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Hoover Spin Noise
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Post# 506433   3/24/2011 at 11:42 (4,632 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        

Hi All,

I saw this video on Youtube, this machine is making quite a bit of rattle on the start up of the spins. Though I think that its a good think that the machine spins and doesnt mess about balancing but the noise it makes is a concern. My AEG OKO Lavamat spins very unbalanced sometimes but I never hear it make that kind of sound. I suspect that Candy/Hoover, hasn't got much room internally for the tub to move about.

Please see video below, despite the rattle on spin, the machine seems to be nice and quiet on cycle.

Post# 506471 , Reply# 1   3/24/2011 at 13:15 (4,632 days old) by Haxisfan (Europe - UK / Italy)        
Impressive stability!

haxisfan's profile picture
I spoke to Aldo (the owner of this 10kg Hoover Dynamic) about that as I was shocked to see a modern Hoover spinning so unbalanced (knowing that mine never does, but only on very low rpm) and he said that he was washing some large and heavy blankets: he actually got frightened himself to see the machine spin like that... however, he assured that the washer was astonishingly glued to the floor the whole time as the cabinet did not make a hint of a movement albeit such a heavy load.

I posted a link below where you see a Miele doing its bit and presenting similar imbalance symptoms. Like the Hoover, the cabinet does not move but only the inner tub shakes and hits every corner of the inner chassis. Some people might see this as quality... perhaps it is, as the machine did not disintegrate after such a bad imbalance (as mine probably would), but I feel like asking someone... why have the balance sensors been invented? Isn't it much nicer to hear a smooth operation rather than all that banging about?

For that Hoover is perhaps more complicated because that model has a larger drum and the unbalance tends to be greater with a higher amount of laundry, also, these larger components are still contained by the same size cabinet as a standard machine.


Post# 506483 , Reply# 2   3/24/2011 at 14:33 (4,632 days old) by solsburian (SE Northumberland)        

My Hoover will spin worse then that without the OOB kicking in. For the last engineer visit (number 5), the guy said the PCB would probably need be reprogrammed - perhaps that 10KG Dynamic may need the same thing.

Post# 506488 , Reply# 3   3/24/2011 at 14:52 (4,631 days old) by nrones ()        
So, that Miele shouldn"t be reprogrammed??

I mean you"ve just seen the miele doing that thing, without mooving, and that was rated as HIGH QUALITY, and you see Hoover does the same thing, and that is BROKEN?? Does your Hoover moove when spinning so unbalanced? As you can see, this didn"t moove for 1milimeter, so there"s no problem.
The answer is: No, it doesn"t need to be reprogrammed.

Aeg03, the sound you thought is comming from hitting the cabinet is not the sound from that, it is a sound of that large duvet hitting the triangle that is situated at up of the rubber seal (you can see it mooving) and sometimes when whole rubber seal mooves it produces such a sound ;)

Just to check, here is how real hitting of cabinet looks on Candy: (link) just scroll to 2:20.. And even on this case, machine didn"t moove, and it rebalanced load properly, and result was fine, and it is not broken, as you can see everything got wrapped up in a duvet cover.


Post# 506495 , Reply# 4   3/24/2011 at 15:19 (4,631 days old) by Haxisfan (Europe - UK / Italy)        

haxisfan's profile picture
Hi there... I just wanted to say quickly... I'm not sure the noise comes from the rubber triangle nor from the cabinet... it seems to me that it comes from the suspension itself reaching the end of the allowable play and producing a hitting sound. This is the case in both machines. Still, when the Hoover ramps up to higher speed the noise tends to disappear as the heavy blankets become lighter as they're rid of the water absorbed... the Miele instead keeps part of the noise due to the harder suspension.

There's also some noise from the springs in the Hoover... admittedly they're lower quality compared to the Miele's which in fact cannot be heard... but it's still stunning the fact that it manages such perfect stability given the odds... and it's very daring from a machine which is definitely not meant to compete with neither the quality nor price of the Miele in question.

Post# 506502 , Reply# 5   3/24/2011 at 15:40 (4,631 days old) by solsburian (SE Northumberland)        

I think it would be up to someone who knows what they are talking about (i.e. an Engineer) to decide if it needs reprogramming, I can only go on what I was told. My Hoover does frequenlty move when spinning, balanced or unbalanced.

