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Post# 810967   2/24/2015 at 19:22 (1,362 days old) by billiedyer1954 (Ohio, USA)        

today I was in the Steubenville ohio Wal-Mart and there was a big display of persil on the end of the isle. I wandered if this was the same stuff that is sold in Europe? the only reason I knew the brand was from this web site. I was tempted to get some but I had just stocked up on tide liquid last week.

Post# 810970 , Reply# 1   2/24/2015 at 19:38 (1,362 days old) by dustin92 (Jackson, MI)        

I just saw it today in the Jackson, Michigan store, and was curious about the same. I'm pretty sure I saw a couple different versions of liquid, and what looked like a powder in a liquid bottle. Didn't have time to look much further, I was in a hurry. Saw the price was $9.98. I will definitely try it in any case.

Post# 810974 , Reply# 2   2/24/2015 at 21:03 (1,362 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

I wonder what the guys at the Miele Vac places will say about this. They usually sell Persil too, for about $25 per box. And they seem to sell a lot of it too.

Post# 810992 , Reply# 3   2/25/2015 at 00:02 (1,362 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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From what one understands Miele North America (Canada and USA at least) have stopped importing Persil products, or it is very limited. Miele USA only has Universal Megaperls detergent from Henkel/Persil and that is it, no more fabric softeners or other detergents. This goes for automatic dishwasher products as well.

This probably has much to do with Miele North America and perhaps elsewhere concentrating on their own private label brand (Miele Care Collection). Markup is likely higher and they do not have to deal with Henkel.

Unlike years ago you can find Persil and other Henkel products in North America besides Miele. That Persil Store for instance am sure is set up or at least in league with Henkel., and other vendors both on Amazon and their own websites offer various Henkel laundry/dishwasher products as well.

Locally Gracious Home here in NYC seems to be restocked with Persil gel so they obviously found another source since Miele dropped the stuff. Gracious Home like many places that sold Persil also was a Miele appliance dealer.

Just checked a few of the Walmart sites for stores locally and none mention Persil. Maybe if the weather is nice this weekend will check out the store in Bayonne.

Post# 811136 , Reply# 4   2/25/2015 at 19:21 (1,361 days old) by gefilterflo (Newark, Ohio)        
Found it in Ohio

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I saw the endcap at my Walmart store here in West Columbus. It was not in the aisle yet, just the endcap next to tide. All the packages were 9.96 or close to it, the same price as the Tide next to it.

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Post# 811167 , Reply# 5   2/25/2015 at 21:12 (1,361 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing

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What you have got a hold of there seems to be a product made by The Dial Company marketed under the Persil brand.

Henkel long ago purchased The Dial Company so that is sorted. Persil/Henkel IIRC long has moved to gels and away from liquids. The ingredient listing even in its limited description is nothing like what one sees from German Persil.

More telling is the bottle only states certain design and elements of package are proprietary and owned by the Dial Company, a subsidiary of Henkel.

So far the only mention one can find of Henkel and Walmart is this:

"Henkel supports Walmart’s laundry compaction initiative

Henkel supports Walmart’s recently announced laundry compaction initiative to partner with manufacturers to cut the amount of water by 25 percent in each dose of liquid laundry detergent by 2018. This effort aligns with Henkel’s long-term sustainability strategy to achieve more with less. Henkel understands the demand on limited natural resources and established its dedication to sustainability over 50 years ago. Sustainability remains one of the company’s five core values.

The laundry compaction effort, announced by Walmart at its first-ever Sustainable Product Expo held in Bentonville, Ark., offers benefits to consumers and the environment. Henkel actively looks for ways to innovate our products and supply chains and build sustainability partnerships worldwide.

By 2030, Henkel aims to triple the value it creates for the footprint made by its operations, products and services. Over the past eleven years, the company has cut water and energy consumption by 51 percent and 44 percent per ton of production, respectively, and reduced waste by 47 percent per ton of production. Since 2009, Henkel has been a founding member of The Sustainability Consortium, a partnership between corporations, universities and NGOs to develop standards for assessing consumer product sustainability across the supply chain and product lifecycle." takes one to Henkel's North American website where again no mention of Persil.

Post# 811196 , Reply# 6   2/25/2015 at 23:12 (1,361 days old) by aamassther (Hendersonville, NC )        

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It looks like Henkel has found a way to exploit the American Persil users. I'm guessing that this is just Purex with a Persil label for 10 bucks instead of buy 1 and get a case or however many free. Very disappointing. It also doesn't look like there are any colour formulas either. :-(

Post# 811198 , Reply# 7   2/26/2015 at 00:18 (1,361 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Have a very hard time believing Henkel Germany would let their prize formulas for various Persil detergents out of their hands, even to a subsidiary based in the United States.

Then again there are various versions of Henkel Persil sold all over Western and Easter Europe, not to mention the Middle East and elsewhere so who knows.

Moi? Stil think The Dial Corporation is pulling a fast one and hoping to sell this product based upon the Persil brand.

Said something was going on at the time when Persil Gel became hard to find in the USA including from Miele North America. This could be part or all of what is behind that move.

Post# 811230 , Reply# 8   2/26/2015 at 06:29 (1,361 days old) by arbilab (Ft Worth TX (Ridglea))        

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Occurs to me, putting water in detergent does one primary thing: increase the cost of shipping it. It DEFINITELY doesn't work better. And the vendors are DEFINITELY not absorbing the shipping cost without subtracting it from the value of the product.

Let's face it: ALL vendors are now just playing the 'imaginary marketing advantage' game. Not only Lever and P&G but Henkel too.

So once again, as we learned with hardware vendors, name brands mean absolutely nothing. They buy each others' names and market/distribution regions and long-since abandoned any pretense of product improvement other than making it smell like another vegetable/flower/fruit.

Post# 811250 , Reply# 9   2/26/2015 at 07:43 (1,361 days old) by Jetcone (Schenectady-Home of Calrods,Monitor Tops,Toroid Transformers)        
All good points

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I think Launderess has sorted this out too !


A shameless link.......



Post# 811251 , Reply# 10   2/26/2015 at 07:44 (1,361 days old) by westtexman (Lubbock, Texas)        
Not so fast . . .

Ater reading this thread last night, I decided to stop by Wal-Mart after the gym early this morning to check it out. My Wal-Mart had Persil displayed on an end cap near the detergent aisle. The display listed three variants - "Power-Liquid", "Power-Pearls" and "Power-Caps", but my store only had the liquid and the pearls.

I bought both the liquid and the pearls. I've never used Persil Gel before so I have no basis for comparison, but the pearls seem to be legit. They look and smell like Persil Mega-Pearls, so maybe this is the real deal!

As far as the color version and the full powder version are concerned, I think they had to tailor this a bit to the American market, as we are not accustomed to purchasing separate products for whites and colors as they are in Europe. The pearls come in a bottle, and the bottle says "For best results on whites and stains, use with warm or hot water. As with all colored loads, use cooler water to help preserve colors.". This suggests to me that the pearls contain bleach.

The liquid states "Premium Clean" and "Loaded with stain fighters", but it doesn't say anything about whitening. I am assuming that the liquid is geared toward colors and the pearls to whites and lights.

I can't wait to try them and see how they compare to the originals from Germany!

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Post# 811261 , Reply# 11   2/26/2015 at 08:59 (1,361 days old) by aamassther (Hendersonville, NC )        

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Thanks for the update, westtexman. while looking at the labels, I noticed that the pearls are "assembled in the USA from foreign ingredients", while the liquid States it's made in the US. I hope that means that Dial is importing Henkel's formula. I remain skeptical, but I'm optimistic.
Jetcone, I'm anxiously awaiting the release of Rosalies. It looks like it's going to be perfect for my soft, mountain water.

Edit to add: I spoke with Henkel NA customer service, for what it's worth lol. The rep stated that the pearls do not contain any bleach and the liquid does contain OBA's. I've requested they email me the full ingredients list, will post here if they send them. We'll see.....

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Post# 811268 , Reply# 12   2/26/2015 at 09:34 (1,361 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Where's The Bleach?

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Persil Mega-Perls for whites/colourfast laundry contains oxygen bleach (sodium percarbonate) and Henkel's famous activator system. Products containing oxygen bleach for laundry must state so on labels because under certain situations the stuff can be a hazard.

Inorganic builders - Zeolites to my mind.

Am looking forward to real life reviews, but am not convinced yet this is the real deal German Persil. For one thing Persil Universal Mega-Perls cleans very well in cold (84F) water as well as warm, hot to boiling.

Post# 811274 , Reply# 13   2/26/2015 at 09:54 (1,361 days old) by aamassther (Hendersonville, NC )        
My thoughts exactly, Launderess....

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If this is in fact the case, these formulas won't be very useful for me. I've become accustomed to using a powder with bleach for whites/ lights and an OBA free powder or liquid for darks. But, as you've stated above, this is not the typical way Americans do their washing, and in order for Henkel to be successful with Persil in the US they need to tailor to the masses. Fortunately,I've had decent results with Miele's offerings, I guess they will become my go to now. Sigh.

Post# 811275 , Reply# 14   2/26/2015 at 09:56 (1,361 days old) by westtexman (Lubbock, Texas)        

I'm glad I didn't "stock up" - just in case this isn't the real deal. After years of importing detergents from the UK and Germany, I've finally decided that I can get equal or better results on my whites using Tide with a separate oxygen bleach at a much lower price. While I'll be disappointed, I suppose it won't be the end of the world. I am curious about the caps - and hope I can find those to try soon.

Post# 811326 , Reply# 15   2/26/2015 at 14:59 (1,361 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

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Well I went a huntin for Persil at my local Walmarts and none to be found....yet. So I wonder if they are going to be introducing it in phases around the country. I went to the Biddeford Walmart in Maine..nothing, the Walmart in Newington NH....nothing, and the Walmart in Danvers MA...nothing yet. Tomorrow I will check the Salem MA Walmart and see if they might have it. The MegaPearls looks like the real thing and the color of the liquid as well. I am curious at to the performance and how they compare. To me Henkels owns the German version of Persil, and they launched Persil in Mexico a year or so ago, so it makes sense to introduce it here.
If this stuff is as good as the German version and one doesnt have to pay nosebleed prices that Miele was charging for it, this might give P&G a good swift kick in the shorts with more competition.
I do remember back in another thread that we talked about how Persil was getting harder to find and I said said a "what if Henkel decided to market Persil here in the States"...and here we are.

Post# 811328 , Reply# 16   2/26/2015 at 15:15 (1,361 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Glad they've given you guys in US the Persil brand (in some guise anyway). I've used UK Persil loads of course, only used German Persil once (bought this week in error - and it's the new duo caps)

I wish they would give us Tide over here. According to P&G they pulled Tide off the UK market in 1972, but I'm sure it's been main sale in my lifetime, I know the odd discount store has sold it (but the non U.S. version I think).

Just a question, is there any main reason they don't market standard detergent alongside the detergents we call colour care?

Mind you the UK also has biological marketed alongside non-biological (as main stream detergents, not just a one off brand like your Dreft) which apparently nowhere else in the world does either, because British housewives got it in their heads that biological detergents eat your skin? It is a really commonly held belief over here that you don't use "bio" if laundering kids or someone with asthma or eczemas laundry

Post# 811332 , Reply# 17   2/26/2015 at 15:34 (1,361 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Looking back I think this has been phasing in since last year also. In late spring last year I was looking for Megaperls color. None at the Miele web site, so I just ordered Miele for colors. I have alternated both detergents for a while and don't see much of a difference between the two. Early last fall I went looking for Persil Megaperls for whites. Could not find this anywhere so bought a big 70 load box of regular Persil for whites from my local appliance store. The one thing I DON'T like about this regular big box Persil is that it is leaving my clothes rough. This has never happened before, so two weeks ago I ordered Miele detergent for whites to use in it's place.

Over the months I have been looking at the Persilstore which carries Persil products. Next to almost all of the Persil products is the statement "While supplies last" and there are sales on most items, and now the statements are saying out of stock

I can't see Persil being sold at Walmart and other land stores and also being sold online in different containers. It just causes to much confusion. There is no bleach formula of Perls but that don't mean there might not be one in the future.

The labeling of ingredients looks as if it is following the guidelines established here in the USA so unlike every different ingredient listed as is required in the EU we are not getting the detail on these new products.

Will be interesting to see how this plays, but I do like the Miele powders which have - to me - nearly identical performance to German Persil.

When I find this domestic Persil, of course I will compare it to everything I have now, but it might not matter anyway because perhaps this is what North America will be left with as far as Persil goes.

From a business perspective this may make sense for Henkle if they want to be in NA. Cheaper to let Dial take care of it in bulk than send small individual containers from Germany.

Post# 811334 , Reply# 18   2/26/2015 at 15:42 (1,361 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Power caps. I wonder if this is the same as the new Duo Caps sold in Germany?

Post# 811339 , Reply# 19   2/26/2015 at 16:12 (1,361 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Could be

The power caps could be the new duo caps. If you want I can take pic of the pack and the product in about 7 hours from now. (Just gone 10pm now and in bed)

Post# 811361 , Reply# 20   2/26/2015 at 19:07 (1,360 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Can't see Henkel Germany going toe to toe with P&G with another top shelf laundry detergent for the USA market. Tide is having its own problems of late with sales and it is not just due to the past recession.

When forced either by economic circumstances or whatever reasons to go from Tide to other brands many consumers found little difference. Thus when things returned to normal they stuck with whatever new products. Tide liquid detergents are on sale somewhere in my NYC area every week. If not Tide then other P&G laundry products.

P&G invests *huge* R&D developing Tide to suit a variety of local laundry conditions from water to soils all across the USA. It has locked down the patents for activated oxygen bleaching systems going back to the days of Biz and Oxydol which later went into Tide With Bleach.

The Dial Corporation is more known for value brand detergents (Purex, Trend, etc...), and without a detergent for whites with a bleaching system those "perls" are going to be eaten alive by P&G/Tide.

Henkel Germany hasn't produced high dilution detergents for ages. In order to compete in the American market these new Persil offerings will have to deal with washing machines that range from 24" to large top loading but still "HE". The amount of water these machines use as well as how they wash vary.

Henkel/Germany IIRC also ceased production of liquid detergents in favor of gels. So why is Dial selling a liquid product which means it contains more water?

Post# 811410 , Reply# 21   2/27/2015 at 05:20 (1,360 days old) by roscoe62 (Canada)        

Very good question considering the price is close to Tide, as mentioned earlier in this thread, unless Dial is trying to put it to P&G and get a bigger piece of the market,which may be why there is another new Tide He "Turbo" on the market claiming clean rinsing.
I'm very interested in seeing how both these products will perform over time to make comparisons.

Post# 811412 , Reply# 22   2/27/2015 at 05:41 (1,360 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Am with others who say Henkel is going after the "niche" market of North Americans that know and trust Persil. By cutting out the middleman (Miele North America) and use their subsidiary (The Dial Corporation) certain costs can be kept down.

Truth will come out when reviews of results come in. Will be very interested with what various Germans and other Europeans living in the USA that know Persil have to say.

Being as all this may as often mentioned by our European members Persil/Henkel isn't always top dog laundry detergent. In many markets Ariel (from P&G) beats Persil and or equals results.

Americans got turned onto Persil when Miele reached these shores and there weren't other options available.

Looked around the Persil Mexico site and while there packaging and so forth look more like German offerings, still cannot find out what is in the stuff.

Post# 811413 , Reply# 23   2/27/2015 at 05:45 (1,360 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Weekly Sale Circular From Wally World

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Has Persil on offer for $9.97

Warning Wally's website is infested with cookie and zip code requests. What you may end up seeing will reflect where you live. Thus sale circular maybe different for your local Wally World. You can mess them about by using another Zip Code


Post# 811419 , Reply# 24   2/27/2015 at 06:36 (1,360 days old) by mrboilwash (Munich,Germany)        

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Interesting to see a new product getting bashed by so many who haven`t even tried it.

If it`s the same or at least similar to the stuff we get in Germany, I think one day it might become a serious competitor to Tide.
It`s certainly not going to be easy for a newcomer to compete with a strong brand like Tide that has been around for decades in the US.

Personally I find German liquid Persil to be an awesome perfomer, but the Duo Caps don`t do it for me, even if I use two for a normal load. They are very low sudsing (less than Megaperls or liquid Persil), maybe they work better in soft water, I found them very disappointing despite the big brand name.

@ Laundress
"Henkel/Germany IIRC also ceased production of liquid detergents in favor of gels. So why is Dial selling a liquid product which means it contains more water?"

You`re so knowledgeable about detergents, I can`t believe you think thinner always means watered down.
Years ago liquid Persil had indeed a thicker gel like texture marketed for better pretreating stains and the usual thicker means more cleaning ingredients bulls**t.
Nowadays the name "Persil Gel" still remained, but the texture is back to a normal liquid. Whith a thinner produkt a dosing ball can be used as an option, not a must.
Viscosity of a product has nothing to do with the concentation of cleaning agents in a liquid detergent, shampoo or whatever ! In most cases it`s only the presence or absence of gelling agents, thickeners, salts and so on.

Post# 811426 , Reply# 25   2/27/2015 at 08:03 (1,360 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

You're right there, in the UK, persil was alway considered the best, and still is Britains best selling laundry detergent. However, over the last few years, in various consumer report organisation tests, and from field engineers Ariel is considered the best performing detergent.

And now, Aldi's Almat brand has beat even Ariel in the Which (consumer reports) testing.

Post# 811432 , Reply# 26   2/27/2015 at 08:40 (1,360 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Once in a while I will check out the Henkel North America web site just to see what's there. From that you can click on their brands, and this is how I found more information about the Dial brand of Purex. You click on the brand name and the brand web site is displayed.

Just checked out the site and the name Persil is listed along with the brands. No web site yet but the brand name is there. Pril is also displayed and I don't remember that either.

So I am starting to think this is Persil in the USA is the real deal, and I am certainly interested.

I know that in some countries the Persil for colors contain OBAs, so not sure what will happen here and I prefer not to have it on my dark colors - certainly not on black.

I see the bottle says it can be used in all types of machines. This is similar to what Purex is doing with their detergents. I think you use more for top loaders, but you are using the same product for both. I wonder about this and perhaps they have come upon some technique that works with large amounts of water as well as small but years ago didn't we use one detergent for both top and front loaders?

I took a look at my recent bottle of Persil Color Gel. It is a smaller version of the bottle that was displayed above. True it is no longer a gel but more like pouring whipping cream or syrup. I actually like this because in the cold weather the gel would be almost impossible to get out of the bottle - that and if you used a cold water wash it was hard to get it to flush out of the detergent dispenser.

Still for whites I want me some oxygen bleach.

Can't wait to give these a try - even though I certainly do not need anymore detergent products in the laundry area.

Post# 811435 , Reply# 27   2/27/2015 at 09:35 (1,360 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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You`re so knowledgeable about detergents, I can`t believe you think thinner always means watered down.
Years ago liquid Persil had indeed a thicker gel like texture marketed for better pretreating stains and the usual thicker means more cleaning ingredients bulls**t.
Nowadays the name "Persil Gel" still remained, but the texture is back to a normal liquid. Whith a thinner produkt a dosing ball can be used as an option, not a must. "

Given Persil has made "sustainability" and so forth agreements with Walmart am was surprised it went with liquid instead of gel as one most certainly has more water than the other.

My recently purchased bottle of Persil Gel for Colors is slightly thicker than Tide liquid detergent but not as viscous as Ariel Excel Gel.

No one is "bashing" anything, merely trying to determine what sort of product Dial is marketing. Henkel can slap their "Persil" brand onto anything but that does not equal whatever is inside will behave in the same manner as German Persil.

Post# 811438 , Reply# 28   2/27/2015 at 10:29 (1,360 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

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Well I found the Persil liquid and MegaPearls at Walmart in Salem Ma....the rep from Henkels was there and spoke to him and it's the same formula as the Persil from Germany. Same thing! There is going to be a $2 coupon in the flyer for Walmart for it. I asked about the PowerCapas and they don't have them yet. But I did pick these tow up. I did smell the Fresh scent liquid and it's rather nice smelling. I did pick up the MegaPearls and the Original scent liquid.

Post# 811441 , Reply# 29   2/27/2015 at 10:32 (1,360 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

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The other thing he told me was the fact that Miele will no longer be the sole importer of Persil. The contract ended and Henkel did not renew according to rep. That's why it's here now. They kept it under wraps so they can launch the line here in North America.

Post# 811444 , Reply# 30   2/27/2015 at 11:03 (1,360 days old) by aamassther (Hendersonville, NC )        

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"No one is "bashing" anything, merely trying to determine what sort of product Dial is marketing. Henkel can slap their "Persil" brand onto anything but that does not equal whatever is inside will behave in the same manner as German Persil."

That was my point as well. US companies have a history of exploiting well respected names while cheapening a product. Ex. PG with their US Ariel formula that was dreadful, poor Maytag, WCI and Kohlberg's purchase of Singer, Pfaff, Husqvarna Viking. Coupled with purex, a budget brand, makes me suspicious.

Nmassman, thanks for the follow up. I hope your info from the rep is more accurate than mine from the CS rep. Please let us know your results!

Post# 811459 , Reply# 31   2/27/2015 at 12:34 (1,360 days old) by mrboilwash (Munich,Germany)        
" one most certainly has more water than the other&

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Just think of Unilever Persil Small And Mighty compared to Ariel Excel Gel.

Both products equally have listed 15-30% Anionic surfactants, 5-15% Nonionic Surfactants and Soap, < 5% Phosphonates

Both products require approximately a 35 ml (35 vs.37ml) dose for a standard load.

One is a thick gel and the other one has a watery texture, which can be easily flushed down the detergent dispenser.
I have my serious doubts about if one had more water than the other.

Of course some surfactants have a paste like texture at very high concentrations, but we are still miles away to see such high concentrations (which might be even dangerous) in laundry detergents for residential use.

Post# 811465 , Reply# 32   2/27/2015 at 13:04 (1,360 days old) by roscoe62 (Canada)        
checked online

with a Persil dealer here in Canada and there is only one Persil available now in the universal powder and now have other brands like MIR gels, Super Croix detergent and Minidou softener ,when there was always a fair amount of choices with mega pearls and gels, these newer liquid detergents I'm unfamiliar.

Post# 811468 , Reply# 33   2/27/2015 at 13:14 (1,360 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Ok start doing laundry already! :) LOL we are a crazy bunch!

Let us know how you think the white Perls work.

I am unsure if it is meant that we use the liquid on colors, but I have a feeling that is what is intended even though it doesn't say so. The Perls says it's for whites. Given washers sold in the USA today don't even use 98F for hot water, I can see that the liquid may work well on colors and then if people want to wash whites and get them white they will use the Whitest White cycle which is a temp over 120F or a bit more. Sanitize is around 167F so perhaps this white perls will be just fine for the majority of the NA laundry market.

I don't know how Persil works in countries outside of Germany or what is in the formula but you would have to think that it would have to be made to adjust somewhat to the way people do laundry in those countries. I mean does the German Persil work as is in Mexico?

It wouldn't make business sense to enter a market and expect that market to operate the way your home market does. The first thing to do is find out the market conditions in this case the laundry habits. Henkel has done this by buying Dial. Yes the label says a Henkel company but this is legal speak. The best financial way for a company to operate in a foreign company is to become part of that country's legal system and that is what Dial is to Henkel a subsidiary. Dail is here but the shots are being called from the parent company.

Next look at the conditions. No washer here is using anything near a boil wash that is common in EU in fact no washer is even using what anyone here would consider HOT water unless it is sanitize or whites whites. No one in the majority NA market cares about the use of OBAs...they don't care...If they did no one would be buying Tide or anything else and using it on colors, and companies would not have added it to even Cheer with darks. So there is that. Many people are not even using a detergent with Oxygen bleach...I mean what for? ..we have chlorine bleach falling off the shelves and into the isles.

The majority is not going to buy a separate detergent just to wash colors. Never mind that I use more of this than detergent for whites....folks aren't used to this and will bulk at the suggestion.

