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Help! Kenmore visimatic trouble
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Post# 916633   1/20/2017 at 19:17 (611 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

This is the first time I've taken a washer apart to refurb it,ive downloaded and printed the service manual and I got all tripped up trying to get the tub nut off. Does anyone one have a way to unstick the nut?the manual says there was a tool like a sink wrench to undo the nut but I don't have the right size wrench....yet

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Post# 916751 , Reply# 1   1/21/2017 at 11:35 (610 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

So I've found that I'll need a spanner wrench to take this off. Does anyone know where I could find the right wrench? Also I looked for a new tub nut 12844 it's nla but I keep getting whirlpool 21366 as a result, is this the new replacement part? The fact that a whirlpool nut showed up for an nla part search gives me some hope that I'll be able to get my machine up and running

Post# 916752 , Reply# 2   1/21/2017 at 11:42 (610 days old) by mayken4now (Panama City, Florida)        

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Yes, a Spanner nut & wrench. You might try to tighten/loosen back and forth. I have done that with Maytags before and it freed the nut. you can cut it off as well. Wish I could be of better assistance, but no nothing about a kenmore wringer machine. Good luck

Post# 916761 , Reply# 3   1/21/2017 at 13:04 (610 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

I'm going to try a different penetrating fluid to see if it helps,does anyone know about that Whirlpool nut?

Post# 916920 , Reply# 4   1/22/2017 at 11:04 (609 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

Tomorrow I'm going to see of I can get a spanner wrench made for me (mostly because I have the patience's of a 3 yr old lol) on the CNC in shop that should do the trick. I've looked around some more and still can't figure out if the Whirlpool nut that keeps showing up will fit the wringer or not. Hopefully the the tub nut won't break and I won't have to buy and try anything else. I'm also making a lid out of plexiglass and its looking good so far

Post# 916941 , Reply# 5   1/22/2017 at 13:28 (609 days old) by Stevet (palm coast florida)        
Local auto parts store

Should sell spanner wrenches that are used for oil filters which might work for you. The classic wrenches used on washers go over the shaft and have two arms that you can hit with a hammer to remove the spanner nut. They should be out there on eBay as well as Repair cliniç and such sites,
As far as the Maytag part number changing to a whirlpool number, that is normal since Whirlpool owns the Maytag brand and all the part numbers were integrated into the WP system.

I would not be surprised if a few members have the wrench you need and will gladly lend it out.

Post# 917011 , Reply# 6   1/22/2017 at 19:56 (609 days old) by combo52 (Beltsville,Md)        
Retainer Tub Nut On A WP Built Wringer Washer

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You may want to buy the tub nut before you destroy the one on your machine, question do you really need to remove this nut.


Hi Steve, this is a WP built machine, it has nothing to do with MT WWs.

Post# 917070 , Reply# 7   1/23/2017 at 06:40 (608 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

I have to oil the gears because it squeeks when it's washing and to get to the gearcase the service manual says to remove the wash tub meaning that nut has to come out. The only reason I haven't bought the new nut is because I can't find anything that says it is a direct replacement for my tub nut it's just the only part to come up when I type in the original Sears tub nut part number.

Post# 917743 , Reply# 8   1/26/2017 at 19:51 (605 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

The new spanner nut is on its way, I figured for less than a five I might as well give it a go. Assuming everything goes well the original nut will have to be broken off and a new nut go in its place. I really wish I would have known what a reasonable price would have been because I overpaid big time (and passed up a working Dexter twin tub for less) so now it's on to restoration. So far everything has shined up nicely and I've made a pretty nice plexiglass lid.

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Post# 917761 , Reply# 9   1/26/2017 at 20:49 (605 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Don't stop now, keep going!

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Sometimes in this great hobby of ours conditions on the ground force us to make a detour. However as Miss. Clairee says "that which does not kill us, makes us stronger". *LOL*

Truly feel your pain as again almost went for a WP wringer.

