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Looking for help deciding what type of washer to buy....
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Post# 980455   1/29/2018 at 17:09 (262 days old) by shneire (MN)        

Mom of 5 looking for a new washer to replace my awful Kenmore HE FL. Can't stand the fact that the washer does everything and I have no control over any settings and all clothes coming out stained/still smelling dirty. Totally disgusts me...anyways...been reading about speed queens and about the 2018 models being re-designed in a bad way. Found a couple local places still selling the last of their 2017 models. But also wondering if I should buy used. Found a pair of older-looking maytags (pics included). Owner says they were bought in early 2000's, and they are in great condition. Model numbers from owner are LAT7500 and LD7500. Good buy? Should I stay away? Detail oriented and don't want to buy lemons!! Husband can do some appliance work himself so want something that can be easily fixed if it breaks. Just want it to do the 1 job it's supposed to do which is to give me CLEAN CLOTHES. Thanks for any advice/info you can give!

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Post# 980484 , Reply# 1   1/29/2018 at 18:51 (262 days old) by shneire (MN)        
Dryer pic

Here's the owner's pic of the dryer he sent me. Sorry they're not great pics. Just wanting to know if these machines are worth purchasing or not. What I really want is to choose my water level, plus be able to see the clothes as they agitate during the cycle. In order to add more water or add more clothes if needed. Thanks!

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Post# 980493 , Reply# 2   1/29/2018 at 19:33 (262 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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Exterior looks mint ... but no pic of the interiors, and the mechanicals can't be ascertained without examination.

The serial numbers will confirm the age.

Get the seller to send a pic of the washer's lint filter, or ask how often it's cleaned (many people either aren't aware there's a pull-out filter in the agitator or just never clean it).  The condition of the filter may be a clue to how well-cared are the machines.

Post# 980494 , Reply# 3   1/29/2018 at 19:37 (262 days old) by toploader55 (Massachusetts Sand Bar, Cape Cod)        

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If you can go brand new... This is the one I would buy when and if my Maytag and Miele would go... And buy it from Lorainefurniture : )

Post# 980506 , Reply# 4   1/29/2018 at 20:32 (262 days old) by Lorainfurniture (Cleveland )        
Those Maytags

Are very reliable. Weak point on the washer is the tub seal, the other breakdowns are very minor. The capacity is small, like half of your front loader. Wash action is good compared compared to newer machines, but there are better ones out there.

The dryer is solid, the occasional belt, blower wheel, etc.

Based on the pictures it looks like those are in good shape. Even if the washer needed a tub seal I’d still buy it and fix them.

Post# 980564 , Reply# 5   1/30/2018 at 08:22 (262 days old) by vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield & London UK)        
Mom of five?

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For you its a complete no-brainer - if you like a traditional style washer get a 2017 model Speed Queen while you can, you won't have the time to be messing around with an almost 20 year old washer if it breaks down. If its a little too pricy there are several good front loader options out there at different price points, if you feel like making the change make sure to get one with an internal heater.

Good luck in your seach


Post# 980580 , Reply# 6   1/30/2018 at 11:01 (262 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

I'd recommend the 2017 Speed Queen top-loader, as well. Have had one since the end of July and it does a great job. I have the top-of-the-line 9 Series with the electronic controls. Bought one for my sister and she likes it, too.

The lid switch can very easily be disabled with a clothespin before you put the washer up against the wall. It clips onto a brace on the back of the washer. Super simple. But, that means it won't stop during a spin, which may be dangerous in a house with kids.

I'm sure you do many loads of laundry each week with five kids. Go with the new machine that is repairable if/when something eventually needs attention.

However: Be prepared for increased water/energy bills compared to your front-loader. Front-loaders had been my "daily driver" since the mid-1980s, but moved to an apartment this summer with a very tight laundry space.

Post# 980582 , Reply# 7   1/30/2018 at 11:38 (262 days old) by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        
I have an Excedrin Headache

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So many Speed Queen videos. So much advice on don't buy this one get this one. I do understand the apparently very different product the 2018 top load washer is from previous top-load Speed Queens.. Is this model, AWNE92SP a 2017 model? If so perhaps I should snag one before they're all gone. 

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Post# 980587 , Reply# 8   1/30/2018 at 12:08 (262 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Yes.  That's the Speed Queen washer I have.  No complaints, considering it's basically a washer that could have been beamed in from 1955.


Minor quibbles--  


1) Agitator-mounted softener dispenser means softener is added to first rinse if extra rinse options are selected.


2)  No detergent dispenser means you have to come back to the washer to add detergent when it advances from soak or prewash to main wash.  (Never use those options; I soak for 45-60 minutes by powering the machine down.)


