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Why I still really hate Apple Products...
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Post# 994418   5/17/2018 at 02:45 by MattL (Flushing, MI)        

Wasted a few of hours today due to Apple.  I was on my iPad2 that I bought about 6 years ago, reading an interesting article "My Adventures With the Trip Doctors-The researchers and renegades bringing psychedelic drugs into the mental health mainstream" when half way through the story my iPad blips out and tells me I need to active it!  I've been using the thing for 6 years!  I ignore it, reboot and go back to reading the story, it happens again, and this time it wont let me skip the activate screen.


It asks for the password to a defunct email account that has been dead for years.  I have no idea what password I used that long ago, and there is no way to email it since that server does not exist.  Ok, go online, log into Apple, look around, found a contact number and called it.  Talked to a reasonable guy but he had no idea why it happened.  Told me to go the iCloud and hit "find my iPad,  It showed up but could not find my iPad, because I was in my basement with no GPS.  So now I'm running up and down the stairs to my PC.  Tried a number of things, nothing worked.  Told me it was happening because at some point I had enabled Find my iPad.  OK, not a help, but sure.


After about 45 minutes on the phone trying this and that he tells me the only option is to send Apple a copy of my original receipt!  There is nothing they can do if I cannot do that, basically my iPad is a door stop without that.  Now I can be a bit of a pack rat, and I knew where the box and stuff used to be, in my foyer closet top shelf - but a couple of years ago I cleaned it out and tossed much of that stuff.  However I did manage to save that box in one of the bedroom closets. Had a Micro Center paper in it my not the actual receipt.  This is 2+ hours in...  I give up and try to guess what password I might have used.


After a good number of failed attempts I tired the password that I had set up on Apple when I logged int their site, and it worked!  The iPad displayed the WRONG email address in the display, and there appears no way to change it. So all told close to 3 hours of frustration, simply because Apple feels I might have stole and 6 year old iPad.  Their security measures are way way over the top.   They could see I've had an account with them for 6 years, I've had an active back up, as of May 2nd, I'm calling from the number listed in the account,  I could log into the site and icloud but because of a defunct email server I might have had to trash my tablet.


I will never buy an Apple product again.




Post# 994419 , Reply# 1   5/17/2018 at 03:42 by DADoES (TX,†U.S. of A.)        

dadoes's profile picture

I have an iPhone 5, only because it was given to me.

I have an older iPad (don't know what version), only because it was given to me.† I use it only for Pandora and occasionally the thermostat app for work (for the larger screen) which can't be updated to the latest version because the OS is too old and can't be updated any further.

I once in a while back-up the phone to iTunes but I don't use any cloud services.

Neither of them have "find my [device]" activated.† I vaguely recall the iPad threw up the activate thing several months ago.† I don't recall how I got around it, power-cycle maybe.

Post# 994428 , Reply# 2   5/17/2018 at 09:20 by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

askolover's profile picture

We have hospital issued iphones at work.  I hate them.  None of us can hear anything on them even with the volume turned all the way up.  Of course they have been reprogrammed specifically for hospital use but they sure annoying!

Post# 994429 , Reply# 3   5/17/2018 at 09:51 by PassatDoc (Orange County, California)        

I have a 4S phone issued to me by work (medical) which I never use. When I tried to return it, they didn't even want it back. I use my own Samsung Galaxy phone for work purposes.

Post# 994430 , Reply# 4   5/17/2018 at 10:01 by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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I love my ipad, but I donít like icloud and I donít use it. To me its an unnecessary hassle. And I make sure that I have ALL my Apple passwords written down on a piece of paper,even the old ones, with the dates that they became effective and I keep all my computer info in a manilla envelope where I can find it if needed, and itís sure come in handy. Also, be sure to record your security code answers and be sure to specify whether upper or lower case letters, if you use any deviation it will be rejected.

Iím sorry you had so much of a hassle Matt, Iíd be righteously pissed off too is Iíd gone thru the same mess you did.

Iíve had trouble with software updates taking away features that Iíve grown fond of, so now before I ever install an update I Google the update to see if there are any problems/changes that I need to be aware for first. It has saved me having problems that I didnít expect.