Post# 506518 , Reply# 6   3/24/2011 at 16:50 (4,631 days old) by nrones ()        

Well, you said engeneers came 5 times... I am not so convinced in their professionality, when they (or he) came 5 times because of 1 problem, and didn"t manage to repair the washer...
I am really amazed that your hoover mooves... maybe you should level it.. I really don"t know

Post# 506520 , Reply# 7   3/24/2011 at 16:58 (4,631 days old) by Haxisfan (Europe - UK / Italy)        

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That's a laugh an a half... a Hoover engineer that knows what's talking about!

According to what you said in an older thread, he was just trying to shut you up (not in these very words)... now you suddenly decided to accommodate a different point of view so you can condemn yet again another Hoover.
Out of those 5 engineer's visits how many times has your machine really been repaired?

The point remains, the machine is meant to spin like that in the same way as the beloved Miele is... otherwise it wouldn't be able to cope with it without banging the cabinet out of place! Yet, This happens only during some interim spins (as confirmed by the owner)... it will never perform an unbalanced final spin as he will device typical OOB control techniques, and only in desperate situations will abort the spin cycle. My Hoover has aborted the final spin cycle only once through the 6.5 years of its life as it always somehow manages to balance the load reasonably, and I'm pretty sure this model is just the same.

Post# 506525 , Reply# 8   3/24/2011 at 17:13 (4,631 days old) by solsburian (SE Northumberland)        


The Machine is level.

Not really, but I've always suspected that the Electronics were suspect and that kind of re-enforced it. He admitted that they didn't want to do replace any parts until they were sure something was wrong, and now that he's sure (at last) he recommended that the tub/drum assembly should be replaced.

How was I condemning another Hoover? All I said was that perhaps it's PCB may need to be reprogrammed if it was having issues with balancing.

Post# 506528 , Reply# 9   3/24/2011 at 17:21 (4,631 days old) by nrones ()        
think your electronics are fine...

They finally accepted to change the whole drum? How intelligent... I mean when you rotate the drum, and hear strange noise, it can"t be the draining pump, or anything else but drum :O

Post# 506531 , Reply# 10   3/24/2011 at 17:29 (4,631 days old) by Haxisfan (Europe - UK / Italy)        

haxisfan's profile picture
This machine is not having issues with balancing as the balancing system will intervene with different parameters on the final spin and as I said earlier the machine proves stable at every opportunity.

I'm glad to hear that they've finally agreed to change something in your washer... are you getting it done free of charge? 5 year parts warranty I know... but... do you have to fork out labour charges? I wish wholehartedly that your machine could get sorted out once and for all ;-)

Post# 506533 , Reply# 11   3/24/2011 at 17:37 (4,631 days old) by solsburian (SE Northumberland)        

When he said that that noise sounded abnormal I was tempted to say: "Duh, It's took you 3 visits to figure that one out!" (probably a bit more sharper then that though).

I suspected there is something iffy with the electronics because it sometimes forgets the wash time if you pause and resume it and it sets to some other value, one time I paused it when it had about 1:50 left, then the time jumped down to 42 minutes (it had weighed the load beforehand).

I declined the repair though, since I'm chasing it up with the retailer.

It's good that it stable - it was just with you saying that he was concerned about that I pointed out that mine might have OOB issues.

The Machine is still under its 1yr Parts + Labor and it's got a further 2 years extended labour as well.

Post# 506536 , Reply# 12   3/24/2011 at 17:45 (4,631 days old) by Haxisfan (Europe - UK / Italy)        

haxisfan's profile picture
OK... good luck with that!

I wonder what they'll do with that offending machine afterwards... repair it and sell it... or just sell it? Although I used to think they usually return them to the manufacturer.

Anyway, I'm sure that won't be your concern. Only I was thinking of my experience of buying a new product which had previously been returned by another customer :-(

Post# 506539 , Reply# 13   3/24/2011 at 17:50 (4,631 days old) by solsburian (SE Northumberland)        

Well I was at another Currys last weekend and they a used example of my machine on the shop floor for sale with 50 off, stating "Customer Return" on the ticket. The Drain cover flap was broke and the spin speed selector button was not flush with the facia. The drum was wisper quiet though!

Post# 506540 , Reply# 14   3/24/2011 at 18:00 (4,631 days old) by solsburian (SE Northumberland)        

"Only I was thinking of my experience of buying a new product which had previously been returned by another customer :-( "

That's bad, was it sorted out?

A while ago I was looking through a brochure for Hotpoint, and in the fine print it stated that they reserved the right to use quality second hand components in their new machines - it didn't really fill me with confidence.

Post# 506547 , Reply# 15   3/24/2011 at 18:29 (4,631 days old) by SamsungFl (United Kingdom/London )        
Nice Thread :-)

samsungfl's profile picture
Funny this thread should appear on the forum, I was watching the videos of the 10kg Hoover the other evening, and was very impressed to see how it handled spinning like that, esspecially with the larger drum.

