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Wringer wonít turn on
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Post# 994558   5/18/2018 at 17:17 by Angelina (Bucksport, Maine)        

I recently bought a house with a Maytag N2L washer in it in great condition and was excited when it actually turned on, however I canít get the wringers to spin. I have to the handle on the left to where it should be and in to every combination and configuration I can think of. And have decided that something probably needs to be oiled or itís something mechanical and Iím kicking myself for not taking small engine repair in high school. I also noticed that when I separate the roller I can spin the top one but not the bottom one and wasnít sure if that was normal or not. Any advise would be greatly appreciated

Post# 994577 , Reply# 1   5/18/2018 at 20:02 by goatfarmer (South Bend, home of Champions)        

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Does it have a foot pedal? Or maybe needs one?

Post# 994578 , Reply# 2   5/18/2018 at 20:33 by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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If it is a Maytag that needs a pedal to activate the wringer this can be bypassed, by putting stove bolts in the hole in the leg, I believe where the cable to the foot pedal screws in. When my Mom got a new Model E in 1969, the Maytag dealer told us that this was the first year of this safety feature and said most customers didnít like it and offered to bypass it this way before delivery. Mom opted for this modification.

If your machine has a turquoise agitater and control knob, look on the left rear leg for an hole that a bolt will fit in. Try screwing in a bolt that fits the hole and see if this doesnít do the trick.

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Post# 994602 , Reply# 3   5/19/2018 at 05:02 by Angelina (Bucksport, Maine)        

I donít think it needs one, the top top button to release the tension is red and it has a black agitator it does have the on/off lever on the bottom by the hose which I saw is for the pump but it didnít do anything so Iím assuming the pump either was never there or it wore out long ago, I did get it to gravity drain though so I figured it wasnít quite as important

Post# 994611 , Reply# 4   5/19/2018 at 09:04 by Angelina (Bucksport, Maine)        

So I was Still in the process of finishing my coffee when I typed the above reply this Morning, and just now realized that I forgot to mention that my husband took it apart when he got home last night and noticed that the bottom roller doesnít spin and is sort of seized up, I didnít think it was supposed to turn, the closest Iíve ever been to a wring washer is the one buried several feet back in my grandmothers ďshedĒ which I though was a fancy cabinet until I was about 18 so that should tell you how little I know about this. But I wanted to confirm whether or not itís supposed to actually turn and what kind of oil or grease I could use to help it turn if itís supposed to

Post# 994613 , Reply# 5   5/19/2018 at 09:47 by tinkr (Phoenix Arizona)        
bottom roller

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The bottom roller is gear driven and dosen't spin freely.
With the head seperated can you see any chipped teeth on the gears? Or
The gears may need to be oiled. There are other problems that occur in the shaft.
You probably know but ....
On the top of the wringer there is a Handle ( for lack of the correct term) that you lock the rollers in place
Turn it all untill you hear a snap or click. I think clock wize. This engages the gears and the wringer works. That may be messed up also. But I think it bottom roller turns locked or unlocked.

I dont pay much attention untill something makes a funny noise or doesn't work.
I can try to send you the repair manual I have, I have tried in the past and it would not go.

Post# 994616 , Reply# 6   5/19/2018 at 10:04 by tinkr (Phoenix Arizona)        

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I sent the manual (I hope the right one) to your email address. My email is acting weird today, It said it sent it. Hope it did.

Post# 994802 , Reply# 7   5/21/2018 at 09:12 by Angelina (Bucksport, Maine)        

I did receive the manual, thank you very much for sending it to me and it will probably come in very helpful when I manage to actually get my head wrapped around it.

Iím not sure which gears you meant but they seem to look fine to me I took pictures in case you may notice something that I donít just ignore th emcees in the background of them, I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old and they managed to find boxes of their toys, weíre also in the first couple of weeks of moving in.

The handles do seem to lock into place and when I move the top one it locks the tension on the rollers and releases then so I donít think thatís the issue

Iím hoping that the gears just need to be oiled because I think that that will be easier than trying to diagnose any issues in the shaft. Do you have a recommendation for oil? Or could I just use any sort of gear oil?

Thank you very much for your help Iím excited to hopefully be able to use this soon!,

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Post# 994811 , Reply# 8   5/21/2018 at 11:10 by Angelina (Bucksport, Maine)        

I also noticed then when I took the bottom roller out and turned it on the gear that it hooks in to doesnít turn would this be an indication of other issues in the shaft? Or is there a chance that oiling the gears would help?

Post# 994812 , Reply# 9   5/21/2018 at 12:04 by tinkr (Phoenix Arizona)        
model and serial number And tryng to think of what the ???

