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Miele G5000 Series
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Post# 525716   6/20/2011 at 05:00 (4,555 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

Hi All,


I'm usually one of the bigger Miele fanboys around, with the laundry, cooking and floor care equipment, however we've recently put my 5yo G2220 SCi Dishwasher into mums house and bought the new G5715 SCU XXL for our house.  So far this hasnt gone well and I really should've kept the old G2220 which could wash anything, first time every time and bought mum a cheaper Bosch (or the most expensive which would still have been cheaper than this).


The pro's of the new machine are as follows:

  • 3D cuttlery tray (everything finally fits)
  • Turbo Function (heavily soiled load complete in 70-80mins)
  • Champagne glass supports in the lower rack


The downsides

  • Left hand cup rack is too low and has plastic protrusion in the middle, no longer can fit cups under the rack or fit two full rows of cups and glasses along the left hand side, pieces have to alternated and as the rack no longer flips down I cant put tupperware on top.
  • Cup seperator has been replaced with Wine glass stem support, cups and glasses now need to balanced against each other on the left hand side ala bosch
  • In the lower rack, the tall tines that stick up on the rear 2/3's of the dishwasher on both sides cut into loading space and make it challenging to fit roasting pans in, the old plate guard racks were far better.
  • My cereal bowls that fitted perfectly in the old plate guard racks in the old machine, now fall over every time you slide the basket in and out
  • The door auto open feature leaves plastic soaking wet and the door makes a grinding/rubbing sound as the door moves when you open and close it.
  • The expanded 15 place settings seems to be based on using hotel crockery rather than the 14 real world place settings that fitted in the old one.  The lack of usable space in the left side of the middle rack in what has really gotten me annoyed.

To top it all off it was $600 dearer than it's old equivilent G2220 ($1999 including stainless door) at $2599 and stuff now consistently comes out dirty (Food in bowls and yibbles throughout the machine) and requires manual scrubbing and rewashing.  The detergent is the same, the salt and rinse aid settings are copied from the old machine.


I'm not sure what is that different about it, the pump module looks the same, its no quieter than the old machine and the water consumption hasnt dropped by much.  It does have spray arm alternation which was only available on the more expensive models in the old range.  But it's basically the same unit, with some nasty racking.


Has anyone else bought a 5xxx series dishwasher and found that whilst its good, if you've had one of the previous generation machines, you now really miss it and want it back :)


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Post# 525728 , Reply# 1   6/20/2011 at 06:49 (4,555 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        
G 2834 vs G 5935

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Hi Nathan,

Sorry to hear that you don't like your new G 5715 SCU dishwasher. I have had the G 5935 SCi since November last year. The new racking did take a little to get used to. Remember Miele racking has not changed for over 20 years and I have been using Miele machines close to that. Mum still has a G 590 which has not missed a beat, before that she had a Bosch S 610 which we gave to my relatives. It's gone to dishwasher heaven now. I went to a Bosch when I moved out from home and then I got a G 2830 which I later upgraded to the G 2834 and now the G 5935. I found the new racks a learning curve, but I'm used to them now. The model I have and you have are technically similar. I find the Sensor wash in the new models work differently to the old. One thing I did is go into the software and change the country version, like on the washing machines and activated water plus like on the washing machines. I have not one thing come out dirty from my machine, even with the default settings, but I am a bit of a Miele techno head.
Last week we did alot of cooking and put it on the Sensor wash and everything came out spotless. Tonight as I write this I have the machine on Sensor wash with Intensive lower basket selected because I have lots of pots and pans in the lower rack.
The AutoOpen door feature leaves all my load including plastics really dry. Is your door opening enough? The mechanism is spring loaded, make sure your machine is level otherwise the door will not open far enough. The noise you hear is normal when the latch retracts.

Post# 525732 , Reply# 2   6/20/2011 at 07:14 (4,555 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        

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Here are a couple of photos of my new dishwasher. I will take more when it finishes.