So I am ready to see what the USA Persil will bring with the knowledge that it could be different. In the end it doesn't matter because in the end this going to be PERSIL we will have.

Nmassman - you got that laundry load finished yet?

Post# 811472 , Reply# 34   2/27/2015 at 14:33 (1,360 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

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Nope not doing laundry until tomorrow, as tempting as it is, but I know how this is going to perform. The liquid is alot like the gel that Persil imported here so my thinking is that they dont want to call it a gel quite yet. One thing though, the MegaPearls powder is going to have a problem with the container...I can see that already...the powder doesnt "drain back" into the bottle and gets hung up on the ledge area...making it harder to twist the cap on...I took the pour insert out already.
The powder says its good for colors as well but I am going to both thru the paces with both my Frigidaire built front loader and the SQ washer. I do like the scent of both so we will see how it carries over to the dryers.
Now if Henkel was smart they would bring over Somat for the Miele dishwasher loves the stuff...

Post# 811483 , Reply# 35   2/27/2015 at 16:41 (1,359 days old) by Supersuds (Knoxville, Tenn.)        

supersuds's profile picture
I like the Somat, too, however...If they did bring it out over here, it wouldn't have phosphates, so would definitely not be the same as the European versions. I understand Persil has not had phosphates for a long time, though.

Post# 811488 , Reply# 36   2/27/2015 at 16:58 (1,359 days old) by Maytagbear (N.E. Ohio)        
Other retailers?

So far, only Wal*Mart has been mentioned....I am wondering if anyone has seen Persil sold elsewhere, like Target? I will shop at Wal*Mart, but I prefer to shop elsewhere.


Post# 811495 , Reply# 37   2/27/2015 at 18:25 (1,359 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

logixx's profile picture
I'll hild my breath until someone posts the exact ingredients list. Even Persil in Germany comes in different formulations. The regular blue gel has the full formula, while the lavender scented one lacks like half of the enzymes. You can't tell the difference unless you go online and pull up the ingredients list. In the most recent test by our consumer magazine, Persil Universal Megaperls was the top rated detergent - only outdone by Ariel due to its superior stain removal.

For now, redirects me to Henkel's North American website.

Post# 811507 , Reply# 38   2/27/2015 at 19:29 (1,359 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

launderess's profile picture
Purchased a bottle of the color gel by Persil several months back and cannot say am truly 100% a fan.

While it cleans well enough and is gentle on colours the whiff is a bit much IMHO. Worse whatever Henkel uses as a fixative to give the fragrance staying power, well does. Noticed that touching laundry when damp the scent came off one one's hands, ironing board, etc... In fact went back to the ironing board a week after doing some shirts laundered in Persil color gel and it still reeked.

Happily found several boxes of Persil Mega-Perls for colours at a good price so am sorted for the duration.

The Laundry Room over at Garden Web has picked up the scent, so that is them for you. Sources there echo same; Miele no longer sole importer of Henkel laundry products, same versions as from Europe....

It is odd that Henkel released Persil in Mexico some time ago it seems and yet still no complete ingredient list on that website. Henkel's annual 2013 shareholder report makes no mention of either Mexico, Canada or USA Persil in particular beyond the standard "seeking to expand in North American markets"....

Did find something from Henkel's CEO saying recently the company wished to increase its laundry market share from about 18% to around 23% to compete better with P&G. Studies have been done on pricing in America as well as consumer behavior. Henkel also sent a team to Silicon Alley to conduct research as well.

Still do not understand the purpose of leaving an activated bleaching system out of those Persil "perls". Can see the liquids/gels going up against Tide, but again various Tide powders with bleach (oxygen) will eat that competition alive.

Of course it could be that Henkel decided "if you cannot beat them, join them" and bowed to the American love affair with chlorine bleaches. That or we will soon see some sort of "pod" or other delivery system for oxygen bleach sold separately.

Regarding high-froth Henkel detergent it seems versions of Persil are sold in that format. Saw one version for Saudi Arabia where IIRC top loading, hand washing and even wringer washers are popular. The later due to water being a hot commodity wash and or rinse waters can be reused which helps stretch the stuff I suppose.

Tide liquid is also on sale at Wally World for near the same price as Persil "Pro-Clean". According to Walmart circulars one has seen this sale price is only good through 7 March. If true wonder what will be the normal price? Also sticking strictly to Walmart (if that is the plan) won't do much to compete against Tide. We do not have Wally Worlds in NYC, but they are in nearby areas such as New Jersey.

Post# 811593 , Reply# 39   2/28/2015 at 15:09 (1,359 days old) by NeptuneGuy27 (Baltimore,MD)        

So I went to Walmart today and picked up two bottles of Persil; one liquid(gel) and the other Megaperls. I have washed two loads in the liquid and can safely say this stuff is the real deal. Smell is the same, consistency is the same, sudsing the same, as well as the clear rinsing. I'll be running a load of white towels with the perls shortly and I'll report back on its whitening ability. But even the perls smell exactly like Universal Persil though the blue speckles are a lighter shade of blue than usual.

This does look promising. I used to be a faithful user of Persil for years but the cost just became prohibitive. I am glad to see it finally on these shores in mass distribution...I just hope it doesn't get yanked off the market like every other product I like!


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Post# 811614 , Reply# 40   2/28/2015 at 16:55 (1,358 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

This was my day to shop as well and I swung into Walmart to check. Persil was there, so I bought the liquid and the Perls.

I won't use them until Sunday or a day next week. I have a bottle of Persil for colors and the blue looks and smells just like it. The Perls smell like Megaperls for white but this will be interesting because I don't see anything about oxygen bleach. Although I wonder if we see the words bleach on the outside of Tide powder just to sell it. I mean there is nothing on the front of the box of Persil Megaperls for whites or Miele for whites to say it contains bleach. You can only find this out if you flip the box to see the list of ingredients. The listing on those boxes is in accordance with the EU labeling policies, but here in the USA we almost never see a complete list of ingredients for any detergents.

Chlorine bleach rules in the USA and I wonder how many people will still use it along with oxygen bleach anyway. I mean even the newer Miele machines sold in the USA have a chlorine bleach dispenser don't they?

I did look up the trade mark Pro white technology being used on the box. It just says that it was taken out in October 2014 by Henkel of Germany, and has to do with bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry.

One thing bothers me about the packaging before I even use it. The dosing cap. For the liquid and Perls it says to use line 1 for small loads and line 2 for larger loads. This "line one for small loads" is the practice in the USA so not too surprised. BUT where is the line? This red cap has no line - just like the rest of the Purex caps. Oh there are these small and large bars(as in bar chart) in the caps but you can hardly see them. The instructions also give you the dosing amounts in ounces so that's the way I will use it until I see how the stuff works.

For the Perls they will fall back down into the bottle if you shake them back but I found that the reason some of them are up at the top is because the bottle is full to the top. They may fall back into the container easier when there is less in the bottle or you could just widen the slit in bottom of the spout to allow them to fall back easier or I guess cut the thing out like Nmassman. I think this spout for the Perls was not the best thing, but It is probably cheaper to produce than designing something else. Never expected to see this in a liquid type bottle, but these containers probably fit better on the store shelves beside all of the other containers full of liquids.

I guess Henkel made an agreement to sell this to Walmart first. Not surprising since I think overall in the USA they are one of the largest supermarket type retailers. Next these need to get into all of the other stores especially Target and other popular stores throughout the regions of the USA.

Neuptuneguy Thanks for the first review of the liquid!

Post# 811636 , Reply# 41   2/28/2015 at 19:13 (1,358 days old) by NeptuneGuy27 (Baltimore,MD)        
Some observations

I just washed a small load of white bath towels using the Perls. I must say I am impressed. If there is no oxygen bleach in the product then Henkle must have come up with something just as good; the towels are as bright white as they ever were! They also rinsed well which left them very soft and fluffy. I did notice that these Perls seem to be somewhat smaller than the ones I am accustomed to. They also dissolved quite quickly in the water. Which is good considering american washing machines with a relatively short main wash cycles.

Sudsing seemed to build up towards the end of the 25 minute main wash cycle but by the 2nd of three rinses the water was pretty clear. I used the 1.5 oz measure called for on the bottle for a regular sized load.

I agree with Jerrod about the caps and spouts for these bottles; they could be better designed. The markings are near impossible to read or see. I am glad at least they give you the exact measurement on the bottles.

I have attached a picture showing the towels washed in Persil and the ones done with my usual Tide Pod and 2 oz of Sodium Percarbonate. The Persil washed towels are on the left and the Tide towels on the right. The Persil towels fluffed up quite a bit. Which generally never happens with Tide or Wisk.

@Jerrod: You're welcome for the Liquid review. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on these 2 products as well as everyone else's.


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Post# 811652 , Reply# 42   2/28/2015 at 21:56 (1,358 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

launderess's profile picture
Well if anyone is considering purchasing, I'd so do while the price is ten dollars a bottle. Should member opinions prove correct that this is the Real McCoy then German Persil at those prices are a steal.

If the blue liquid/gel does not contain OBAs then it would be for colors same as the German version.

Post# 811653 , Reply# 43   2/28/2015 at 22:02 (1,358 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

nmassman44's profile picture
Actually the $9.97 is the price point for Persil...was told that as well by the Henkels rep. I asked if it was going to change and he said no. Coupons will be coming out as well to get people to try it. But I agree that they will have to improve the cap and bottle some. If they used a clear cap with clear markings that would help and put the powder in a better bottle or box with a scoop.

Post# 811656 , Reply# 44   2/28/2015 at 22:39 (1,358 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Chris. The towels. Are the towels on the right the same brand as ones on the left and the only difference is the detergent?

Yes I didn't do wash last week so this is my week for many loads so at the end I will have something to SAY.

Thanks for the pictures.

Post# 811661 , Reply# 45   2/28/2015 at 23:02 (1,358 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

I don't have any white towels to test the Perls on, but I have a lot of coloreds to test the liquid. However - I do wear a lot of tighty whitey underwear briefs so that will be my test for this week. That and white dress shirts with collar soil.

Hmm... that last pair of underwear - that was worn for three days in a row - and around those leg openings - yes that's a good test.


Post# 811680 , Reply# 46   3/1/2015 at 00:42 (1,358 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Well This Is Going To Be A Fine Kettle Of Fish

launderess's profile picture
To various Miele dealers selling or who sold German Persil for years here in the USA.

Happily am protected from temptation for the time being as we do not have Walmart stores in NYC. Well not in Manhattan anyway.

You can often find Tide liquids on sale for around ten dollars a bottle, but don't think P&G is going go lower the price across the board that low permanently to go against this Persil product.

This brings up an interesting topic as to just where the Dial Corporation intends to sell these Persil products. At least here in NYC shelf space in the laundry aisles is at a premium and P&G has much of it. The larger superstores such as K-Sears on Astor Place, Costco and even "big" supermarkets may have more room.

Post# 811723 , Reply# 47   3/1/2015 at 10:12 (1,358 days old) by NeptuneGuy27 (Baltimore,MD)        
The towels

Jerrod6: Yes, those towels are the same brand. They were purchased as 6 pack from Costco last year. :)

The two towels on the right were washed in a Tide Pod with Downy fabric softener when they went through the wash. The stack on the left was Persil and Downy. I am still impressed at how little of the Persil is needed to get the job done.

As far as the liquid/gel is concerned: I washed two colored loads with it yesterday: lights and darks. The dark load looked particularly good. Blacks didn't appear faded the lighter colors were brighter/sharper.

Post# 811738 , Reply# 48   3/1/2015 at 11:38 (1,358 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

nmassman44's profile picture
So far I am quite impressed by this detergent. The liquid was very effective in getting out stains and no fading as well. The powder I used on my whites and it took care of every stain that was in the load. I noticed and expected it as well, to rinse completely out, and it did not disappoint. Plus the scent is rather nice too. I think I will be able to kiss my Tide Boost Pacs goodbye need for them now.

Post# 811774 , Reply# 49   3/1/2015 at 16:29 (1,357 days old) by zipdang (Portland, OR)        
East Coast only?

zipdang's profile picture
Bit the bullet and checked out four different Walmart stores in the area to no avail. Is the US rollout of Persil thus far limited to the East Coast? At least my search wasn't completely fruitless. One of the WM stores I was in had two remaining boxes of powdered Tide with Bleach HE, so I got one of those. Haven't seen that stuff on store shelves around here in quite a while.

Post# 811778 , Reply# 50   3/1/2015 at 16:40 (1,357 days old) by esty (New Jersey)        

Not every Wal-Mart on the east coast carries Persil yet. I live in central nj and checked three nearby Wal-Mart's. None of them got it in yet. I will keep checking when I go. I have yet to see the Tide turbo as well.

Post# 811781 , Reply# 51   3/1/2015 at 16:49 (1,357 days old) by zipdang (Portland, OR)        

zipdang's profile picture
Good point about the Tide Turbo. Didn't see any of that on any of the WM's shelves yet, either.

Post# 811782 , Reply# 52   3/1/2015 at 17:03 (1,357 days old) by Iheartmaytag (Wichita, Kansas)        

iheartmaytag's profile picture

Was all over the Wal-Mart flyer in today's paper.  

Since it has been snowing all weekend, I just found the car about an hour ago.  Won't even attempt an outing til tomorrow when I go to work.   Maybe tomorrow evening before it gets dark. . . (still can't drive after dark)

Post# 811795 , Reply# 53   3/1/2015 at 18:54 (1,357 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

logixx's profile picture

I wonder if you'll see Vernel at Walmart in the future, too?

Post# 811800 , Reply# 54   3/1/2015 at 19:19 (1,357 days old) by NeptuneGuy27 (Baltimore,MD)        

One can only hope :)

Post# 811801 , Reply# 55   3/1/2015 at 19:29 (1,357 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
And it begins

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Post# 811802 , Reply# 56   3/1/2015 at 19:30 (1,357 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Post# 811803 , Reply# 57   3/1/2015 at 19:31 (1,357 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Power Liquids

Post# 811805 , Reply# 58   3/1/2015 at 19:34 (1,357 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Looks Like Henkel Has Gone From Sublime To Ridiculous

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That is from high brow Miele being exclusive seller of Henkel Persil products to Wally World.


Post# 811844 , Reply# 59   3/1/2015 at 22:23 (1,357 days old) by powerfin64 (Yakima, Washington)        

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I have seen the "Tide with Bleach Turbo HE" here at one of the local Walmart for a while, but checked last night for persil, but nothing. Sounds like the east coast is getting the persil, and we've got the Tide turbo HE here on the west coast. I've seen this sort of thing happen before, east coast with that, west coast with this. I hope persil does make it here sometime.

Post# 811846 , Reply# 60   3/1/2015 at 23:18 (1,357 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Good to see Henkel posting video advertisements on Youtube because this is where the action is nowadays, and a good way to get the news out about a new product to a younger generation of consumers.

One of the vids did say it was a Walmart exclusive. Not surprising since it is viewed as the worlds largest retailer and grocery chain at least by sales.

After Walmart, Henkel needs to branch out to other stores like Target and regional supermarket chains as well. Space is a premium at smaller stores, but even in my case where I have a smaller supermarket in my neighborhood and then it's larger brother in a mall, the smaller one still manages to provide space for all products. You may not get them in every scent but you can still buy most brands of detergents and fabric softeners.

We only know Persil as the detergent we buy online or from Miele but I think in Germany you can walk into supermarkets and find it on the shelves next to other detergents so I think this is the right move for Henkel in the USA.

This roll out has probably been in the planning stages for a while, after all you don't buy the Dial company with the intention of doing nothing with it, perhaps why Miele decided to get their own brand to sell.

I've done 3 loads of laundry today using Persil , but will comment more after I do the BIG one - the one with the heavily soiled whites. Glad to see others have had good results with this.

Post# 811848 , Reply# 61   3/1/2015 at 23:22 (1,357 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

I knew about the caps. These sound like the Duocaps sold in Germany. I haven't heard of anyone there liking them that much. Anyone know what 2 in 1 with Pro Lift technology is? This is mentioned as one of the new Persil formulations in the videos.

Post# 811850 , Reply# 62   3/1/2015 at 23:38 (1,357 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
German Consumer Magazine Testing One Spoke Of

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Powders from Persil and Ariel beat liquids and or gels of the same brands. Liquids were judged to be more "polluting" than powders due to several factors including levels of preservatives.


Post# 811855 , Reply# 63   3/2/2015 at 00:43 (1,357 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Power caps

Those Power Caps look the same as the German Henkel "Duo Caps" I have here.

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Post# 811856 , Reply# 64   3/2/2015 at 00:44 (1,357 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

The cap itself

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Post# 811857 , Reply# 65   3/2/2015 at 00:47 (1,357 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Yes Jerrod6, here in the UK and in Germany, Persil is a mainstream detergent, you'll find it in every store, from the main grocery stores to Costco, to the discounter stores.

Post# 811869 , Reply# 66   3/2/2015 at 04:30 (1,357 days old) by iej (Ireland)        
Persil UK/Ireland/France/NZ

Just as a side note, Persil in the UK, Ireland, France and NZ is *not* the same product at all. The brand is owned by Unilever in those markets.

Persil UK/IRL is an excellent product too and I find it works very well, but it's an entirely different set of formulations to the Henkel version.

Also @liamy1 the Bio vs Non-Bio thing is bordering on ridiculous. My sister-in-law uses regular Persil Bio on her children's clothes and a friend of hers reacted in absolute horror. You'd swear she was washing her children with uranium or something the way they went on!

It's totally irrational stuff that's based on pure marketing nonsense, not science.

She uses it because non-bio does not remove baby-related stains which are very easily removed by enzymes as they're all milk, food, drool or rather more 'eww' type stuff.

Provided you're rinsing the clothes properly and not over-dosing the machine, there shouldn't be any problem. Also, I strongly suspect that most sensitivities are to scents, surfactants and OBAs not necessarily to the enzymes which are pretty naturally occurring and are often found in food and in many cases in our own digestive systems too. Your mouth is full of amylase which occurs in your own saliva for example.


Those products certainly look like they might be the Henkel Persil formulation.
I wouldn't see why Henkel wouldn't just produce the product in the US for the US market, it doesn't make much sense shipping detergents around the world - they're bulky, heavy and low-value generally (other than patented enzymes etc) So, you make them close to market.

If Henkel have a good formula, they can make it anywhere. So, there's no reason why Henkel USA / formerly Dial can't do it.

Purex may now become their 2nd tier brand.

Post# 811871 , Reply# 67   3/2/2015 at 04:36 (1,357 days old) by iej (Ireland)        
Pronunciation is weird :D

The pronunciation of Persil on that advert is very different to the way it's said here!

Some Irish accents on Persil ads:

They massively rely on their "Dirt is Good" campaign and always appealing to parents (and the add concludes with a very sarcastic kid when asked what her mum would think of dirty clothes...)

Post# 811911 , Reply# 68   3/2/2015 at 08:55 (1,357 days old) by Supersuds (Knoxville, Tenn.)        

supersuds's profile picture
Yeah, I noticed the US ads were saying per-SIL, while I seemed to recall it being pronounced more like PER-sil in Germany.

Quite a few brands are pronounced differently in Britain than in the US, such as Sony, Nokia, and Peugeot - not that the last two come up very often!

Post# 811917 , Reply# 69   3/2/2015 at 09:20 (1,357 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Additional Retailers!

mrb627's profile picture
I certainly hope additional retailers pick this up and it isn't a Walmart exclusive. I rarely set foot in Walmart. And if I do, I usually shower immediately after getting home.


Post# 811919 , Reply# 70   3/2/2015 at 09:23 (1,357 days old) by iej (Ireland)        

Pantene is the one that always catches my ears when I'm over there!

Over here it's "Pan Ten"

Over there it's more like "Pan Teen" which to me sounds like some kind of new panty liner product :)

(Now it's approved by even the most demanding hair)
(I didn't realise hair could now do its own lab tests hehe)

To get back on topic though:

Hopefully the rest of the US consumer market will see this as excitedly as the people on here.

P&G needs to have a serious competitor in the detergent space. It seems at present 200 versions of Tide are squeezing everything else out.

Post# 811930 , Reply# 71   3/2/2015 at 10:22 (1,357 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        

lordkenmore's profile picture
>I certainly hope additional retailers pick this up and it isn't a Walmart exclusive. I rarely set foot in Walmart. And if I do, I usually shower immediately after getting home.

I also hope more retailers get Persil sooner or later. I don't like supporting Wal-Mart for a number of reasons.

Past this, it seems like Persil and Wal-Mart are an odd pairing. Maybe I'm just biased against Wal-Mart, and some of their customers. But I have to almost think Target would have been a more logical choice.

We'll see what happens, I guess.

Incidentally, I looked up the ad for my area, and they list a couple Persil detergent.

Post# 811943 , Reply# 72   3/2/2015 at 11:55 (1,357 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
My guess is

launderess's profile picture
Henkel teamed up with Wally World because of the latter's mass distribution system with locations nationwide. Not unlike Miele North America I shouldn't wonder.

To even remotely go up against P&G Henkel would either need to build a Persil relationships/distribution network from the bottom up, use their existing laundry product distribution system (Trend, Purex, etc..)or team up with a big player.

Sincerely hope this exclusive deal with Walmart is not permanent. Don't like the place and not even German Persil on the cheap could tempt me to set foot pass the door.

Post# 811944 , Reply# 73   3/2/2015 at 12:02 (1,357 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        

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Persil "Power Pearls" DO, and I repeat DO, contain Sodium Percarbonate.

In Fact, it's the largest ingredient, in the bottle, according to Walmart Chemical Safety.

Hazardous components CAS Number Percent (w/w)
Sodium Percarbonate 15630-89-4 10 – 25%
Benzenesulfonic acid, C10-13-alkyl derives., sodium salts 68411-30-3 10 – 25%
Sodium Carbonate 497-19-8 1 – 5 %
Sulfuric acid, mono-C12-18-alkyl esters, sodium salts 68955-19-1 1 – 5 %
Alcohols, C12-18, ethoxylated 68213-23-0 1 – 5 %
Polyethylene Glycol 25322-68-3 1 – 5 %

I'll see if I can dig up a real MSDS, later. But, Walmart's Computers had that on File.

Post# 811950 , Reply# 74   3/2/2015 at 12:12 (1,357 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Well Then Henkel/The Dial Corporation Needs To Be More Clear

launderess's profile picture
With their packaging and marketing. It is odd that sodium percarbonate is not listed on label again because it is considered a hazardous chemical. Then there is the fact certain consumers may not want to use a product with bleaching agents. IMHO "Pure White Technology" just doesn't cut it.

Post# 811953 , Reply# 75   3/2/2015 at 12:15 (1,357 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        
Pronunciation in Germany

foraloysius's profile picture

Post# 811970 , Reply# 76   3/2/2015 at 13:41 (1,357 days old) by vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield & London UK)        
Who knew?

vacbear58's profile picture
Looks like Henkel are bringing their product in every sense of the word





Post# 811977 , Reply# 77   3/2/2015 at 14:02 (1,357 days old) by vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield & London UK)        
And not just Persil

vacbear58's profile picture


Now Louis, how do you pronounce Ariel?

It was really a lot of fun discovering the German ads, And I could have sat all night looking at Constructa ads :)

Oh, and for Blackadder fans, the mother-in-law was "Nursie" from Blackadder II


Post# 811978 , Reply# 78   3/2/2015 at 14:05 (1,357 days old) by Iheartmaytag (Wichita, Kansas)        
I will have a look tonight

iheartmaytag's profile picture
I am at Wal-Mart so often,and with Sam's next door; I just have my check direct deposited.

Post# 811989 , Reply# 79   3/2/2015 at 15:23 (1,357 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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For those of you on Facebook, Persil is answering queries/comments on their page (see link above).

In response to one query Persil states all 3000 Walmart stores should have product by week of March 9th. This meshes with the sale dates you see in Walmart online circulars.