Would seem that there have been some improvements on these machines maybe? My hoover Vision 8kg from a few years ago had an awful suspension and wouldnt of had a hope in hell spinning a load like that without literally jumping/banging around, so seeing these videos was a nice suprise :-)

The second video which has been posted it actually, my very own Miele :-) Its impressive to see machines handle spins like that, as esspecially at the lower spin speeds its very difficult to control the movement of the drum, seems to be a hit and miss with brands today, some machines can handle it, some cant I find :-)

I do find imbalance sensors however, in post cases go towards making a machine run in a smoother manner, for example in the Miele video thats how it will spin as a "last resort" i.e if it has had to balance twice beforehand which is a nice touch, as the sensor which measures how umbalanced the machine is, is much more sensitive the first two goes, I do myself perfer a balanced spin in all honesty :-) I did recently find out though that the Miele, as well as using electronics through the motor, also uses the Load Sensor to detect how imblalanced the drum is which I find quite interesting, in the sense that it really does actually know how much the drum is moving.

The Hoover creaking noise in the video is something I'd say is nothing to worry about to be honest, our Hoover used to make similar noises and ive some very similar Hoover Vision's do the same, it must just be their suspension design. A suspension will always make noise now and again, even my Miele does and its obviously more apparent when you have such a quiet induction motor which the Miele and Hoover both have :-)

Keep posting guys, nice to hear differing views on here!


Post# 506550 , Reply# 16   3/24/2011 at 18:40 (4,631 days old) by Haxisfan (Europe - UK / Italy)        
"right to use quality second hand components..."

haxisfan's profile picture
That doesnt agree with me either! I trust that was a short lived campaign... if they didn't want to be short of customers! Still, we can hardly say that Hotpoint don't sell... especially in the UK.

My experience was with the Hoover washer I purchased from Currys... my chosen model was in fact slightly different from the one I currently have... it was silver and had less specs, however the door frame had a small scratch which kept enlarging by the minute, it looked awful and my brand new machine looked as if it was coming from the tip. They readily exchanged it but the replacement model was much worse... not only it showed a similar scratch on the door frame, but it also had a gouge on the side of the cabinet... there's more... the transit bolts had already been taken out (also the machine dripped water all over the place while the delivery ppl were pushing it about).

Anyway... they never admitted that it was a return from another customer but what else could it have been? In the end I settled for another Hoover in white as the silver version was not longer available. That was spot on... and it still is now... phewww :-)

Post# 506555 , Reply# 17   3/24/2011 at 18:49 (4,631 days old) by Haxisfan (Europe - UK / Italy)        

haxisfan's profile picture
Hi SamsungFi... or should I say Rich...

How could I have ever imagined that was you? Jeez... I made you famous ;-)

Post# 506557 , Reply# 18   3/24/2011 at 18:53 (4,631 days old) by solsburian (SE Northumberland)        

"I trust that was a short lived campaign... if they didn't want to be short of customers! Still, we can hardly say that Hotpoint don't sell... especially in the UK."
They are still doing it, this is their statement in the current brochure:


"In accordance with its policy of progressive product design and environmental protection, Indesit Company reserves the right to alter specifications and use quality recycled components."


About your Hoover, I remember watching your video now. Its good that it got sorted out but it's pretty disgraceful nethertheless.

Post# 506567 , Reply# 19   3/24/2011 at 19:13 (4,631 days old) by Haxisfan (Europe - UK / Italy)        
How cunning...

haxisfan's profile picture
I see... nice wording there... "use of quality recycled components" meaning 'use of second hand components that looked right but that probably weren't'.

Why do I get the horrible feeling that Hotpoint is not the only one to adopt this policy?

You don't wanna know what I'm thinking!

Post# 506652 , Reply# 20   3/25/2011 at 06:49 (4,631 days old) by nrones ()        
Ex Aqualtis

They are deffinatley doing it! Now I know where my Aqualtis gone LOL

Solsburian, I hope your Hoover will be repaired, and I"m really sorry due to your bad luck :(

Post# 506658 , Reply# 21   3/25/2011 at 07:17 (4,631 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        

Absoloutely no way is the noise due to the material in the drum hitting the rubber triangle! Listen at 07:17, some component within the machine is hitting a metal piece inside. This is very similar to some Hotpoint videos I have seen on Youtube. I don't know if its the tub hitting the shell or what but it doesn't sound very good. I have never heard this from my AEG (which spins very unbalanced at times) The only thing I had was the drum hit the glass which I could see visually.

