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Got my New Speed Queen TL
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Post# 858795   12/28/2015 at 15:38 (999 days old) by jp10558 (Southern Tier, NY, USA)        

So far so good, thanks to advice around the net. Mine had the polishing compound, but smooth seams. I ran an empty load on hot with some Dawn as suggested here:

That did nothing except show me that my hot water is pretty hot! Steaming when you open the lid.

Then I used some degreaser / all purpose spray clean and a bunch of paper towels to rub off and wipe away the black compound. Took about 10 minutes. I then ran a medium load of 2 large towels that my dog sleeps on (so I didn't care if they got dirty) with some Whisk liquid and OxiClean, also on hot / heavy duty. They came out without any sign of the polishing compound, and smelling a lot better. They were pushed up against the holes and sort of pushed into them a bit, but pulled right out. They're in the dryer now.

The SQ is a little lounder when agitating than the Kenmore Oaisis, but far far quieter spinning out than it had gotten, so I'm happy about that. It'll take me a bit to get used to there not being an "Auto" setting, and not really having pre-set temp combinations like the Kenmore... and considering not using Cold/Cold.

Once I'm used to that, I think I'll do fine, though I doubt I'm going to regularily wash in hot - when it does that it doesn't pull ANY cold water, so the PureWash doesn't kick in till the rinse when the SQ pulls cold water. I thought the Purewash wasn't hooked up or got broken with the install of the new washer! Nope, just will only get used when I choose cold temps. The Kenmore apparently always pulled cold water, even on heavy and hot/hot temp settings.

I'm now debating if I should disable the lid switch, I don't mind it stopping when I open the lid, but it would be nice if it would continue to fill with the lid open so you can mix in powder / fabric softener etc with water...

Post# 858806 , Reply# 1   12/28/2015 at 16:16 (999 days old) by LaVidaBoem ()        
Good for you>>>



Sounds wonderful, glad you got the film out of the tub.

Yes, the Oasis will pull cold along w/hot.


I suspect you will find that warm does well for you in your situation.


The guys here have some pics of the clothes pin deal at the back, so you can use it by-passed, and no one will know, and will "look" normal.


Best of Luck, and Thanks,



Post Script: There is a reason that these are so loud, and I am not giving it away here...let another expose the reason!

Post# 858882 , Reply# 2   12/29/2015 at 00:11 (999 days old) by fordiesel69 (PA)        

Is it the stainless that transfers the noise more? Or maybe because the motor is mounted direct to the outer tub. That must be it.

Post# 858884 , Reply# 3   12/29/2015 at 01:01 (999 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

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is it because it's all metal, none of that plastic nonsense?

Post# 858891 , Reply# 4   12/29/2015 at 02:51 (999 days old) by brucelucenta ()        

At least "all that plastic nonsense" doesn't rust out. That is the reason that plumbing has gone to using
"pex" tubing instead of pipe. "Pex" is a new type of plastic looking tubing that comes in various sizes now and is stronger and more resistant to freezing and bursting than steel pipe. It looks like a common piece of clear plastic tubing, but is incredibly strong. It has taken the place of using copper and brazing for plumbing connections now. Ask any good plumber. There is something to be said for "plastic" or what looks like plastic.

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Post# 858895 , Reply# 5   12/29/2015 at 03:28 (999 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

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My Asko came with PEX supply lines from the factory. 

Post# 858914 , Reply# 6   12/29/2015 at 08:33 (999 days old) by washman (Butler, PA)        

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you made a wise choice

Post# 858935 , Reply# 7   12/29/2015 at 10:43 (999 days old) by LaVidaBoem ()        
You're on The Right Track>>

All metal, maybe.

Motor mount to frame>>Closer.

The entire thing looks like a speaker cone with no isolation worth a dern for motor, mounting, tranny on that milkstool setup...

And then put the speaker down in a Large Subwoofer Cabinet>>

Amplifies any and all noises over all other machines.

For What's It's Worth

Post# 858987 , Reply# 8   12/29/2015 at 16:16 (998 days old) by gusherb (Chicago/NWI)        

I thought they were pretty quiet given their design nature! Certainly quieter (or at least more pleasant sounding) than a DD Whirlpool. Certainly can't compare it with a modern HE TL FL though, those will always win in the quiet department.
Once I close the closet doors to the washer closet that is in the kitchen all I hear is a gentle hum and the pleasant sound of the 210 degree agitation.

Post# 859091 , Reply# 9   12/30/2015 at 07:46 (998 days old) by glomain (tuscarawas cnty. (eastern ohio))        
loud ???

