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candy aquamatic!!
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Post# 536602   8/12/2011 at 15:27 (4,502 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

shwmae :)
so after such a long time my cousin had a look at the water connections and gave the go ahead for fitting the aquamatic.
sooo! there will be pots and vids tomorrow after its fitted :)
Tom :p

Post# 536705 , Reply# 1   8/13/2011 at 02:14 (4,501 days old) by HotpointFan (United Kingdom)        
Yay! Congratulatitons!

hotpointfan's profile picture
Good luck with it.

Take care!

Don't forget to remove the transit bolts!


Post# 536712 , Reply# 2   8/13/2011 at 05:28 (4,501 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

more like a transit bracket, candy have gone all vintage with the transit bracket LOL

Post# 536714 , Reply# 3   8/13/2011 at 05:42 (4,501 days old) by HotpointFan (United Kingdom)        
Whats the difference?

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Post# 536715 , Reply# 4   8/13/2011 at 05:43 (4,501 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

you have to take the top off the machine to remove it as it is conected to the top lip of the body :)

Post# 536719 , Reply# 5   8/13/2011 at 07:43 (4,501 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

Washing away? well done and how about taking it to a wash-in and compare the results with mine!

Pics please?

Post# 536723 , Reply# 6   8/13/2011 at 07:55 (4,501 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

pix will be up later cos my cousin is comming to sort it for me this afternoon about 4-6ish.
yup will deffo do a wash with staind garments and teke pix of them and then compare stain removal with yours, BTW i dont use stain removers :)

Post# 536729 , Reply# 7   8/13/2011 at 08:09 (4,501 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

Good idea!

On my hols so cant do that till next sat. Stain:anything you want-you decide.

Post# 536734 , Reply# 8   8/13/2011 at 08:28 (4,501 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

yup! stains: tomarto sauce and baby food

Post# 536735 , Reply# 9   8/13/2011 at 08:30 (4,501 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

Dont have baby food! how about blackberry?

Post# 536740 , Reply# 10   8/13/2011 at 08:54 (4,501 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

yep! that will do :)

Post# 536773 , Reply# 11   8/13/2011 at 12:24 (4,501 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

all fitted currently doing a 90'c wash with some dusters and i will get pix later on cos i am busy :)

Post# 536825 , Reply# 12   8/13/2011 at 17:27 (4,501 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

piccys tomorrow. ime verry satisfied with it but ive noticed a glitch, when you close the door and press start it wont always start, so ive got to open the door partially and close it to start the machine, its still verry verry good, high water levels and lots of shower action from the lifter bars!!
verry happy :)
Tom :)

Post# 536928 , Reply# 13   8/14/2011 at 12:21 (4,500 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

piccys :)
prog: rapid 44
aditives:lenor bare foot in grass sotener and a dylon colour catcher
RPM: no spin as i am busy tidying up the kitchen and i was ot aront to make sure it dident jump :)

Post# 536931 , Reply# 14   8/14/2011 at 12:23 (4,500 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        


Post# 536933 , Reply# 15   8/14/2011 at 12:24 (4,500 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

the controles

Post# 536934 , Reply# 16   8/14/2011 at 12:25 (4,500 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

the compartments, sort of

Post# 536935 , Reply# 17   8/14/2011 at 12:27 (4,500 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

the perfect laundry center :)

Post# 536936 , Reply# 18   8/14/2011 at 12:28 (4,500 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

current detergents (my bathroom rack is down in the kitchen as the bath room is being painted :) )

Post# 536937 , Reply# 19   8/14/2011 at 12:29 (4,500 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

the hotpoint and candy make the perfect laundry system :)

Post# 536951 , Reply# 20   8/14/2011 at 13:46 (4,500 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

Can you show us a pic of the water levels?

Great pics Tom! Take it you like P&G detergent:D

Post# 536952 , Reply# 21   8/14/2011 at 13:49 (4,500 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

ill see what i can do, and i love p&g detergent!

Post# 536954 , Reply# 22   8/14/2011 at 13:53 (4,500 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

Do you save the bottles and boxes? I do and am going to remake the laundry room and will have all of them on display!

Post# 536956 , Reply# 23   8/14/2011 at 13:55 (4,500 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

nope, i recycle them!
my candy does not get on with tablets, the foam excessivly so i use powder :)

Post# 536958 , Reply# 24   8/14/2011 at 13:57 (4,500 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

No, dont do that! they will be worth lots when I am 50 and their around as many people dont think to do that!

Also have a large collection of dosing balls too!

Post# 536960 , Reply# 25   8/14/2011 at 14:00 (4,500 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

i always keep dosing balls, they come in handy!!

Post# 536962 , Reply# 26   8/14/2011 at 14:02 (4,500 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

I aggree

Post# 536965 , Reply# 27   8/14/2011 at 14:04 (4,500 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        


Post# 536966 , Reply# 28   8/14/2011 at 14:04 (4,500 days old) by HotpointFan (United Kingdom)        
Make sure you post vids...

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To YouTube. Great machine Tom. What will you be using it for?


Post# 536969 , Reply# 29   8/14/2011 at 14:06 (4,500 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

So the beko is redundent?

Post# 536971 , Reply# 30   8/14/2011 at 14:09 (4,500 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

the beko was always redundent, because i couldent plumb it in, so i bought a camping washer to use the beko with, so both the camping washer and beko are redundent :)
thw candy i usw for small loads pj's refreshing garments hand washable silks ect

Post# 536972 , Reply# 31   8/14/2011 at 14:10 (4,500 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

Right. My candy is my daily driver

Post# 536976 , Reply# 32   8/14/2011 at 14:11 (4,500 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

this is a partial daily driver :)

Post# 536977 , Reply# 33   8/14/2011 at 14:13 (4,500 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

What programme do you use? I use 40' but cant think straight i think that is 5

Post# 536978 , Reply# 34   8/14/2011 at 14:15 (4,500 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

cottons 95'c cottons 60'c cottons 40'c and rapid 44 which is one of 2 quick washes but rapid 44 is at 40'c

Post# 536982 , Reply# 35   8/14/2011 at 14:31 (4,500 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

Whats the quickest wash?

