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Creda One Thousand Electronic 10700 Restoration
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Post# 927212   3/16/2017 at 15:40 (555 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Evening all,

This lovely washer came all the way to me from Kent back in January not long after my birthday. However, due to work and finishing off the Hotpoint 1509/05 restoration I'm not long after making a start on this one.

I knew about most of the work it required thanks to the seller kindly informing me so I knew immediately what to look for. The paint flaking issue was quite bad and once I had removed the tape and cardboard that had protected the machine during transit it looked like this...

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Post# 927213 , Reply# 1   3/16/2017 at 15:43 (555 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Rather than doing a half-hearted job of painting the patches I just got my scraper out instead and scraped off (very easily might I add!) the paint altogether so that the front can be given fresh paintwork all over! So it now looks like this...

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Post# 927218 , Reply# 2   3/16/2017 at 15:51 (555 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

I then decided to make a start on the internal work with the easiest issue being remedied first and that was the bearings so off came the alloy backplate which is in fairly good condition thankfully but I gave it a brisk clean anyway. I then knocked out the old bearings that had failed due to water ingress, cleaned up the bearing housing and fitted the new bearings before gluing the new bearing seal (genuine Hoover part!) in place with Debor. Whilst that was drying I gave the heating element a clean and fitted a new backplate seal for the best seal possible.

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Post# 927223 , Reply# 3   3/16/2017 at 16:10 (555 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Most recently I turned my attention to the outer tub itself. Classic machines with enamelled outer tubs like this one have a habit of rusting through if not looked after properly. Thankfully, the outer tub is in good condition and only has the usual accumulation of soap scum at the bottom and a little bit of rust where the spot welds for the motor mounting brackets are - like most other washers of this age.

I got the scum removed fairly easily and this afternoon I got around to applying the first coat of Hammerite with the second coat being applied tomorrow morning.

This weekend, I might make a start on repainting the front as I am waiting for replacement suspension units to arrive. I can't wait to see it all pull together again...

That's all for now!

Kind regards,


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Post# 928276 , Reply# 4   3/22/2017 at 14:29 (549 days old) by electradeluxe (Blackpool, Lancs)        
Hi James

I've been looking forward to this thread since the Creda/Electra mission, can't wait to see the results of this restoration! Keep up the good work


Post# 929081 , Reply# 5   3/26/2017 at 15:42 (545 days old) by matchboxpaul (U.K)        

Hi James.

It's still not quite sunk in that a black fascia machine has been preserved. Even looking at the photos , it's a case of 'Really?' and then 'Oh my goodness, one has!'.

Again would seem a thorough overhaul is being conducted, which should stand it in good stead for years to come. Question is do you create, following the theme of CREDA COLOURS from the 1990s, the first CREDA METALLIC? Strangely fetching in its de-enamelled finish, but maybe spray that door surround black to match the fascia?

Of course I am TOTALLY jesting and I cannot wait for a re-finished in white enamel Creda 10700 to be unveiled! You found a suitable lid for it yet?

p.s thanks again to Peter for enabling his 10700 to live on in another safe pair of hands.

Post# 934095 , Reply# 6   4/23/2017 at 17:22 (516 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Hi Neil,

Thanks for your anticipation and kind words. The restoration is taking a little longer than I expected but you'll be glad to hear that it's 95% complete with just a few finishing touches to do this week.

A lot of work has been going on, I just didn't have the time to update the community here but I'll do so now.


Post# 934099 , Reply# 7   4/23/2017 at 17:27 (516 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Hi Paul,

I'm afraid the Creda has been returned to its original glossy white enamel finish as you will see now in the next couple of posts I'm about to write up.


Post# 934104 , Reply# 8   4/23/2017 at 17:36 (516 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Since my last update, I applied two further coats of Hammerite to the potential 'troublesome areas' of the outer tub before fitting a new dispenser-tub hose, new backplate seal and refitting the backplate and inner drum assembly to the tub.

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Post# 934105 , Reply# 9   4/23/2017 at 17:40 (516 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

The all important and very hard to find suspension unit arrived next and was swiftly swapped with the absolutely knackered one supporting the left side of the tub. These are by no means easy to fit but after a few choice words it's fitted and I won't have to worry about a Creda dancing all over the floor or self-destructing!

