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"The Brady Bunch" House is for Sale
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Post# 1001360   7/25/2018 at 02:27 (335 days old) by seedub (South Texas Hill Country)        

Finally, after 30 years of obsessing about how the interior looks, 11222 Dilling Street goes on market in the age of Zillow, allowing us to be a virtual Lookey Lou.

I was hoping to find a MCM building frozen in time at 1959, the year it was built. I was disappointed, as most of the property has been refreshed at some point.

I was correct in my surmise that the kitchen is where it is, although where the breakfast nook is located is where I had imagined a living room to be. I was *not* correct that this is a split level home, with a deep basement beneath the second floor.

I wished there had been more pics of what looks to be a dramatic foyer.

It's a quirky layout, but I seem to recall
reading that the original owner designed it himself, and gave it to his wife as a gift - I may be mis-remembering, however...

I don't see an intercom system being a selling point nowadays, but I had never heard of Musi-Call; I thought NuTone and Rittenhouse were all there was.


Post# 1001361 , Reply# 1   7/25/2018 at 02:56 (335 days old) by toploader55 (Massachusetts Sand Bar, Cape Cod)        

toploader55's profile picture
KDS-20 in the Kitchen

Post# 1001362 , Reply# 2   7/25/2018 at 03:22 (335 days old) by RP2813 (Too many people know the way)        

rp2813's profile picture

Gee, I didn't know they had a cat.

Post# 1001363 , Reply# 3   7/25/2018 at 03:47 (335 days old) by Carmine (Detroit)        
Cats name...

Probably "Wolf", since the dog was named Tiger.

Post# 1001375 , Reply# 4   7/25/2018 at 07:52 (334 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Only the exterior of the house in Sherman Oaks

was shown on the show. The interior was a set. It's a ranch house. Probably built for around $50 grand then.

Post# 1001377 , Reply# 5   7/25/2018 at 08:09 (334 days old) by vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield & London UK)        

vacbear58's profile picture
I think the house looks great but i think would look a great deal better if it had MCM furniture and I wonder if there has been some re-division in the living room as the fireplace in the corner does not looks right to me. The bar also looks somewhat out of charactor. And that bedroom wall paper would have to go before I could ever sleep in there. The kitchen looks nice enough but it would be interesting to know what the original kitchen was like. And, although the furnising is a long way from my taste, it certainly looks like it was looked after well


Post# 1001386 , Reply# 6   7/25/2018 at 09:59 (334 days old) by seedub (South Texas Hill Country)        

I also noticed that the fireplace is in a weird location, like possibly a wall was put up at some point? And, yeah: that busy pink wallpaper in the boudoir would need to go. Phew!

But, I was pleased to see that the butt-ugly fence erected to keep crazed fans of the show at a safe distance was taken down before the house was listed...

The sales agents reported in a news article that one or two of the more serious inquiries have been from developers who just want that .75 acre land, and will tear down the building.

Post# 1001390 , Reply# 7   7/25/2018 at 10:23 (334 days old) by IowaBear (Cedar Rapids, IA)        

iowabear's profile picture

Wow - the 2017 property taxes ($2,262) are less than my little 1950s 1400 square foot ranch in Iowa!


A lot of Gen-Xers grew up watching Brady reruns.  I will always remember my Sociology professor using the show to make a point about how much television influenced our lives.


He first asked everyone to write down all the characters on the Bunch and everything they could remember about them (age progressions, etc.)  Almost everyone could remember the all the names of the family and who was the youngest/oldest, even that Alice dated Sam the butcher, etc.


Next he asked us to do the same for our own family and extended family.  Aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  Most didn't do so well on their own extended family.



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Post# 1001396 , Reply# 8   7/25/2018 at 11:37 (334 days old) by RP2813 (Too many people know the way)        

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Clearly, the current owners of this property qualified for Proposition 13's tax roll-back in 1978.   


This house should easily sell for asking price or higher.  After that happens, the property taxes will be ten times higher.

Post# 1001399 , Reply# 9   7/25/2018 at 12:20 (334 days old) by DaveAMKrayoGuy (Oak Park, MI)        

daveamkrayoguy's profile picture
Didn't know that the Brady's would need servants to wait on 'em hand & foot... --Alice would probably no longer have to be their maid--if this is what the inside of that house was like, & really had been used...

I remember there being a window on one of the gables, too and how it got worked out of the shots, or something like that--read it somewhere, Online, perhaps here...

Think, interior-wise, the set design worked a lot better & for my money, would rather be getting that, as opposed to that McMansion...

-- Dave

Post# 1001400 , Reply# 10   7/25/2018 at 12:50 (334 days old) by MattL (Flushing, MI)        

Saw this a week or so ago.  The theory is the house will be sold and demolished as the land is more valuable than the smallish house in that area.

