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Which washer do you have?
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Post# 323978   1/13/2009 at 12:25 (5,074 days old) by hooverkeymatic (England)        

Im starting a thread about your washers.Post pictures or information.I will start:

Hotpoint WM53 (there are pictures in another thread which i made some time ago!)

1200 rpm
AAC rated
9 programmes


Post# 324010 , Reply# 1   1/13/2009 at 13:14 (5,074 days old) by paulc (Edinburgh, Scotland)        

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I have a Miele W1613, bought beginning of october 2008.

AAB rated

It truely is the best machine I have ever owned. Sorry no pics yet......Will get around to it someday.

Post# 324020 , Reply# 2   1/13/2009 at 13:41 (5,074 days old) by aquarius1984 (Planet earth)        

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Which one lol..... :)

Post# 324021 , Reply# 3   1/13/2009 at 13:42 (5,074 days old) by aquarius1984 (Planet earth)        

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Post# 324022 , Reply# 4   1/13/2009 at 13:43 (5,074 days old) by aquarius1984 (Planet earth)        

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Post# 324023 , Reply# 5   1/13/2009 at 13:46 (5,074 days old) by electron800 ()        

The Hotpoint First Editions were CCC rated. I still have the energy sticker from mine and it's definitely CCC. Uses 85l of water too, unthinkable these days lol. They do a decent job of washing but they're still C rated for wash

I have a Hoover Ecologic A8596 washer/dryer.

Manufactured December 1992
Currys special edition model
1000rpm Spin
Rated for a 5kg load (really only 4-4.5kg)
Was a good few years before energy ratings lol. But at a guess I'd say it would be about CDC.


Post# 324024 , Reply# 6   1/13/2009 at 13:54 (5,074 days old) by aquarius1984 (Planet earth)        

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The Tim Hunkin effect...

Post# 324027 , Reply# 7   1/13/2009 at 14:22 (5,074 days old) by aquarius1984 (Planet earth)        

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The Hoovers could of been even worse than a D rating for wash, I remember us having a catalogue which IIRC was a 1993 one.

It had one of the last "grey pannelled' Zanussi Jetsystem 1000's and that scored B energy C wash and C spin - Mums Electrolux I imagine would of done pretty much the same as the Zanni from what I remember of a relatives Zanussi Jetsystem.

Our Lux had good long tumbles with Jetsystem constantly pumping throughout the whole wash and rinse.

I would imagine with Hoovers slow and not so regular tumbles it could of fared even worse.


Post# 324029 , Reply# 8   1/13/2009 at 14:50 (5,074 days old) by dubstar85 (Glasgow, Scotland)        
Miele W3922WPS

Bought this machine a few months ago and its the best machine I have ever used!

19 Programmes (I think)

Not got much else to say about it, anyone has any questions ask away hehe.


Post# 324030 , Reply# 9   1/13/2009 at 14:51 (5,074 days old) by hooverkeymatic (England)        

Cool machines!I love our Hotties high woolens water level.One question though,Does it do a cooldown on a 95c wash.I never use this programme so i was wondering.I doesnt on 60c.

Keep it up!


Post# 324032 , Reply# 10   1/13/2009 at 15:12 (5,074 days old) by electron800 ()        
hmm I thought C for wash, D energy rating

The wash part of the programme on mine is the same time and water level as our WM52 was. As for slow and irregular tumbling, mine dosent particularly do that. The tumble speed is about the same as most washers and the tumbles are very regular. If anything it washes better than the Hotpoint did, but I'd say it's probably about the same.

If it would be rated C or below, that just confirms for me that these wash ratings are stupid, everything always comes out spotless without fail.


Post# 324046 , Reply# 11   1/13/2009 at 15:42 (5,074 days old) by newwave1 (Lincoln, United Kingdom)        

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My main machine atm is a Bosch WFF2000 made 1997/98 BBC rated. 21 programmes. Though it knocks the spots off the Crappoint WT960 it replaced which was supposidly A rated. One of the best machine i've owned!

Also zanussi WDt1061/A washer/dryer made 1991, 5kg load 2.5kg dry about 26programmes, One of my fav machines i own.

Zanussi FJ1033 made 1991. Jetsystem washes really well. Great machine! 5kg load.

Hoover Logic 5kg 24progs. made 1987. Brill machine.

Servis Quartz. 4kg load. made 82-84. My old faithful classic and oldest of the group!


Post# 324048 , Reply# 12   1/13/2009 at 15:47 (5,074 days old) by newwave1 (Lincoln, United Kingdom)        

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And the rest of the crew. minus the WM32 on the end that i couldn't save.

Post# 324049 , Reply# 13   1/13/2009 at 15:48 (5,074 days old) by newwave1 (Lincoln, United Kingdom)        

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And the Fj1033

Post# 324207 , Reply# 14   1/14/2009 at 03:47 (5,073 days old) by ronhic (Canberra, Australia)        
...and here is mine

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I have just tried to take multiple pics and all with 'not a lot of success'...

So I found the model in the 'discontinued items' section....UK readers will realise that it is a rebadged Zanussi and is the same (I believe) as the first 'John Lewis' badged machines that they bought-in from Zanussi a few years ago...

We also have a Westinghouse 6kg electronic can see it in the brochure that you can down load if you wish....and yes, we have it wall mounted upside down as is the Australian norm.....


Post# 324244 , Reply# 15   1/14/2009 at 08:28 (5,073 days old) by revvinkevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        
A US contingent....

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Hello.... I thought I would add a few photos of what I have here in Califirnia..

On the left a Kenmore I did have, on the right a Whirlpool I am selling.

Post# 324246 , Reply# 16   1/14/2009 at 08:29 (5,073 days old) by revvinkevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        

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Two front loaders... both the same, but different brand names... White-Westinghouse on the left and Kenmore on the right.

Post# 324248 , Reply# 17   1/14/2009 at 08:36 (5,073 days old) by revvinkevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        

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My daily (weekly) driver. A 1997 Fridgaire.... made by Electrolux.

Oh, by the way.... sorry for the lack of info I am just about to leave for work. In the first 2 photos... the Kenmore is a 1984 and the Whirlpool is 1989.

The WW FL above is 1994 and the Kenmore FL is 1990.

