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Philips Top Twin De Luxe
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Post# 749342   4/11/2014 at 15:53 (1,649 days old) by keymatic3203 (Cardiff UK)        

Hi friends

Yes i won the top twin auction last weekend, it was collected on wednesday.

It was left in a house that the sellers had moved into, we suspect it was still in the kitchen but not in use recently, as it didn't seem damp or full of cobwebbs etc and had a fairly new looking plug which I doubt the sellers put on.
So thats about it for the back story, fortunatly I paid straight away on winning as the seller had a greater offer after I had won the auction. So i do feel pleased to have got it and to have the opportunity to restore it and take it round the wash parties for whoevers interested to also enjoy.

It needs some of the internal hoses replacing and the usual clean and polishing, but on an intial trial everything seemes to work as it should. Going on just the one load (before the perished hoses leaked too much to continue)it's a great performer, I'd say its a shorter but faster adjitator stroke than the servis supertwin and the spin dryer is fantastic, a larger diameter drum than the hoover and faster too, 3000rpm and a lot less vibration than the hoover/hotpoint twin tubs.

So here's some photo's taken at Kris's scullery. Anyone who knows me will understand it's about getting it going before cleaning it up, so thats why the machine still looks a bit gruby in the photos, and once it was running the camera got forgotten lol.

I won't say too much as I will leave room for questions.

Enjoy your weekend washes


Post# 749343 , Reply# 1   4/11/2014 at 15:55 (1,649 days old) by keymatic3203 (Cardiff UK)        
lids open

the lids are discoloured plastic, but are still in good condition otherwise.

Post# 749344 , Reply# 2   4/11/2014 at 15:58 (1,649 days old) by keymatic3203 (Cardiff UK)        
wash tub

deeper and narrower than the servis, and sorry thats a drop of dirty water not a chip in the enammel.

Post# 749347 , Reply# 3   4/11/2014 at 16:00 (1,649 days old) by keymatic3203 (Cardiff UK)        
spin dryer

nice aluminium can, shaped like two cones, with slits round the centre. so you can do a semi soak rinse.

Post# 749348 , Reply# 4   4/11/2014 at 16:02 (1,649 days old) by keymatic3203 (Cardiff UK)        
it tells you

it's a de luxe

Post# 749349 , Reply# 5   4/11/2014 at 16:05 (1,649 days old) by keymatic3203 (Cardiff UK)        
control panel

all to hand.

Post# 749350 , Reply# 6   4/11/2014 at 16:08 (1,649 days old) by keymatic3203 (Cardiff UK)        
wash tub

filling through the suds return, in the parked position the drain arm discharges back into the wash tub. Almost ready for the soap.

Post# 749351 , Reply# 7   4/11/2014 at 16:13 (1,649 days old) by keymatic3203 (Cardiff UK)        
Soap Flakes

fabulous hair do.

Post# 749352 , Reply# 8   4/11/2014 at 16:19 (1,649 days old) by keymatic3203 (Cardiff UK)        
I'm sorry

but thats all the photos I took, once the tub was filled and washing away I forgot the camera, and with the machine left up with kris there's no chance of anymore for a couple of weeks.

Oh the knives are out for me now (vintage electric ones, of course)

And of course as anyone whos collected old appliances, it smelt wonderfully of 60's electrics, if they could bottle it lol.

Thanks for looking


Post# 749353 , Reply# 9   4/11/2014 at 16:21 (1,649 days old) by triumphdolomite (Staffs(UK))        

Hi Mathew
That's fantastic, I'm glad you got hold of it and it doesn't look like it needs too much work. I can see how the 'Riverflow' rinsing works now with that single row of holes in the spin can you'd be able to get plenty of water in. Is it as you thought and the pump runs continuously with the main control in the motor position?
Have a good weekend

Post# 749357 , Reply# 10   4/11/2014 at 16:35 (1,649 days old) by hoovermatic (UK)        

My Mum had a Philips Top Twin De luxe but it was considerably different to this machine so I guess it was an earlier/later model?!?! The Spinner lid was hinged on the right and it had a built in/hinged spin mat (pretty useless on reflection). There was much more chrome detail and a badge on the top right of the cabinet in turquoise and black with "Top Twin de luxe" on it, the spinner had it's own dial for up to 6 mins (I think) and a pump setting to allow rinsing in the spinner. The washtub also had a recirculating outlet. Great machine and what a rare find!!