Iíve had an Apple computer or tablet since 2003 and have always been happy with the reliability of the products and the excellent tech help from Apple support.

Like everthing else, its a matter of personal preference and what you have gotten used to using.

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Post# 994436 , Reply# 5   5/17/2018 at 11:03 by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        
"I was on my iPad2 that I bought about 6 years ago"

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Let's establish that it still works after 6 years, that more than you can say about some other tablets. lol

Ducking and running and hiding in a very secret place... lol

Post# 994444 , Reply# 6   5/17/2018 at 12:50 by RP2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        

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I'm among those who are bewildered that anyone thinks Apple products are user-friendly.  They sell you a product and then turn you loose with a device that offers no prompts or information to guide you through set up and general use.  They instead want you to come back to the store and take a class.  At least with MSDOS you can dig around and usually learn things or resolve problems yourself.


We have two iPads.  One I bought for Dave because I thought it would be easier for him to use than his Toshiba laptop.  It's not.  And just recently the screen started reverting to wallpaper (no icons/apps) while you're on line.  Over and over.  We just close the thing up and forget about it when that happens.


Since I'm currently between laptops, I needed something portable back when I didn't own a smart phone, so I bought a good used iPad that was part of a batch they were selling off as surplus from a college prep school where a friend of mine used to teach.  It was worth $150 just to see if I could master "The Apple Way" (sincere apologies to Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard for my vulgar hijacking of their honorable philosophical term).  A couple of years later I'm still trying.


I have absolutely no use for Apple anything.  I'll never buy another Apple product.  Everything about their OS and GUI sucks.  I maintain that Steve Jobs was the worst thing to ever happen to the computer industry and hold him responsible for the disappearance of normal social interaction the world over (starting at a very young age) as well as creating a global addiction problem, and I've had a lot of people, including many in the media, agree with me.

Post# 994445 , Reply# 7   5/17/2018 at 12:53 by MattL (Flushing, MI)        

Yes, it still works, as do my older Android tables I have scattered around the house.  The battery in the iPad is actually quite good, after all this time I only charge it once a week or so, it's in standby all the time, not charging.  It gets used a hour or so a day, streaming Pandora  via blue tooth to my ceiling speakers in the bath and as I mentioned playing card games...

Post# 994449 , Reply# 8   5/17/2018 at 13:50 by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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I learned to use a computer at work on Windows in the early 90ís and thats all I used until I finally broke down and bought a computer for home in 2003. A coworker suggested that I get an Apple because they were supposed to be less prone to virus attacks. I was leary going to a new system, but bought an iMac anyway. I found the transition very easy. I never took any classes from Apple, just learned as I went along and also looked up answers to my questions online or using Help on the iMac. This comupter was in use for 7 years without a single problem, then it finally just got tired and needed replacement. So we got a Macbook in 2010 and this has also been great, although 2 years ago we did have to have the hard drive cable replaced.

I got my iPad in 2014 and I use it exclusively now, with a Logitech keboard cover. David uses the MacBook mostly, I use the Macbook to do our taxes and when I need to do any word processing with Pages. David had no computer experience when we got the first iMac in 2003 and he picked it up quickly, with no problems.

I really believe itís all what you get used to and what your comfortable using. I can switch back and forth between Apple and Windows, but I prefer Apple, especially my iPad.

As to the problems you are having with the screen going to wallpaper while your using it, try Googling your problem and I can almost guarantee that you will find an easy solution to this annoying problem. Offhand, I would try doing a hard restart by holding down the power button until it shuts down, then hold it down again until the Apple comes on the screen and restarts. This may be all it needs.


Post# 994454 , Reply# 9   5/17/2018 at 14:58 by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        

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I really believe it’s all what you get used to and what your comfortable using. I can switch back and forth between Apple and Windows, but I prefer Apple, especially my iPad.


There's truth in that.