Post# 324385 , Reply# 18   1/14/2009 at 17:35 (5,073 days old) by favorit ()        

# Miele W780 (1984) with sensor buttons - 220 V - 3200 W - 1100 rpm spin - Intermittant final spin on cottons & P.P.
A veeeeeeeeery small knob to choose one of the 10 temp settings : tap cold - 20C - 30C >>>>> 80C - 90C - 95C (!?!? - can't understand that *huge* difference between 90 and 95 *LOL*)
Programs Cottons - Cottons half load - perma press - perma press half load - delicates - wool - intensive prewash - spin only

# Miele W844 (2001) 220 V - 2200 W - 1200 rpm spin - AAB rated - one knob programming : no danger to boil darks like in the other machine :-))
Programs : cottons - perma press - delicates - handwash/wool -mini 40C/30 mins - mixed fabrics - starch - spin only

sorry, can't post any pic, I'm away from them

Post# 324662 , Reply# 19   1/16/2009 at 00:10 (5,072 days old) by ttuee2006 ()        

I've got the same Frigidaire front-loader that RevvinKevin has above, but just a newer model from 2006!

Post# 324693 , Reply# 20   1/16/2009 at 08:31 (5,071 days old) by revvinkevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        
I also have......

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I didn't have time to add these the other day... but I also have these. A 1988 GE Filter Flo and a 2001 Maytag Atlantis.

Post# 324694 , Reply# 21   1/16/2009 at 08:35 (5,071 days old) by revvinkevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        

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I just picked this up 2 days ago. A universal 2 speed wringer washer. Not exactly how old, but I've heard it may be late 1940's.

Post# 325838 , Reply# 22   1/21/2009 at 14:59 (5,066 days old) by wiljan ()        
my washers

Hey! :)

I'm new here, thought I'd share my washers with you as well ;)

My current washers are:
- AEG Lavamat 86748 Carat
- Miele W 8115
- Miele W 720
- AEG Lavamat Carat 1008

I'll try to upload some pictures very soonish :)


Post# 325843 , Reply# 23   1/21/2009 at 15:17 (5,066 days old) by wiljan ()        
The AEG 86748

That's my youngest machine of all, my AEG 86748 Carat. Must be about 6-7 years old now!

Post# 325844 , Reply# 24   1/21/2009 at 15:19 (5,066 days old) by ariston4life ((Dublin) Ireland)        

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i have a HAIER HMS1000TVEME
1000 RPM 5KG
its a great machine, but sometimes it get annoyed trying to balance a bad load a just spins anyway, it got real bad one day, and smashed the door!.

Post# 325846 , Reply# 25   1/21/2009 at 15:22 (5,066 days old) by wiljan ()        
Miele + AEG

My best machine, the Miele W 8115, next to my worst machine, the old AEG Lavamat Carat 1008!

The old AEG will be taken apart soon, as the motor, timer, heating element and pump aren't working properly. Too bad, because this thing washes splendidly!

Post# 325847 , Reply# 26   1/21/2009 at 15:24 (5,066 days old) by wiljan ()        
Miele W 720

My old Miele...

She still needs a new drum, and for some reason, she doesn't tumble, not even a single bit! I reckon the circuit board or the motor is broken, but my dear friend Mielelover gave me a proper motor and circuit board for it!

I hope to have the Miele running next week!

Post# 325848 , Reply# 27   1/21/2009 at 15:25 (5,066 days old) by wiljan ()        

Sorry about the mess, a major cleanup is sheduled for tomorrow ;)

Post# 325852 , Reply# 28   1/21/2009 at 15:30 (5,066 days old) by wiljan ()        
Forgot one

Here's a picture of the laundry room in full swing - you can imagine why my other washers are stacked in the garage *LOL*

Post# 326023 , Reply# 29   1/22/2009 at 03:48 (5,065 days old) by mielabor ()        

Hey, a new Dutch member of the forum. Welkom Wiljan! Aren't you the person that can put new bearings in Miele washers?

Post# 326029 , Reply# 30   1/22/2009 at 04:18 (5,065 days old) by wiljan ()        

Thanks - Yep, that was me. I put new bearrings in the Miele W 8115, which is on a picture as well :)

Changing bearrings on a Miele is so easy :D

Post# 326050 , Reply# 31   1/22/2009 at 07:39 (5,065 days old) by lavamat_jon (-)        

Wiljan, I recognise your machine from somewhere ;-).

Post# 326051 , Reply# 32   1/22/2009 at 07:41 (5,065 days old) by lavamat_jon (-)        

Other machines include my AEG Lavamat 620 and AEG Lavatherm 57560

Post# 326052 , Reply# 33   1/22/2009 at 07:43 (5,065 days old) by lavamat_jon (-)        

AEG Lavamat 660

Post# 326053 , Reply# 34   1/22/2009 at 07:45 (5,065 days old) by lavamat_jon (-)        

My AEG 86741 in it's current home - my nana's kitchen

Post# 326054 , Reply# 35   1/22/2009 at 07:54 (5,065 days old) by lavamat_jon (-)        

And of course who could forget mum's machines...

Post# 326073 , Reply# 36   1/22/2009 at 10:17 (5,065 days old) by hooverkeymatic (England)        

Hi! I like your vids off youtube.I thought the AEG 1008 was OK?

Post# 326109 , Reply# 37   1/22/2009 at 14:02 (5,065 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands)        
Ah Wiljan!

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Welcome aboard! Hope you're going to enjoy it here!

Post# 326112 , Reply# 38   1/22/2009 at 14:14 (5,065 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands)        

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My washers:

Hoover Keymatic 3226
Miele W715
AEG ko Lavamat 6450
Miele Automatic 400
AEG Lavamat 220
Philips AWB119
Constructa CA801
Velo de luxe non automatic agitator washer (wringer washer but no wringer)
Two miniwashers: Tefal and Unico

Pictures of some machines are in the Photos of Collections section linked at the home page.

Post# 326117 , Reply# 39   1/22/2009 at 14:36 (5,065 days old) by askomiele (Belgium Ghent)        

Seems you miele is very good!
These are my washers.

