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Frigemores dwarfed in the presence of the big guys
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Post# 44732   9/9/2004 at 07:55 (6,767 days old) by jasonl ()        

I was at best buy the other day looked at their arsenal of HE machines. First we have the big boys. LG, WP Duet, Siemens, then we have a set of mid-sized machines but still whoppers, the LG Tromm, the we have poor little Frigidaire. They look so tiny compared to the others. The Frigemores used to make those WEstinghouse FLs seem tiny, but now compared to LG & WP, they look small.

Well, listen to one happy Frigemore owner. The Frigemore can wash the same amount of clothes as a Super Capacity WP top load washer. Yes sire. I've had loads (not overloaded) in there than can choke a Kenmore 90 w/ Dual Action. I've done the same load in both and Sir F outshined the Kenmore TL.

Post# 44735 , Reply# 1   9/9/2004 at 08:53 (6,767 days old) by frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

frigilux's profile picture
Here, here! I am also a great supporter of the Fridgemore FL washer. I have the Fridge version, myself. While it would be nice to have the tub capacity to wash a horse AND its blanket, as in the HE4T, I have no complaints. My old 1996 Fridgidaire (the first generation of the Electrolux-designed front-loaders) is currently being used in a duplex and has never required a service call. Viva le Fridgemore!

Post# 44738 , Reply# 2   9/9/2004 at 09:43 (6,767 days old) by agiflow-action ()        

I would think it will probably be only a matter of time before Fridgidaire up's the capacity on their fl washers.I have a KM 90 series washer and i think it cleans great. I can't compare the two types of machine.But i have used tumble washers in laundromats and did not see any improvement over a toploader as far as cleaning goes.
I must say though having visited Best Buy last week,i was drawn to one washer in particular,the slightly smaller capacity LG washer.That is one nice looking washer,....I prefer the controls on the front of a fl than rear.It had a nice price too! It has the feeling of quality all over it.If i was to go with a fl machine, i think it would be between lg,Sears HE4,or a frigemore.Nice machines.


Post# 44741 , Reply# 3   9/9/2004 at 10:26 (6,767 days old) by rayjay (Carteret, New Jersey)        

Hi agiflow-action. I have the LG WM2032HW and love it. It is a quality built machine, and cleans and rinses the clothes thoroughly. By the way, I live in Carteret which is only around 10 minutes away from Iselin.


Post# 44745 , Reply# 4   9/9/2004 at 11:35 (6,767 days old) by agiflow-action ()        

Hi Ray, I have read your posts and thought of e-mailing you personally.I am still pretty new to this and my only vintage anything is an agitator i grabbed out of an old KM wringer (excellent way to transport the washer though) :(.

It would be great to hear from you. Take care.


Post# 44750 , Reply# 5   9/9/2004 at 12:29 (6,767 days old) by parunner58 (Davenport, FL)        
Another happy Frigidaire FL lover

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We just bought a Frigidaire GLTF1670A FL Gallery washer about 2 months ago. This is the first fl we have ever owned and used. We love it. We have washed everything for socks to fullsize quilts to delicate lace curtains and everything was done perfectly. My wife says it washes cleaner than the two TL GE's that we owned. The last GE died at 7 years with a bad pump motor and when is was 1 month old the washer mortor broke and a year after that the rubber tub mounts all broke. The first GE was over 14 years old when the tranny went. SO with all all that having gone wrong we did not repair it we bought a new one and not GE. We have had good luck with our Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher and that out inlaws always had Frigidaire that is what we picked. Many unhappy Maytag Friends said to stay away from the Neptune. We will get the matching dryer if out 20 year old Whirlpool gas dryer ever quits. That i doubt very mucah as it is built like a tank. We are very impressed with how much energy this is going to save. We have cut down on detergent by using Tide HE and dryer is cut dramatically also. I feel in the long run the cost savings will far out weigh the extra $ we paid for it. Plus I love to watch it run. Especially the high speed final spin.

