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        
My trusty Indesit tuble drier

Indesit drier

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