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Crolls Ultramatic 52 Front Load washer
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Post# 87784   10/9/2005 at 00:53 (5,291 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        

This is a mexican washer that was used to be the most famous washer all around the country some years ago. Itīs name is Crolls and its model is Ultramatic 52. There were several models. All of them automatic. The models have a name and then a number, and the number would tell how complete your washer is. There were just 2 types - Novomatic 31, 32, 33 or Ultramatic 51, 52, 53. The Novomatics were filled with both water temperatures (2 hoses needed), could have between 5 to 15 programs. 1 side of the control knob would be for cycles with spin (just 1 speed) and the other no spin for delicates or really heavy clothes that could burn the motor as bed spreads. Controls were up front and just have 1 knob that would control everything by putting on a number cycle which had specific tasks. Ultramatics just need cool water cause it has a built-in heating element. You can select only 3 temperatures, warm (displays 65šC), Cold (displays 0šC) and hot (displays 75šC). The controls are at the back without having a back panel. It has (depends on the number) 3 to 6 lights on the left side (where program list are)that will show you what the washer is doing, but they arenīt progress lights. These models can come with 15 to 21 programs. It also has an option for half load. Ultramatics instead of having numbers on its control knobs, have letters with I really prefer (donīt know why). Every Crolls washer has a lint filter down in the left front corner of the cabinet covered with a small lid which could be removed to access the filter. Itīs a small box with plenty of squared holes where all big things would get caught instead of blocking and ruining the drain pump. They also have the deterget and fabric softener dispenser on the top where you can add anything any time and also dependending on the model, your washer would have come with big or little detergent dispenser. My washer has lasted 15 years without any big technical problem just a belt broken. No motor repairs. In my family there were Crolls that lasted for 45 years (My Grandfatherīs) without any trouble. Just 1 change of motor 23 years after buying it and on constant use. I got a Whirlpool Washer and Dryer Electronic set 3 years which have performed incredibly but neither its good performance would make me get rid of my Crolls. It washes so good and it doesnt wears/tears clothes. I simply love it. Only one thing (doesnīt bother me) is that it takes too long on a load. For example, for color clothes using the "D" program, which is the last one on the spining side of the control knob, for washing clothes it will take aprox 45 min. Using the C will take 1 - 1 3/4 hours to wash since this cycle heats up water. On letter A it takes up to 3 hours because of presoak, prewash and main wash, 4 rinses and final spin. Even so, its wonderfull. Here are some pictures of mine. I will take some more of the inside and post them later.

Post# 87786 , Reply# 1   10/9/2005 at 01:05 (5,291 days old) by unimatic1140 (Minneapolis)        

Hey ultramatic52 welcome to the club, I'm not positive but I think you are our first member from Mexico. Great pictures of your Ultramatic52, how old is that machine? It looks like it's from the 70's or about.

Post# 87787 , Reply# 2   10/9/2005 at 01:18 (5,291 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        
More pictures

Here are more pictures.

Post# 87788 , Reply# 3   10/9/2005 at 01:27 (5,291 days old) by westytoploader ()        

Hola! Aqui tiene Ud. un maquina muy bonita!

Is the Economizador (Economizer) dial the water level or speed control?

Post# 87789 , Reply# 4   10/9/2005 at 01:27 (5,291 days old) by brent-aucoin ()        

Very interesting washer.
Was this machine actually made in Mexico?
Sounds very durable.
Take some pictures if you have time of the front of the washer and the drum.
Welcome to the club!

Post# 87791 , Reply# 5   10/9/2005 at 01:44 (5,291 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        

Thank you for joining me to the club. I just discovered the websiteīs new address. I bought this machine in 1990 so itīs 15 years old. I will post some more pictures in the next days. As soon as I get a video from its wash and spin I will also post it.

Post# 87792 , Reply# 6   10/9/2005 at 01:46 (5,291 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        

To westytoploader. The Economizador option is for the water level.

Post# 87794 , Reply# 7   10/9/2005 at 01:53 (5,291 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        

Brent-Aucoin - This machine was made in Mexico since 1960 I guess, naybe sometime before. They were very reliable machines. However, people said that they have troubles having their clothes clean by using the Novomatic models. And because the Ultramatic heats the water and takes too long to wash, it get clothes really clean. I supose this model was far too expensive comparing to the Novomatic models so they were not very accesible for everyone. I just know a very few persons who owned the Ultramatic model and their only complaints was capacity. They decided to get a Whirlpool TL since modern FLīs are very new in our country. Actually, at the time Whirpool entered our country, it bought the Crolls company so they stopped producing this washers and started selling just Whirpool and some other TL brands (Easy - very famous, GE, Maytag but only TL)

Post# 87796 , Reply# 8   10/9/2005 at 02:01 (5,291 days old) by dadoes (TX, U.S. of A.)        

dadoes's profile picture
It's so interesting to see the different machines available around the world!