Miele 2000 GOLD (have no idea what type is really is)
1400 rpm build in april 2000

Olympia 1001 build in 1991
starring the videos (didn't find a foto on my computer)


Post# 326119 , Reply# 40   1/22/2009 at 14:38 (5,065 days old) by askomiele (Belgium Ghent)        
And our daily drivers!

The olympia 1999 and the bauknecht TRA 5350!
If I would change one thing in this house it's the dryer... dunno why but I don't like it:s but it works so why get rid of it...

Post# 326125 , Reply# 41   1/22/2009 at 15:17 (5,065 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        
Washers - MaytagAsko

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Heres the daily drivers, now eight yrs and counting!!!all working fine exept for the water pump on the dryer, so am using it without the condenserfor now, which makes it a hell of a lot faster!!!

Post# 326126 , Reply# 42   1/22/2009 at 15:22 (5,065 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        
& The Vintage!!!

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some of the classics...!!!

Post# 326127 , Reply# 43   1/22/2009 at 15:23 (5,065 days old) by wiljan ()        

@ Lavamat_jon: Hey Jon, yer, i reckon you have a very good taste of washers *LOL*

@ Hooverkeymatic: Yer, I also thought that the 1008 Carat worked fine, but things turned out to be a bit different!

@ Foraloysius: Ye.. I really like what I've seen so far, I hope I can find a bit of spare time to regularly read new things :) BTW: love your washers!

@ Askomiele: Thanks, love your machines as well!

Post# 326131 , Reply# 44   1/22/2009 at 15:57 (5,065 days old) by dadoes (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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The current daily-drivers.

Post# 326132 , Reply# 45   1/22/2009 at 16:03 (5,065 days old) by toggleswitch2 ()        

Hey Glenn *WAVES*

Forgeot what that little pictured switch does on the right of the "Dashboard"

Post# 326139 , Reply# 46   1/22/2009 at 16:23 (5,065 days old) by dadoes (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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Post# 326144 , Reply# 47   1/22/2009 at 16:34 (5,065 days old) by dadoes (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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Post# 326183 , Reply# 48   1/22/2009 at 19:53 (5,065 days old) by dadoes (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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Post# 326184 , Reply# 49   1/22/2009 at 20:02 (5,065 days old) by dadoes (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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F&P GWL08 & DE04

Post# 326186 , Reply# 50   1/22/2009 at 20:04 (5,065 days old) by dadoes (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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Post# 326187 , Reply# 51   1/22/2009 at 20:06 (5,065 days old) by dadoes (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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Post# 326188 , Reply# 52   1/22/2009 at 20:10 (5,065 days old) by tuthill ()        

'55 Unimatic Set

Post# 326189 , Reply# 53   1/22/2009 at 20:12 (5,065 days old) by tuthill ()        

Post# 326190 , Reply# 54   1/22/2009 at 20:12 (5,065 days old) by dadoes (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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906 pair.

Post# 326191 , Reply# 55   1/22/2009 at 20:13 (5,065 days old) by tuthill ()        

Maytag 806

Post# 326192 , Reply# 56   1/22/2009 at 20:15 (5,065 days old) by tuthill ()        

1959 Multi-matic

Post# 326193 , Reply# 57   1/22/2009 at 20:16 (5,065 days old) by dadoes (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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Post# 326194 , Reply# 58   1/22/2009 at 20:17 (5,065 days old) by tuthill ()        

1937 Maytag Wringer

Post# 326195 , Reply# 59   1/22/2009 at 20:19 (5,065 days old) by dadoes (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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Post# 326196 , Reply# 60   1/22/2009 at 20:19 (5,065 days old) by tuthill ()        

and last but not least my 1950 Whirlpool Automatic. I know I don't have much, but I've only been collecting for 7 months!

Post# 326269 , Reply# 61   1/23/2009 at 03:31 (5,064 days old) by wiljan ()        
Not much?!

It's a really cool collection, regardless of size! I love your machines!

Mehhhh I really hate it when I see such nice toploaders, it's so sad that we don't have them in Europe :(

Post# 326302 , Reply# 62   1/23/2009 at 08:30 (5,064 days old) by revvinkevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        
OK... here is a compilation photo of everything I currently

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... and except for the Frigidaire FL set, I have acquired ALL of these in a little more then a month!

Post# 326359 , Reply# 63   1/23/2009 at 16:17 (5,064 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands)        

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But Wiljan, we do have American toploaders in Europe, only not in the Netherlands. They are still available in the UK. Here's an Admiral made by Whirlpool. There are also two models on the British Whirlpool site.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO foraloysius's LINK

Post# 326497 , Reply# 64   1/24/2009 at 14:44 (5,063 days old) by samsungfl (United Kingdom/London )        

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Mines a Miele W3922WPS! 6 months old already and im loving it! Really worth the extra money!


Post# 326579 , Reply# 65   1/24/2009 at 22:48 (5,063 days old) by georgect (Fairfield, CT)        

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My Whirlpool Laundry Center.
Both machines well over 10 years old.

Next on the wish list is either the new Electrolux 4.7 cu.ft.(wave touch)
or Kenmore Elite HE5t matching sets.

Post# 326607 , Reply# 66   1/25/2009 at 05:23 (5,062 days old) by chaskelljr2 (Washington, D. C.)        


I don't have one of MY own yet. My apartment/condo has recently gotten renovated and has gotten to the point that now, I plan to make it MY own personal luxury abode. That being said, I don't have a washer or a laundry center of my own yet. But in the meantime, I have access to a:

(01). 2007 Kenmore Elite Oasis Top Loader w/Stainless Steel Tub and a Dual-Action Agitator


(02). 1987 Kenmore Electric Dryer.