Post# 44792 , Reply# 6   9/10/2004 at 00:33 (6,767 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        
Frigemore vs '78 LK

So I can depend on a "Frigemore" washing as large a load as my '78 LK? That would be great, since it's a much more reasonable price than the other FL machines. Hetties and Duets are out of the question pricewise

Post# 44799 , Reply# 7   9/10/2004 at 04:47 (6,766 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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FriGeMore's have that big black and ugly boot which I do not really care for. There also seems to be a problem with some units with rear bearing failures after about three or four years. Indeed it seems that period of time is the benchmark for FriGeMore's, if the machine makes it past four years without trouble then one is home free.

Also would it kill Electrolux to add a heater/water booster?


Post# 44800 , Reply# 8   9/10/2004 at 06:28 (6,766 days old) by wringingwet (Walterboro South Carolina)        
Frigmore and the Tub

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I also have had only front loading washiers for the past 18 years for everyday starting with Westinghouse to the first frigmore. after about 4 years the tub broke off the support. Since I live out in the woods a service call was not needed since it was evident that the washer died so I took it apart and wrote a nasty letter to Electorlux. After sending them pictures with heated exchange of email they finally sent me a check for 500.00 for a replacement.

Also I was in Best buy yesterday and the LG and Semiens were making me wish I needed a new washer LOL beautiful machines and yes they make the frigmores look like compacts.

I was also scoping out the dishwashers and Whirlpool put the silverware rack back hanging in the door ... What is old is new

happy washing

Post# 44805 , Reply# 9   9/10/2004 at 08:10 (6,766 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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I will be getting a refurbished Frigidaire when Steve 1/18 comes to Texas for a visit. I look forward to finally having a FLer.

Agiflow, I don't think a laundramat FLer is a fair comparison. They are designed for quick turnaround of about 30 minutes. The Frigidaire can wash up to 18 minutes before it starts rinsing. And the capacity is about as much, if not more, than your 90 Series Kenmore, which I have the 1986 LK version, and the FLer is MUCH easier on your clothes.

Phillippe, I remember when that Frigidaire died on you. Also, Whirlpool has always kept the silverware basket in the door. The exceptions are their very low-end models that have the durawash style of spraying, and also has a small capacity of 8-10 place settings because of all the funnels in both the lower and upper rack.

Post# 44821 , Reply# 10   9/10/2004 at 12:04 (6,766 days old) by agiflow-action ()        

I guess you may be right Appnut. I liked the Frigemores when they first came out and i still do. I guess it all has to do on what you have always been used to.
I just was not convinced about the capacity,seems everyone around here who owns one say they can hold just as much or more.
I am actually starting to like them more,now that more manufacs. are on the scene. I particularly like the new LG with the slightly smaller capacity,(forget what model it is)that one turned my head.
I have to say though, I am well pleased with the KM. slower speed for most wash. Jeans and heavier loads need the faster speed just to get turnover.It is all in the way that you use it.My clothes are still in good shape.


Post# 44829 , Reply# 11   9/10/2004 at 14:31 (6,766 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Problem with the FriGeMore models is that the bearing and tub assembly are one part. Even if only the bearings go the entire assembly has to be replaced, a very costly repair job unless under warranty. Most people just chuck the washer (if it cannot be repaired under warranty), and start new as the repair bill can easily come to half or more of the original purchase price.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to why these units have bearing/tub failures. Some units work day in and day out for years without a problem, others see lighter use but still do not make it past the four year mark.


Post# 44833 , Reply# 12   9/10/2004 at 15:28 (6,766 days old) by jasonl ()        
Year 3

I'm going on year 3 for Sir Frigemore. He's been tumbling 2 or 3 loads a week and after I'm done, I wipe the excess water from the rubbber boot, leave the door open, empty the excess water from the dispenser, wipe the hole for the disp. clean and leave it on top of the machine. The Frigemore dries out and honestly the washer smells new with a sweet detergent smell. I occasionally take the bottom off to check for leaks or anything amiss. I plan on owning this machine for a long time unless someone would trade me for a restored 1970 Kenmore 800 set ;)

Post# 44853 , Reply# 13   9/10/2004 at 20:44 (6,766 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        
heater/water booster

Since these machines run on 110 volts, adding a water heater would tax the average circuit. Power draw has to be tailored to the lowest common denominator, which is 15 amps in older homes. Even then, look at any 110 volt device and it'll amost always max out at around 13 amps in order not to totally max out a circuit in an older home.