Post# 811996 , Reply# 80   3/2/2015 at 15:53 (1,357 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

I don't care for Walmart for most things but I do go there for the things I want. Still I think Walmart was chosen because it is the nations largest grocery retailer. I dont' think so but Wall Street does. My next choice is Target and local chains.

I would be upset about the labeling of ingredients except that no detergent tells us too much about what is in it except Purex. Look at Tide liquid and tell me what is in it. Look at Miele for colors and tell me the ingredients listed on the bottle. You can't see it on the label. You can see it on the web and in the case of Meiel you can't even see it on the web, however you can see it in Germany because that is the law. The Persil web site is not up yet so eventually the ingredients may or may not be there. I guess it depends on the regulations in the specific country and I have no expectation that a foreign company is going to bring its product to the USA and follow some other regulation that is not of this country. They may but they are not required to.

Perhaps oxygen bleach is one of those things that must be listed so eventually it may be there if this is the case, but for every other ingredient I don't think there is anything in the USA forcing manufacturers to disclose every ingredient beyond listing the patents. Can't find anything on a Windex bottle, Air fresheners you get the generic stabilizers, Solubilizers, Emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitor - HUH?

If it is not required companies are not going to do it and now this Pro White formula is trademarked. Is it that trademarks are exempt from listing? Samsung steam...xx... whatever is trademarked. Where is is stated that it is not really steam but just hot water blowing around in the drum. If I find a listing on a web site that Oxygen bleach is in this new Persil that's ok, and so if it is not on the box that is OK too. I am judging by how well it cleans. If it cleans as well as Oxygen bleach without Oxygen bleach I don't feel impacted.

Post# 811997 , Reply# 81   3/2/2015 at 15:58 (1,357 days old) by Supersuds (Knoxville, Tenn.)        

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As has been noted here before, Tide powders have percarbonate even when the label doesn't say it's one of the "with bleach" formulas. For instance, the MSDS for powders shows 3-7% percarbonate. I'm not too surprised Persil is doing the same thing...maybe there is market research that the word bleach scares some customers off.


Post# 812000 , Reply# 82   3/2/2015 at 16:14 (1,357 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

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Here's a Dutch Ariel commercial.

Post# 812002 , Reply# 83   3/2/2015 at 16:34 (1,356 days old) by Vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield & London UK)        

vacbear58's profile picture
I just knew the "Dutch" daughter in law had to be a fraud 😊, she says it the way the British do

Post# 812010 , Reply# 84   3/2/2015 at 17:24 (1,356 days old) by ronhic (Canberra, Australia)        

ronhic's profile picture

You stirrer Al....Back to the laundry with you!

Post# 812011 , Reply# 85   3/2/2015 at 17:34 (1,356 days old) by logixx (Germany)        
And while we're on the subject...

logixx's profile picture

No. 14 and 16 had it right (from listening to it on my phone).



Post# 812012 , Reply# 86   3/2/2015 at 17:38 (1,356 days old) by miele_ge (Danbury, Connecticut)        
wonder how the "american" persil is on Kochwasche cy

miele_ge's profile picture

Will it work at 190 degrees F?   Jerrod, you must do a test in your 1986.  BTW, I am loving the used 1986  set we got on ebay - best 400 bucks i ever spent (plus the cost to pick it up on the cape and dinner for the dear friends who drove us there in their big truck to get it - was quite an adventure).


As an aside, I think we are not going to try to keep and repair the Miele 1918 (it has a shot spider) - It works but makes a horrible racket and won't likely run again without a big repair.  It has a lot of new expensive parts (control board, power supply, brushes) and is in really nice shape so i don't want to just chuck it.  If anyone has any interest, please shoot me a note.  The great experience with the used 1986 makes me want to start hoarding the last of the 220 volt machines to have a supply in reserve!  There are still 2 or 3 series after the 1986 that are 220.




Post# 812035 , Reply# 87   3/2/2015 at 19:40 (1,356 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

ultramatic's profile picture



Just saw it at my "local" Walmart @ $9.99 a bottle. Has the same "Euro" scent but made in the U.S.A.

Post# 812037 , Reply# 88   3/2/2015 at 19:45 (1,356 days old) by powerfin64 (Yakima, Washington)        

powerfin64's profile picture
Talked to the Department Manager for cleaning products at Walmart today, asked if they were going to be carrying Persil as advertised in this month ad flyer. He told me they do have Persil in back, but won't be putting persil out till the sales distributor arrives sometime this week, I will check later this week and see they have available.

Post# 812041 , Reply# 89   3/2/2015 at 20:28 (1,356 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        
Keyword is...

mich's profile picture
The Bottle is made in the US. The "ingredients" are "foreign" & imported components.

I love this. Megapearls & Gel on 'da Cheap.

Also - Called Henkel US div, and was informed a MSDS is not available at this time. However, the formulas for Megapearls (German) & PowerPearls (US) are identical.

I really need to call and ask, if the Liquid Variety is the same.

Persil. Persil. Persil. At the Walmart Price. What's not to love? :)

Post# 812051 , Reply# 90   3/2/2015 at 21:32 (1,356 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

I tend to think we are getting Megaperls and gel at about the same price as people in Germany and the Eu can get it because there is no more middle man. Oh there is still some extra work and costs incurred but not to another outside company so the price will be lowered for us.

It is even OK if all of the ingredients are made in the USA. It is the formula that is important. I figure that it is easier and cheaper to mix liquids to the same formula in the USA but more expensive to make the perls in the USA because you must start from a liquid, dry the stuff into the perls shape and so forth.

I want the PERSIL web site to get up and running, because if it is anything like the Purex site we will be able to post comments and requests and also get additional usage tips.

Post# 812054 , Reply# 91   3/2/2015 at 21:41 (1,356 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

nmassman44's profile picture
They are on Facebook and I have posted a few comments of my own on the page.

Post# 812061 , Reply# 92   3/2/2015 at 22:09 (1,356 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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In a thread elsewhere Whirlcool (IIRC) asks something like "where are all the jobs". Well look no further than that Persil/Dial Facebook page. A group or persons are paid to sit there (among other things) and respond to, keep track of, probably analyze and whatever what is going on with Persil's USA Facebook page.

Post# 812063 , Reply# 93   3/2/2015 at 22:35 (1,356 days old) by Iheartmaytag (Wichita, Kansas)        
Made my Wal-Mart trip

iheartmaytag's profile picture

Bought two bottles:  1. Mega pearls. 2. Pro-clean liquid

Jury is still in deliberations, but preliminary speculation was a good job.  Did a load of towels with a table cloth.  The table cloth was the test subject.  Meatloaf gravy was removed.


Jeans are still in the dryer, nothing to testing, I think I like the smell. It's different.


Post# 812082 , Reply# 94   3/3/2015 at 02:06 (1,356 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

Bought the Mega-Pearls poweder and the Regular liquid.Tried it-works good and has a subtile,pleasent smell.Like how the powder is packaged in a BOTTLE instead of a box or plastic bag.Easier to handle and reseal.HATE detergent boxes--the dammed things leak or don't seal-causing the remaining detergent to go stale.

Post# 812169 , Reply# 95   3/3/2015 at 14:59 (1,356 days old) by dustin92 (Jackson, MI)        

I bought a bottle of the liquid, will see how it does in the Kenmore DD. Going to start some laundry in a bit so will see. So far I like the scent and the packaging, will try the pearls next time I'm at walmart. Any ideas for matching fabric softeners or dryer sheet scents? I have bounce outdoor scent sheets now, but have a feeling those won't blend as well with the scent of the Persil as they do with original Tide.

Post# 812179 , Reply# 96   3/3/2015 at 17:01 (1,355 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        
The thing I love about...

mich's profile picture
Persil, is the powder, doesn't really have a dust to it, like Tide, and all the other brands.

Almost every time I'm scooping powder, I sneeze because... of (I'm assuming the dust) or something else, wafting into the air. I've never had this problem using the Persil Megapearls, or a Liquid Detergent.

As for the bottle itself. I also, admired the design. I love the idea of Powder being wrapped in plastic, and being sealed with a cap, instead of a cardboard box that allows moisture. Means, no resorting to a knife or hammer to break up clumps :)

Post# 812307 , Reply# 97   3/4/2015 at 15:37 (1,355 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        

mrb627's profile picture
I also appreciate the perls rather than a dust. Not sure why other brands haven't followed by example. Perhaps the perls are trademarked by Henkel?


Post# 812321 , Reply# 98   3/4/2015 at 17:56 (1,354 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

logixx's profile picture
That could well be. I never saw "perls" from any manufacturer but Henkel. A disadvantage I have often heard is that these beads get stuck in the dispenser. Probably no issue for you all with cold and hot fill.

As far as pricing goes: it seems like your Persil costs pretty much the same as Persil bought in a supermarket over here.

Post# 812322 , Reply# 99   3/4/2015 at 17:58 (1,354 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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The Persil is in town.  I don't need detergent.  I bought the Persil.

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Post# 812324 , Reply# 100   3/4/2015 at 18:00 (1,354 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Oooooh, will have to give the pod version (Power Caps) a try.

PerSILL? I've always said PURRsill. Live and learn, I guess.

Post# 812331 , Reply# 101   3/4/2015 at 18:59 (1,354 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

nmassman44's profile picture
I used Downy April Fresh liquid with the Persil and they go rather nice together I think. I have tried the softener from Henkel called Vernel "Fresh" I think it used to be called Day at the Beach or something like that, and it was no day at the beach sent wise. Reeked to the high heavens to my snout.
I too am looking forward to the PowerCaps and I want to see if they dont have issues with disolving like I have with the Tide Pods. In the SQ washer they do disolve well but in the front loader...not so much. The wrapper get stuck in folds and sometimes I dont catch until it comes out of the dryer...not good.
Now I cant wait til the snow disapears and I can hang out laundry again and see how the scent is on the clothes drying in the breeze outdoors....

Post# 812359 , Reply# 102   3/4/2015 at 20:39 (1,354 days old) by logixx (Germany)        
Reeked to the high heavens

logixx's profile picture
Guess you won't like the new Vernel versions then. All of them have been "improved" to give Freshness That Lasts 8 Weeks (only exception being the unscented version). :-/

Post# 812376 , Reply# 103   3/5/2015 at 00:03 (1,354 days old) by esty (New Jersey)        

Bought the Persil pearls for whites yesterday for the first time. Used a little less than line one for a regular size load in my top load speed queen washer. I had a lot of suds. Even the rinse water was sudsy. Did two extra rinses to get the suds out. I was under the assumption that Persil was a low sudsing detergent. I personally don't like a lot of suds in my water. We have sensitive skin, so I always do a second rinse to make sure all the soap is out. Any advice on how to avoid so much suds. Am I supposed to use even less than the bottle says? Any help from people who use Persil in a top load washer that has experience with this would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Post# 812499 , Reply# 104   3/5/2015 at 22:28 (1,353 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
It was only a matter of time.....

launderess's profile picture
Knew it would happen and is one of the reasons why one loves the USA.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO Launderess's LINK on eBay

Post# 812500 , Reply# 105   3/5/2015 at 22:29 (1,353 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
But wait, there is more.

launderess's profile picture
Someone is on their toes....

CLICK HERE TO GO TO Launderess's LINK on eBay

Post# 812504 , Reply# 106   3/5/2015 at 22:56 (1,353 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

logixx's profile picture

A true bargain! After all, it's PerCil... 

Post# 812507 , Reply# 107   3/6/2015 at 00:08 (1,353 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Others Will Follow. You Mark My Words

launderess's profile picture
This seller is obviously delusional to take that sort of mark-up, spelling errors aside.

That being said it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out there is money to be made on this Dial/Henkel Persil now sold in the USA.

When you consider what persons were paying for Persil from Miele and other American sources not to mention having it shipped from overseas buyers ten dollars or so (depending upon tax or not) is cheap. Now factor in some persons for various ethical or moral reasons won't set foot in a Walmart, and or one isn't located near them....

Shipping costs obviously would be a factor. While don't think the large bottles will fit a USPS flat rate box, the Duo-Caps probably will easily.

That is just eBay. There is also the potential for private sales via say a Craigslist or similar.

Post# 812545 , Reply# 108   3/6/2015 at 08:10 (1,353 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
More adverts:

launderess's profile picture
Post# 812546 , Reply# 109   3/6/2015 at 08:14 (1,353 days old) by Iheartmaytag (Wichita, Kansas)        
But Laundress

iheartmaytag's profile picture
He is offering free shipping.

Post# 812551 , Reply# 110   3/6/2015 at 08:45 (1,353 days old) by logixx (Germany)        
"Coming soon"

logixx's profile picture
Post# 812590 , Reply# 111   3/6/2015 at 12:22 (1,353 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

nmassman44's profile picture
Found at Walmart today!

Post# 812591 , Reply# 112   3/6/2015 at 12:23 (1,353 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

nmassman44's profile picture
Cute pods

Post# 812592 , Reply# 113   3/6/2015 at 12:28 (1,353 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

nmassman44's profile picture
This is a 16 pack for $5.24.

Post# 812595 , Reply# 114   3/6/2015 at 13:25 (1,353 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

logixx's profile picture
I hope Henkel reformulated these sufficiently. When our consumer magazine tested these, the Caps were so bad that the clothes came out dirtier than they went in because the soil settled back onto the fabric.

Post# 812600 , Reply# 115   3/6/2015 at 14:35 (1,353 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

I wonder how long the exclusivity agreement is with Walmart? Isn't Sams Club part of the Walmart family? If so it seems like this would eventually be sold there as well.

Post# 812606 , Reply# 116   3/6/2015 at 15:54 (1,353 days old) by mysteryclock (Franklin, TN)        

mysteryclock's profile picture
Logixx do you have a link to the review? I wonder how much (if at all) they were reformulated for the US? The colors seem to be reversed from the Universal Duo-Caps, not that that means anything definitive.

Post# 812611 , Reply# 117   3/6/2015 at 16:37 (1,352 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

nmassman44's profile picture
These PowerCaps are made in Hungary so methinks it could be the same formula that is available in Europe. I won't know til I try em. They do smell like the PowerPearls and Liquid.

Post# 812614 , Reply# 118   3/6/2015 at 16:56 (1,352 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Thanks for the update and photos of Persil Power Caps, Mike! Wonder if they're available in Minnesota, yet. Probably won't get to a Walmart for a couple of weeks. That's OK; I'm still in the honeymoon phase with Tide HE Turbo Pods and their magically-disappearing suds.

Post# 812615 , Reply# 119   3/6/2015 at 17:11 (1,352 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

logixx's profile picture
No, I don't have a link to the review. I do have the printed magazine but it's obviously in German. The thing that really brought the overall score down was that clothes kept getting dingier because soil was redeposited onto the fibers. Henkel must have reformulated them because they were advertised as "New Formula" soon after the test was published. Other than that, these blue/green pouches seem to be the universal version of Persil, which means they have brighteners but no oxy bleach.

I wonder how much money Miele made selling Persil products? I mean, you are almost paying the same price (now) as we do here.

Post# 812635 , Reply# 120   3/6/2015 at 19:24 (1,352 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

I bought my front loader in 2002 and then there were no USA detergents that worked well and were low enough in suds in a front loader. So I think Miele was walking to the bank with PERSIL. I mean the stuff actually cleaned and rinsed well - you could see it in the first rinse so anyone that had a Miele front loader or Bosch or other brands in 2002-2003 would have wanted to use PERSIL.

When He detergent hit the USA market every time a new one was released I would try it, but they never worked as well as PERSIL did.

Now we have Tide Tubo that is supposed to be this blazing new thing that is low sudsing. Low sudsing and good cleaning, good rinsing, is nothing new to anyone that has used PERSIL, even since 2002.

Not too interested in the Duo caps/pods. I would prefer to control the dosage for each of my laundry loads. Completely different story with the DW because all of my loads in it have been sitting for 2 days and are dirty so I don't mind a full dose of a tab in it.

Miele Detergents are still the other alternative to PERSIL because they clean and rinse well...of course at the moment the USA PERSIL from Walmart is much cheaper than Miele detergents so it will be interesting to see how the market shakes out during this year.

Post# 812667 , Reply# 121   3/6/2015 at 21:57 (1,352 days old) by Dustin92 (Jackson, MI)        

Well, I just picked up a bottle of the Power Pearls, and will give them a try when I get enough dirty whites to run a load. So far I love the liquid, it does a fantastic job on everything, even whites. Mostly in cool or warm water. I washed a coat today that had mud and car engine oil on it, washed in Hot water with a regular dose of the liquid and 1/2 dose of Biz (color safe bleach/stain remover), 14 minute wash on heavy duty, EVERY trace of oil came out. I have noticed quite a bit of suds for a High Efficiency detergent, but I'm not complaining! Can't believe I'm spending so much on detergent but SO worth it!

Post# 812672 , Reply# 122   3/6/2015 at 22:56 (1,352 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

launderess's profile picture
Persil's Duo-Caps reviews including the German consumer magazine test can be easily found by "Googling" using those keywords. The latter come up within the first page of hits for us. Unless things have changed the things have always been made in Hungary.

Long short the things were rated "poor" by a consumer testing:

However many actual consumers have no problems with the Duo-Caps

The Dial Company/Persil and Walmart:

This probably is going to be a long term exclusive relationship for awhile. You don't get much larger than Wally World when it comes to a global reach supermarket/shop so that is in their favor. Being as that may as one has previously stated Walmart stores aren't everywhere. Can drive to NJ or someplace but then you are adding tolls and cost of petrol just to fetch detergent. If one happens to be going that way would be a different story. But cannot see anyone from say Manhattan driving to Bayonne or Secaucus for a ten dollar bottle of detergent. Suppose if the household did lots of laundry and were buying by the case or at least several bottles.

Post# 812688 , Reply# 123   3/7/2015 at 05:05 (1,352 days old) by dixan (Europe)        

Despite the tests, Persil Duo-Caps are great. I like them but I don't buy them because they are expensive and generally I don't like liquids, gels and capsules/pods.

Speaking of caps, two weeks ago Henkel launched new product here (in Eastern Europe): Persil Power Mix Caps. One chamber contains gel and the other - powder. The ones for whites contain 15-30% oxygen bleach.

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 3         View Full Size
Post# 812692 , Reply# 124   3/7/2015 at 06:49 (1,352 days old) by cranraspberry (MA)        

I'm sure Manhattanites and those that don't have a Walmart nearby will be able to order online: it's just $5 to ship and free when you spend over $50. Still so much cheaper than paying $40 for a pack of German Persil, that is if we assume that the formulas really are identical.

Post# 812697 , Reply# 125   3/7/2015 at 08:22 (1,352 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

launderess's profile picture
Far as one can see Persil is strictly an in store item for now. That is did not see it at

Also since Walmart does have stores in New York State there would be tax added on top of the shipping.

Being all that as it may if the stuff does turn up at Wally World's online store then suppose ordering five or whatever bottles it takes to reach $50 wouldn't be that bad.

Those that live in Manhattan who have country homes in New Jersey, or elsewhere also could simply stop in their local Walmart.

Post# 812700 , Reply# 126   3/7/2015 at 09:29 (1,352 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        

lordkenmore's profile picture
Perhaps Wal-Mart will open a new store in NYC. Perhaps on Fifth Avenue. LOL

Seriously, I do see that while Wal-Mart has stores all across the US, there will be those gaps in coverage, which may reduce potential Persil sales.

And even in an area like mine, where Wal-Mart has locations, I can see some people deciding it's more of a drive than they want to get to the nearest location. Particularly if Persil is the only thing they'd buy at Wal-Mart. Stocking up is an option, of course, but most people I've known don't do that past buying the next jug of detergent when the old one starts approaching empty.

Post# 812705 , Reply# 127   3/7/2015 at 09:38 (1,352 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

1. Having used both German and UK (Unilever) Persil powders, I prefer the Unilever version hands down. That dampens my excitement about whatever non-Unilever formula is being sold here.

2. I refuse to pronounce it PerSIL (as in the videos Laundress posted). Is this a concession to Americans' tendency to put accents on second syllables of words? This happened to composer Henry Purcell in the US, too. His name is pronounced the same way the Brits say Persil, not PurSELL.

3. Lots of great dialogue, information and speculation in this very entertaining thread!

Post# 812725 , Reply# 128   3/7/2015 at 13:06 (1,352 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        
Power Mix Caps

in the USA. If this one product could be purchased cheaper than buying Liquid Tide along with Tide Boost pacs thing might get interesting.

Post# 812727 , Reply# 129   3/7/2015 at 13:15 (1,352 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

I worked with a German woman who also uses Persil and she would always pronounce it the way it was given in the vids, so I guess I didn't think twice about hearing it. She returns every summer to visit her family and go on cycling vacations I think thru the black forest or someplace like this, so she is native and speaks the language. When she was angry at her husband she would talk on the phone in German. I didn't know what she was saying but I did know she was not happy.

Post# 812731 , Reply# 130   3/7/2015 at 14:21 (1,352 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

logixx's profile picture

Actually, every syllable in the German language is stressed, which makes it Per-Sil, A-Ri-El and Ver-Nel.


I like these Persil Power Mix Caps. I guess these are Henkel's answer to Unilever's Dual Action Capsules, which I wish were sold here as well - along with those cute and practical Small & Mighty bottles with that build-in dosage ball / pretreat thingy.

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 2         View Full Size
Post# 812733 , Reply# 131   3/7/2015 at 16:22 (1,351 days old) by dixan (Europe)        

I like them too, logixx. They wash great: remove all the stains, the whites shine and the colors are bright. However, they are too expensive so I don't think I'll buy more of them. I bought them on offer for 3.58 euro (from DM, you know this drugstore chain) and the regular price is 5-6 euro for 14 washes. Well, I buy Persil powder at this price but the washes are 20. 26 cent per wash versus 18 cents per wash: the winner is clear.

Post# 812736 , Reply# 132   3/7/2015 at 16:25 (1,351 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Dosing. After I get used to a detergent and experiment I will usually ignore the instructions on the bottle and use as much as I think is required, based on load size and degree of soiling.

Here most of our instructions talk about line 1 line 2 or use more.

The instructions on the German Persil box gives dosing based on water hardness and degree of soiling so I find that a better guide than "fill to line one for regular loads" What is regular?

Anyway experiment with it and use only enough to clean your items. To me If I don't see stains I use less.

Post# 812757 , Reply# 133   3/7/2015 at 19:12 (1,351 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Persil Power Mix

launderess's profile picture
Along with Tide "Boost" and similar detergent/bleach/stain removal pods get to me. IMHO they are admitting what many consumer testing groups and others have said for years now; liquid detergents do not clean universally as well compared to powders. This is especially true of powdered detergents with oxygen (often activated) bleaching systems.

So you purchase liquid Tide or whatever, then have to get a pod that contains the alkaline substance, bleach and other stain removers you could have gotten if just purchased a box of Tide with bleach from the start.

Walmart in NYC?

Not going to happen anytime soon I shouldn't wonder. The powers that be who run this place have a thing against Wally World. Even a planned Walmart store has drawn protests. Everything from destroying small businesses to low wages and so forth. Meanwhile back at the ranch small businesses such as hardware and others are vanishing in NYC at a brisk pace anyway. Ever rising commercial rents combined with Home Depot, Lowes, Duane Reade and so forth are forcing them out.

Eventually a Walmart will open in NYC somewhere; after all the same powers that be fought Chick-A-Fil but apparently they are expanding here soon anyway.

Post# 812763 , Reply# 134   3/7/2015 at 20:13 (1,351 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

nmassman44's profile picture
Well I did laundry today and used the PowerCaps on a load. They clean OK and the scent is ok but thats about it. Would I buy them again?..No.

Post# 812777 , Reply# 135   3/7/2015 at 23:03 (1,351 days old) by mysteryclock (Franklin, TN)        

mysteryclock's profile picture
Seen in Tennessee today. They're trying to get people's attention at least! No caps yet.

