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Thrifting Finds! Part Three
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Post# 902577   10/10/2016 at 21:54 (741 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Time for Part Three! Please feel free to post anything you have purchased at thrift shops, auctions and the like.


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Post# 902580 , Reply# 1   10/10/2016 at 22:03 (741 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        
Another basement find...

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National Panasonic FM-AM tube radio. Model RE-784. And this one WORKS! No hum, no crackle. Automatic Frequency Control. I am guessing around 1961. There are 784-A, B and C models. I guess this one was the first. I am aware you have to change the caps, even if they work. Just to be on the safe side.



Post# 902585 , Reply# 2   10/10/2016 at 22:30 (741 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        
SAVERS find...

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Argus C-3 camera. Manufactured in 1957. Missing the coupling gear knob. 5 bucks at Savers. Bought it decorative purposes, but hey you never know when I want to go back to 35mm.



Post# 902586 , Reply# 3   10/10/2016 at 22:35 (741 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        
A fun find...

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HESS Hook and Ladder Fire Truck. For the Christmas 2000 season. Immaculate, didn't come in a box but obviously never played with. Sirens, horn and of course flashing lights.




Post# 902669 , Reply# 4   10/11/2016 at 15:12 (741 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        

never seen a Panasonic that old. I remember Argus Cameras. K Mart sold them.
Those Hess trucks must be collectable by now.

Post# 902686 , Reply# 5   10/11/2016 at 17:16 (741 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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nice finds Louie.....I like a lot of the older radios, as sometimes you could pick up TV stations by sliding to the far left of the dial......

Hess trucks have been collectables for years....

unlike being the sharpest knife in the drawer!...

I have a few addresses to new places you need to make a stop on your trip down here.....

Post# 902710 , Reply# 6   10/11/2016 at 20:04 (741 days old) by kimball455 (Cape May, NJ)        

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Hi Louie ..

Great find on the ARGUS C-3 ... I have two that still work. That was my first experience with 35mm film.


Post# 902720 , Reply# 7   10/11/2016 at 21:41 (740 days old) by philcobendixduo (San Jose)        
K-Mart sold...

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.....the "FOCAL" brand of cameras and accessories (their own "house" brand).
Argus was an "old time" (founded in 1936) maker of cameras. Purchased by Sylvania in 1959.
I used to have an Argus where you looked down into a mirrored affair which was the viewfinder.

Post# 902739 , Reply# 8   10/12/2016 at 05:46 (740 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Thanks Martin! Looking forward to do some thrifting.

Post# 902741 , Reply# 9   10/12/2016 at 05:58 (740 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Thanks Harry. I've had a few 35mm cameras. I got my first camera when I was a kid, a Kodak pocket instamatic (110).

Post# 903334 , Reply# 10   10/16/2016 at 20:02 (736 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        
Sears Blender MOD. 400.829200

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Picked this up at a thrift shop. Sorta' like avocado green? The jar is obviously from another blender being harvest gold. $5.99. Love that jar shape. Anyone know who made these for Sears?








Post# 903388 , Reply# 11   10/17/2016 at 10:00 (735 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Who made it?

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Hi... maybe Hamilton Beach? It just reminds me in shape of a Hamilton Beach. And thanks for the posts... I hope others will add to it.

Post# 903409 , Reply# 12   10/17/2016 at 14:25 (735 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Heya Phil! Yeah I thought of that, but I've never seen anyone else use that triangular shaped jar. Very unique.

Post# 903438 , Reply# 13   10/17/2016 at 21:19 (734 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        
panasonic stereo, 1973

got a Panasonic"all in one"type stereo:phono and cassette on top,radio and 8-track on the front-no speakers and the dust cover is badly scratched,but rest is quite unblemmed and even all the lights work :)Was about to pull the back panel and look for date codes,when "Yazaki 1973"was found on the cord.

Post# 903443 , Reply# 14   10/17/2016 at 21:41 (734 days old) by rp2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        

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I'm pretty sure HB made that smart looking blender for Sears.   The carafe shape could have been a Sears exclusive.  HB made various small electrics for Sears in the '70s.


That's not to say HB always made SR blenders.  I have a Lady Kenmore blender that's older than the one pictured above, and it's clearly an Oster product.  On mine, the Sears quirk is a horizontal sliding speed control instead of the bank of buttons found on Osterizers.

Post# 903937 , Reply# 15   10/22/2016 at 22:28 (729 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Oh I've seen that Sears blender Ralph. One of my favorites.

Post# 903939 , Reply# 16   10/22/2016 at 22:34 (729 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Found a rather rare Pyrex "Constellation" 1.5 quart divided dish. Circa 1959. #472. No lid though :( . If memory serves me, I think this came with a wire rack and was warmed by candles.




Post# 903965 , Reply# 17   10/23/2016 at 09:51 (729 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
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Oh that's interesting I found that same dish and it's the only Constellation I found. Do you have more of this pattern Louis?😎

Post# 903982 , Reply# 18   10/23/2016 at 12:06 (729 days old) by wiskybill (Canton, Ohio)        
Estate sale find...

Westinghouse Pressure Flo coffee maker

Model HP90-1

I have always thought that WH made some very stylish percolators.

Post# 905900 , Reply# 19   11/7/2016 at 18:49 (714 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        

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Excellent catch.. love it!!!!

Post# 907461 , Reply# 20   11/18/2016 at 05:18 (703 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        
Early 1970's

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Picked up this General Electric clock for $3.99 Works fine, illuminated dial. Mod. 8141-4. Made in Singapore. Surprised how collectable this one is.




Post# 907986 , Reply# 21   11/22/2016 at 04:05 (699 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        
It's little, it's lovely, it lights?