I do however, plan to get a washer of my own sometime in the next year or two. And the ones I have my eye on so far are the following:


(01). Maytag MAH2400AWW* -- $750.00
(02). Whirlpool WFC7500VW* -- $750.00
(03). LG WM3431HW* ** -- $1,600.00
(04). Frigidaire GLTF2940F*** -- $800.00****
(05). Sears Kenmore HE2 -- $900.00****
(06). Sears Kenmore HE2t -- $950.00****


(01). GE Spacemaker 1100HWW* -- $800.00
(02). Avanti W797* -- $400.00*****

* = 24" Model
** = Washer/Dryer Combination
*** = 2009 Consumer Reports Best Buy Rated Model
**** = If I am able to accommodate a Full-Sized Washer into my kitchen
***** = Estimated Retail Price

Comments or Questions, Anyone??? :-)


Post# 326618 , Reply# 67   1/25/2009 at 07:28 (5,062 days old) by targus ()        

my washer is the aeg lavamat 76850, very good machine but doesn't use enough water for the rinses
my dryer is the aeg lavatherm 59840, very good and efficient dryer

Post# 326668 , Reply# 68   1/25/2009 at 16:02 (5,062 days old) by lavamat_jon (-)        

Hi Targus - nice utility room. Is that the A rated tumble dryer?

BTW - on my AEG if you pressed sensitive it would raise rinse levels to either 1/3 or halfway up the door, depending which rinse it was on :-). Does yours not do that?


Post# 326744 , Reply# 69   1/26/2009 at 00:04 (5,062 days old) by ronhic (Canberra, Australia)        

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AEG really HAVE gone to the Electrolux corporate look.....

Post# 326864 , Reply# 70   1/26/2009 at 12:42 (5,061 days old) by targus ()        
aeg rinse water level

the sensitive or extra rinse option doesn't raise the water level a lot, you still can't see it on the door glas

Post# 326865 , Reply# 71   1/26/2009 at 12:54 (5,061 days old) by rayjay (Carteret, New Jersey)        
AEG Water LEvels

I have an AEG Lavamat Bella. Purchased in 1991, and used very little. Actually only used steadily for one year. Machine was kind of small, so I went back to a Maytag top loader, then an LG front loader. So......the AEG was really only used for sweaters and a occasional regular load or boil wash.

ALl of the rinses fill up to half way up the window.

Back in 1991, paid $1000.00 for this machine, and this was on sale.

I guess I should keep this machine??

Post# 326996 , Reply# 72   1/26/2009 at 19:04 (5,061 days old) by ronhic (Canberra, Australia)        

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I'd be keeping that machine for sure....

You comment that it is 'kinda small', but it should be able to handle a 5kg load which is at LEAST 2x queen sheets, 1x Queen quilt cover and 4x pillow slips.

Hoover Australia marketed the Electra 4kg machine as capable of washing 8x single bed sheets....

Post# 327068 , Reply# 73   1/27/2009 at 00:41 (5,061 days old) by eddy1210 (Burnaby BC Canada)        

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Keep that AEG! I just found a Bella from the mid 80's I'm picking up soon.
Here's a couple of Miele's ready for action

Post# 327069 , Reply# 74   1/27/2009 at 00:47 (5,061 days old) by revvinkevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        
One of my newest!

revvinkevin's profile picture
Both the newest because I brought it home 2 days ago and the newest because it's ONLY 2 1/2 years old! The ad read that she paid $650 for it when she bought it BUT I only paid $75!!!!!!!!!!!!! For some reason it was WAY too big of a problem to push "pause" and open the door to add something after the cycle was started. The other "problem" was having to leave the door open when not in use to prevent musty odors. Go figure!!

But, her loss in my gain as I have already ran two loads and it works GREAT!

Post# 327667 , Reply# 75   1/30/2009 at 06:16 (5,057 days old) by wiljan ()        

Wonderful machines, both of them! :D

Post# 327726 , Reply# 76   1/30/2009 at 12:11 (5,057 days old) by revvinkevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        
Hey ED (eddy1210)

revvinkevin's profile picture
What nice machines! How old it the Miele with the chrome dispenser lid???

Post# 327728 , Reply# 77   1/30/2009 at 12:22 (5,057 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

We have a 1993 Whirlpool DD Electronic set... We have been very happy with them. They are very reliable.

Post# 327860 , Reply# 78   1/30/2009 at 22:44 (5,057 days old) by eddy1210 (Burnaby BC Canada)        

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The older Miele is from the mid 60's. The "newer" one from 1988.

Post# 327863 , Reply# 79   1/30/2009 at 22:57 (5,057 days old) by eddy1210 (Burnaby BC Canada)        
Latest washer

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An AEG Lavamat Bella from 1985

Post# 327889 , Reply# 80   1/31/2009 at 02:15 (5,056 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands)        

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Eddy, I think the older Miele is from the late 60's or early 70's. The last year these were sold was 1973. You can contact Miele Germany with the serial number, they might be able to give a year.

The Lavamat Bella is a beauty. Does she work with the outer door open?

Post# 327897 , Reply# 81   1/31/2009 at 05:46 (5,056 days old) by robm (Buxted)        

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Here is an up to date audit of my machines -

Zanussi Jetsystem (2008)
Hotpoint Aqualtis (2006-7)
Miele Premier Novo (1999)
Hotpoint WD62 (early 90s)
Hotpoint Twinny (early 90s)
Hoover Electron 800 (1986)
Zanussi S218T (1981)
AEG 804TS (1981ish)
Hotpoint 18580 (1979-81)

Here is a pic of the Jetsystem

Post# 327898 , Reply# 82   1/31/2009 at 05:47 (5,056 days old) by robm (Buxted)        

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Miele and Aqualtis

Post# 327899 , Reply# 83   1/31/2009 at 05:49 (5,056 days old) by robm (Buxted)        

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Hoover Electron

Post# 327900 , Reply# 84   1/31/2009 at 05:51 (5,056 days old) by robm (Buxted)        

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Finally the S218T. I have linked my vids if you are interested.



Post# 327902 , Reply# 85   1/31/2009 at 06:34 (5,056 days old) by funguy10 ()        

No pictures handy but mine is a 2007 Kenmore Oasis Agi model with solid lid and Total Care Flex agitator.

Post# 328035 , Reply# 86   2/1/2009 at 04:38 (5,055 days old) by hooverkeymatic (England)        

Thanks for the pics.The vids are great too!

Post# 328357 , Reply# 87   2/2/2009 at 14:08 (5,054 days old) by zanussi_lover (Nottingham, UK)        
I own a Zanussi FJS1225W

zanussi_lover's profile picture
I own a Zanussi FJS1225W washing machine bought in October 2001

It will be 8 years old in October 2009, pretty chuffed as its still going strong, I know of others who had modern Zanussis and theirs lasted a few months.

