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Custom Imperials Together Again!
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Post# 963235   10/18/2017 at 20:48 (365 days old) by Unimatic1140 (Minneapolis)        

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So I moved the 1958 Frigidaire Filtrator Dryer up to the kitchen with his washer mate. They look stunning in the kitchen, the iPhone camera can't quite capture how pretty they really are.

Now that the nights are starting to get chilly and the furnace is coming on for the first time, it is so nice to add the few degrees of heat and a small amount of moisture into the kitchen. It's also the first time I've ever been able to connect a hose to the dryer's water pan drain and have it automatically empty itself, I love that! The hose goes down to the drain stacks in the basement. I also disconnected the pump from the washer and set up a gravity drain which makes the Unimatic even more quiet than it was to begin with. The pump in most of these machines was the nosiest part. My daily drivers for this upcoming winter season will for sure be this set!

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Post# 963236 , Reply# 1   10/18/2017 at 20:50 (365 days old) by johnrk (BP TX)        
1958 CR test of your machine

I just posted the complete washer test from August, 1958, in Consumer Reports, here under the 'POD' thread. You'll notice the top two machines in that test were from Frigidaire...

Post# 963240 , Reply# 2   10/18/2017 at 21:03 (365 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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That is a great color for a w & d.
Gravity drain! Do you have pics of that set up?

Post# 963241 , Reply# 3   10/18/2017 at 21:14 (365 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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have you ever seen anything more at home and beautiful?.....

how I wished my laundry, at least one set, was back in the kitchen....

Post# 963242 , Reply# 4   10/18/2017 at 21:23 (365 days old) by Glhturbo2 (Reidsville, NC)        

Those two look great in the kitchen, Robert. They look like they are right in their natural habitat :)

Keep the pictures coming.


Post# 963245 , Reply# 5   10/18/2017 at 21:32 (365 days old) by Mrsalvo (New Braunfels Texas)        

Those are really nice. I would be proud to have them in my laundry area. I think you made a good decision for the upcoming winter. Do you use any fabric softener? Just wondering.

Post# 963257 , Reply# 6   10/18/2017 at 22:14 (365 days old) by Losangeles (Muscle Shoals, AL 35661)        
Together Again

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I was wandering thru the site last night and found the list of collectors collections.  I was amazed and overwhelmed.  When I got to the tour of your collection I was totally blown away.  Every piece is a beauty unto itself.  And then if that was not enough you go and post the pair in your kitchen.  The color on my face could give a whole new meaning to "green with envy."  Thank you for sharing.  I could play in your basement for a year with an endless supply of laundry and never tire.  Congratulations.

Post# 963267 , Reply# 7   10/18/2017 at 23:03 (365 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Swoon!!!!  I know they won't remember me, it's been 16 years, but give them both hugs for me!!!!

Post# 963270 , Reply# 8   10/18/2017 at 23:10 (365 days old) by johnrk (BP TX)        

Going back and admiring that pair again, I notice that your radiator is quite close to the washer. Living down here in Texas I've never lived in a home with radiators. How warm does the side of the washing machine get with that? Or does the wall get warm? It's neat looking how that's tucked away like that with a surface on top.

Post# 963273 , Reply# 9   10/18/2017 at 23:25 (365 days old) by peteski50 (New York)        
Custom Imperials!!

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Robert - that is a real awesome set - Best Of Luck with them!

Post# 963275 , Reply# 10   10/19/2017 at 00:03 (364 days old) by rp2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        

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Robert, those are beautiful complements to your already fabulous kitchen.  What a sensible way to show them off for the winter!


As for radiators, I only know them from my junior and senior high school buildings, but doubt the proximity to the washer presents an issue.   I remember the show-off types in junior high would issue "butt stand" challenges while the classroom radiators were on full steam, so they're not anything close to red hot.

Post# 963297 , Reply# 11   10/19/2017 at 02:12 (364 days old) by hippiedoll (tucson, arizona u.s.a.)        

