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Post# 552787   10/30/2011 at 11:40 (4,423 days old) by andyzanni ()        

Hi there, I'm Andrew and I have just joined the group! Been reading posts for a while, but never joined, hence never posted.....
I mainly like Hotpoints and Zanussis from 80s/ early 90s- mainly ones that I remember as a kid!
Anyway....... I just won a Zanussi off ebay, and can't wait for it to arrive!
I already have a Hotpoint plumbed into my garage (parents own it- hot and cold feed) but I was wondering is there a way I can plumb another one in or do I have to call out a plumber and get new pipes etc put in .... LOL- I really haven't a clue.
Also the Model is a WDT1061, if anyone has any experience of these??

Post# 552788 , Reply# 1   10/30/2011 at 12:18 (4,423 days old) by thomasortega (El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles de Porciúncula)        

Hi Andrew!

In theory, you won't find any trouble to install them together.

If you don't want to spend money making new stand pipes, you can simply use T connectors to thare the same faucets and stand pipe. Sometimes you may need longer hoses or use niples to connect two or more hoses to make them longer and reach whereever you want them.

Just make sure you make a clean job. You don't want any leaks.

Also, be careful to not overload the power outlets if you want to run your machines exactly at the same time. If you're not sure, it's safer to run one of them at once, even using the same power outlet.

Other thing you should pay some atention is the drain stand pipe. Some pipes can't stand more than one washer draining at the same time and overflow. But this you're going to discover only if you try.

If it happens, you have the option to sincronize the use of your washers to a way that they don't drain at the same time or you can also drain them in a laundry sink.

Here at home I have 5 top loaders, 5 front loaders, one horizontal axis top loader and 3 semi automatic impeller washers, all of them suplied by the same tap and draining into a laundry sink. (two of them drain in stand pipes and the three semi automatics have gravity drain so they are drained in the floor drain.

I reached my space limit here, so no more machines. Also, if I drain all of them at the same time, the laundry sink almost overflows. (water reaches less than half centimeter to overflow. But if I start all of them exactly at the same time, not more than 3 will drain simultaneously.

The only negative point here is that if I start all of them exactly at the same time, the water pressure reduces a lot and they take ages to fill, but it's not a problem too, only a little annoying, and sometimes if i'm in a super hurry, i can use a bucket, getting water from the laundry sink faucet, to fill the top loaders faster..

Post# 552797 , Reply# 2   10/30/2011 at 14:09 (4,423 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        
multiple machines hooked up

using "t"adaptors to hook the hoses of two machines to one faucet as described
above works good-thats what i do for my four active washers-3 permanent"daily
driver"machines and 1 "rotation"washer.I can run all 3 daily drivers at once
and usually get away with running 4,but can overwhelm the standpipe with certain
"guest"machines if it has fast pumpout and drains at the same time as the"daily
driver"GE filter flo

Post# 552799 , Reply# 3   10/30/2011 at 14:15 (4,423 days old) by vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield, East Midlands, UK)        
Hi Andy, whataboutcha

vacbear58's profile picture

Welcome to AutomaticWasher

It should be a very easy job to add another machine - you just need a couple of Y connectors for the water feeds and possibly cut another connection into the stand pipe for the waste, although that may not strictly be necessary if you are running the machines one at a time. All equipment and tools easily available at Hombase/B&Q. The one thing you need to be careful of is that when fitting the Y connectors to the taps that, once the hoses are connected to the machines that there is not undue physical pressure (i dont mean water pressure) on the taps that could give rise to leaks. If you are not sure just buy extra hoses with male/male connectors to make the joing from tap to Y connector. In this case the sequence is Tap/Hose/Male-nale Connector,Y connector, hose to each machine - one of these for hot and one for cold. Again all easily available


Post# 552800 , Reply# 4   10/30/2011 at 14:19 (4,423 days old) by andyzanni ()        

that's great. So I can attach the cold fill to my Hotpint using a Y or T piece, and attach the hot fill using another Y piece to my Zanussi?