Previously to this we owned a Philips Whirlpool washing machine which was a work horse, we had this machine from 1993-2001, it was purchased in March 1993 at radio rentals.

Here is a pic of our Zanussi

Post# 328364 , Reply# 88   2/2/2009 at 14:50 (5,054 days old) by ronhic (Canberra, Australia)        

ronhic's profile picture
I very nearly bought a Zanussi in 2001 from Allders....and then saw the Blomberg Comet/Currys (not sure which)....

My only regret is that we left the Blomberg in the flat when we sold it to move back here....

...but now I am a bit of a Zanussi fan....we have a 6.5kg jetsystem in a rental property and another rebadged Zanussi we use at home (think John Lewis)....

Post# 328588 , Reply# 89   2/3/2009 at 17:18 (5,053 days old) by favorit ()        
@ RobM

Hi RobM,
what about your Jetsystem rinses ?
Can it have such hi level rinses like the Premier Novo ones when "short" & "water +" are selected ?

thanks in advance

Post# 329936 , Reply# 90   2/12/2009 at 06:06 (5,044 days old) by mr_agitator ()        

I had a Maytag Neptune set that I bought 2 months ago on Craigslist for $200. The washer was very loud in the spin cycle and the plastic around the edge of the tub was being torn off. It finally went out on me a week ago, and it was replaced with a 1996 top load Whirlpool washer.

As for the Neptune dryer, I couldn't be happier! I just love the sensor dry feature. It's also quiet and dries the clothes pretty quickly. Here's a photo of my Whirlpool washer and Maytag Neptune dryer:

Post# 329939 , Reply# 91   2/12/2009 at 06:16 (5,044 days old) by mr_agitator ()        
Whirlpool Washer and Maytag Neptune Dryer

I had a Maytag Neptune set that I bought 2 months ago on Craigslist for $200. The washer was very loud in the spin cycle and the plastic around the edge of the tub was being torn off. It finally went out on me a week ago, and it was replaced with a 1996 top load Whirlpool washer.

As for the Neptune dryer, I couldn't be happier! I just love the sensor dry feature. It's also quiet and dries the clothes pretty quickly. Here's a photo of my Whirlpool washer and Maytag Neptune dryer:

Post# 329940 , Reply# 92   2/12/2009 at 06:22 (5,044 days old) by mr_agitator ()        
Washer Controls

Sorry for the previous duplicate post by the way, but I couldn't get the photo to load the first time. Here are my washer controls:

Post# 329941 , Reply# 93   2/12/2009 at 06:25 (5,044 days old) by mr_agitator ()        
Maytag Neptune Dryer Controls

Here are the controls to my Maytag Neptune dryer. I love that moisture monitor!

Post# 329942 , Reply# 94   2/12/2009 at 06:29 (5,044 days old) by mr_agitator ()        
Inside the Dryer

The inside of my dryer:

Post# 329943 , Reply# 95   2/12/2009 at 06:33 (5,044 days old) by mr_agitator ()        

And for my final picture, the agitator. By the way, I forgot to mention I'm new here. I've been interested in washers and dryers since I was a little kid, and even had a toy agitator for several years. I'm 25 now, and am still fascinated by appliances. I'm glad I found this place!

Post# 329944 , Reply# 96   2/12/2009 at 07:55 (5,044 days old) by pierreandreply4 (St-Bruno de montarville (province of quebec) canada)        

pierreandreply4's profile picture
washer that i have for now whirlpool duet washer sorry if the picture is small.


Post# 329946 , Reply# 97   2/12/2009 at 08:20 (5,044 days old) by revvinkevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        
As of last weekend I now have these.......

revvinkevin's profile picture
Maytag LA806 washer and an LDE808 dryer!

Post# 329948 , Reply# 98   2/12/2009 at 08:21 (5,044 days old) by revvinkevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        
And the money shot....

revvinkevin's profile picture
... for me anyway!

Post# 329949 , Reply# 99   2/12/2009 at 08:22 (5,044 days old) by revvinkevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        

revvinkevin's profile picture
This one too!

Post# 329965 , Reply# 100   2/12/2009 at 10:13 (5,044 days old) by rayjay (Carteret, New Jersey)        
An AEG Lavamat Bella from 1985

Eddy...I hace the same exact machine, but I bought it in 1991. I still have it. I only used it steadily for a year, then my son came along and had to get a bigger machine. Right now it is disconnected and in the garage. I hope to make some room and use again. I did use the machine for about 1 load weekly, like sweaters or a small load. It is a nice machine. Do you like yours?

Post# 329983 , Reply# 101   2/12/2009 at 12:32 (5,044 days old) by hooverkeymatic (England)        

I love those machines alot!LOL

Post# 329997 , Reply# 102   2/12/2009 at 13:30 (5,044 days old) by eddy1210 (Burnaby BC Canada)        
Lavamat Bella

eddy1210's profile picture
Hi Ray, yes I love that machine! Mine doesn't have the distribution/ balancing before it goes into spin so it's quite dramatic. It has a cool down plus 4 rinses, all high water up the door glass. Clothes are very well rinsed.
Hope you get to enjoy yours again soon.

Post# 330140 , Reply# 103   2/13/2009 at 14:44 (5,043 days old) by fjs674c ()        

My miele navitronic W3985WPS

Post# 330196 , Reply# 104   2/13/2009 at 22:16 (5,043 days old) by bgadow ()        

Not much exciting, just this Filter-Flo from about 1990.

Post# 330213 , Reply# 105   2/14/2009 at 01:51 (5,042 days old) by vintagesearch ()        
Not much exciting, just this Filter-Flo from about 1990.

are you kidding me??????? i dig filter flo's!!!!!!

Post# 330219 , Reply# 106   2/14/2009 at 03:07 (5,042 days old) by hooverkeymatic (England)        

I love that Miele.What programmes does it have?

Post# 330243 , Reply# 107   2/14/2009 at 06:34 (5,042 days old) by mrboilwash (Munich,Germany)        

mrboilwash's profile picture
Here is mine, a Miele Softronic W 435, 1500 rpm.
It was a bit of a trouble maker when it was new until I realized it was not perfectly level. It was slightly tilted forward which caused the sensors go crazy somtimes.
Now I couldn`t be happier with any other machine.
The only thing I miss sometimes is a greater range of temperatures.

