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What vacuum cleaner do you have?
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Post# 868590   2/23/2016 at 14:34 (1,596 days old) by parwaz786 ()        

Hi guys! I am new here :)
I quite like vacuums and have a "TINY" bit of a washing machine interest, but I know ZERO even though I find this not so boring O_o.

So what vacuum cleaner do you guys have?

We have loads, but we currently use a Dyson DC33 Animal and a Dyson DC41 Mk2 Animal :)

Pics would be lovely too!


Post# 868619 , Reply# 1   2/23/2016 at 16:34 (1,596 days old) by norgeway (mocksville n c )        
You mean

What vacuum cleaner DON'T I have..LOL, I have over 200, most made in the 50s and 60s, mostly canisters and tanks, I never use anything newer than the early 80s, but mostly use 50s stuff, right now im using a 57 Automatic F Electrolux and a 58 Singer Roll A Magic.

Post# 868622 , Reply# 2   2/23/2016 at 16:42 (1,596 days old) by parwaz786 ()        

Nice! Didn't know there were vacuum collectors on here too ;D

Post# 868623 , Reply# 3   2/23/2016 at 16:44 (1,596 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        

As we are both on the vaccumlanders, you may already know I have 4 Eureka power teams, a Hoover central vacuum, and an Electrolux XXX.

Post# 868626 , Reply# 4   2/23/2016 at 16:51 (1,596 days old) by Midcentnurse (Lake Charles, La)        

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There's a connected site called vacuumland but I'm sure lots would like to give their 2 cents about their vacs 😁. I had a 59 Electrolux I found at a church sale but have since passed it on. I now use Hoover platinum upright with the small canister for the wood floors. Less than $300 and some of the best machines I've ever used. Really nice machine.

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Post# 868628 , Reply# 5   2/23/2016 at 16:55 (1,596 days old) by tennblondie78 (Bowling Green, KY)        

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I have a D31X Filter Queen and a Hoover Convertible Deluxe.

Post# 868635 , Reply# 6   2/23/2016 at 17:09 (1,596 days old) by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

I have a Euroclean GD930 (canister type) and a Sanitaire 887 (upright). They are both very good machines.

Post# 868644 , Reply# 7   2/23/2016 at 17:29 (1,596 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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Norgeway took my line...I too have around 200 gathering dust in a silent way.
I'll focus on my favorite brand you can still buy new, the Tacony made Powr-Flite, Riccar, or Simplicity branded vacuums. Usable features and longevity rather than gimmicks and planned obsolescence, all without the sticker shock of the door to door makes. I just picked one up before I left San Diego for $20 UNUSED from a thrift store...I scored another just like it two years ago for a bit more, but also in what appeared to be never used condition.

Blue or red line Sanitaire, Hoover: Convertible, Decade, Conquest, Concept, Dial, Guardsman...etc. Metal Royals and some Orecks are an especially good value for the right owner.
Many Panasonics, Filter Queens, Rainbows, and Kirbys, are also very desirable at the right price.
I could go on, and on.
Among Vac collectors original pre sellout Electrolux or Aerus vacuums are like Speed Queens around here, BELOVED. Kirby being a close second. Vintage Hoovers though are probably king of the heap.

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Post# 868645 , Reply# 8   2/23/2016 at 17:29 (1,596 days old) by parwaz786 ()        

I was kinda expecting people on here to own modern Dysons,Hoovers, Vax machines etc lol! But very cool :D Keep em coming!

Post# 868649 , Reply# 9   2/23/2016 at 18:10 (1,596 days old) by Tomturbomatic (Beltsville, MD)        

A Beam Central. I thought it would make vacuuming less onerous with less noise, no machine to haul around and all of the air vented to the outside, but I discovered something. I just don't like to vacuum, period.

Before the Beam, I had a big orange Eureka power team from the first year that they introduced them, maybe 73 or 74. It had the variable suction bleed thumb wheel on the canister and that little meter to show the suction strength. I still have a couple of Hoover Electra Brooms and two Dirt Devil sweepers that are like little Bissells.

