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Cascade Platinum
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Post# 661981   2/23/2013 at 21:55 (2,065 days old) by dustin92 (Jackson, MI)        

I bought a bag of the new Cascade Platinum action pacs today at walmart. The first load is washing right now, maybe they will be SO much better than Cascade Complete to actually justify the high price, $3.97 for 14 pacs. Has anybody else tried them and how did they work for you? I will post results when the dishwasher finishes. If they really are better than Complete action pacs (the best I have found so far), then I won't have a problem with the price.

Post# 661982 , Reply# 1   2/23/2013 at 21:59 (2,065 days old) by Maytagbear (N.E. Ohio)        
For me.........

and just me,they are too sudsy. Cleaning is great, but I have had to reset for extra rinsing. Maybe they wouldn't be like that in a very hard water area, but I have almost soft city water. They smell ok, I think.


Post# 661983 , Reply# 2   2/23/2013 at 22:31 (2,065 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Are they still selling Cascade Complete or is Platinum just a rename of the product? Have to ask because P&G is notorious for taking a product, giving it a new scent or color, renaming it and selling it as new.

Or they sell the same product as new but under a different name and brand line. There is a version of Downy FS that is sold under a different name but in the Gain line of FS.

Post# 661986 , Reply# 3   2/23/2013 at 22:37 (2,065 days old) by dustin92 (Jackson, MI)        

It finished a few minutes ago, everything looks great, the only challenging item was a sticky cake pan, and it came out great. I will have to run a more challenging load, but so far, so good. Our water is HARD and it didnt sound like it had any suds. The only detergent we ever had sudsing issues with was Finish Quantum tabs, and we cannot even use those in our machine, it sudslocked the pump and eventually overflowed onto the floor. No problem with any other product though.

Post# 661987 , Reply# 4   2/23/2013 at 22:39 (2,065 days old) by dustin92 (Jackson, MI)        

Yes, Cascade Complete is still available and Platinum is supposed to be better. So far my only complaint is the price.

Post# 661992 , Reply# 5   2/23/2013 at 23:00 (2,065 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

I would like to know what is in this stuff, so I went to the Cascade web site but I can't find this product listed. As soon as they list it I will look at the ingredients to see what is setting it apart from the other brands of Cascade.

I tried Cascade Action pacs one time. They cleaned well, but left a scent inside the machine. Don't care for that. Does the platinum leave any scent behind?

Funny about the experience with Finish Quantum because I use it without any problems. Must be differences in the water or maybe your DW has a strong spray than mine and this causes more agitation....who knows...

Post# 661994 , Reply# 6   2/23/2013 at 23:18 (2,065 days old) by dustin92 (Jackson, MI)        

It does leave a light scent, but I bought lemon, which smells the same as the Lemon Complete pacs. The only scent of the Cascade complete pacs I will buy is the lemon, all the other scents I have tried actually make the dishes taste like detergent/perfume. YUCK! For some reason, the lemon scent does not leave a flavor on the dishes (thankfully!) but does leave a little scent in the machine.

Post# 662067 , Reply# 7   2/24/2013 at 12:04 (2,064 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Yeah the pacs I used left a scent in the machine and on the dishes. It was just awful because every time you raised a glass to your face to drink water you got a face full of scent, so that's why I was asking this question.

Post# 662318 , Reply# 8   2/25/2013 at 11:25 (2,063 days old) by kqkenmore (memphis tn)        

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Did not clean well left food residue.I was disapointed so going back to my stash of phosphated detergent.Also my dishwasher is not the greatest.The one thing that I found was there was not film on the dishes but just left over food.

Post# 662328 , Reply# 9   2/25/2013 at 12:03 (2,063 days old) by joe_in_philly (Philadelphia, PA, USA)        
Mmmm, Chelant and Polymer!

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It seems that is positioned above Cascade Complete. Luckily just about every detergent works well in my dishwasher. I just bought some Finish All-in-1 powerball tabs on clearance at Target for 8 cents a load. Not too bad.