Post# 87797 , Reply# 9   10/9/2005 at 02:14 (5,291 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        
More pictures


Post# 87798 , Reply# 10   10/9/2005 at 02:15 (5,291 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        
And more!!!!


Post# 87799 , Reply# 11   10/9/2005 at 02:16 (5,291 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        
Some more


Post# 87804 , Reply# 12   10/9/2005 at 02:56 (5,291 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands)        

foraloysius's profile picture
Welcome to the club! And thank you for sharing the pictures of your machine. I love frontloaders with the controls on top. If possible, could you post a picture of the whole machine?

Post# 87813 , Reply# 13   10/9/2005 at 05:47 (5,291 days old) by toggleswitch (New York City, NY)        

toggleswitch's profile picture

Great machine!

I personally love to watch Mexcican movies to see the people, the customs, the architecture, etc. and to pick up some language skills....But of course I am always peeking at the appliances, also.

Your input here will be greatly appreciated. Again, welcome.

Post# 87822 , Reply# 14   10/9/2005 at 07:06 (5,291 days old) by laundromat (Hilo, Hawaii)        

laundromat's profile picture
Maybe that solves the mysterious question about the HE2's!Since they're made in Mexico and Crolls is a Mexican based company and Whirlpool now owns them I wonder?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Do you think maybe they could be the missing link??????????????????????? It's posible !!!!!!!! Enquiring appliance minds want to know.

Post# 87836 , Reply# 15   10/9/2005 at 08:56 (5,291 days old) by tomturbomatic (Beltsville, MD)        

Bienvenido! Thanks for the report on this washing machine. I think it was a low blow for Whirlpool to eliminate production of the Crolls and sell machines that used much more water and detergent. Which brand of detergent do you use in the front loader? Do you use a different detergent in your Whirlpool? Thanks for preserving this example of your domestic washer manufacturing.

Post# 87841 , Reply# 16   10/9/2005 at 09:56 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        

I bought the Kirkland Signature Bucket Detergent from Cotco which Iīm also using for my Whirpools. It lasts like 2 moths and a half even doing several loads daily. Crolls uses very little and with this detergent it doesnīt matter the amount you put in, it wonīt make high suds. I donīt use different detergents for each one, I just put a lot less in the Crolls than in Whirpool. I tried using Tide but it got my whites almost yellow or grey, maybe because of the water quality. I have also tried Normal Purex Liquid Detergent and it performs amazingly. It doesnīt make a lot of suds so if you combine the high quality of Purex with the superb performance of Crolls or Whirpool, you will get excellent results. By the way, with Kirklandīs detergent you also get very good results.

Post# 87843 , Reply# 17   10/9/2005 at 09:59 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        
To all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I promise that I will take some pictures of the hole washer and its inside to post them here. Iīm really excited about getting coments on my washer. I really love it.

Post# 87855 , Reply# 18   10/9/2005 at 11:48 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        

Some more

Post# 87857 , Reply# 19   10/9/2005 at 11:49 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        
And More


Post# 87858 , Reply# 20   10/9/2005 at 11:50 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        

Control Panel Cover which I remove when using it.

Post# 87859 , Reply# 21   10/9/2005 at 11:51 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        
Something else


Post# 87860 , Reply# 22   10/9/2005 at 11:52 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        

Crolls opened!!!!

Post# 87862 , Reply# 23   10/9/2005 at 11:54 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        

Lint cover released!!!!!!!

Post# 87863 , Reply# 24   10/9/2005 at 11:55 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        
Lint Filter Box


Post# 87864 , Reply# 25   10/9/2005 at 11:57 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        
Spin Cycle Lights ON


Post# 87865 , Reply# 26   10/9/2005 at 11:57 (5,290 days old) by brent-aucoin ()        

Such a nice washer!
Thanks for posting your pictures.
I just love the shape of the wash tub. Looks very well made.
Wondering how much water does it use? The topic for all front loader fans here in the USA is how high does the water go up the door when washing and rinsing.
Thanks again for posting your pictures of your machine. I would love to see one in action some day.

Post# 87866 , Reply# 27   10/9/2005 at 11:58 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        

Little Dirty!!!!!