Post# 749359 , Reply# 11   4/11/2014 at 16:42 (1,649 days old) by keymatic3203 (Cardiff UK)        
`river flow rinsing'

as the brochure calls it.


Yes you switch the main control to on and the wash motor runs, this also drives two seperate pumps, the adgitator gearbow is belt driven via a clutch exactly like the pulsator drive on the keymatic.

Basically the wash motor runs continuosly, and therefore so does both pumps, so when you put the wet clothes into the spinner the water starts pumping back to the wash tub before you start the spinner up, and also then as you run the rinse water in it starts pumping out, so you never build up a level of water in the outer spiner container. You have to be smart swinging the arm from the suds return back over the sink as the pumps still running when the spinner is not.

And the best bit, when you switch the washer on, a solinoid puts the stop arm away from the clutch housing and away it goes. It takes a while to get used to the fact the motor doesn't stop during the whole wash process, the machine isn't , overly noisy, the wash action makes a noise like it means business, and the spinner sounds similar to the mk 1/2 servis supertwins, but faster.

Post# 749364 , Reply# 12   4/11/2014 at 17:35 (1,649 days old) by richukbristol ()        

Hi gorgeous guy, I'm so pleased that you won the auction, it looks great as does the the lady's hair on the box of Lux. I can't wait to see it in person. Rich

Post# 749365 , Reply# 13   4/11/2014 at 17:43 (1,649 days old) by richukbristol ()        

I also love the rubber/plastic nozzles on Kris's taps. My Grandmother had them on her taps up untill we moved her out in 2009.

Post# 749379 , Reply# 14   4/11/2014 at 18:16 (1,649 days old) by vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield & London UK)        
Top Twin

vacbear58's profile picture

I am so pleased that you have rescued this twinne and that it seems to be a fairly straight forward restore.

I uploaded this ad specially for you - it appears that hair style is obligatory for a Top Twin

Kris's kitchen (scullery!!!) looks great too - never mind the rubber bits on the taps, what about that wonderful looking Bendix? And there is a Hoover 262 in there and is that an Acme spinner I just see a corner of? Wonderful


Post# 749381 , Reply# 15   4/11/2014 at 18:29 (1,648 days old) by optima (Cumbria England)        

optima's profile picture

Simply, bloody stunning.

Post# 749394 , Reply# 16   4/11/2014 at 20:28 (1,648 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

gansky1's profile picture
That's super cute! The control panel is the best I've ever seen on a twinnie. The semi-solid spin cylinder is so interesting, are there holes under the rim at the top?

Post# 749412 , Reply# 17   4/11/2014 at 22:34 (1,648 days old) by hippiedoll (tucson, arizona u.s.a.)        

hippiedoll's profile picture
i really "DIG" the agitator washing action on these type of twin tub washers. and i will 2nd that, on the cool control panel. it reminds me of some of the 1950's washers & dryers (which brands, i have no clue) and of the GE electric stoves that had that kind of control panels on them too!!!

so to me, it has a 1950's kind of look because of the style of contro panel it has. but the lettering of the words on the controls, makes me think that maybe this is a 1980's twin tub???

either way, what a cool & cute agitating twin tub!!!

and thank you for sharing the great pictures. can't wait to see a video of the washing agitating & spinning action!!!
(hint hint).....


Post# 749418 , Reply# 18   4/11/2014 at 23:25 (1,648 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

foraloysius's profile picture
Wonderful find! I love the styling of this twintub. I never saw a Philips twintub like this in the Netherlands, they probably didn't sell them overhere. Was it made in the UK?

BTW, nice Moulinex Charlotte!

Post# 749445 , Reply# 19   4/12/2014 at 04:37 (1,648 days old) by aquarius1984 (Ripley, Derbyshire)        

aquarius1984's profile picture
Thats stunning Mathew, been waiting all week for the thread to come up so we can see.

Extra helpings of Curry, Onion risotto, Garlic bread, and Paxo for you when you next come up to see us. Only if you bring this though haha.

Spinner looks great, I have to admit I do think the wash tub looks very much like the Twin Six tub.

Didnt realise Kris had been rearranging and decorating. Cat sitters to be arranged, were long overdue a visit.