Being honest, I have to say that the best OS I've used for user friendliness was (for me) either System 6 or System 7 for the Macintosh. Part of my view is simply that I was used to the Macintosh--my first computer was a Macintosh running System 6--but I think the OS was well designed for the user. I really self taught myself--no class at the computer store, apart from a "quick start" session with a salesman. The rest was by using, exploring, and help from one book and the manuals. It helped that I was comfortable with technology, and I enjoyed playing with the computer.


That today's world I have no trouble using, at least on a basic level, a variety of systems. And, for me, it's not going between Apple and Windows. I now run Linux as my "modern" OS, and the GUI can vary wildly system to system. I have little trouble adapting. And I could probably see things I like with one approach, and don't like with another.


I have only minimal experience with modern Apple. But I have no trouble with casually  playing with iPads and iPhones on display at Target. Up to about six months ago, I had an old, infrequently used Mac running OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard". I still have an old, seldom used Power Macintosh G4 with OS X 10.2 "Jaguar". I have no troubles with OS X. (Even 10.2, which adds complexity in that it also has Classic Mode, which runs OS 9, which is different from OS X, inside of OS X to support older software).


There have been times I've thought of going back to Apple. I see some pluses (including better range of word processors--a big deal for me). But other issues stop me. One of the biggest problems with Apple: the cost of buying into Apple. One huge plus with Linux: it can run on a used computer that I can buy for next to nothing.


I also have had no problems with using Windows. I never used Windows 8, which everyone apparently hated, but I was able to use it well enough to play with laptops on display in a store.




Post# 994456 , Reply# 10   5/17/2018 at 15:03 by GusHerb (Chicago/NWI)        

I was using an iP6 from launch in September 2014 up until last month, just had the battery replaced for $29.99 by Apple under their battery replacement program and now it's like new again.

I have an iPad Air I got for christmas in 2013 that I've just now listed for sale due to it finally being too slow for what I use it for. I also have an 8 year old Macbook Pro that I'm typing on right now that has given me few issues and continues to work alright with some RAM, HD, and battery upgrades over the years. 


As for iCloud accounts...there's a special place in my bowels for them. Have to keep on top of them like a hawk to keep things like above from happening. Also could never get an iCloud restore to work right in all these years until just recently on my new phone, was ready to crack open some champagne to celebrate. 

Post# 994457 , Reply# 11   5/17/2018 at 15:36 by kb0nes (Burnsville, MN)        

kb0nes's profile picture
There will always been user issues with any device, gosh knows I have had my share of problems like this over they years.

Overall I have been extraordinarily pleased with all my Apple products, and I was a hard core anti-Apple guy for decades. I have yet to have a single failure on anything yet aside from battery replacements. My oldest brother even continues to use an original iPad to this day, I am floored it still works just fine. If I contrast my Apple experience against my Microsoft/Android experience the Apple systems have been so much more trouble free.

I will admit I'm not as pleased with some of the most recent changes Apple has made to their computer products. But out of 36 years of owning a personal computer, my 2011 MacBook Pro is without a doubt the best piece of computer hardware I have ever used/owned.

Post# 994461 , Reply# 12   5/17/2018 at 15:55 by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
My sister loves her I phone.

She had that first, tried an Android phone, and went back to Apple. That is the case with many who first have one or the other, then try the other.
Many say i phones are more user friendly. I have my android in easy mode, so there you go. I'm new to a smart phone, only 3 mos. Frankly, I don't do a whole lot with it. I use the camera, which I never used on my old flip phone. Now I really like having a photo gallery on my phone. I don't use it for e-mail.
I've heard from those who prefer android, that with Apple, you have to take the apps they give you. I'm not a bi app. user, yet anyway.

Post# 994484 , Reply# 13   5/17/2018 at 20:00 by IowaBear (Cedar Rapids, IA)        
I've Hated Apple Since 1982

iowabear's profile picture

The rich kids had Apple IIs and the rest of us had C64s and Atari 400/800s.


Junior High class warfare and old habits die hard!



Post# 994494 , Reply# 14   5/17/2018 at 21:33 by DADoES (TX,†U.S. of A.)        

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Loved my Atari 800 and had an 800XL to run the office (B4PC there).