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Picked up this Princess phone yesterday. Works fine, but missing the light bulb socket. How did a phone sold in west coast show up in Pennsylvania is anybodies guess.  A steal at $7.50







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Post# 908044 , Reply# 22   11/22/2016 at 12:28 (699 days old) by ken (Ulster Hgts, NY)        
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I have the same clock sans the snooze function (button on top). Got it for Christmas mid-late 70s. Used it for a long time from that point then got retired to the attic. A couple years ago I put it back into service and its still running fine today. When I'm in bed and its completely quiet I can actually hear the function of the numbers rolling over. There's nothing wrong with it. Just the design of the mechanism. It actually runs just a quiet today as when new.

Post# 909586 , Reply# 23   12/4/2016 at 12:16 (687 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        
little zenith color TV

bought a little 9"zenith color TV-sticker had fallen off the back,but a sticker was found on the chassis that said "assembled in Mexico" and "july 1986"still works like new -watched a movie on it for a shakedown/performance evaluation :) $5.00.

Post# 915581 , Reply# 24   1/14/2017 at 00:51 (646 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Picked up this Universal Coffeematic MOD. 4410 last Monday for $7.50. Works great. I guess it's late 1950's or early 1960's.






Post# 915582 , Reply# 25   1/14/2017 at 01:24 (646 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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That's abeautiful Coffeematic Louie! Thus model is one of the very best electric perks ever made.

Post# 915586 , Reply# 26   1/14/2017 at 03:05 (646 days old) by Intuitive (Sydney-Australia)        
The Universal Coffeematic

My mum had two of the exact same percs (240v) they are kept in the dining room teak sideboard, they only ever came out for high days and holidays! They do make a good brew.

I do like the brew when served in a demi-tasse bone china cup.

I have the full 12 setting dinner service from my granny, its over 50 yrs old and still in daily use

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Post# 917899 , Reply# 27   1/27/2017 at 21:54 (632 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Great finds everyone

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Some of these remind me of my own Thrift G.E. electric clock light now only flickers...only if I touch the case.

I love that Universal coffee maker.

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Post# 918001 , Reply# 28   1/28/2017 at 16:23 (632 days old) by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

That's a rather fancy coffee maker; my mom's Universal was a plain one.

Nice phones - unusual to see a WE Princess in Black. The light colored one is a GTE Starlight. My friends the Jones's had one in Green.

Post# 918022 , Reply# 29   1/28/2017 at 19:25 (632 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        

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It is a little fancy; once in a while we use it but we tend to use the super fast most of the time. And I like the
Universal shown here in the thread. I love the old phones because my Buddy's dad worked for Michigan Bell and he was able to bring home the latest phones before public release to test and evaluate. So I would see ,for instance, the Princess phone before anyone could acquire(rent, more like) it for use So I had to pick up a few of these phones because of the fun memories. I remember when they had a princess dial phone(dial on the handset)and then eventually they got a princess phone with push buttons. That was a big deal I thought back then. The black Princess phone lights up, and the dial works.. after giving it some lubrication. The Starlight. which sounds like it should light up, does not. I have a couple of Princess phones in my small collection that have lighted buttons, but most do not.

Eventually I'd like to make these phones operative using the internetusing an ATA ( analog telephone adapte, which I've done before).Anyways thank you Tom and here are a couple close-ups of those phones. The inscription on the black princess handset says," Bell System property,Not for sale, Western Electric" I'm not sure what that means but I'm guessing it was either used in a store or?

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Post# 918302 , Reply# 30   1/30/2017 at 17:04 (630 days old) by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

Thanks for the additional phone pics, Phil.

Some models of Starlite phones lit up, others did not. I think the one my friends had did, and seemed like it had to be plugged in to an electric outlet for power. The link tells about the Starlite.

I had the wall version (rotary dial) for several years back in the late 70's - early 80's. When tone dial became available, I replaced it with the wall mount Styleline (looks a lot like a WE Trimline). Kept that for two or three years, then bought a WE 2554, so as not to have to rent from GTE anymore.

Prior to the Bell System breakup in 1984, WE marked all phones used in Bell System teritories "Bell System Property - Not For Sale". Ones sold to other operating companies did not have that marking. After '84, Bell customers had the option to purchase their in-place equipment, continue to rent it, or purchase phones from other suppliers.


Post# 918612 , Reply# 31   2/1/2017 at 13:28 (628 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
This Starlight from March 1979

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Hi Tom.... good information. Mine is too new for any lighted bling. That was a great link; it got me curious to look inside my Starlight. The network is WA-1200 AISS. I was very surprised at the size of those capacitors. It never ceases to impress me.. how far we have come with electronics!

Thank you very much for the information in the link. Love that name... Starlight. I need to find a lighted dial model. LOL.

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Post# 918634 , Reply# 32   2/1/2017 at 16:30 (628 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
GE Spacemaker II Circa 1984

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Maybe I was feeling sorry for it sitting there looking like it needed some attention. Right. Appliances have souls. I always like these Spacemaker II's...these early 80 designs. Models with hanging bolts seem even more scarce. Anyway the worst part is the inside door seal. I cleaned under it, and it'll eventually be reglued,but it just looks bad.

The inside label identifying the model number has been damaged, so if anybody has any clues to the model number, Iwould be grateful for any help. I'd like to find the metal tray as well. I looked around on the internet for information about this 1984 Spacemaker luck yet...but I'll keep looking. Here's some before and after photos. I love these Spacemaker II designs, but I prefer the Amana RadarRanges. Thanks for looking.

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Post# 918648 , Reply# 33   2/1/2017 at 18:06 (628 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Wow, my ex had one of those. I think that was the best part of THAT relationship.

Post# 918649 , Reply# 34   2/1/2017 at 18:12 (628 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        
General Electric TOAST-R-OVEN

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Haven't seen of these in decades. My sister had one in the late 70's.