Post# 917843 , Reply# 10   1/27/2017 at 13:16 (604 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        

I can't wait until I can get to the meat and potatoes of this project. since I haven't been able to get in the mechanics of the washer yet I've cleaned and polished everything. I found that a paste of baking soda and water worked well on the stubborn stuff and a little dish soap got the rest off nicely and I just put a rubber seal around the lid last night now I just have to let the adhesive sit for a few days and put the handle on. So far so good,I'll deal with the tub nut when I get there.:-)

Post# 918337 , Reply# 11   1/30/2017 at 19:58 (601 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

The Whirlpool spanner nut came in and it's too small, trying to figure out what step to take next, probably try a different wrench. On the plus side I finished the new lid and it looks pretty spiffy if I do say so myself.

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Post# 918367 , Reply# 12   1/31/2017 at 00:32 (600 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
It may be a long shot

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But call "Modern Parts" out in Parma, OH. Don't know what if anything is left of their inventory of "vintage" parts, and or if there is anyone there with the recall and information of the late owner, but it still might be worth a try.

Post# 918423 , Reply# 13   1/31/2017 at 09:52 (600 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

I'll have to see what they have, I found a place close to me that will have a nut that would work.... for 30 bucks. Oh well it's worth it to keep the washer going.

Post# 918498 , Reply# 14   1/31/2017 at 19:01 (600 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        

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The lid is really cool. Did you cut it yourself--if so, how?--or did the store cut it for you? About tearing into it: if you are mechanically inclined and can't wait to get at it, by all means, go for it; but if you're eager to get washing, just spray the big nut on top of the column with silicone to stop the squeaking. Have been using Garage Door Opener on my squeaking parts.

I have the same machine as you do. Mine needed a new control panel since I could only get it to work using a stick match in the dial hull to depress the contact point. Also, changed the filter into a fill port. These Visimatics are fun, powerful, dramatic, and wonderful washing machines. No other wringer is as safe--yet strong !--and distinctive looking as the Visimatic. Visi comes form the Latin word to see,
( video, videre, visi, vissus are the pricipal parts of the verb). Visi itself means seeing, and with the Visimatic you can see everything, thus aborting any trouble before it happens.

Good luck and many pleasures with your new Lady. Pix, shortly.

Post# 918502 , Reply# 15   1/31/2017 at 19:05 (600 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        

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Post# 918503 , Reply# 16   1/31/2017 at 19:08 (600 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        

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Post# 918504 , Reply# 17   1/31/2017 at 19:16 (600 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        

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is really copper, and when I pulled the machine out of a heap, trucked it home, and it didn't work, I freaked out. All of the functions of the machine: extreme wringing, turbo-fast pump, wicked agitation, and the timer are controlled by that little tab. Once I figured it out, and stuck a little stick in there, it was pure bliss thereafter.

Post# 918507 , Reply# 18   1/31/2017 at 19:29 (600 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        

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of Whirlpool's Magic Mix. Welcome to Wringer World.

Post# 918560 , Reply# 19   2/1/2017 at 07:00 (599 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

I cut the lid out of plexiglass with a jig saw, glued on some window gasket to form a seal and put on the handle,that was a project in and of itself. I'm going to try and see if some silicone lubricant will quiet the squeek. I have to get to the motor pulley that engages with the pump because the rubber has worn down and doesn't allow the pump to work so I'm thinking a vacuum belt should sort everything out. Then I'll have to see why the wringer only wants to run backwards, I'm thinking a gear has too much slop and a washer setting behind it should hold it in place.

Post# 918594 , Reply# 20   2/1/2017 at 10:34 (599 days old) by dermacie (my forever home (Glenshaw, PA))        

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Keep going with it. I am excited for you, I'm not really mechanically inclined but I have made several repairs on my 1952 Maytag J2l.

Post# 918666 , Reply# 21   2/1/2017 at 19:48 (599 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

I took the pump out and it was full of build up. The part of the shaft that the impeller goes over is frozen solid. Is there anything I should look out for or any tips on the easiest way to get it free?

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Post# 918674 , Reply# 22   2/1/2017 at 20:22 (599 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

Pumps spinning freely now, a little silicone gasket maker should seal it back up. I think I might see what some silicone based wd40 does about the squeeking. One question I have is should the wringer spin in both directions? Mine only works in reverse :-| I feel like that will be the next project.