Post# 552802 , Reply# 5   10/30/2011 at 14:35 (4,423 days old) by andyzanni ()        

I wil have a look behind my Hotpoint to see what way it is all plumbed in !! I don't even recall seeing 'taps' lol ....

Post# 552803 , Reply# 6   10/30/2011 at 14:39 (4,423 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        

aquacycle's profile picture
Ey up dude! Thought it was you when I saw the location :P.

Behind the Hottie should be 2 inlet pipes - 1 hot and 1 cold. I believe your Hotpoint WMA is cold fill only, though someone on here will correct me if I'm wrong. If it is, you'll only need 1 Y piece to fit to the cold inlet. These just screw onto the pipe in place of the washer hose. You should be able to connect the Zanussi to the hot fill as usual. Should all be pretty straight forward.

You can also get self cutting drain attachments from Homebase if you need it draining. Again these are dead easy to fit if you follow the instructions provided.

Post# 552805 , Reply# 7   10/30/2011 at 14:42 (4,423 days old) by andyzanni ()        

well at the min the Hottie has red and blue pipes feeding into the back of it- im yet to pull it all out, so I'm not so sure yet! I will give it a try anyway!! :]

Post# 552807 , Reply# 8   10/30/2011 at 14:46 (4,423 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        

aquacycle's profile picture
Oh, in that case it's hot and cold fill - I could've SWORN the WMA's were cold fill only. Oh well, you live and learn.

But yeh, it's all very straight forward with the Y pieces. Just screw one into each of the hot and cold feed's and then the correct pipes into the ends of the Y's :).

And make sure you get some pics of the setup once you're done.

Post# 552811 , Reply# 9   10/30/2011 at 14:54 (4,423 days old) by andyzanni ()        

defo and will get some vids as well of the machines running!!!

Post# 552813 , Reply# 10   10/30/2011 at 15:02 (4,423 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

We have a hotpoint wma63 and it is hot and cold feed.

Post# 552814 , Reply# 11   10/30/2011 at 15:05 (4,423 days old) by andyzanni ()        

that's what I have but the lower tier Aquarius model ! not very keen on it to be honest...

Post# 552816 , Reply# 12   10/30/2011 at 15:22 (4,423 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        

aquacycle's profile picture
Andy, at least it's a proper Hotpoint and not a vile Indesit made machine

Post# 552817 , Reply# 13   10/30/2011 at 15:23 (4,423 days old) by andyzanni ()        

that's true ! I don't dislike it, I just prefer older models with timers and faster wash times and better build quality etc, bitta character about them!!!

Post# 552824 , Reply# 14   10/30/2011 at 16:11 (4,423 days old) by ariston4life ((Dublin) Ireland)        

ariston4life's profile picture
im sorry but i have to dissagree with your "at least it's a proper Hotpoint and not a vile Indesit made machine" comment... i have to say i have one of those "Vile" indesit made hotpoints and its a brilliant machine... DO NOT DISS a brand based on their previous mistakes... indesit have really uped their game and they do not deserve the constant slander they are currently getting...

my dad has a year old indesit and its a brilliant machine

i have the Hotpoint WMF540G and its a fantastic machine...

again not all machines are the same...

just my thoughts on it...they are not vile machines their quite good... and the latest models seem to be even better built than the older ones.

Post# 552825 , Reply# 15   10/30/2011 at 16:22 (4,423 days old) by andyzanni ()        

they're not bad at all considering they are modern machines !

Post# 552871 , Reply# 16   10/30/2011 at 20:30 (4,423 days old) by FL1012 ()        

I know someone on here who has recently got rid of his WDT1061 - I'm sure he'll be along shortly, but from what i know he had very little trouble with it. Similarly my FL1012 of a similar era has proved a solid, problem free machine. Typical of Zanussis of that era really.

The one thing that springs to mind is the timers can get abit confused, so don't be suprised if the machine does a couple of tumbles in the same direction before correcting itself. Sometimes it gets worse and sometimes it comes & goes.