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Post# 662345 , Reply# 10   2/25/2013 at 12:43 (2,063 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

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I tried the Cascade Platinum in my dishwasher and got outstanding results...then again almost anything I use in my dishwasher does well since 1) Its a Miele 2) has a built in water softener and 3) heats water to the target temps 4) has enough power to clean anything I throw at it and then some. It does well with starches like pasta water residue and rice. To me it acts like a phosphated detergent. I bought a box of Finish PowerBalls that I have to go thru and a box of Somat3 that is phosphated something like 30% phophates.
The Platinum does suds up some but so does Finish and Somat.

Post# 664564 , Reply# 11   3/8/2013 at 11:59 (2,052 days old) by cleanteamofny ((Monroe, New York)        

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I know this been floating around the forum and I finally tried it two days ago and wow, what a big difference this stuff is!
The tub does not have that at the front build up because of powder detergents (aka Finish with PB and Cascade Complete).
I like the Lemon Scent over the regular bleach mustiness.
My Stainless Steel Aluminum Pots really shines like the old formula of Cascade.
Finally something to shout about!

The price for 43 tabs is $10.99 at Targets. Wally world was $6.00 for the 23 tabs so do the math. I need to go back and pick up 2 more pkg's for that price!

Post# 664628 , Reply# 12   3/8/2013 at 22:37 (2,052 days old) by dustin92 (Jackson, MI)        

I am still liking them, I havent found anything that won't come clean.

Post# 664679 , Reply# 13   3/9/2013 at 07:25 (2,051 days old) by magic_clean (Florida)        

is a really great performer. When the phosphates went away a couple years ago, the weakened cleaning ability of the new detergents showed up mainly with cook and bakeware. Things that would previously wash completely clean, sometimes would emerge with a spot or patch of residue. Not a big deal, but still you knew there was a difference.

The powerballs and pacs really work well too. However, the Platinum is delivering results like the phosphate deteregents of the not so distant past.

Post# 664975 , Reply# 14   3/10/2013 at 20:30 (2,050 days old) by zippyjet (Baltimore)        
I gotta try it!

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When the phosphates went away, the superlative cleaning quality went away with them. However, I read somewhere that a quarter cup of 20 Mule Team Borax along with the detergent got them clean. I've been using this combination for almost a year and I'm satisfied. However every once in a while the Cascade Complete Pillow doesn't fully dissolve in the dispenser. And, I live in an apartment with a bottom of the line GE
"builder's/apartment model." This GE has one wash arm and the spray tower; that's it!
1970's dishwasher technology though my machine is probably less than ten years old. I saw Cascade Platinum at Target along with Complete (Baltimore, Maryland). And I was in a hurry and bought a large tub of the Complete for $10 and change. I have not opened it and now I'm tempted to exchange it for Platinum. As others have said if it cleans like the old school phosphate and I don't have to add 20 Mule Team I'll pay the extra ducats if I can get this kind of cleaning. For those who have issues with perfume residual odors on their glasses and dishes, try NOT running the heated drying cycle. In addition I learned that substituting white vinegar for rinse aid works. I can attest to this and no, there is no vinegar smells! ツ

Post# 664978 , Reply# 15   3/10/2013 at 20:41 (2,050 days old) by danemodsandy (The Bramford, Apt. 7-E)        

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....Cascade has begun to lick the performance problem inherent in non-phosphated dishwasher detergents.

I hope so. I live in a hard-water area (Waterloo, IA) and dishwashers here are, shall we say, challenged. Not only are dishwashing results often poor, the dishwashers themselves often get terrible lime deposits. I know of a stainless-tub KitchenAid that was very badly limed up until I told the owner about Bubble Bandit.

It would be nice if whatever technology Cascade is using proves to work well over the long haul, and is adopted across the board. I'm all for protecting our waterways, but I'm also all for protecting expensive appliances and the health of their owners.