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Post# 812783 , Reply# 136   3/7/2015 at 23:54 (1,351 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

logixx's profile picture
They are almost hiding the powdered version... *rolls eyes*

Post# 812853 , Reply# 137   3/8/2015 at 14:25 (1,351 days old) by gefilterflo (Newark, Ohio)        

gefilterflo's profile picture
The Persil.US website is up and running. In addition, my local WalMart now has the entire line of detergents out; I picked up some Persil Plus ProLift. They also had a hypoallergenic Persil as well.

Post# 812859 , Reply# 138   3/8/2015 at 15:46 (1,351 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Walmart was not welcomed where I live either but it survived. It is non-union, and the unions put up pick lines. They walked around for years outside while people went about their business ignoring them while continuing to shop at the store.

I shop there once in a while when I want Suavitel Island splash, or Sunset Rose fabric softeners because I like these scents, especially the Sunset Rose.

I can see the draw of this store. They sell a ton of frozen food entries at lower prices. They sell canned soup cheaper than I have ever seen it. They have a wide variety of beef, chicken and pork in the meat section, a ton of processed cheese foods, milk & eggs, a large bakery, large rolls of paper towels and cleaning supplies reasonability priced, a pharmacy, clothes that would be good for younger children and, a decent fresh vegetable and fruit section located right at the front door, and reasonable prices and a McDonalds or.. something inside the store. So I get it. Our transit system has been modified so that almost every area of the city can get to it by bus, plus it is in the same shopping mall as other grocery markets, Home Depot and a ton of other stores, so I can see why folks would flock to shop here.

I think I read that walmart is raising their starting associate hourly wage to a minimum of $9 an hour, and by next year current associates to $10 per hour. Managers will be bumped to $15 by next year. This is probably a result of the improving economic conditions and hiring. You can't keep good people if you don't pay well and when more jobs become available wages tend to increase.

This is completely off topic of Persil but I will shop there to buy it and I also understand why many people want to shop there.

Post# 812860 , Reply# 139   3/8/2015 at 15:50 (1,351 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Can you give us the Web URL to the Persil site. I still can't find it.

Post# 812862 , Reply# 140   3/8/2015 at 16:00 (1,351 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        
Can you give us the Web URL to the Persil site.

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Post# 812863 , Reply# 141   3/8/2015 at 16:00 (1,351 days old) by gefilterflo (Newark, Ohio)        

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Post# 812874 , Reply# 142   3/8/2015 at 16:33 (1,351 days old) by dixan (Europe)        

I checked the site - there are ingredients lists there - and obviously the Power-Pearls do contain oxygen bleach and activator (TAED). Quite a lot of both: sodium carbonate peroxide is the second ingredient, TAED is the fourth. Great! In fact they are the same as the European Megaperls. Lucky you! Megaperls is superb detergent.

Post# 812877 , Reply# 143   3/8/2015 at 16:40 (1,351 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        


Post# 812880 , Reply# 144   3/8/2015 at 16:48 (1,351 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Website Just Came Online

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It seems as one clicked it on Saturday morning and it was still "under construction".

Sort of bare to my mind's eye when compared to Persil/Henkel Germany or other European countries, but again that could be just me.

Love the response to query if this is the same Persil from Germany:

"Persil Power-Pearls are made by the same company that makes Persil in Germany and many European countries. Persil ProClean Power-Pearls deliver the exceptional cleaning experience that Persil consumers across Europe have come to know and love."

Near as one can guess:

Pro-Lift - Could be Henkel's version of "Acti-Lift" found in P&G's laundry detergents like Ariel and Tide.

Intense Fresh - Probably a scent with more staying power and or is renewed each time one rubs against it. IIRC Henkel offers some fabric softeners and or detergents with those properties.

At least some of products now list ingredients.

For the Power Fresh liquid:

Note Henke/Dial put together their webpage is seems using images, so you cannot cut and paste information elsewhere. However each product page has an ingredient listing towards the bottom.

The Power Perls indeed do contain oxygen bleach and an activator.

Post# 812881 , Reply# 145   3/8/2015 at 16:53 (1,351 days old) by washingpowder (NYC)        

The website shows all ingredients used; to be quite honest, they're almost identical to my recent favorite, Ecover Sunny Day Liquid. Unfortunately the latter I first saw at TJ Maxx after it was already discontinued.
Back to Persil though, the german Universal version contains:

5 %: soap, Phosphates, 5-15%: non-ionic surfactants, 15-30%: ionic surfactants
Also: optical brighteners, enzymes, and a full essay of fragrance additives (Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Amyl cinnamal, Benzyl salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Eugenol, Hexyl cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol

Since the website won't let me copy the ingredients being an image, I'll just say the american formula adds propylene glycol, EDTA, borax, alcohol, some silicones, pH buffer and blue dyes, while subtracting OBAs and phosphates. Fragrance is listed as fragrance, nobody knows what is actually used. Germans don't list actual surfactants, so hard to compare too.
However, it clearly is not the same formula by any means.

Post# 812882 , Reply# 146   3/8/2015 at 16:55 (1,351 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Disodium Distyrylbipheryl disulfonate - UV attractor? also in liquid.

If that is what it is I am not surprised. In order to compete in the USA these had better be in the product or it will be downrated by Consumer reports as not producing bright colors.

Post# 812887 , Reply# 147   3/8/2015 at 17:19 (1,351 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
I'm Out

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If the liquid contains OBAs then will stick with the German/Henkel version for all its faults.

Reason why one went to Persil gel for colours in the first place was to get away from OBAs for certain off white and coloured items. P&G in the USA seems incapable of producing a detergent free of bluing agents so there you are.

Disodium Distyrylbipheryl disulfonate is found in some version of Tide, Purex and other products as well:

Post# 812888 , Reply# 148   3/8/2015 at 17:27 (1,350 days old) by washingpowder (NYC)        

Must have scanned through the list too fast, and read 'sulfate' rather than 'sulfonate'.
Well, as long as I understand why German Universal gel might contain OBAs [they do have formulas for colors and darks separately, Lord! Moreover, my favorite Domol brand makes formulations for darks(enzymes and dye protecting agent), colors(enzymes only) and bright colors(enzymes and OBAs)], it's ridiculous that they're trying to put out another all-in-one-fancy-bottle detergent on shelves.
Was happy for a second and even willing to maybe get a sample from a friend.
Wish there was something, anything with enzymes but no OBAs available on American market.

Post# 812894 , Reply# 149   3/8/2015 at 17:53 (1,350 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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I skimmed the ingredients list of the ProClean gels and compared them to the German gels.


The ProClean gels seem to be an equivalent to the Persil Universal gel:

- optical brighteners

- no color transfer protection

- on less enzyme (lyase)


Likewise, the ProClean Power-Pearls lack lyase.


So the FAQ section on Persil's US page is right: it's made in the same factory... but with a slightly different formulation.

Post# 812901 , Reply# 150   3/8/2015 at 18:21 (1,350 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Reading These Listings Of Chemicals

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Found in laundry detergents one begins to understand the "back to soap" movement. *LOL*

It is amazing the laundry list of substances needed to replace phosphates and soap.

Post# 812903 , Reply# 151   3/8/2015 at 18:30 (1,350 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        
Miele for colors...

No Obas and works well.

Henkel is following the established laundry practice found in the USA. Obas are not used on colors or darks in Germany so they are not found in Persil for colors there. You can find Obas in persil products sold elsewhere.

So since this is now being distributed via Henkel/Dial what is the chance that supplies of the original German product will soon not be available in North America? Seems like vendors are simply exhausting their current inventory of it.

I don't care for Obas on colors,but for the majority of USA consumers I bet they probably prefer to have them on everything. It is our normal. I mean they are in Tide and it is a number one.

Post# 813072 , Reply# 152   3/9/2015 at 14:08 (1,350 days old) by esty (New Jersey)        

Looking for reviews on the Persil for sensitive skin. I currently use a different scent free detergent on some loads for those family members that have sensitive skin issues. Can anyone out there recommend it for sensitive skin? Anyone use it with good results? How is the cleaning power as well as good for sensitive skin? How much scent is left after the dryer?
Thank you.

Post# 813116 , Reply# 153   3/9/2015 at 17:29 (1,349 days old) by mrboilwash (Munich,Germany)        

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While I can very well understand the disappointment about the lack of color versions in the US I wouldn`t worry too much about OBAs as found in the liquid versions of Persil when used on darks. Their negative effect (color change) is much more pronouced on off whites and pastels.

When Henkel invented the first heavy duty color detergent in 1991 the new and revolutionary thing about it were dye transfer inhibitors. Light duty powders intended for delicates (Fewa, Korall, Rei which equals UK Dreft) have already been around for ages.
They were OBA and bleach free, less caustic in Ph and made lots of suds to reduce mechanical wear of fabrics. They did not clean as well as regular powders hence were often only used for the most delicate things but not for the bulk of colored clothes.

As for the megaperls I think if one takes those very fast american wash cycles and low temperatures into account the damage to colors should be negligible in particular if only used occasionally for the more challenging loads.
We have done so for decades over here as well and the world did not come down ;-)

Post# 813122 , Reply# 154   3/9/2015 at 18:13 (1,349 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Persil pods, liquid, and pearls-in-a-bottle found at Walmart in southwestern Minnesota. End cap display was running either a video or just audio touting the high-performance detergent which they insist on pronouncing incorrectly. Was in a hurry and didn't stop to listen to the whole spiel. Didn't buy any, as I'm still in the honeymoon phase with Tide HE Turbo pods.

Post# 813141 , Reply# 155   3/9/2015 at 19:46 (1,349 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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@ Stefan

When I use(d) Tide or Gain HE liquid on my dark clothes, I can tell that there are brighteners in there. After a few washes, some of my clothes looked like I had used them to dust off furniture.

Post# 813155 , Reply# 156   3/9/2015 at 21:52 (1,349 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        

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I could be very well wrong here, but, if I recall correctly. Henkel Germany does not utilize Phosphates in their home marketed Laundry Products.

You may have, misread Phosphonates for Phosphates, (which have very similar names) but are very chemically different.

I myself, haven't yet taken the time, to compare ingredient for ingredient between the two bottles, as I haven't received the MSDS, I requested from Henkel.

With that said. I haven't personally, myself, noticed a difference between the PowerPearls & German Megapearls, beyond the difference in bead coloring.

Post# 813162 , Reply# 157   3/9/2015 at 23:17 (1,349 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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Phosphates have not been used in our laundry detergents in decades. Henkel actually invented a substitute for phosphates in 1972.

Post# 813165 , Reply# 158   3/9/2015 at 23:32 (1,349 days old) by logixx (Germany)        
Once again

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the ingredients in German Persil

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 4         View Full Size
Post# 813296 , Reply# 159   3/10/2015 at 17:51 (1,348 days old) by cranraspberry (MA)        

Now available at

Post# 813308 , Reply# 160   3/10/2015 at 19:36 (1,348 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Walmart Online

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Well it is about time they did the roll-out, and it does solve the problem of not being near a physical Walmart store. You still must deal with Wally World to get the American Persil so if you have qualms about that for now at least you are still out of luck.

Shipping prices are per order which IIRC means it is the same regardless of how many items. Once you reach $50 then shipping is free however.

Didn't go through the motions to see if sales tax is added for my state, but assume it would since Walmart does have a physical presence.

Post# 813534 , Reply# 161   3/11/2015 at 23:58 (1,347 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        

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Well, I braved the WM on the way home and picked up a jug of the pearls and the original flavored gel. Funny, someone had spilled some of the gel and you could smell it from quite a distance away...


Post# 813545 , Reply# 162   3/12/2015 at 01:17 (1,347 days old) by Supersuds (Knoxville, Tenn.)        

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My report on the Power-Perls.

1. Criticism of the cap (unreadable markings) and bottle (powder stuck on a shelf where the edges of the cap are supposed to seal) are justified. This is crappy and will put people off from buying again, imho.

2. The scent is essentially identical to the Australian Omo I tried a couple of years ago. It's a sharp, somewhat unpleasant floral scent reminiscent of dime-store perfume, nothing like the Persil circa 1990 I used before. It doesn't say upmarket to me.

Why the Henkel Persil should smell the same as Unilever's Omo is a mystery.

3. Performance: Excellent, based on one load. Not to get icky here, but it has been mentioned by others before, biggest laundry challenge is skid marks. Short of using Clorox, Tide with Bleach has come the closest to handling the problem, but the Pesril did a better job.

My standard procedure is to spray with Shout, for what good it will do, and soak in "warm" (ha -- Whirlpool TL) water for an hour or so before a spin drain and full cycle in hot with T-shirts added. Kind of a poor man's profile wash. Persil had the stains out at the end of the soak period. I may try eliminating the soak and see how it does in just a regular hot wash.

4. Surprised nobody has mentioned the vintage US product the Power-Perls most resemble!

Post# 813563 , Reply# 163   3/12/2015 at 07:35 (1,347 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Powder Cap

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I noticed the pearls lodged around the perimeter of the pour spout as well. I assume there is a drain hold exactly like in the gel bottle for the pearls to drain through. Not sure this would deter me from purchasing again, but it could make for a messy first pour!


Post# 813572 , Reply# 164   3/12/2015 at 08:57 (1,347 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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Product trickles through the "drain" hole into the spout perimeter area while pouring the pearls when the bottle is full.  Probably won't occur when the level is reduced after a few uses but is an irritation while it happens.  I took the spout out initially, may put it back in place later.

Post# 813578 , Reply# 165   3/12/2015 at 09:42 (1,347 days old) by cranraspberry (MA)        

I'm actually surprised you're getting flowers from the scent - it is definitely stronger than German Persil, but quite similar to the current Universal Megaperls scent that I've always liked because it's *not* floral and fruity like P&G products... I also found it to air out quite well, unlike Tide. Washed a load last night, was a little concerned about the scent, but this morning felt that it was toned down quite a bit. However, I will certainly not be trying the "Fresh" version, since even the Original liquid smells quite a bit stronger than the pearls, let alone the "Fresh".

I also took out the spout and measured the recommended dosage: 3 Tbsp for a regular load and 5 Tbsp for a large load, so from now on I'll just use a measuring spoon instead of the lid.

Overall very happy with the results with two minor comments: the first is that it does seem a little more prone to suds than the DE version, and the second is that the liquid is VERY thick and did not wash out of my Miele liquid detergent insert properly.
But, at long last true competition for Tide! And when there's competition, the consumer pretty much always wins. :) Who knows, maybe they'll even bring out a Colors formula one day (although I actually prefer the MieleCare powder for colors to Color Megaperls - clothes come out softer and the scent is more pleasant with identical stain removal properties).

Post# 813711 , Reply# 166   3/13/2015 at 01:08 (1,346 days old) by Supersuds (Knoxville, Tenn.)        

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I agree the scent airs out well, and I didn't use an extra rinse. Not sure if my description of floral is technically correct, but as opposed to spicy, herbal, or fruity, yes I'd say it is floral in a cheap, synthetic way.

I'm hard to please on scents, though. In the Seventies, most every detergent smelled at least okay; now hardly any of them do. Obviously I'm out of step with something.

Post# 813720 , Reply# 167   3/13/2015 at 02:53 (1,346 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
What Persil Calls "Gel"

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In the German/Europe version is really more of a thick liquid, so perhaps the same consistency has been kept for the Dial version.

Persil "gel" from Henkel is nowhere as thick as Ariel Excel gel for instance.

Post# 813748 , Reply# 168   3/13/2015 at 08:21 (1,346 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

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I ended up taking out the pour insert out of the PowerPearls bottle since I had that same issue. Henkel's knows that its going to be an issue since I mentioned it to them online in FaceBook. They said to just take the insert out. Now you would think that they would just leave it out in the first place. I find there is no need for it at all.
I did see the uber sized Persil bottles at Walmart and they are asking $18 a bottle. Its twice the size of the 48 load and 37 load bottles. They also had the PowerCaps in a snap lid box too. In the Walmart I went to, they had moved the plethora of Tide over and made room for Persil, right next to Tide. I am interested on how the detergent rates in CU. But one thing if this brand is going to do well is not limit it to Walmart. I know I have said it before, but the clientel of Walmart isnt going to spend $10 on a premium detergent when Xtra is only $1.99 a bottle. Henkels needs to rethink this out.

Post# 813765 , Reply# 169   3/13/2015 at 09:30 (1,346 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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I ran a large load of whites in the Calypso a couple days ago with 2 oz. of Persil Power-Pearls, 2 tbsp STPP, 140°F incoming temp (I always purge the line).  However, I also used 1/2 cup Clorox LCB in the timed dispenser (regular/sanitizing version) so perhaps it wasn't a fair test of the Persil.  It was a grungy load, accumulating for probably 3 weeks.  The results were on-par with Tide HE power, can't say better but surely not less.  I did notice when folding that the items seemed slightly more harsh to the touch than usual (did not use softener, but usually don't on whites).  There was no scent remaining of the Persil, although the LCB may be responsible for that.

Post# 813800 , Reply# 170   3/13/2015 at 13:39 (1,346 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        


For your next load try it without additives and see how it works. When I use the German version I don't use anything else with it, so that is how I am trying this new formula - it's on it's own. I did check out the laundry tips on the USA Persil site and it does suggest using chlorine bleach for some stains.

IIRC the Calypso is a top loader right? So it is interesting to see how this works in a different styles of machines.

Post# 813849 , Reply# 171   3/13/2015 at 18:50 (1,345 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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Detergents like Persil with many enzymes, work best on a longer, warm wash. Flushing the detergent in with 140F water isn't exactly optimal*. That's also the reason why the underwear stains mentioned somewhere above vanished after a longish soak in warm water.

* the Euro Duet even flushes the dispenser with ten seconds of cold water before switching to hot

Post# 813857 , Reply# 172   3/13/2015 at 19:23 (1,345 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
If One Is Going To Use LCB Then There Really Isn't A Rea

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To use Persil, especially a version with oxygen bleach.

Everything about Persil like every other European "HE" detergent is geared to laundering under common methods/conditions found on that side of the pond.

Chlorine bleach is rarely used for laundry in most European households. Hence the development of complex and complicated activated oxygen bleaching systems and or enzymes. Chlorine bleach cancels out oxygen bleach and kills enzymes, that in turn hobbles much of the purpose of Persil.

Post# 813960 , Reply# 173   3/14/2015 at 15:40 (1,345 days old) by Irishwashguy (Salem,Oregon.............A Capital City)        
I tried it and Love it!

irishwashguy's profile picture
Took it to the laundromat on a couple large loads of sheets. I also combined it with the tide oxy and found a little goes a long way. It smelled just like Mega pearls that I have used prior. For 9.97 it removed the massage oil with no problem. I hade to do a double take last night when I saw it in Happy Valley, Oregon Wal mart. I did a double take. Persil @ Wal mart! This is a great value, you won't be disappointed😃

Post# 813965 , Reply# 174   3/14/2015 at 15:59 (1,345 days old) by Irishwashguy (Salem,Oregon.............A Capital City)        
I have room for more

irishwashguy's profile picture

Post# 813988 , Reply# 175   3/14/2015 at 20:14 (1,344 days old) by angus (Fairfield, CT.)        

Finally saw the Persil line at our local WalMarts in CT - Shelton, Stratford and Norwalk - all had the same end cap display with the video. Also saw a TV commercial for the stuff last night where it was noted that it was "exclusively at WalMart". So being me, I bought the powder and the liquid. Same complaint about the pouring spout - ridiculous, you would think something silly like that would have been perfected. So I just removed it anyway. Tried powder on a few loads and some really grubby cleaning cloths and I have to admit, it did a great job.

This is a good development for me since P&G monkeyed around with the scent of Tide w/Bleach powder HE, rendering it no longer acceptable for me (offensively strong and lingering). So now I have an option. Actually WalMart didn't have a lot left on the shelves so am assuming people are buying it - or at least trying it.

Haven't tried the liquid yet so we will have to see about that, but I like the scent.

Now if they could only introduce a readily available HE unscented powder for my poor sister... she has tried All free and clear HE and it works OK but truthfully nothing that special.

Post# 814062 , Reply# 176   3/15/2015 at 14:14 (1,344 days old) by cranraspberry (MA)        

For those wanting to try it out, there's currently a $3 off coupon available for "sizes medium and larger" (I'm assuming it will only work on the $9.97 option and up), and I saw a $1 off coupon a couple of days ago but the link no longer seems to work.
$3 off:

Post# 814140 , Reply# 177   3/16/2015 at 00:23 (1,343 days old) by Supersuds (Knoxville, Tenn.)        

supersuds's profile picture

Article in the 3/16 edition of the Wall Street Journal about the Wal-Mart/Persil hookup. It's an exclusive agreement, meaning you won't be seeing Persil at other store any time soon.

A war is bubbling up in the laundry aisles at Wal-Mart.

The world’s largest retailer has struck a deal to be the exclusive carrier of a new, premium-priced laundry-soap brand in the U.S. And it has stacked the brand, Persil, on store shelves right next to the reigning champion of high-end laundry detergent: Tide.

Expanding its premium-priced offerings may seem a puzzler given Wal-Mart's ultra-frugal customer base. But it makes more sense in the context of Tide maker Procter & Gamble Co.’s lock on the laundry business.

Driven by Tide, P&G accounts for 60% of all sales in the U.S. laundry-detergent market and 85% of the profits—both record highs for the company, P&G chief A.G. Lafley said recently. That dominant position has helped insulate P&G from pressure to cut prices or take other steps that might give Wal-Mart a bigger edge over rivals when it comes to laundry essentials. Last year, P&G was able to effectively raise prices on some Tide varieties by reducing the amount of detergent and number of loads per container.

“Wal-Mart never wants to have a weak balance of power against a supplier,” said Susan Lee, a former P&G employee who is now a partner at consulting firm Simon-Kucher & Partners, where she works with consumer-products makers and retailers. “If Persil sales do well, Wal-Mart can shift the balance of power.”




Tide now accounts for roughly 39% of nationwide laundry-detergent sales and brings in around $2.7 billion annually in the U.S., according to market-researcher Mintel Group. Together with other P&G brands such as Gain and Dreft, P&G has slightly more than a 60% share of the U.S. laundry-detergent market, according to the company.

That dominance is a source of grim humor in the industry. What’s America’s most popular laundry detergent, the joke goes: Tide. What’s No. 2? Whatever is on sale.


Post# 814146 , Reply# 178   3/16/2015 at 01:40 (1,343 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        
What’s No. 2? Whatever is on sale.

mich's profile picture

While I'm not particularly, a fan of Purex or Arm & Hammer. I do, have a thing for All & Surf. I think they clean pretty well, and they don't have insane, nauseating scents like most of the newer Tide offerings. 


Purex. They had a line, I remember called, "Complete" with Zout. I really liked that, but I haven't seen it in years. 



Post# 814381 , Reply# 179   3/17/2015 at 02:22 (1,342 days old) by Irishwashguy (Salem,Oregon.............A Capital City)        
Has anyone tried the sensativ liquid?

irishwashguy's profile picture
Went to our local Salem Walmart on mission and saw the sensativ, big family size containers of the original liquid. Both were 17.97

Post# 814400 , Reply# 180   3/17/2015 at 06:28 (1,342 days old) by kimball455 (Cape May, NJ)        

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Persil is available in our local Wal-Mart in Rio Grande, NJ. Got a bottle and will be giving it a try this week.


Post# 814428 , Reply# 181   3/17/2015 at 09:46 (1,342 days old) by aamassther (Hendersonville, NC )        

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I've been using the Persil pearls for just over two weeks now. About 15 loads later, I've found a new detergent. To me, it's on par with the German Universal powder, but not as good as the MegaPerls. I've had mostly good luck getting kitchen and household stains out. I'm using 45ml for usual loads and 65ml for dirtier loads (lines 1 and 2), as I've always done with the MegaPerls. It rinses very well, in our soft water.

The scent is a little sweeter to me than the German version, so I'm glad it rinses out. Though I like the scent.

