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Hotpoint 9517
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Post# 512300   4/19/2011 at 06:21 (4,618 days old) by hoover1100 (U.K.)        

My boyfriend Marc (Washerboy84 on youtube not yet a member here) and I have a Hotpoint 9517.

It's in fairly good cosmetic condition, only problem is one of the plastic strips is missing off the left hand side of the worktop, otherwise it looks like it's been very well looked after.

It runs great, has apparently had new brushes recently, and the bearings and everything else all seem good as new.

There is one slight issue we have, occasionally on some washes the machine has stopped tumbling mid rinse; timer still goes, it drains and fills, but the motor is not activated.

When left switched off for a while, it has always started to work as if nothing had happened.

Any ideas what could be the problem?

Pic is attached.

P.S. For anyone who was wondering, any issues with the machine will be fixed, no suggestions of replacing the machine please.


Post# 512303 , Reply# 1   4/19/2011 at 06:51 (4,618 days old) by Haxisfan (Europe - UK / Italy)        

haxisfan's profile picture
It looks brand new!

Do both your boyfriend and your machines behave in exactly the same way and at the same stage of the cycle everytime? Might it just be programmed to carry out that phase as such... how long does it do that for? Which rinse is affected by this... is it the 1st rinse or right after a spin sequence?

It sounds like a time out device or a thermo protection that cuts off the power to the motor and it resumes working when the machine has been left switched off for a while.

I'm sure you'll find out what it is sooner or later ;-)

Post# 512307 , Reply# 2   4/19/2011 at 07:11 (4,618 days old) by hoover1100 (U.K.)        

We only have the one machine.

It has happened twice, in different places on the rinse cycle.

Most cycles it has completed flawlessly.

I did think about a thermal cut out on the motor, it has only happened on a 60c and a 95c cycle, never on 40c.



Post# 512368 , Reply# 3   4/19/2011 at 13:26 (4,618 days old) by matchboxpaul (U.K)        

Hiya Matt.

Never knew you had that! A superb example of 9517 - it looks in fantastic shape.

Re the stopping - and please bear in mind that I am not technically minded - but mine and Robs first ever acquision did/does exactly the same.

Our A3350 Electron 1100 would be working merrily away and then, all of a sudden, would just stop all drum action. Timer and everything else would be working as normal, but no action.

Initially we would just turn it off, kind of to let it cool down, turn it on again at the same point at which we had turned it off and all would be back to normal.

Then we had Mathew observe it and, rather than turn it off, we let it continue through the long pause to see what happened.
What happened was, all of a sudden, the machine launched back into mere wash action with a mighty surge that made it jump violently and slamming the drum into the outer cabinet. Myself, Mathew and Rob all leapt for the dial to turn it off! Turned it on again and everything back to normal.

Thinking is that the motor reawakened part way through when it should have been tumbling and received, in one uncontrolled non smooth start burst, all the power required to tumble the drum. That burst, rather than tumbling the clothes, fastened them all to one side of the drum, hence the drama.

It has been put down to what you have mentioned - a thermal cut out on the motor. I cant remember clearly, but I am pretty sure that the fault manifested itself always on above 40degree washes.
The machine has been in store ever since, but might be dragged out soon to have a replacement motor fitted that I acquired from a scrap A3350 about two years ago.
Only then will we know.


Post# 512372 , Reply# 4   4/19/2011 at 13:55 (4,618 days old) by electron1100 (England)        
Hot bits

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Hello Matt

Pauls experiences of the thermal cut out playing up certainly makes sense, but can i add my two penneth worth.

It could be a heat related problem on the control board up by(if my memory serves me right) the programmer, there is Triac up there mounted on a heatsink, this might just be starting to get a dry joint on its soldering.

It is always worth checking any soldered components that run hot for dry joints, these are very common on modern equipment due to manufacturers using components that are only just up to the job so they tend to run hot

Anyway good luck with getting it sorted well worth the effort it will be


Post# 512400 , Reply# 5   4/19/2011 at 16:55 (4,618 days old) by hoover1100 (U.K.)        
Thanks everyone

Paul; Marc has had it since about the end of January, but this is the first time I've been down to see it and until now it's been in his outhouse. Thanks for your help, that definitely sounds similar to what this one has been doing. If it does it again we shall try leaving it to see what it does!

Gary; that would explain a lot, when it has done this it has felt rather warm around the timer/control panel as well as near the top of the door. Sounds far beyond my technical capabilities to even find where the bad soldering would be, let alone fix it! Good to know what it is though, will have to see what we can do about it!

One confusing thing we found today when we tried the Acrylics 40c programme, something tells me it's normal for the cooldown to consist of a period of filling and draining multiple times. What confuses us is that it spent about 15-20 minutes just filling and filling without the drain pump on, but the water level was not rising, and when shut off all the water ran out.

The drain hose is at the proper height, and the only time it does this is at the end of the wash on Acrylics 40c.

Is this normal? Seems very odd to me.

The serial number is 93124671, I know you're quite good with the date codes Paul, so could you (or anyone) tell us exactly when the machine was made?

Must admit as much as I have no problem with longer cycles, there is something nice about having a 40c wash completed in 40mins, and 60c in an hour, this machine has certainly made me re-evaluate my thoughts on Hotpoint machines!

Thanks again,


Post# 512407 , Reply# 6   4/19/2011 at 17:49 (4,618 days old) by SuperElectronic (London, UK)        
Stuck in cooldown...