Post# 44889 , Reply# 14   9/11/2004 at 15:52 (6,765 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Can understand your logic but several American front loaders, many with larger capacity than the FriGeMores offer water heaters/temp boosters. Heck even the cheap Danby can heat water to 200F on 120v power.


Post# 44963 , Reply# 15   9/12/2004 at 22:29 (6,764 days old) by golittlesport (California)        

golittlesport's profile picture
I've had the Kenmore version of the Electrolux FL for four years and it runs like the day it was installed. (Knock on wood.) :-) It does about 10 to 15 loads a week.

I think it will hold as much laundry as any agitator washer on the market today and wash it better, especially large loads. The tub looks deceivingly small, but there is no agitator and you can FILL it...not just loosely fill it 3/4 full like you have to with an agitator machine to get any turnover. Believe me, it will hold as much or more than an agitator machine. It excels on rugs, blankets, etc...any large items that an agitator can't move, but only thrash against.

These washers have been out since 1996 and are the least-repaired front loader in the US according to actual consumers responding to a Consumers Report survey. The Kenmore FLs actually rated fewer repairs than Kenmore's top-loaders, and about the same as Maytag top-loaders. That is not a bad record. I have heard about some owners having problems with the bearings, but I have to think these are the exceptions, at least according to what the majority of consumers are saying about these machines after 8 years. A lot of them are in use and Consumers Reports says about 10% have had to be serviced. That seems to inline with any top loader out there.(Whirlpool TLs=9%, GE & Frigidaire TLs=12%, Amana TLs=15%, Kitchaid TLs= 17% Maytag FLs=20%)

The problem is that almost any repair on any washer these days is going to cost almost as much as a new machine.

Philippe, sorry your washer broke, but I have to say that Electrolux was very benevolent to give you $500 after 4 years. I don't know of any other manufacturers that would have done that. I wish Whirlpool would have when the transmission of my Whirlpool DD top-loader went after a couple years of use in the 80s. Every manufacturer has lemons, albiet some more than others.

So bottom line....get a Kenmore FL (FriGEmore) at a Sears outlet for a reduced price. If you are doing a lot of wash you'll love the low water use and the fast, fast spin.

Post# 44969 , Reply# 16   9/13/2004 at 01:30 (6,764 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        
booster heater power draw

I imagine that the machines that do have booster heaters have to keep the wattage so low that it makes the cycle time excessively long unless they also reduce the draw of the motor.

Post# 44979 , Reply# 17   9/13/2004 at 06:14 (6,763 days old) by Laundromat (Hilo, Hawaii)        

laundromat's profile picture
Hey Jason,
Keep your eyes pealed.Best Buy has told me that Frigidaire will be unvailing a 4.0 cu ft capacity front loader exclusively for them with a much larger opening as well as a larger tub and sleaker design control panel.No word as to the date but it supposed to be before winter.It will also have a more reasonable price as compared to other brands ie Bosch,LG,Maytag,and Whirlpool.I personaly am on pins and needles and bighting my nails to the quick waiting to see them!!!!

Post# 44987 , Reply# 18   9/13/2004 at 09:30 (6,763 days old) by golittlesport (California)        

golittlesport's profile picture
will it have a heater?????

Post# 45056 , Reply# 19   9/14/2004 at 04:13 (6,763 days old) by GESwivel ()        

I have had my FriGEmore for 3yrs. now with no trouble and hope it stays that way. I purchased mine from a Sears Outlet for a reasonable price. After the outlet coupon and utility company rebate, the washer only cost about $375.00. That is not too bad. I used a WP Gold TLer before it(still have)and found that the same amount washed in the Super capacity went into the FriGEmore with no problem.

I like the fact that it is quiet and has a high spin speed. The clothes dry so much faster in my dryer. My linens also dry much faster on the line. I can hang my sheets on the line, on a very hot summer So. Cal. day and they can be dry within 10mins.

Post# 45140 , Reply# 20   9/15/2004 at 04:29 (6,761 days old) by Laundromat (Hilo, Hawaii)        
best buy/frigidaire front loader

laundromat's profile picture
No info as far as features other than the largest capacity of any current front loader.We'll see once they're released.