I found links to ingredients on Henkel's global site for their German detergents. As suspected, while similar in formulation, they're different. I'm bummed that Henkel NA decided not to offer a Colour version. I've been avoiding OBA's for darks for 8-9 yrs and have noticed a huge difference. But, I realise it's about making money and the majority of the American public want one size fits all.

All in all, I'm very happy that they've brought Persil to the U.S., if they can get it out of Walmart and advertise, we may have a chance of it staying on the market. I think it's an excellent product, better than any of the American offerings. Plus, the U.S. version is way less expensive than the imported stuff.

I also hope Dial/Henkel continues to see a market here and offer the colour versions.

Post# 814445 , Reply# 182   3/17/2015 at 11:02 (1,342 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

One thing Henkel could do very easily is to offer Persil for darks. This used to be named FEWA. This is their product for dark colors so I use it for washing my better dark shirts, pants and my black and blue jeans. The bottle is already in English so no translation or anything necessary - just put it on the shelves.

This is the first roll out of products so perhaps they will issue more types of detergents in the future.

Post# 814512 , Reply# 183   3/17/2015 at 17:08 (1,342 days old) by toploader1984 ()        
Persil proclean

I tried the liquid, on a large load on my lg turbowash front loader, i only used 1/4 of a cap and it made so much suds the lg could not even ramp up to spin! This stuff makes more suds than regular tide! Makes me kind of angry! My german he persil makes NO suds at all!

Post# 814534 , Reply# 184   3/17/2015 at 20:05 (1,341 days old) by angus (Fairfield, CT.)        

Tried the liquid last night on some kitchen towels stained with olive oil based tomato sauce. Hot water, no presoaking and no chlorine bleach. Surprisingly enough, not a trace of the stain. Pretty good given that oil based tomato sauce is a real pain to remove. I did use the maximum fresh scent - and while it was a bit strong, I don't find it objectionable. However, I do have a head cold so my sense of smell is somewhat impaired. Will have to reevaluate when my head clears up.

Post# 814564 , Reply# 185   3/18/2015 at 05:23 (1,341 days old) by roscoe62 (Canada)        
@ angus

So did you experience sudsing like toploader1984 with the liquid?

Post# 814654 , Reply# 186   3/18/2015 at 21:22 (1,340 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Persil Gel For Colors

launderess's profile picture
At least the German version we have in our stash is very sudsy. Unless dosed correctly not only creates froth but does not rinse easily in either the Miele or Lavamat.

Gardenweb Laundry Room has chimed in and while some are thrilled with this Dial/Persil others are less enthusiastic. Being as all this may it is becoming clear the formula is *not* exactly the same sold in Germany. Am going to work with for a start things were changed in reaction to water conditions found in most of the USA. Then perhaps to keep the price point where Henkel thinks it needs to be in order to go against P&G/Tide. You'll notice on the Facebook page whenever anyone asks if these are the same formulas as sold in Germany, Persil Proclean responds "..... are made by the same company that makes Persil...." which isn't exactly the same thing.


Is found in many liquid laundry detergents in the USA. IIRC most versions of Tide liquids have the stuff for a start. However boron is getting a bad name for itself from environmentalists in Europe. You'll notice most oxygen bleaching systems in Europe have moved from sodium perborate to percarbonate recently.

Post# 814743 , Reply# 187   3/19/2015 at 10:14 (1,340 days old) by PassatDoc (Orange County, California)        

I agree the powder packaging looks like it was designed by an intoxicated person. Since up to now all of my Persil was brought back from Germany in small packets, for years I have simply emptied the contents into an old OxyClean container with a resealable lid to keep out moisture. My FL needs only 1-2 tbsp (15-30 ml) of detergent per load, so I use a coffee measure (30 ml) to dose my detergent. I would simply pour the US Persil into a resealable container (the Glad plastic food containers, in the proper size, would work nicely) and toss the original container. If it didn't all fit, I'd fill the container and place the unused portion of the original container on a shelf until needed, and then not worry about accumulation in the neck of the bottle.

Post# 814744 , Reply# 188   3/19/2015 at 10:15 (1,340 days old) by PassatDoc (Orange County, California)        
ps Billie Dyer

I have friends in Bellaire OH and attended their wedding there (reception in Wheeling) years ago. Never actually set foot in Steubenville though.

Post# 814766 , Reply# 189   3/19/2015 at 13:22 (1,340 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        

mich's profile picture

Customer review by laundress

5.0 stars by laundress


The debate on whether or not this is exactly the same formulation as those uber-expensive imported boxes of the universal powder may still continue, but this detergent is fantastic. Removes all stains and brightens fabrics. It has a pleasant, delicate scent which does not linger on the clothing after drying, even if clothes are dried outside in the sun. Rinses completely clean, so there is no residue (think how great this is for your HE washers, too!). My clothes feel much softer now, and I have not used Downy in almost a week. Once all the residue from other detergents was rinsed out with Persil, I did not need softeners. The dosing is simple, and one needs only a little to achieve great results on laundry. The drum of my washing machine shines too, and the pesky white stains on the door seal are gone!

Is it just me? Or, if I not alone in thinking someone other than Laundress wrote that review?


Post# 814790 , Reply# 190   3/19/2015 at 17:08 (1,340 days old) by toploader1984 ()        

The liquid is not for HE machines! Even though it says "safe for all machines" funny how evryone around here always talks about tide HE oversidsing but they don't complain about persil, at least tide doesn't sudslock my machine causing it to fault out.

Post# 814825 , Reply# 191   3/19/2015 at 20:11 (1,339 days old) by angus (Fairfield, CT.)        

The liquid sudsed a bit given a medium water level in a top loader so there was lots of splashing. However, it rinsed very well so I don't see a problem there.

Post# 814927 , Reply# 192   3/20/2015 at 16:10 (1,339 days old) by toploader1984 ()        
Persil power caps

Update, i decided to brave walmart and go buy the persil "caps" because the liquid has too much suds, have a large load of work clothes washing now and NO suds at all! Kiss tide pods goodbye? Not sure just yet, have to do more testing ;-)

Post# 814972 , Reply# 193   3/20/2015 at 23:08 (1,338 days old) by sudsmaster (East of SF, West of Eden, California)        

sudsmaster's profile picture

I picked up a 50 load bottle of the "Fresh Scent" power pearls for $12 at my local Walmart. They had the 37 load bottle of the "Original Scent" powder for $10, but my math indicated the larger bottle was a better deal.


They also had small and large bags and bins of the pods, but I passed on that.


I'll give the powder a try this weekend. In both the Neptune and the Miele.


Post# 815013 , Reply# 194   3/21/2015 at 11:58 (1,338 days old) by swestoyz (Cedar Falls, Iowa)        
The plunge

swestoyz's profile picture
Earlier this week I also braved the local Wal-Mart in Waterloo to discover they indeed were stocking all Persil varieties. I picked up a 50 load bottle of pearls for 14.99 (the 36 load was 10.99). The first load was tested in the 806. All whites using the soak cycle, hot water. Nice suds level for an "HE" detergent, and it rinsed pretty well. One of the hand towels had some blood stains that came out nicely. Looking forward to using it in the Neptune as well as a Frigidaire.


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Post# 815025 , Reply# 195   3/21/2015 at 14:33 (1,338 days old) by PassatDoc (Orange County, California)        

Has anyone tried it in a front loader yet? The PowerPerls bottle has the small HE logo on the front, but I wonder whether this is copyrighted. I think Costco's powder detergent, which it bills as being suitable "for all machines", also has the HE logo, and knowing the difference in sudsing, I would never assume or trust a given detergent to work in both settings.

Using HE powder detergent, be it Tide HE or Gain HE, or Ariel or Persil brought back from Europe, I never use more than 2 tbsp/30 ml, and more like 15-20 ml for typical loads. I'd use 30 ml for a giant load in my 4.3 cu ft Electrolux series 60.

Although normally I never set foot in Walmarts, because of the way they treat employees and local communities, I may break down and either order it or stop by a store so I can buy a test bottle of the Power Perls. Bizarre that they (Henkel) would execute an exclusive deal with Walmart, given that it is not an upscale chain and I would guess that a majority of their customers use top loaders (not vintage TLs but NEW TLs) rather than front loaders. I am aware that over 50% of new machines sold in USA are FL, but my guess is that percentage rises in more affluent areas and stores. Where I live, Walmart is redneck city (bear in mind this is suburban OC, and Walmart is not the only retail game in town. They have not dominated here, they only hold their own, because there is lots of competition and people are willing to pay higher prices to avoid Walmart).

Post# 815033 , Reply# 196   3/21/2015 at 16:03 (1,338 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        
In a front loader

is the only thing I have and so yes I have tried the Perls and the liquid and have used the Perls in a 190F wash. I did 3 loads today used the Perls in 1 and the liquid in 1 and Miele for colors powder in the last, just to compare and I did about 6 loads last week using both Persils, but I must say I have never seen as many suds in my washer during the wash as I see in Ben's picture. Ben how much did you use?

For the first use of the Perls I used 45 mls which is about what line 1 is. For the rest of my loads I have been using 2 tablespoons just like I usually did and it has worked OK. Probably going to depend on your washer and water conditions, plus you might need this much for a top loader.

For the liquid I have been using 45mls. it is a bit sudsy, but so is German liquid Persil, but the rinses are fine. I think I will reduce the liquid down to 40 or 30 also.

The instructions say to use more for larger loads, and I am still experimenting with it but I think in the end 30 for light soil to 40ml for heavy soil seems like it might be ok for me. I only have a 6K machine but I fill it until you can't get anymore in it, plus I think you can use less if you are using a higher water temperature.

Post# 815061 , Reply# 197   3/21/2015 at 22:03 (1,337 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Walmart Is All Over Europe IIRC

launderess's profile picture
Not just the USA as well. Though the Persil "ProClean" is only for the United States maybe Wally World has an arrangement for a larger discount based upon worldwide sales of Henkel products.

We keep coming back to outside of Walmart few other grocery/supermarket chains in the USA can compete. This of course begs the question why not use Dial Corporation's established product distribution system. I mean they can get Purex, Fels Naptha, Right Guard and other products in stores from Maine to California so what was so special about Persil?

Post# 815065 , Reply# 198   3/21/2015 at 23:33 (1,337 days old) by Dustin92 (Jackson, MI)        

So far, love both the liquid and pearls! I have noticed old stains disappearing from clothes, whites are coming out whiter, and not much is needed to do the job. I have noticed the liquid is quite sudsy in a top loader, while the pearls have little to no suds at all, and seem to have less scent. I like the scent, but I think it could be a little stronger, especially in the pearls.

Post# 815067 , Reply# 199   3/22/2015 at 00:26 (1,337 days old) by Supersuds (Knoxville, Tenn.)        

supersuds's profile picture
I think the WSJ article quoted above makes it clear enough: Wal-Mart wanted exclusivity and paid up for it.

Meanwhile Henkel gets guaranteed shelf space at the country's strongest retailer without having to fight tooth and nail. Win-win.

Post# 815128 , Reply# 200   3/22/2015 at 13:26 (1,337 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

logixx's profile picture
"Walmart Is All Over Europe IIRC"

Just not in Germany, where they left after trying to establish themselves, losing $1 billion in the process.

Post# 815129 , Reply# 201   3/22/2015 at 13:37 (1,337 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

foraloysius's profile picture
The UK is the only country in Europe left where Walmart is active.

Post# 815144 , Reply# 202   3/22/2015 at 15:46 (1,337 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

was kind enough to send me this link about Walmart in Germany. Seems like they hit the shores thinking they would operate just like in the the USA and it didn't work out too well for a variety of reasons not the least of which was to have an USA citizen at the head - talk about clueless when it comes to German culture and consumer habits. This points out the necessity to do the due diligence required to know how to operate in the environment you are in, which is one of the reasons why I think Henkel decided to have Oba's and such in the formulas that are sold here, and to suggest using LCB for stains when using the Liquid detergent, and why the instructions direct people to use line 1 or line 2 instead of giving dosing measurements by load size, soil level and water hardness like they do in Germany. All of these things I mentioned above are common to the USA laundry practice and so that is what you see in the Henkel product sold to us. Doesn't guarantee success but at least they are starting out using the same parameters that the average USA consumer uses.


Post# 815160 , Reply# 203   3/22/2015 at 16:25 (1,337 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

I did a load of white underwear and mostly grey athletic socks today and thought I would post some information about what happened. I used 2 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon of the Persil Perls detergent. I think this is something like 34 mls. I probably didn’t need the extra teaspoon but I am still experimenting. I used a wash temperature of 120F, 1 wash 2 rinses, spins in between each, final spin. I do not use any other additives to my loads. I just used the detergent which is what I do with Persil from Germany or Miele detergents. My machine instructs me not to use LCB so I haven't used that in a washer since 2003.

Pic 1 This is a shot of the wash while it was tumbling. You can see some suds running down the window.

Pic 2 This is the wash after 30 minutes.

Pic 3 this is the wash after 50 minutes.

Pic 4 This is a sample of the wash water after it was pumped out. My washer drains into the laundry sink next to it so I can see and capture the water.

Pic 5 This is the water in the first rinse

Pic 6 this is the last rinse water plus a bit of Suavitel Island Splash FS.

Pic 7 a sample of the finished load. I have more pictures of this but I mean - its just shots of tighty whitey underwear.

So everything finished nice, bright and clean using this dose of detergent. I think folks with larger machines, or machines that use more water in the wash like top loaders might need to use more or start with the recommended amount , but the best thing to do is experiment and find the least amount that works for the machine and load type you have.

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 7         View Full Size
Post# 815174 , Reply# 204   3/22/2015 at 17:57 (1,336 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        
Greys & Whites...

mich's profile picture

Word of advice, they don't mix well. Overtime, the grey fabric dye will leach onto your whites, causing this, nasty dingy hue. You can prevent/fix this by using Chlorine Bleach, as it'll remove the extra dye.


But still, be careful in mixing color clothing with whites. :-)


(If I was mixing, I'd do Blue Clothing, or Blue Socks. Those won't have much of a *noticeable* effect ;) ) 

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Post# 815180 , Reply# 205   3/22/2015 at 18:21 (1,336 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        

mich's profile picture

For what it's worth, 60% of americans, step foot in a Walmart store every single month. It's a necessary evil. 


Walmart... despite might not being well liked. Does have the largest distribution system in the country, and just getting one product into every supercenter can make a company. One has to remember that. 


If I was going to launch a product, with just one company, I'd choose Walmart anyday over Target. And this is coming from a Target Team Member. You're just going to have a larger customer base, and... more exposure to your brand. 


Maybe. I just live in a nicer area. But... I've never seen anyone panhandling near our Walmart. I kinda think it's a privilege to shop there. Our store is very nice and clean, and well laid out. And, as long as you're not shopping on a Weekend, it's never hectic. 







That's another thing. Guys. Grocery Shop during the week. Saturdays & Fridays, are the WORST time to go grocery shopping. 


Your walking in on the last day of a sale typically (for one)... so anything good, is typically gone. And second,  I'd say at least 50% of a supermarkets weekly volume sales, are conducted on Saturday. It's the worst time to shop.



Post# 815221 , Reply# 206   3/22/2015 at 21:49 (1,336 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Thanks for mentioning the greys with whites. These are grey socks and the only reason I have them in this load is because I wear them around the house without shoes and so they tend to pick up dirt off of the wood floors. One thing about having my washer drain into the sink is that I get to see the colors in the water as it is pumped out and am able to see what is fading and so forth. I also get to see what the actual rinse water looks like after every rinse. So far I think these socks are pretty color fast and I have not noticed any greying of the whites. Been washing these together for the last 4 years. But I do have other greys that definitely must be done separately and other than these socks nothing get washed with whites. I buy a lot of cotton clothes and some are that are designed to slowly fade so for those I have to be very careful not to mix any different colors together.

Thanks for the suggestion and I will def keep it in mind! Hmm... maybe I will stop washing these socks with the white underwear and see what happens.

Walmart -- I haven't seen panhandlers there, and for the most part my Walmart is very clean. A few years ago it was expanded into a Super Center(I think that's what you call it) and it now has a wide selection of food and everything else. One big reason I check it out is because they have a wider selection of detergents and fabric softeners than other stores I shop and they are selling it at a cheaper price. I find that the cashiers are very friendly too, so over all I don't have any problems with the people that work there.

Post# 815309 , Reply# 207   3/23/2015 at 10:07 (1,336 days old) by PassatDoc (Orange County, California)        

I live in an upscale area, but very near to a military base, where many of the dependents come from rural areas where Walmart is often the only game in town. Consequently, there is very high brand loyalty in this consumer group. On the rare occasion when I set foot in the store (last time about eight years ago; I've placed an online order every 2-3 years), the aisles are so narrow that two people cannot walk side by side while shopping. One wonders how they pass fire inspection.

In particular, I dread check out lines at Walmart. I've never gotten out in under 30 minutes, despite the line not appearing to be inordinately long, because nearly everyone ahead of me has a check-out issue: card declined, argument over a 30 cents off coupon, etc.

Before the K-Mart here closed down, it used to be my favorite place for variety shopping. Everything under one roof, reasonable prices (if not the lowest in town), and best of all, everyone's debit or credit card worked, so that check out was quick and efficient. I used to be kidded for "shopping with all the Mexicans", but the Mexican families I saw there were hard-working, with both parents in work uniforms and two or three very tightly controlled, well-scrubbed kids. Maybe I wouldn't want to wear the clothes they were buying, but K-Mart isn't a 99-cent store and for these families it was a matter of pride to be able to buy new clothes and stay within their budget.

In contrast, what I"d see at Walmart were women with curlers in their hair allowing their kids to run loose through the store, as if it were their own personal playground. Their dialects suggested to me that most likely they lived on base and not in town, and were not long=time residents here. I understand if dad is overseas for a six month tour, mom has all the disciplinary responsibility, but at least at Walmart the system seemed to break down.

Another reason I avoid Walmart was that I knew one of the Walton children (now deceased) personally, and he left me underwhelmed both by his intellect and his concern for others less economically fortunate. He was one of major backers of a 1993 California ballot initiative to create school vouchers for parents of kids in private schools. I could see this if there was means-testing, but why a billionaire would need tuition assistance for his kids' schooling was beyond me (the initiative failed by a wide margin). For several year we attended the same Xmas Eve gathering and I told him that year that I voted "no" as did all of my friends and all of my relatives, because the initiative seemed calculated to destroy the public school system.

I broke down and ordered a package of Persil Power-Pearls last night online, so I can give it a try like some of you have, but I refuse to set foot in the store. The $4.97 shipping/handling charge is more than worth the savings of my time, given that it is a 15-20 minute drive for me and takes 30 minutes to navigate the check-out line. (in the early 2000s there were times when every single credit card of people ahead of me in line was declined).

Post# 815319 , Reply# 208   3/23/2015 at 10:47 (1,336 days old) by chachp (Conway, AR)        
OMG! Can I come out of the closet...........

chachp's profile picture

.....about using a Flipfold?


Yes I saw it there on a counter in one of these photos!!!!  So I'm not the only one that hides them away so folks won't think I'm nuts??!!!  I love mine!  I have two.  One up front by the Washer and Dryer and another back in the bedroom because I'm too lazy to walk all the way up front.  My other half thinks I'm nuts using that thing, but he sure likes the way his clothes get folded (he's banned from the washer when some of his stupid gym socks with black toes and heels ruined a load of whites)!


I have been following this thread on Persil because I used to use it exclsively.  I had the two forumulations.  One for whites and one for colors and loved them both.  About five years ago though I developed this strange allergy to Essential Oils and other fragrances.  So I had to quit using all kinds scented products that I really liked. 


I have been seening the Persil ads on TV the past few weeks and was as surprised as many of you to see it being sold here. 


The closest I've found to the Persil is the Sears brand detergent with OXY clean.  I know we have discussed this product before and not all were that taken with it but I have been happy with it as it doesn't seem to irritate my skin as it is not highly scented.

Post# 815324 , Reply# 209   3/23/2015 at 11:05 (1,336 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

nmassman44's profile picture
That would be little ol' me with the Flip-n-Fold. I love mine and I use it every laundry day. Granted it takes alittle more time but its worth it in neatness. I remember the episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon was in the laundry room using his Flip-n-Fold...Scott looked at me with this grin and said see...your like Sheldon! LOL

Post# 815344 , Reply# 210   3/23/2015 at 14:09 (1,336 days old) by Iheartmaytag (Wichita, Kansas)        
At Wal-mart yesterday

iheartmaytag's profile picture
they had Persil sensitive skin for $11.99

I already had some of the Powder and liquid so I passed

I guess I am a little underwhelmed, It's a premium detergent, commanding a premium price, but I don't see it any better or worse than Tide.

I may keep these in the drawer under the washer, but Tide will still be my main detergent.

Post# 815372 , Reply# 211   3/23/2015 at 17:01 (1,336 days old) by sudsmaster (East of SF, West of Eden, California)        

sudsmaster's profile picture

I tried the Persil Power-Perls Intense Fresh powder the other day on a load of bath sheets.


They came out clean enough, but rather on the stiff/scratchy side. Previously I've been using a variety of liquid detergents, and the towels usually come out much softer than with the Persil powder. So it's back to the liquid stash for bath towels.


Next I'll try a load of colors (shirts, slacks, etc.) that I normally launder with Sears Ultra boosted with STPP.


Post# 815690 , Reply# 212   3/25/2015 at 08:05 (1,334 days old) by mattywashboy (Perth, Western Australia)        

mattywashboy's profile picture
Hi Guys,

Curiosity got the better of me and I caved in and ordered some Power Pearls Intense Fresh and the Original Liquid to be shipped to Australia (so much more expensive than it has been previously for some reason).

I love them both so far but did have to remove the silly pour spout from the powder because its just impractical.

Love the scent of both, washed some sheets in the pearls and they are just divine after a windy line dry. Shirts in the liquid and smell wonderful and fresh. All food stains gone even in a cool wash. Very happy with them.


Post# 815711 , Reply# 213   3/25/2015 at 10:12 (1,334 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

kenmoreguy89's profile picture
I said before, will repeat now
I think persil got really overrated to unthinkable levels in the US, say because now there's the fashion of Europe and european stuff is "trendy" so also because of the evident Europeization of America plan by the govs, say because Miele pumped it like they pumped their machines, Germans are good sellers also, they can sell well a story like the italians always do...yes, I mean it's not that is crap, but on both sides of the pond now the detergent market is pretty much mature, as far as I'm concerned there're detergents that will do the exact same job and even better than Persil, both here that in the US, of course that's my opinion and finding about, I buy Dixan sometimes but even though I don't like P&G moves about marketing etc.. I gotta say Dash, EU Ariel, mexican Ariel and US Tide beat Dixan always...but so does other powders like italian Sole (dixan is what is henkel Persil in Italy- same exact thing as German one)....
I can find cheaper powders giving me the same and also better results for half the cost of it....
Really it's not that great for me...

Post# 815792 , Reply# 214   3/25/2015 at 18:53 (1,333 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Yes, we understand your point.

launderess's profile picture
However the United States is *not* Europe and until *very* recently good quality detergents for "HE" or even just front loading washing machines have been scarce.

P&G's first offering of Tide HE was a disaster. Unless carefully dosed it created just as much froth and was hard to rinse as normal Tide.

Where Miele and even AEG (via Canada) were concerned you are talking about washing programs vastly different than anything else on the US market at that time.

American detergents even IIRC Tide "HE" are/were designed for high dilution (top loading washing machines) with short cycles (wash about 10 to 18 minutes), and not the long often profile washes of European machines.

I like many have gotten very good results using older American detergents (especially those loaded with phosphates), but lately have noticed results in both the Miele and Lavamat are better with European detergents.

Fact is only detergents from Europe (older Persil 59 and the various Persil, Dato, Super Croix, OMO, etc...) are the only detergents I use in the Lavamat. Quite honestly am moving towards that with the older Miele as well. Just find results are consistently great with less issues of froth and difficulty rinsing.