Works fine, but missing the baking try. :(





Post# 918651 , Reply# 35   2/1/2017 at 18:19 (628 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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 This poor Waring Blendor was absolutely filthy.  It looked so sad ( I hear ya' Phil). A good cleaning and some oil and it's ready to be put back into service.





Post# 918652 , Reply# 36   2/1/2017 at 18:21 (628 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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These older GE toaster ovens are great. We had one when I was a teenager and it must have been used for at least 20 years before my Mom replaced it, not because it didn't work anymore, she just wanted a change. Plus all those years of constant daily use left it kind of beat up.

One year on Mom's birthday the wall oven wasn't working, we couldn't afford to have it repaired. This was our worst year after my Dad died. So I made a Dormedary Pound Cake mix in a loaf pan in the toaster oven for Mom's b-day. The top got a little scorched, so I cut it off, and frosted the top and wrote Happy Birthday on it. When she got home from work I remember she just creid, she didn't expect a cake that year.

Post# 918655 , Reply# 37   2/1/2017 at 18:29 (628 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Very sweet story Eddie!


My sister's GE lasted over 2O yrs and it too was replaced just because it was so beat up. But it was still going strong. I hear ya' about those scorched tops. Too close to the broiler element. I remember foil helped.

Post# 918671 , Reply# 38   2/1/2017 at 19:55 (627 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Good Story

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Eddie you were a real good guy to make that cake for your mom. That was a nice story to share.

Post# 918675 , Reply# 39   2/1/2017 at 20:22 (627 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Speaking of toaster ovens

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Beautiful GE toaster ovens Louie. I wonder if we should start a thread on toaster ovens or that has already been done? Anyways here are a few I found all at the thrifts. I can never understand how some of these like my GE toaster were never used?
I've never been able to toast or bake without plugging in the appliance,setting the temperatures and do a start. Imagine how pristine our appliances would if we could just think bake or cook and then it's done by the buzzer. LOL. No clean up just brand new looking appliances. Okay I'll quit. LOL.

Waring's are cool... sort of conservative looking but I like the Clover Leaf carafe design.

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Post# 918678 , Reply# 40   2/1/2017 at 20:33 (627 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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Phil these were popular wedding gifts in the 60's and 70's so maybe some of the unused toaster ovens you come across were duplicates that were saved for backup and never needed or forgotten about. Anyway, its nice for those of use that appreciate older appliances. There's something special about finding a 50 + yr old toaster oven thats never been used. It's like taking a trip back in time when everything was made so much better. And for those of us without the room for a large appliance collection, these small appliances can fill the need to collect.

BTW, thanks for the kind words above. I was only trying to do for her what she always did for my siblings and I. She worked hard to take care of us and deserved to be appreciated.

Post# 918688 , Reply# 41   2/1/2017 at 21:00 (627 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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What a neat collection Phil! LOVE that Iona! I do like the idea of a toaster oven thread. I'd certainly contribute!

Post# 918877 , Reply# 42   2/3/2017 at 07:36 (626 days old) by wiskybill (Canton, Ohio)        

Was out running errands yesterday and stopped by the local
Goodwill Outlet Store.

Found this in one of the bins.

I have a Sunbeam and Cory electric model, but have never
come across a Westinghouse in the wild, complete with instructions.

Post# 918881 , Reply# 43   2/3/2017 at 08:00 (626 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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WOW Bill! What a fantastic find!

Post# 918891 , Reply# 44   2/3/2017 at 08:30 (626 days old) by turquoisedude (Ogden & St-Liboire (where??), QC, Canada)        

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OMG!  What great finds - it is amazing what is still out there!


LOVE the toaster oven, Louie!


Bill, congratulations on the Westinghouse Vacuum coffeemaker.  Those are rare birds indeed!


Phil, maybe we need to start a toaster oven thread...  Your Canadian namesake has a few and in some cases, the Canadian version of a couple of yours  

Post# 918907 , Reply# 45   2/3/2017 at 09:51 (626 days old) by Tomturbomatic (Beltsville, MD)        
The mitzvah of thrift shopping

Here is the link to an article I ran across about the various ethical reasons for thrift shopping. Who knew? Lo tashchit, Waste not, I have heard all of my life.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO Tomturbomatic's LINK

Post# 918938 , Reply# 46   2/3/2017 at 11:48 (626 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        

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Beautiful coffee maker whiskey bill. I have never seen one like that. It sure is pristine. Congratulations

Post# 918944 , Reply# 47   2/3/2017 at 12:19 (626 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Toaster ovend thread

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Louie / Paul... okay,a toaster oven thread..coming soon!

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Post# 918964 , Reply# 48   2/3/2017 at 13:29 (626 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        

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Post# 918987 , Reply# 49   2/3/2017 at 15:48 (626 days old) by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

Very nice Westinghouse!

Post# 919003 , Reply# 50   2/3/2017 at 18:07 (626 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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The GTE Starlite phones did indeed come either lighted or unlighted. BC Tel when I lived out Vancouver way was all GTE equipment. IIRC they even owned a stake in the company. Their sets in my opinion were never as robust as the Bell phones.. Anyways, I ordered a Starlite with the light and it had to be plugged in and had a wall wart transformer which also made the phone line from the set to the wall very thick, almost like a business line phone. I also had their first desk set with built in 9 speed also required plugging in with a wall wart. Nice thing about it.. they were similar to a bell touchtone set,, but they came with various colored faceplates you could interchange. Wished I still had that set.. I found the colored inserts not long ago in a drawer.

The GE toaster oven without the tray.. Initially these were sold as a toaster oven only with no tray,, later they added the words GE Toaster Broiler Oven to the glass front and came with a broiler tray.

Post# 919041 , Reply# 51   2/3/2017 at 20:19 (625 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Yea! A Toaster Oven tread!

Post# 919042 , Reply# 52   2/3/2017 at 20:23 (625 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Hey Pete, thanks for the info. I bet this oven is earlier than my sister's. I remember the rack had no toast indentations. Cool!

