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Managed to get a 2017 Speed Queen
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Post# 981125   2/3/2018 at 17:14 (282 days old) by leelee (Canada)        

So my 3 1/2 year old GE gtan 4250 HydroWave washer died (tub and bearings). It cost around $450. new so we decided not to repair it.
Iíve long been an admirer of Speed Queen top loaders. Just got a brand new 2017 Electroic control machine last night.
I understand there are some learning curves when it comes to using a new machine. I read the manual. I have previously watched many YouTube videos on this machine.

I have done about 15 various loads (no washer for 8 days!)

So far...I love short cycle times and high water level.
Not so crazy about how it didnít spin clothes as dry as the old GE, or the whirlpool cabrio agi I had before that. Still using the cabrio gas dryer but it really has to work hard now.

But what Iím most saddened by is how rough Iím finding it on my clothes.
Upon further investigation it seems as though there are rough spots in the tub. Iíve run panty hose against these spots and it snags.

This washer was $1450.00 in Canada. Iím not real happy right now and I dread telling my husband my findings.

Any ideas? Iíd love to hear from you.

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Post# 981127 , Reply# 1   2/3/2018 at 18:10 (282 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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Not unusal, or at least I have seen the same complaint here before.
The company says that over time they will go away with use.
You can try to work out the rough spots with fine grade steel wool.
Call your dealer and ask for guidance.

The high cost of this brand makes any short comings that much more annoying.
Sort it out and know the pay off comes in 15 years and you're still using the same machine with still no need to replace. At least that is what's supposed to happen.

Deal with the issue quickly so you can get the new washer smile back on your face.
The company never replaces whole machines, but they do replace as many parts as needed during the warranty period without question.

The problems with my new Speed Queen front loader were so frequent, and my efforts at getting the machine replaced so futile, it will take many years of trouble free use before my "new washer smile" returns.

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Post# 981160 , Reply# 2   2/3/2018 at 22:40 (281 days old) by mrsalvo (New Braunfels Texas)        

I am so sorry this has happened to you also. I have a 2015 model T/L and looking to replace it with a LG or Maytag front loader, something that is much easier on fabrics. SQ tore up an heirloom quilt, put small pin holes in many of my t-shirts, and overall just rough on other clothing, esp. towels. After the quilt incident, that made me sick to my stomach, I was done with SQ. Until I can get a new washer, I don't load it past the second hole in the agitator and ALWAYS use a full tub of water. On top of that I only set the wash cycle between short and normal, mostly short with a soak. So far I'm getting okay results and it has lessened the damage to clothing and they come out acceptably clean...though at times not the very best. For the amount of clothes I can wash, it uses a HUGE amount of water, but that's the trade off. I'm not above going to the laundry mat to wash any quilts or anything I don't want to take the risk of damaging. I am done with top loading agitator washers, with the exception of a few old vintage models (Frigidaire, GE, etc.). I'm not looking back when I let them pull it out.

Don't overload it.

I, too, thought SQ was all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips-too. So disappointed.

Post# 981168 , Reply# 3   2/3/2018 at 23:34 (281 days old) by Helicaldrive (St. Louis)        
Easy fix

Just get very fine sandpaper and smooth the rough spots.

Before doing that cover nearby tub holes with tape so the metal shavings do not go into the pump. Vacuum the tub when finished sanding.

Speed Queen told me they replace any tub that snags hose.

Post# 981189 , Reply# 4   2/4/2018 at 01:04 (281 days old) by rp2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        

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I wonder what those scratches are from.  We had a stainless tub Amana (SQ clone) for nine years and the tub never got scratched up like that.  Are you sure the machine you got was brand new?

Post# 981197 , Reply# 5   2/4/2018 at 05:57 (281 days old) by leelee (Canada)        

Yes the machine is new. Ordered and unboxed it oueselves. This rough ring runs horizontally around the entire base of the drum where the two parts of the drum were fastened together.

I feel a bit sick to my stomach after reading what mrsalvo wrote in response to my first post.
I sure hope I can learn to like this machine.