Of the recent offerings from Tide both the Free and Gentle and the now defunct Coldwater Free are actually pretty good liquid detergents. If dosed correctly have little issues with foaming and stain/soil removal are excellent. However the liquid/gel offerings from Europe still have slight edge in terms of overall performance.

Front loading washing machines in the USA tended or still do have rather short cycles than say many European machines. Laundromat washers in particular still do not run very long cycles. This means you could get away with typical American detergents due to lack of worries about potency giving out over long wash times.

Post# 815859 , Reply# 215   3/26/2015 at 06:39 (1,333 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

kenmoreguy89's profile picture
Look that I am well aware that Europe is not the United states, but I think I can speak about detergents since I buy lots of american detergents and I used and tried pretty much all you can find on the average US market, some South American and european...
I am well aware of the early HE low foam products and how they do in A FL..remember I used many and currently have one in my "petit-collection"...
High diluition may be a matter...but as far as I'm concerned is not really that Big to justify the success Persil have now that anyway most HE products seems to do great in any machine...
I could have gotten it if the insertion of persil on market would have happened long ago when Low foam/front loader powders were re-gearing up..but not now..well I mean..I don't get the big deal about it.
The matter of the "profile" of a wash and detergents may have had more importance in the now-long-gone times we didn't have Taed and percarbonate, oxygen activators etc were not common but only plain perborate, but today's detergents pretty much all got TAED and or anyway oxygen bleach activators that provides an effective bleaching already in warm-medium water.
European front loaders typically had longer wash cycles because in many european countries they have to heat their own water and were meant to do that anyway vs what is an historical Hot fill in the US.
Initially in the past infact you gotta had an initial phase where enzymes and surfactans worked and as the wash proceeded oxy bleach was engaged, that meant further longer wash times needed as bleaching action was engaged later in the wash portion as the water reached proper hotness...

Of course as you say American detergents tended and so do now to do all at once, but so does european detergents now from decades, especially recently that are always more developped to deliver same in further lower temperatures, now even "cool" 15-20 degrees as they state on the packages...
In the US there are also variations including an increased amount of bleach which counterbalance the fact that many low end cheap powders doesn't by default in the US, but is kind of same here where the percarbonate in low end powders is so little or so bad quality not to even make a difference, but the difference in the US is that these low end stuff typically have a slightly more expensive but still cheap variation with bleach, here not.... i find it a more intelligent approach.
I believe the cheap basic formula of these low end ones doesn't as you can always add the kind of bleach (LCB, oxy or whatevr) action you prefer in any case, I believe that is because in the US there might the chance that some families doesn't have the possibility to use water hot enough to really get an oxy bleaches working resulting in a mere waste and an increase of price that would result in losing a slice of market, these folks I mentioned gotta use LCB as opposed to Europe where as said all of the machines typically will never have the incapability to get the water hot enough to get an oxy bleach do it's job, even though many do use LCB the same.
Another curious thing is that this bleach/ultra white/oxy action whatever you call it tendence to put an increased bleach amount is being exported over here, where you now have many detergents in ultra white/ultra bleach/with vanish etc versions..
Tide was among the first with this attitude of increased bleach, even though the original versions and pretty much most P&G offerings and in general all the TOL P&G or not powder stuff contains percarbonate and or activators the same by default, just less of them vs the W/bleach, both versions of Tide with bleach or original are indeed very good, the original variation of Tide is already better than persil in my opinion.
But again so is mexican ariel or Gain which for half the cost just do the very same of persil IMO, hence why I say the detergents are mature pretty much everyhwere and can't quite get all this craze about Persil.
But I agree that initially persil may have gotten the good fame it did also because it was designed for a front loader while in the US these kind of products were not around since alot of times and they were just kind of breaking-in ..I just question why is it still so "Big deal" now and why the persil...
A choice more is anyway always welcome though..don't you agree?

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Post# 815867 , Reply# 216   3/26/2015 at 07:25 (1,333 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Unlike Europe where TAED bleach activators have become generic, P&G holds and has locked down all patents for such oxygen bleaching systems (based on NBOS)in the USA. Thus the only products you see with activated bleaching technology are Tide other detergents from P&G such as Gain that have received trickle down technology.

P&G also has released a plethora of activated oxygen bleach additives (Tide here, Ariel across the pond).

All my washing machines drain into sink so am able to judge the quality of rinse water. Modern P&G powdered detergents leave a chalky residue on the side of the sink, Persil does not. Cheer powder actually discolored the metal tub of my Hoover Twin Tub.

Persil powder and mega-perls are far more forgiving in terms of rinsing if over dosed than Tide.

Cannot think of one "low" or "cheap" powdered detergent in the USA that contains oxygen bleach. Biz is sold as either a bleach or laundry pre-soak/stain remover depending upon whatever the new owners seem to prefer. In any event it is no longer made by P&G so does not contain their activated bleaching system.

In my area of NYC there is only one powder left on store shelves, Tide, and even that can be hard to find. Balance of the space has given over to liquids or pod format detergents. Thus do not know where you are finding these "cheap" powders, and cannot therefore comment.

My Lavamat is a cold fill only machine and thus by nature will do a "profile wash" if temps above "cold" are selected. It will go further if one selects "stain" option. The cycles are long and while they can be shortened even then the shortest cotton/linen/normal runs about 80mins. Allowing the machine to fill with warm or even hot water confuses the thing as it messes with the set heating parameters.

Tide with bleach powder on its own never shifted certain stains the way Persil or even other European detergents in my stash can with ease. Have had good results with using Tide cold-water liquid in a soaking bath over night, and long wash cycles in either the Miele or Lavamat.

Will put my stash of both vintage and modern detergents up against yours or anyone else's any day of the week. Increasingly for my money and time am coming round to preferring a "one step solution". That is add one product, start machine and that is that.

Post# 815869 , Reply# 217   3/26/2015 at 08:00 (1,333 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

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I don't know about that trickle down tecnology, but I can tell for sure Gain, Tide and Ariel as for others washed better than Dixan- Persil do..and you could see and feel the good bleaching action, Tide and mexican Ariel shifted stains Dixan always have hard times to deal with giving better whites to me.
I get some chalky resiudes on the sink using Dixan and Persil machines also drains in the sink and agree there's not better judge than ourselves for that..what I find leaving more resiudes though is Lever's British persil, even though it less foaming it leaves other residues.
P&G also released lots of bleaches additives here, in the past as well that keeps being sold, we recall Ace that was on since the early 90s and of course as every where else the are now the additves of the same brands of detergents Ariel or Dash upon the country.
Over here each manufacturer company came up with an additive at some Point we talk of 90s as well, RB had vanish, Henkel had Sil, Bolton Manitoba had Omino Bianco, p&G Ace etc..
Low-end/cheap detergents in the US who contains oxy stuff in original versions are many store brands, Oxydol, The lever surf before being sold did, Ariel (cheap indeed) name few... so there are..then there are always the versions with bleach, but as I stated it's true that on general note and speaking generally and largely cheap/BOL ones in the US doesn't typically contain bleach in their original/clasic/basic versions, and I suppose it's for the reasons I mentioned, which is what I defined a more intelligent approach.
I don't certainly shop in NY even because the prices over there are sort of crazy vs elsewhere in the US, I agree that the choice in NYC stores and supermarkets is beyond pitiful for what concerns the powders, but also for liquids it's not that "nice" but there are places around US where powders are common to be sold, I've read in another thread you are snobby regarding shopping at walmart...well that's a place where you can find plenty of powders...

"Will put my stash of both vintage and modern detergents up against yours or anyone else's any day of the week. Increasingly for my money and time am coming round to preferring a "one step solution". That is add one product, start machine and that is that. "
I don't quite get what you mean with this launderess, could you please explain better?

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Walmart: Many other Americans do not like that place for various reasons having nothing to do with who or whom shops there; more like the Walton family and how they run their business. But we aren't on that right now.

Trickle down: P&G developed and holds all patents for activated oxygen bleaching systems for the USA market using NBOS. You can see them listed on the sides of P&G detergents/bleaches by looking up the patent numbers listed.

P&G began with Biz which was originally a pre-soak. They then transferred the technology to Oxydol. That product went from a soap to detergent with oxygen bleach to activated oxygen bleach. Finally P&G developed Tide with Bleach when they perfected their oxygen bleaching system.

As P&G's premier powdered detergent all innovations first go to TWB and at one time remained. Now P&G has allowed some but no all of that technology to "trickle down" to Gain powder with bleach, Tide Stain Release powder, Tide Stain Boost/Vivid Pods and so forth.

Because TWB cleaned so well and could be used as a pre-wash or pre-soak sales of Biz dropped and it soon became almost an after thought brand. Have a huge stash of older Biz "bleach" and you really do not need to use it with a detergent as it contains everything needed on its own including enzymes. Oxydol also became a "forgotten" brand over shadowed by TWB. Both have now been sold off.

As stated previously in this forum the reason P&G, Unilever and so forth are developing these bleach/enzyme additives has to do with the rise of liquid or gel detergents over powders. Liquid detergents cannot/do not contain oxygen bleaching systems. Some do not contain complex enzyme cocktails either. Most every consumer testing group on both sides of the pond note liquid/gel detergents do not whiten or remove all marks as well as powdered detergents with bleach.

What to do? Sell a stand alone product that replaces what is missing; oxygen bleach, an activator, and perhaps some alkaline agent.

This is what one means by an "one step solution". With Persil powder or a few other European detergents I don't have to add anything else. Just put the powder in dispenser or pod in drum, close door, start machine and walk away.

Persil, Ariel and a few other European powdered detergents in my stash will deal with all manner of marks and soil on laundry *by themselves*. I don't have to add extra oxygen bleach or anything else.

Post# 815877 , Reply# 219   3/26/2015 at 09:11 (1,333 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

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Oh..I see now, I agree.

Post# 815883 , Reply# 220   3/26/2015 at 09:38 (1,333 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Case In Point

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Have decided to start using some of the vast amounts of European detergents in my stash.

Last night did several loads of bed linen using the Super Croix pods. Measured out detergent into a dosing ball (an entire pod is too much product for a load of sheets), put into machine, shut door, started machine and went away. Came back and removed spotless and brilliantly white/clean linens. No muss, no fuss, nothing more added including STPP.

Post# 815892 , Reply# 221   3/26/2015 at 10:20 (1,333 days old) by PassatDoc (Orange County, California)        

My bottle of Persil Power Pearls powder arrived Wednesday from Walmart ($4 shipping beats a trip to the store, which is a 20 minute drive each way for me). I think the spout design is terrible. As others have mentioned, powder accumulates in the neck.

I'd much prefer German-style plastic bag packets that I can empty into my own sealed container...preferably one with a wide lid that allows me to use a coffee measure to dose the detergent. I use old OyxClean containers, but clear Glad food storage containers would also work fine. One could label them with a felt pen, if more than one kind is used (I have Persil Universal and Color MegaPearls, both brought back from Germany).

I had just opened my last remaining packet of Universal MegaPerls when I heard about Persil at Walmart. Therefore, I will resist trying the Walmart stuff until I have used up my existing packet of German Universal Mega-Perls. It does look and smell like the German original. I am happy to hear good results from those who have tried their initial product.

PS I knew one of the Walton family children quite well and was underwhelmed. What a dolt. For that reason, plus the way their treat their employees, I have not set foot in any of their stores for the past decade. I have made two online purchases in the past twelve years: one bottle of Persil, and in 2013 a Vizio smart tv---and only because the model I wanted was sold out at Best Buy, Costco, and on Amazon. Walmart was the only retailer left with any units in stock (and they sold out the day after I purchased mine). At the time of its introduction, the model in question was extremely popular and literally flew off the shelves faster than even Vizio anticipated.

Post# 815897 , Reply# 222   3/26/2015 at 10:48 (1,333 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

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Yes I see, I'm also of the school of thought only the detergent should be enough, always said that, and liquids or pods never do for me for the well known reasons you mentioned, not much for loads like sheets which don't see much dirt, but for stuff like kitchen clothing, rags tablecloths etc, or also colors when medium to extremely dirty/stained.
About liquids and pods I find Henkel's ones being watered down/ineffective vs what are the P&G liquids or others offerings over here, especially for what it costs, never tried the super croix pods but Henkel's stuff is rather too much soapy/frothy and nothing more than that...they generally stink too with exceptions like Bio Presto, liquid Tide and pods also don't do for me but it's still better than Henkel's stuff.
Today's Liquid/gel dixan (which is not nearly comparable to the gel they used to make back in the days) to get a decent slippery wash liquor i'd need to add something to soften water, otherwise it's like I didn't even put some soap forget a detergent, I don't see a good enzyme action in enzimatic stains either..and as you go "TOLler" and "BOLler" with General (Spee in germany), Bio Presto, or german Weiss Raus enzyme action is even worse. OTOH as said liquids never did well for me.

I generally avoid powders missing bleaches also.
I'm actually againts the idea of buying something more when a detergent, at least what would be my ideal detergent could and *should* have everything to guarantee that alone, especially when price is already high, but that is for me, infact I test detergent effectiveness on that..if it doesn't do alone that's no good for me.
Of course though i also said that in the US or whatever market would actually be wise now to distinguish among products with bleach or not, for the simple fact that different people, for different reasons prefer or need to use different bleaching methods.
But as of today I find intelligent to keep out bleaches from classic/basic formulas and offer a W/bleach version for those who have the possibility and want to go with oxy bleaching or simply find it best for them..detergent makers should also do some laundry educational campaigns on that, and generally build their business on that, just think how many percarbonate goes down wasted and not advantaged-of in those"cold water wash",LCB user folk's drains... not on gimmicks.
But that's another matter...

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Post# 815902 , Reply# 223   3/26/2015 at 11:25 (1,333 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        


I just dumped my Persil Perls into the same container I dump my Megaperls into, and then dose by tablespoons/teaspoons. When these Perls from Walmart came around I dumped the tablespoons into a cup just to measure the amount of Mils.

With the German Persil I have never used any other additives including chlorine bleach since the instructions on my machine said "never to use it" plus I didn't use it that much in a top loader either because I don't like it , and so with these Persil Perls so far I have not added anything extra either. Infact I don't have anything here at home to add.

Try the Persil Pers without additives and let us know of your experience with them.

Post# 816015 , Reply# 224   3/26/2015 at 23:23 (1,332 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        
Powder Detergents with Oxy-Bleach..

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From my local Walmart. Sun Powder, Purex Powder, All Powder, Gain Powder, along with Oxiclean & Arm and Hammer Powder. I think even Fab Powder has it. 


I personally wouldn't consider "Gain" or "Oxiclean" a cheap powder, but, I may be alone in that. All & Surf are actually very good performers on most stains, despite their low price tags. 


I used to really like Tide Original Powder, until there nasty scent change. Even with it being Free, still don't like using the stuff. 




Post# 816020 , Reply# 225   3/27/2015 at 01:36 (1,332 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Perhaps Should Have Been More Clear

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Yes, many powdered detergents do have oxygen bleach. However none outside of those made by P&G and where they deem wish it to be so have bleach activators. My vintage box of Rinso has sodium perborate. Clorox II for Colors has the same IIRC. Ditto Snowy bleach powder, and tons of other things.

Activated oxygen bleaching systems make a huge difference when sodium perborate is used and even to an extend sodium percarbonate. The latter is nicknamed the "cold water" oxygen bleach because it will work in warm or even cool/cold water especially if contact time is increased. However the use of NBOS or TAED with oxygen bleaches creates peracetic acid in situ. PAA is not only a better bleach than hydrogen peroxide it provides greater disinfection properties. PAA is what breweries use to sanitize bottles before beer goes in.

This powerful bleaching is why you often hear person complain Tide With Bleach "faded" their colored laundry even when used in cool or cold water. It also why Persil and many European detergents with such systems developed color versions without. One or two off washes with say Persil Universal probably won't fade your dark blue shirt. However routine use is another matter.

Post# 816024 , Reply# 226   3/27/2015 at 02:11 (1,332 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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Got a bit happy at the walmart... Lol roughly $12 per container, cheaper than what my cost was through my miele dealer account.

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Post# 816096 , Reply# 227   3/27/2015 at 15:37 (1,332 days old) by toploader1984 ()        

While i was at walmart buying persil i noticed something new by arm & hammer, scent boosters.

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Post# 816122 , Reply# 228   3/27/2015 at 18:06 (1,331 days old) by sudsmaster (East of SF, West of Eden, California)        

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What I'd pay good money for would be a "scent killer", rather than a "booster".




Post# 816135 , Reply# 229   3/27/2015 at 19:08 (1,331 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

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I didn't mean to cancel the two responses...I am an idiot..
Robert is there a way you can recover them?

Post# 816146 , Reply# 232   3/27/2015 at 20:44 (1,331 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

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Supersuds....scent suppressor don't exist..but..detergents...
You might be lucky trying out some detergents for Hunter's laundry, they are meant (or so claims) to be scent killer, important thing for hunters...
With the candy store/rotten fruit scent modern detergents have, maybe they can even act to attract some preys...hunters should think about that...LOL

Post# 816147 , Reply# 233   3/27/2015 at 20:45 (1,331 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

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managed to recover them through the history..I clicked and it was saved! Wow! I didn't want to think to write that down again...

Post# 816148 , Reply# 234   3/27/2015 at 20:52 (1,331 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

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Launderess...i think we got you well first time..
But we were speaking of cheap/low end U.S powders containing bleach which you said you couldn't think of.. and Mitch just listed some to you...
If we wanna speak about cheap detergents in Europe though , I could start with Italy listing you MSDS of the common cheap powder you find over here, offered both by RB and Henkel (we don't have Lever involved in laundry here) that doesn't contain perborate, TAED or any activators the same...just carbonate peroxide and many of them in pitiful quantities and or quality/saturation.
I came upon a few detergents from small manufacturers that just had perborate, stuff who kept the same formula of many moons ago, stuff that wouldn't sell well because would not do well in the average "below 60 degrees trend" washes of today....I hope for their sales they changed it now.
So to be even more clear..perhaps it was me saying "pretty much all" that confused us... I was speaking generally about P&G TOL or not, so including stuff like Gain who are not TOL indeed yet it includes the it was "moi" who perhaps gave birth to this misunderstanding? I apologize. least here activators in the cheap or BOL powders, forget most stores brand or Private labels, are not *that* common either....the only non-TOL powders I could find TAED in were ones from German discounts like LIDL , yet a large production meant for a large Europewide distribuition, actually they're known marks (just google formil, Almat, Tandil) so much that in some counties they've even been equiparated to stuff like Ariel..but actually not quite cheap (lidl's formil for example costs 8.99 as much as Dash box cost here)and not all formil version does..for ex the XXL box doesn't..anyway still not falling in the cheap BOL category...
Of course all the TOL and some of the MOL offerings (europewide speaking) does have taed but so is in the US with the P&G's "Nonano" thing (am sure can't spell it well) which now owns pretty much 60% or 70% of Laundry market in the US... P&G it's bigger there than here ...less competitors, hence kind of monopolize the market...
But here is my initial affermation, that in the US even though owned by one company you could find TAED or similar the same as here.
Here it's just that you have more different TOL offerings altoghterer from various countries but each one belonging to his own country, so better speak of different names, with different scents but from same manufacturers, and yes some more companies using taed in TOL than USA (P&G)), USA is huge but a country on it's own, Europe is an union of many with internal micro-economies belonging to each country...but for how many detergent/brands you find in each country, always TOL and expensive they remain, and choice may also reduce to be just few TOL offerings with Taed like it is in Italy, in any ways here we arrive to why I don't get the big deal about persil's white and cleaning boasting like if it were a thing americans never seen before... that's because I said that I found Tide, Gain to be even better for me in many aspects vs the persil not just about cleaning and whiteness, megaperls (german original) don't also have the damn perborate all people speaks about it allegedly has (see for example MSDS in reply 158) ..but that's a finding not a fact...and of course I get that a choice more is always welcome, especially if you don't like Tide or P&G for various reasons, say rinsing (which again, I can't quite share) or frothing whatever.
True that some TOL detergents with activators in Europe tend to contain Perborate along, say Persil and Dash/Ariel, but as far as I see it, detergents in Europe also include much more ingredients both involved in softening and surfactancy and typical formulas for low diluition vs a hybrid-combo (for both TL and FL) adrressed formula in the US, thus I question if that is because in europe it's left less space in the formulation for more of or "richer" percarbonate, and and so here is why they needed to put a stronger thing like perborate along in order to guarantee the bleaching action using less quantity meant as "volume it keeps" of bleaching compound due to the already large consistency involved in the European TOL products formulas?
Percarbonate takes more space than perborate for what it does....
Perborate alone as additive is also sort of outlawed here unfortunately, still available imported from some other places "under the counter" but rare to be found.
In any ways...all you said was heard loud and clear here...

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Post# 816183 , Reply# 236   3/27/2015 at 23:55 (1,331 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Have had the spelling backwards, sorry.

In any event TAED isn't used in the Untied States, and NOBS is confined to Japan and the United States. The patents long ran out on TAED which is how Henkel, Unilever and anyone else over there who wants to develop/use an activated bleaching system based on that chemical can. As stated P&G has managed to keep a lock on NOBS here in North America so won't see that activated oxygen bleaching system anywhere else but in P&G laundry or automatic dishwasher products.

IIRC NOBS works well with how Americans did washing until recently; at lower temperatures and using high dilution detergents, in short top loading washers that did not heat their own water. TAED OTOH is the opposite and was developed with the long profile washes commonly found in Europe. TAED was responsible for allowing Persil and others to advertise "turning down the dial" and housewives still able to achieve boil wash results but at lower wash temps.

These activators were necessary when sodium perborate was the main oxygen bleach.

Sodium perborate does not give good bleaching results in cool or even warm water. Well it will if you increase contact time. It does however really get going at temps of 120F or even >140F; boil washing. The original Persil worked so well because wash was boiled either in a pot or by machine. Biz, Oxydol and even the original Tide with Bleach all contained sodium perborate.

Post# 816186 , Reply# 237   3/28/2015 at 00:26 (1,331 days old) by Supersuds (Knoxville, Tenn.)        

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I didn't make the post about scent suppressors, Freddie; it was sudsmaster, but I did checkrate it! ;)

Post# 816199 , Reply# 238   3/28/2015 at 02:40 (1,331 days old) by sudsmaster (East of SF, West of Eden, California)        

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There's an easy enough solution for the oxygen bleach thingie.


Just get some Oxyclean and add some to the wash. It should activate quite well at warm temps, maybe even at tempered cold (which I rarely use and don't recommend). Oxyclean is mainly sodium percarbonate, which activates at lower temps than sodium perborate.


Some US detergents even include Oxyclean in their formulations. Sears Ultra Plus had an Oxyclean formulation for a while; it cleans very well, doesn't oversuds in a Miele, and seems to have fairly good bleaching action. It also seemed to be more gentle on fabrics than most powders (leaving them softer).  Unfortunately I haven't seen any Sears Ultra Plus with Oxyclean for a while now.


Here's the Wiki entry on NOBS:


Sodium nonanoyloxybenzenesulfonate (NOBS) is an important component of laundry detergents and bleaches. It is known as a bleach activator for active oxygen sources, allowing formulas containing hydrogen peroxide releasing chemicals (specifically sodium perborate, sodium percarbonate, sodium perphosphate, sodium persulfate, and urea peroxide to effect bleaching at lower temperatures.[1] NOBS was developed by Procter & Gamble in 1983[2] and was first used in American laundry detergents in 1988.[3] NOBS is the main bleach activator used in the U.S.A. and Japan.[4] Compared to TAED, which is the predominant bleach activator used in Europe, NOBS is efficient at much lower temperatures. At 20 °C NOBS is 100 times more soluble than TAED in water.[5] When attacked by the perhydroxyl anion (from hydrogen peroxide), NOBS forms the peroxy acid peroxynonanoic acid and releases the leaving group sodium 4-hydroxybenzene sulfonate, which is an inert by-product.