Post# 919062 , Reply# 53   2/3/2017 at 21:07 (625 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        

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I have the Deluxe Toast-R-Oven... no broiler. Yes thanks for the info Pete.

Post# 919106 , Reply# 54   2/4/2017 at 00:54 (625 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        
reply #20

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my sister and I also each received clocks like that one for Christmas back in the 70's!  Must have been a GE special that year.  My dad has one of them still in use in his den.  I always hated the would make me jump to the ceiling when it buzzed.  I also used to lie in bed and listen to the minutes turn...especially on the hour when all the numbers would flip at once.

Post# 919182 , Reply# 55   2/4/2017 at 12:22 (625 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
A mystery cake holder

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Here's an old cake holder with a lid that doesn't fit. This is how it was sold to me from the thrift. Does anyone recognize the maker? The only identification is patent pending on the bottom. Thanks for looking.

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Post# 920211 , Reply# 56   2/8/2017 at 22:20 (620 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Sony KV-5200

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I just got this today. Unfortunately it didn't come with the RF adapter. It appears to be in perfect condition otherwise.

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Post# 920214 , Reply# 57   2/8/2017 at 22:59 (620 days old) by norgeway (mocksville n c )        
GE Toaster oven

The VERY first ones are different in that the elements are open coil encased in glass tubes!

Post# 920216 , Reply# 58   2/8/2017 at 23:08 (620 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        

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T93.. looks like mine has the glass tubes.
.. will the dangerous start mechanism.

Post# 922476 , Reply# 59   2/19/2017 at 23:07 (609 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        
Lakewood Mod. P88/M

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Picked up this box fan today for 10 bucks. Circa 1973. 3 speeds/reversible and thermostat controlled. A good cleaning, oiled and whisper quiet on low. Tornado on high. All heavy gauge metal, save the grills, handle and knobs. Thermostat light turns on when it senses it's reached the room temperature you've selected.








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Post# 922567 , Reply# 60   2/20/2017 at 11:41 (609 days old) by turquoisedude (Ogden & St-Liboire (where??), QC, Canada)        

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Nice fan, Louie!  I've never seen a large box fan like this with a thermostat before.  Neat find!


Post# 922572 , Reply# 61   2/20/2017 at 11:51 (609 days old) by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        

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Very nice. Electrically reversible too. I like fans, a good thing since I've been called a "hot head" several times.

Post# 922795 , Reply# 62   2/21/2017 at 04:14 (608 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Thanks guys. I remember we had a thermostatically controlled box fan when I was a kid. Looked very similar to this Penncrest, with a control console on top. 



Post# 922970 , Reply# 63   2/21/2017 at 22:18 (607 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Nice catch Louie!

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I have a heavy box fan...but no reversible feature. That Pencrest is a beauty, too.

Post# 923566 , Reply# 64   2/24/2017 at 11:34 (605 days old) by jhepburn (261 sycamore dr lincoln ne 68510)        
ge percolator parts

I am looking for a lid for my GE percolator model # 33p30. If you are willing to sell one or know where I can find a replacement lid. Please email me at

Post# 925264 , Reply# 65   3/6/2017 at 09:16 (595 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Picked up this 5 gallon aquarium stand last week. Heavy wrought iron. Dirt cheap at 6 bucks. Thought of putting this one in the bedroom. The others in the living room.




Post# 927351 , Reply# 66   3/16/2017 at 22:58 (584 days old) by Ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
UDICO can opener and ice crusher

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Though far from beautiful, it all works well. I took it apart to unfreeze the motor and during this re-lubrication operation I broke a point attachment of the rod that attaches to the ice door; the ice cutter now runs continuously. The front of this can opener is all metal not plastic. It's very heavy and substantial but again it's not very pretty. Anyone out there have a UDICO?

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Post# 927359 , Reply# 67   3/16/2017 at 23:44 (584 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        
Interesting combination!

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Never heard of the brand. But I think it's nice looking.

Post# 946580 , Reply# 68   7/3/2017 at 18:28 (476 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Picked up this Glasbake bundnt/casserole/gelatine mold yesterday. Never seen one like this. It's model #352. Designed in 1919. Sold from the 1920's to the 40's.  I couldn't say no for just $1.75




Post# 946799 , Reply# 69   7/5/2017 at 12:00 (474 days old) by turquoisedude (Ogden & St-Liboire (where??), QC, Canada)        
Reply #66 - Udico

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Phil, I have a Udico can opener/knife sharpener!  Mine's pink and I believe it's a 1962 model.  The only reason I ever heard of the brand is because I have one of those old 'how to repair small appliances' books from that era that shows a Udico model  in the chapter about can openers.  

Post# 947074 , Reply# 70   7/7/2017 at 21:26 (471 days old) by earthling177 (Boston, MA)        


It's hard to tell what size that bundt pan is, but if it's a good size it will be wonderful in the microwave, particularly if you like Dulce de Leche made with sweetened condensed milk; if I'm not mistaken, it takes just a few minutes in a pan like that -- the problem is that regular pyrex usually makes the condensed milk foam and overflow, and it's easier to control it in the bundt pan.

Good luck!

Post# 947092 , Reply# 71   7/8/2017 at 02:30 (471 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        
Thanks Paulo!

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It's on the smaller size compared to a standard Nordic ware bundnt pan. See the small protrusions on the rim? That's for when you invert to unmold, you have a space to place your finger tips to lift the mold. The raised ridges on the bottom are to aid in cooling. Clever ideas. 


Never been a fan of dulce de leche. A bit too sweet for my taste. I'd prefer flan (crème brûlée).  And I agree, it's perfect for the microwave. I think the mold would be perfect to make a beef timbale, sorta' like an Italian meatloaf.

Post# 947094 , Reply# 72   7/8/2017 at 03:01 (471 days old) by earthling177 (Boston, MA)        


It's sure a very smart design!

