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Sundberg-Ferar French door refrigerator Tucson
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Post# 768307   7/6/2014 at 01:58 (2,057 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        

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Hate it when stuff like this shows up and I'm out of room for it ....

Fifty bucks cheaper than its previous listing last month, too. $200 now. Freezer door handle is missing, looks like.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO funktionalart's LINK on Tucson Craigslist

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Post# 768426 , Reply# 1   7/6/2014 at 13:55 (2,057 days old) by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        

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That photo makes me dizzy.

Post# 768428 , Reply# 2   7/6/2014 at 13:56 (2,057 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        
twintubdexter...Got a bit of vertigo?

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...amazing the crap photography people do when they post these items, isn't it?

Post# 768482 , Reply# 3   7/6/2014 at 15:50 (2,057 days old) by rp2813 (Sannazay)        

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If it works and has all its parts, which seems to be the case, I know of a kitchen in Tucson where that fridge would be a very handsome addition.

Post# 768484 , Reply# 4   7/6/2014 at 15:54 (2,057 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        
Tucson kitchen rp2813...?

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In your 2nd home, maybe?? It's something I am tempted to have here in Phoenix....but I just grabbed a Turquoise Frigidaire Imperial last month so really have no business buying this Sundberg Coldspot. Sure is a pretty thing, though.

Post# 768486 , Reply# 5   7/6/2014 at 15:57 (2,057 days old) by rp2813 (Sannazay)        

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Nope, another member's first home.  The width could possibly be a deal breaker, though.

Post# 768487 , Reply# 6   7/6/2014 at 16:01 (2,057 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        
I'm probably not exact on this....

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but I think I recall these as being 32" or 34" wide. I knew someone who had one years ago and the actual depth was problematic...something around 35" factoring in the handles and an air gap at the back.

Post# 768490 , Reply# 7   7/6/2014 at 16:11 (2,057 days old) by rp2813 (Sannazay)        

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I thought that since they were so TOL, these fridges would have a clean back design with a forced draft condenser behind the grille.  32" wide would probably work.  I was thinking they could be 36" or wider.  Depth isn't as big an issue, but its disappointing to think such a nice unit would have old school coils on the back which would prevent a built-in look.

Post# 768492 , Reply# 8   7/6/2014 at 16:17 (2,057 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        
Clean back is a possibility....

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As I say, I could be wrong on a few aspects here--I am going off of 30/+ year memory (the last time I was around one of these refrigerators). If you think there is a possibility of this fridge being of use, it might be worth calling the seller and getting some back photos and proper dimensions. Someone up here mentioned that Sundberg carried out this design through the late 70s/early 80s so maybe some (or all?) of them had the clean back with the concealed condenser?

Post# 768493 , Reply# 9   7/6/2014 at 16:20 (2,057 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        
Red Sundberg

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I just rifled through my fridge file looking for a photo of the back of one of these....nothing. But did find a VERY sharp looking version in red and aluminum. I think this was for sale in California recently....may still be.

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Post# 768496 , Reply# 10   7/6/2014 at 16:35 (2,057 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Reply #9

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ordinarily, I don't consider red for appliances. I mean, I like the color, if it's bittersweet or something other than fire engine/Ferrari type red - but this red refrigerator, unless it looks very different "in person", is really nice looking for the double door and trim style...not familiar with Sundberg..but I like its jacket, anyways. :-)

Post# 768498 , Reply# 11   7/6/2014 at 16:37 (2,057 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        
Red is actually a stunner on this particular design...

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have to agree with you . I usually hate reds aside from orangey/persimmon-ish on appliances, but I bet this fridge is pretty stellar in person.