Post# 331424 , Reply# 108   2/20/2009 at 15:06 (5,036 days old) by dogboy44 (Los Angeles)        
Guys: I am new here, wanted to send you a picture.

Here is our Frigidaire Affinity Set in the new kitchen, and have since tiled the backspash and gotten rid of alot of clutter. It replaced a Frigidaire Gallery Set that died after about 8 years. I liked the old dryer better as it had reverse action tumbling, never thought they would discontinue that feature. Oh well.

Post# 331426 , Reply# 109   2/20/2009 at 15:13 (5,036 days old) by dogboy44 (Los Angeles)        
here is the picture

thought I got it in the last post

Post# 331430 , Reply# 110   2/20/2009 at 16:10 (5,036 days old) by hooverkeymatic (England)        

What programmes does the fridgidare have?

Post# 331438 , Reply# 111   2/20/2009 at 16:52 (5,036 days old) by dogboy44 (Los Angeles)        

Normal, Quick, Heavy Duty, Permanent Press, Delicate, Hand Wash, Spin Only

Options for Stain Clean, Extra Rinse, Extended Spin, Cycle Signal.

It is the lesser model to RevvinKevin's which he displays earlier in this thread. I was not lucky enough to get this one for $75!

Post# 331440 , Reply# 112   2/20/2009 at 17:13 (5,036 days old) by hooverkeymatic (England)        

Good programs!I really like the extended spin option too!

Post# 331444 , Reply# 113   2/20/2009 at 17:26 (5,036 days old) by revvinkevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        
Dogboy44.... check your "inbox"

revvinkevin's profile picture
Hey John, I sent you an e-mail.


Post# 331464 , Reply# 114   2/20/2009 at 21:05 (5,036 days old) by revvinkevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        
My Frigidaire has.........

revvinkevin's profile picture
Here is a photo of the control panel in my Affinity washer. This one must have a heater since it has the "Deep Clean / Sanitary" cycle.

Post# 331514 , Reply# 115   2/21/2009 at 08:02 (5,035 days old) by revvinkevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        
Just for fun....

revvinkevin's profile picture
...what I think we all wish we had! LOL

Post# 331614 , Reply# 116   2/21/2009 at 22:19 (5,035 days old) by ronhic (Canberra, Australia)        
pictures at last!

ronhic's profile picture
Well here we go....and I really have to paint the laundry...everything looks dark and miserable in the 'room of clean'....

This is a Westinhouse badged 'eco-valve' Zanussi which is very similar to the first John Lewis badged machines...

Post# 331615 , Reply# 117   2/21/2009 at 22:22 (5,035 days old) by ronhic (Canberra, Australia)        
...and the dryer..

ronhic's profile picture
...Which is an Australian dryer...wall mounted and upside down as is usual here....though I havn't bothered to put the 'rightway up' control sticker on it...

Post# 331618 , Reply# 118   2/21/2009 at 22:31 (5,035 days old) by ronhic (Canberra, Australia)        

ronhic's profile picture
...the control panel close up...

...and yes, the dog did have a bit of a chew on the control...destructive little cow

Post# 331645 , Reply# 119   2/22/2009 at 04:47 (5,034 days old) by hooverkeymatic (England)        

I really like that Westinghouse!

Post# 331646 , Reply# 120   2/22/2009 at 04:48 (5,034 days old) by hooverkeymatic (England)        

I really like that Westinghouse!

Post# 331653 , Reply# 121   2/22/2009 at 05:50 (5,034 days old) by ronhic (Canberra, Australia)        

ronhic's profile picture
I have mentioned before that it is very similar to the first series of machines that John Lewis sold under their own label.

Some of the programmes are slightly different though...I don't have a Soak or Stain cycle, but then they don't have Delicate spin or Easy Iron....

It is 3yrs old this month and has been as reliable as anyone could ask for.


Post# 331654 , Reply# 122   2/22/2009 at 05:52 (5,034 days old) by marthalover4eve ()        
my electrolux 1000 rpm washer

my electrolux washer and candy dryer

Post# 331655 , Reply# 123   2/22/2009 at 05:54 (5,034 days old) by marthalover4eve ()        

oh man the pic dint work
the washer

Post# 331656 , Reply# 124   2/22/2009 at 05:58 (5,034 days old) by marthalover4eve ()        

my candy dryer

Post# 331669 , Reply# 125   2/22/2009 at 07:32 (5,034 days old) by hooverkeymatic (England)        

How many KG will the Electrolux wash?

Oh and welcome to the club!

Post# 331677 , Reply# 126   2/22/2009 at 09:09 (5,034 days old) by marthalover4eve ()        

ummm 4.5 kg i think


be sure to go on my youtube and watch this washer nd dryer

CLICK HERE TO GO TO marthalover4eve's LINK

Post# 331707 , Reply# 127   2/22/2009 at 12:07 (5,034 days old) by rpm ()        
Nothing too exciting here.

I bought this Kenmore at Sear's bump and dent in 1995. I plugged it in and it hasn't stopped working since.It dose on the average 6 to 8 loads a week.

Post# 332391 , Reply# 128   2/26/2009 at 10:30 (5,030 days old) by dubstar85 (Glasgow, Scotland)        

You solved a problem that I had with mine! I wondered why it would go a bit crazy sometimes so i checked how the machine was sitting and it was tilted forward. Now the machine is everything i thought it would be! Never realised how sensitive the machine was!


Post# 332403 , Reply# 129   2/26/2009 at 11:38 (5,030 days old) by mrboilwash (Munich,Germany)        

mrboilwash's profile picture
David, I`m glad I could help. I even had the PC board replaced under warranty but of course it didn`t help. The trouble was that the machine often would not go into full spin speed, or when going into a suds lock not reducing the speed as it should until the suds are cleared.
Of course as it is always the case with sporadic faults it always worked properly whenever a Miele technician had checked it. Think they just declared me nuts because they never could find the problem.

I have mine now slighty tilted backwards and it seems to like it a lot.