My family sometimes make dulce the leche in the microwave to use as one of the cake fillings in multi-layer cakes, if you use just a thin spread it's really nice. Some of the kids used to sneak a bit to schmear a slice of bread too.

I knew someone in my family used to make the flan in the microwave too, but never asked about details. In my immediate family, folks cook the flan in the pressure cooker (I think it's 20 minutes at 15psi) on a steam rack.

Post# 950273 , Reply# 73   7/27/2017 at 11:26 (452 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Catching up

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I languished on membership renewal; hence, I'm catching up on seeing what was replied.

Oh, Paul, I want your Udico instead of my white version. LOL! Would mine be about 1962 as well? How did you guess?

And I have never seen a glass bundt bake dish like that, but would you feel safe using it? :-) I'd like to find one of those, bundt how many bundt pans can one collect?

Post# 952731 , Reply# 74   8/13/2017 at 11:02 (435 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        
I passed on this one...

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But it certainly was interesting:









Post# 952825 , Reply# 75   8/14/2017 at 00:56 (434 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

Nice little Hi-Fi set-like the inputs on the back-besides a record player-it can then be an amplified speaker system!Like how the TT has "Capitol" printed on it!

Post# 957471 , Reply# 76   9/14/2017 at 01:28 (403 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Picked up this Hoover last week for $12.99. Never seen a Hoover before, never seen any electric fry pan in copper. Works perfectly.  I'm not sure of the year of manufacture. They were introduced around 1959 and were still being manufactured unchanged until at least 1967.


I'm amazed there is not a spec of grease on the inside of the lid. It's quite clean overall. This one I'll keep for pancakes and such. The griddle on the Caloric is a pain to clean.










Post# 957484 , Reply# 77   9/14/2017 at 07:00 (403 days old) by DaveAMKrayoGuy (Oak Park, MI)        

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A lot of mostly dual decks going $40 to $50 and up, w/ wear marks especially on the controls and of questionable quality and dubious reliability, made this single deck (w/o a humungous $30 stereo attached to it) makes this find (tested w/o a tape & sound) for $8.99 speak for itself:

-- Dave

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Post# 959750 , Reply# 78   9/28/2017 at 22:04 (388 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        
1977 Western Electric 2500

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Really nice shape and works great. The pictures really don't do it any justice color wise. It's a sunny yellow/light harvest gold. Just 10 bucks.





Post# 959751 , Reply# 79   9/28/2017 at 22:11 (388 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        
Toastmaster Model 5230

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Looks like it was never used. It's immaculate inside.






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While out thrifting with Mark (william637) and Scott (searsbest) I came across this odd bird. A General Telephone & Electronics Model 80. The wire is cut, but you can bet I am going to try it.  All for the princely sum of $1.00






Post# 960665 , Reply# 81   10/4/2017 at 22:07 (382 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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Those were common sets in Vancouver , all of BC actually back then.. Then phone company BC Tel was part owned by GTE...  I never found them to be as robust as the Northern/Western Electric sets. I had the touch tone model and the one nice thing about it was that the faceplate behind the buttons was removable and they gave you numerous different colors and designs to change it up, or make your own.  

Post# 960683 , Reply# 82   10/5/2017 at 01:23 (382 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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I agree Pete. It certainly not as well made as a 500 set. And the dialing action has a "European" feel to it. Nonetheless, it will look nice in the collection.

Post# 960817 , Reply# 83   10/5/2017 at 16:37 (382 days old) by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

We had one of these AE's in white for several years. It started out as a rental phone from GTE (we were just over the line from Cincinnati Bell, much to our displeasure), then they just gave them to the customer without any further fee. We had an earlier model in gray that was better, but my mom decided she wanted a white one. I sold the thing at a yard sale several years ago.

Post# 960856 , Reply# 84   10/5/2017 at 20:31 (382 days old) by jamiel (Detroit, Michigan)        

Yeah, nowhere have I lived where people liked the local telco as they like Cincinnati Bell--it was originally known as the Cincinnati and Suburban Bell Telephone Company--it was part of the Bell System, to a point. Out toward Lebanon, I guess you are (which was the GTE area). I was there for grad school mid '80s. They have had some interesting spin-offs (Convergys--call centers and cellular telephone billing systems.

Post# 960946 , Reply# 85   10/6/2017 at 15:04 (381 days old) by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        
Hey Jamie,

As you said, Cincinnati Bell was part of the Bell System, but AT&T didn't have full ownership of it as they did most of the other Bell companies.

You mentioned Lebanon, which is about 20 miles NW of my location. They didn't have GTE there; it was United Telephone for many years, and is now CenturyLink. I'm about 18 miles NE of Milford, near the intersection of Warren, Clinton, Clermont and Brown counties. GTE sold the territory to Verizon about 15 years ago, and for the past 5 or so, it has been Frontier. We got local calling to the Cincinnati-Milford-Loveland areas of Cincinnati Bell about 20 years ago after a long, drawn out battle.

Post# 965920 , Reply# 86   11/4/2017 at 06:22 (352 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Some more vintage goodness. A ten-cup Corning electric percolator (E-1210) I picked up last Thursday. I was in a rush and I didn't noticed it was damaged. Apparently the perk control was dropped resulting in damage to the clear trim and the lose of the indicator light cover. While it does work fine, the neon indicator light does not work. And there is a chip on the glass dome of the lid. Oh well, at least it was dirt cheap.





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Post# 965925 , Reply# 87   11/4/2017 at 06:47 (352 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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I have two of those percolators.....finding the missing cords is next to impossible...

Post# 965935 , Reply# 88   11/4/2017 at 07:59 (352 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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Those Corning Electromatics are good pots, they make great coffee. The standard cord models are easy to love right out of the thrift store for obvious reasons. Mine takes the special cord but I've been lucky to find a few of these over the years. I've bought some pretty nasty looking and broken pots just to get that cord.