Post# 918694 , Reply# 23   2/1/2017 at 21:28 (599 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Wringer lever has three postions

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Neutral, forward, and reverse. Are you sure the controls are set properly for "forward" motion?

Yes, all wringer washers by this time reversed IIRC. It allows wringing from either direction so best to take advantage of all those 28 various positions. Reversing also allows the removal of things incorrectly fed into the wringer, stuck and or bunched up.

Post# 918754 , Reply# 24   2/2/2017 at 09:42 (598 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

When I use the wringer first I put tension on the rollers (they automatically regulate pressure) and then put the wringer in the forward position. All that happens is the lever gives a little kick back and then it goes into position but the wringer never engages. When I put the lever to the reverse position it engages normally and runs fine, I took it apart to check the gears and they all still have good teeth. But I did notice that when the lever is put in the forward position the main drive arm that the wringer hooks into the washer with lifts up a little bit and I didn't notice any movement of that arm in the reverse position.

Post# 918765 , Reply# 25   2/2/2017 at 11:57 (598 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        
EDIT: Visus; principal

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The pump--been there, done that. Luckily your impeller is intact; mine not so much--hardly any left ;'D-- on this earlier Lady K. When you mentioned a belt replacement, I agreed having used vacuum belts and auto store tubing for Hoovers and Maytag TT's, but I scratched my head in self doubt because I couldn't remember a belt when I was underneath the Lady K's.

As you found out, there is no pump belt; in fact the only wringer washer I've seen that uses a belt driven pump is the Norge. It's a cool lookin' apparatus. Next time I get under the Norge, I'll snap a pic.

Post# 918767 , Reply# 26   2/2/2017 at 12:10 (598 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        

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Once I got a new pump she was good to go, but still needs a timer to amke her more automatic. You know how to determine the date of your machine, right? The first two digits after the 110, is the year of manufacture.

About the wringer: I have the same exact issue with a Speed Queen, so if you figure it out, let me know what to do. Thank You.

Also, the WD silicone should work fine. I think it may be a new product. When I bought a new can of Garage Door Opener the other day, there was a can of the WD S right next to it, so I bought both. The lid over the headlight on my Firebird kept sticking when the weather here goes full Arctic, and the WD S loosened it right up.

Post# 918775 , Reply# 27   2/2/2017 at 13:11 (598 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        
EDIT: make

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The top rod goes up to the pump, while the bottom rod goes rides against the main pulley. Borg Warner Norge was one of the best. Notice the B W stamp on the tranny. Their Wringer washer pumps were unusual not only in the belt and pulley design, but the pump impeller itself is almost flush with the chrome screen over the drain port. In an empty tub. if you move in close you can actually watch the impeller start spinning, and the wicked gurgle is right there in your ear. Haven't met another machine where the impeller is right there, up close 'n personal. Lots of fun. Have an ancient Norge in the basement; everything works, Norge's pumps seemingly indestructible.

Again, the best of luck on the wringer. My bet is that you'll figure it out. Let us know.

Post# 918776 , Reply# 28   2/2/2017 at 13:11 (598 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        

I'm going to try and work on the wringer some tonight, ill have to see what the service manual says about the one way problem if it mentions it at all.

Post# 918777 , Reply# 29   2/2/2017 at 13:13 (598 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        
We simul-posted, just this second. Check the Norge!

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Post# 918965 , Reply# 30   2/3/2017 at 13:31 (597 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        

My uncle works at a steel manufacture and was able to cut out a wrench, Ill try to get the project most of the way done by tonight but as they say "slow and steady wins the race"

Post# 918997 , Reply# 31   2/3/2017 at 17:06 (597 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

Got the tub off!!!!!!! That as a pain in the butt but that tool helped big time. I learned about the oil pad on the pump so I know why it froze up

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Post# 919017 , Reply# 32   2/3/2017 at 18:51 (597 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Good for you!

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Am glad you finally got things going your way.