Post# 768520 , Reply# 12   7/6/2014 at 17:19 (2,057 days old) by coldspot66 (Plymouth, Mass)        

My dad bought this refrig in 1966....hence my screen name. It did have a forced air condenser. NEVER had a problem with the icemaker. The only parts I replaced were a evaporator fan and a cold control. Even the bulbs in the refrig and freezer lasted the life of the refrig. Had a very durable rotary compressor that was fairly quiet. It seemed to cost alot to run, as the cold control bulb was very close to the light bulb in the refrig, but it lasted 33 years before the compressor quit. My mother loved the french provincial handles. It had unique style and a versatile spacemaster interior.

Post# 768943 , Reply# 13   7/7/2014 at 22:34 (2,056 days old) by roto204 (Tucson, AZ)        
I know of a kitchen in Tucson

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"I know of a kitchen in Tucson where that fridge would be a very handsome addition."

Don't think I didn't see this and contemplate it. :-) Unfortunately, I decommissioned the nuclear generating plant in the backyard, or else I'd hook it up.

The damned icemaker on our fridge still doesn't work. :-)

Post# 768944 , Reply# 14   7/7/2014 at 22:38 (2,056 days old) by roto204 (Tucson, AZ)        

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...I'd go ahead and change my name to match whomever's is on the plaque. :-)


Post# 768949 , Reply# 15   7/7/2014 at 23:01 (2,056 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        

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what kind of fridge do you have with the broken ice maker? I've a couple NIB spares here which I bought for NOTHING. Maybe I could help ya.



Post# 768951 , Reply# 16   7/7/2014 at 23:06 (2,055 days old) by rp2813 (Sannazay)        
". . . I decommissioned the nuclear generating plant . .

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Yes, it's probably a hog.


Go solar!

Post# 768953 , Reply# 17   7/7/2014 at 23:09 (2,055 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Go Solar

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I've been saying this since 1967.

Post# 768955 , Reply# 18   7/7/2014 at 23:18 (2,055 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        
Solar should be mandatory....

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in places like Tucson and Phoenix where the sun is ALWAYS shining. Arizona has no excuse not to take full advantage of it.

Post# 768959 , Reply# 19   7/7/2014 at 23:41 (2,055 days old) by alr2903 (TN)        

Question please, How did the upper twin doors seal in 1966?  I can not tell from the photos, if there was a plastic flap between the doors like a modern French door fridge or was it more of a "gasket to gasket" design?  Thanks. Arthur

Post# 768965 , Reply# 20   7/7/2014 at 23:48 (2,055 days old) by roto204 (Tucson, AZ)        
Thank you, Arthur!

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No kidding! That was my first thought when I saw this. TEP would have gotten weak in the knees if we dragged this home.

Go solar? Ralph! :-P

Fern, you're too kind! ;-) We have a modern Whirlpool top-freezer unit of some sort. I suspect based on the last thread it may actually be the valve; I need to start there and work up. We have great water pressure; the fridge came with the house and it spits out the cubes into a pile in the bin, coated in water, so they freeze into a gigantic block. Great for ice-sculpting; bad for iced tea. :-)

If the valve yields no love, I'd gladly take you up on that offer. Heck, we should all do lunch sometime up in Phoenix, for that matter! Or, if we keep up the Fern and Gladys thing, we could do each others' nails...

Post# 768986 , Reply# 21   7/8/2014 at 00:35 (2,055 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        
Whirlpool Icemaker...

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I have one new in box which I *presume* to be compatible with my '97 JennAir side by side. I bought it in case I ever needed it. I'll cross check the number and see what it tells me for various applications. I may never need it as I've never bothered to connect my fridge to water supply.

As for our nail party, see if you can get 'hold of Madge so we can pre-soak in Palmolive :D Hope that ANCIENT reference isn't lost on your young self...

Post# 769051 , Reply# 22   7/8/2014 at 08:18 (2,055 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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Sundberg-Ferar also designed a couple of models for Sears in the 80's as well, possibly a little better energy consumption but then you'd have plastic and honey oak panels to contend with.