3)  Can't select warm or cool water for soak/prewash followed by a hot wash.  Whatever temp you select is used for soak/prewash and main wash.


Note:  The capability to do any of the above is generally derided by SQ fans as a silly bell/whistle/frill.

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Post# 980592 , Reply# 9   1/30/2018 at 13:19 (262 days old) by wft2800 (Leatherhead, Surrey)        

If you want the best-cleaning machine around by far (as well as likely the most durable), buy Miele. No contest.

Post# 980593 , Reply# 10   1/30/2018 at 13:28 (262 days old) by shneire (MN)        
Decisions decisions

Thanks so much for all the info. We are leaning towards the 2017 manual control (knob style) speed queens. Much more control with water levels and changing the rinse water to hot/warm by turning back to the beginning of cycle to let water fill up, then switching back to rinse. At least I hope to be able to do this on the I could on my old TL whirlpool. Definitely need something reliable so even though I'd love to buy the set I posted pics of above just to have them as extras to play with, will forego those and buy the workhorse SQ instead. Hubby doesn't always repair things timely just because with 5 kiddos there isn't much time anymore!! :P Still seeing the 2017's in stock but supply is dwindling everywhere so if you want a set new get it quick! I'm not thrilled about the bigger water bill as we already have issues with that. But hate the constant stained, and still-stinking laundry, so oh well....pros and cons!

Post# 980595 , Reply# 11   1/30/2018 at 13:42 (262 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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for the Pre-wash/Soak going into the main wash without a dispenser....

the actual idea is to double the detergent at the start, the heavy concentration at the start will work out tough stains, and there will be enough left over for the rest of the cycle to work with....

without the double dose, you sort of defeat the soaking option.....

and of course the extra rinse will take care of all the suds....


Post# 980599 , Reply# 12   1/30/2018 at 14:06 (262 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Shannon-- You can also do any of the things you mentioned in the post above with the 9 Series electronic controlled model.

For instance, to save soft water (Culligan exchanges a tank for me each week) I often fill the machine with hot water, press the power button to shut it off, then switch to the Normal Eco cycle, which does a water-saving spray rinse.

To get a hot or warm rinse, power down the machine, select a cycle and let it fill with warm water. Press the power button, then select Rinse/Spin.

Some people are more comfortable with knobs/dials. I tend to prefer electronic controls.

Personally, I think a Speed Queen would be a good fit for your heavy usage situation. They are generally quite dependable. More importantly, they are repairable when the inevitable happens.

At any rate, good luck with your purchase decisions, and please do let us know what you wind up getting. We love follow-up!

Post# 980600 , Reply# 13   1/30/2018 at 14:17 (262 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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Post# 980607 , Reply# 14   1/30/2018 at 15:03 (262 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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The washer in the linked ad above is a VMW design, not a direct-drive.  Tell-tale is the cycle sequence lights and start button below the cycle knob.

Post# 980608 , Reply# 15   1/30/2018 at 15:10 (262 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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Thank's. I'm just gonna delete the post now.

Post# 980612 , Reply# 16   1/30/2018 at 15:40 (262 days old) by shneire (MN)        

Never heard of Miele?? Something I need to check into?

Post# 980613 , Reply# 17   1/30/2018 at 16:02 (262 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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Miele is a German (frontloader) brand.  Expensive, and repairs can be expensive and tricky if an authorized servicer isn't near.

Post# 980616 , Reply# 18   1/30/2018 at 16:10 (262 days old) by RevvinKevin (So. Cal.)        

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As Dadoes mentioned above, Miele is a German brand that makes good quality front load machines that will last a long time. The problem is they are quite expensive to buy new, replacement parts are expensive too and they're about 1/2 the capacity of the "American size" machines. The other issue is (at least these older models) they require 220V power, yes even the washer. A regular cycle on these machines is 1h 40m start to finish. The up side is they have built in heaters and many, like the machines pictured below, can do up to a 190 degree wash!

I bought these at a yard sale last April and they're 19-20 years old. After replacing the tub shocks on the washer, they have been working great since!


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Post# 980619 , Reply# 19   1/30/2018 at 16:33 (261 days old) by shneire (MN)        
Question for Eugene

Hey Eugene - you said I can do anything with the control panel that I can with the knob/dial type washer. Well how about going between the small, medium, or large water cycles? With the dial you can select and in-between setting. On the control panel you have to choose with the button which cycle you want....any hacks to this? I prefer the look of the control panel but this was the ONLY reason I decided to go with the dial/knob speed queen. Thanks for the info by the way! My speed queen comes tomorrow - so if you can tell me if I can do this with the panel washer I will switch to the other type. Thanks!! :D By the way I see you're in MN too! I'm not a native, though my husband is. My last 2 years - almost 3 here have been quite interesting in the frozen tundra!!