Post# 87867 , Reply# 28   10/9/2005 at 11:59 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        


Post# 87868 , Reply# 29   10/9/2005 at 12:04 (5,290 days old) by peteski50 (New York)        

peteski50's profile picture
Very awsome washing machine. I wish they kept this type of technology on todays machines.

Post# 87871 , Reply# 30   10/9/2005 at 12:06 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        
Response to Brent-Aucoin


Post# 87889 , Reply# 31   10/9/2005 at 14:43 (5,290 days old) by sactoteddybear ()        
Re: Welcome Ultramatic52:

Hi! Ultramatic52, welcome to the AutomaticWasher Club Site. What an interesting, great looking Washer. I've never seen a basically "Flat" top area with the Controls on a Front-Load Washer before. Can I assume that it is on Rollers, seeing that you seem to normally have it sitting to the right of your WP Dryer. "BTW" are your WP Washer and Dryer the Calypso or Catalyst Models? I remember seeing those Consoles but I don't remember which Models had them.

Thank from me as well for sharing your Pix's of your Crolls Washer, as well as of your WP's too.

Happy Crolls and WP Washing and WP Drying, Steve

P.S. Mind if we know what general area that you live in of Mexico and at least your actual first name...

Post# 87892 , Reply# 32   10/9/2005 at 15:08 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        
Re: SactoTeddyBear

My Crolls lays on the concrete floor but its not too heavy to me moved away. I moved it to take some front pictures and inside pictures. By the way because is not too heavy ,although it has 2 huge heavy rocks inside, sometimes when it gets out of balance, in runs away from its place. Hoses are the only thing the keep it from going to the garden or all around the house. This machine doesnīt have the technology to rebalance the load, so it wonīt stop spining unless you turn it off or the cycle ends.

I live in Mexico State which is 30 min away from Mexico City. My real name is Cesar.

Post# 87896 , Reply# 33   10/9/2005 at 15:33 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        

Iīm sorry I forget to talk about my Whirpools. Washer is the Catalyst model and Dryer is Senseon model. Calypso washers and just garbage, they actually get clothes dirtier than before washing. No detergent is removed from clothes after several rinses and after a couple of loads you`ll begin to get your clothes ruined. The ones I owned have 3 timed dispensers for Detergent, Bleach and Fabric Softener just as Crolls, so you just load everything (clothes, liquids and so), turn it on and forget about returnig to the washer until the chime rings to indicate it has finished. They are also beautifull. I will post some pictures of the inside later.

Post# 87897 , Reply# 34   10/9/2005 at 15:38 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        

Does anybody know how the Maytag Neptune MAH9700 performs and its quality? Iīm really thinking on buying one since we have King Size and Queen Size comforters that donīt fit in our Whirlpools neither Crolls. Iīm tired of paying to laundromat where they doenīt clean comforters as my Crolls will if they would have fitted.

Post# 87940 , Reply# 35   10/9/2005 at 20:32 (5,290 days old) by brent-aucoin ()        

Thank for the water level talk. Sound dramatic!
I love the shots of your back of the washer with the back off.
Man! That is a huge motor! Looks like it could really handle a huge load!
Thanks for the pictures!

Post# 87946 , Reply# 36   10/9/2005 at 20:48 (5,290 days old) by westytoploader ()        

That Crolls sure is a cool-looking machine! They do have some interesting washers in Mexico (single tubs and semi-automatics), but I never had any idea that brand existed! It must be FUN to watch on the high water level...I can imagine the splashing!

Post# 87959 , Reply# 37   10/9/2005 at 21:40 (5,290 days old) by kenmorepeter5 ()        
Crolls Video?


How about I want to see the Crolls' Video about washer & dryer activity?

- Peter

Post# 87988 , Reply# 38   10/9/2005 at 22:43 (5,290 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        
Re: Brent

It does handle pretty huge loads comparing to whatever actuall compact front loader. The only thing missing is higher spin speed. It spins at 430 RPM, so I can bearly put the load I wash in it in the Whirlpool Dryer. Before I bought the Whirlpools, I used to have Magic Chef machines which were the best machines I could ever own (huge capacity, lots of features, superb reliability) but even though, the motor of the dryer was blown out because of Crollsī low spin speed. This was after 5 years of minimum 2 daily loads. Magic Chef washer never needed anything. AWESOME MACHINE!!!!! I just bought new ones because I wanted to have LED control panels and the only choices I had at that time were Whirlpools which I donīt regret.