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I find my new speed queen tl exstreamly quiet, the low hum of the motor on the slow spin is a great sound,then it breaks & ramps up for the final spin,& you cant even hear the motor,& when it breaks kinda sounds like air breaks on a complaints yet nor do I see any in the future.enjoy its as close to old school as your going to get W/all the gov.regulation crap !!!!!!

Post# 859202 , Reply# 10   12/30/2015 at 22:16 (997 days old) by jp10558 (Southern Tier, NY, USA)        

Oh, the noise isn't loud per se, and you can't hear it outside the laundry room. You CAN hear it agitating in the Laundry room in a way you couldn't hear the Kenmore Elite Oasis. That said, it's a lot quieter on the spin cycle by dint of having working berings.

I did find out it can get unbalanced easier than the Kenmore - I guess it doesn't do any auto balancing... Not a problem, just can't wash one bath rug by itself. Using super washing soda and cold / cold, I still somehow transferred *blue* to a white towel from a *black* bath mat. And the washing soda didn't totally dissolve in the cold water.

Ongoing learning experiances. I got some STPP? to try next. I may be over worrying about hard water, might have been overloading or age that did in the Kenmore berings.

Post# 859205 , Reply# 11   12/30/2015 at 22:42 (997 days old) by Dustin92 (Jackson, MI)        

You really should use some type of actual detergent, and at least warm water. I see you have a pure wash system, yes that may reduce the amount of detergent needed, but you still need something to break up soils and keep them in the water. Don't base your water temperature on whether or not the water will flow through the pure wash, base it on what you are washing. Whites will do best in hot, along with sheets and towels, colors will be fine in warm, and anything dark that may fade excessively in cold. All your rinses will be in cold water no matter what, so you'll still get the benefit of the pure wash, whatever that may be. Detergents contain chemicals that protect the washer and your clothes from mineral buildup and will keep crud from building up in the washer. Also best to leave the washer lid up for at least a day after doing laundry, to help it dry out rather than growing bacteria and mildew.

Post# 859209 , Reply# 12   12/30/2015 at 23:00 (997 days old) by gusherb (Chicago/NWI)        

Speed Queens don't go off balance. Period. Had a 1998 Amana "Speed Queen clone" for 8 years and it never once went off balance, and the new one doesn't even if I toss one rug in. Just ran a baby carrier through it actually that spun around on one side of the tub and it wasn't dancing a jig or anything.

Post# 859218 , Reply# 13   12/31/2015 at 01:28 (997 days old) by Midcentnurse (Lake Charles, La)        

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Very nice. I'm looking forward to getting mine at some point in the not so distant future 😄

Post# 860952 , Reply# 14   1/9/2016 at 20:38 (987 days old) by jp10558 (Southern Tier, NY, USA)        

So, I've now used it for a week, and so far so good. The control panel kind of flexes back when you push the buttons, so I have to make sure I fully push the membrane contact. It actually moves more than the Oasis dryer I kept. It's the only part that seems chinsy, not really sure why it isn't more solidly mounted. Doesn't affect operation much though.

I'm loosly filling to the top line of holes and using the extra large / biggest load size and it doesn't seem to struggle really. I do need to do two loads rather than force in one like I used to do with the bigger Oasis. But not a problem because this is faster by far. The countdown is a timer. So 32 min is 32 min. The Oasis ones would tell you 51 minutes, but it could sit on 17 min for 10 minutes, etc - so it would sometimes take more like 100 minutes. The Dryer is the same, pretty non-deterministic. I used to think that was cool - the device is thinking! Now I just wish it would tell me how long it thinks it needs.

The Dryer does usually finish in one auto, more dry pass now on the smaller loads from the SQ. I don't think the clothes come out dryer from the SQ, it's probably just that they're smaller. That said, the dryer did get stuck running for the second time now. When it happens, it just never stops the dry cycle. You'll stop it manually and let it sit overnight, and the next day it's all normal again.

I wonder if there's a sensor needed? We replaced the dryer door seal a year or so ago because we thought air leaking in (the old seal came away from the door so some of it wasn't sealed) was confusing the sensor. IDK it works fine the vast majority of the time. I might move to a manual timed dry if it really starts getting "stuck" running a lot.

IDK, maybe I'm just looking for problems. I sort of like the aesthetics of matched washer dryer, but I like the saving $1,000 more right now!

Post# 860973 , Reply# 15   1/10/2016 at 00:00 (987 days old) by mrsalvo (New Braunfels Texas)        

Congratulations on the new Speed Queen, from one SQ owner to another!!! I think it's a good solid machine and I hope you get many, many years of satisfied results. I've really liked my washer so far, even though its not the perfect washer, I think it's about the best that's out there right now. I needed a lot of water for my laundry, as I take care of an elderly parent. Really like the fast cycle times.

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