Comparing the two videos, the Miele and the Hoover you can see which one is better and clearly it is the Miele, it doesn't make no horrible rattle sound when ramping up. The only sound it is making is the rubber seals which my AEG makes when it spins unbalanced.

Please see my video and watch at 0.44. The noise my machine makes is when the drum has smacked the glass but no noise came from the tub hitting the shell.


Post# 506659 , Reply# 22   3/25/2011 at 07:20 (4,631 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        

Drum hitting glass at 1.42. Despite this happening, there appears to be plenty room internally for the tub to move about.


Post# 506668 , Reply# 23   3/25/2011 at 08:14 (4,631 days old) by Haxisfan (Europe - UK / Italy)        

haxisfan's profile picture
At the point you specified the machine is actually hitting the cabinet in exactly the same way as nrones' Candy but it does not go into spin as the OOB control intervenes... it does it again later for a few seconds and then it disappears when the machine ramps up to a faster but still reasonably slow spin.

Your AEG seems to shake a bit... does it actually move? I mean, do you find yourself having to push it back into place from time to time?

I wonder when this competition better/worse or Miele/Hoover will end!!

I know I was the one to post the link to show the Miele but I was only providing an example of a comparable scenario without offering gratuitous pieces of judgement... I was merely stating some facts without saying... this is better... that is worse... duuuh.

Post# 506688 , Reply# 24   3/25/2011 at 09:37 (4,631 days old) by nrones ()        

That at 7:17 is a sound from suspension (that could be better, I noticed that on my GrandOPlus too), excuse me, are we talking about moment in the spin, or the whole spin? I see that Hoover made different noises to AEG and Miele, but only when it was starting a OOB thing. When it rebalanced, and started the actual spin all 3 of them sounded exactly the same.

Post# 506691 , Reply# 25   3/25/2011 at 09:49 (4,631 days old) by Aeg03 (London, UK)        

I think that there is a problem with manufacturers cramming bigger drums/tubs into standardized cabinets. This is not an argument as to which is better or worse, duhhh! What is most important from all, is reliability. If a machine is banging it's components within itself then I would be concerned regarding how long a machine would last regardless of what make or model.

No my AEG doesn't move. Only once it's moved slightly. I would say that the reason why its stable because the AEG is one heavy machine. Much heavier then the previous makes we had before (we has a lot of difficulty in moving it) It appears to be of a quality construction. Not sure if the newer ones are the same.

Post# 508289 , Reply# 26   3/30/2011 at 22:22 (4,625 days old) by FL1012 ()        

Your AEG is still going then? :) I thought i remembered you having a problem with the electronics skipping a section of program or something similar not to long ago?

The drum moves about quite like our current Zanussi washer-dryer, which i think must be from around the same era (early 2000s)?

Like you said, drum movement isn't so much of a problem when the drums are small but with the increase in drum sizes, something has to give in the cabinet & this seems to be space for the tub to move around without hitting other things!

It also occurs to me that modern machines suspension systems seem to allow the drums to move from side to side quite abit more than machines from the 80s or earlier. My old machines barely move off centre when spinning yet our washer-dryer from the early 2000s and the 2007 Zanussi Essential we have both allow the drums to jump around quite considerably.


Post# 508377 , Reply# 27   3/31/2011 at 13:00 (4,625 days old) by aeg03 (London, UK)        


Yeah my AEG is still going strong and has been for 8 and half years. The electronics seem to have sorted themselves out now. It may occasionally freeze for 1 minute or so a couple of times. This only really happens every few months.

My AEG was purchased in 2002 swo it is from around the same time as your Zanussi. The suspension appears to be pretty poor inside this machine, it is suspended by two springs and at the bottom it has 2 'legs' that just seem to help contain a little movement The legs are made of plastic and alumminium. The two parts just slide together. These suspension legs appear to be universal. See video ive included. At 7.56 you will see the type of suspension leg I am talking about.

It is true what you are saying about movment. My old Servis from the 80s had a tub that system that was bolted to the base and the top part was 'suspended' by fabric straps at the top. When the machine spun, the drum didn't really move but instead, the whole machine used to shake and literally jump from side to side on start up of an unbalanced spin. This was the Servis Slimline Electronic 1000, which had the 'Spincare drum' this drum has no perforations, just tiny slits on the front and back part of the drum and a tiny contour in the middle. Clothes still stuck to the edges after spin This machine sounded just like the old Hotpoints and used to scare me as a kid.


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