...sounds like a classic case of siphoning to me. Whilst the drain hose may be at the correct height, if there's no or insufficient air break - especially if hooked up directly into the sink trap - you may find the water is being siphoned. Try running the machine draining into a sink to see if it's still a problem. Could well be more prevalent during a cool down phase as the water is at full flow through the hose then stopped so no air is present to help break the flow.


Cool down does indeed consist of filling and tumbling/draining and goes on a while in the earlier machines but no more than 3-4 minutes I'd say.


Have you perfected the art of adding conditioner by hand to the final rinse? When I had a 9510 without conditioner compartment (I'm guessing they still hadn't added it to the 9517 but do enlighten me if not) I found the best plan was to watch the water level get to the door seal, crack open the draw just far enough and pop in the capful. Pouring it in before switching on the final rinse gives you a sludgy drawer housing. Open the drawer too far and water will gush down the front!


Happy washing!

Post# 512417 , Reply# 7   4/19/2011 at 18:47 (4,618 days old) by Haxisfan (Europe - UK / Italy)        
I'll second that!

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Siphoning it is! If you're wondering why this happens only during that particular cycle the possible explanation is that perhaps that very cycle goes through some sequences that make this scenario possible... perhaps the Acrylics programme loads more water than the other wash cycles and the draining stage lasts longer... well... something like that!

I had a similar experience years ago... on the Acrylics cycle also... my machine is plumped in and it shares the same drain with the sink. During the acrylics cycle some of the machine drain's water would rise up to the sink because it was too much and the drain couldn't cope (being half blocked)... as a result the machine anti-foam system would intervene for no reason making matters worse... the reason why this would happen was cos' at the end of each drain some of the water accumulated in the sink would return in the tub cheating the machine into detecting the presence of something in the sump... presumably suds in this case even if it was just a water reflux. This is not the same situation as yours but I find it analogous to yours... as this problem would not occur with any other wash programme.

Of course it's all sorted now... my sink is fit as a fiddle ;-)

Post# 512614 , Reply# 8   4/20/2011 at 12:19 (4,617 days old) by hoover1100 (U.K.)        
Thanks for the replies so far!

Good to know it is just siphoning, the drain hose set up is rather odd here, the machine is quite a way from the outside wall and drains via a long drain hose which goes outside through an air brick into an outside drain.

Will have to find a way of securing the drain house so that it is at the correct height, and that there is enough of a gradient to create a good enough air break.

This model does have a softner dispenser, but when I was a kid our next door neighbour Joan had a 95360 which didn't have the dispenser. She washed every Saturday and I would go round and help her, one of my jobs was always to add the softner into the final rinse, I did basically what you say, open it slightly whilst filling and pour the softner in.



Post# 512650 , Reply# 9   4/20/2011 at 17:09 (4,617 days old) by SuperElectronic (London, UK)        

If the long drain hose is in two parts you might want to invest in an anti-siphon device and use it between the two hoses secured with jubilee clips. You can get them in places like B&Q with the other bits for washer plumbing - usually grey plastic, look like a hose connector piece with with a little offshoot. Cost under £10, maybe even under £5. Might be the best idea in your case: you need the air break to be above the necessary level indicated on the machine and it sounds like the hose runs all the way to below the water level in the machine hence the siphoning action.


Fancy putting in that conditioner compartment in the BOL machine! Only took them 20 years of similar designs for such a "luxury" item to be seen as necessary!

Post# 512967 , Reply# 10   4/22/2011 at 03:18 (4,615 days old) by hoover1100 (U.K.)        
The drain hose

Yeah it is in two pieces, will definitely have to try and get a hold of one of those anti-siphon devices then, hopefully this will solve the problem, I've never used one of these machines on the synthetics cycle yet, everyone I knew with them always used cottons.

You'd almost think it would have been more effort to produce the machines without the softener dispenser than to just fit it to all models in the range!


Post# 513972 , Reply# 11   4/26/2011 at 15:21 (4,611 days old) by ultimafan ()        
what a lovely machine!!

And Similar to our first one!!! In tip top condition, however I've never heard of this happing in these models.

Post# 513981 , Reply# 12   4/26/2011 at 16:09 (4,611 days old) by optima (Cumbria England)        

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Very nice machine the 9527 looks like it has just left the factory. When i was living at home we had the 9536 model. I do remember the step down shock creasing section of the acrylics 50,40deg & quick wash section. I always thought it went on to long. It was all to do with the pressure switch & pump. when we first got it i thought they was a fault with the machine but it does tell you about this cooldown feature in the instructions. I do think it was a waste of water. I also loved the zero delay door lock. If you forgot to add an item & realised pretty quick you could open the door as long as the water level wasn't to high. I also liked the acrylics final spin 2 short bursts at 500rpm then 1 short burst at 1000rpm.

Post# 831218 , Reply# 13   7/7/2015 at 14:07 (3,078 days old) by lcassell94 ()        
hotpoint 9536

This is my hotpoint 9536, bearings, suspension, carbons and speed module have beeen replaced. There is an issue however that during the washes and rinses, the motor will violently jerk and cause the insides to slam against the outer /cabinet, any ideas as to what this could be?

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Post# 831297 , Reply# 14   7/7/2015 at 20:45 (3,078 days old) by hoovermad (England)        

If I remember rightly (please anyone correct me if otherwise), there is a tachograph coil on the back of the motor which can come loose. This needs putting back on as it relays information back to the module to adjust motor speed.

Post# 832682 , Reply# 15   7/18/2015 at 05:59 (3,067 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

They all Jerked!! It was part of the programming as they launched into each tumble. with big loads, they would slam into the side.

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