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Post# 511664   4/15/2011 at 14:44 (4,621 days old) by securitybearuk ()        

I have decided to buy the new condenser tumble drier from Hotpoint, the reason being the price is right. There is enough space in the kitchen beside my Candy washer, as I dont have the luxury of a wall thats vented for a vented tumble drier. I could put a vented drier in my bed room, or living room in front of the window with the venting hose dangling out. The aim is for tidyness and convinience, so a condenser drier it is. I like hotpoint I trust them, the hotpoint top loader I had started do strange things. The outer tub became loose and as the agitator was going back a forth, the outer tub was going around the opposite way instead of it being stationary and inching round.

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Post# 511669 , Reply# 1   4/15/2011 at 15:02 (4,621 days old) by Haxisfan (Europe - UK / Italy)        
I visited your link and...

haxisfan's profile picture
I clicked on 'A romantic dream or reality' poem... I loved the angel heading his halo as if it was a football... perhaps that's what angels really do: I wonder what happened to lucifer's :-P

Depending on the location of your washer in the kitchen you might eliminate the obstructing section of worktop and stack the dryer on top... so you can have more cabinets on the ground... just a thought.

Congratulations for your new purchase... and for your poems too of course :-)

Post# 511688 , Reply# 2   4/15/2011 at 18:05 (4,621 days old) by FL1012 ()        
What price is the Hotpoint?

A tenner is about right.....

Post# 511696 , Reply# 3   4/15/2011 at 19:12 (4,621 days old) by Rolls_rapide (.)        
Hotpoint condenser dryer

I would be cautious of Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda condenser dryers.

Acording to Which? several years ago, these makes allowed 50% of the water vapour to escape back into the room.

A better make was Zanussi, which was cheaper than the similar AEG.

Miele got the best rating.

Post# 511697 , Reply# 4   4/15/2011 at 19:29 (4,621 days old) by ronhic (Canberra, Australia)        

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The current WHICH? tests are worth a look before parting with your cash to be honest. The Creda is 'Not recommended'....and it's related to the Hotpoints...

Post# 511750 , Reply# 5   4/16/2011 at 06:05 (4,620 days old) by hoover1100 (U.K.)        
In the current Which? reports

There are only 2 "DO NOT BUY" models, those are an Indesit and a Creda condenser (both of these machines are exactly the same internally as all Hotpoint condenser dryer (they're all made by Indesit)).

The Creda scores 37% overall and the Indesit 39%. They say that they are poor at trapping water, have long drying times and dry unevenly. None of the Hotpoint, Indesit or Creda condenser dryers get a "Best buy".

For the same price as a Hotpoint Condenser you can get a Zanussi condenser which has more features (such as sensor drying) which will be a lot more reliable and will trap water much more effectively.

Hopefully this will help you with your purchase.


Post# 511752 , Reply# 6   4/16/2011 at 07:12 (4,620 days old) by dyson2drums (United Kingdom)        

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I have first hand experience of a hotpoint ultima ctd80 condenser tumble dryer.

It is excellent, clothes are always dry within a reasonable time, and evenly. We have a dyson washing machine which has a 78litre drum which is fairly big, the dryer copes very well. Most loads take around 1 hour 20 mins, less or more depending on garments.

The machine is used a lot, sometimes two or three times a day, it's never let us down and no problems at all.

Hope this helps and all the best

Post# 511753 , Reply# 7   4/16/2011 at 07:48 (4,620 days old) by dyson2drums (United Kingdom)        

dyson2drums's profile picture
pic of my hotpoint ctd80 condenser tumble dryer

Post# 511763 , Reply# 8   4/16/2011 at 10:58 (4,620 days old) by nrones ()        
This is a suprise even for me...

Hell guys I"ve just seen this thread, where you talked about reports about dryers on consumer magazines..
The last thing I thought I would have seen on Candy-Germany is an "SEHR-GUT (92.7%)" mark for a Hoover Aquavision tumble dryer. I thought Hoover/Candy after explosions in germany will always get "DO NOT THINK", but now I"m really suprised..
Here"s the link---what do you think?


Post# 511769 , Reply# 9   4/16/2011 at 11:35 (4,620 days old) by hoover1100 (U.K.)        

The highest scoring Hoover Condenser dryer in the Which? reports (the Hoover VHC 391) scores 52% overall.

They don't appear to have tested the Aquavision models yet.


Post# 511798 , Reply# 10   4/16/2011 at 13:49 (4,620 days old) by Haxisfan (Europe - UK / Italy)        
Nrones I'm impressed!

haxisfan's profile picture
I was a Which? member for a while up to the end of last year and Hoover tumble dryers (both vented and condensing) were always scoring lowish unfortunately except for their washer-dryers.

Some Hoover washer-dryers were scoring as high as the 'best buy' units but for some reason they weren't awarded the title of 'best buy'... it might have had something to do with the overall 'below average' reliability score of the brand (given by Which? members) which goes beyond Which? decision making through testing... however, I guess, this still affects their final verdict.