Post# 332415 , Reply# 130   2/26/2009 at 12:54 (5,030 days old) by hotpoint95622 (Powys)        
Hotpoint 95622

hotpoint95622's profile picture
Hotpoint 95622

Post# 332416 , Reply# 131   2/26/2009 at 12:56 (5,030 days old) by hotpoint95622 (Powys)        
Hotpoint 18680

hotpoint95622's profile picture
Hotpoint 18680

Post# 332418 , Reply# 132   2/26/2009 at 12:58 (5,030 days old) by hotpoint95622 (Powys)        
Tricty Bendix AW1053

hotpoint95622's profile picture
Tricty Bendix AW1053

Post# 332419 , Reply# 133   2/26/2009 at 13:00 (5,030 days old) by hotpoint95622 (Powys)        
Lee's project

hotpoint95622's profile picture
Hotpoint WM63

Post# 332428 , Reply# 134   2/26/2009 at 13:46 (5,030 days old) by hooverkeymatic (England)        

I now have a Hotpoint Aquarius WML 540G

AAB rated
It is a brilliant machine!

Post# 339865 , Reply# 135   4/4/2009 at 10:15 (4,993 days old) by servisslimline (England, Brighton & Hove)        
my machines

servisslimline's profile picture
a tricity bendix aw1053w like htpoint95622's
a zanussi fla1002w
a hotpoint 9534
and a classic bendix 7128

Post# 343530 , Reply# 136   4/19/2009 at 15:14 (4,978 days old) by mielelover ()        
Here is one of my machines =)

Hey guys!

I wanna show you one of my collection, I got nearly 30 Washers, I will post a list and some pics of them in the next time for you!

But this washer here is, so I think, the most gay washer in the world ;)

It's originally an Siemens Siwamat 6123, but now called "Princess GTI"! A friend of mine gave it designed in this way to me as a gift!

He painted it, did a mirror on the top and put a lot of flowers on it ;)

I hope you like it! ;)

Post# 344478 , Reply# 137   4/24/2009 at 06:25 (4,973 days old) by hooverkeymatic (England)        

Welcome to the club mielelover!

I love that machine LOL!

Post# 344655 , Reply# 138   4/25/2009 at 08:42 (4,972 days old) by mielelover ()        

Thank you... ;)
I love it too... nobody else has got a machine like this =)

Post# 344728 , Reply# 139   4/25/2009 at 15:52 (4,972 days old) by mielelover ()        

This are my current washers, dryers and dishwashers:

AEG Lavamat 1085 RS
AEG Lavamat 803 S
AEG ko-Lavamat 9250 Sensortronic
AEG ko-Lavamat Carat 928
AEG Turna SL
Blomberg K 2300
Bosch V 468
Clatronic MWA 3101
Eumenia Babynova EU 350
Lloyds Sirocco
Miele De Luxe 421
Miele De Luxe W 423
Miele De Luxe W 433
Miele De Luxe W 453
Miele Mondia 1100
Miele Super Electronic W 736
Miele W 429 S
Privileg Direct Drive 6.5
Privileg Sensation 75
Siemens Extraklasse 1000
Siemens Siwamat 470
Siemens Siwamat 6123
Siemens Siwamat Plus 3301
Siemens Siwamat XS 1245
Siemens WA 4600
Siemens WA 4900
Siemens WM 14E470 EX
Zanker 502 TS
Zanker EA 5
Zanker Intimat
Zanker Lavita 1000

AEG Lavatherm 57760
AEG Lavatherm Compact
Bauknecht TRA 865
Miele De Luxe Electronic T 333
Miele De Luxe Electronic T 351
Miele De Luxe Electronic T 366
Miele Mistral
Miele Sunrise Novotronic C
Philips 508
Privileg 50 A
Siemens Automatic-Trockner
Siemens Siwamat Flauschtrockner 400
Zanker Thermat 45

Bauknecht Stuttgart
Bomann TSG 604
Bosch SGS (don't know the exactly number right now)
Miele Automatic G 580 (2x)
Neff from 1984
Siemens Lady
Siemens Lady Plus E

Post# 345557 , Reply# 140   4/29/2009 at 18:41 (4,968 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey)        

yogitunes's profile picture
you gus kinda puzzle me....when you talk about daily drivers....i have 3 washer and dryer sets at my home and 3 at my mothers all hooked up and running...just call me lazy but when I do laundry i don't want to spend all day doing it...I like getting it done fast....maybe i'm wrong

Post# 345899 , Reply# 141   5/1/2009 at 10:43 (4,966 days old) by passatdoc (Orange County, California)        
Frigidaire 2140 and matching gas dryer

In this photo, you can see the water heater (left of washer stack) and a sliver of the gas furnace (right of empty space with table and basket). The laundry area is a recessed alcove along the back wall of the garage (it gets cold here in winter but it doesn't freeze) with, left to right: water heater, dryer, washer, furnace.

House was built in 1988, and per the local building ordinances, a concrete filled pipe (bollard) was placed in the slab, 30" or 75 cm high, to prevent a runaway car from possibly severing three gas lines (water heater, dryer, furnace). In 1988, there were no mass-produced FLs sold in USA (you could go to an import store and buy a 240 V Miele) except maybe if Westinghouse was still in production.

Anyway, the pipe would block the door of any FL, even on a pedestal. You "can" cut the pipe down to the floor, but there is a risk of not passing inspection if/when the house is sold. Concrete slabs here have buried pre-tensioner cables, so drilling into a slab (to replace a bollard) is very risky. My parents have a hollow bollard, so they had it cut down and placed a smaller diameter, removable "sleeve" pipe (can be inserted for an inspection) but my home was built later, when the pipe had to be filled with concrete.

During my TL years, the pipe didn't matter. But when my 1997 GE TL broke twice and could not be repaired, the only way to transition to a FL, be able to open the door, and stay within the building ordinances was to stack the machines. For this reason, taller/deeper machines like Duets were out of the question, as the controls would be 6'8" (2.03 m) off the floor. I am of average height and only a very tall person would enjoy having the dryer that high.