Post# 525733 , Reply# 3   6/20/2011 at 07:19 (4,555 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        
Control panel

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another one

Post# 525739 , Reply# 4   6/20/2011 at 07:55 (4,555 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        

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Post# 525740 , Reply# 5   6/20/2011 at 07:57 (4,555 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        

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door open

Post# 525741 , Reply# 6   6/20/2011 at 07:59 (4,555 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        
bottom rack

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Post# 525743 , Reply# 7   6/20/2011 at 08:01 (4,555 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        
middle rack

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Post# 525744 , Reply# 8   6/20/2011 at 08:02 (4,555 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        
3D cutlery tray

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Post# 525746 , Reply# 9   6/20/2011 at 08:03 (4,555 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        

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Post# 525747 , Reply# 10   6/20/2011 at 08:06 (4,555 days old) by ozzie908 (Lincoln UK)        
Todays daft question...:)

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Is that light actually in the dishwasher?


Post# 525760 , Reply# 11   6/20/2011 at 09:37 (4,555 days old) by lavamat_jon (UK)        

I have the G5500SC dishwasher, it's about 8 months old now, and have not had any issues with it in terms of loading - in fact I find the bottom basket more flexible than the bottom basket on my parents G1270SCVi which is about 5/6 years old now.  I always put plates in the bottom right hand side of the basket in the sideways facing tines, and find this leaves plenty of room across the remainder for anything from small saucepans, to oven trays, stockpots and big lasagna dishes.  Haven't had trouble loading the upper basket - although that is probably due to how I load it - I always put tall glasses along the two sides, and mugs over the tines and along the middle row - and cereal bowls/teapots/cheese graters etc in the saucer rack.  I also find the design of the 3D cutlery tray far better compared to the one-piece version - the central compartment is wider and great for serving spoons, or any other small items from tupperware lids to cheese graters etc.


However there are some niggles I have with mine too - don't get me wrong, it is a fantastic dishwasher - but the middle rack doesn't glide out anywhere near as smooth as they do on my parents G1270, and also the drying isn't as good as my parents.  I've noticed that they've altered the Turbothermic drying system again, and on the new version there isn't actually a fan inlet inside the wash cabinet - instead there is a fan which cools the cabinet sides onto which steam condenses - nowhere near as effective as the previous systems where the fan is actually in the wash cabinet.  The longer drying function makes a marginal difference, however still nowhere as good as the parents' dishwasher standard cycle.


I had washing issues when I first had it - but put this down to the detergent I was using - have since switched and stayed with Finish and results are fantastic.  I've also noticed the Sensor Wash is different - on heavier soiled loads mine will also swap the first cold, short rinse for a longer, heated rinse, then do a cold short rinse, before commencing with the final rinse - on my parents it will just do 2 cold rinses before the final rinse if it is a heavier soiled load - maybe you could tell us why it does this Rod, just out of mere curiosity :-).


I also like the addition of the Light soiling 50*C programme (combined with Turbo is only an hour, great for a load consisting entirely of glasses and crockery), and the Intensive Lower Basket/Turbo options... have found that with the Intensive Lower Basket button and Sensor Wash I get more or less the same results as Pots & Pans but with less energy use - although there are still times when I use the Pots & Pans cycle but nowhere near as frequent as you would on a model without the option.


Sorry to hear about your troubles anyway - one of the nice things about Miele is that it was the little details that made all the difference, let's hope they're not slipping...




P.S. Have come to the conclusion that for most things, the Sensor Wash cycle combined with the Turbo option is ideal for most daily loads, between 1h10 and 1h38 for a cycle and not much survives it.

Post# 525761 , Reply# 12   6/20/2011 at 09:38 (4,555 days old) by lavamat_jon (UK)        

Austin - that sure is! I think Siemens and AEG offer models with internal lights too.  Unfortunately my dishwasher is my only appliance without a light! :(

Post# 525851 , Reply# 13   6/20/2011 at 14:52 (4,555 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

Hi Rod,


The door is opening as far as yours does, its not the latch retracting that grinds, its after it's retracted and you move the door through the full 90deg range.


I've tried getting into system config mode using the same process as the washer to look for the country options, but that consistently gives me the standard options menu, I guess I need to increase the sensor wash detection, so it detects lightly soiled loads as heavy.


Your picture of the upper rack captures the bain of my existance perfectly.  What posessed Miele to put a plastic bulge there, rather than keep the single piece cup rack that was there before?  Why did it need to be lower and non adjustable?


We usually have 5 rows of cups/glasses in the top rack, which is why that left hand side is such a problem.


I've slowly been getting used to the bottom rack, but it seems the only type of bowls that work in the new lower rack are shallow bowls like yours, with a wide lip so they can grip the supports.  The tines along the front of the lower rack are short enough to only be good for small plates (Why are the centre tines so short) and if you use that space for crockery, there is nowhere left to put large pots and pans.