The stain contest wont really work with pics, need a wash-in really!

Post# 536993 , Reply# 36   8/14/2011 at 15:32 (4,500 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

rapid 32, but i dont use it as it washes at 30'c

Post# 537083 , Reply# 37   8/15/2011 at 08:08 (4,499 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

i am celebraiting my grandmothers 86'th birthday today, so happy birthday nan :)

Post# 537090 , Reply# 38   8/15/2011 at 08:28 (4,499 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

Happy birthday!

Whats wrong @30?

Post# 537094 , Reply# 39   8/15/2011 at 08:31 (4,499 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

it doesnt wash my laundry very well and it leaves things smelling stale, its like that on the aquatis as well.
here is a clip i just took of it :)

CLICK HERE TO GO TO aegokocarat's LINK

Post# 537095 , Reply# 40   8/15/2011 at 08:33 (4,499 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

pne thing ese i forgot to say isit has somthing called "sensor smart" so on the normal cycles there is no solid time, but ther is a solid time on the quick washes :)

Post# 537098 , Reply# 41   8/15/2011 at 08:37 (4,499 days old) by HotpointFan (United Kingdom)        
Happy Birthday To Toms Nan

hotpointfan's profile picture
I will be posting a vid of the Optima!
Enjoy the Aquamatic, I will be commenting!


Post# 537099 , Reply# 42   8/15/2011 at 08:38 (4,499 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

Great vid! What softener is that?

I promise I will join youtube and do vids!

Post# 537104 , Reply# 43   8/15/2011 at 08:49 (4,499 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

lenor infusions ruby and jasmine :)
mam paused the cycle and she just put a pair of jeans in :)

Post# 537107 , Reply# 44   8/15/2011 at 09:00 (4,499 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

Try a tripod for the vids.

Opening the door and putting jeans in how high is the water level:)

Post# 537110 , Reply# 45   8/15/2011 at 09:21 (4,499 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

low, below the door seal, no tripod, plus my camerea is just a cheapo from ebay,

Post# 537216 , Reply# 46   8/15/2011 at 17:05 (4,499 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

no more vids, as a certiain somone on here and youtube doesnt like my candy :( so blame them for that, but iwill get more pix :)

Post# 537221 , Reply# 47   8/15/2011 at 17:57 (4,499 days old) by washerlover24 ()        

Oh damn I really was hoping for more vids :(


Post# 537222 , Reply# 48   8/15/2011 at 18:04 (4,499 days old) by optima (Cumbria England)        

optima's profile picture

Just love your new Candy Aquamatic but why have you got it stacked on top of a Hotpoint Aqualtis. Have you not got any room on the floor for it. Does it say in the instruction book that it's ok to stack it like this. Is the drainage facilities adequate with it being placed at this high level.

Post# 537225 , Reply# 49   8/15/2011 at 18:19 (4,499 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

@optima: thanks :) it doesnt say anything in the manual about it, but i have got a thick foam sheet ontop of the hotpoint and i only select the medium spin speed (600rpm i think) but when i am really busy i cancel the spins and i spin the load in the hotpoint as the candy is VERY fussy on balancing.
it has correct inlet and outlet facilities :)its a very solid machine :)
@washerlover24: sorry buddy :(

Post# 537276 , Reply# 50   8/16/2011 at 06:09 (4,498 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

That boschlover1997 commenting!

Post# 537279 , Reply# 51   8/16/2011 at 06:19 (4,498 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

Tom, try turning the flash off for a good shot of the draw

Post# 537282 , Reply# 52   8/16/2011 at 07:05 (4,498 days old) by HotpointFan (United Kingdom)        
Our Optima has a problem!

hotpointfan's profile picture
We hand-washed my new T-shirt and then span it in the Optima at 800rpm. it spent 7 of the 10 minutes just rotating slowly. It then ramped up to 800rpm on the second to last minute, and then stayed at 1 minute (like before but worse) for 9 minutes. We pressed Start/Pause and nothing happened. We switched it off, put it back on spin again, this time 600rpm, and it did the same thing. It then ended and the door lock wouldn't open for about 5 minutes. We then opened the door by force.

Please can someone tell me what the problem is!


Post# 537284 , Reply# 53   8/16/2011 at 07:09 (4,498 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

The pcb is having lots thrown at it! Use a spinner or use it after 10 mins

Post# 537290 , Reply# 54   8/16/2011 at 07:16 (4,498 days old) by HotpointFan (United Kingdom)        
It needs to go!

hotpointfan's profile picture
I loathe it!

The only good modern Candy's are the Aquamatics!


Post# 537303 , Reply# 55   8/16/2011 at 08:04 (4,498 days old) by nrones ()        
There was 1 wet thing right?

Typical... 1 wet thing, and machine was first balancing from 7 to 10 mins, (that is unexpected action) timer was counting down, and when it finally rebalanced it said on display 1 minute remaining (because 10 minutes that were supposed for spin were used for balancing), and just done the whole spin as it did.. you should have been patient with the door lock, I think it would have opened by itself eventually...

It is really nothing wrong with that machine, dont judge that much so easily!

Just to proove I am right, put 2 bath towels, or just empty drum and do the same spin cycle again, and you will see that everything will be allright.

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