Post# 664991 , Reply# 16   3/10/2013 at 22:28 (2,050 days old) by Iheartmaytag (Wichita, Kansas)        
Saw the new Platnium

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/today at Wal-mart. Pricy, $10.90 for 20 packs. I just bought a case of Cascade industrial so I'm set for the full phosphate detergent for a while.

Post# 664993 , Reply# 17   3/10/2013 at 22:53 (2,050 days old) by Supersuds (Knoxville, Tenn.)        

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I've got enough phosphated Cascade (and some Finish) to last for several years, but it's nice to know there's a fallback for when it runs out.

Post# 665039 , Reply# 18   3/11/2013 at 07:07 (2,049 days old) by whirlyfanatic (Trinidad and Tobago)        

Is the Platinum better than the complete in cleaing?

Post# 665513 , Reply# 19   3/13/2013 at 00:23 (2,048 days old) by zippyjet (Baltimore)        
Quite Pleased!

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I ran my first load with Cascade Platinum and I'm proud to say it kicks ass! Reminds me of the old school Complete (with Phosphates). So far so excellent.

Post# 665526 , Reply# 20   3/13/2013 at 04:42 (2,048 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Gripe: Yet another case of "Hey, we're going to charge twice the price for a detergent that cleans as well as our old stuff did!"

Reality: I'll try it, and if it makes a noticeable difference it will probably become my daily driver.

Post# 669066 , Reply# 21   3/29/2013 at 15:08 (2,031 days old) by Kimble ()        

Cascades' Platinum is the best dishwasher detergent I've tried since phosphates!

Any cast aluminum items, ice cream scoops or boiled egg slicer frames, will tarnish with a dark pewter color which will rub off on your hands, ice cream, boiled eggs dishtowels and clothes.
Best solution is to handwash these items and stick with the 'Platnium' in the dishwasher...clear sparkly clean!

Post# 669092 , Reply# 22   3/29/2013 at 17:02 (2,031 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

I've been using Platinum for 2 weeks. At my local Target Platinum costs $7 dollars for 23 washes, Finish Quantum costs 6 dollars for 25 washes. In my experience Platinum performs no better than Finish and for some reason on the DWs sensor cycle my DW takes longer to complete the wash portion than with Finish. Other conditions may be impacting this but I've checked that and I am giving it the same type of everyday loads.

Nothing wrong with the Fresh Scent Platinum as it cleans and doesn't leave a strong scent, but for me it's no better than Quantum. I rotate detergents every week so will just add it to my rotation, but not really too excited about it.

Post# 669179 , Reply# 23   3/30/2013 at 04:18 (2,031 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Platinum is on the shelves in my village, so I'm guessing it's everywhere, now. I use Cascade Complete w/ Dawn pacs on most loads and Cascade Complete w/Bleach gel for super-tough pots/pans loads, as I can use some in the prewash without breaking the bank by using two pacs for a single load.

The Platinum pacs seem to do a little better on pots/pans. See photos below.

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Post# 669180 , Reply# 24   3/30/2013 at 04:19 (2,031 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Used this deep saute pan for spaghetti alla carbonara last night, and set it back on the burner to cook the egg sauce onto it. Washed the pan in a large load on the Power Scrub cycle with the 160 degree rinse option.

Post# 669181 , Reply# 25   3/30/2013 at 04:24 (2,031 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Just a hint of egg left in a ring on side of pan. Cleaned the starch ring off the pasta pot. Glassware, flatware, dishes all cleaned well.

Note: I have very soft water, so conditions are ideal. Can't compare it to Finish Quantum, as I've only tried their Powerball tabs.