Post# 994495 , Reply# 15   5/17/2018 at 22:38 by panthera (Rocky Mountains)        
I'm sorry that there is good reason but glad

panthera's profile picture

That people are finally waking up and grasping what some of us living in the UNIX world have been saying for a very long time:

Apple sucks.

Post# 994496 , Reply# 16   5/17/2018 at 23:43 by MattL (Flushing, MI)        

I had to chuckle when I was on the phone with the Apple guy.  He said to open the site in my browser, then he asked what browser I'm using, I said "PaleMoon" on Linux, he took a breath, " Ahh do you have Chrome?"  Of course I do along with FireFox, and Opera. At this point PM is all I use, feels, looks and acts like old FireFox before they tried to copy Apple...


Ipad seemed a little off today, don't know if I was imagining it, but seemed to be some sort of distortion when playing music and some hesitation.  We'll see what happens.  If I had to replace it I'd want the same screen format in Android, I know there are a few models out there close to the size of the iPad.  2 of my android tablets are 10" wide format and one is 8", the 8 is too small and the 10 inch are just a tad too big to hold comfortably --I'll give that to Apple...

Post# 994499 , Reply# 17   5/18/2018 at 02:55 by thomasortega (Los Angeles - CA)        

I'm sure nobody hates Apple more than I do.

years ago, Electrolux cage me an iMac (that one with  a flat screen and a round base). They spent a fortune on that computer.


It lasted exactly 1 year, then became a super expensive doorstop (literally) until the day I got pissed off and threw it in the trash (also literally)

Then they gave me an iPhone (i think it was the iPhone 3, if I'm not mistaken. Useless! All the apps i needed, I had to pay (free for Android). It was so "smart" that wouldn't let me do many things i needed to do because somebody at apple thought that MY way wasn't the best, so It has to be thone THEIR way and with THEIR limitations.

To make things worse, the world is Windows, nobody can deny that. People sent me Word or Excell files, I couldn't open them or I could just visualize, with no chance to edit.

By the end, apple sent one of those automatic updates and the iOs simply wouldn't run an internal software everybody at Electrolux had to use.

Luckily, Electrolux sent everybody a note asking us to backup all information in our iPhones, destroy the device (literally break it) and go to human resources counter to pick up a new Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3, i don't remember.

Since then I'm a Samsung lover. Some "Applemaniacs" say Samsungs are slow, they don't work, blah, blah, blah. Bullshit! They always worked perfectly for me. I never had to buy an app because everything I need is free.

When I was promoted at  TLA, the company gave me a Samsung Galaxy S8+ with a TOL T-Mobile plan, with everything really unlimited and faster than average internet.
Sometimes I need to upload or download CAD simulations or HD slow motion videos that are huge (10, 20, up to 45 gb per file) and I prefer to use the cellphone as a hotspot instead of using the Spectrum Wi-Fi i have at home because it's absurdly faster.

For the first time ever, I had an issue with my Samsung phone, after 1 years using it. The warranty had already expired. Samsung replaced it immediately, no questions asked, no hassle, just a 5 minute chat with Samsung Support and they gave me a code to visit whatever T-mobile store and get a new phone.  And the phone wasn't really damaged, it just had a small issue, I had to plug the charger and restart the phone to recharge it.

If I had an Iphone, I'm sure Apple would find a way to make my life miserable.

My boss loves Apple. His computer was Apple and his phone was an iPhone... Guess what. His life was miserable. Every time i had to send something to him, his phone wouldn't let him open the file, his computer would crash not very often, only when he really needed to use it. He learned the worst way why I recommended Samsung for his phone and Dell for his computer. Not even a single problem since he got rid of those rotten Apples.

My desktop computer is a premium "Gaming" computer (Alienware , by Dell). I push it up to the limit very often, specially when I'm running 2 or 3 or even more CAD files  simultaneously. I can hear the video board is "frying", the coolers at full speed, it's right in front of my leg and i feel it blowing hot air, so overloaded it gets, and it never, ever crashed. I over one year using it, i never had a blue screen or had to restart it. I just restart it once a week as I'm used to, I never shut it down. When i had the iMac, at that time, using the jurassic AutoCAD that is nothing compared to SolidWorks, i had to restart the computer at least 10 times per day and loose everything i was doing.