I have the electronic panel model. I notice that you can push the spin button and it displays a 7min cycle in the screen. I am hoping this will help spin out my clothing better as I am not pleased with how wet they are. (Funny because I believe the GE HydroWave had a 700 RPM spin like this speed queen)

Also does anyone know if the normal eco cycle and the heavy duty cycle agitate at the same rate? If normal Eco is gentler than heavy duty I think I can work with this too. Iíll just select an extra rinse to compensate for the spray rinse.

Well I donít know if I should drop the bomb to hubby about the rough ring on Super Bowl Sunday!
Or perhaps let it wait until Monday!

Post# 981200 , Reply# 6   2/4/2018 at 07:27 (281 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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yeah, I would rub steel wool over the area....all Stainless gets smoother with use...try that, or call your dealer for recommendations....

your machine most likely is not reaching top speed during the spin, a main cause of poor rinsing and extraction...there are a number of tweaks we do to increase the performance of our SQ's

Post# 981207 , Reply# 7   2/4/2018 at 09:02 (281 days old) by Rolls_rapide (Scotland, UK)        

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If you can identify a few odd spots on the drum where your lingerie snags, you can use the finest grade of emery paper (or fine sandpaper) to 'de-burr' the problem spots. (I had to do that twice with consecutive Panasonic machines), and it worked.

If, on the other hand, you have a complete ring of burrs, I would complain to the retailer. It might be a manufacturing defect, where something has slipped and scratched the surface during drum forming.

Post# 981208 , Reply# 8   2/4/2018 at 09:11 (281 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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Now I understand the rough area is actually a ring encircling the wash basket?
That should get you a new wash basket.
Call your dealer and get the ball rolling.
That said the sandpaper/emery/steel wool might still do the job depending on the depth of the ring.
Replacing the wash basket is easier to do for the repair tech than it sounds. They will very likely have to order the part. They can have one shipped direct from Speed Queen as there is a special express parts service for warranty situations like this. I should qualify, at least there is in the States.
Assuming the program extends to Canada, nevertheless you're dealer may not know of it, they usually get their parts from an independent distributor.

Post# 981222 , Reply# 9   2/4/2018 at 10:46 (281 days old) by marky_mark (Sitges, Barcelona)        

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Hi there.  Congratulations and commiserations on your new washer!  I can totally understand how disappointed you must be feeling right now.  I'm sure your husband just wants you to be happy and will be as determined as you to get this resolved, even if that means insisting that the retailer take back this washer and sell you another make/model if this machine is not fit for the purpose for which it was bought.


In terms of it being rough on the clothes, could you please describe the exact symptoms on the clothes that you are experiencing?

Post# 981337 , Reply# 10   2/5/2018 at 07:16 (280 days old) by Leelee (Canada)        

So my hubby used a maroon scotch brite pad to smooth out rough spots. Feels much much better.

When I say rough on the clothes I was seeing a lot of fluff and pilling.
I had a sweatshirt that had a gold thread running through it and I feel it was the burrs on the drum that made it all pulled and fuzzy.

Now that I know itís a bit more agressive Iíve ill be sure to wash things Iím concerned about in lingerie mesh bags! (Teenaged daughter has 100$ lululemon pants!!)

I believe I can experiment with different cycles and run an extra spin to get the results I desire.

Iíll let you know how it goes! I had no dirty clothes to experiment on.....
But itíll come!!

Post# 981341 , Reply# 11   2/5/2018 at 07:55 (280 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

I have the 9 Series (top-of-the-line electronic control) washer (2017 model). Every SQ top-loader has those "scratches" running round near the bottom of the tub. It has to do with fusing the bottom of the tub to the sides of the tub during the manufacturing process.

At any rate, some machines have deeper grooves/scratches, others less so. My AWN542 had them, as well. A floor display machine (model 432) at the dealership had the worst ones I'd seen. I would have made them replace that particular tub. My new (purchased July 2018) 9 series has relatively light scratches. The chances of snagging are decreased when there is water in the tub.