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What a beautiful turquoise set!
And I love the round window in the washer's lid!

Post# 963305 , Reply# 12   10/19/2017 at 05:11 (364 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Every time I see that pair it confirms that the '58 is my favorite Frigidaire. Love everything about them. Awesome kitchen, by the way.

Post# 963317 , Reply# 13   10/19/2017 at 06:47 (364 days old) by turquoisedude (Ogden & St-Liboire (where??), QC, Canada)        

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They deserve to have 'star placement' for sure!  They are stunning Robert and they look wonderful in the kitchen.  Truly stylish!! 

Post# 963332 , Reply# 14   10/19/2017 at 08:49 (364 days old) by swestoyz (Cedar Falls, Iowa)        

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The porcelain pair looks great, Robert! And I think we are a bit envious of your gravity drain. :)


Post# 963336 , Reply# 15   10/19/2017 at 09:03 (364 days old) by DaveAMKrayoGuy (Oak Park, MI)        

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The Good Ol' Days Are Back in Your Laundry Room!

-- Dave

Post# 963341 , Reply# 16   10/19/2017 at 09:28 (364 days old) by pulltostart (Mobile, AL)        
Forget Pink - Think Turquoise!!!

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Robert - those look great together!  And I'm not sure if the floor compliments the appliances best or the appliances compliment the floor best.  Either way, looks like you're going to have a colorful winter.



Post# 963351 , Reply# 17   10/19/2017 at 11:25 (364 days old) by potatochips (Nova Scotia)        

Beautiful set, Robert. I remember these were the first machines I seen a video of, they got me hooked on this website. It was my me too moment. Great work!

Post# 963353 , Reply# 18   10/19/2017 at 11:36 (364 days old) by brucelucenta ()        

Indeed they do look stunning!!!! Your home is like a picture out of Better homes and gardens or Good Housekeeping from the 50's. Way cool!!!!

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Post# 963387 , Reply# 19   10/19/2017 at 15:08 (364 days old) by Unimatic1140 (Minneapolis)        

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Thanks everyone for your very kinds words!

John the radiators have no effect on anything near them as the peak temperature they reach when the heat is full blast is around 120 degrees. They keep the house at a constant steady temperature which is nice.

I don't have any pictures of the gravity drain setup at the moment Robert, there isn't much to see really, simply two drain hoses going into holes in the floor and ending up in the laundry drain stacks in the basement.

The window lid isn't original to this machine. It came off of this machine, but it is a beautiful addition to the washer...

Post# 963402 , Reply# 20   10/19/2017 at 16:53 (364 days old) by leefree (Los Angeles)        

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Post# 963424 , Reply# 21   10/19/2017 at 19:46 (364 days old) by sambootoo (Moody, AL)        

Ditto what everyone else has said! That's a beautiful laundry pair in a beautiful kitchen. I'd say your appliances are all lucky to have you!

Post# 963512 , Reply# 22   10/20/2017 at 11:45 (363 days old) by countryford (Phoenix, AZ)        

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Beautiful. I would love to have that washer. I already have the dryer in pink. But of course, the turquoise is gorgeous.

Post# 963521 , Reply# 23   10/20/2017 at 13:01 (363 days old) by classiccaprice (Hampton, Virginia)        

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So question, how did Westinghouse and Frigidaire get by making Custom Imperials at the same time? I just picked up a Westy Custom Imperial Dryer at the Auction in PA.

Post# 963525 , Reply# 24   10/20/2017 at 13:33 (363 days old) by whirlykenmore78 (Prior Lake MN (GMT-0700 CDT.))        
WOW Robert:

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That is a job well done. They are beautiful.

Post# 963534 , Reply# 25   10/20/2017 at 15:12 (363 days old) by Unimatic1140 (Minneapolis)        

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question, how did Westinghouse and Frigidaire get by making Custom Imperials at the same time? I just picked up a Westy Custom Imperial Dryer at the Auction in PA Because Trademark Law in the US states that the name or marks must be registered and used in order to enforced. I assume no-one bothered to registered the trademark.

