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Goofballs on HGTV
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Post# 981236   2/4/2018 at 13:08 (257 days old) by fan-of-fans (Florida)        

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Last week I saw too goofy women trying to demolish a kitchen on HGTV. They used a huge sledgehammer to demolish the soffits above the cabinets, which looked very dangerous how they were swinging it around. Then they knocked the doors off the cabinets by putting the hammer through them. One of the women thought she could remove the dishwasher (a vintage KitchenAid) by opening the door and yanking on it. Then the other decided to take the sledgehammer to the counter top above the dishwasher and then break it free, then they pulled it out and rolled it off the back porch.

Last week another two people couldn't figure out how to roll a refrigerator out the front door, so they took a hammer and knocked the doors off the hinges, and then tumbled it out the front door which resulted in a bunch of parts falling off and the glass shelves breaking and the goofball said, oh no there's glass everywhere. Well, duh!

BTW, most of these appliances looked perfectly fine.

Another silly thing is how people always complain about how the cabinets aren't white or the appliances are outdated because they aren't stainless steel even if they're brand new and not even BOL. Oh, and even if the kitchen has everything else right, they're horrified by laminate countertops!

Of course if they like the kitchen it's because "it has stainless steel appliances or granite countertops." Nothing about workspace or proper arrangement, just those two things are what matter.

I don't get what the concept is, but I suppose kitchens do sell houses. I just don't get why everyone is brainwashed into what a kitchen is supposed to have. Keep up with what society wants I guess.

Post# 981238 , Reply# 1   2/4/2018 at 13:14 (257 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Yeah, this element of HGTV turns my stomach. 

Post# 981241 , Reply# 2   2/4/2018 at 13:27 (257 days old) by norgeway (mocksville n c )        
I cant watch

It raises my already high blood pressure to the stroke range!

Post# 981244 , Reply# 3   2/4/2018 at 13:44 (257 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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I rarely if ever watch any of those reno, or anything on HGTV any more. It's so overly scripted and phony . They want you to think that no one would ever buy a house that wasn't totally gutted inside.. And of course there are fools out there who would not buy the perfect house for themselves because all they see are plain appliances and wall colors they don't care for. Not even thinking that in all likelihood the appliances will be going with the seller. So they'll go out and spend tens of thousands more on a house that has a new lick of paint on all the walls and faux stainless, not even tol , appliances..

Post# 981254 , Reply# 4   2/4/2018 at 14:46 (257 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        
HGTV Speak

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annoys the living crap out of me! They all use the same buzz words, like open concept, dated, complete gut job, not our style (whatever thats supposed to mean), hosting, grilling, the complete disregard for anything that isnít of the current acceptable fashion.

The distruction of perfectly good appliances, cabinets, countertops, fireplaces, floors and plumbing fixtures is really obscene and wasteful. How about at least donating these undesirable components to Habitat for Humanity?

There seems to be no appreciaiton for anything that isnít brand new and conforming to current trends.

And after all these many walls have been torn down to create the much sought after ďOpen ConceptĒ, how much do ya wanna bet that there be a renewed zest for individual rooms with a purpose, like dining.


Post# 981259 , Reply# 5   2/4/2018 at 15:19 (257 days old) by GusHerb (Chicago/NWI)        

That would be funny if in 15 years people start putting walls up in great rooms and making them into regular rooms.

I personally like an open concept where there are still individual rooms but they have high ceilings and large doorways between the rooms. Or if the house is so small that splitting it into multiple rooms would make it cramped then may as well make it one big room.

I pretty much barf at the current fashion trends. I can't tell you how much I hate gray and the billion "different" shades of gray that go with it. Stainless steel is overrated and granite isn't the end all be all in countertops.

Post# 981265 , Reply# 6   2/4/2018 at 15:37 (257 days old) by rpms (ontario canada)        

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The colour grey is so over. It is now greige.