Post# 919038 , Reply# 33   2/3/2017 at 20:08 (597 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

Okay next step. I need to add some oil to the gear case, I got the proper weight of oil and the directions say to remover the oil plug cap on the side of the gear case and the fill the case just until the oil is at the bottom of the oil cap hole. The only problem with that is the cap is flush with the gear case,threaded like a bolt, and only has a circular rounded out cut out to remove it by... Anyone know how that gets taken out? It really didn't help much that the procedure they give you in the service manual I have is so short,but I suppose at that time there where far more of the old style to fix than the brand new style.

Post# 919193 , Reply# 34   2/4/2017 at 13:17 (596 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        

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Good for you, Kiddo. You're the real deal. Haven't gotten that deep into my Visi, but I'm sure you'll figure it out. A guy here named "bradross" should be able to help you. Email him. How's the wringer coming, or is she on the back burner for a while.

Post# 919305 , Reply# 35   2/4/2017 at 20:56 (596 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        
Lookie what I found :-D

Well turns out there was a few revisions of Whirlpool wringer washers from 1960 to 65(the on I have) so I bought the Whirlpool service manual for the newer models and am getting ready to open her up. The cork gasket is kind of off putting since I have no way of getting a new one. Well wish me luck everyone, I've gotten just about head deep on my first washer lol. I suppose "practice makes perfect"

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Post# 919313 , Reply# 36   2/4/2017 at 21:43 (596 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

Well the old oil is out time to put the new stuff in :-D after this, I'll replace the motor and gearbox and see what Whirlpool has to say about the wringer

Post# 919341 , Reply# 37   2/5/2017 at 01:05 (595 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

I got the motor and gearbox back in the machine,some of the insulation cracked on the wires so they'll get taped up in the morning. Still need to seal the pump up and move on to the wringer. I looked tonight and saw the edges of bar that power the wringer at chipped so I stuck the bar in the wringer,gave it a twist and there is a considerable amount of resistance coming from the forward gear than the reverse. Might just need a clean and adjustment(if that's possible in such a small gearbox)

Post# 920394 , Reply# 38   2/9/2017 at 18:42 (591 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

Well I took a little brake from the overhaul but I'm back at it,all the gears in the gear case adjusted but the crank rod in the picture isnt completely seating and it makes a little knock every time it gets to a certain spot. Any tips on how to get it in place? Does the pin holding it in have threads to screw down or is it something you hammer in place? Looking forward to the replies. Thanks guys!

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Post# 920612 , Reply# 39   2/10/2017 at 22:52 (590 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        
I'm chugging away on lady visi

So the knocking noise that started this tear down was still there after fresh oil and a gear adjustment mostly because the spring washers on the main round gear adjustment stud are missing mean nothing aside from the snug fit of the stud in the hole was holding the gear in place, the "fork gear" or gear that hooks to the agitator shaft that swings back and forth has it's washers in place,so that should be an easy enough replacement fix. I took everything out of the gear case except the worm gear coming off the motor and clean it out with wd40 and some paper towels. I did make sure not to leave paper bits in the gear case. Finally got the silicone to seal the pump and some may go over warn down sections of the gearcase seal. I'm planning on replacing the cord an wiring harness since it's as basic as it is,a cord and 7 auxiliary wires. Wringer will come after that's all finished!

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Post# 920624 , Reply# 40   2/11/2017 at 00:06 (589 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Great work so far....

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Kept it up!

Post# 920975 , Reply# 41   2/12/2017 at 17:26 (588 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        
What else are weekends for lol

Well things are going pretty well so far, I found out I have a Fastenal hardware shop 20 minutes from my house and they sell the spring washers I need for the gear case, I have the old wiring out and after drawing up a schematic I have a new wiring harness and had a cord laying around with a breaker in the plug from a swimming pool pump, that will all go in after I'm done with the gears, the case got the cork seal replaced with permatex ultra synthetic gasket maker, I think when all is said and done I'll get a video of the visi running on YouTube!