Post# 669187 , Reply# 26   3/30/2013 at 07:11 (2,030 days old) by washer111 ()        
Finish Powder

Here we pay around AU$18 for a 1.5kg box of Finish Powder (still with around >30% Phosphate). This gives us almost 100 washes - great performance each and every time too. If you factor in inflation of prices and stuff here - Finish is FAR BETTER value for the price you pay, compared to tabs. Tabs cost around $13 for around 20 washes. Haha

Post# 669188 , Reply# 27   3/30/2013 at 07:42 (2,030 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

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Post# 669220 , Reply# 28   3/30/2013 at 14:48 (2,030 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

IMO Finish powder with enzymes is always a better value for the price compared to tabs plus you can control the amount you use according to the soil level.

I have very good results from Finish Powder and it is one of the detergents in my weekly rotation.

The pacs like quantum and cascade may perform a bit better in some instances because they are able to keep ingredients separated from each other which prevents them mixing together and possibly neutralizing each other before the product is used. I guess this is good for coffee and tea stains that I hear about. Never really seen any of these stains, but then again, I have dark colored dishes(cobalt blue and others) so perhaps these stains show up on lighter surfaces and I am not likely to ever see them with dark Finish powder is a good choice for me as well.

Post# 671178 , Reply# 29   4/7/2013 at 18:05 (2,022 days old) by zippyjet (Baltimore)        
Still Outstanding in cleaning quality!

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Five or six loads later, the Cascade Platinum is still getting EVERYTHING I put in my low end GE dishwasher spotless! And, two of my plastic "Take Along" Rubbermaid lunch containers nested together and even the "Take Along" on the back/bottom came out clean. Cascade/P & G I think you've got a winner. Worth the extra pennies.

Post# 671833 , Reply# 30   4/10/2013 at 15:29 (2,019 days old) by jakeseacrest (Massachusetts)        

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I picked up a trial size at Target yesterday that had 2 pacs for $1. Pretty impressed overall. My silverware was much shinier that when I use any other detergent!

Post# 671847 , Reply# 31   4/10/2013 at 17:01 (2,019 days old) by retromania (Anderson, SC )        
Cascade w/Dawn

I wash my pots and pans by hand and everything else goes in the dishwasher, except china and crystal. I rinse my stuff before I put it in and I have been satisfied with powder Cascade with Dawn. My brother kids me that my dishes get washed twice. How would he even know. I doubt he has ever loaded a dishwasher! LOL :)

Post# 671873 , Reply# 32   4/10/2013 at 20:38 (2,019 days old) by appnut (TX)        
I rinse my stuff before I put it in and I have been satisfi

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Andy you're going to cause the chemicals to eat away at your dishwasher rqacks, seals, eating away at your dishware because there's nothinng in the for the chimicals to work onb. Not a good thing at all.

Post# 671905 , Reply# 33   4/11/2013 at 02:27 (2,019 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

I HAVE to prerinse things before doing a load---I run my dishwasher once a day-KA17 I beleive it is.I tried not prerinsing as suggested here-and got a scene from one of the "Creepshow" movies--a dishwasher full of roaches and THEY were doing the prewash cycles for me-had to run the machine TWICE-first to chop and flush out the roaches-then again so I didn't get roach legs on my dishes.Trust Me roaches and other insects have keener senses of smell than your dog or even pigs-their antennae have odor receptors on them that detect the odors of what they eat-and to a roach--almost anything goes.And of course roaches and other insects can get into places you wouldn't think of-yes even a closed and latched dishwasher.So some folks have no choice but to prerinse dishes.I run the short cycles so attacks on the dishes by the detergent aren't a problem.

Post# 671912 , Reply# 34   4/11/2013 at 05:28 (2,018 days old) by retromania (Anderson, SC )        

Thanks for the info. I will have to rethink my routine with the dishwasher. Maybe I'll go back to hand-washing everything. It takes me a while to get up a load tho and sometimes it's just mostly coffee cups and stuff on the top rack. Since a lot of times it's not completely full I use the light cycle and don't fill both detergent cups. Our water is soft here and I usually fill the cup about half full.