Post# 981282 , Reply# 7   2/4/2018 at 16:34 (256 days old) by Kindalazy (toronto)        

Well, I donít like go against common thoughts, but Iím a big clutz, messy, clumsy, entertertain a lot, and generally accident prone. My kitchen is stainlesss steel, with built in appliances, all I need is a microfibre rag with water to keep them clean, and the granite surfaces allows me to place vessels directly out of an oven, warming drawer, or stovetop without worrying. Both very sturdy and forgiving.

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Post# 981288 , Reply# 8   2/4/2018 at 17:51 (256 days old) by norgeway (mocksville n c )        
I will take

Steel kitchen cabinets, and pink bathrooms,

Post# 981291 , Reply# 9   2/4/2018 at 18:32 (256 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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I never watch HGTV. It's shows are all the same, predictable, mindless fluff. All edited the same way with the same type of couples saying "oh my gosh". Like all reality TV, it's all scripted bullshit.

Post# 981295 , Reply# 10   2/4/2018 at 19:11 (256 days old) by wayupnorth (On a lake between Bangor and Bar Harbor)        

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Back in the old HGTV, you had people like Mike Holmes fixing the crap bad contractors messed up and you could learn from what he did. Now its the same people over and over throwing perfectly good things away and listening to owners that now want this and that and dont care how much it costs, but they made their way to national tv. 24/7, HGTV is about 6 shows rerun over and over now.

Post# 981298 , Reply# 11   2/4/2018 at 19:30 (256 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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My partner know to "humor" me in some ways.  If I see either of (1) that dual oven Thermadore with convection/microwave oven and dual self-cleaning ovens or (2) widest GE dual P7 self-cleaning ovens I groan and moan and he knows I'd love to have those.  I've explained to him those were the end all of end all of dual wall ovens 30 years ago and still some of the best even today and best of all, no electronics.  Same thing with either Whirlpool Power Clean or Kenmore UltraWash dishwashers as well as GE GSD1200 or 2800 PotScrubber or Maytag reverse racks with water heat.  Same with a gas or electric cooktop with griddle in the middle.  I have the same reaction if I see a 40" double oven range with large oven self-cleaning.  If I had mechanical ability, we'd have these appliances in my/our kitchen.  He just shakes his head too. 

Post# 981304 , Reply# 12   2/4/2018 at 20:27 (256 days old) by jmm63 (Denville, NJ)        

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I watch a lot of HGTV,DIY etc. I like some shows, can't stand some others. Mike Holmes Jr. is an absolute stud muffin. But I digress, been getting into "Maine Cabin Masters" , great show, well done, and they appreciate and restore run down camps in Maine. I recommend the show. The other one I like is "Nashville Flipped" My friend, Troy Dean Schaffer, is the host and he also brings houses back from the edge of being torn down.

I agree, you can keep House Hunters, Property Brothesr, Love it or List it, these are all so scripted.

Post# 981318 , Reply# 13   2/5/2018 at 00:23 (256 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

Don't watch HGTV-with the foolishness going on there-won't watch-esp if they are trying to destroy perfectly good kitchens and equipment.What might be fun-----wished I could do it-Walk a D11 Cat 'dozer thru the HGTV producers place!!!!Then film it for HGTV-Often I see this dumb show playing on the TV at the dentist office or the waiting room at the car repair shop.Maybe if they showed some real "how to do it" ideas then maybe the channel would be more interesting.The doctors office has a TV that shows dieting and medical shows-makes for a creepy waiting room atmosphere!Guess better than the HGTV where they are destroying good places-so raises the waiting customers blood pressures!

Post# 981331 , Reply# 14   2/5/2018 at 06:11 (256 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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I miss "Hometime". Now there was an honest, well done show. I loved when Dean used to pronounce roof "ruff".



Post# 981370 , Reply# 15   2/5/2018 at 12:04 (256 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        

johnb300m's profile picture
HAHA, I used to watch Hometime all the time as a kid!

HGTV today doesn't really teach you much anymore.

Though I did learn a thing or two on styles and trends.
I painted my whole 2nd floor a light cool grey, and it just POPS with the white woodwork. Looks great.
But I mixed it up with taupes and dark/black wood furniture.