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Can you find the serial number? It is usually stamped on the body. To date the machine. If it is 1968 or newer it did have a saftey bulb on it. The model would have an S... N2LS .

I am not knoweldgable in the mechanical working of the wringer. All I can do is look at the pics in the manual and see what actually makes it move.

In the manual on the page about the wringer there is a picture that showed a key (round pin) that fits into the slot in the shaft going down the side of the machine.

The lever( on top of the wringer housing) moves the shaft to engage the gear in the bottom of the shaft(going down the side of the machine) to make the rollers gears engage and move. That pin causes it to move.
( as I understand it) and from what mine looked like when it was dissembled.
If that pin is missing or broken the gears can't be engaged.

As far as grease for the wringer gears that may touch clothing Petroleum jellie a light coat.
Same as on the agitator shaft.

Found info in another thread. Post# 380378 , Reply# 9 On the bottom roller. Can you move the shaft in it? It should not move.

I certainly hope a real expert chimes in.
If there are any around,

You machine appears well kept. I hope it's something simple. The teeth are so clean in the pic. I had to clean mine with a tiny screw driver and soak them in clr to even tell they were teeth.

Post# 994840 , Reply# 10   5/21/2018 at 17:00 by Angelina (Bucksport, Maine)        

The serial number on it is 359590j but the model number doesnít have an s on it so unfortunately I donít think thatís the problem

I was completely lost looking at the manual, if youíre talking about what I think you are, I can pull the whole head out of the shaft and shine a flashlight up and see the pin and Iíve noticed putting it back in that if I donít get it completely lined up then I will sit on top until I line it up completely and when I plugged it in it did spin, so I think I might have to pull the head apart and poke around in there

This is in really great shape, I think it was stored inside in this tiny little corner in my kitchen itís whole life and my kitchen has a sideboard sink and metal cabinet in it, from the late 50ís,

If I try to spin the roller with my hands it turns the gears that I can see so I think Iíve narrowed it down to figuring out how to pull apart the middle piece, youíre right, a real expert better chime in soon before I get to the point of no return.

Post# 994846 , Reply# 11   5/21/2018 at 18:02 by Angelina (Bucksport, Maine)        

The serial number on it is 359590j but the model number doesnít have an s on it so unfortunately I donít think thatís the problem

I was completely lost looking at the manual, if youíre talking about what I think you are, I can pull the whole head out of the shaft and shine a flashlight up and see the pin and Iíve noticed putting it back in that if I donít get it completely lined up then I will sit on top until I line it up completely and when I plugged it in it did spin,

Post# 994852 , Reply# 12   5/21/2018 at 18:49 by tinkr (Phoenix Arizona)        
not much help here

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Ok The rod inside the white roller will spin and the roller won't? I may not understand you.
Happens with seniors we have our moments.
If it does spin indepndently that's not right.

The manual may be your only help.

You have a 50's kitchen. Lot's of us here are jealous. We search for metal cabinets and sinks with a side board.

Post# 994897 , Reply# 13   5/22/2018 at 07:05 by Angelina (Bucksport, Maine)        

Ok the rod does not spin, I can see the metal part that you put the roller into with the teeth matched into spinning, that might not make any more sense but I have a hard time explaining things without rambling

Here is a picture of my sink, my husband told me he didnít like it and I made it very clear that the only way it was coming out would be if I found a double sink with the sideboards which probably would be to long to fit in my kitchen. I am slightly upset that they replaced the stove though, the new one doesnít fit with everything else and I canít convince my husband to replace a stove thatís practically brand new with one 50+Yearís old

Post# 994900 , Reply# 14   5/22/2018 at 07:56 by dermacie (my forever home (Glenshaw, PA))        

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That ringer has red accent trim I feel this is a pre 1968 model which wouldn't have had a safety unless the wringer head was switched with an older one. The machine looks very clean I am sure someone should be able to help get it going.

Post# 994903 , Reply# 15   5/22/2018 at 08:15 by geoffdelp (Foley, Minnesota)        

Angelina ... First off, let's make sure the wringer post/drive from the transmission is working. Take the whole wringer head off the machine by lifting straight up and set it down somewhere safe. Plug machine in and you should see the drive rod in the wringer post turning; if it's not turning, that's an issue.

If it is turning, unplug machine and put the wringer head back on. MAKE SURE you put the handle to the "swing" position (all the way to the left) and then put the head back on. You might have to swing the wringer a bit to get it to drop on to the teeth properly; lock the wringer in place by turning handle back to neutral. Do take care to make sure the wringer head has stopped swinging before trying to lock it in place. More people have busted the teeth off the index plate on the wringer post by not making sure the wringer head has stopped swinging!