Post# 671951 , Reply# 35   4/11/2013 at 10:20 (2,018 days old) by rayjay (Carteret, New Jersey)        

Bubble Bandit the BEST hands down!!!! Clean dishes, clean scent. Nothing left on dishes or glassware. It has phophates which is need for cleaning. All this oher crap is just fluff and a lot of stink.

Throw the other stuff out.

Post# 671955 , Reply# 36   4/11/2013 at 10:39 (2,018 days old) by JeffG ()        

"a dishwasher full of roaches and THEY were doing the prewash cycles for me"

I love this site sometimes lol

Post# 671966 , Reply# 37   4/11/2013 at 11:34 (2,018 days old) by retromania (Anderson, SC )        

Where do you buy Bubble Bandit? And sort of off the subject, but I've gotten two more people using the Sears powder laundry detergent and they love it.

Post# 672154 , Reply# 38   4/12/2013 at 07:46 (2,017 days old) by rayjay (Carteret, New Jersey)        
Bubble Bandit

Hi Andy.

Go to

It is really great stuff.
The point I was trying to make is that all the manufacturers are trying so hard to come up with a dishwasher detergent that works without the phosphates. They are close, but I found bubble bandit to be the best so far.

Post# 672271 , Reply# 39   4/12/2013 at 16:34 (2,017 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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First of all; ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! *LOL*

Second have never pre-rinsed dishes in my life and never found anything creeping, crawling or otherwise infesting the inside of the machine. This with sometimes not running the machine for days until a full load is reached.

Vermin such as rodents and bugs will only find their way into a dishwasher, range, etc.. if they are present in the home. Otherwise it isn't as if fumes wafting through the air summon them from afar like a vampire to its's victim.

Post# 672332 , Reply# 40   4/12/2013 at 20:55 (2,017 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Or present in the building. The first place I took when I moved out of my parents was in a nice brownstone building with 10 units. I had a very spacious unit advertised with "High End" appliances, stove with two ovens top and bottom, KA dw, side by side refrigerator, two working fire places, crown mold ceilings, french doors to a private deck, parquet floors throughout, I was very happy and I thought I was set. Moved in, cooked dinner in my nice kitchen, eat in the dinning room. I returned to the kitchen to find the roaches sitting there waiting to see what was for dinner.

I was horrified because I'd never seen these things before. They had never seen me before so they scampered away. After a week or so, they got to the place that they didn't even wait for me to finish cooking, they would just come out and sit there waiting.

I had the KA of the 1970's with the air vent in the door, they began walking into it to inspect the dirty dishes. They also decided to check out the clean silverware know...just in case anything tasty might be in there too.

I complained to management and they sent the exterminator, but my "friends" returned in short order.

Finally determined that the exterminator was doing one unit at a time, so the roaches would just move between floors and walls from one unit to the next.

After I complained loudly to management again, we got a new exterminator that did every unit in the building at once, every 3 months, then every six months.

END of the roach problem. I can understand how this problem could exist in buildings with multiple units and management that thinks it is common to have roaches walking around greeting company when they arrive.

Took a trip to business trip to Victoria Tx a few years later. The motel I stayed in was loaded with roaches. They mostly stayed in the bathroom area but I could hear them climbing around while I laid in bed. I mentioned this to management as soon as I arrived and they just gave me a funny look. That night on the local news the top story was the roach problem in the area. The roaches were walking through yards and down the street and these were BIG roaches. The news said that it was because of having a lot of rain and the heat. Then I understood why the folks at the hotel just gave me a look.

I never said anything more to the motel front desk, but I brought some food in every night placed it in the bathroom area so that the roaches would stay there and not venture into the bedroom area and crawl all over me. Even now I get the creeps just thinking about that situation.