Gladys, if you're done with that nuclear reactor don't set it out at the curb quite yet.  I know someone that would love to have it - they do make nice gifts.

Post# 769057 , Reply# 23   7/8/2014 at 08:57 (2,055 days old) by coldspot66 (Plymouth, Mass)        

Our 66 coldpot had overlapping thin gaskets to seal the middle of the 2 doors. They lasted the life of the unit as well. I loved that refrigerator.

Post# 769147 , Reply# 24   7/8/2014 at 14:09 (2,055 days old) by roto204 (Tucson, AZ)        
Palmolive and enriched uranium

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Fern, Madge was still soaking away in the early eighties from what I recall. At least, her bits were on TV at the time. As a young child, I wondered what on Earth Palmolive had to do with your hands and beauty tips. Young minds don't dwell much on manicures. :-)

Greg, I'll be sure to keep a reactor on-hand for you. Do you have a preference for Westinghouse or GE? All the motors turn to crap on the former, and the latter changes the cooling water six thousand times per cycle. ;-)

Post# 769153 , Reply# 25   7/8/2014 at 14:26 (2,055 days old) by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        

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I have been contemplating solar since more and more of my neighbors are having it installed. The companies I've contacted have all given me prices that range from $280 to well over $300 MORE per year than I pay Southern California Edison. This is for a 20 year lease with no initial payment. My home is ideally constructed for solar panels with a huge south-facing roof area. Frankly I don't like the idea of signing a 20 year lease for anything (I should live so long.) If I sell my home the new owners will have to assume the lease which gives them a big bargaining tool, especially if they're seasonal buyers that would only be here when the weather is cool and electricity use is at a minimum. Solar is big business here in the desert so I'll have to continue to explore more options including buying the system outright.

And concerning condensers on vintage refrigerators, I assume the back-mounted type saved the life of many a compresssor. I saw dozens of dead boxes with clogged and filthy bottom mounted condensers, especially those beautiful GE models like June Cleaver had...after Ward replaced her Servel gas fridge.

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Post# 769183 , Reply# 26   7/8/2014 at 16:13 (2,055 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        

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Solar here: I met someone at a show who installed solar in a location in the mountains (near Dahlonega, I believe) that wasn't near the grid. Cost to install was $25-30K for this particular size home/cabin. It's structured so that the extra electricity available or that was being generated and either stored or actively used was sold back to the Georgia Power grid, effectively providing a credit. I remember this at a home show we attended in 2007 or so (forgot the exact date). The R.O.I.....was, I think at that time for the type of solar heating provided, was more than ten years - I wish I could accurately remember the ROI, but it was at least 10 to 12 years. If the grid will credit your bill and no bs is issued at billing time to make that credit effectively nil or worse, meaningless....that would be a bigger incentive. My overall dream since 1967 was to see suburbs with either individual solar and maybe wind-supplemented (small vanes and lots of gearing) energy generation. Or, I was hoping to see a single source station supplementing grid-energy home and business needs. That's asking to replace the current grid solutions with smaller alternate energy solutions, but I would like to see it happen at the individual home level. Recently, I read there's something possibly coming(we'll see, tech news is always a July 4th celebration before the event), where the construction of solar cells will not be silicone derived, but from other materials. I forgot the specifics, but beyond the cost, there's much more involved to get the grid to contribute back for any excess energy a family home, cluster of family homes(thinking subdivision credit), or business becomes a promise, in every state. Just my non-engineer thoughts here I understand that others have more on-hands knowledge on the subject.

Post# 769291 , Reply# 27   7/9/2014 at 00:30 (2,054 days old) by alr2903 (TN)        

Coldspot66, thank You!    I opted for the bottom freezer with both full width doors top and bottom. I know folks with smaller kids that loathe the French door design.  They somehow manage to get them closed incorrectly leaving one door slightly ajar.  I have not seen it, but I have heard about it. Sounds like vintage was ahead in the game again.  Arthur

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