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Post# 934110 , Reply# 10   4/23/2017 at 17:52 (516 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Last weekend I water tested the machine before going further and thankfully the machine is fully watertight and quiet to boot thanks to the new bearings.

So, onto the final big job of this restoration and perhaps the most obvious job at that - the front! Before respraying I primed any rust spots so that they wouldn't cause any trouble down the line. Then I sprayed four coats of white gloss enamel which was quite time consuming but worst of all was the wait in between coats.

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Post# 934111 , Reply# 11   4/23/2017 at 17:58 (516 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Which takes us up to this evening! It was nail biting having to gently peel off the masking tape and newspaper that had protected the other aspects of the machine whilst all the painting was going on but once removed the result was truly fantastic! It's so nice to see what this machine should really look like in person and all that's left to be done now is to clean off any overspray, apply wax to the paintwork, clean and refit the fascia side caps, polish the door and give the whole machine a wipe over.

Should be installed next weekend all being well, space will suddenly become tight from midweek onwards as two new arrivals are to be collected and delivered respectively.

Final instalments soon guys!


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Post# 934182 , Reply# 12   4/24/2017 at 04:13 (516 days old) by Electradeluxe (Blackpool, Lancs)        

You've done a fantastic job so far! You've brought new life into one of my favourite classic machines! Looking forward to the final instalment now!!

Take care for now


Post# 934473 , Reply# 13   4/25/2017 at 12:56 (515 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Good evening Neil,

Thank you, I'm glad you think so! It seems I may have done it some justice then.

It's easy to see why it's one of your favourites, the minimal control panel and chunky chrome door makes these machines stand out from their competitors from a styling point of view. In 1979, Hotpoint were still using their famous 18 series design which started to look a bit outdated at the time, same with Hoover and their proud square doors and metallic trims - the 80s were coming and dark colours with bold styling were starting to become all the rage so Creda certainly paved the way for the likes of the Hotpoint New Generation design in terms of styling.


Post# 934510 , Reply# 14   4/25/2017 at 15:06 (515 days old) by matchboxpaul (U.K)        
Oh my goodness!


looks like you are working your magic again!

I cannot wait to see the unveil of the restored 10700 - I have a distinct feeling it is going to look grand.
As you mention - facia end caps, polished door and some wax for added depth to the new paint finish. On tenter hooks.

Also, could you take some photos of the internals from the top of the machine.
No spring support of the drum at the top, but looks to be a strap arrangement akin to Servis? Is it a hinged metal arrangement (it looks very rigid), rather than a material strap that Servis used?
Looks to be a very tidy internal design.

Roll on the weekend!


Post# 934598 , Reply# 15   4/26/2017 at 01:43 (514 days old) by Electradeluxe (Blackpool, Lancs)        
Hi James

I was lucky enough in my childhood to see a few of these machines in action.

My mums friend and neighbour had a Creda( could be the model you're currently working on) I remember the black facia as I'm not 100% on actually how many models were produced.

My Nan had the Electra 11500 that she had for nearly 20 years.

And my friends mum had the Creda Crusader (11400 I think the model no was!) all beautiful looking machines, loved the style of the drum and the sound when it was draining. I would love to have owned one,but at least there's now two of these that are in safe hands!!


Post# 934614 , Reply# 16   4/26/2017 at 04:54 (514 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        

chestermikeuk's profile picture
Looking great James, good work with the spraying, cutting paste and a wax will have it shiny white and water resistant found the matching dryer to it yet ?

Post# 935864 , Reply# 17   5/2/2017 at 15:45 (508 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Hi Paul,

Thanks! The weather was lovely here all weekend so I was able to get the Creda finished and it looks very smart indeed - even without its original lid. Until I can obtain another lid or secure a matching dryer (whatever comes first) I'll just have to live with it and maybe put it under a worktop as I'm getting some units made namely to store twin tubs as they are the most unconventional machines to store.

I've taken some internal shots for you and I'll post them below for you. The internal design is very minimal with plenty of space for the tub to move around without going against any components or wiring. Correct, there are no springs at the top to restrain the tub but there is a nice, thick material strap like those on Servis washers.

Creda were certainly proud of the One Thousand Electronic, I hope I've done it some justice.


Post# 935866 , Reply# 18   5/2/2017 at 15:52 (508 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Hi Neil,

As far as I know, there were three core black fascia models - the 10700 (this machine), the 10800 which had the 'Rhythm Spin' option and variable temperature and the stunning MicroElectronic 12000. Then there were a variety of exclusives under the Debonair name etc.