Post# 45433 , Reply# 21   9/20/2004 at 04:46 (6,756 days old) by programcomputer (Ann Arbor Michigan, USA)        
Why don't they try to make them like the old pre 63'

programcomputer's profile picture
I have owned front load washers since 1999,when I bought my Westinghouse Laundromat's. My grandmother owned a slant front Westy set that I have ascertained was built in 1963. But f4rom what I can tell, Westinghouse diddn't really change their machines at all from 1961-63'.

Now, if you look at the current Maytag Neptunes, you will see that they have the tub tilted, and it looks kinda like the old pre-1959 Westinghouse tubs. But all of them are straight fronts and they are sill NOT easy to load no matter what; unless you have the under- drawers for them that most models offer.

Now when we rebuilt our laundry this spring, Where my {"daily use")machines sit,which used to be my old Westinghouse Space Mates; was built a six inch riser out of 4by 8's and 3/4 inch plywood and tiled to look like the floor that is in there. In the process we raised the sink that is next to the washer. It's NOW easier to load my new front loaders than before.

My new machines ARE the Frigidaire Gallery Gold Crown washer and dryer with the rear backsplash and controls. And the newer backsplash which looks like they could possibly have a lighted control panel. Which unfortunatly no current modelsthat I know

My Westinghouse's went above aour new garage where we put in a complete apartment and I put them in the kitchenette stacked so company can use them. My 1-18's are now in the basement in what SHOULD be the Laundryroom.

I have never had a problem with either set, and BELIEVE me I have no problem putting all my king size bed comforters and sheets in and getting them clean. I have done laundry for people before while their staying with us, and they haveall complimented how clean and fresh their clothes are and smell, and can't believe that we have front loaders.

My average between two of us and company who forever come to stay because we are fourtunate to just have the extra anywhere from 10-as much as 15 loads a week. So I have been ultra-fortunate to never have one issue with them since I have owned them which is now just a few months over a year.

I believe that manufacturers in th 40's and 50's and until Wesitnghouse gave up in 1974...when front loaders were still viewed as "not as good, or as worthy of praise" as now, were viewed as such because of manufacturers and the ignorant counterparts at current periodicals, downed them because I personally believe that they were afraid of what good products they were.

I have heard that old saw that General Electric dealers telling people the old wives tales about (FL's) leaking and flooding their house. This was at the same time that they were selling their Washer Dryer combo's that were prone to leak and never worked properly...a few surviving examples are the exception to the rule. Just my opinion.

My Westies only leaked when I filled that tub WAY beyond the norm where clothes were sticking out into the boot area and pushing against the door. Other than that I never had it leak and even when I did what I did as a was only a small drip...which diddn't even soak the hand towel that I put there just to see how much ended up leaking.

But again...just to state a point...they need to re-introduce the slant front so it's easier to load. Again just an opinion.



Post# 45479 , Reply# 22   9/20/2004 at 20:02 (6,756 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        
pre 63 Westy washer and dryer

Have the patents on these expired and gone public?If so then anyone should be able to build and market them.-A neat blast from the past.

Post# 45501 , Reply# 23   9/21/2004 at 03:05 (6,756 days old) by programcomputer (Ann Arbor Michigan, USA)        
via the

programcomputer's profile picture
It would almost seem so that the patents have expired; since the last slant front rolled out of the Mansfield plant 41 years ago.

I just remember that my grandma, whil not being the tallest woman around really diddn't have to bend down to get at the clean clothes. She is 5'2 so like Im a foot and an inch taller.

I remember that the dryer drum was not accessed by a very large opening, only slightly larger in diameter than the laundro's "hole".

I asked he fairly recently WHY she felt the need to get new Maytag's, when it was readily appearant that the Westy's still worked (to my young knowledge)....and she stated that...your grandpa wouldn't get it fixed when the motor stopped in the washer...he just felt that they had served their putpose so he bought me the current set I have in the basement...which are plain ass jane mid 80's Maytag Deep Tub Fabric Matic's.

She told me that when she redoes the kitchen this winter, she is getting a stacked Fridgemore set to put where the current vacuum cleaner closet is. I smiled and long as you get a Frigidiare or Kenmore built.."You can Be Sure...that it will work well.

At least I have absolutly NO complaints....I have head it tho, and not just from thse pages that persons have had issues with the tub breaking off from the drive hub, and other minor assorted maladies that plague all new appliances.