Post# 868650 , Reply# 10   2/23/2016 at 18:25 (1,596 days old) by alr2903 (TN)        

Three Kirbys, Diamond, 2 gen. 4's, electrolux Olympia,  dirt devil,  tiny panasonsic canister.  In the attic a metal Royal, 2 or 3 hoover convertible, Decade 80,  The big plastic Electrolux upright (takes the pricey odd bag mostly found on fleapay). 2 Rainbows, 1 filter magic. I have went through tons of Hand vacs in fact just hummed a shark in the dumpster.. ain't got time for that. I think I have a couple of Electrolux tanks in the attic I can't remember the model they have the thumb wheel you turn for different suctions.   And yes I would love to clean the ones in the attic out as a LOT. No shipping.

Post# 868651 , Reply# 11   2/23/2016 at 18:26 (1,596 days old) by Maytagbear (N.E. Ohio)        
Miele Capricorn

canister, which I love, and use several times a week, and a

Hoover Tempo upright that I keep as a remembrance of the very kind friend who gave it to me.

In general, I prefer canisters with powerhead nozzles to uprights.


Post# 868653 , Reply# 12   2/23/2016 at 18:35 (1,596 days old) by Xraytech (Rural southwest Pennsylvania )        

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For me it's all about the Hoover Concept both Power-Drive and regular versions.
These are the ones I use, but have a few extra in the cellar.
I also have an early 80s JCPenney canister for above floor cleaning

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Post# 868654 , Reply# 13   2/23/2016 at 18:48 (1,596 days old) by washman (o)        
well, does modern count

A Riccar. Can't recall the model # but in 2004, it was the only US made vac I could find. Still have it and it still works.

Post# 868655 , Reply# 14   2/23/2016 at 18:50 (1,596 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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I have a Miele C3 Alize canister, a Hoover HushTone Commercial and a Dyson V6 Animal cordless.

I love all three. Each has a specific purpose, and they all are equally used.

I do have a Miele U1 Salsa and a Simplicity Synergy G9 as well. Both live in other homes though.

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Post# 868668 , Reply# 15   2/23/2016 at 19:27 (1,596 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        
not really a collecter,but...

...seem to have accumulated a few:
-~1947 Electrolux
-~1965 hoover upright
-~1968 royal upright
-~1970 hoover upright
-1979 hoover upright
-1980 hoover concept
-early 1980s regina electikbroon
-1982 eureka canister w/powerhead
-1982 eureka upright
-1982 Panasonic upright(DDusage)
-~1983 hoover "decade 80"(DD usage)
-(2)1983 Kirby heritage
-1984 hoover spirit-maroon
-1985 Oreck 4300
-1988 hoover spirit-red
-~1990 Oreck xl
-1991 dirt devil
-1994 shop vac
2011 miele ariel(DD usage)
And mostly a vacume: 1983 rental type "rug doctor"carpet cleaning machine :)

Post# 868679 , Reply# 16   2/23/2016 at 19:55 (1,596 days old) by Iheartmaytag (Wichita, Kansas)        
I'm on the vacuumland side too

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I haven't counted for awhile, I think there are about 25 now.


Kirbys are my first love. Have E-lux, Filterqueen, Rainbow, Hoover, Sirena. . . 

Post# 868707 , Reply# 17   2/23/2016 at 21:53 (1,596 days old) by mjg0619 (Scranton, Pennsylvania)        

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I have more vacuum cleaners than I can keep track of, but my daily drivers rotate in upright/canister pairs between the following:

Sanitaire S677 Blue Line upright (This one is always out no matter what else I'm using)
Sanitaire canister vacuum (rebranded Eureka Mighty Mite)

SEBO Automatic X1 (with a SEBO Felix on the way!)
Filter Queen Majestic 360

Hoover Concept One/Concept Two/PowerMAX (several different models of each)
Electrolux Diamond Jubilee

And one of my more recent toys is a Shark Rotator "Powered Lift-Away", which I have been shockingly impressed with. It's a fantastic all in one daily use machine, very easy to just grab and scoot around with.

Out of all the machine pairs listed above, the uprights that get the most use are hands down the Sanitaire and the SEBO.