Post# 749451 , Reply# 20   4/12/2014 at 06:09 (1,648 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

kenmoreguy89's profile picture
Was watching it too in my ebay.....but could see the price was going to be too high as I'd have had to pay shipping to Italy via just had to leave...really 103£ would have been out of discussion, it's 125 €! Add to it courrier 200+ € I do not have right now to spend.....would have been too much for me right now, but if it was in another moment I'd have spent even 400€ to get it...
Sure is an awesome machine! Love it! Didn't know someone was interessed here....anyway so glad it was a member getting it!
i'd like videos!!!!

This post was last edited 04/12/2014 at 11:29
Post# 749455 , Reply# 21   4/12/2014 at 06:39 (1,648 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        

chestermikeuk's profile picture
Glad to see its gone to the renovation team, thought it wouldnt be long before a water fill took place, I remeber seeing one in Trident in 1974 when my Nan went looking for a spinner and was mesmerized with the stand up control panel - and look, it actually says "Boil" read it and weep!!

Is the swing out arm a metal stem? and looking at Al`s video link does the water re-circulate all the time whilst washing? Lovely blue colour and that agi looks more powerful vanes than the 1400...Does it have the under agi filter?

Looking forward to seeing it in action - And err Rob, if it does go on tour there will be a "Stand Back - Do Not Touch" sign attached ha ha..far too delicate, there will be no ratchet hands allowed!!

Are these earlier models?

Post# 749456 , Reply# 22   4/12/2014 at 06:40 (1,648 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        

chestermikeuk's profile picture

Post# 749458 , Reply# 23   4/12/2014 at 06:55 (1,648 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        

ovrphil's profile picture
That's a cool unit. I appreciate seeing what others buy and collect in other countries...which makes another reason to look around. Thanks and congrats on the Philip's win. I can't get over the condition - doesn't look like they used it much.

Post# 749462 , Reply# 24   4/12/2014 at 07:29 (1,648 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

kenmoreguy89's profile picture
Love the dials of the one in the first brochure!!!! What an amazing machine!
I hope to see one in person one day!
for me it is just a whim, since whatever i'd get would be of short duration, because I hope to get away from here in a few I am trying not to spend huge money for what I could enjoy just a few years, but that though would be inherited by my family members over here that would enjoy using them..

For now I am busy with my beloved Servis Mark II trying to get it's spinner to work again... I am perfectly happy with all what I have now, sure is that if I found one near me for like 100€ I'd get it!

This post was last edited 04/12/2014 at 13:06
Post# 749480 , Reply# 25   4/12/2014 at 08:42 (1,648 days old) by hoovermatic (UK)        

That very first picture is of the machine my mother had. Was just reminded that the wash tub lid was not attached to the machine as well, as is indicated by the picture. I had forgotten how much of a gap there was between the spin can and the machine - not as bad as some of the Rolls twin tubs but I remember being asked by my Mum to put my skinny arm down the side of the spinner to rescue socks that had flown out of the spin can down the side and blocked the water outlet. Because the spin pump operated independantly and the fact that the spin can had few holes she almost always rinsed in the spinner. I remember she was mortified when the machine gave up the ghost and was taken away. It was beyond repair unfortunately.

It is amazing how evocative these images are - I vividly remember that along the front of the stainless steel sink in the kitchen there was a scratch from front to back from the constant scraping of the telescopic discharge arm as the sink was a few millimetres higher.

I never understood the point of the hinged spin mat - it seemed to serve no purpose whatsoever.

I am amazed that this machine you have found is still around and in working order and eagerly await videos. I would love to get my hands on one but they must be as rare as hen's teeth. Congratualations on your find!!

Post# 749483 , Reply# 26   4/12/2014 at 08:53 (1,648 days old) by vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield & London UK)        
Top Twin

vacbear58's profile picture
The earliest Which reference I can find is the April 1964 test where both of the machines Mike references above are mentioned - the super being in a Stella guise - Stella was an alternate name for Philips products although i have always associated it with TVs & radios rather than "white" goods

Post# 749484 , Reply# 27   4/12/2014 at 08:55 (1,648 days old) by vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield & London UK)        
And the Stella

vacbear58's profile picture
For completeness

Post# 749500 , Reply# 28   4/12/2014 at 09:28 (1,648 days old) by hotpoint95622 (Powys)        

hotpoint95622's profile picture

Congratulation and Wow what a fantastic machine, now I can see why no one was talking much last weekend, all I heard was shush, big bidding war on a Philips twin tub.