At least in the new FridGeMore sets the did away with the "damper tong's on the dog ear's " lower suspension and rocking horse looking upper springs on little ears, and went back to two heavy duty looking the Laundromat's of yore.

I can't tell you how many out of balance loads sent that lower suspension out of whack and I would have to work it back into their proper blaces to stop the ear deafening banging that would occur.

Anyway, Frigidaires will probably always be poupular with the buying public because by now most if not all the bugs have been worked out of production, and are approaching prices of middle upper line machines of the TL style.

It's kinda appearant that machines priced above $800.00 aren't all that much better in many ways and their just aren't enough folks it seems that want to spend more than that for JUST a washer?

And I agree with a different post also..Maytag has really dropped the ball hardcore on their reliability and build quality where now their not viewed as ANY better than the early 80's WCI TL machines which were pooh poohed at the time as being unreliable dogs.

Whirlpool is now and probably will forever be the new "king of the laundry appliance hill", and that's fine with me. I still see too many of the old BD and DD Whirlies and Kenny's and so few late model Maytags.

Ironic how the ruels of the game can change with just a few decades...


Post# 45520 , Reply# 24   9/21/2004 at 11:02 (6,755 days old) by Christd1 ()        
Best Buy Exclusive?

Laundromat- I would question your source about a 4.0 product (largest in the industry) being exclusive to Best Buy. Maybe their own model number but I don't think that Electrolux would make that alliance considering where they are at today with Sears and where Best Buy is with LG.

Post# 45592 , Reply# 25   9/22/2004 at 15:29 (6,754 days old) by veg-o-matic (Baltimore, Hon!)        
My two cents

veg-o-matic's profile picture
I bought a Frigidaire FL early this spring when I got my tax return. Got it for a couple of reasons: first, I could stack it with the matching dryer and free up some room in my laundry room for storing crap---I mean, important stuff. Second, I've always wanted a front loader (I could watch 'em for hours) and figured I'd never be able to find a pink Westinghouse, which is what I really want. (Drifting: I was really surprised and pleased to find this site. I didn't think anyone but I appreciated vintage appliances. I see I'm in good company!)
Now here's a question: I see these called FriGeMores because they're sold under all three names. Who really makes them? I'm hoping it's Electrolux. I've had GE appliances in the recent past and was less than pleased with them. In fact, when I got the Frigidaire and matching dryer, they were to replace a 3 year old GE set (they were in my condo when I bought it.) There wasn't actually anything wrong with the GEs, but the washer never really spun the water out of the clothes well enough and the dryer didn't even have a buzzer to let you know when it was done. Cheap, cheap, cheap. I also replaced the GE fridge and dishwasher with Ropers which I *love*, despite the fact that they were very inexpensive.

Post# 45593 , Reply# 26   9/22/2004 at 15:32 (6,754 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        

mrb627's profile picture
Yes, Electrolux still builds the FriGEMore machines. Does nayone know if you can still adjust the water level on the newer models?


Post# 45630 , Reply# 27   9/23/2004 at 08:11 (6,753 days old) by Christd1 ()        
Water Level

I thought the water level was automatic? I'm sure you can still adjust the water level by adjusting the pressure switch setting though.

Post# 45744 , Reply# 28   9/25/2004 at 15:45 (6,751 days old) by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
Christd1, that's exactly what is being referred to.

Post# 45913 , Reply# 29   9/27/2004 at 19:56 (6,749 days old) by programcomputer (Ann Arbor Michigan, USA)        
Frigidiare Water level.......

programcomputer's profile picture

Yes in all Frigidaire front loaders there is an automatic "Load to Save" water level adjuster that I was explained to worked like this. Whatever you put in your tub to be washed, it drops the tub down in increments. As it drops, the upper tub is connected by a mechanism to the Water Level Control switch that adds to correct amount of water. It's kinda like they combined the old "Weigh To Save Door" and the Water Level Control Switch into one easy to use "Automatic" unit.

To my knowledge since it uses the same WLC as the older models, you can get to it and adjust it for more water. I have never felt the need to, since it seems to do a very decent job of "guessing" what it needs for itself.

According to my build diagram which is usually packed inside the washer's outer body, mine was located in a large manilla envelope glued to the inner right hand wall, near the motor's; of the outer cabinet. This document tells that the water level control mechanism on my machine is in the back left hand corner.