Post# 511806 , Reply# 11   4/16/2011 at 14:29 (4,620 days old) by securitybearuk ()        
The bear has growled

ffs i am getting impatient now, the dryer is well within my budget (MONTHLY MINIMUM WORKING WAGE(. 4PAYMENTS OF 50 OVER 4 MONTHS. I have used hotpoint washers driers in the past and found them to be extreamly reliable, they do the job i want quickly and efficiently. I dont give a flying fart about what is said in the consumer magazines, The candy company who has been slagged off in this site I own a fl washer from them. It spins at 1400 revs 90 min wash at 40 degrees 6 deep rinses all with a hi 3min spin in between, then 4 phase spin up to 1400 revs the spin phase and period is 15 mins the resulting 1400 spin lasts 5 mins. I have had the machine 2 years only 1 thing went wrong with it, a loose coin I overlooked was rattling under the drum. the tech guy was happy to help so no problems what so ever.
As I explained in my last thread a vented drier is no good, I dont have the luxury of a vented wall in my kitchen. So a condenser drier it going to be from hotpoint. I am sorry to be so uppetty guys if your a big hairy well built masculine guy like me, nothing will move me when I make up my mind after all guys it my choise at the end of the day

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Post# 511831 , Reply# 12   4/16/2011 at 17:24 (4,620 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

We're just warning you that's all... Your Hotpoint Top Loader sounds to be one dating from the 1990's with the agitator etc. during that period up until 2000 circa Hotpoint was still a completely British company, build quality was very good and nothing serious went wrong with everything they made, your Top Loader has stood the test of time and it will be easy to repair since it is a British Hotpoint! Your Condensor Dryer however is made by Indesit and only Hotpoint in name, your Dryer could be part of an ok batch or it could be part of a bad batch. Hotpoint AKA Indesit can be a very random bag of machines most of the time. Candy same as.



Post# 511869 , Reply# 13   4/16/2011 at 23:57 (4,619 days old) by FL1012 ()        
Woah there..... James said, we're just warning you. Afterall, you did ask on your other thread what thoughts we had, including whether vented or condensor was best. This is gonna sound frank but if you'd already decided then why ask everyone.

I can understand your Candy washer being decent as being an Activa Smart i believe it's v similar to the Hoover Nextra's, which aren't all that bad. My Aunties Activa Smart (6kg 1400rpm) has done two years moderate use & with the exception of a burning smell intermitently for the first few months, it's been fine. The later Grand O's and Hoover Vision HDs & Optimas are another matter entirely.

Go for the Hotpoint dryer by all means, but when you can get a Zanussi for the same money i think anyone going with the Hotpoint must be nuts. If it lasts beyond 3 years i'll be blo*dy amazed.


Post# 511958 , Reply# 14   4/17/2011 at 14:14 (4,619 days old) by securitybearuk ()        

I am sorry but your confusing me with different bits of infomation, this has kinda got my head a wirl

Post# 511966 , Reply# 15   4/17/2011 at 15:14 (4,619 days old) by Haxisfan (Europe - UK / Italy)        
Don't be confused...

haxisfan's profile picture
Just follow your heart mate... there's nothing wrong with a little bit of awareness, I'm sure you don't expect it to blow up as soon as you plug it in but don't expect it to keep running smoothly for 10 or 20 years. You know what you're spending will fit the bill and you'll have to be prepared to shrug your shoulders if, say, in 2, 3 or 4 years' time, your dryer will require a repair. It might not be the case: I wonder how old dydon2drum's condenser is.

It seems potluck nowadays with many appliances anyway... not just Hotpoint... but as for Candy GrandO I cannot quite agree with FL1012 comment above... I don't own one myself but my aunt does and it's been running perfectly since 2006 (1 of the first grandO I think) although it's used moderately, I know a few people who are utterly satisfied with their GrandOs and last, but not the least, we have 'Nrones' in this forum who owns not one, but two Candy GrandOs and he strikes me every time with his passion for this brand... I've never seen anyone with such a vivid enthusiasm for an appliance manufacturer as Nrones and this has been possible thanks to the GrandO itself (although he had an old Candy previously).

Bye ;-)

PS: whatever dryer you get, it'll be nice if you posted a pic here when you do. Thanks.

Post# 511985 , Reply# 16   4/17/2011 at 17:10 (4,619 days old) by Rolls_rapide (.)        

Just be aware the the Hotpoint/Indesit/Creda dryers can create a lot of condensation in the room, possibly leading to damp and mould in your house and ruining your decor.

A former work colleague bought a Creda condenser several years ago now, against the advice of Which? - and I warned him. He called the dryer "the wallpaper stripper" due to the amount of steam it belched out.

Someone else had a Hotpoint condenser dryer that constantly leaked at the back of the machine.

Post# 511991 , Reply# 17   4/17/2011 at 18:01 (4,619 days old) by aquarius1984 (Planet earth)        

aquarius1984's profile picture
I too have witnessed a work colleague Mouldy Kitchen caused by a Condesing Hotpoint/Indesit/Creda dryer.