Post# 868710 , Reply# 18   2/23/2016 at 22:00 (1,596 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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Singer SST-1300B circa 1986, bought on close-out at the local WM.

Hoover Celebrity S3121, don't know the age.  Got it from the grandmother after she had carpet added everywhere (including bathroom and kitchen) so needed only an upright.

Post# 868712 , Reply# 19   2/23/2016 at 22:02 (1,596 days old) by dartman (Portland Oregon)        

I'm on the vac site and our main machine us a Starks/Royal 4650, also have a 413 power tank, a Oreck XL portable type 3, and a new Rowenta 18 volt Delta Force stick vac that will run 30-40 minutes on low speed and has a power head. I think there's another Oreck or something mom gave us we've never used too.
My favorite is the Royals, too bad it's getting hard to find hoses and like that for them. The 413 is about 88 vintage and I think the 4650 is a 98.
The Rowenta is the best small uoright cordless stick vav I've used so far and paid 90 shipped from

Post# 868733 , Reply# 20   2/24/2016 at 01:36 (1,596 days old) by maytog77 ()        
Well.....considering I am a vacuum cleaner collector

first and foremost. I have a collection of 175 machines, ranging from the 1910's to my childhood of the mid 90's. I rotate what I use, and most of what I use are either Hoovers or Eurekas from the 60's or 70's. But if I am in a mood for somthing diffrent, I will pull out a Kirby or a Lux, or maybe a Compact or Airway.

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Post# 868740 , Reply# 21   2/24/2016 at 02:27 (1,595 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands)        

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Post# 868745 , Reply# 22   2/24/2016 at 02:38 (1,595 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

Fram another vacuum collector-don't know how many I have but my most used machines are Kirby Avalir-paired with an MD Silentmaster central vacuum-the Ultimate tandom air vacuum!Royal Pro Elite metal upright,Sebo D4 Premium canister,NSS M1 Commerical "canister",and tandom air Tacony -Simplicity,Riccar uprights.Sort of rotate thru these.A Tornado Task Force WD vacuum for really messy jobs.Also have a few Shop Vacs.

Post# 868758 , Reply# 23   2/24/2016 at 05:48 (1,595 days old) by arbilab (Ft Worth TX (Ridglea))        

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This Howard Johnson's skybox I live in barely has room for dust much less sweepers. But I still have the Hoover Spirit powernozzle I bought used in the late 80s. Well, I have most of it. 5 of the wheels are new (yes I know it only has two at a time). Hose, switch, motor brushes also new.

Probly noisier than it has to be but that's OK. If it lasts a couple more years I'll be deaf and won't care how noisy it is. That is, assuming *I* last a couple more years.

Post# 868772 , Reply# 24   2/24/2016 at 07:11 (1,595 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Turbomatic Tom, X-raytech, Jae DeVine,

Tom, I have a Eureka model 1279 rotomatic power team with that same thumb wheel in burgundy (brandywine).
X-raytech, did you get either Hoover at Gimbles, Hornes, or Kaufmans?
Jae, did you get the hoover Celebrity at Thurstons?

Post# 868798 , Reply# 25   2/24/2016 at 08:57 (1,595 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        

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Another Vacuumlander here with far too many to list.

Post# 868805 , Reply# 26   2/24/2016 at 09:13 (1,595 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Anyone heard from

a UK member named Ibasiac?

Post# 868818 , Reply# 27   2/24/2016 at 10:47 (1,595 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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Yes, is Ibasiac on here as well? Love his videos.

Post# 868819 , Reply# 28   2/24/2016 at 10:48 (1,595 days old) by Xraytech (Rural southwest Pennsylvania )        

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I'm not sure where the non self propelled Concept came from, but the PowerDrive one came from the Hoover Store in the Great Southern Shopping Center

Post# 868830 , Reply# 29   2/24/2016 at 11:44 (1,595 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
great southern center, logix, re; Ibasiac,

Xraytech, I was born there. We lived in Plum. We left when I was six.
Logix, I saw him in archive photos of a meet somewhere. Unless it was just a T shirt he mailed a member here in the states. The guy on the photo looks a bit younger.