A few squeaks from the suspension when it ramps up to spin when full of towels/jeans is more of characteristic than a sign of trouble, so don't be overly concerned unless it does it all the time & even with light loads.

And welcome :)

Post# 552980 , Reply# 17   10/31/2011 at 03:33 (4,423 days old) by andyzanni ()        

Ah yes. When I was younger the girl across the street from me had this machine- and it had all those characteristics you just described!!

This one looks in good condition- seller says it has been lightly used and there is no sign of rust etc........ also have the original manual!!!

Post# 553104 , Reply# 18   10/31/2011 at 16:01 (4,422 days old) by newwave1 (Lincoln, United Kingdom)        
Liam you know me so well...

newwave1's profile picture
Welcome Andy

Indeed I can help you with any question on the WDT1061 as I have owned one trouble free for the last 5 years!

I had to let the old girl go as I now live in a flat and it made way for my Hotpoint Aqualtis.

It was my favourite machine of all the ones I had in my once growing collection joiny first with my Servis Quartz.


Post# 553106 , Reply# 19   10/31/2011 at 16:06 (4,422 days old) by andyzanni ()        

yep that's it! So can you tell me a bit about it..... manufacture dates, build quality, special features etc......

Any info is very much appreciated !!

Post# 553108 , Reply# 20   10/31/2011 at 16:17 (4,422 days old) by FL1012 ()        
*Enter Darren*

Here she comes! ;)

Bonus that you got the manual, just makes things seem more 'complete'. Ive managed to get the manuals for my FL1012, and the Z930 (Electronic Sensor) dryer, plus a newer Zanussi dryer i've got. Unfortunately not got the manual for the Z9292T washer, but did get a brochure with it that had the whole range in, which was cool :)

Can't believe Darren (newwave1) parted with his Zanussi, especially not for a new Hotpoint *shudders* - someones gotta like them i suppose :P

Liam ;-)

Post# 553110 , Reply# 21   10/31/2011 at 16:20 (4,422 days old) by andyzanni ()        

here is a link to it;
looks in pretty god nice- no rust!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO andyzanni's LINK on eBay

Post# 553115 , Reply# 22   10/31/2011 at 16:32 (4,422 days old) by FL1012 ()        
Aaah yes....

I saw it on eBay. Just don't have the room for anything else at the moment unfortunately. Glad it's not gone to someone just looking for a cheap machine to wear out.

It looks REALLY tidy. There's a way of dating it exactly from the serial number but it's roughly 1986-1989. Darren will probably be able to confirm more accurately.

Are you having it shipped over the N.Ireland?


Post# 553116 , Reply# 23   10/31/2011 at 16:34 (4,422 days old) by andyzanni ()        

Indeed I am lol!!!

Post# 553128 , Reply# 24   10/31/2011 at 17:13 (4,422 days old) by ariston4life ((Dublin) Ireland)        

ariston4life's profile picture
what company are you getting to ship it over?

Post# 553135 , Reply# 25   10/31/2011 at 17:25 (4,422 days old) by andyzanni ()        

not too sure yet- still getting quotes !

Post# 553333 , Reply# 26   11/1/2011 at 10:29 (4,422 days old) by andyzanni ()        

I've just checked my Hotpoint- ......... and there's only cold fill to the garage- the Hotty is being fed by a 'Y' Piece....... Does that mean I cannot plumb another machine in??

Any help please!? I'm only new to all this !!!

Post# 553357 , Reply# 27   11/1/2011 at 12:59 (4,421 days old) by ariston4life ((Dublin) Ireland)        

ariston4life's profile picture
you could attach another ypiece to the existing one

Post# 553361 , Reply# 28   11/1/2011 at 13:05 (4,421 days old) by andyzanni ()        

Presume that's safe enough to do? It won't affect the pressure or be prone to leaks!? If I did that I would have 3 Y pieces in place then. One to separate the original tap, then another going to each of the machines hot and cold fills..

Post# 553364 , Reply# 29   11/1/2011 at 13:14 (4,421 days old) by newwave1 (Lincoln, United Kingdom)        

newwave1's profile picture
This range was 1990-91 and is very well built.