Will worth it too, and just look at the setting for the maiden wash, looking forward to a viewing in person some time soon.

Bloody hell Once it was washing you forgot the camera, NO no NO you should have picked it up and savoured the photographic evidence for years to come…


Post# 749518 , Reply# 29   4/12/2014 at 10:02 (1,648 days old) by paulc (Edinburgh, Scotland)        
I was wondering

paulc's profile picture
who won this twin tub. Congratulations on getting such a wonderful machine.

Post# 749521 , Reply# 30   4/12/2014 at 10:15 (1,648 days old) by electron1100 (England)        

electron1100's profile picture
Argh Mat what a minter!...............I am glad you got it, and yes I will eat my dinner off it if seating is short :-)

Too see it close up is fantastic...............yep 10/10 there mat


Post# 749553 , Reply# 31   4/12/2014 at 13:58 (1,648 days old) by anthony (uk)        

anthony's profile picture
has a look of a frigidaire mastertwin de lux i say that because there are a fiew similarities the hinged washer lid [the plastic hinge never lasted very long]then theres the ridge all the way round the top also the spinner lid with the chrome lever is exactly the same as the frigidaire .i would love to see inside the phillips .Get the back off Keymatic so we can all have a look

Post# 749570 , Reply# 32   4/12/2014 at 16:22 (1,648 days old) by matchboxpaul (U.K)        

Hi Anthony.

You might have something with the Frigidaire similarities. The machine below is the Frigidaire Master Twin, from 1973.

If they are of he same breed, who built for who? Philips for Frigidaire, or vice versa? I would have thought P for F.


Post# 749572 , Reply# 33   4/12/2014 at 16:25 (1,648 days old) by matchboxpaul (U.K)        

Compared to the 1974 Philips AAC 870 ...

Post# 749576 , Reply# 34   4/12/2014 at 16:31 (1,648 days old) by matchboxpaul (U.K)        

A cracking machine Mathew.
Really pleased that it has found a safe new home.

Post# 749578 , Reply# 35   4/12/2014 at 16:46 (1,648 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Lovely machine Mathew! Something unique about it alright and it looks like Hotpoint wasn't the only manufacturer to reach the dizzying speeds of 3100 rpm...


Post# 749593 , Reply# 36   4/12/2014 at 18:33 (1,647 days old) by hippiedoll (tucson, arizona u.s.a.)        
i'm kinda confused here.....

hippiedoll's profile picture
i see a thin chrome looking lever arm near the spinner lid. what is that thin chrome looking lever arm for???
i was thinking that it was to swivel over the spinner, to do rinsing in the spinner can. but now i'm thinking, that isn't possible, since the spinner's lid opens to the back. which would make it impossible to swivel the chrome arm over the spinner can for rinsing, when the lid opens up towards the back???

Post# 749595 , Reply# 37   4/12/2014 at 18:54 (1,647 days old) by anthony (uk)        

anthony's profile picture
thats the master twin Matchboxpaul i worked on lots of them back in the early 70s they wernt as robust as some of the more well known twins flimsy knobs and the constantly running pumps wore out and the castors fell off then theres the 2 drain hoses but the bigest problem was the spin bearing didnt like getting wet

Post# 749597 , Reply# 38   4/12/2014 at 18:57 (1,647 days old) by anthony (uk)        
just noticed the

anthony's profile picture
mastertwin has a plastic plate on the top righthand side this had the wash times printed on it underneath are 2 holes perfect for the knobs on the Phillips to stick through

Post# 749646 , Reply# 39   4/13/2014 at 01:29 (1,647 days old) by matchboxpaul (U.K)        

Hi Hippiedoll.

The arm is a safety feature and must be swung over the spinner lid, preventing its opening, before the spinner will begin to operate.

Nothing to stop you removing the lid though, to see whats going on underneath. Always a way of getting round these things:-)


Post# 749647 , Reply# 40   4/13/2014 at 01:33 (1,647 days old) by matchboxpaul (U.K)        
Philip(s) 4 Stella!

Just noticed that the Stella Gemini, on one of the Which pages posted by Al, bears a striking resemblance to the Philips EA5402 Top Twin Super!