Post# 672349 , Reply# 41   4/12/2013 at 22:20 (2,017 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Multiple Unit Housing

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Yes, it is quite common that if one has vermin(rats, mice, roaches, etc..) in one unit rest assured they are elsewhere. That is unless things are in the early stages (the odd bug brought in on shopping bags, or rodent that got in), but make no mistake, if they stay long enough to set up housekeeping problem spreads.

So many building owners do things on the cheap and just to keep the complaining tenant or whomever quiet exterminate just that one place. Which of course is no good at all.

Several years back when our building had a mice problem the first exterminator was useless; Moi and others told those in power so and soon they got shot of him. The next service did the entire building every other day and demanded access to every apartment regardless. There were no "but I have pets, I can't be home, I don't see anything...", or some such excuses allowed. That was that and they've not been back since.

Have seen that show on cable television about that one; the exterminator in the South or some such. One home he was called to literally had roaches crawling like a plague over every single surface. Behind pictures, behind appliances, under sofa cushions, etc.. He Hoovered them up with a vacuum cleaner as part of "step one". Cannot understand how people could live like that.

Post# 672370 , Reply# 42   4/13/2013 at 02:22 (2,017 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

I have always had top prerinse dishes-even when I lived in an apartment that had a dishwasher.My Mom had to prerinse too,when she lived in Florida-otherwise like what I had-a CREEPSHOW scene.The neighborhood where I live has roaches all around-they are outside and everywhere.Don't know how many I have picked up in my collection of vacuum cleaners,Kirby,Royal metals,NSS M1 and so on.The vacuum cleaner place where I go to has em-he is next door to a restuarant.I think it would be impossible to get rid of them.The Gov't building where I worked downtown had roaches-and the exterminators say that type was only in that building-large ones as big as a mouse.When you step on one-it leaves a greenish-yellowish-brown spot on the floor that is hard for the janitors to clean up.You see many spots on the floor in that place in the halls where the roaches got "run over" by people walking the halls.And in that building if you are sitting at your workbench or desk-you see a "shadow" going across-Its one of the roaches in the overhead flourescent ceiling lamp!In that place would freeze them with electronic component freeze spray-those tough buggers would wake up after thawing out.My mouse problem has been solved-traps have been quiet this year.Last winter caught a dozen of the grey "Deedlers".Now-not a single mouse.The roaches in my area seem to hide outside most of the time and then come in when they smell or detect a food source-the dirty dishes in the washer.-or food left out.

Post# 672380 , Reply# 43   4/13/2013 at 04:27 (2,017 days old) by washer111 ()        
Cockroaches in the Dishwasher

I imagine if they are entering with a LATCHED door, they are entering via a drain. No other way around it, I'm afraid. 


We've got the little ones (size of the tip of a lead pencil), the ones that fly and the small fat ones... The big ones live outside in the watersoftener enclosure... 

The little ones will sometimes end up in the DishDrawer. I don't think they are in the electronics, since there isn't a trail or any mess. They might just be "enjoying" some crud on the back of the drawer from me opening it mid cycle... I've only seen strays so far, so I'm not concerned. Besides, I think the temperature and "length" of washing keeps them at bay in there.


The rest of them nosy round the kitchen in the late hours of the day and early hours of the morning. You don't see them till at least 10pm and after 5:30am, they are back in bed. Whenever I see them, they had better run, because I squash as many as I can when I catch them. (Insert evil laugh here). Although, they don't really get anything to eat, since we keep the kitchen pretty tidy

Post# 672388 , Reply# 44   4/13/2013 at 06:14 (2,016 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

The KA dishwasher i have has a forced air drying fan system-they can get in that way as well-think that is more likely.There is plenty of room for a roach to get in when the fan and heating element aren't running.Otherwise if the fan and element were running-chopped and cooked roach!Haven't seen that.