It generally washes flat surfaces clean, and I have no issue with how it cleans baking pans or saucepans.  It's the cereal bowls that end up with a crust stuck on (Never an issue before) and the glasses in the top rack that constantly have tiny food particles welded on to them.


Jon, I have noticed what mean with the middle rack, in the older series it just glided, in the G5XXX series you feel resistance and it's more a grinding as you push it in.  You cant hear anything, but you can just feel it as you pull it in and out.


I use the Sensor wash cycle, with intensive lower if I have pans in there, detergent is Finish Quantum.


I'll persevere and see what happens, but I havent had to handwash yibblets out of glasses, since the horrible Whirlpool from years ago.

Post# 525857 , Reply# 14   6/20/2011 at 16:07 (4,555 days old) by ozzie908 (Lincoln UK)        
Thank you Jon

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I am in awe of the pretty blue lights :)


Post# 525870 , Reply# 15   6/20/2011 at 17:15 (4,555 days old) by ronhic (Canberra, Australia)        

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It does sound as if your rather disappointed with it....why did you replace a perfectly functioning machine that you really liked before it's time?

Post# 525874 , Reply# 16   6/20/2011 at 17:29 (4,555 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

It seemed like a good idea to give mum the old one and get us the new one with a turbo function, which is the only reason we bought it. It's a huge improvement when having a large dinner to have each load over in 70 mins instead of 120min.

I had assumed the performance would otherwise be identical.

Post# 526112 , Reply# 17   6/21/2011 at 19:34 (4,553 days old) by lavamat_jon (UK)        

Hi Nathan,


Here's a load I did earlier, just to show you the general way I stack it.  Of course each load is different, but this is my general rule of thumb - hope it helps anyway!




Bottom rack - 4 saucepans and a frying pan in there, although one of the saucepans is hiding underneath a colander:

Post# 526114 , Reply# 18   6/21/2011 at 19:35 (4,553 days old) by lavamat_jon (UK)        

Middle rack - probably could squeeze one more glass in if I needed to

Post# 526116 , Reply# 19   6/21/2011 at 19:37 (4,553 days old) by lavamat_jon (UK)        

Top rack

Post# 526125 , Reply# 20   6/21/2011 at 20:06 (4,553 days old) by lavamat_jon (UK)        

Finish max-in-1 tablet

Post# 526146 , Reply# 21   6/21/2011 at 22:41 (4,553 days old) by jerrod6 (Southeastern Pennsylvania)        
Racks how different?


We've talked before a few years ago. I have the G2830sc. Looking at the pictures of your new DW the racks look very similar to my 2830. I know that with the newer models ones you can space items all the way across the bottom rack...and the center of the cutlery tray lowers. Other than that what are the differences in the racking between the 2830 and your new DW? From the pictures it seems that there is not much change and the 2830 has both the separator bar and the wine glass holder in middle rack. I almost never use either but still can get two rows of glasses in the left side- just skip the bar.

In the USA the racking system is different between the Miele models so in this thread are we comparing like models or different ones?

Who knows when the 5000 series comes to the USA but my 2830 is still working fine even with our Non phosphate detergents - so really won't be upgrading until I need a new machine. No it doesn't have turbo but it has water save and energy save programs which can clean a normal soil load in 1 hour and 35 minutes although it is probably using more water than the newer ones

Post# 526174 , Reply# 22   6/22/2011 at 04:34 (4,553 days old) by lavamat_jon (UK)        

Sensor wash Turbo cycle running.  Cycle time was 1h28 when started, but it increased to 1:38 due to heavy soiling.


Nathan; can you confirm that yours does a longer, heated first rinse on heavier soil loads on Sensor Wash too? Just curious as to whether it's intentional or whether it's a bug, doesn't seem quite right to me!



Post# 526175 , Reply# 23   6/22/2011 at 04:35 (4,553 days old) by lavamat_jon (UK)        

And the clean load.


You can see what I mean about drying... plastics still come out with a few drops of water, and there are small pools of water on the underside of cups - something which you didn't get with the older drying system.  Nothing too drastic, but still kind of annoying.



Post# 526177 , Reply# 24   6/22/2011 at 05:45 (4,553 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

This is what our average load every 1.5 days looks like.  Normally there'd be more pots in the bottom rack, but we had dinner out tonight.