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Post# 921841 , Reply# 42   2/16/2017 at 19:51 (584 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        

Well the hardware store didn't have the parts so they got ordered off Amazon and will be here Tuesday. In the interim I clean all the parts up with break cleaner and with out thinking washed the grease out of the bearing on the top half of the gear housing where the agitator shaft goes so got that all tore apart to find the shaft itself had grit between it and the cover and it was grinding at the shaft making things hard to move. Everything got cleaned and packed with marine grease and now she spins freely. So gear case has been completed gone through, the wiring has been completely updated, the pump got cleaned out and oiled and the only other thing that needs gone over is the gearcase of the wringer. I know one thing,I've had my hands through this thing more than the typical Whirlpool service man probably would have lol. How long do you think I could have this thing running for? It seems that everything on it's in really good shape and I mean the only thing that might break down at some point is the motor and at this point, should it go, I could switch out the end plates and use pretty much any 1/4 HP electric motor.

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Post# 921970 , Reply# 43   2/17/2017 at 09:16 (583 days old) by mayken4now (Panama City, Florida)        

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Mark. Glad you are having fun and going through a total restore with your machine. It's a lot of work, trust me, been there. When it's all completed, you'll be so proud! Looking forward to your final re-assembly. You're doing a good job cleaning every part. The marine grease is perfect!

Post# 921991 , Reply# 44   2/17/2017 at 13:13 (583 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        
After the mechanics get adjusted.....

and everything is running smoothly I'm going over the outside and fixing the chips in the porcelain, spray the inside of the skirt with some rustoleum to keep the little bit of rust at bay and I'm going to repaint the matte black finish on the control panel in a gloss black finish. Oh can't forget in an earlier fan overhaul we did (1950s Westinghouse Mobilaire) we found a chrome paint that actually looks to be chrome, that will be used to replace the chrome lettering on the agitator and pump handles.

Post# 922063 , Reply# 45   2/17/2017 at 21:36 (583 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        
Certainly no lacq of effort

The control panel and knob have been coated in black lacquer, the pump and control knobs have fresh chrome paint, the skirt and wringer shaft housing are 90% prepped for white lacquer and that will be done tomorrow

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Post# 922135 , Reply# 46   2/18/2017 at 06:28 (582 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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Amazing, expert work!

Post# 922161 , Reply# 47   2/18/2017 at 10:58 (582 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        
Kudos, Kiddo!

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I agree with Glenn, and I can't wait to see her showroom finish. Do you think, Mark, that grit you found the other day way down inside may have been causing the squeak?

Post# 922179 , Reply# 48   2/18/2017 at 13:35 (582 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

You know, now that you say that I do remember thinking there was some noise coming from that area. I think it might have been part of problem being that it was hard to turn but not the whole issue

Post# 922686 , Reply# 49   2/20/2017 at 17:53 (580 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

Everything short of the wringer has been repainted. I learned the hard way that lacquer can't go over enamel paint (that was a messy clean up) the agitator and pump arms got chrome paint over the area that the chrome peeled off. The spring washer is supposed to get here tomorrow and the final assembly will be underway shortly after.

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Post# 922895 , Reply# 50   2/21/2017 at 16:56 (579 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

Okay everyone I can't for the life of me figure out how the main round gear and worm gear go together without binding half way through the rotation. Can anyone give me any tips or tricks. I really want to use this machine but its putting up a good fight

Post# 923212 , Reply# 51   2/22/2017 at 19:15 (578 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        
That gear case

Was Royal pain in the you know what. I didn't end up needing the wave washer but I did get some bluing and soap nuts in that purchase, I think one of the gear pins has a slight bend in it to adjust the gear that goes to the agitator but being that I didn't know that I spent about half an hour trying to make that pin work with the round gear.... Then I switched the pins and everything ran hunky dory, the top half got put on and the agitator wouldn't engage, I spun the bent pin not even a quarter of a turn and heard clunk. The agitator gear seated in place. Now I don't even hear the slight tapping noise that I was told is fairly common on these machines so the gear case is now buttery smooth, a little clear coat on the metal skirt will mark the end of painting and the beginning of reassembly!

Post# 923340 , Reply# 52   2/23/2017 at 10:54 (577 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        
I really want to use this machine but its putting up a good

mickeyd's profile picture
fight. Brought a smile. You're beginning to sound like a seasoned old pro. Was it Rustoleum you used for the Chrome. I used gold to paint my metal Hydractor. It's really good stuff.