Post# 868844 , Reply# 30   2/24/2016 at 13:28 (1,595 days old) by abcomatic (Bradford, Illinois)        

Here is what I have: Hoover upright, 1958 Hoover Constellation, 1979 Kirby Classic and a Majestic model Filter Queen.

Post# 869000 , Reply# 31   2/25/2016 at 09:43 (1,594 days old) by polkanut (Wausau, WI )        

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Our daily driver is a Hoover Model 68 I found at an estate sale for $5 several years ago.  It also came with a huge lot of Hoover and generic C-type dust bags.  Here's a link with pics.  Scroll down to reply #18.


Post# 1016309 , Reply# 32   11/30/2018 at 10:23 (585 days old) by Marydoply (Columbus)        

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Many people choose Dyson or Hoover vacuum cleaners.
So, I am pleased with my Eureka (my wife and my daughter too).
We use it for a year and it works well. It is handy because it's cord-free,
lightweight and has two modes.
I found this nice review:
The main thing is that this vacuum copes with its tasks.

Post# 1016319 , Reply# 33   11/30/2018 at 12:34 (585 days old) by norgeway (mocksville n c )        
Since this was first posted

I was given a whole collection so I now have around 600 to 700 machines, I recently bought a Numatic James which I LOVE!

Post# 1016339 , Reply# 34   11/30/2018 at 16:20 (585 days old) by thomasortega (El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles de Porciúncula)        

- Hoover Constellation (ready to go back to the box and back to my husband`s collection and hopefully I`ll forget that thing once existed)
- Dirt Devil Reach 360° Pro forgotten in it's original bag deep in the closet and ready to be used if someday I have to vacuum something that will destroy the vacuum or to give to somebory that can't afford anything better.
- Bissell Zing Bagless that I love. Amazing performance for a vacuum that costs only $49.
- Black and Decker Dustbuster Flex with floorhead. EXCELLENT for quick pickups, extremely powerful for a cordless and with an interesting "somewhat mini canister" design. I bought it expecting nothing more than the obvious use for a dustbuster. Several times I grab it to clean a tiny area (for example around
my ashtray on my desk) and ended up vacuuming the whole house using only it because it's really fun to use.
- Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo. Best robot I've ever had or seen in operation. It also mops the floor.
- Kärcher WV50 Plus, window vac. basically a sink squeegee that came from a sci fi movie. For years I thought that thing was the silliest and useless vacuum one could ever imagine, until the day some friends at Kärcher sent me one for free and I fell in love with it.

Post# 1016341 , Reply# 35   11/30/2018 at 16:32 (585 days old) by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

I have a Sanitaire SC887 that I bought around '97, and a Euroclean GD930 (used most often) that I got in '06. Both use the Eureka VibraGroomer brush roll.

I also have a now defunct Rainbow from the mid 60's, and a Hamilton Beach Handi-Vac from around 1950

Post# 1016345 , Reply# 36   11/30/2018 at 19:25 (585 days old) by fan-of-fans (Florida)        

My daily drivers area a 1997 Eureka 1934A, which is basically a plastic F&G upright. I like how it sounds and I use the Arm & Hammer bags which are quite big and never smell.

And most often I use a Kenmore Progressive bagged upright with direct drive brushroll from 2008, and a Kenmore Progressive bagged canister from 2012. Those two use HEPA cloth bags and have issues with smelling sometimes.

I also have a Kenmore Home Cleaning system from the 80s which is a wet/dry vac or carpet cleaner. Plus I usually use a 5 gallon Shop Vac I got in 97 to clean the car.

I also own a vintage Hoover Slimline in lime green and a Hoover Constellation.

Post# 1016365 , Reply# 37   11/30/2018 at 22:34 (585 days old) by wayupnorth (On a lake between Bangor and Bar Harbor)        

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I have an Electrolux, but cant be bothered using as any regular cleaner and buying those expensive bags. I also have a Kenmore Quick Clean that I can fill the dust bin in no time with all my dogs shedding. I hate to vacuum, hurts my back, find absolutely nothing enjoyable with having to vacuum.