Anyway, I still like mine and have had trouble free service and only see that I will continue to have in the future....


Post# 46173 , Reply# 30   10/2/2004 at 09:12 (6,744 days old) by laundromat (Hilo, Hawaii)        
Frigidaire 4.0 cu ft front loader

laundromat's profile picture
I have not seen it yet and am going by what was told to me by a realiable source @ the Best Buy here in Altamonte Springs,Fl.He said that it will be the largest capacity front loading washer for the home ever(4.0 cu ft) and is going to be made exclusively for Best Buy the same as the 1 piece front loading stacked Frigidaire front loaders are only available at Lowe's or on the will be an exclusive line. However he could not tell me an exact date when they were to arive.As soon as I find out or see them,I'll post it.The Home Depot will soon be carrying the Frigidaire line and will have a brand made by Amana for Their stores only.I am not sure but I think the name brand is going to be Ensignia.

Post# 46176 , Reply# 31   10/2/2004 at 09:22 (6,744 days old) by laundromat (Hilo, Hawaii)        

laundromat's profile picture
These machines look great but I hate to burst anybody's bubble but they hold no more than the FriGEMores.They can not be stacked and the dryer has no window.

Post# 46182 , Reply# 32   10/2/2004 at 12:06 (6,744 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

launderess's profile picture
But the Bosch/Sieman units do have a heater, if that is up one's street.


Post# 46216 , Reply# 33   10/2/2004 at 23:56 (6,744 days old) by Jaxcubb ()        

I've had my Frigidaire Gallery FL with the back controls for 6 years now, and have never had a problem. Prior to that, I owned a White-Westy FL that served me 12 years. The bearings finally seized, so I gave it away (I know..foolish...oh well), and bought a Kenmore TOL DD top loader. I had nothing but problems with it. I got rid of that one, went to Sears and came home with the one I have today. I couldn't be happier! Mike

Post# 46454 , Reply# 34   10/7/2004 at 09:28 (6,739 days old) by Gyrafoam (Roanoke, VA)        

I bought my Frigimore back in '97. Had no complaints with it except if I had a really dirty load of clothes, I could not add more detergent with out creating an oversuds problem. In 2000 did a short stint in Mobile and as I am always looking for a bargin went to a local shopping center where Mexican peasants hang out looking for jobs. I needed movers. Well I waved a $20.00 bill out the window and honey it looked like the last flight out of Saigon! Anyway, got two burly ones to help me and we proceeded to load the truck. I lived in a townhouse type condo and the laundry was up stairs. The stairs were nearly vertical. Well it never occured to me that these folks weren't exactly trained by "Mayflower" and while I was not looking they proceeded to try to carry that washer down the steps without the hand truck! Well, those of you who have tried to move a Frigimore know that thing weighs like a monolith. Those goons lost their grip and DROPPED it FREE-FALL down the whole flight of stairs!!! Thank heaven no one was hurt! The console (my Frigimore has the rear console) took out the door knob when it came to a stop and the console has a small dent at the top left corner. I gave it up for dead, but moved it anyway. Well when I got to Mobile and hooked it up it worked perfectly!!!! Still does. Never had a problem. It has sat mostly idle for the last year as I have had other more vintage toys to play with. I have to say the old girl is tough!

Post# 46461 , Reply# 35   10/7/2004 at 15:05 (6,739 days old) by christd1 ()        
Tumbling Tumble washer

For the people that obsess about the shipping bolts staying in until the unit is 3 feet from its home....Take that !!

Post# 46473 , Reply# 36   10/7/2004 at 21:07 (6,739 days old) by westytoploader ()        

I've always thought about this...when I head off to college in 4 years, I'm going buy and find a way to sneak a Westy SpaceMates FL (front control panel) into the dorm where I can use it for my laundry instead of using the coin-op washers (will only dry them in the laundry facility). I'm hoping it will be a suite (where 2 dorms share a common living room and bathroom) so I can just have it on a large piano dolly and wheel it in whenever I need to do a load (using a faucet connector like I do with my GE).

However...I thought at one time a Westy weighed close to 250 pounds with those weights, so it might be a little tougher than usual; I'm hoping there's elevators...


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