Under the work surface where it is kept is covered in mould and its attacked the worktops integrity.

All down the wall it backs onto is mouldy and her kitchen gets quite fugged up and "close" when its on.

They are the worst condensing dryers I have ever come across. Considering the decent weather we are getting now Id wait and save a bit more money for a Zanussi - there really cant be any hardship in waiting a few weeks. Wash ahead and use clothes horses to their full ability and potential to stay ahead of the game etc.

Brand loyalty or not nothing makes up for the damage done and extra expense one quite clearly will need to use to sort out the damage these things are causing!

Which is actually quite right in what they say.

Post# 512119 , Reply# 18   4/18/2011 at 07:46 (4,618 days old) by vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield, East Midlands, UK)        
From one bear to another ....

vacbear58's profile picture

I have used a Hotpoint Condensor dryer for the last 8 years - at the time it was a VERY good price when money was somewhat short. It does not get that much use as there is only me and I will line dry when I can. Th drier has needed one reapir since I got it when it was not heating. Fortunatly there is a shop near my work and I was able to take it in there, no call out charges. I have had not other problems with it with it at all otherwise, although the condensing unit is a bugger to clean. A quick run in a Hoovermatic soon sorted that though (I am not joking). Good luck with your purchase

Post# 512128 , Reply# 19   4/18/2011 at 09:23 (4,618 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        
Dont Tar Them All

chestermikeuk's profile picture
With The Same often happens here - with no explaination given!!!

The Hotpoint Ultima and Aqualtis models have a better build and so dont suffer loss of condensation as much as the aquarius range....saying that if kept in a cooler room even the aquarius range will operate much better, and if kept clean and fluff free - energy wise even better!!

The best delivery and after care of many brands who undertake the warranty themselves is Hotpoint Indesit Group by a mile at the moment,

cheers, Mike

p.s. Washing Condenser Filters in a Hoovermatic..."Whatever next"...LOl

Post# 512619 , Reply# 20   4/20/2011 at 12:51 (4,616 days old) by securitybearuk ()        
New drier arrived

New drier has arrived, I am going to shoot all the sceptics down, and all the questionable articles that people read in the consumer magazines. The old say goes the prove is in the eating, used the drier the one thing I did notice is its a damn site more hotter in the drum. This is good as I can reduce the drying time on the timer, Now I hear you say oh that wont last long as the drier ages. Maintainance from me will keep the drier running like new, from regular fluff filter removal each load, to emptying the water container that collects in the plastic unit. It says once a month rinse out the accumulation of fluff from the condenser unit, I would be very dubious about doing that. I dont have a vacuum cleaner that has a blow feature, I feel that would be a safer method of cleaning the fluff out. A regular vacuum clean of the air vent for the air inlet is what they also recommend, the drier is easy maintainable which is how I like things to be




Post# 512640 , Reply# 21   4/20/2011 at 16:19 (4,616 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        
Hotpoinr Aquarius

chestermikeuk's profile picture
Excellent Kevin, keep it tip top and it will serve you well, dont forget to register for your 5yr parts guarantee..

I usually de-fluff any dryer whilst I`m passing with the vac, and its very easy to defluff the condenser box, just stick it under the shower and blast the fluff out, this is the one part that will pay to keep it squeeky clean!!!

Enjoy, Mike

Post# 512645 , Reply# 22   4/20/2011 at 16:37 (4,616 days old) by securitybearuk ()        
Already registered Mike

I did that soon after the machine was up and running, thanks for understanding me mike appreciate that

CLICK HERE TO GO TO securitybearuk's LINK

Post# 512796 , Reply# 23   4/21/2011 at 07:48 (4,615 days old) by vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield, East Midlands, UK)        
De-fluff Condensor Box

vacbear58's profile picture

Do you know (with out a word of a lie) I have had that drier in the bathroom 8 years and it has never occured to me to run it under the shower, and me with a power shower too.

But I still think doing it in a hoovermatic is more fun, and I bed you do too, really :)


Post# 513105 , Reply# 24   4/22/2011 at 17:49 (4,614 days old) by liberator1509 (Ireland)        
Hotpoint Dryer

I have had a Hotpoint Aqualtis condensor dryer for approximately two years now and it is fine! In general, vented dryers seem faster than condensor equivalents, but the Aqualtis does the job as far as I'm concerned. The programme choice is a bit over-the-top, which makes customised cycles a bit of a faff compared to machines with simper controls, but otherwise its fine. So there you go - at least one customer who is happy with a modern Hotpoint appliance...whatever next!

Your top loader needs either a brake fix, or perhaps some slightly more complex work on the transmission - the tub on mine indexes a bit when washing, but its still works fine (and often...).


Post# 513109 , Reply# 25   4/22/2011 at 18:38 (4,614 days old) by securitybearuk ()        
That hotpoint washer died

That hotpoint washer died 3 years ago my friend, I have an excellent Candy fl. Happy bear here

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