I'll make a video of mine soon for you to take you back to those childhood memories.


Post# 935867 , Reply# 19   5/2/2017 at 15:58 (508 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Hi Mike,

Thanks! I've got it all polished up now and ready for installation in its new home - I can't wait to try it out and see how it performs.

No matching dryer yet but Creda were renown for their dryers so I'll keep looking out as they were very popular and unsurprisingly kept going for several decades. At one time I had two of the front venting dryers that matched this model but of course they're gone now since it was unlikely the washer was going to turn up - tis always the way!


Post# 935869 , Reply# 20   5/2/2017 at 16:03 (508 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Bear with me as I've taken loads of pictures since the weather was so good and the lighting was perfect!

I'll start off with the unique Creda drum just as Mike has finished off with above.

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Post# 935870 , Reply# 21   5/2/2017 at 16:09 (508 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

15 minutes spent removing the sellotape residue and polishing up the door left a superb finish that really adds another dimension to the machine and it's not often you have a chrome door with no pitting!

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Post# 935871 , Reply# 22   5/2/2017 at 16:16 (508 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

A few photos of the top depicting the single motor Crouzet programmer amongst other components. The top weight is cast metal but I can't determine what type of metal it is.

I hope these are okay for you Paul?

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Post# 935872 , Reply# 23   5/2/2017 at 16:21 (507 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Overall view of the rear which isn't that much different to a Hoover washer.

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Post# 935873 , Reply# 24   5/2/2017 at 16:28 (507 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

A few close ups of the GEC motor most commonly fitted to Hotpoint washers and later fitted to Servis washers until the Merloni takeover. The module was manufactured by Mullard who also made modules for Hoover.

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Post# 935874 , Reply# 25   5/2/2017 at 16:36 (507 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Reunited with its back panel at last!

Also, a close up of the ratings sticker and the little sticker detailing how to attach the inlet hoses - a time when manufacturers went to the effort of making sure machines were installed correctly.

Maybe that's why there are so many failures now since it's hard to find an appliance that comes with a decent set of installation instructions.

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Post# 935878 , Reply# 26   5/2/2017 at 16:45 (507 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

The Creda getting some sun at last after being cooped up and worked on for the past two months... The light (an unfamiliar thing in Ireland!) makes the fascia look more brown than it really is but regardless the design is a stunner for sure! That chunky chrome door has really come up a treat too!

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Post# 935879 , Reply# 27   5/2/2017 at 16:49 (507 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Last but not least I'll sign off for the night with a photo of it on test (programme 1).

That's a wrap folks! I'll get it installed on Thursday morning and aim to get a programme filmed soon once the wooden house in back in order.

Bye for now,


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Post# 936055 , Reply# 28   5/3/2017 at 16:48 (506 days old) by keymatic3203 (Cardiff UK)        
looking great James

enjoy using this great machine, I remember a neighbour having the electrolux version, the strap on the top broke during the very high rinse, the tub fell back pulling the door seal off, resulting in new carpets throughout the ground floor. They replaced it with a hotpoint 9534, because she looked at mums 9530 and liked the way the hotpoint had those clamps holding the seal to the cabinet.

James that's subtle, the back of a Hoover 1100 in shot lol.


Post# 936356 , Reply# 29   5/4/2017 at 18:18 (505 days old) by optima (Cumbria England)        
TI Creda

optima's profile picture
I'm sure the interim spins will go straight up to 1000 rpm unless you press the Synthetic option button for a delicate 500 rpm spin. Brilliant work so far James can't wait for the videos.

Post# 936369 , Reply# 30   5/4/2017 at 19:05 (505 days old) by optima (Cumbria England)        
TI Creda

optima's profile picture
The closest find yet to the classic Rhythm Spin 10500

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Post# 936528 , Reply# 31   5/5/2017 at 12:47 (505 days old) by matchboxpaul (U.K)        
Flippin' heck!

Hi James.

Well, what can be said, apart from another great job!

The machine looks superb and, like Craig, I cannot wait for the videos.
Thanks for taking the photos of the inside of the machine. The simplicity and tidiness of the inside is why I asked, as it didn't look festooned with wiring looms. Very neat and tidy.