Never knew that Philips made these obscure variations of their tubs, for other brands. Great thread.


Post# 749649 , Reply# 41   4/13/2014 at 02:15 (1,647 days old) by hippiedoll (tucson, arizona u.s.a.)        

hippiedoll's profile picture
hi paul!!!

thank you for confirming that the chrome arm is to start the spinner once it is over the spinner's lid. and yes, you are so right, i guess you could remove the lid, to see the action of the spinner. that would be cool to see!!

you know i had an american made hoover 0510 twin tub and the spinner only worked when the lid was closed. sure you could lift the lid a bit and look inside. but nothing compared to this philips twint tub, where you could just not put the lid on at all. in fact, you could even leave the lid off and just swivel that arm over the spinner can and you could even pour or spray water into the spinner and do a spin rinse of the clothes in the spinner!!!

thank you again paul, for your reply.


Post# 749773 , Reply# 42   4/13/2014 at 15:42 (1,647 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

foraloysius's profile picture
I really love the model in reply #33, the one with the blue dials. It could be the introduction of the blue dials that were used on frontloaders and the Slimstar.

Post# 749808 , Reply# 43   4/13/2014 at 17:26 (1,647 days old) by anthony (uk)        
the chrome arm

anthony's profile picture
over the spinner lid was a dam nuisance water seeped in and eventually found its way to the microswitch that was usually wrapped in a plastic bag didnt stop the water though

Post# 749809 , Reply# 44   4/13/2014 at 17:28 (1,647 days old) by anthony (uk)        
i loved

anthony's profile picture
the Hotpoint twintub with the glass lid that slid across and looked like an eyeball when closed

Post# 749919 , Reply# 45   4/14/2014 at 07:26 (1,646 days old) by keymatic (Surrey.U.K)        

keymatic's profile picture
Hi Mathew,
Congrats on your new acquistion, it is a stunner !!

They are fantastic machines, and in my eyes rank within my top 5 vinatge machines, they have a good wash action, great empyting set-up, good spin speed, lovely styling.

The lids always go a bit of a tainted colour, mine have and am unsure of how to get them back to white again, don't think i will :(

Did you get the work top & instructions with yours ? Enjoy every minute of your Philips Top-Twin !!

Paul, thanks for the adverts of the Frigidaire Mastertwin these models muct have been after Philips accquired Frigidaire as the earlier mastertwin had an impell-action, not agi like these machines.

Thanks Keith

Post# 749941 , Reply# 46   4/14/2014 at 10:23 (1,646 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        
Yellowed plastic....

kenmoreguy89's profile picture
For me on yellowed plastic chlorine bleach has proven to be very effective.....
Did you try soaking them in a bathtub with a generous quantity of bleach overnight?

Post# 749994 , Reply# 47   4/14/2014 at 14:24 (1,646 days old) by Hoover1100 (U.K.)        
Very nice!

Lovely to see some pictures of this machine.

I found a photo some years ago of my Grandma in her kitchen, the style of top twin shown in the adverts above is visible in the backgroud, nice to know my Gran had one of these beautiful beasts! She even had an equally fabulous 'do' as the woman in the brochure!

Post# 750002 , Reply# 48   4/14/2014 at 14:54 (1,646 days old) by keymatic (Surrey.U.K)        

keymatic's profile picture
Hi Matt,
That is a fab picture of your Grandma !!
I really rank them and would luv to find a MK1 Top-Twin. I did use mine up until 6/7 years ago before i moved and completed loads of washing in it.

Post# 750003 , Reply# 49   4/14/2014 at 14:57 (1,646 days old) by keymatic (Surrey.U.K)        

keymatic's profile picture
Mark 1 - User Guide

Post# 994524 , Reply# 50   5/18/2018 at 10:10 by nigeld (Birmingham UK)        
Philips Top Twin waching machine.

My mum had a PHILIPS top twin washing machine from back in the day. I am sure it was the model below the Deluxe.

Post# 994555 , Reply# 51   5/18/2018 at 16:45 by gorenje (Slovenia)        

gorenje's profile picture
Hi Mathew,

what a nice machine to have and play with.

As "foraloisius" - Louis said I also love the design of this similar machine from the replay #33 with the flat control panel and the blue dials. But of course yours is also fantastic !


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