Pretty exciting, Mark. Buttery smooth and almost ready to roll. Such amazing machines, and you'll probably have it forever.

Post# 923473 , Reply# 53   2/23/2017 at 20:44 (577 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        

I used a paint called VHT specialty products plate finish for the chrome. I'll put a picture of what it looks like on the castors. And at this point I feel like a seasoned pro lol. I'm letting everything dry and will probably reassemble this weekend!

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Post# 925397 , Reply# 54   3/6/2017 at 22:31 (566 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        
I think it's fixed

Finally got the first 3 loads washed rinsed and wringed and it hummed along. Gonna do some more tomorrow but it's time to call it a night! Thanks for the help everyone, I couldn't have done it without you all😁

Post# 925404 , Reply# 55   3/7/2017 at 00:38 (565 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        
Was just gonna ask ~

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Did fixing the wringer get the best of you or have you been busy elsewhere? They are very complicated mechanisms with lots O' parts.

Glad you got 'er going. How 'bout a few pix of the finished machine in operation !

Post# 925435 , Reply# 56   3/7/2017 at 06:01 (565 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        

So far I haven't taken the wringer apart,sorting out every other little problem took so long that thing burnt me out. But I'm sure once I get a few laundry days out of it my batteries will be ready to mess around with the wringer. Pics will be up later this afternoon!

Post# 925465 , Reply# 57   3/7/2017 at 10:29 (565 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        

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My apologies: I mistakenly thought the wringer was broken. The Visimatic wringers are state of the art, and "If it ain't broke...." you know the rest and all the variations.

Post# 925489 , Reply# 58   3/7/2017 at 13:05 (565 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        

The wringer actually is broken as it only runs in one direction but that will be looked at in the future. Right now I'm able to do everything I need to so its gonna sit on the back burner.

Post# 925582 , Reply# 59   3/7/2017 at 19:41 (565 days old) by vacuumguy99 (North Western PA)        
Well here she is...

Used her for another 2 hrs today, the only things that need done is I'm going to put a vacuum belt over the plastic pump wheel to give it a rubber to rubber grip on the motor and the wringer might need more service than I thought as the drain pan likes to move to one side and it only spins in reverse but other than that it's a cool little machine. I really am enjoying it😃

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Post# 925589 , Reply# 60   3/7/2017 at 20:03 (565 days old) by wayupnorth (On a lake between Bangor and Bar Harbor)        

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Bradross fixed his "48 Kenmore with a vac belt. My "48 is in a shed awaiting warmer weather and then I will measure with what I need for a belt and my pump will hopefully work fine again. Prefer your Visi-Matic but mine is just like the same Kenmore my mother had. According to the posts in "48 Kenmore wringer, mine is next to what should be the then Lady K. Doesnt matter, if you love it who cares but you.

Post# 925656 , Reply# 61   3/8/2017 at 10:46 (564 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        

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What a nice paint & lid job; it looks like a demo model !

Have you figured out that if you swing the wringer to the right side of the tub, you'll be able to wring forwards?

Thanks for the pics. Glad to see you have a working filter; thought it was missing. These machines are really wonderful. What a ball !

Post# 925675 , Reply# 62   3/8/2017 at 13:11 (564 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        

Ya I did, I'll have to take a few pictures of how I had it set up next to our double wash tubs in the basement.I think I got my routine down wash the cloths, wring them into the first wash tub with clean water,reload the washer, hand rinse the cloths, wring the rinsed cloths into the second dry wash tub, repeat. Hopefully I'll get a video on youtube soon, I'll post the link when it's up.

Post# 925852 , Reply# 63   3/9/2017 at 13:38 (563 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        
We all here "loves" our washer flix. Do it! ;'D

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You're doing it the classical way. Nice. Saw a vid the other day where the lady wrung out one piece at a time from her Speed Queen, rinsed the single item -- all by itself--in a tub, then re-wrung.
One by one the whole load. Never saw that before. A million ways to skin a cat.

Post# 983389 , Reply# 64   2/19/2018 at 11:40 (216 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        
A little bit of caching up....