Post# 994501 , Reply# 18   5/18/2018 at 03:34 by dartman (Portland Oregon)        

I've always built my own computers once I got my first few xt/at boxes from radio shack. I can use any case or parts I like and I can build a very fast box cheap. I use Android tablets because they are pretty much open source so most everything I use is free and works similar to what I use on my pc. I want complete control of what I use and build and you don't get that with apple and they tend to be expensive. They don't even use different cpu's anymore on the big boxes and probably use the arm cpu's on their tablets but haven't researched them. People started building Hackintosh boxes using pc boards and parts that would support the Apple OS builds and that might be fun to try someday, and Linux might be fun to play with but I already had my time with DOS and like the layout Windows uses and I know my way around it and can hack and tweak it to do what I want. If you can afford the entry price of Apple products and like and are used to it great. I run my boxes for years till they finally get too slow to upgrade and reuse what I can on my next build. Latest box is a old i7980 hex core that is still very fast because it was a server grade cpu when new. Latest tablet is a Samsung Tab s 10.5 octa core Android with a oled screen I got as a refurb with warranty for 169. It has 2560x1600 resolution screen too and looks awesome. My last tablet was a $89 Insignia Flex Elite 7.85 with basically a 4k screen. I burned out a voltage regulator using a high Amp charger but was able to buy a working used motherboard for 20 shipped and repaired it but I broke the memory slot while installing it so decided to upgrade when the Samsung deal came up. Other tablet still works just can't use a micro SD card anymore unless I buy yet another board and replace it again.
Most of my pc's and tablets have worked till I retired them unless I broke something and most times I can replace whatever broke and myself and continue using them.

Post# 994517 , Reply# 19   5/18/2018 at 08:07 by joeekaitis (Rialto, California, USA)        
Your humble AWer's Apple experience

joeekaitis's profile picture


Sorry.  It's a buzz-killingly positive.


Post# 994521 , Reply# 20   5/18/2018 at 09:01 by MattL (Flushing, MI)        

This AM the tablet keeps asking me to log in, again.  First time got"unknown error", then it took the password.  Rebooted, I'll see how thing progress.

Post# 994529 , Reply# 21   5/18/2018 at 11:32 by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

ea56's profile picture
You know Matt I was just thinking, if you donít want to use iCloud you donít have to log in with your password, you should just be able to log on with your numeric passcode on the touch screen. I found that logging into iCloud was just to much of a problem. I donít use iCloud, and I donít want to deal with all the extra entries that are prompted with iCloud in use. If you are already logged on to iCloud, and you donít want to use it, go the the top field in settings and just log out of iCloud. Your iPad will work just fine without it, trust me. And this will probably help you avoid any future problems like you had the other day.

I personally donít want all my info in the ďcloudĒ. And whenever you install uodates and you are prompted to set up iCloud, just select skip this step, or emaybe later, whateevrerr the choice that is offered to proceed. You can always set up, or shut down iCloud at a leter date by going into the settings menu and following the prompts, its easy peasy.

Post# 994544 , Reply# 22   5/18/2018 at 14:32 by robbinsandmyers (Hamden CT)        

robbinsandmyers's profile picture
Unfortunatly for me a guy I dated went from an Helio to an iPhone3 so I switched from a Trac-Fone to a 3 also. After owning a 3, 4, 5S,and now 6S for 2.5 years I still say Apple sux bawls. Im looking into getting an iPod for my music and the next phone will be a Galaxy from now on. These phones all were great the first 4 months then slowed down or didnt work properly with all the updates that took up space. Apple can kiss my lilly white ass!!

Post# 994666 , Reply# 23   5/19/2018 at 20:40 by iej (Ireland)        
@ThomasOrtaga : Word or Excel - You need MS Office

I don't mean to pick holes, but if you're using Word or Excel files then you need a copy of Microsoft Office. It's nothing to do with whether you're using a Mac or a Windows machine. There's a full version of Office available for Mac, in fact office actually debuted on Mac before Windows many years ago, which is why it still retains all fo the Mac keyboard shortcuts.