Post# 1016374 , Reply# 38   12/1/2018 at 00:14 (585 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

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Kirby Tradition and a Kirby G5, Dirt Devil hand held for the sofa and the cars, a ShopVac and a Craftsman shop vacuum.  Love my Kirbys.

Post# 1016380 , Reply# 39   12/1/2018 at 00:56 (585 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

Kirbys and Royal metal uprights for me-Lux Platinum canister,Sebo canisters,NSS M1 canister-the list could go on for canister machines-and central vacuums-freestanding-used with the hose in the utility inlet.The most powerful "canister" vacuum out here along with the NSS Pig.All of these are bagged--HATE bagless vacuums.

Post# 1016429 , Reply# 40   12/1/2018 at 08:44 (584 days old) by stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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My most recent vacuum purchase, a metal base Hoover “Guardsman” Convertible commercial vacuum.
The last thing I need is another vacuum but I couldn’t say no.

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Post# 1016857 , Reply# 41   12/5/2018 at 00:48 (581 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        

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Vorwerk VK200

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Post# 1016862 , Reply# 42   12/5/2018 at 01:22 (581 days old) by TheSpiritOf76 (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and OZ All Together. )        

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What model is your Guardsman?? There are two variation that are similar.

Post# 1016868 , Reply# 43   12/5/2018 at 04:19 (580 days old) by iej (Ireland)        

I've a pair of Miele vacuums. There's a few years in age difference between them but they're essentially the same model. One's red and the other is green. 1600W and 2000W machines with variable suction.
One on each floor of the house.

The older one has been suing daily duty since 1995 without a hitch.

Both machines have HEPA filters and high filtration bags and as I've hard floors, they've those very wide hard floor twister brushes which make vacuuming a room very fast. They're also long flat brushes that get several inches under the future.

It's handy that you can share tools between the machines and they both use the same bags etc.

Post# 1016872 , Reply# 44   12/5/2018 at 05:40 (580 days old) by spacepig (Floridas Emerald Coast)        

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I use old Compacts/Tri-Stars. I don't know the model numbers, but our first one we bought new in the early 1990's--it is silver in color, but still made of metal. We decided to get a newer vacuum about 5 years ago as we figured the TriStar surely wasn't working as well being it was getting old. I think we bought a new Hoover, and ended up giving it away just a few weeks later as I had to go behind it with the TriStar.

I started to look around for another TriStar and it was then that I found out they come out in all these cool colors! So, I've picked up 2 red ones, 1 turquoise (it has glitter in the attachments!), and 1 old teal one with the cloth hose along the way. I found another '90's model similar to our first one at a thrift store, but it doesn't seem to have the suction power of any of our other ones.

While I love my Compacts/TriStars, especially since they're so cute, they're becoming a PITA to use due to their weight and overall cumbersomeness. I've been entertaining getting another vacuum, but have been reluctant due to our last experience. The last thing I want to do is have to vacuum everything twice in a row, so I've been reading these vacuum threads with interest. I am a member of vacuumland, but don't go there much, so will need to spend some time over there to get suggestions.

Pictured are my turquoise and one of my reds. As you can see, they've been well used over the years. Also included a picture of some of the attachments--a scalp massager, spray gun, and moth vaporizer.

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Post# 1016880 , Reply# 45   12/5/2018 at 07:35 (580 days old) by Kate1 (PNW)        

I have a Miele Compact C3 Electro+. I have both carpet and hardwood flooring and love how perfectly suited it is for cleaning both. I even dust with it and vacuum my curtains out. It’s a dream to use and just so versatile.

Post# 1016932 , Reply# 46   12/5/2018 at 13:45 (580 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        
Too many to list

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But I'm downsizing now... They aren't daily users.. What I do use are my Miele Allervac and the Bissel Crosswave I bought not that long ago which I really like because it vacuums and washes the floor at the same time without having a mess of dog hair tangling the brushroll.