Post# 965942 , Reply# 89   11/4/2017 at 08:31 (352 days old) by Tomturbomatic (Beltsville, MD)        

The Hoover fry pan: We had those for sale in housewares in the early 70s. The warming drawer seems a little small for the size of the skillet.

The Corning Electromatic Perk:

When the adhesive design flaw that resulted in the metal band separating from the pot was discovered, Corning would refund the price of the pot if owners would send in the plug from the end of the cord, rendering the pots unusable for making coffee. If you use this, do not lift it to pour coffee, but rather tilt it forward to prevent strain on the bond between pot and handle.

Post# 965946 , Reply# 90   11/4/2017 at 08:44 (352 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Thanks guys. I saw parts on ebay and they were all over the place. It seems a LOT of these pots have broken and they are selling whats left. The cord IS rare I noticed, with a sky high price to match. It is much cheaper just to buy a complete percolator.

Post# 965960 , Reply# 91   11/4/2017 at 09:57 (352 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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The reason there are so many Corning Electomatic parts on ebay now is because ebay had another crack down on sellers in about May of this year.

See even though these pots were recalled almost 40 years ago, in the last year or two ebay had become lax in checking to see if these pots were being sold on ebay, which they were, in abundance.

Then all the sudden ebay realized these verboten pots were being sold and they swept in and put a stop to the practice, So all the sellers that had these pots started parting them out, which is OK, as long as the seller doesn’t sell the complete pot together. Well, this has probably turned out to be a windfall, because by selling the parts separately you can make a lot more. There are lots of the smaller plug cords available, but they cost a kings ransom, so to speak.

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Post# 965995 , Reply# 92   11/4/2017 at 14:34 (352 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Not to change the subject but on the subject

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Where's others thrifting finds? Nice stuff you got for cheap, Louie. Thanks for posting.

Post# 966054 , Reply# 93   11/4/2017 at 21:13 (351 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Thanks Phil. Yeah I know, c'mon guys, I know you've been finding great stuff thrifting! We wanna' see!

Post# 966068 , Reply# 94   11/4/2017 at 22:07 (351 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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1930's Silver Seal saucepan by Century Metalcraft. Solid, hammered aluminum and it seems a lot rarer that Guardian Service. Notice where the handle meets the pot is solid diecast aluminum, all one piece. Now that's quality.







Post# 967086 , Reply# 95   11/9/2017 at 21:13 (346 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Found a nice WE C/B 500 set for just $3.50 (half off) last Tuesday. You seldom see these in the thrift shops anymore. Manufactured in December, 1964. My parents had the exact model and color in their bedroom when I was a kid, except theirs had the four pin plug. Check out the exchange number, WAbash 5. Ours was EVergreen 8. Apparently the 201 area code was added on later. 








Post# 967320 , Reply# 96   11/11/2017 at 12:21 (345 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Nice find!

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My parents had theblack version...LI- for Lincoln..
miss those old prefixes and times.

Post# 967325 , Reply# 97   11/11/2017 at 12:50 (345 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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Something that many of our younger members may not know is that back in the old days the customer rented their telephone from the phone company. With the initial monthly fee you got one black standard telephone. A curly handset cord was even an extra monthly fee. If you wanted a phone in a color other than black, it cost extra. When touch tone came out, that was extra too.

When I got my first telephone in 1970 it cost $10.00 for the installation and I believe $3.24 per month for a two party line. Since I hadn’t had service before with Ma Bell there was also a $40.00 deposit to be kept for one year and refunded if the bill was always paid on time. I was earning about $50.00 a week net and couldn’t afford the deposit, so my option was having a guarantor signing for me, and a coworker kindly did this for me.

This coworker also clued me into the phone company policy that they had to install your phone wherever you wanted it. She told me to pick a location that would cause the installer as much extra work as possible and the installer would offer to give the customer an extra long cord instead to avoid the extra work. An extra long cord was also an extra one time fee, and once you had it you carried the cord credit with you wherever you moved in the future. I got a 20 foot cord at no extra charge and always had the longer cord free of charge after that. I could take my phone just about every where in my apt. or homes after that, a real convenience in the days before cordless phones, because remember, each extension phone cost extra too!

Post# 967401 , Reply# 98   11/11/2017 at 19:39 (345 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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The main "official" phone was in the kitchen, a beige 554. We had 2 other 500 sets, a beige one and a white one. Since the apartment was wired up for extensions in every room, 2 jacks (4 prong) per room, my dad installed those two on the sly.


In my dads appliance store there were 2. A black 500 set in the office, and a black 554 in the back room. Both with metal wheels.

Post# 974528 , Reply# 99   12/18/2017 at 20:31 (307 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Post# 974613 , Reply# 100   12/19/2017 at 12:33 (307 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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ea56:  When touch tone came out, that was extra too.
There's still a line-item charge on my landline bill for touchtone service, $0.18/month.

Post# 974619 , Reply# 101   12/19/2017 at 13:24 (307 days old) by Tomturbomatic (Beltsville, MD)        

A friend who was about phones like we are about appliances had them all over his house. He disconnected the ringers so that Ma Bell could not do a ring test to see how many phone you had. He had the chime sets and gave me one which I still use. He also told me to install a phone in my room at my parents' house and I would avoid paying the deposit. When I moved, I transferred the line to my sister and did not have to pay a deposit in my new residence.

Post# 974652 , Reply# 102   12/19/2017 at 18:21 (307 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
"L I" for Lincoln

phone prefix was southwest Detroit, right Phil? 554, etc. I used to call on a few vendors at the old produce terminal on Fort street.

Post# 975073 , Reply# 103   12/22/2017 at 23:32 (303 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Vacerator -

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Hi Mike -it was northwest of Detrot - about 12 miles in the Berkley area.