If you want continuous slow agitation (unlike the brief agitation/soak protocol on the Delicate cycle) use the Bulky cycle. Agitation is slow and spin speed is fast.

Tub leaning is perfectly normal for these machines.

Post# 981360 , Reply# 12   2/5/2018 at 11:10 (280 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        

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Like Frig said. It's from the manufacturing process when they join the tub parts.
They're usually not "flush" with eachother, so they grind them down to smooth out the seam.
However Alliance is using a crappy, very course grit grinder to do this, and it leaves the area all rough, and prone to snagging items.

Absolute $h!7 if you ask me, from a company demanding money as they do for their products. Very crude.
Every SQ I used in apartments was like this.
At first I thought it was from high-use wear, like from zippers, jeans etc.
But no, it was on EVERY washer I used.
They make them that way.

Post# 981363 , Reply# 13   2/5/2018 at 11:27 (280 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        

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Look how smooth even "crappy, cheap" GE was able to get their stainless tub.


Post# 981365 , Reply# 14   2/5/2018 at 11:33 (280 days old) by mtn1584 (USA)        
I own two Speed Queen top loaders

I have the AWN 542 and my newly acquired 2017 9 series electronic washer.
I have never once had an issue with the tubs on either machine. The AWN542 tub is smooth after nine years of use and the tub on the 9 series arrived just as smooth.


I also have a buddy who bought the new 2018 SQ TR5 and he LOVES it. I think folks expect million dollar machines from Alliance when in fact they are rather straight forward no nonsense machines. The top loaders are still the best built in the market place.

Post# 981367 , Reply# 15   2/5/2018 at 11:43 (280 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        

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I don't think people (speculating) expect million dollar machines from Alliance.
But when you're spending 800-2500 dollars on something, you expect a level of refinement.
Ok, ok, I know other major retail brands aren't expected to see their 5th birthday.
But often times a GE or WP DO seem more refined at half the price.

You don't see them with ugly, rough seams, or clunky brakes that need a "break in period" allowing excessive indexing for weeks.

I think it's great, mtn, you got smooth tubs.
That's how they should all be.
But they're not.
I've seen it many times, and so have others.

Post# 981377 , Reply# 16   2/5/2018 at 12:51 (280 days old) by chetlaham (United States)        

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These tubs look rough but aren't in my experience. Maybe the OP's is damaging clothes, but most SQ tubs do not. I can think of many other "refined" machines that have major imperfections.

Post# 981419 , Reply# 17   2/5/2018 at 18:16 (280 days old) by mtn1584 (USA)        

I should also mention that my mom and brother both have the AWN 542 and never had any tub issues. My buddy bought a 2016 SQ and no tub issues either. So Iím not the only one who didnít have issues.

Post# 981427 , Reply# 18   2/5/2018 at 19:47 (280 days old) by washman (Butler, PA)        
I haven't had issues either

washman's profile picture

Smooth as a ...................well you can figure it out.  In fact, my face is rougher after I shave off a 3 week bearding out in comparison. And I tried all sorts of razors but none of them really get it smooth.  But I digress.


Hi Frig!

Post# 981451 , Reply# 19   2/5/2018 at 23:57 (279 days old) by Spinmon (st. charles mo )        
me too...

Our 542 is 5 1/2 years old with no trouble so far. I too was very disappointed with the rough tub lower connect and nasty vertical seam.

I noticed more pilling when the machine was new,it seems fine now.

I love the washer overall,but think a better made tub with fluted holes would've given a much better quality impression and the flutes(if possible w/stainless) may have helped water exit.

Hope yours works out to your liking.

Post# 981475 , Reply# 20   2/6/2018 at 06:06 (279 days old) by Rolls_rapide (Scotland, UK)        
"Scotch brite pad"

rolls_rapide's profile picture
I'm glad you got it sorted with minimum fuss.

If only machine manufacturers would take a little extra care in the assembling/finishing departments, it would save us all the hassle, and paint them in a far better light. But they don't seem to understand that.

Post# 981694 , Reply# 21   2/6/2018 at 23:33 (278 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Hi, Ben!

Leelee--- Here's to many years of great service from your Speed Queen.