Post# 1017013 , Reply# 47   12/5/2018 at 21:53 (580 days old) by TheSpiritOf76 (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and OZ All Together. )        

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Your blue Compact is a model C80 from 1980. I was the last Compact branded machine before the Tri-Star was introduced. Then ironically, your red Tri-Star is the first Tri-Star from 1981. I have one too, should have had the Eureka Powehead, then it was reissued with the red, metal PN in 1982.

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Post# 1017015 , Reply# 48   12/5/2018 at 22:35 (580 days old) by norgeway (mocksville n c )        
A little preview.

Here is a very small portion.

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Post# 1017037 , Reply# 49   12/6/2018 at 07:33 (579 days old) by dermacie (my forever home (Glenshaw, PA))        

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I have 1 Eureka Boss that uses the f&g bags. In all of my years I seem to always have a machine that uses those. I have 1 Oreck commercial upright. 2 Kirbys they are my favorite. 1 G6 and 1 Dual Santitronic 50.

Post# 1017068 , Reply# 50   12/6/2018 at 13:18 (579 days old) by Ultralux88 (Denver)        

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I was given a lovely C80 with the manual and all a number of years ago. Some people moved into a house and this was there in the basement, the plug was missing a prong, and they didn't seem to feel the need to bother with the thing. I bought a new cord for my Tri-Star CXL, all silver, that had a messed up strain relief, and just cut the cord before that, since the strain relief won't work in the older ones, and then now I've got perfect cords on both!

Post# 1017322 , Reply# 51   12/8/2018 at 10:27 (577 days old) by DaveAMKrayoGuy (Oak Park, MI)        
AMKrayo Karpet Kleening!

daveamkrayoguy's profile picture

The old Kenmore Kanister has been out of kommission for some time...


We use the upright now and then, and I even bought a carpet scrubber...


Oh, and here's a hard floor stick:




-- Dave

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Post# 1017328 , Reply# 52   12/8/2018 at 11:48 (577 days old) by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        
boring story #5893

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Many years ago when I lived in San Francisco I had a good friend who was a vacuum cleaner "officiando". He said as a child his parent's had an Air Way Sanitizor that used disposable bags. When you took out the full bad you sealed it closed with stickers that had a skull and crossbones and said in bold lettering "CAUTION THIS BAG CONTAINS DANGEROUS HOUSEHOLD FILTH"...pretty funny.


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Post# 1017378 , Reply# 53   12/8/2018 at 18:29 (577 days old) by DaveAMKrayoGuy (Oak Park, MI)        

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Oh, the floor tile scrubber, with the way my wife prefers to use the bucket and mop and I insist this small, flat mop, the way she makes everything wet, be used to dry, it's been a long time:

-- Dave

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Post# 1017381 , Reply# 54   12/8/2018 at 19:32 (577 days old) by spacepig (Floridas Emerald Coast)        

spacepig's profile picture
Thank you for the info for my TriStars. I always thought the blue and red TriStars were earlier than 80's models because of their 50's styling.

I have all of the attachments shown in both pictures except for the foot stool and the upright shown in the blue picture. In fact, I had no idea that they made an upright! I would love to have an original stool for mine, but I did buy some storage benches/ottoman combos and have mine stored in those.

Post# 1017389 , Reply# 55   12/8/2018 at 21:03 (577 days old) by dartman (Portland Oregon)        

I have a couple Royal canisters, a 4650, a 413, a 5700 upright, moms old Compact C9, Moms Royal 501, a couple of stick vacs etc. I usually use the 5700 and the c9 lately. The 4650 gets into corners and edges best, the C9 does great on throw rugs and the 5700 is a beast that really grooms and deep cleans our carpet and the bag holds a ton before you have to change it and they're dirt cheap.

Post# 1017391 , Reply# 56   12/8/2018 at 21:17 (577 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        

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Pretty much every vacuum cleaner I've used in recent memory has, frankly, sucked...and not in the sense of the way one wants a vacuum to suck...

Post# 1017392 , Reply# 57   12/8/2018 at 21:27 (577 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        

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I have, but presently don't use, a bagless upgright. It's probably one of those modern vacuums that causes vacuum collectors to recoil in horror. It needs a new belt and a filter, which, together, run several times what the thing cost me at a thrift shop.