For years we used to communicate our phone numbers to others by saying,

"Lincoln 12475" until later ...probably in the 70's, when we would say, "Our phone number is 541-2475"

We all missed the useage of a name prefix versus a pair of numbers. Pretty quaint, eh?

My mom refused to buy the newer phones, so forever and ever, we had a phone like this, and our area code

was 313, if I remember correctly.

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Post# 975075 , Reply# 104   12/23/2017 at 00:36 (303 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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In the Bay Area when we changed from named prefix’s to numerical prefix’s in the early 60’s the phone company sent each customer new number stickers to affix to their phones to get us all used to using the number, rather than the name prefix. It was a big change. This is also when we began to direct dial long distance, rather than dialing 113 for the LD operator, because this is also when we were assigned area codes and began using 1+ the area code and 7 digit number for direct dialing. And this is also when toll free 800 numbers came into existance, I recall my grandparents referring to them as “watts lines”, why I don’t know. One of my aunts was the secretary to the maitre d’ for the South Shore Room at Harrahs Club in Lake Tahoe South, and my grandparents used to proudly tell how they could call Virginia toll free on her watts line.

Around the same time we also went to postal zipcodes rather than zones. And we still used Airmail Stamps into the 60’s for those times when you wanted your letters to be delivered faster. The stamps had a DC-3 on them and cost I believe 8 cents as opposed to the 4 cent 1st class postage stamp.

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Post# 975119 , Reply# 105   12/23/2017 at 08:14 (303 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Hi Phil,

yes, now that I remember correctly, LI was the Royal Oak central switching office exchange. DU was Dunkirk, or 38- in Lincoln park, Allen park, Melvindale. AV or 28- was Wyandotte.
When the 313 area code was modified at first, all of the northern suburbs were the 248 or the 810 area code. Then Macomb county became 586, southern Oakland remained 248, norhtern became 810.

Post# 975123 , Reply# 106   12/23/2017 at 08:34 (303 days old) by jamiel (Detroit, Michigan)        

Corrrect about LI- being Lincoln in the Oak Park/Huntington Woods/Royal Oak area. There's a drug store on Coolidge at Lincoln (Lincoln Drugs) that still has a neon sign with the LI-DRUGS as their phone number! WATS lines stands for Wide-Area Telecommunications Service, meaning toll-free access from a wide area...was an old Bell system term.

Post# 975266 , Reply# 107   12/24/2017 at 00:19 (302 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Eddie/Mike/Jamie - what recall!

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You all brought up somethings I have since slipped by recalling at command or not at all.

EDDIE - Ah! I remember now...we too got stickers to help customers use (313) before their phone number for LD dialing. I was a little sad to say goodbye to the old times, which is stupid - life got easier. No more "party lines", too. But it was fun calling the operator and talking to someone who linked you to someone you wanted to talk to . The more we move away from each other, the more we seem to add a slant of isolation to daily living, a bit.
I remember the postal zip codes appearing and the airmail stamps (think I still have one). Those were exciting times as transportation was evolving so quickly. My third grade teacher even made our entire year an event of discovering transportation, as we visited bus stations, train stations, airports and boarded planes , trains and buses. That was when airmail stamps were special...thanks for the memory.

MIKE -in our area here -Atlanta - the area code 404(oldest) and 770(newer) covers such a broad expanse compared to all the area codes in S.E. Michigan. I often wonder why they implemented so many there in Michigan and were good with keeping 404 and 770 to cover so many areas here. Ironic, because Georgia has more counties than the heavens have stars. (ok, slight exaggeration).

JAMIE- I lived a short distance from Lincoln Drugs - that's interesting about their sign - STILL THE SAME SIGN? Cool. I'll have to check it out in our next trip up. Thanks for the WATS line acronymn translation.

So, just to keep with the thread..and if I posted these before,'s a few phones I found at the thrift or from Craigslist(the OKI). I plan on getting an ATA, and use them. I don't mind cell phones for all they can do, but it's fun having the old phones working.

Left to right : 1) GTE Automatic Electric(no numbers or dates), 2) OKI - No. ? It's Japanese from WWII period, I think , 3) Western Electric Trimline AD3 R83-12 , and 4) A Bell System Princess Phone Model 702B dated 12-64 with what looks like a leather bottom(probably isn't).

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Post# 975295 , Reply# 108   12/24/2017 at 09:53 (302 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
One more..

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TP201 Bellsouth Advanced Systems, Inc. Made in Taiwan

It's a pink but the outside has become faded...not sure if the original color can be restored?

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Post# 975296 , Reply# 109   12/24/2017 at 09:59 (302 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Recent 2017 Goodwill finds

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Purchased within a couple weeks of each other....

a Howard Miller (Zeeland,Michigan made) and a Verichron(Made in USA)wall clocks.

The Verichron is quartz/battery as is the HMiller, but it has two hammers that strike 2 rods for a chime on the half and whole hour.

The HM needed some woodworking repair, as the bottom trim had separated at the corners...some glue and clamps fixed it and they're both beautiful for $9.99 each. I need to get a pendulum for the Verichron Regulator as I "borrowed it" for the missing one on the Howard Miller. :-)

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Post# 975317 , Reply# 110   12/24/2017 at 13:18 (302 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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Phil . I had one of those GTE "princess" type phones when I lived in Vancouver. It had a lighted pushbutton keypad, but required plugging into an outlet to power it. Then they came out with the standard GTE desk set with 9 number memory, that would be around 1978 so I switched it out for that with the phone company.. Again, the memory function also required that the phone be plugged in with an adaptor . Course at that time they were "rentals" so you couldn't keep them, wasn't too long after that that you buy your phone equipment outright.

Post# 975341 , Reply# 111   12/24/2017 at 17:26 (302 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Petek ..