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I jumped head first in the wringer rabbit hole. Since the last time I was on here I had and sold a Dexter twin tub, cool machine but it was just a little too big for what I needed. I got a Maytag e2lps that's missing the safety bulb but she's the "daily driver" I use twice a week.I got an electric easy model r that's going to need a full overhaul but it came with some original paperwork so thats cool. Back to lady visi herself, I finaly decided to tear into the wringer gear box and found that the "rev clutch" part number 14468 (name of the part as per sears) has a collar on the forward direction that a fitting on the handle pushes against to engage the gear box and the collar is completely worn off. Aside from the labor,it should just be a parts swap if i can find the part. If i cant I'll try and put a few snap rings where the collar should be and hope for the best!

Post# 983512 , Reply# 65   2/19/2018 at 22:30 (216 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        
A good evening, indeed!

After plenty of pictures and a few cups of coffee,I got the wringer disassembled and the gearbox torn apart. The problamatic clutch came out pretty easily after i figured out that the shaft was pinned at the top and held in with a keyway in the gear box. After work tommorow i plan to clean all the parts up (and the table off for Wednesdays laundry) and I'll try to find something to fix or replace the clutch. If anyone has one laying around that they would like to sell, I'm in the market :D

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Post# 984366 , Reply# 66   2/25/2018 at 22:40 (210 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        
On a side note...

I got a set of wash tubs from the 50s, a few parts turned up missing but hopefully they turn up soon.

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Post# 984520 , Reply# 67   2/26/2018 at 23:36 (208 days old) by ladyk (Tacoma)        
A Beautiful Rebuild!!

Back in 1992, at our local Salvation Army Thrift Store, I scored a '67 Lady Kenmore wringer washer that apparently had never been used! (or very, very, very little) This baby still had a paper sticker attached to the front of the wringer giving brief usage instructions. The agitator was (and still is) shiny jet black. No nubs off of the scrubber cap. Just amazing!! Terrific machines!!!!

Post# 984735 , Reply# 68   2/28/2018 at 20:09 (207 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        
On the side note

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That picture is so much like what I would imagine stage one of the Philco Ford twin tub assembly line would have looked like; indeed, Philco made the machine in that very color. I wonder!!! "Wouldn't it be nice......." Beach Boys.

Now for March [Wringer] Madness : Through a one-time-only user error, I broke the wringer on my Pink Lady. It was a late summer night. I was finishing up a few items that had been soaking. It was 1 a.m. The piece went through and started wrapping around the rollers. For some reason still unknown, I just stood there and watched, taking no action to abort the wringer madness. Suddenly the wringer snapped, and the world ended, (joke). The photo shows how the lever actually sheared, a clean cut. Alas, it will have to soldered, beyond my pay grade.

Here's why this was such a shame. Of all the wringers I've know, this particular Kenmore offering is by far the best. By that I mean, first of all the fastest of any wringer, a real jet, the clothes simply fly ; secondly the reset is a one-handed affair that is as easy as closing a Frigidaire refrigerator from the mid-60's--a light snap. A weak old man--me, one day--could reset it with ease; hence its exquisite value. Thirdly, it's lighter and smaller than most.

I have been using the wringer locking the gear downward ever since. Then last week, after months of mickey-rigged bliss, just as your wringer failed, so did this. The gear will not stay engaged. 100 failed attempts. So I'm at a loss, but I popped the Visi-matic wringer on instead, the tortoise and the hare ascendant!

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Post# 984736 , Reply# 69   2/28/2018 at 20:10 (207 days old) by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        
Ever hopeful

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Post# 985022 , Reply# 70   3/2/2018 at 22:08 (205 days old) by VacuumGuy99 (North Western PA)        

Are you referring to the Dexter twin tub washers in turquoise? I have used a pink set that I had for a few weeks and they are cool machines! These are just rinse tubs dated December of 59. I was wondering if all Kenmore wringer share the clutch gear as I see you have a "target" wringer next to the open top, or is that just for the handle? I ended up cutting the drain pipes for the wash tubs too short but got them down stairs and stored them next to the wringers!

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