I chose Frigidaire because they offered the highest capacity (3.5 cubic feet which I think equates to 11 kg) in a "standard" size, i.e. 27 x 27 x 36 (70 x 70 x 90 cm, standard size in US). Frigidaire offers a stacking bracket for about $24, and I believe the higher end Affinity models offer the bracket free of charge with the washer.

At the time of the purchase (March 2006) I had not yet discovered this board and was woefully ignorant of features to look for when making a selection. The 2140 gives excellent performance. I really like the Soak cycle. While I have to manually advance to a wash cycle (and add more detergent), it's a feature that some more expensive machines don't even have.

It only has two shortcomings. First, no Auto Temp Control. This limits my ability to do cold water wash in winter, when the cold water pipe delivers icy cold (definitely below 20 C) water. ATC would bleed in some hot water to keep the temp at about 20 C. Consequently during the coldest four or five months of the year, I select warm water instead of the cold cycle I might use in summer when the cold water temp approximates 20 C.

Second shortcoming, more minor, is that there is only one delay wash option, for eight hours. The 2940 has 4-12 hour variable delay. At the time, I thought delay was a gimmick or mainly for those with inside laundry rooms, where noise was a factor (so you could wash at 3 am when everyone was asleep). I don't have a "smart" electric meter that gives discounts when you use off-peak electricity, but there are times when I want to set up a load to wash an hour before I arise, or to coincide when I return from work or errands. With the eight hour option, I can set up a load at say 21:00 to wash at 5:00 but that's it. If I arrive home later, the wash won't be done in time to dry when I wake up.

The 2940 has these options, and will stack with either its own matching dryer or the 1442 dryer I have. The price gap was I think another $100 and in retrospect it was a small price to pay for the extra features. That said, the 2140 does a great job of getting stuff clean and I am happy with the purchase.

I added the white cabinet from Lowes about a year after I bought the washer and dryer. I couldn't make its top flush with the dryer top because of the placement of the water supply faucets. I wanted a folding/basket table to place in what had been the washer space. I had thought about a base cabinet, but I have ducting running along the back wall, and the pipe would require sliding rather than hinged doors. It became too big a deal, so I opted just for a table, since the wall mounted cabinet offered lots of storage space. I could not find a ready-made 27 x 27 inch table of proper height, so I took two folding beechwood tv trays and they filled the space perfectly---and I already owned them, wasn't using them for any other purpose, so it was free.

Stereo system courtesy of Costco!!

For those of in Europe, just to the left of the water faucets, and 80% hidden by the dryer, is the only 240V outlet in the house! Normally they are found only in the laundry area and/or in the kitchen. My kitchen was designed for a gas range, so behind the range is a gas pipe and a 120V outlet. The 240V outlet has NEVER been used, because I have owned only gas dryers. Gas dryers of course use electricity, but only 120V here. Because of the shortage of electrical generating capacity in California (hydropower maxed out, nuclear power maxed out, population rising), some cities and towns now require a gas pipe and NO 240V outlet in the laundry area, to force consumers to buy gas dryers.

PS to Laundress: did you notice the green box of 20 Mule Team Borax on the water heater pedestal? ;)

Post# 719604 , Reply# 142   12/6/2013 at 14:14 (3,286 days old) by AEG88830lover ()        
My part now :)

Here is my best and newest machine a Bosch Maxx 7 VarioPerfect WAE284V4 with her new chrome door :D

Post# 720299 , Reply# 143   12/10/2013 at 05:30 (3,282 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        
Love the Chrome door AEG88830lover !!

I previously owned a Hotpoint WM31, however it developed several faults which were too expensive to repair, I had no time to repair it, and were not going to pay for a repair - we purchased a Hotpoint HE7L492 from the very latest Hotpoint range (Just with the square door design, as opposed to a round door). Its got all the latest Hotpoint technology, all the updated programmes, and programming, and it dead quiet compared to WM31, a lot more sturdier, doesn't jump around the kitchen, and gives a better result (But does take a while longer).
I notice that the tumbles on the new machine, start with a jump like the old 95 series machines - you can see that here:

Shown is the Whites wash, which as you can see holds temperature at 60C for about 1hr, and does 30 second tumbles.
Overall, very good for 250

before anyone asks, WM31 is now with a collector, who did it up.

Post# 720323 , Reply# 144   12/10/2013 at 08:31 (3,282 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        

aquacycle's profile picture
Nearly 5 years old Miele W562

Post# 720328 , Reply# 145   12/10/2013 at 08:59 (3,282 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        

aquacycle's profile picture
Sorry that came out stretched - I'm on my phone

Post# 720375 , Reply# 146   12/10/2013 at 13:47 (3,282 days old) by washman (o)        
SQ Awn 542

TL machine purchased 1st week of Sept. 2013

Post# 720442 , Reply# 147   12/10/2013 at 20:01 (3,282 days old) by mattywashboy (Perth, Western Australia)        

mattywashboy's profile picture
Beko WMB 81641 LC

Two months old now, still getting used to it but so far so good! :-)

Post# 720510 , Reply# 148   12/11/2013 at 06:09 (3,281 days old) by ukbusdude ()        

I have a Hotpoint WMD960 AAA 1600rpm 8KG
Brought it new over 6 years ago.
Only had one repair & that was a circuit board at the back towards the bottom of the washing machine.
The time was counting down but no action or the washing would stop mid flow & just sit there.
But since the new board I've had no problems at all.
The only thing I really hate is the final spin as sometimes it can take up to 20 minutes to complete due to it trying to balance the load Grrrrrrrrrr.

Post# 720513 , Reply# 149   12/11/2013 at 06:33 (3,281 days old) by gorenje (Slovenia)        

gorenje's profile picture
Groenje PEA from 1971

Post# 720514 , Reply# 150   12/11/2013 at 06:45 (3,281 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        
Brought it new over 6 years ago

aquacycle's profile picture
Those Hotpoint's are NEVER 6 years old!! :O I'm shocked, I didn't realise that model had been around so long.

I don't really think that 1 repair in 6 years is anything to boast about. Those Hotpoint's weren't cheap and for that price range AND a TOL machine, I'd expect far greater reliability.

My brother has the same machine - his is 2 years old and it's now on repair 6. It's had a 2 new interlock's, a PCB replacement, a motor replacement and 2 new seals. Thankfully, these were all done under warranty.

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