There are free alternatives like OpenOffice and a very heavily Mac OS customised version of it called NeoOffice, both of which are available for Mac OS

A Windows machine without Office installed, can't edit MS Office files any more than anything else can.

You can also just install a copy of Windows on a Mac and boot into that or use virtualisation software like Parallels and just run Mac OS And Windows (And Linux if you want) simultaneously on the same desktop.

Post# 994678 , Reply# 24   5/19/2018 at 23:01 by warmsecondrinse (Fort Lee, NJ)        

My history: Blackberry --> Android dalliance --> Blackberry --> Blackberry 10 --> Android.

I now have an LG tablet and a Samsung S7. With each update there's more and more weirdness:

-slower and slower to pick up a signal when leaving a dead zone.
-browser tabs reload (eating data) every time you switch tabs or leave a tab to answer an email and try to go back. No signal? No tab reload. This happens with every browser.

These are major issues when you spend 2-3 hours/day on a subway.

-saved files randomly disappear from the folder they were saved into and reappear in other random folders or don't reappear at all.
-download a .pdf form from an agency, have a client fill it out, and email it back? DON'T get me started. A total no-go.
-auto video play can't be turned off anymore.
-despite being in silent mode AND having every volume control I've found turned off, an advert on a web page will randomly start playing at ear-splitting levels... and I made sure the volume was fully off when I first opened the browser!
-Worst of all, more and more often I get asked 20 questions when I try to do something I've done for months/years without ever getting asked questions before.

The point? NONE of my colleagues who have iPhones have ANY of these problems!!!
Zilch. Zero. Zip. Nada.

One of my regular clients repairs/builds computers for a living. He was an Android fanboi and rabid Apple hater. He got stuck with an iPhone for reasons I never got clear on. His conclusion after 3 months with an iPhone:

"Yes, android IS unquestionably superior to iOS/mac/apple. HOWEVER, each new version of Android requires more and more time and skill to tweak it to use/enjoy that superiority. If a person doesn't have the discretionary time and energy to develop the necessary skill set and needs a phone/tablet that JUST WORKS, iOS/mac/apple is the better choice."

I'm able to install Linux on my own laptops with no problem. Save for the odd program, I haven't used Windows in years. Ubuntu does 99% of what I need with far fewer problems than any Windows version I've ever used... so I'm not totally tech-impaired.

Yet, here I am... ready to throw my Android equipment out the window. I'm due for an upgrade. I fear I'll be joining the dark 'Cult of Mac' all too soon.


Post# 994681 , Reply# 25   5/19/2018 at 23:27 by MattL (Flushing, MI)        

As a confirmed tweaker, I have found no reason or issue to tweak anything on my android phone or various tablets.  They just work.  I'd like to know what is being tweaked that require so much effort.

Post# 994694 , Reply# 26   5/20/2018 at 07:19 by Rolls_rapide (Scotland, UK)        
iPhone sound quality...

rolls_rapide's profile picture
... is bloody awful, I find.

When folk phone me, using their Apple iPhones, frequently their voice becomes complete mush - as though they've suddenly been swallowed by a sinkhole. Complete crap for those sort of prices.

Post# 994705 , Reply# 27   5/20/2018 at 10:13 by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

gansky1's profile picture
I have all Apple products: two older iPads, two MacBooks, one Pro one Air and two iPhones. Mine is a 7 and my son's is a 6+. We've had a couple of lower-end Windows laptops, but they just didn't last like the Apple stuff.

I'm hard on my phone, carry it all day in my pocket paired with AirPod earphones playing podcasts, audiobooks, etc. It's dropped rather frequently from sheer carelessness and circumstance. I have no doubt each tumble takes it toll in the long run but with a good case and lots of luck, it's holding up for now. I've had pretty good luck with the sometimes condescending minions at the Apple store, but usually get things straightened out if I have a problem, a rare occasion over the 10 years of iPhone/Apple patronage.

I honestly have not explored the other phone options out there, it's easy to always buy what you're familiar with and while not perfect, works as you expect it to. Kind of like Maytag washers in the 70's & 80's.

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