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..I was so glad they finally did away with rentals. My buddy's dad worked for Michigan Bell. They gave him all the new stuff before it was released for rent or later, purchase. When they came out with the princess phone, lighted dial, and he had a couple of them in blue, I was drooling over the compact size. Imagine- compact then.

..I don't think my GTE is lighted but it would be nice to own one of those too. That Princess phone is a plug in.
Those lighted dials were my favorite. I don't know how these GTE automatic electric sound. Do you still use these old phones with a Analog Telephone Adapter? I will jump onboard in January, either Ooma Telo or Obi202..not sure which one.

Post# 975402 , Reply# 112   12/25/2017 at 02:11 (301 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        
WIth Ooma

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So long as they're touch tone you can plug the old phones (with the mini jack) directly into the Ooma base station , or as I have done, I bought one of their remote boxes that plugs into an outlet anywhere in the house and lets you plug one phone (or a base station for a cordless setup) in that because I have my cordless base set plugged directly into the Ooma base station . It connects wirelessly to the base station. You could plug in a dial phone but only receive calls. I also have the Ooma base station with the wireless adapater because it's in the family room and my router is down in the basement and I didn't want to be running cords from down there to up there LOL. So considering when I'm using our cordless phones theyre going thru two wire less systems, the cordless handsetset itself to it's base station and then thru the Ooma telo set wirelessly to the router in the basement.. It works really well.

Post# 975430 , Reply# 113   12/25/2017 at 09:07 (301 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Helpful idea !

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Pete, this sounds like the right thing to do, since the idea of running wires everywhere isn't practical here in our living arrangement(apartment). Some dial phones had a switch you could choose between tone or dial, but not the Princess phone dial-type. I have a green wall phone that is fitted with that "tone/dial" option, and I just set the tone switch, ran the wire directly to the router, but I like your setup. Thanks for mentioning your setup.

Post# 975440 , Reply# 114   12/25/2017 at 10:07 (301 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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We ditched AT&T landline service over 3 years ago. But our house has wired telephone jacks in the bedrooms and the kitchen and I still wanted to use our corded phones with these jacks. So, when I set up the Comcast wireless Gateway I placed it near the phone jack in the front bedroom and put a splitter into the jack. Then I backfed the Comcast phone signal into one side of the splitter and plugged the corded phone into the other side. This activated all the other phone jacks with the signal. Our bedroom also has a corded phone and I connected the cordless phone into the wall jack in the kitchen and put a cordless extension in the living room. The Comcast Gateway has a backup battery, so even if the power goes out, as long as the cable is still up we have phone service.

Of course, if you are going to do this you also need to disconnect the landline connections from the telephone service box on the outside of the house. I also, for good measure plugged the jacks in the telephone service box with modular phone cord plugs and promiomatly placed a note in the box advising to not reconnect the landline service lines and that the house was connected to VOIP.

This set up has worked flawlessly. I found out how to do it by viewing several You Tube videos and taking pointers from the ones that made sense.

A few years ago a Comcast tech needed to work on the outside lines and he came into the house to check that everything inside was OK too. When he saw what I had done he told me that he’d never seen a customer before that knew how to do this correctly.

So you can have corded phones, and still use your prewired jacks with VOIP.

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Post# 975462 , Reply# 115   12/25/2017 at 16:59 (301 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Eddie -

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That's really coooool and I will hopefully be able to use this in the future (not for another 2 years in the '57 ranch we'll be moving to). The internet can be such a great resource.

Your information might be of interest to others reading this thread - thank you!

Also - I meant to say, in an early posting here, that I could choose "Pulse" or "Tone" on the phone switch.

Post# 975466 , Reply# 116   12/25/2017 at 19:11 (301 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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You can connect the Ooma set to your pre existing phone wiring as well if you want to do it that way.. This house didn't have a lot of jacks and the two upstairs didn't seem to work at all for some reason I wasn't going to go bothering to look for.. so wireless was the way to go..

Honestly I don't think you'd regret getting the Ooma,, I know I go on about it like a broken record but it really is good,, it's a snap to set up and you cannot get the features it has, particularly the exemplary robo call blocking and customization of everyhthing from anyone else that I know of.. And it's so inexpensive.. on sale for around $80 all the time for the basic set.. The extra remote and options are always on sale,, it really can't be beat. I hear people going on about their other VOIP systems and they sound like a hassle , don't have near the options and cost more... It's a no brainer in my mind so why people keep paying for a landline I cannot understand.

Post# 975493 , Reply# 117   12/26/2017 at 00:53 (300 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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Yes, you certainly could backfeed an Ooma signal through prewired phone jacks.

I thought about Ooma and other options when I decided to ditch AT&T landline service. But since we already had Comcast for our cable TV and were pleased with it, getting a package deal with the high speed internet, TV and voice seemd like the best option. And we’ve been very happy with both the VOIP and the internet. The internet is lightening fast and the phone service is light years ahead of the AT&T telepone service.

I’m sure that Ooma is a good option for phone service and there may come a time when we might switch. But for the time being our Triple Play with Comcast is working out well for us.

One thing for certain is there will be snowballs in hell before I’d ever go back to AT&T. At the end they treated a 43 years loyal customer as anything but valued. They’re dead to me.

Post# 975666 , Reply# 118   12/27/2017 at 01:51 (299 days old) by MattL (Flushing, MI)        
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I've been doing that for many many years, I'd guess about a decade.  I switched to VOIP and simply feed the output of the Linksys phone adapter to the house wiring.  Of course it is disconnect from any phone company lines.


Never been a big fan of Ooma, much prefer more control over my stuff, ooma is great for the technically challenged, pretty close to plug and play.  I use, a Canadian based company with "hubs" located all over the us and europe plus other continents.  Here in Michigan I use one of the Chicago servers, I have set up soft phones for relatives who were  traveling in Europe, local calls routes to their cells.  They used the Paris and other hubs over there.

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