Beautiful. I would love to have that washer. I already have the dryer in pink. But of course, the turquoise is gorgeous.
Let's put that to the test, you all can decide (I know some of the following pictures are blasphemous lol...

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 13         View Full Size

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Post# 963536 , Reply# 26   10/20/2017 at 15:29 (363 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

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Definitely the turquoise! It first so well in your kitchen and that set is just beautiful too in that color.

Thanks for showing it in other colors though. It shows that coppertone is the most depressing colors of them all!

Post# 963544 , Reply# 27   10/20/2017 at 17:11 (363 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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I like the charcoal myself.  And yes, I knew exactly where that the windowed lid came from.  I remember when you found that coin-op.  I think it was also at the 2001 wash-in. 

Post# 963545 , Reply# 28   10/20/2017 at 17:16 (363 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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Love the two cent suggestions:
Metalic copper like a Kitchenaid, or Inka orange like a 70's BMW 1600.

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Post# 963561 , Reply# 29   10/20/2017 at 20:12 (363 days old) by peteski50 (New York)        

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I like the turquoise the best!

Post# 963699 , Reply# 30   10/21/2017 at 17:02 (362 days old) by Gyrafoam (Roanoke, VA)        

The Unimatic bowed-out with maximum style. The GM styling really comes through in the charcoal color. Reminds me of the 1958 Fleetwood Sixty-Special. I love my white one however, a yellow set is just gorgeous. In any event those are a beautiful turquoise pair. The best Filtramatic/Filtrator is one you can hook-up to a drain!

Post# 963710 , Reply# 31   10/21/2017 at 17:36 (362 days old) by spacepig (Floridas Emerald Coast)        

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That kitchen has got to be one of my favorites, ever! As for the w/d, my favorite is in the original turquoise. They fit perfectly with the decor.

Post# 963714 , Reply# 32   10/21/2017 at 18:29 (362 days old) by toploader55 (Massachusetts Sand Bar, Cape Cod)        

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Cut through the chase... You're Kitchen Rules.

perfect colors and amazingly so (not surprised)eclectic...

All your appliances are wonderful, my favorites and beautifully displayed.


When are you coming East again ?

Post# 963848 , Reply# 33   10/22/2017 at 10:21 (361 days old) by DaveAMKrayoGuy (Oak Park, MI)        

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I agree, Turquoise is the color for those--and to me, White seems to won over me for second--though Pink and Yellow tie for a toss-up, and if you're going to use Copper, it better be OLD AZTEC Copper, not the '60's-to-'70's-to trying to make it in the early-'80's Copper-TONE...

-- Dave

Post# 963866 , Reply# 34   10/22/2017 at 12:36 (361 days old) by combo52 (Beltsville,Md)        
Best Color For The The 58 CI Pair

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best color in your kitchen Pink,

Most fun color #12 the SQ orange.

Post# 963928 , Reply# 35   10/22/2017 at 20:09 (361 days old) by PhilR (Quebec Canada)        

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That looks awesome Robert! I wish I had more machines hooked-up, my basement would certainly benefit from the heat of a few Filtrators. It's hard to run plumbing for the washers and the and wiring for the dryers in my house and I haven't been able to do it yet. Hopefully, I'll get there eventually!

3 of my Filtrators are in the Laundry room at the back of the garage and two more in the recreation room downstairs.

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Post# 963949 , Reply# 36   10/22/2017 at 22:38 (361 days old) by stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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Those machines looks very good in all those colors....except vamacado.
Amazing the industrial design superiority lost to time and/or whatever else.

Post# 963963 , Reply# 37   10/23/2017 at 05:38 (360 days old) by DaveAMKrayoGuy (Oak Park, MI)        

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Forgot about the Charcoal, so it goes somewhere--High-Up--in my rankings, too... (3rd, perhaps)

I would not do the '70's colors, no matter how fun it seems, though the Orange is novel...

Congratulations I will definitely enjoy seeing more on these finds!

-- Dave

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