Post# 672435 , Reply# 45   4/13/2013 at 11:30 (2,016 days old) by retromania (Anderson, SC )        

I have never seen any bugs in any of my appliances, thank goodness. When my cousin and I went in together and bought the 1941 duplex we live in from an elderly woman's estate, there were a few roaches here and there. We both said at the same time that just wouldn't do. I don't do roaches. They're just so nasty. I would be the first one on a chair if a mouse or roach crossed the room. Mac's exterminating comes every three months. Never see any bugs or any evidence of them. Once years ago at the office I walked into the clerical room and all the people that worked in there were standing on their desks. I asked what was going on? Somebidy said: "Oh, Andy...a rat....over there in the waste basket!" I took my place on the top of a desk next to a co-worker.

Post# 673110 , Reply# 46   4/16/2013 at 04:09 (2,014 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

Mouse in the generator.
At our transmitter site we have a 1.8Mw Caterpillar 3816 genset-used for backup power and "load management".Sometime a mouse was in the generator part-he got caught in the huge cast steel fan in the generator and his rear leg and another part of him are stuck on the fanguard grille-so someone at one point when the genset was run or tested-chopped and cooked the mouse.
At a remote microwave site-The place had one of those small outdoor Onan gensets-2 cylinder engine-12Kw.Fired it up-and a horrible smell-I chopped and cooked a snake!A snake made his home in the gen portion-when started-cooked and chopped him.the gen was OK-you could tell it hadn't been run in a while.

Post# 673120 , Reply# 47   4/16/2013 at 06:01 (2,013 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Cascade Platinum: I love it! Cleans crusty pots/pans very well, which is my litmus test for any dishwasher detergent. I use Platinum for tough loads and less expensive Cascade Complete Pacs w/Dawn for light-to-normal loads. Platinum keeps the stainless steel interior of the LG gleaming.

It appears detergent manufacturers are finding solutions to the cleaning ability issues that cropped up in a post-phosphates world. Now if they could just solve the "turns aluminum dark grey" issue. It's not the color that bothers me, but rather the powdery crap that rubs off on dishtowels and tablecloths.

Post# 674649 , Reply# 48   4/22/2013 at 12:53 (2,007 days old) by mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        

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While I'll admit, the Platinum Sample I received was promising, it struggled to rinse away potatoes on our Corningware, something it's Brother Cascade Complete (Phosphate Powder Version) could easily pull off.

Also, if guys really look well enough, you can find the old Phosphate Detergent still on the shelves.

I picked up a 100oz Box of Cascade with Dawn (6.4 Phosphate) for $4 a few weeks ago, at Big Lots.

For Kicks, I posted my "Platinum" Detergent ;)

Post# 674657 , Reply# 49   4/22/2013 at 13:17 (2,007 days old) by rp2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        

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I may have to try Platinum when my stockpile of phosphated Cascade is depleted.  Or perhaps by that time they'll have something even better on the market than Platinum.  I'm not inclined to buy a 5-gallon bucket of phosphated industrial or whatever.


Water is fairly hard here but I've been getting good results with my ISE Classic Supreme and phosphated Cascade, usually in both cups unless it's not a difficult load.


Last night just for kicks I tried a Finish Power Ball tab in the main wash cup.  Never again.  Spots and film on everything.  It was like having the Thundering Thermador back in the kitchen again.

Post# 674659 , Reply# 50   4/22/2013 at 13:51 (2,007 days old) by mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        

mich's profile picture
@RP, when I tried "Phosphate Free" Finish Powerball, in my Dishwasher, many of our glasses came out "etched" (scratch's on the glass) along with the film.

Powerball seems to clean plates and dissolve through food okish, but the Etching is horrible :(

Post# 674665 , Reply# 51   4/22/2013 at 14:17 (2,007 days old) by rp2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        

rp2813's profile picture

I got my first clue when I pulled out the glass carafe and filter basket assembly for my coffee maker this morning.  The carafe wasn't too bad, but the black plastic components for the basket were badly spotted.  That doesn't happen with phosphated Cascade.


I also noticed some sudsing during the main wash from the power ball even with the hard water situation here.