Post# 980620 , Reply# 20   1/30/2018 at 17:21 (261 days old) by RevvinKevin (So. Cal.)        

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Shannon, just an FYI... while the machine you bought has knobs, it's still electronic control. Meaning when you select a cycle with the "timer knob", you can only start it at the beginning of the cycle. Meaning, you are not able to re-start it in the middle of a cycle, or repeat a specific portion of the cycle. Unlike the Maytag washer you posted the photo above.

Post# 980622 , Reply# 21   1/30/2018 at 17:42 (261 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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I think you made a great choice.
I just bought one myself I plan to set up in the garage someday, or use to replace my nearly out-of-warranty Speed Queen front load machine if it conks out beyond rea$onable repair again.

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Post# 980624 , Reply# 22   1/30/2018 at 18:11 (261 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Shannon-- Take heed of what Kevin posted above. It's possible the 2017 with the cycle dial isn't a true "set it anywhere I want to in the cycle" type of cycle control. I know this is true of the 2018 model with knobs. Can someone with a 2017 knobs/dial model confirm this before Shannon receives a washer she might not want? Please also confirm that the 2017 with knobs has a continuously variable water level control.

If your 2017 has both a regular 'set it anywhere within the cycle' control and a continuously variable water level control, you should be set! You might want to contact whomever you purchased from and ask those two questions to be sure.

Water Level on the electronic control model: It's easier just to select one of the four choices on the 9 Series machine. I've had to go up to the next higher level a few times, but the four choices are generally enough.

Here's the hack I sometimes use: Let's say it looks like the load should have a 'Medium' water level setting. When agitation begins, I might want a couple more gallons of water added. I hit the power button twice to power it down, hit it again to power it up, then increase the water level to 'Large' and let it fill to the desired level between medium and high. Hit the power button twice to power it down, then once to power it up, then choose either 'Medium' and the cycle will continue, but only fill to 'Medium' for the rinse. I usually opt for the lower setting for the rinse, since it only agitates for a couple of minutes.

Again, it's probably easier just to opt for the next higher water level from the start and walk away. But the hack is there if you want to use it.

Post# 980651 , Reply# 23   1/30/2018 at 21:27 (261 days old) by shneire (MN)        

I asked the salesperson the question about the controls being truly mechanical, with no electronic switch behind it - pretty sure the answer was that it was mechanical. Sales person did tell me that the 2018 with the knobs is definitely electronically controlled. I hope I'm saying all this right. Hoping I'm getting the right thing - probably should call the store tomorrow just to verify again, LOL.

Post# 980657 , Reply# 24   1/30/2018 at 22:25 (261 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Shannon-- If your console and its controls look like the one in Photo #1 below, you will have a continuously variable water level selector and the ability to set/reset the dial anywhere within the cycle. You can see that each cycle has clearly marked areas for Heavy/Normal/Light soil level as well as 'Rinse' and 'Spin' and 'Extra Rinse.'

If, however the cycle dial looks more like the one in Photo #2, you will not be able to change to different portions of a cycle. It simply has the cycle name printed on the dial. You set the dial on the cycle you want and start the machine. The cycle then runs from start to finish, but you can't "move around" within the cycle---for instance, you can't set the dial back to the start of the wash to fill it with warm water for the rinse, then advance it forward to the 'Rinse' part of the cycle.

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Post# 980733 , Reply# 25   1/31/2018 at 12:19 (261 days old) by shneire (MN)        
Photo 1

Hey Eugene,
The one I ordered is the same as photo 1 that you posted. I didn't know they made 1 like photo 2. So yes, it should be everything I want. Very excited to have the pair delivered today! Laundry has always been my favorite chore....can't wait to ditch the leaking kenmore frontloader, LOL. Thanks for your help and also to everyone else who chipped in on this thread. Took some stress off of me for sure! Knew this was the right place to ask questions....even if I'm possibly in the minority. Hahaha - will stick around as we plan on updating all kitchen appliances in the future too.

Post# 980735 , Reply# 26   1/31/2018 at 12:34 (261 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Great to hear that, Shannon. I'm a front-loader devotee, but have to admit that I've grown to really like the SQ top-loader. Just a heads up, the dryer will tend to run pretty hot and continue running long after the load is dry. Also, if there isn't a removable plastic guard over the lint filter, order one from Amazon. It will stop items from picking up lint when you open the door.

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