Plug in the machine and engage the wringer and see if it works.

Let us know.

Post# 994904 , Reply# 16   5/22/2018 at 08:25 by Angelina (Bucksport, Maine)        

Here is the picture of my sink that I meant to attach to the previous post, I think itís more than just seniors that have their moments

Also, if anyone has any advise in how to clean up the rust thatís starting to form on the top of the drawers that would be great, Iím considering scraping it with a wire brush and repainting it with rustoleum or using a rust dissolver on it but Iím afraid that either of those ideas might be to harsh on it

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Post# 994906 , Reply# 17   5/22/2018 at 09:03 by Angelina (Bucksport, Maine)        

I have done that one the drive rod (didnít know that was the name until now) does turn, I have tried putting the head back on but the wringer doesnít engage, I am trying to figure out if I can take the wringer head apart to see if itís an issue somewhere in the middle Iím starting to feel like itís going to be one hard to get to piece in the middle thatís my problem

Post# 994921 , Reply# 18   5/22/2018 at 11:31 by geoffdelp (Foley, Minnesota)        

Or ... search on eBay or Craigslist for your area for a donor machine that has an operating wringer. The model N2L's had interchangeable wringer heads. The model J and E wringer heads will work on the N, but they are wider and don't fit over the tub properly.

To disassemble and reassemble a wringer head is tricky; there is a large gear and spring system inside that has to be reassembled just so and parts are becoming more scarce. For someone who is inexperienced, I would not recommend it.

Post# 994934 , Reply# 19   5/22/2018 at 13:15 by tinkr (Phoenix Arizona)        
Just a thought...Hot water treatment??

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I know its a stretch. To say the least. And probably stupid.
We use it to soften up gear grease in the gear box. Is there any way to soak the head in hot water?
Would hardened grease cause this? I already know the answer. No. but hey still trying the KISS method.
There is a lot of power moving those gears.

I was thinking donor also. I looked on CL in you area slim pickens.
didn't check offerup.

There's a new complete assembly in Tuscon Az 295.00 (gasp) before shipping. But it sure is pretty.

At this point disassembly falls into the category "what do I have to loose?"
Fun project with a 2 & 4 year old running about.

Post# 994949 , Reply# 20   5/22/2018 at 14:51 by Angelina (Bucksport, Maine)        

Hmm, I do know of a little antique/shop place that opens up in the summer that Iíve always seen a lot of antique appliances, sinks, furniture etc. at. And I think I might get to know the owner very well this summer, along with buying a vehicle big enough to act a fit something into the back of it.

Iím definitely starting to think that itís not hardened grease, and probably that someone dropped the wringer head at some point and knocked something out of place but I donít think I will be taking the wringer head apart anytime soon to find out. I do want to thank everyone that has commented on this thread for all of your help, I know at least a little more about a wringer washer than I ever thought I would

Post# 994950 , Reply# 21   5/22/2018 at 15:01 by tinkr (Phoenix Arizona)        
Wish we could have helped

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figure it out. If you have the space and find another washer that works wash in one rinse in the other.
That's the efficient way.

Post# 994972 , Reply# 22   5/23/2018 at 00:41 by Stan (Napa CA)        
Just a hunch are you sure that

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your getting the wringer back into the post correctly? Like Geoff said!
That can be trick to get back in once it's been lifted off and out.
It will kind of drop down with a clunk when it's in the right place.

Post# 994973 , Reply# 23   5/23/2018 at 00:45 by Stan (Napa CA)        

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Is not fitting together right.
With the wringer in right, there should be hardly any gap where it's joined to the post.
If you can show a pic with it in place, we may be able to tell if it's on correctly

Post# 994974 , Reply# 24   5/23/2018 at 00:49 by Stan (Napa CA)        

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With the pump...when machine is on, and you engage the pump, do you hear any noise...cuz you should.

Post# 994975 , Reply# 25   5/23/2018 at 00:50 by Stan (Napa CA)        
Try BarKeepers Freind

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For the Rust!

Post# 994977 , Reply# 26   5/23/2018 at 01:43 by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        
Re: Reply #23

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Stan, this is what I was thinking too, but I wasn't quite sure how to explain it. Iím glad you chimed in to help Angelina. I canít imagine how a wringer that looks like it has hardly been used wouldnít work, unless it was somehow not properly in place. I hope that this will do the trick for her.
These Maytag wringers are just about indestructible.