Changing the subject, although it sounds to use a lot of water it only uses 3/4 of what the Whirlpool will use for only wash cycle for a full load (26 gallons + 26 for rinse + 26 for optional additional rinse). This means it uses aprox 22 galons when you wash from letter A to letter G which includes a 1 hour presoak with constant agitation ("A" for very dirty clothes), 12 min prewash ("B" for dirty clothes), 1 hour aprox of First Main wash (because of heating delay and depending on the temperature youīve chosen(letter "C" for Normal Whites or Colorfast)), 35 min Second Main wash without any heating ("D" for color clothes), 2 rinses of 8 min each with spin ("E"), 1 last rinse for fabric softener of 4 min ("F") and 8 min final spin ("G") giving us a total of 3.25 hours aprox. I only use letters "C" and "D" because for my loads is all I need and it just uses 17 galons till the end. 3 tablespoons of Detergent and 1/2 of cup of Fabric Softener

Post# 88015 , Reply# 39   10/10/2005 at 06:09 (5,290 days old) by brent-aucoin ()        

I am really starting to like your Crolls front load washer more and more each time I look at it, and read your post.
Do you ever see these machines used? It would be great to pick one up, if you could find one. I am sure that it would be worth it.
Can you still get the parts for this washer?
I have friends in Mexico City. I am going to tell them to be on the look out for this brand. I am sure that they will think that I am crazy when I ask them.

Post# 88084 , Reply# 40   10/10/2005 at 10:06 (5,289 days old) by designgeek ()        

Welcome aboard, Įesar. Yes, the Crolls looks like an excellent unit, very sensibly designed, and well-built.

I have a dumb question (I should know the answer but I don't): what is the mains power in Mexico? Are you on 120 volts at 60 hz, or some other voltage & frequency? This will be relevant to folks here who might want to buy older Mexican machines.

What other brands and types are in common use there? And what kinds of older machines are found at used appliance stores?

Post# 88165 , Reply# 41   10/10/2005 at 19:48 (5,289 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        
Re: designgeek

The power we use here is the same used in the US. Actually itīs really weird to find someone that uses 220V. Just factories I guess.

Itīs a shame there are no Old Appliances Stores here. When people throw away appliances, they usually get new ones for little prices. You can get an excellent washer for 200 USD or less that can last a life time. Sometimes people prefer to buy semi-automatic machines rather than automatics because of repair costs, lack of space, water waste. Donīt know but there are thousands of excuses for not buying automatics.

The brands that we used to have (the best ones ever, well made, durable, excellent cleaning performance, etc)were Easy Golden Line Automatic Washer (Spirilator agitator). After a while its factory decided to stop producing Golden Line and then produced another model which has a kind of Spirilator agitator and into it you can fit a mini washing basket (it was very alike to the Old GE Filter flow with the detergent dispenser on top of the agitator). This washer was still awesome but was produced for just a couple of years. After that they introduced the double duty agitator and its junk ID system which is suposed to detect the fabric type, weight and soil levels. In my opinion this thing sucks, it doesnīt get your clothes clean, they break off easily, they select the amount of water they supose they need and so much more. I think we should control the washer and not the washer control us.

There was also another brand called Bendix Aquamagic which was top load and it had an agitator like the 3 ring Frigidaire, but this one had just one on the buttom of the tub which had a wave form and a blue color, and it had a huge cylinder filter on top of the wave ring which could be removed to clean the lint.

Another is Koblenz which can also clean excellent and last for at least 20 years.

Some other brands are IEM (semiautomatics), Twin Tub Easy, Mabe, Acros, Supermatic. The last 3 have almost the same shape as portable Whirlpools have. After that Whirlpool was introduced in the Mexican market and almost all this brands desapear. Actually they continue producing Easy Id System, GE Id System, IEM (junk), Acros (junk), Crolls was discontinued 10 years ago because Whirlpool bought the company to enter the country and they stopped producing Crolls.

By the way, my Crolls was the last one produced all around the country. I bought it directly from the factory and the engineer told me that was the last one they have all around the place. That makes me prouder of my washer. Itīs a pitty that when you need any parts, its really difficult to find them, they donīt produce them anymore. You can find them but they wonīt be original. Mine hasnīt need any big repair, as a fact it hasīt required any reapair at all. I just painted last summer and thats all.

The actual market is Whirlpoolīs, Maytagīs, LGīs, GEīs, Easy Stupid Id System, somewhat Kenmoreīs and thats all you can get here. There are some other brands also for sale but they are not worth writting (they SUCK!!!!!!!!!!)