I'm going to give what I have left of the Finish to Dave's daughter.  She's going to be getting a new machine for the house they just bought.  I'll recommend Cascade Platinum to her as well.


Meanwhile, I need to investigate last night's results further.  I may have to run the whole batch through on a "Light/China" cycle to correct the sub-par results from the power ball.

Post# 674685 , Reply# 52   4/22/2013 at 14:53 (2,007 days old) by mattl (Flushing, MI)        

Based on this thread I bought a pack of Platinum, did fine on some things, not so much on others. My plastic cutting boards came out fine, they only look this good with commercial Cascade, but the bottom of my Farberware stock pot looked terrible. Very discolored and spotty, never came out looking this bad with any other detergent, not sure why. I got a 40 pack so I'll be using it for a while, still think Quantum has done the best overall followed by Commercial Cascade.

Post# 674722 , Reply# 53   4/22/2013 at 17:40 (2,007 days old) by washer111 ()        

Yikes: I didn't realise Finish Powerballs could etch so badly... I know adding 3 tablespoons of Finish PowerUp to your dispenser will take the paint of a Pyrex jug though (Oops...).


We're still quite lucky here with our dishwasher detergent mostly containing >30% Phosphates. My Fairy Tablets, Finish Tablets both state this, the Finish powder doesn't (But its safe to assume). 

Post# 674754 , Reply# 54   4/22/2013 at 19:28 (2,007 days old) by mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        

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The american Finish Powerballs claim to contain 'Etch Guard" however, if you just so happen to have soft water (2gpg here) the Powerball will leave a horrible etching on your glasses, in 1 Wast Load...

Needless, to say, I'll be sticking with Cascade. However, even in soft water, Phosphates provide a amazing cleaning boost, vs Phosphate Free.

Post# 674755 , Reply# 55   4/22/2013 at 19:30 (2,007 days old) by mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        

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I actually wanted to ask, anyone here get spotting in Soft Water?

Post# 674801 , Reply# 56   4/22/2013 at 21:51 (2,007 days old) by roto204 (Tucson, AZ)        

roto204's profile picture
+1 here. It's interesting what comes out fabulous with Cascade Platinum--mostly everything. But it does do some odd metal discoloration that I've noticed on our pots and pans too.

Post# 674884 , Reply# 57   4/23/2013 at 05:59 (2,006 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        
I'm on my

mark_wpduet's profile picture
fourth box out of six boxes of the institutional Cascade. I have had recurring dreams of Cascade laboratories finding a way to get dishes clean without phosphates by the time I ran out of my stash. I can't believe it came true!

Post# 882838 , Reply# 58   5/30/2016 at 13:04 (873 days old) by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        
lemon burst

I just bought the cascade platinum pacs in the lemon burst scent. They have a pleasant smell to them as does the cascade complete citrus breeze gel that I have. They do a decent job of cleaning dishes.

Post# 882846 , Reply# 59   5/30/2016 at 14:07 (873 days old) by ladyearth (Kentucky)        
anu of yalll got ext hard water? what yall use then ???

we do and I refuse to put in a water softner. we have private water......
I flter drinking water with a Big Berky type countertop unit. Got Hubby to install 2 "flters' right after it enter the house in the tiny shallow crawlspace area.. One is sediment other is carbon..
never purposely tasted the water. I also boil my water for drinking to be safer..
so thats why Im carfful with detergents etc
heard some comm on internet radio with no salt filtering units but limited room to install anything else..
thanks yall

Post# 882891 , Reply# 60   5/30/2016 at 20:21 (873 days old) by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        
soft water

I have soft water. I do a rotation between the cascade complete citrus breeze scent and the cascade platinum lemon burst scent.

Post# 991528 , Reply# 61   4/20/2018 at 11:01 (183 days old) by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        
cascade platinums

I use them in my new Kenmore 13222 dishwasher and they work great. I have soft water too.

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