Post# 981719 , Reply# 22   2/7/2018 at 09:53 (278 days old) by combo52 (Beltsville,Md)        
SQ TL Washer Tubs

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Over 800 sold and never a single rough tub complaint, I have had some clothing damage and wear complaints from the rough agitation, overloading etc.

John L.

Post# 981720 , Reply# 23   2/7/2018 at 10:07 (278 days old) by kb0nes (Burnsville, MN)        

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This one appears to be exactly the same as the one we installed a few years ago in my girlfriends mothers home. When they finished the weld seam they simply used slightly too course an abrasive. This does leave fairly deep scratches in the metal. I didn't do anything to attempt to polish them further but it could be done. A fine grit flap wheel in cordless drill would fix this in a couple minutes. With out machine I can't say that there was any clothing damage more then what a top loader is likely to do anyhow. It replaced an old Amana that sure did it's share of clothing destruction...

These machines are well built to be sure, but from a fit and finish and overall touch/feel quality basis SpeedQueen isn't close to other manufacturers. I look at that piano hinge on the door of their new front loaders and just shake my head. Sure it is likely more durable then everything else, but it looks like crap. Perhaps some of this is to be expected from their commercial roots where this is more acceptable.

Post# 981790 , Reply# 24   2/7/2018 at 16:00 (278 days old) by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        

twintubdexter's profile picture

Ever since I discovered my Maytag's were really Norgetag's we no longer got along. Water temps were off for some time. The only way to get hot was to toggle the HOT button on and off. Turning off the cold faucet caused machine to stop filling. Yes, replacing the valve is easy. Then the machine decided to skip the last spin. Washer would shut off with rinse water still in it. No big problem, I'd just reset timer. Now, just to be mean and ornery, it skips the rinse altogether. I suspect the timer needs replacing. This is not really a timer at all, certainly not like the ones I remember replacing with all the colored wires. It's an electronic control board with a knob. Discontinued years ago (washer is 17 years old) the part is pretty much impossible to find, new or rebuilt. 


So I decided to order a new Speed Queen pair, the 2017 kind where the washer's got a transmission, the agitator moves back and forth while the tub does not and it fills up to the top with water. I have my reasons for not wanting a front-loader. I probably made a mistake and chose the electronic console models but I wanted to move into the 21st Century while I still have the time. The discussion and videos from members concerning Speed Queen were very helpful. I don't understand how the 2018 SQ washers and most of the other top load machines can be expected to actually get clothes clean. They seem to just slosh stuff around, sort of like a front-load machine on it's back.

Post# 981877 , Reply# 25   2/8/2018 at 08:05 (277 days old) by ryanm (New York)        

I did buy the new 2018 Speed Queen TR5 top load washer and so far I am VERY pleased with it's performance. I was skeptical but after having this machine I can say it has cleaned my clothes very well and seems to handle a large load too. I have stopped the machine at certain intervals and it does seem to circulate the load well as every time I open it a different article of clothing is at the top. It is SO QUIET you don't even know it is on which amazed me, the only noise you hear is the pump when the water drains. The spin cycle is super quiet and spins the clothes so well that it only takes me about 40 minutes to dry a large load in my dryer which used to take about an hour and a half with my old SQ. I know many people were against this new model on our site here but for me I thought I was unhappy to see the old style go but after owning this new model my opinion has changed drastically as I actually think I like this much better than my old model SQ. I use the 'auto fill' and don't fool around with doing things manually and if left alone it seems the machine does a great job all the way around plus it is much more gentle on clothing as I see much less lint in my dryer. Everything I have put in the machine has come out very clean including dirty white socks, stains on table cloths etc., so for me this was a good purchase.

Post# 981882 , Reply# 26   2/8/2018 at 09:28 (277 days old) by wft2800 (Leatherhead, Surrey)        

Sounds like a machine that should have been rejected. There's no excuse for leaving fit-and-finish work to the customer.

Post# 981884 , Reply# 27   2/8/2018 at 09:48 (277 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        

johnb300m's profile picture
Thanks for the testimonial, Ryan!
It'll be interesting to learn of more real-world data as more of these machines get dispersed in the field.