By our normal standards thats lightly loaded with little nesting, yet more often than not stuff can still come out dirty.

Post# 526178 , Reply# 25   6/22/2011 at 05:47 (4,553 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

The Middle shelf

Post# 526179 , Reply# 26   6/22/2011 at 05:48 (4,553 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

The lightly loaded upper shelf

Post# 526541 , Reply# 27   6/23/2011 at 18:15 (4,552 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        
New basket design

mielerod69's profile picture
Hi Jerrod6,

The new baskets are a little different. Let's start with the bottom basket. There are 2 rows on both the left and right to hold plates and now you have a section on the side where you can place cutting boards, grease filters and trays. You can also stack plates in the middle, so it is more flexible. The front row of tines are in an east-west configuration and can be folded down. The tines in the front have different heights to accommodate bowls and the like. The middle basket has some minor changes. On the right the cup rack is no longer height adjustable, but depth adjustable to put larger cups. The plate rack is no longer removable. The tines on the left can be folded down and there is no glass rail. On the left you still have the split fold cup rack, but as Nathan mentioned it is lower than the previous model. You still have the stemware support. The cutlery tray is excellent, giving you the flexibility of lowering the middle section for cooking utensils. Previously I would put these in the middle section of the middle basket. Also the fact that you can move the tray across to put tall wine glasses in.
I think the G 5000 are starting to be displayed in the Miele showrooms in the US, so it may be an idea to give them a call to see if they have them on display.

Post# 528328 , Reply# 28   7/2/2011 at 18:43 (4,543 days old) by jerrod6 (Southeastern Pennsylvania)        

From the pictures I think I see the issue with the bowls on the right side.
The older design in the 28XX series and older had pins on the left side so that you could place bowls in them and they would face downward if you spaced them poperly. This design looks like it has the same type of support as the right side which works with plates but is not good for bowls. I don't even think you can get them to face downward.

Probably not going to work well the USA at all where many folks didn't particularly like the design of the OLD racks because they had trouble getting bowls to fit properly.

Post# 529388 , Reply# 29   7/7/2011 at 18:56 (4,538 days old) by jerrod6 (Southeastern Pennsylvania)        
Brochure in Canada


 I went to the Canadian Miele web site and downloaded the G5915  the user manual.  Not surprised to see it no where in sight in the USA.



I load my bowls in my G2830 on the right side of the lower basket because it has tines that can slant the bowls better than the plate racks.  The Manual for the G5915 which looks similar to the 2830 seems to have tines across the front of the machine so perhaps you will have better bowl results trying to load them in the front.

Post# 529399 , Reply# 30   7/7/2011 at 20:53 (4,537 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

Hi Jerrod,

The tines along the front have about 4 long tines on the outsides and then the rest are really short. So I can put about 3 bowls on either side but the middle tines are too low.

Then I have no space at the front for Pans and the new very tall tines along the sides, limit the size of roasting trays that can lean without hitting the spray arm.

I've increased the water level to Max fill for all portions of the cycle which seems to have fixed the cleaning problems, the bowls however I have to use the Champage glass holders to try and hold them in place where they are precariously perched. I've bought a few different types of bowls with a view of getting a new dinner set, and unless they are really small or have a really wide rim, they just dont seem to fit and wash properly in the lower rack. If the tines accross the front were all long, it probably wouldnt be an issue.

I'm still very unhappy with the left side of the upper rack, I tried swapping the cups to the right (Good cuprack) and glasses to the left and it makes the problem worse as the glasses hit the cup rack and then stick out about 2cm further than they need to. This stops me fitting a second row along the left hand side.

Miele's suggestion was to put cups on top of the rack and the tupperware underneath, all that gave me was dirty cups as the water couldnt get up there.

I've almost gotten to the stage now, where I'll just swap the top rack out of my old G2220 and make it Mum's problem to live with.

I would love to know what the supposed benefits are of making the left hand cup rack so low. Because unless you use Hotel style cups, nothing fits under it.

Post# 529510 , Reply# 31   7/8/2011 at 15:01 (4,537 days old) by jerrod6 (Southeastern Pennsylvania)        



Sounds like a mess.  A lot of folks in the USA have bowls like yours and some  even deeper so  now I am sure this configuration won't go over in the USA especially since the prior configurations were not really popular.


Can you order racks with other configurations?

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