I also learned lots of what NOT to do. Ha!
Some of that HGTV stuff is horrid.
Shiplap is cool in small doses, but OMG I think it's run its course.

Post# 981384 , Reply# 16   2/5/2018 at 13:29 (256 days old) by westingguelph ()        

My Gosh I so agree with the majority of you that are saying these shows are silly. I think the thing that bothers me the most is when a couple comes into a perfectly reasonable kitchen and says "it needs a total gut". You know all of it will end in the dumpster...what a terrible waste. I say throw them in the dumpster and embrace the quality of the past.

Post# 981385 , Reply# 17   2/5/2018 at 13:32 (256 days old) by kb0nes (Burnsville, MN)        

kb0nes's profile picture
Always loved Hometime, course it is a MN made show so that insures it will be awesome. I think I had a crush on all of the female co-hosts, all were quite capable and not just there for 'show'. The hardware store I managed had the entire Hometime collection on video tape. I made sure they were always running.

HGTV demos are done to add drama and excitement to increase viewership with those same folks that love when a monster truck crushes a perfectly good car. Even if I were removing cabinets that were going to be burned, I can guarantee that I wouldn't break them up in situ with a sledgehammer. That shows little respect for the structure of the home. There is just no reason to be "tenderizing" the structure of the home. All the drywall nails will pop on the other side of the walls and you will end up breaking the seals in the twin pane window inserts.

Post# 981386 , Reply# 18   2/5/2018 at 13:46 (256 days old) by toploader55 (Massachusetts Sand Bar, Cape Cod)        

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I just detest these young couples that are looking at a nice home and usually the wife ( is a pill anyway ) starts whining if there are no SS Appliances and no Granite/Marble/ Whatever counter tops.

God's sake... it's your first home. Buy it, get used to it and then gradually do the improvements. But that's not the way most youngins' think these days.

I can't watch those shows anymore.

Post# 981389 , Reply# 19   2/5/2018 at 14:03 (256 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

ea56's profile picture
This is why a lot of younger people donít have two nickles to rub together, because they canít wait for anything. I agree with Eddie in reply #18 above. Move into the home, live there a while, decide what you want to change then SAVE the money to make the improvements.

If people continue to refi and to roll home improvements and remodling expenses into their mortgages they will never have a paid for home. When you wait until you can afford the improvments you will be sure to spend your dollars wisely and you will really appreciate the improvments after youíve live for a while with the things you didnít like.

We waited 19 years before we could afford to replace our downstairs carpeting, the kitchen flooring and the bathroom floors. It was hard sometimes, but its sure nice to have no mortgage and to not owe anything for the flooring.

And from what Iím seeing the past few days about the stock market, I think we may be in for another recession. The real estate market prices are inflated again and people are once again pulling the equity out of their homes. Itís the set up for the perfect storm for another crash. And of course when it happens they will take zero responsibility for the crisis.


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Post# 981398 , Reply# 20   2/5/2018 at 15:34 (256 days old) by goatfarmer (South Bend, home of Champions)        
Better than Hometime

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who remembers Wally's Workshop? With Wally, and Natalie Bruner?

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Post# 981399 , Reply# 21   2/5/2018 at 15:40 (256 days old) by toploader55 (Massachusetts Sand Bar, Cape Cod)        

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Yes Eddie.

I believe they should wait on all these improvements. And I love when the prospective buyer's wife is pregnant. And they're driving a Range Rover or something of that value.

I find it mind boggling how these young couples are banging out litters of children. Between the video games, designer sneakers (with lights) iPhones, and all the other toys I suppose the justification is we can save money through buying Happy meals and feeding the children crap food.

And we haven't even discussed Doctor's Bills and Orthodontics.