The blingness of the chrome door, polished to perfection alongside the new paint finish. Just like they were when new. Brilliant.

Lid wise - put the word around your repair shop contacts! Would have to be square edged with no trims - so no Hotpoint 95. No formica tops - so no Hoover. Regular width - so no piano key Servis.
I would imagine a Creda tumble Dryer lid would work, though the deep lid only. Maybe a Zanussi FL lid?
Fingers crossed you find a suitable replacement, as it would (obviously) totally finish the job.

Honestly, the restoration is great. It took a while, but finally a black fascia Creda is preserved!

Roll on the videos.
p.s you missed a bit - get that bloody kickstrip wiped over! :-)

Post# 936708 , Reply# 32   5/6/2017 at 01:30 (504 days old) by Electradeluxe (Blackpool, Lancs)        
Hi James

The machine looks like new! Well done mate, looking forward to the videos!!


Post# 937349 , Reply# 33   5/9/2017 at 13:00 (501 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your lovely comments. I'm just glad it's back to it's former glory, it makes the effort 100% worth it.

Mathew, I hope that won't happen to me with mine! They fill so high during the rinses - exactly half way up the glass, which can be quiet scary! A Hoover 1100 of that kind must get its airtime by any means possible haha! I must post a thread on it ASAP now that the all important parts have arrived.

Craig, I think you're right about the interim spins although I haven't had the chance to find out. I will get a wash done soon and see what it does. I do hope that one day a square door Creda can be saved, they are really smart looking machines.

Neil, many thanks! I'm having a little problem with the plumbing to my wash house at the moment but once it's sorted I will have videos to produce of several machines haha!

Paul, thank you. Yes it's a very neat and tidy machine both externally design wise and internally. Hopefully it won't be long until I find a new lid but if I get a dryer I won't have to worry haha! The kickstrip will be sorted soon just in time for its video debut.


Post# 940083 , Reply# 34   5/24/2017 at 19:11 (485 days old) by optima (Cumbria England)        
Creda "TI" One Thousand

optima's profile picture
The wait for this is unreal.

Post# 940612 , Reply# 35   5/28/2017 at 05:30 (482 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Hi Craig,

I'm getting work done to my wash house, so I can't use anything apart from the Hoover New Wave, Hotpoint 1509 and Hotpoint 1600 for the time being. I'm hoping the work will be finished soon so I can get it back to normal.


Post# 940627 , Reply# 36   5/28/2017 at 08:31 (482 days old) by keymatic3203 (Cardiff UK)        
How is the 1600

coming along James, you've been quiet over the past couple of weeks.


Post# 940687 , Reply# 37   5/28/2017 at 17:26 (481 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Hi Mathew,

The Hotpoint 1600 has went through its maiden wash and works beautifully, Iíve just posted an update on its thread. Sorry for being quiet recently, a colleague was on holiday for a week so I had to cover for her and work has been busy in general with the good weather getting more people out and about. Iím using my days off wisely haha!


Post# 962117 , Reply# 38   10/12/2017 at 09:55 (345 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        

Hi all,

Apologies for the ever increasing delay in getting this video uploaded - my personal life is taking first priority at the moment. Finally! Here is a video of the Creda One Thousand doing a great job with some bed linen. The programming is similar to that of a pre-Logic Hoover but what I really like is how stable this machine is when itís spinning, it seems that Credaís 3 strategically placed weights around the tub work really well.

Kind regards,


CLICK HERE TO GO TO supermaticjames's LINK

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Post# 962244 , Reply# 39   10/13/2017 at 02:52 (344 days old) by Electradeluxe (Blackpool, Lancs)        
Hi James

Great work!! Really enjoyed this thread and it's so great after all these years to see one in action,
Well done mate!!

Post# 962251 , Reply# 40   10/13/2017 at 05:48 (344 days old) by warmsecondrinse (Fort Lee, NJ)        

Ah yes, another morning's coffee time spent on a restoration thread on instead of attending to my own much less interesting administrivia.

I never knew that paint finish was called Hammerlite.

A GREAT read. Thanks!


Post# 988300 , Reply# 41   3/26/2018 at 11:51 (180 days old) by slpj (Kent)        
Makes me smile. I know every sound it makes.

Superb James. Yep Iím pleased you bought it. Iím pleased I was able to sell it, rather than take it down to the council tip and scrap it, for that was what would have happened if I hadnít stumbled on this website.