Post# 994999 , Reply# 27   5/23/2018 at 10:10 by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

ea56's profile picture
Iíve given this some thought, in fact I woke up thinking about it. Though Iíve never removed a wringer from the body of a washer, Iíve certainly used aand owned a Maytag wringer washer in the past, and Iím familar with how they work in principle.

Since you now have a owners manual, if it gives you the instructions on how to remove the wringer assembly from the body of the washer try removing it. Now plug the machine in and look down the hole where the wringer fits into the machine. I would imagine that there must be a shaft with gear teeth that the wringer head fits into. Look and see if this shaft is turning when the power is on. If it is, then like Stan said, the wringer head was probably not seated properly into this hole so that the gears from the turning shaft can properly engage with the drive gear for the wringer head.

Read the instructions carefully to see if there is an explanation on how to properly reseat the wringer head assembly so that the gears mesh between the drive shaft and the wringer head drive gear. I hope this all makes sense. I can visualize it in my minds eye. This may be the solution for your wringer not turning. I hope that this helps you. If this was my machine, this is what I would try doing in my own tenacious, Rube Goldberg, DYI sort of way,

These are really wonderful machines, and really pretty simple. I canít imagine that if it has been barely used that anything major could be wrong with the wringer. It may have just been somehow disengaged with the drive shaft gear.

Good luck, and I hope you can get it up and running. You will love using it.


Post# 995001 , Reply# 28   5/23/2018 at 10:17 by mickeyd (Hamburg NY)        
Work the hose!

mickeyd's profile picture
With the lever in the "ON" position, lift the hose upward off of the holder, and it should engage. If not, lower and raise the hose, tugging lightly, and hopefully the wheel will engage the drive and "Whirrrrrumble-rumble-rrrrrrr" you'll be pumping. Hope that's all she needs.

Post# 995090 , Reply# 29   5/24/2018 at 14:55 by Angelina (Bucksport, Maine)        
Well it fixed itself

So I turned the machine on today thinking that maybe I had to to set the tension on the rollers to get them to move and I wasnít sure if I tried that or not yet and apparently there is a magic spot that the handle needs to be at between two different spots where it ďclicksĒ for lack of a better term. Now Iím annoyed that it has taken me this long to find that spot

Post# 995092 , Reply# 30   5/24/2018 at 15:14 by Angelina (Bucksport, Maine)        

On a side note, Iím not entirely sure if it is supposed to have the pump on it or not, the handle is there but when I turn it to on the sound of the motor doesnít change at all and the model # doesnít have ďpĒ on the end of it and I thought it was supposed to have a p on it for models with the pump

Post# 995099 , Reply# 31   5/24/2018 at 16:01 by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

ea56's profile picture
Glad you were able to get the wringer working! If there is a lever for the pump swtich, then it either has a pump, or had one at one time. Iíve seen these machines on ebay that have pumps without a ďpĒ in the model number. Try what MickeyD suggested in his post, tugging and raising and lowering the hose, with water in the tub. This will get the pump primed and it may very well start to work. It's possible that since its not been in use for a long time that the pump may take some time to unseize. If the pump doesnít work, you can still drain by gravity, either into a bucket, will take an lot of trips to empty, or if you have a back porch, just place the hose down so it will drain onto the ground outside.

Post# 995148 , Reply# 32   5/25/2018 at 07:28 by dermacie (my forever home (Glenshaw, PA))        

dermacie's profile picture
I am so glad it worked the pics you have really show a clean machine. I have the square J2L non pump model in my laundry room. I always wanted a pump model, but my laundry room has a floor drain so it really doesn't matter.

Post# 995174 , Reply# 33   5/25/2018 at 15:10 by tinkr (Phoenix Arizona)        
Yippie. So glad for you

tinkr's profile picture
So happy it's working.
You will be surprised how quickly laundry can be done.
For rinsing I have a large rubbermaid tub with a drain tap on the bottom. And a plunger,( home made from a NEW plunger) See utube. Laundry plunger.
Wring into the tub and plunge thru the water then wring onto the lid of the washer. Easy peezy.
Warm water and 1/2 cup white vinager. Vinager cuts all soap in the material and is a softner also.
Also for lint or dog hair, on amazon or ebay you can get a floating lint catcher.
Works great.

Let us know what you think of the process.

Post# 995411 , Reply# 34   5/28/2018 at 00:54 by Stan (Napa CA)        

stan's profile picture
might want to take a look under, and see if there is a pump!
With the machine un plugged, look underneath and operate the pump lever. See if it's moving the rod that moves the pump wheel.
If there is a pump.. I think there is a adjustment nut that will bring it in closer to the wheel so that it will catch when engaged.

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