Post# 816200 , Reply# 239   3/28/2015 at 02:45 (1,331 days old) by sudsmaster (East of SF, West of Eden, California)        

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And here is the ingredient list for Persil Pro Clean Power-Pearls:




Post# 816223 , Reply# 240   3/28/2015 at 07:45 (1,331 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        
Sudsmaster & Supersuds

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I apologize.
I'm sure that the initial post I have written was addressed to Sudsmaster, but as I idiotically deleted the posts and quite did a mess probably by scrolling yet another time my brain got confused, it was also late at night and I was not in the best shape.

Post# 816251 , Reply# 241   3/28/2015 at 12:25 (1,331 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

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Yes Launderess that's exactly so....
They're different compounds but with a common goal...or almost, say a few dickers of difference in degrees.

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Post# 816407 , Reply# 242   3/29/2015 at 11:01 (1,330 days old) by gorenje (Slovenia)        

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I'm glad that you now have the opportunity to choose for another premium detergent on you market, and for those who already loved Persil in your front loaders that you are now able to get it for much less money.

I agree with Launderess.
Until now European detergents are formulated to perform much better in front loaders than American detergents, even HE one. Maybe now with Persil from Dial/Henkel the times has changed.

I'm talking from my experiences. I collect detergents from all around the World and have try plenty of them. I don't agree that American detergents (both regular and HE) performs equally in a front loader or even beats an European detergent.

Different formulation (less multienzymes, no oxygen bleach and activators...), High dilution, Suds and much less (or even total absence) of Anti-redeposition agents ...etc. etc. All this are the reasons an American detergent cannot be the same as a European one.
And frankly this is normal. This is not Europe vs. America or America vs. Europe, it is not the fashion of Europe being "trendy". This is just the fact that every product is designed to work better in its environment.
And it's not that Persil is overrated to unthinkable, it's just that now has been offered to Americans something new on their shelves, a detergent with a European formulation.


Post# 816424 , Reply# 243   3/29/2015 at 13:51 (1,330 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

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Then we'll have to agree to disagreement Ingemar, from my experience I found many american detergents to beat european detergents about cleanliness and Persil is one of beated ones...but that's a matter that came after.
Not sure how it came to be your eyes an "America vs Europe or Europe vs America" matter, my Initial comment was about Persil and the fact that I don't find it *that* great (as many claims) about cleaning and don't quite get all the boasting about better whites or getting stuff more clean like nothing before, in any machine you use it ..then all that came after is just general discussion about detergents...
Nobody said Euro powders are not designed better to work in a front loader, they're for sure, but as not everyone has a front loader and Persil is indeed sold as "all type machine" product on par with HE I speak generally, and again, for example I found Tide and Ariel to provide better whites and clean than Persil both the Tide Powder and Liquid respectively to Dixan/persil and in all machines i used it in..
And again, many American detergents do have oxygen bleaches and NOBS activators are found in P&G's, enzymes like Lipase in particular formulations like regular high sudsing powders and also HE are not much needed as fat is supposed to be got rid off from the greater surfactans and so is, same is with Amylase, Cellulase is found in TOL (like it's here) and is just to get rid of lint, high diluition matter I clearly said that in the US you have hybrid formulas the HE are indeed hybrid and meant to work in both machines types so just not specifically made for Front loaders like Euro powders are ,anti rediposition are pretty much the same...but I agree that in a front loader the difference in formula and a specifical low diluition may be more substantial...but what i found to be with Persil and specifically in the results was not that big to justify the boasting it had IMO, especially about cleaning ability! As I didn't find any difference for else and it rather sucks at cleaning vs say Tide cuz cannot remove certain stains and dirts that with Tide or Gain and Ariel I never had left. Can I have an opinion????

What it is and it's not is nothing but an opinion, I have mine you have yours, for me Persil got overrated like pretty much all that comes from Europe just cuz "hey it comes from Europe"!

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Post# 816427 , Reply# 244   3/29/2015 at 14:15 (1,330 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

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"Not sure how it came to be your eyes an "America vs Europe or Europe vs America" matter"

"for me Persil got overrated like pretty much all that comes from Europe!"

There! You said it yourself!

Post# 816429 , Reply# 245   3/29/2015 at 14:25 (1,330 days old) by sudsmaster (East of SF, West of Eden, California)        

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A simple trick for reducing suds in a front loader for an American "HE Compatible" labeled detergent... just add some granulated or grated plain soap. Ivory bar soap would do. This will help to suppress suds while actually aiding cleaning to some extent. I suppose teaspoon would do, might take some trial and error.


I say this because listed in the ingredients for the Walmart Persil powders is soap. And from previous info from Laundress, Persil has long added soap to its powdered detergents to help prevent over-sudsing.


As for Euro vs American technology... let's just say these are different regions with different practices and different needs. Because of the lingering preponderance of high dilution low temp top loading washers in the USA, American laundry detergents always seem to be a bit of a compromise between providing the level of suds that an American consumer wants to see in a top loader, and the suds control a front loader needs.  There are additional differences revolving around wash temp, wash cycle length, and spin speeds, that affect how a detergent will behave even in an American designed front loader vs. a European designed front loader. I probably wouldn't use Persil in a high dilution top loader. It might work OK, but I think an old style higher sudsing detergent may be better for that. Take your pick!


Post# 816431 , Reply# 246   3/29/2015 at 14:32 (1,330 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

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Ahahahahah! does that make it so???
It's not a secret that the Made in Europe is trendy, and you have folks getting nuts when they read something comes from Europe even though in the US you already have stuff much greater...
That is not an America vs Europe matter....unless you've a guilty coscience.

Post# 816436 , Reply# 247   3/29/2015 at 14:45 (1,330 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

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As they say, denial is not only a river in Egypt!

Post# 816438 , Reply# 248   3/29/2015 at 14:50 (1,330 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

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Yes, soap bar will reduce sudsing to some extent but it will not last longer and soon it will start to build up again, you have better luck adding some more silicone or whetever oil for longer lasting foam suppression.
Said that, I agree that every detergent is made of course for what you've in a country, as stated previously I don't think the temperature plays a big role, not anymore, because as I said you've now powders now that in both sides of the pond will now work in warm water (20-40C),in both sides of the pond percarbonate is the main bleach you find in detergents vs Perborate that once only was...and always less people will now do washes above 60 (140 F).
A US top loader like many US FL will likely never reach boiling point nor I find a TL needs to, with a top loader as a FL W/out heater you're limited in case your heater don't or for whatever other reason you cannot reach a proper wash temperature to get a plain oxy bleach working, here comes activators.. different yes as you've different variants, europe's machines always heats the water, US not so you may have folks that for the reasons said before cannot reach a proper temp, hence why P&G developped NOBS that will guarantee a sort of acceptable action even in cool so covering pretty much all situations, situations that in Europe due to heating machines will likely never happen, not a case this technology is the same as japan, where as we all know machines don't typically do washes above what comes from your cold water tap only.

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Post# 816439 , Reply# 249   3/29/2015 at 14:53 (1,330 days old) by kenmoreguy89 (Valenza)        

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My dear Louis...I didn't deny just anything!

Post# 816536 , Reply# 250   3/30/2015 at 10:12 (1,329 days old) by sudsmaster (East of SF, West of Eden, California)        

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I tried the Persil "Intense Fresh" powder again yesterday, this time on bed sheets and bed spread. It worked well enough, but the scent was too lingering strong for my taste. I might try the original scent next time; the reason why I got the Intense Fresh was because it came in a larger bottle which worked out to less per ounce than the smaller bottle. Of course that's assuming the original scent is less powerful than the Intense Fresh scent.


Post# 816537 , Reply# 251   3/30/2015 at 10:25 (1,329 days old) by behzad (Home Appliances Lab)        
It's good.

I just did my jeans load using mom's Electrolux top load washer
Henkel is almost everywhere, for those which sold in the Us. Scottsdale, AZ
by the way I really like the nice smell after each load all over the house.


Post# 816635 , Reply# 252   3/30/2015 at 21:58 (1,328 days old) by dustin92 (Jackson, MI)        

I'm using both the liquid and pearls in a traditional top loader (Kenmore DD) and it works excellent in all temperatures. Has removed all stains I've been able to manufacture. Whites are coming out brighter than they've ever been. Really like the original scent in both the powder and liquid. I've been using the recommended amount or less for most loads. I haven't used the powder at all in the front loader, but what I've used of the liquid in the front loader has been great; I can see sticking with Persil long term, it's excellent detergent all around. I will be using a Whirlpool Cabrio HE washer for most of our laundry over the summer, so will see how it works in that, excellent I expect.

Post# 816636 , Reply# 253   3/30/2015 at 22:09 (1,328 days old) by Supersuds (Knoxville, Tenn.)        
I agree

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This is the "no problem" detergent. Doesn't need anything added. Doesn't have trouble dissolving. Doesn't have an overwhelming scent. Doesn't have too many suds. Good rinsing. Gets everything clean. It just gets the job done.

FWIW, I have not noticed any issues with fading as suggested by those who miss the formula for darks, though I'm not washing anything delicate.

Post# 816649 , Reply# 254   3/30/2015 at 23:50 (1,328 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

If only the folks at Persil knew a thread about their American detergent was closing in on 7,000 views... Can't buy that kind of buzz!

Post# 816808 , Reply# 255   3/31/2015 at 23:05 (1,327 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        
I've never been more surprised in my life...

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At the power of a Liquid Detergent. 


Tonight. I washed a load of Sheets drenched in pink lemonade, greasy (food) oil and pizza sauce. Best Part, it had a whole 3 days to sit in. 


This load screamed Bleach, Bleach, Bleach. Literally. I would never in a million years, thought a liquid without any sort of oxygen would clean through this. It's Pizza Sauce, a Dye. And then there was the Lemonade... Another Food Dye. All Dried In. 


And... with just one little Persil Pod, and no pretreating. All OF IT came out. I stood there, searching everywhere for a trace of the stain, and couldn't find any of it. 


I can't say how shocked I am. This really is unbelievable for me. I've always considered Liquid Detergents to be middle/lower performers, but this stuff, takes the cake. It performs beautifully even without Oxiclean or STPP. 


Time will only tell. But... I can't say.. I've ever been this excited/surprised before. These Persil Pods are really good. :) 


/End Story/

Post# 816988 , Reply# 256   4/1/2015 at 20:24 (1,326 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Walmart and Persil - The Real Gritty-Nitty

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Those darned Walmart people are putting the squeeze on P&G!

Post# 817001 , Reply# 257   4/1/2015 at 22:02 (1,326 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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Few days ago I ran a small load of grungy white (and one pink) old bath towels used for car washing and such.  Calypso, Normal cycle, Heavy soil level, with Soak option (16 mins lead-in to the wash period), approx 135°F input water.  2.5 tablespoons of the Persil powder with nothing added.  These towels are old and a bit ragged but otherwise don't (normally) have any set stains.  There were a few road-grime spots remaining somewhat noticeable on a couple of the towels but the results are otherwise good.  Notably there's no lingering Persil scent.

Post# 817070 , Reply# 258   4/2/2015 at 10:34 (1,326 days old) by sudsmaster (East of SF, West of Eden, California)        

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Good to hear the Persil pods work so well on soiled sheets.


I can't help wondering, however, is what you were doing eating pizza and drinking pink lemonade in bed... LOL... ?

Post# 817097 , Reply# 259   4/2/2015 at 14:17 (1,326 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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Ooops.  Correction on the above:  1-1/2 tbsp STPP was added.

Post# 817116 , Reply# 260   4/2/2015 at 17:03 (1,326 days old) by stan (Napa CA)        

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How the liquid Persil stands up to liquid Wisk?
I know there's a few Wisk lovers out there...

Post# 817121 , Reply# 261   4/2/2015 at 17:59 (1,325 days old) by rp2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        

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I've started to see TV ads just this week.  Judging from the reviews above, it sounds like Persil is well worth a try.


I've been using Gain HE powder (cheaper than Tide but I can only find it at Target) in the Affinity but the latest batch is very sudsy.  I have a feeling the pearls would perform better.


I wonder if the "Neighborhood" WalMarts would carry Persil.  I think those stores might not include the same level of low brow annoyances and aggravation that the big ones do.

Post# 817128 , Reply# 262   4/2/2015 at 18:19 (1,325 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        

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To be clear. I don't eat in bed. I will say I did it a few times when I was much younger.. but, crumbs. Eh. It's hard not to make a mess. I will say, I will drink water typically in bed. And that's only because, I have a really really dry mouth most of the time, from side effects of medication. 




We were babysitting a youngster and had thought.. he was off to sleep. Nope. You can become distracted for 10 Minutes and have the biggest mess in the world on your hands. Now that I think about it... I should have washed them way before the stains had time to set. Although... I didn't want to until I had Bleach onhand. 


If you wash something, and aren't able to put it into the dryer right away. You can end up with a nasty/possible mildewy mess. Better Idea would be not to offer to babysit but that's a story for another time ;) 

Post# 817129 , Reply# 263   4/2/2015 at 18:23 (1,325 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

Do they have a scent free and non allergic version out yet? Has anyone seen it yet?

Post# 817132 , Reply# 264   4/2/2015 at 18:52 (1,325 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        
They do.

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There's a sensitive skin Persil, with a clear/white formula. It's only available in the liquid variety. With that said... looking at the ingredient list, I'd bet it'd do a number over Tide Free & Gentle. 

Post# 817133 , Reply# 265   4/2/2015 at 19:10 (1,325 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Unless Changed For The American Market

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Persil Sensitive in all formulations has scent, supposedly hypoallergenic and tested/recommended by physicians but none the less it contains perfumes.

Henkel to my knowledge does not offer an unscented version of Persil or any of their detergents in any market. Years ago now Persil Sensitive *was* unscented, but then some fool thought it would be a good idea to change things so there you are.

Examined the ingredients in Persil Sensitive sold at Walmart and it does not contain protease but only amylase IIRC.

Tide free and clear is actually quite good IMHO. It cleans very well in cold, cool and warm water as well as hot, and truly has no scent. I like it for dress shirts and other garments you don't want scented as it may clash with your perfume/cologne. It is also good for bed linens if you don't want to sleep on highly scented linens.

Post# 817194 , Reply# 266   4/3/2015 at 04:13 (1,325 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        
I'll say this..

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I used some Tide Free & Clear Pods, and loved them. Keep in mind... I was not using my HE Front Loader, but instead a (older, pre-2010) water guzzling top loader. Everything came out really clean (lightly soiled load of colors) and everything just smelled Very Fresh, and soft to the touch. 


I do have the Tide Free & Clear Liquid. I've used it several times in our FL and have never been too impressed. That being said, I've never been impressed with anything cleaned in regular Tide Liquid in our front loader, so there's that. 


I have two bags of Tide Free & Clear Pods. They were free after coupon, and I couldn't find Tide Powder without the dreaded new scent. Need to find a way to use them ;) 


Laundress. I know you sometimes use Tide Liquid as a pre-soak. Now that Persil is so readily available, I'm curious would you use it over your Tide? 



Also, is it just me? Or does Tide Clean Breeze smell differently? I recently.. pulled off a cap and almost gagged. It could just be me though, because... lately, I seem to me more sensitive to certain things. 


I used to really like the smell of Clean Breeze. Too :/ 


Post# 817269 , Reply# 267   4/3/2015 at 13:14 (1,325 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

I'm currently using All Free & Clear powdered as our daily driver. It cleans great and I am happy with it. If I use anything else (even Dreft) I itch like mad. I think it's the fragrances I am allergic to. I'd like to try some of the Persil Sensitive, but worry about having a reaction to it.

Post# 817326 , Reply# 268   4/3/2015 at 18:21 (1,324 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        
We went to Walmart Today

And they have all the Persil on the shelves right between Tide and Gain. And they gave it a considerable amount of shelf space.

I did find the Persil Sensitive. But it only came in the Giant size container, not a smaller size. I smelled some of it and it seems to be almost fragrance free. Not much in it to begin with. If I could find it in a smaller size I may take a chance on it. Has anyone with allergies tried the Sensitive formulation yet?

Post# 817754 , Reply# 269   4/6/2015 at 13:09 (1,322 days old) by Domi ()        

Here you are the original

Better than anything you can use

I dont think that the US version of Persil will be tha same as the EU version

I dont know why the do this..... It would be better to have Persil all around the globe available and the content of the packages would be the same....


Post# 817919 , Reply# 270   4/7/2015 at 11:25 (1,321 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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I wish ProClean came in powdered form at WalMart.

Post# 818016 , Reply# 271   4/7/2015 at 22:51 (1,320 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        
It comes in Powder Pearls

mich's profile picture

Which is fairy similar to Powder, but.. I don't think we'll ever see a true powder here in the US. Powder is a shrinking & shrinking market... and unless something overnight changes, I think we'll see even less & less powder variations available. 

Post# 818051 , Reply# 272   4/8/2015 at 07:11 (1,320 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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No, wouldn't use Persil (for the record have about ten or so boxes in my stash of modern plus those cases of vintage), but would continue to use Tide liquids.

Powdered detergents will settle out if doing a long soak in a tub. Liquids do not have that problem. Suppose if one was doing a pre-soak in the Miele or AEG it would be different.

Post# 818875 , Reply# 273   4/11/2015 at 22:00 (1,316 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Yet Another Enterprising Way To Avoid Walmart

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They seem to be spreading like weeds.....


Post# 819255 , Reply# 274   4/14/2015 at 17:21 (1,313 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

A buck a load?! For Christ's sake---pop a Xanax, throw on a pair of shades and go to Walmart.

Post# 819291 , Reply# 275   4/14/2015 at 23:09 (1,313 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Can't Let Word Get Back To The Council I've Been To

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My Sheridan would be appalled!

Post# 819317 , Reply# 276   4/15/2015 at 04:03 (1,313 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        



Post# 819367 , Reply# 277   4/15/2015 at 10:22 (1,313 days old) by PassatDoc (Orange County, California)        

I won't set foot in Walmart, but I will and did order a bottle of Persil pearls from

The Amazon price is outrageous, but less than what one used to pay at Miele retailers.

Post# 819383 , Reply# 278   4/15/2015 at 12:33 (1,313 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

What surprises me is the Amazon price! I could understand it when Henkel was not selling Persil at a USA land store, and the stuff was shipped over in bottle or boxes but now with the bottles costing about $10 at a walk-in store I just don't get it. Not paying $30 for something I can get for $10.

Another question I have is about Walmart. This is not the store I shop at all the time but what is so bad about this store? This is the largest retailer in the USA. What is so completely horrible about this store that people are posting negative comments about it?

Post# 819392 , Reply# 279   4/15/2015 at 13:30 (1,313 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

The price at is reasonable: $9.97 for 37 loads.

Post# 819405 , Reply# 280   4/15/2015 at 14:33 (1,313 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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I bought a bottle of the powder (pearls) original scent today, mom gave me a coupon last week so thought I'd try it. 50 load size was 11.97 and my coupon was for $1 off. I figured for 10.97 I'd splurge on the bigger size and get 15 loads more for only an extra $1.

She bought a box of the Persil pods but hasn't used them yet.

I've give the powder a try this week and see how it goes. A little birdie told me this was mostly just Purex level performance in a prettier package. Another birdie told me the scent was too much for their nest. I guess we'll see. :-)

Post# 819416 , Reply# 281   4/15/2015 at 15:33 (1,313 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

My pet parrot has explained to me that this is not the regular Purex level performance because I have used Purex and Persil from Germany. I don't think this is the same.

One thing that IS the same is Purex sensitive fabric softener and Vernel sensitive fabric softener. I bought the Purex first, 3 dollars for something that looked like a gallon jug. $14 for the Vernel sensitive in the regular size Vernel bottle purchased at the online Persil store. The exact same thing....same scent....same performance. Won't be doing THAT again.

Post# 819435 , Reply# 282   4/15/2015 at 18:50 (1,312 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Will be interesting to see what Consumer Reports has to say about it.

Post# 819467 , Reply# 283   4/15/2015 at 22:37 (1,312 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        
Persil doesn't = Purex

mich's profile picture

Just look at the ingredients. Purex honestly could be considered by some to just be as effective as plain old water. 


Persil contains a strong Enzyme cocktail in all their variations. Not to mention, the Oxygen Bleaching system found in the Powder. 


Their just not the same. Honestly I'd go as far to say it's Lemons to Oranges. It's no comparison. 

Post# 819505 , Reply# 284   4/16/2015 at 07:17 (1,312 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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That's interesting about the Purex and Vernel softeners being the same.

I did one load with the new Persil last night in the '67 Kenmore washer. It was a pretty big load of dark cottons. Results seemed to be pretty good in my softened water. No suds and the rinse water was clear enough to pass. I didn't use fabric softener in this first run as I wanted to see if the clothes were left harsh feeling after drying, but I rarely use softener anyway.

All in all, the cleaning was good and they seemed reasonably soft. The scent was strong going in to the machine, but after drying, it was barely perceptible. I thought it was a bit more fruity/citric smelling, more than I like in a detergent, but the end result was OK.

While the results were good and the cleaning was satisfactory, I so have to say that the bottle left a lot to be desired. I'm sure hoping someone will get a verbal lashing for that debacle along the way. What looks to be the same bottle and cap shapes as the liquid turns out to be wholly inadequate for dispensing powder. Noticing this in the store, I removed the lid carefully at home in a vain effort to not spill the bouncy, rolling pearls. To no avail. The little pearls collect in the top rim of the bottle and the "drain" hole is too small for them to quickly fall back into the bottle. When attempting to pour the detergent into the cap, the pearls around the rim of the spout spill out and many don't make it into the cap, spilling onto the machine, floor etc.

The cap itself has nearly invisible markings inside to indicate what "line" you're measuring to. I suppose this helps the overdosing desires of the manufacturer that sell more product.

So far, I like the performance. I will likely pick up a bottle of the liquid at some point and give that a try as well.

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Post# 819506 , Reply# 285   4/16/2015 at 07:19 (1,312 days old) by Gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

This post has been removed by the member who posted it.

Post# 819521 , Reply# 286   4/16/2015 at 09:48 (1,312 days old) by PassatDoc (Orange County, California)        

Having brought back Persil in the plastic bag containers for so many years, I am accustomed to emptying the packets into a sealed container (usually a Glad sealable plastic container, intended to store food) to avoid spills.

I did break down and violate my no=Walmart pledge by purchasing an $11 bottle of the pearls online (at least I did not set foot inside the store), which I am giving away to a relative who owns a FL washer but who has never used Persil. When I eventually buy a bottle for myself, I will empty it into a Glad container as I've always done with the bought-in-Germany plastic bags.

I agree the US bottle for pearls is very poorly designed, but as said above, for years I've just emptied the package into a Glad container and then the original packaging (plastic bag; now bottle) goes into the plastic recycling bin.

Post# 819535 , Reply# 287   4/16/2015 at 13:02 (1,312 days old) by Maytagbear (N.E. Ohio)        
Why I braved The dreaded Wal*Mart on 4-13-15

I was nearly out of detergent. I got the 50 load bottle of the blue liquid Persil. First load was badly stained cotton whites/tank hot. Better than Tide liquid by a long shot. Looked as though I had bleached them with chlorine. Rinsing in my 1997 Dependable Care was excellent. The scent after the dryer was mild and unobtrusive.

Now for why I rarely shop at Wal*Mart......The store is always messy looking--displays, especially of soft lines always look pawed through. Worse, is the way their employees are paid.....or not paid. It is no exaggeration to say that the heirs of founder Sam Walton are among the wealthiest people in the United States. It is also no exaggeration that most Wal*Mart employees qualify for one of more social safety programs, including SNAP (food stamps,) Medicaid, and Section 8 housing. Taxpayers pay for these social programs. I generally go to Wal*Mart no more than twice a year, and many years not at all.

I just hope that Persil comes to "normal" stores soon!

also, could we please open a new thread about Persil? this one is getting long and a bit s-l-o-w.


Post# 819548 , Reply# 288   4/16/2015 at 14:20 (1,312 days old) by joe_in_philly (Philadelphia, PA, USA)        

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With the recent updates to the site, only the postings made since your last reading should display when you click on the yellow rinse button. Is that happening for you?