Here's how it looked just prior to selling it and sending it off to James.

It was still working and in use, but it was tired, and as you can see from what James had to do, it needed two things **immediately**, -- both of which I couldn't find. 1) A left suspension leg/damper. 2) A DECENT quality drum bearing. (I'd fitted what were obviously cheap copies, and they didn't last).

So sadly after owning this from new, bought for my mother when she was alive, it was ** VERY RELUCTANTLY **, time for me to buy a new washing machine.

Having been used thousands of times, and washed the filthiest of grease stained overalls and jeans, washed out all kinds of dirt and grime including building site filth, and on numerous occassions, it just shows you how well it was made.

Mind you, I have to say, I do look after things. When this was bought, it was because research at the time, suggested it was the best for the price, which was always and still is my philosohy. Buy the best you can afford and look after it. So once it was bought, it was ALWAYS going to be looked after. But 3 house moves, and kitchen rebuilds and decorating around it, took it's toll.

Sadly too, I threw away the top cover -- which I'd kept for years before throwing it away. Originally it stood with the matching dryer and stacking kit. When I first moved, I still had room to stack them, but my last move meant that I had to have them free standing, and the 10700 had to go under the worktop as in this picture. But by then, I'd thrown the top cover away. Bummer. :(

But anyway. The strap on the top of the drum is my replacement for the original which snapped one day, and allowed the rear to fall back and try and eat it's way out of the back. The noise was horrendous. This bit of webbing is from some upholstery stuff I had, and has been on there for at least 10 years. The chrome door, was always wiped and kept clean and dry, for the very purpose of preventing it rusting. But that said the quality of the chroming is very good anyway.

The programmer.
Many years ago, when I lived in Streatham (London), there was an appliance spares supplier nearby(Brixton Hill) who kept an amazing array of parts. One day the programmer got stuck mid programe. I looked at the price of a complete new assembly and baulked the price. But this supplier even kept the internal blades for the programmer. So being a bit techy -- and a bit tight lol--, I took it apart and replaced the worn blades/contacts. I didnít have a wiring diagram or the like, so I made my own. Hereís the schematic I drew at the time, as I took it apart, so that I knew how to put it back together again. That was over 20 years ago, so I must have done it right. Lol.

Apart from that, it has had remarkably little work/parts replaced Ė prior to the rebuild by James, and it was actually still useable Ė albeit noisy and not very stable when spinning.

Yes indeed, brilliant job of restoration James. I canít see why it canít do another 35 plus years, worth of washes.

I hope my Miele replacement lasts at least half as long.

And meanwhile the Creda Reversair 37405 rear vent tumble dryer, that used to sit on top, just keeps on going, and is in pretty much showroom condition.

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Post# 988317 , Reply# 42   3/26/2018 at 12:38 (180 days old) by matchboxpaul (U.K)        

Hi Peter.

Well, as far as I know, your machine is still the only preserved black fascia Creda out there and I am so grateful that you offered it into the hands of appliance preservationists.

Had you not done that, then there still would be a big gap in the ranks of preserved UK manufactured machines and, to put in bluntly, Creda needs all the help it can get as far as machines in preservation is concerned.

I have James' Creda video saved into my own YouTube favourites - a superb machine!

p.s seems that during development there was a plan to produce a model below the 10700, with just a single option button. Likely to be a prototype, as far as I know, no such model ever went into production which makes this image (courtesy of one of RobM's catalogue dvd's) rather rare.

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Post# 988344 , Reply# 43   3/26/2018 at 15:41 (180 days old) by slpj (Kent)        

Hi Paul,

It's amazing to think that this is so rare. All the time it was sitting in my kitchen, it never occured to me that it was of interest to anyone excpept me, and for as long as I could get spares for it and keep it going, I had no reason to replace it. If I'd have known of a source for the suspension leg and a genuine drum bearing, I'd probably still have it.

Although with my creeping age, I have to confess I'm glad not to have to contamplate working on it. So I'm doubly pleased that this group exist, and that James has given it a new lease of life.

That picture of yours jogs my memory. I seem to recall that was for sale at the time I bought the double button version. I seem to remember thinking that the small saving on cost wasn't worth it. But maybe that's just a false memory, as I'm pretty certain I bought the machine as early as 1980 or maybe even in 1979.

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