Like a family who all owns the same cell phone on the same network, and gets drastically different reliability....I wonder what the differences will be, such as your positive experience, and Eugene's well documented negative experiences?

Post# 981887 , Reply# 28   2/8/2018 at 10:28 (277 days old) by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        

twintubdexter's profile picture

Good for you Ryan. It's important to be satisfied with something new especially when it's pricey. I've been excited about a new purchase several times only to have "friends" go out of their to say I made a mistake. In most cases they've been dead wrong. Enjoy your new Speed Queen.

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Post# 981963 , Reply# 29   2/8/2018 at 20:27 (277 days old) by Leelee (Canada)        
Had the SQ for a week now.....

So I understand there are ďtweaksĒ to get a better spin as a previous poster wrote.

Do these tweaks void your warranty? I only ask as now that I have the burrs smoothed down on my tub I quite like this machine. just does not spin the clothes out well at all. I have had to increase my drying time by 20-25 min per load. Iíve even started to add a spin cycle after the load is done.

I can live with it. But Iím just wondering.

Post# 981971 , Reply# 30   2/8/2018 at 23:46 (276 days old) by RP2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        

rp2813's profile picture

LL, you may not need to bother with the extra spin.  SQ washers do spin on the slow side.  I think our Amana (SQ clone) had a top spin speed of 625 RPM.  Yours might be 725.  Spinning for a longer period may not help much.  In theory, you could spin it all day at 725 but extraction won't surpass 725RPM worth.  


Maybe this is why SQ's dryers don't mess around.



Post# 982087 , Reply# 31   2/9/2018 at 20:59 (275 days old) by labbypaws (PA)        

I am fortunate to be able to get my hands on a 2017 model 9 top load washer. I cannot get the matching dryer. Any changes with the 2018 7 series dryer? We like the wrinkle guard option so I am going to go with a mixed set unless someone tells me to buy the 2017 8 series and be at the dryer when the cycle ends. Thanks.

Post# 982095 , Reply# 32   2/9/2018 at 21:57 (275 days old) by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        

twintubdexter's profile picture

I got the dryer from Goedeker's online, no tax and free ship. The company I ordered the AWNES92SP from charged my credit card (insisted it was in stock at the time) and then gave me a song & dance routine telling me it was on order and would take 2 weeks...yeah sure. I cancelled the order and searched for the washer. I finally located one at a small appliance store in a sort of rural/horse-ranch town about 30 minutes from me. At least I don't have to drive to LA. I'm wondering if I shouldn't break tradition and get the front-loader instead or just go with want I want.

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Post# 982100 , Reply# 33   2/9/2018 at 23:02 (275 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

askolover's profile picture

Front loader....front loader.....front loader.....front loader


Just trying some subliminal persuasion lol.

Post# 982101 , Reply# 34   2/9/2018 at 23:17 (275 days old) by Lorainfurniture (Cleveland )        
I have the 8 series dryer in electric

Let me know if you want it

Post# 982107 , Reply# 35   2/9/2018 at 23:55 (275 days old) by labbypaws (PA)        

My friend has the 8 dryer. I want the wrinkle guard😀.

Post# 982109 , Reply# 36   2/10/2018 at 00:14 (275 days old) by RP2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        

rp2813's profile picture

If the 8 has a "touch up" or "wrinkle out" cycle,  I know from both my Amana (SQ clone) and Frigidaire dryers that these cycles are very effective.  It's a compromise and still doesn't eliminate the need to be there when the cycle ends, but on my Frigidaire it keeps tumbling for quite a while after the "touch up" cycle completes and gives a long reminder beep about every five minutes. 


I guess I shouldn't be surprised that up until recently, SQ's dryers didn't even offer an extended tumble option.   That makes about as much sense as refusing to provide an on-board heater with their front-load washers.

Post# 982149 , Reply# 37   2/10/2018 at 11:15 (275 days old) by labbypaws (PA)        

The top one does have it but the lower models do not.

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