Post# 819626 , Reply# 289   4/17/2015 at 01:36 (1,311 days old) by sudsmaster (East of SF, West of Eden, California)        

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The main problem with the Persil powder bottle is that they left in a spout that really only works properly with liquid. But the spout is easily removed, esp. if you use a pair of pliers to grip it. Then the thing pours properly without the spillage the damn spout causes.


Post# 819657 , Reply# 290   4/17/2015 at 06:52 (1,311 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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Thanks, Rich, I will try yanking that spout out of the bottle. Didn't even check that - it's easier to complain. LOL

Post# 819694 , Reply# 291   4/17/2015 at 09:52 (1,311 days old) by Jetcone (Schenectady-Home of Calrods,Monitor Tops,Toroid Transformers)        
Years back

jetcone's profile picture

I bought the bib box of MegaPearls, I liked the performance but even scooping from the box carrfully the pearls ran all over the place and melted into the concrete floor. It took months to rinse them out. I would not buy a pearl product again.



Post# 819712 , Reply# 292   4/17/2015 at 10:48 (1,311 days old) by sudsmaster (East of SF, West of Eden, California)        

sudsmaster's profile picture

I think the new Persil Power Pearls clean well enough, but I don't like the lingering odor of the "Intense Fresh" version. I may try the regular version at some point, but for now I'm going back to Sears Ultra Plus with Oxyclean for my routine washing.


Post# 819723 , Reply# 293   4/17/2015 at 12:20 (1,311 days old) by Tomturbomatic (Beltsville, MD)        
Clutch the Pearls

I have a box of MegaPearls for colors that I got for free when I bought the W1918 almost 11 years ago. There is a little oval measuring cup in the box that works well, but I haven't used the MPFC more than a few times. If I have to wash something dark, I use the Cheer color guard liquid in 80F water.

Post# 819745 , Reply# 294   4/17/2015 at 14:06 (1,311 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

I normally would use Megaperls for whites which contains Oxygen bleach, Megaperls for colors which contains VINYLPYRROLIDONE/VINYLIMIDAZOLE COPOLYMER which is an ingredient that prevents one color from being in the water and staining another color, and then for darks there is Persil for blacks or darks. So I don't think Megaperls for color was ever intended to be used on darks.

Like others have said I never used the Megaperls out of the box either. I always dumped them into separate containers. Each box did contain a dosing cup so I have several of these around the house. Even with the cup I measure the detergent into it with a tablespoon.

I was always pleased with the Megaperls performance because I didn't need to use any other additives, and so far with the version sold in the USA I have not needed additives either.

If the Perils or even powder get all over the place try sucking them up with something like a Dyson hand held vac. I use this to clean my dryer screen after each load and it works with the Perls or powder too.

Post# 819920 , Reply# 295   4/18/2015 at 18:05 (1,309 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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Post# 820002 , Reply# 296   4/19/2015 at 09:34 (1,309 days old) by PassatDoc (Orange County, California)        

Agree re: why I don't shop Walmart. In addition to the deplorable manner in which the employees are treated, they have a history of running the smaller stores out of business, then raising prices when they are the monopoly. As said earlier, there is a hillbilly/white trash atmosphere in our store, with the worst aspect being that check-out can take 30+ minutes as every customer's credit or debit card in the line ahead of you is declined (or else there is a coupon dispute).

K Mart may have been tacky, but around here its Latino customer base was hard-working and very strict with their kids (they did not view the store as their kids' person playground) and, best of all, their credit/debit cards always WORKED. I would not want to wear the clothes sold there, but for these families it was a matter of pride to be able to buy new and something their kids wanted rather than pawing through a second hand store. K Mart wasn't fancy, but neither was it a 99 cent store either.

The other reason I avoided WalMart is that I knew one of the Walton sons on a social basis before he died (airplane crash) and was less than impressed. He along with several other wealthy trust fund kids sponsored a failed 1993 ballot initiative to create school vouchers. While I can see the justification for two-income parents trying to earn, say, parochial school tuition, Walton saw nothing wrong with a billionaire receiving vouchers as well, i.e. he opposed means testing. He never worked a day in his life and was not the sort of person who should have been lecturing those of us who work hard every day. I agree with maytagbear in that much of the family's wealth derives from keeping their workforce at just above the poverty level.

Post# 820007 , Reply# 297   4/19/2015 at 10:00 (1,309 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        

mich's profile picture

It's a statistical fact that wealthy shoppers rave about the pampering they receive at upscale retailers like Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor and Barneys. But here’s a question to ponder: How often do wealthy shoppers actually shop in those stores?

Turns out, not a whole lot—or so a new survey from Millionaire Corner suggests. The wealth management news site recently polled 1,200 investors, asking them where they drop coin. Among respondents with a net worth of $5 million or higher, the top retail destinations were Home Depot, Lowe’s and Target—with 61, 44 and 41 percent reporting, respectively, that they like to shop there.

Nearly half the well-heeled respondents also said they liked to shop at Costco, and a full third admitted to setting foot in Walmart. Yep, Walmart—where $386 buys a pleather living room set—and Costco, home of the $59 gold tone chronograph watch.

Why would people with summer homes and tech stock portfolios bother with such places? Maybe the better question is: Why not?

“Ordinary folks make a huge mistake when they feel that millionaires and other wealthy individuals do not shop at stores with good prices,” said Millionaire Corner president Cathy McBreen, who adds that frugality and hard work are common reasons that rich people give for why they’re rich in the first place. “That means,” McBreen said, “they are just like everyone else.” Well, maybe not just like everyone else.

Nevertheless, when it comes to shopping, the similarities between the fabled 1 percent and the rest of us are rather striking. That includes online shopping, too. McBreen’s research revealed that 47 percent of the wealthy routinely use Groupon.

So if moneyed Americans are busy plying the aisles of big-box discounters, where does that leave luxury retailers whose very raison d’être is serving the prosperous? Apparently, it leaves them pretty empty. Millionaire Corner’s survey found that Lord & Taylor (part of Hudson’s Bay Company, which also owns Saks) was a regular destination for just 3 percent of multimillionaire respondents.

Neiman Marcus, with 8 percent, didn’t fare much better. Surprisingly or not, Millionaire Corner isn’t the first researcher to uncover results like these. When the Luxury Institute published its annual Luxury Consumer Experience results last year, it reported that while affluent shoppers “love the Lord & Taylor experience,” only 14 percent of them actually set foot in Lord & Taylor within the preceding year. Most of those shoppers—66 percent, to be exact—were busy at Target.

McBreen added that one reason the affluent aren't throwing money around in high-end stores is because they're not throwing money around, period.

“When asked how much they spend on clothing annually, most of them will indicate that they spend less than $2,500 annually,” she relates. “How much can you buy at Neiman Marcus for that amount?
” Just for the record, right now at Neiman Marcus, $2,490 will buy you exactly one Yves Saint Laurent Y-Ligne Cabas handbag in blue calfskin. By contrast, that same amount at Walmart will pay for 228 pairs of Jordache jeans. Act now, while supplies last.

Post# 820014 , Reply# 298   4/19/2015 at 10:54 (1,309 days old) by PassatDoc (Orange County, California)        

I recall an interview with the CEO of Big Lots who said that well over half their clientele is comfortably middle class or higher. And that a sizable minority (like 30%) was upper middle class or higher.

Post# 820018 , Reply# 299   4/19/2015 at 11:19 (1,309 days old) by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture

I think it's more common than we would like to believe the well-heeled financially bestowed are more "common" in attitude than we think.  Look at Warren Buffett.  He still lives in his original "modest" 1950s house.  I have friends who founded a very successful computer company and became multimillionares.  Yes they did buy nice quality furnishings and such, but nothing outlandish.  And they still shopped at Target, Walmart, and Kmart and clipped coupons and used mailbox coupons when they ordered pizza and the like.  I have a friend whose father worked at Alcoa.  Somehow, through investing, and frugal living, he amassed a fortune that he left as trust funds to make sure his grandchildren's college education would be taken care of.  They lived in the same house for 30 years.  In some ways I think we have a bit of distortion with "showy" celebritys and athletes.  Yet at the same time, I personally believe all athletes who end up with multimilliondollar contracts, a financial advisor should come with the package.  I have no sympathy for athletes or other famous individuals who end up frittering away their fortune and end up penniless.  I read an article this week about former millionares who don't have a fortune any longer due to poor investing, overspending, and such.  As Anderson Cooper's mother told him, "there is no trust fund". 

Post# 820021 , Reply# 300   4/19/2015 at 12:03 (1,309 days old) by hoovermatic (UK)        

Wanted to be the 300th post on this thread!

Post# 820076 , Reply# 301   4/19/2015 at 19:47 (1,308 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Wow...I predict vying for "10,000th View" is going to be a bloodbath, LOL!

Post# 820116 , Reply# 302   4/20/2015 at 03:50 (1,308 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

jkbff's profile picture
Has anyone tried that coupon that I posted? I printed my limit out and tried to check out, the guy didn't know how to run coupons and couldn't figure it out... I have to go back up there and try with someone else, but let me know if anyone else has issues with them... They are from Persil's proclean facebook page and it prints from

I've had other coupons that use the plugin work.

Post# 820229 , Reply# 303   4/20/2015 at 22:17 (1,307 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        
Next Time..

mich's profile picture

Try the self checkout. Those seem to do much better with Coupons.. :-)

Post# 820815 , Reply# 304   4/24/2015 at 20:33 (1,303 days old) by billiedyer1954 (Ohio, USA)        

well, it has been a little over 2 months since I started this thread. it has been fun reading all of the replys. I still have not bought any persil. right now I am loving liquid tide h.e. original scent.

Post# 820848 , Reply# 305   4/25/2015 at 00:29 (1,303 days old) by Mich (Hells Kitchen - New York)        

mich's profile picture

Are we talking about the original "original scent"


Or the P&G "GoGoBoy Inspired Night with a touch of Sweet Bubble Gum Twist" Fragrance they replaced the original scent with?


Oy. I'm still trying to get over the latter. The old scent smelled so clean, so classic, iconic. It's sad to see the company's direction, and watching it slowly fail. 



Post# 820892 , Reply# 306   4/25/2015 at 12:34 (1,303 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

THIS JUST IN: Merriam-Webster has changed the definition of irony to "Person who started online conversation about Persil garnering nearly 10,000 views has yet to try said detergent."


This post was last edited 04/25/2015 at 18:10
Post# 821030 , Reply# 307   4/26/2015 at 16:17 (1,302 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

P&G is a global company so why be sad if you think it is failing? It is in a down turn in the USA but not in other countries. Everything is global...nothing is local....nothing is only USA, Nothing is only North American except the taxes paid, so I have decided to use what ever company does what I need, regardless of where it is located.

Sounds awful doesn't it, but it is the truth. P&G is spending most of it's resources in countries other than the USA because it considers the USA as a mature other can't any more out of us so it moving to places that don't know that much about them so they can make more money with a new thing.

I say, let them have THEIR way and I will HAVE MINE with what works for ME regardless of where it is made or where the company is based.

Post# 821063 , Reply# 308   4/26/2015 at 21:49 (1,301 days old) by sudsmaster (East of SF, West of Eden, California)        

sudsmaster's profile picture

I'd say something but I don't want to get persilnal.


Post# 821138 , Reply# 309   4/27/2015 at 12:14 (1,301 days old) by toploader1984 ()        
Persil liquid

Bought persil liquid, only used half of a cap (says to use more for large he loads) and this is what happend.

  View Full Size
Post# 821153 , Reply# 310   4/27/2015 at 13:17 (1,301 days old) by aquarius1984 (Ripley, Derbyshire)        

aquarius1984's profile picture
so how much is half a cap?

Theres hardly any laundry in that machine so no wonder it has foamed up.

Post# 821164 , Reply# 311   4/27/2015 at 14:06 (1,301 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Um.. it really doesn't say to use 1/2 a cap. It says to use line 1 and line 2. There is little difference between the lines. I think line 1 is 6 tablespoons and line 2 is 7. I don't like the cap as I stated earlier but I think 1/2 of cap is above line 2 which is the max you use for large heavily soiled load. My other thought is that since this can be used in a top loader as well as a front loader using a front loader may mean that you can use even less than they recommend.

My best bet with any new detergent is to start with the least amount they recommend and then go up or down until I know what I am doing with it. I started with less than line 1 and that works well for all of my loads however I have the machine full of clothes when using less than line 1. I will use less than that if I have a small load or the clothes are not dirty - no visible marks of filth.

For the Perls I just use no more than 2 tablespoons at most and that works for heavily soiled whites. I like to use the least amount of product that gets the job done and that way I save a bit of money. I have a smaller machine though. What kind of machine are you using and how big?

What did the last rinse look like?

Post# 821167 , Reply# 312   4/27/2015 at 14:12 (1,301 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        
These dreadful caps

I just went to the Persil web site, looked at the bottom of the screen and found a place to contact them.
I left them a comment about the caps and suggested that they do a complete redesign of them.
So if you don't like the caps, or don't like that bottle the Perls are in go to the web site and whine like I did. The more comments about it the better.

Post# 821172 , Reply# 313   4/27/2015 at 14:57 (1,301 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        
Persil Cap Line 1

dadoes's profile picture
Line 1 on the (powder) cap I have is three tablespoons.  Line 2 is four tablespoons, maybe a smidgeon more.

Post# 821175 , Reply# 314   4/27/2015 at 15:57 (1,301 days old) by mamapinky (blairsville pa)        

Maybe I missed it but can someone please tell me the difference between persil proclean and proclean 2 in 1thank you

Post# 821178 , Reply# 315   4/27/2015 at 16:10 (1,301 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

I got curious after seeing the suds from the liquid so I did a load using the liquid and filled to line 1. These are towels; bath, hand, wash, dish, which can be sudsy and hard to rinse anyway.

Pic one is the wash, Pic two is the first rinse, Pic three is the last rinse with Gain fabric softener added.

So I think you need to give the detergent some dirt to work with to avoid too many suds.

And don't worry the pink is not going to ruin the whites. These items have been washed together every other week for the last 6 years and there is no harm.

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 3         View Full Size
Post# 821179 , Reply# 316   4/27/2015 at 16:27 (1,301 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

The proclean 2 and 1 is not even on the Persil web site. I found the online walmart advertisement and from that it looks like it is supposed to be stronger than the regular liquid. It may be that, but when I see pro lift I think of Acti lift which is the thing some P&G products have. You would think it was lifting stains off, but instead this stuff coates the items with something that makes it harder for stains to penetrate the fabric in the first place. I think you need to wash the clothes in it a few times for it to take effect.

Anyway not sure what this proclean 2 is but I don't want something coating my clothes just so stains won't stick if that's what this stuff is doing.

Post# 821233 , Reply# 317   4/28/2015 at 00:43 (1,300 days old) by mrboilwash (Munich,Germany)        

mrboilwash's profile picture
Comparing the ingredients of the Original liquid with the 2in1 version, the 2in1 has one extra ingredient "Trisodium Ethylendiamine Disuccinate" listed.
Seems it`s an additional builder - water softener.
Should be great for hard water areas or when dealing with heavy soil, but I could also imagine it might produce more suds than the other versions.

Their website states it`s the most powerful Persil detergent. I wonder what genius came up with that BS. I mean doesn`t everybody associat 2in1 with built in conditioner ?

Post# 821329 , Reply# 318   4/28/2015 at 17:07 (1,300 days old) by toploader1984 ()        

It's just funny how everybody on here always complains how tide sudses up too much, at least tide never sudslocks my machine, oh i forgot its persil nothing can be wrong with it.

Post# 821331 , Reply# 319   4/28/2015 at 17:18 (1,300 days old) by aquarius1984 (Ripley, Derbyshire)        

aquarius1984's profile picture
Clearly there isn't as your not washing much and you over dosed.

User error.....

Looks like the euro ways are set to take over. That should have the die hard Tide and TL set frothing at the mouth LOL.

Post# 821343 , Reply# 320   4/28/2015 at 19:13 (1,299 days old) by Dustin92 (Jackson, MI)        

I have noticed that the liquid can be sudsy even in a standard top loader if the clothes aren't especially soiled. If you put the recommended amount of ANY detergent (HE or not) in any washer (front or top load) it is going to create mountains of suds with no clothes or clothes that aren't soiled. If I wash a really dirty load, I get very little to no suds. It doesn't mean the detergent isn't working, it means that there IS something for the detergent to act on, rather than just creating loads of foam. I washed a single bath towel this morning that had gotten a very smelly substance on it (cat urine, blegh!) but really wasn't soiled, and I didn't want to wash it with anything else- I used a small dose of the pearls in the Kenmore DD, small load, hot water, 14 minutes agitation on high speed, 2nd rinse enabled. It actually sudslocked the washer in the first spin! The first rinse had no suds, and I added Snuggle fabric softener to the second rinse. The towel came out perfectly clean and fresh, in fact, I used it this afternoon for a shower- No trace of urine smell left. On a usual load of whites, I never see so much as a bubble in the water.

Post# 821345 , Reply# 321   4/28/2015 at 19:43 (1,299 days old) by toploader1984 ()        

No i did not overdose, i know how to do laundry thank you...... I put between lines one and two, which it says large loads 2 and use more for heavy soil, i can literally use a full cap which is 2x more of the recomended amount of tide and still does not sudslock! I have had this persil liquid for a long time now and i have used the amount for a "medium. " load which is line 1 i belive in a full large load and it still sudslocked! So no you are wrong! Not user error, i have hard water too not even soft, not only me, somebody else on here had an oversidsing issue with a cabrio, my point is is this is not an he detergent, i literally have to use a tablespoon for it not to suds but then my clothes come out still dirty looking so whats the point?

Post# 821354 , Reply# 322   4/28/2015 at 20:39 (1,299 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!! I missed 10,000 by three measly views!

Post# 821375 , Reply# 323   4/28/2015 at 21:45 (1,299 days old) by criswan (South Bend)        
Persil Pro Clean Experiences

To preface, I am a big believer in powders. We use almost no liquid detergent in our house except for Method which is used on the dogs' toys since it rinses clean and if there is residue left, it won't be toxic if they chew a bear, etc.

I bought each variety of PPC when it hit the shelves. I used it in our Maximas, the short lived Speed Queens, and the Kenmag Cabrio clones. In the Maximas, the liquids caused almost no sudsing at all. With Original and Intense Fresh, the most I used was 1.5oz in a load. With the 2 in 1 there were some bubbles but nothing crazy, even with the Power wash cycle, which is notorious for sudsing in the Maytags. I had a lot of suds with the Power pearls but they seemed to subside and never error the machine. With the SQ, the sudsing was definitely more present in all varieties but the pearls were definitely REAL sudsy. As mentioned in the Kenmore thread, the pearls locked the machine up multiple times. Henkel's customer service service and manufacturing rep I spoke with seemed to think it had something to do with the recirculating spray "fluffing" the suds up. They were nice about it and even sent a refund in the amount of the two bottles of pearls I had purchased.

Since that post I have played with all the Persil PC more and have found the pearls are just not usable in some HE machines, they need to be reformulated. With the right dose 1.5oz-2oz, no suds at all with the Kenmore. I attempted another load with the pearls and had to cut the suds with FS before it locked. We will continue to use the liquids but the powder is just not there for us.

Also, has anyone noticed discoloration on creases and colors with the Persil liquid? I have two polos that I swear did not have the dreaded collar fading/graying before being washed in Persil. It might be my imagination though.

Post# 821425 , Reply# 324   4/29/2015 at 10:25 (1,299 days old) by mamapinky (blairsville pa)        
havin a heck

Of a time posting on this long thread with a phone....but thank you jarrod and mrboilwash for the info on the 2in1
Criswan...I haven't had any probs with over sudsing with the liquid or pearls but I have a water actually the only detergent I have that causes excess suds is cheer stay colorful powder from 2012 and foca. Next year I will purchase a front loader He and it will all change for me I'm sure.

Post# 821427 , Reply# 325   4/29/2015 at 10:39 (1,299 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        


The main reason I like Persil is that I cannot use Tide products and the Persil has always cleaned and rinsed well for me.  Now the German Persil liquid is sudsy so I watch what I do with that but so far not having any trouble with this USA Persil liquid, but I think that if you are having problems with the suds then you should certainly not use the detergent. I know I wouldn't. 


Can someone explain what sudslock is?  I mean what happens?

Post# 821441 , Reply# 326   4/29/2015 at 13:24 (1,299 days old) by criswan (South Bend)        

Most newer HE machines have a suds sensor that will do one of two things if it senses that suds are out of control in the machine. Our Bosch HE washer would continually drain and then add water to dilute the suds until the sensor allowed it to continue the wash. Our Maytag FL and Kenmore TL attempt this operation but if it cannot after a few attempts it will abort the wash and shut down.

Post# 821449 , Reply# 327   4/29/2015 at 13:57 (1,299 days old) by mrboilwash (Munich,Germany)        

mrboilwash's profile picture
We talk about a sudslock when a ring of thick suds develops during a spin between the drum and the outer tub. Those suds can not be pumped away therefore they impede proper extraction during a spin.

I think the term Sudslock is AW slang just like Bobload, but I`m not entirely sure about it.

Post# 821456 , Reply# 328   4/29/2015 at 15:38 (1,299 days old) by jerrod6 (United States of America)        

Thanks for the definition.  My machine has an Over sudsing light so I guess it would know when there are suds too.   Don't know what it might do about it though.   So I def think that if Persil is giving this condition in your machine then it is not the detergent you want to use. 


Thanks again.

Post# 821469 , Reply# 329   4/29/2015 at 17:47 (1,298 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
For The Love Of God

launderess's profile picture
Why does this thread not show only "recent" posts?

If it is to continue something will need to be done especially if with posts containing large file attachments (pictures, GIFs, videos, etc..)

Post# 821473 , Reply# 330   4/29/2015 at 18:20 (1,298 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

dadoes's profile picture
The Rinse/new posts button works for me on it.

Suds lock may be a valid technical term.

I've not had any oversudsing with Persil powder in my Calypso or Neppy TL.  I have not tried the liquids.

Post# 821478 , Reply# 331   4/29/2015 at 18:33 (1,298 days old) by zipdang (Portland, OR)        
2-in-1 liquid

zipdang's profile picture
I've been using the 2-in-1 liquid for a few weeks and really like it. It's great as a pre-treater. Is low sudsing if dosed appropriately for load size and soil level. I'm using it in a front loader with an onboard heater, which makes a lot of liquids suds out of control. Our water is very soft, 0.5-1.0 grains.

Post# 821482 , Reply# 332   4/29/2015 at 18:53 (1,298 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Suds lock: I recall the repairman who kept our 1960 Kenmore Model 80 running using the term back in the early 1970s.

Post# 821494 , Reply# 333   4/29/2015 at 22:00 (1,298 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        
Sudsing, and Not

dadoes's profile picture
Five pairs of jeans with one casual shorts and a hand towel.

3-1/2 tbsp Persil powder, 2 tbsp STPP.

Pic 1 is rotation/shower about 1 minute after recirculation began so the stream is sudsy/concentrated ... and weak because the pump isn't yet fully primed.  Fresh-water fill is in progress/continuation at the left rear.

Pic 2 is during nutation more than 5 mins into the wash period.  Notice the recirculation stream is clear.

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 2         View Full Size
Post# 863188 , Reply# 334   1/21/2016 at 00:00 (1,032 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

jkbff's profile picture
Was browsing the local grocery ad and saw 100oz persil for 11.88. Listed as a new product.

  View Full Size
Post# 873144 , Reply# 335   3/18/2016 at 10:17 (975 days old) by whitetub (Montreal, Canada)        

Persil Pro Clean is now available in the Canadian Wal-Mart, and also I saw it at the Jean Coutu Pharmacies. I didn't see the big 64 loads bottles, only the 25 loads. And no Power Pearls, only liquid. A few different versions, Original, Lavender, Cold Water...

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 2         View Full Size

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