I loved my zanussi it worked hard for me. Even with its quirky random tumbling in the same direction twice which was down to a timer issue.

You would be fine with 3 Y-pieces. I think I had 5 when I was running 4 machines from 1 tap!!!

I have a PDF file of the manual if you need it!

Dunno what to tell you as i've had a long day doing a meet and greet at a Farmers meeting so my brain is pretty frazled...any questions i'll happily answer!


Post# 553367 , Reply# 30   11/1/2011 at 13:23 (4,421 days old) by andyzanni ()        

Ah- that's great to hear... I will have to get out and purchase a few of those then.

What about drainage? Is there such a thing that allows to drain hoses to run thru one stand pipe?
I hear the dryer on these machines is pretty good?

Post# 553513 , Reply# 31   11/1/2011 at 22:41 (4,421 days old) by thomasortega (El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles de Porciúncula)        

Probably you won't need more than some KY jelly.

Never connect two drain hoses using a tight Y connector otherwise one machine can drain into the other.

Probably both hoses are quite flexible so you can put them together in the same pipe (according to it's diameter) and they are going to be only a few milimeters tightened, so it won't afect the flow. The KY jelly is water based so won't harm plastics or rubber, later, it will evaporate and dissapear completelly. Lube both hoses and the internal side of the pipe and use some elbow grease to slide both hoses in the pipe at the same time. (i did it here many times to make two hoses fit a 40mm stand pipe) If your hoses are the thinner type that most european washers have, you won't need to do anything, just put them in the pipe.

If your stand pipe's diameter is wider than that, it will be evten easier.

Only be sure if the pipe can stand both machines draining at the same time. Do a small test: Fill both machine swith water only and set them to drain. If the pipe starts to overflow, you'll notice and have time to turn them off before no more than some mililiters of water fall on the floor. As european front loader drain pumps aren't too powerful, i bet it's virtually impossible to have some kind of overflow with only two machines but it's worth testing.

About the Y connectors to fill the, you can put as many as needed. It won't leak if you do the things right. And even if it leaks, it's going to be only a few drops, so you can notice it almost instantly and retighten or remake the connections on the leaking point.

If you get a 3rd, 4th or whatever the number of machines in the future, the process will also the the same, more Y connectors, etc.

Again i remind you to be careful about the wattage on both machines. Check if the outlets can stand two machines. It's almost impossible to start a fire, but it can happen if you ignore this. If you use both machines and the circuit breaker goes off or the fuses blow, it means you have an overload and the wires in your house aren't strong enough to stand such amps. In this case, you only have to reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse and everything is going to be fine again. If this happens, you can even keep both machines connected all the time to the power outlets, but never use them at the same time.

Finally, both machines must have an own outlet. If you have only one outlet, it's very easy to replace it (we can teach you). NEVER, i mean REALLY NEVER use adapters or hubs to connect two mashing machines to the same power outlet. Those adapters are ok for two or even three very light electronics like a cell phone charger, your digital camera battery charger and your printer in the same outlet, for example, but never two washing machines with internal heaters.

How high is your water pressure? If it's too low, things can be a little difficult to the dispensers when using powders, but this situation can easily be solved by starting one of the machines first and wait until it's full (1 or 2 minutes maybe) then start the second machine.

RIght now I can't remember exactly how many Y connectors I have here. One thing I'm sure is that I have more than 9.

Post# 553577 , Reply# 32   11/2/2011 at 09:24 (4,421 days old) by andyzanni ()        

that's great.
Thanks everyone for your input :]
Hopefully get the machine next week... Wlll upload some pics and videos if you wish?

Post# 553709 , Reply# 33   11/2/2011 at 19:34 (4,420 days old) by thomasortega (El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles de Porciúncula)        

We're looking forward for it!

Post# 553754 , Reply# 34   11/3/2011 at 02:23 (4,420 days old) by newwave1 (Lincoln, United Kingdom)        

newwave1's profile picture
Pics and vids would be great Andy!


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