Currently, I'm using a hand held Dirt Devil. It works acceptably, but is not exactly the most convenient solution for vacuuming the living room carpet. But I have it, thanks to a thrift shop, and it gets the job done, and saves me from trying to figure out how to afford buying either parts for the existing upright, or a new-to-me upright at a thrift store.

Post# 1017474 , Reply# 58   12/9/2018 at 15:10 (576 days old) by dartman (Portland Oregon)        
Watch craiglist

I found a used Royal/Starks top of the line 5700 upright on CL for free. I already had all the machines listed but I kinda wanted to try their upright as we have a lot of carpet and they are supposed to be lighter then a Kirby and clean and groom just as well. Guy listed it with no price so when I emailed him he responded free of course so I called him and went and got it early the same morning. He had recently put hardwood floors in his house and didn't need it anymore and wanted it to go to someone that would use and appreciate it. He also gave me almost a full set of bags and like 4 belts. It need a new belt and some cleaning and lubing but it works great.
I see them listed quite a bit for 25 to 50 bucks for very nice looking machines too and of course all kinds of other vacuums as well. I keep a bunch of saved searches for things I need or just want and they e mail me every day with matches and sometimes you get lucky.

Post# 1017568 , Reply# 59   12/10/2018 at 11:01 (575 days old) by kenwashesmonday (Haledon, NJ)        

My good old Electrolux Super J does the job just fine, and no hearing protection needed.

Post# 1017647 , Reply# 60   12/10/2018 at 22:02 (575 days old) by Oliger (Indianapolis, Indiana)        

I use a 1960's Hoover upright that beats dust out of the carpet much much better than anything you can buy now. Only sucks a normal amount though. And it eats belts like candy.

Post# 1020054 , Reply# 61   1/4/2019 at 00:48 (551 days old) by abcomatic (Bradford, Illinois)        

I use a Filter Queen downstairs and a Kirby upright upstairs.

Post# 1020110 , Reply# 62   1/4/2019 at 14:24 (550 days old) by paulg (My sweet home... Chicago)        
Primarily Nilfisk

paulg's profile picture
My daily driver is a Nilfisk GS90.
Also use an Oreck Classic upright and metal Royal hand vacs for the furniture.
For the garage I use an Oreck commercial w/d vac which I purchased new from my Oreck dealer.

Post# 1020123 , Reply# 63   1/4/2019 at 17:07 (550 days old) by Michael (London /England)        
Miele cat and dog

I have a Miele cat and dog cylinder cleaner that must be 15 years old. its brilliant!...on a whim, I bought a shark duoclean cordless and while its good, not a patch on the Miele!
I always say to anyone that asks, the shark is a glorified Bissell sweeper that my old mum had back in the day..WITHOUT the battery running out though!
Despite the current trend that cordless is better, I believe theres no substitute for a "proper" vac

Post# 1020124 , Reply# 64   1/4/2019 at 17:14 (550 days old) by Ultralux88 (Denver)        

ultralux88's profile picture
I’ve got a couple Nilfisk GS90s. Love me a good Nilfisk!!

Post# 1020144 , Reply# 65   1/4/2019 at 21:57 (550 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

ultramatic's profile picture



Currently I use a JohnnyVac Hydrogen. Can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.






Image result for johnny vac hydrogen











Post# 1020153 , Reply# 66   1/5/2019 at 00:28 (550 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

As a vacuum collector-on the vacuum site-have MANY to choose from!

Post# 1023361 , Reply# 67   2/2/2019 at 08:42 (521 days old) by Electradeluxe (Blackpool, Lancs)        

I’ve got just two.
A Dyson DC40 animal. Had it since 2016
And a Hoover PurePower upright, my mum gave it to me when I moved to Blackpool,I have it as a spare, bought in 2000


Post# 1023405 , Reply# 68   2/2/2019 at 16:06 (521 days old) by imperial70 (******)        
Kenmore Canister

I just purchased a Kenmore (Panasonic) canister 1 year ago. I like it a lot.
Very powerful.

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