Post# 981457 , Reply# 22   2/6/2018 at 00:30 (255 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

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I'm amazed at how my coworkers, 99% of whom are less than half my age, live in $1k/month apartments, drive Lexus/BMW/Corvettes/Camaros, etc, have student loans, go on cruises and European vacations, and re-enroll in school at Vanderbilt of all places (very VERY pricey tuition), but they also make half my hourly pay after my 20 years experience (I'm almost topped out).  My house is paid off and the only debt I have is our new car.  Yet, I can't afford all those vacations, I'm saving up to pay cash for a new roof, yes I drive a Lincoln but it's not as expensive as one would think, and my commuter car has 250K miles on it all put on by me.  Maybe they're printing money in the basement.  Then all those young couples on HGTV with $2M budgets.....I want to know what they do for a living! 


I looked up home values in my area a few weeks ago and was utterly shocked!  If someone offered me what the internet said my house is worth, I'd take it and RUN!  But, like said above, I believe it's all about to change and not for the better.

Post# 981477 , Reply# 23   2/6/2018 at 06:32 (255 days old) by toploader55 (Massachusetts Sand Bar, Cape Cod)        

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And then last week on the Boston News, they were reporting that most Americans don't have $1000.00 in their savings. Just read a few articles.

Post# 981481 , Reply# 24   2/6/2018 at 06:49 (255 days old) by polkanut (Wausau, WI )        

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I only watch HGTV once a year, to watch the Rose Bowl parade.

Post# 981569 , Reply# 25   2/6/2018 at 09:33 (255 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
The mother/daughter

rehabbers from Indianapolis? Yeah, I can't say I'd bother with half the houses they try to save. Seems like it be cheaper to bull doze and start new.
I watch and read between the lines. The shows are scripted and edited for time management and drama. If you much about renovating, you can catch the skipped steps, or the mistakes which would later result in project failure.
Some are done in real life as well. Example; our kids had a kitchen reface done by a big box store. The back splash is a tapered marble subway tile. They didn't use a wooden starter beam behind the range, at it dips down there. Or am I too picky? It doesn't bother them. They also grouted at the counter top first row, and it's already crumbling. Only two years old. Now I'd say they should have put thin spacers there, to hold more grout, or like I do, used clear silicone, at least behind the sink.

Post# 981647 , Reply# 26   2/6/2018 at 14:47 (255 days old) by Ultramatic (New York City)        

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Remember HGTV shows are highly scripted and the people they choose must meet certain requirements. And that would include a certain social and economic status to appeal to HGTV audiences.

Post# 981657 , Reply# 27   2/6/2018 at 16:08 (255 days old) by speedqueen (Harrison Twp, Michigan)        
A statement on modern culture it is,

speedqueen's profile picture
That what the HGTV focus groups find most appealing is watching rich, pompous, blowhards whine about how the paint color is a deal breaker on a 1.2 millon dollar house that the members of the group could never afford.

Post# 981675 , Reply# 28   2/6/2018 at 18:20 (254 days old) by fan-of-fans (Florida)        

fan-of-fans's profile picture
I watch some of the shows, like Rehab Addict, Fixer Upper, sometimes Texas Flip N Move (they work with some real dumps), used to watch Property Brothers.

I watch some on other channels like Building Alaska and Maine Cabin Masters.

The house hunter shows, I've seen most of the variations as some point in time.

Personally I drive a 17 year old car with 130,000+ miles on it. Don't see any reason for a new one right now. I was going to buy a house when the prices were low - but it was difficult, so I didn't move forward. Now, the houses are terribly expensive, if you look up the sales history it was never as high as what they are asking. Once in a while something comes for cheap. I'm either waiting on that or for the houses to go back down.

A lot of houses are being built now, and the lending standards are getting lessened again, which makes me think the cycle could repeat itself of what happened in 2007-2008. Makes me think it's better to wait then overpay and be upside down.

Plus, I'd rather have the thing paid off and not have to take a huge mortgage.