PS. I will look for some pictures of the brands I find, and will post them.

Post# 88215 , Reply# 42   10/11/2005 at 01:00 (5,289 days old) by sactoteddybear ()        
Re: Bendix Aquamagic:

Hi! Cesar, the Bendix Aquamagic you discribed sounds like our American Washer, that was called a Philco, which was a Ford Product. It had the same/similar single "Flapping" Wash-Power Ring on the Bottom, with the removable Lint-Filter above that. The Philco Washer came with the Lid opening from Left to Right, instead of Right to Left, much like several of our American Model Washers opened, other than opening from Front to Back, as quite a few now have.

One of my Relatives lived quite some time ago in Mazatlan and they were in need of a new Washer. Their Father bought them a new Easy Washer with the Spinner and when he came back here from his visit and purchasing that Washer for his Daughter, he told us he had to pay $750.00 {American} for it and that was somewhere around the Early to Mid 1980's.

Peace and Happy Crolls and WP Laundry Days, Steve

Post# 88278 , Reply# 43   10/11/2005 at 13:29 (5,288 days old) by dadoes (TX, U.S. of A.)        

dadoes's profile picture
Greetings, Įesar!

Loved reading all your info. Wow, 3.25 hrs for a full "A" wash program on your Croll. That's some serious washing! That huge WHIRLPOOL logo across the front of your Catalyst is fun!

Sounds like Easy's "ID System" is similar to the automatic fabric and water level sensing on Fisher & Paykel's Intuitive Eco washer.

And another marketing term "Aquamagic" revealed for the Philco/Bendix machines. Great!

Post# 88282 , Reply# 44   10/11/2005 at 14:14 (5,288 days old) by westtexman (Lubbock, Texas)        
Welcome to the Club, Cesar!

It's great to have a club member from Mexico! From all of the information you have posted so far, it sounds like you will fit right in! Although I've never been to Mexico (I live in Texas), I have always been interested in Mexican washing machines. When I buy Mexican Ariel laundry detergent, I always see the brands of washers that you've mentioned above listed on the bag of Ariel. I would love to see pictures of these machines if you happen to find any.

I also have some questions about Mexican detergents, which I will post in the "Super" forum, and hopefully you can give me some information on these.

Once again, welcome to the Club, and I hope to see more posts from you in the future!


Post# 91704 , Reply# 45   10/31/2005 at 23:34 (5,268 days old) by ultramatic52 ()        

Where do your friends exactly live? Because there are several stores located down town where they can get re-builted Crolls washers. I donīt know if there are any Ultramatics as mine, Iīve never seen them, but I do know they have some other models (Novomatic) which could be painted in the color you want. They are sold for $ 150 USD maybe less, I guess it depends on the model you choose. They really look awesome. Maybe they could also find some other brands which are also great as Easy Golden Line or Bendix Aquamagics. They have all sort of washers and their replacement parts.

Post# 91730 , Reply# 46   11/1/2005 at 06:44 (5,268 days old) by westyslantfront ()        

hi cesar....welcome to the you ever get to tucson, arizona??...there are 3 of us club members here and we are always getting together to do laundry...will send some pictures to you by email....if you come this way, please let us know....we are starting to use mexican still has phosphates and they clean very well...

we are doing big wash in march 31, 2006 to april 3, 2006 and you certainly would be welcome.....ross

Post# 91740 , Reply# 47   11/1/2005 at 07:48 (5,268 days old) by tlee618 ()        

Welcome to the club! That is a very interesting machine. Thanks for all the neat pictures. Terry

Post# 91979 , Reply# 48   11/2/2005 at 18:32 (5,266 days old) by soapnsuds ()        
Welcome Cesar

Hi Cesar, great machine! Thanks for all the info and pix. I'm new to this site too.-Welcome-James

Post# 91980 , Reply# 49   11/2/2005 at 18:35 (5,266 days old) by soapnsuds ()        
Big Wash In?!!

Hi Ross,

What's this about a Wash In???!! Is it a 'convention' of sorts or what? I have way too much vacation time on the books and I'm being forced use some up!! I would love some info if it's a public thing.

Thanks!! --James

Post# 91995 , Reply# 50   11/2/2005 at 21:58 (5,266 days old) by kenmorepeter5 ()        
Crolls Video?

How about I want to see the Crolls' movie video?

~ Peter

Post# 1056023 , Reply# 51   12/30/2019 at 22:33 by Rodro2006 (Mexico)        
Crolls Videos

To all persons who asked for a video, I already upload many videos.


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