Post# 981688 , Reply# 29   2/6/2018 at 22:30 (254 days old) by dartman (Portland Oregon)        

I like all the shows and of course most of them are scripted but it's supposed to be be entertaining and most veiwers have no clue what would be right or not. Mike Holmes still does shows and even has a reality home building show where every contestant ends up in a house they helped build plus his usual fixing crappy builds shows. He seems to be the real deal and has a foundation and all that to help folks in trouble with their houses. I do chimney tuck pointing and masonry repairs and I hate it when they paint brick work. Texas Flip and move is cool because they are fixing up very small low buck houses and auctioning them off for usually a great deal and everyone is happy in the end but pretty sure it too is scripted but still fun and lots of low budget ways to fix up a house nicely enough.
Still like the property bros and love it or list it but of course they are heavily scripted and there always is some disaster they have to fix and all that in every show. Lately they have been saying those cabinets or appliances are nice enough and we should donate them rather than destroy and dumpster them. I too have seen stuff that looked really well built and nice just destroyed.
When we bought this house one of the really nice things we liked was the kitchen appliances and cabinets were pretty nice for the cheap price they were asking. A lot of other things not so much but we've always had a poorly laid out kitchen with worn out appliances so we were happy enough and everything else critical was redone, just not always very well.

Post# 981711 , Reply# 30   2/7/2018 at 08:38 (254 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Oh, some young

have much to learn.
Because there are some wealthier they are pompous? Some are, but some are not as well. I think some current leaders are pompous too. Bankrupt more than I also.
If someone can afford a stately home, I say good for them!
I recall one HGTV show where they decorated rooms with lower cost items styled after expensive designer ones. So if you watch, you can learn how to live in style with out an extravagent budget. They also always say paint is the most affordable change.
Some perspective buyers will scoff at anything about any property to try and low ball an offer. Some just have nothing better to do than attend an open house in their area to compare to their own. My brother in law listed their half million dollar Washington township home last spring only to have that happen. The listing said and showed pool photos, so why go and say you don't want a pool, then say you don't like the wood floor color when it was also in the listing photos? Oh, there are no granite counter tops. So you install them, then no one likes the color. Or the plumbing fixtures are a bit out of date, or the furnace is original. Well yes, the home was built in 1998, but if you can not afford to make a few gradual updates, why look at a half million dollar home? Try building a new one the way you want it for that price. Good luck. perhaps you do need to look at homes costing far less, especially since the asking has been reduced by several thousand already. That's the real estate game.
Even Queen Elizabeth is known to like some things simple.
One can moan all day long of those who have more, but doing so isn't affording one time to work at achieving more.
Hmm, maybe I am pompous. Owh behave!

Post# 981712 , Reply# 31   2/7/2018 at 08:39 (254 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Zealot's yell.

Composed thinkers evaluate, then reply.

Post# 981728 , Reply# 32   2/7/2018 at 10:55 (254 days old) by speedqueen (Harrison Twp, Michigan)        
Thank you,

speedqueen's profile picture
For calling me young and stupid for the tenth time on this forum.

I have no issue with people buying what they can afford, I never said anything about that. Of course not all people of wealth are pompous, I would not even say a plurality, only a few, however, the people that HGTV focus on tend to be. They see one speck of '90s oak and brass in a house and they won't touch it.

While this doesn't bode well for one's net worth, it is certainly nice to live in a state where home values allow more to own a home. What costs 200k here can be north of 400k in many other states.

As to your second post, did you expect me to hit the caps-lock key before replying?

Post# 981771 , Reply# 33   2/7/2018 at 14:32 (254 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
No, Richard, peace,

and I have never called you young nor stupid. In fact, you often sound much older.
I still learn every day.
Old guard is slowly dieying off.
I will too, but I try to be open minded and younger at heart. I have grand children, and I care about what their environment will be like, as well as their governing, economic, educational, social, and physical well being climates will be like. We don't want them to be like robots, or brainwashed into one set form of thinking. That's how we raised their parents.
If they wanted college, we supported it. If they had decide rather to pursue a career in using their hands either creatively or in the trades, we'd have supported them. Freedoms are choices. None are forced on anyone, or they shouldn't be.
Opinions are like rear ends. We all have them.
Kids in the 4th grade were calling each other Liberals or Rino's when I was in school. Both were acting very Liberal in fact.

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