Post# 1001418 , Reply# 11   7/25/2018 at 16:18 (334 days old) by Unimatic1140 (Minneapolis)        

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I thought this house was special enough to so many of us to have those pictures archived here for everyone. I used to get to stay up late to watch the Brady Bunch on Friday nights on ABC!

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 20         View Full Size
Post# 1001507 , Reply# 12   7/26/2018 at 13:57 (333 days old) by washman (o)        
If I had the ching

I'd buy it.


Then I'd rip out all the modern stuff and scour the solar system if need be to make it retro 70's, say 71 or 72.


Oh how I long for those  young boy days................................

Post# 1001523 , Reply# 13   7/26/2018 at 15:40 (333 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

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American series were rather popular, especially those meant for a younger public. The Brady Bunch was one of the series we watched. For us it was besides a series also a peek into American culture, at least the way it was presented on TV. Housekeepers were not something strange here, but Alice was more part of the family than the housekeepers on this side of the pond. Ofcourse the washer and dryer were intrigueing, although I had no idea what the inside looked like.

Another thing that intrigued me was that Mike Brady drove a convertible. Convertibles or cabrios was something for glamourous women rather than for men. I also remember an episode with one of the girls on the telephone. IIRC a second phone was picked up and both could talk to the person on the other side of the line. That was impossible here, you could put a call through but never talk together with someone on the line.

Post# 1001535 , Reply# 14   7/26/2018 at 19:26 (333 days old) by RP2813 (Too many people know the way)        

rp2813's profile picture

Louis, I'm surprised that extension phones weren't offered by your telephone service provider.  They were a major source of additional revenue for telcos here in the U.S. almost since the very beginning.  At one time, Ma Bell even levied a service charge on a 25' telephone cord, using the argument that it served the same purpose as an extension phone.


My dad bootlegged extension phones all over our house.  As long as the ringers were disabled, Ma Bell was none the wiser.  There was usually a slight loss of volume when an extension was picked up, but it was more pronounced with older phone sets and not too noticeable on more modern equipment.

Post# 1001537 , Reply# 15   7/26/2018 at 19:35 (333 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Mike drove first a

Plymouth Fury or Dodge Monaco convertible. Then later a Chevrolet Caprice Classic, the one Marsha took her driving test in. I had that vintage of a Caprice. Nice car back in the day.
Carol drove the Plymouth Satellite wagon.
I'd get rid of all the pink. The tile counter tops too. I'd continue the craftsman them of the patio doors throughout.
Florence Henderson used to do Oldsmobile commercials circa 1960, 61, 62.

Post# 1001561 , Reply# 16   7/27/2018 at 01:05 (333 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

foraloysius's profile picture

You could have several phones on one line, but you were just not possible to use two phones at the same time to talk to someone. If you picked up the second phone the caller on the other end would hear nothing until one phone was put down.

Post# 1001565 , Reply# 17   7/27/2018 at 02:04 (333 days old) by RP2813 (Too many people know the way)        

rp2813's profile picture

Very interesting Louis!  That's an exclusionary type of telephonic circuitry I'm not familiar with. 


One fun thing about the model 500 (and all later models made by Western Electric that used the "G" type handset) extension phones was that if you wanted to listen in on your sibling's conversation, you could easily remove the transmitter capsule and still hear everything.  The earlier type phones like the model 302 didn't work like that.  If you removed the transmitter from those, you heard nothing.

Post# 1001755 , Reply# 18   7/28/2018 at 16:10 (331 days old) by philcobendixduo (San Jose)        
Shots of The House from The Show

philcobendixduo's profile picture
Another thing is that the interiors of the show are actually backwards from the exteriors.
The stairs were on the RIGHT as you walked in the door as were the upstairs bedrooms.
The window on the left front was added on by the show and was a "fake" just for looks.
There's the Plymouth wagon in the second photo!

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 2         View Full Size
Post# 1001756 , Reply# 19   7/28/2018 at 16:19 (331 days old) by RP2813 (Too many people know the way)        

rp2813's profile picture

Automobiles provided by Chrysler, just like with Leave It To Beaver?

Post# 1001931 , Reply# 20   7/30/2018 at 18:38 (329 days old) by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

That's the '69 Plymouth Satellite wagon, they got a '71 a little later. Once in a while Carol would leave the house in the new one, arrive at her destination in the old, then get back home in the new one!

Post# 1001937 , Reply# 21   7/30/2018 at 18:55 (329 days old) by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        
Brady cat

Ralph mentioned a cat - they did have one in the first episode. It's name was Fluffy, and it attended the wedding, as did Tiger the dog. I don't think I have to tell you what happened when Tiger saw Fluffy! It resulted in the funniest episode of the whole series.

Post# 1002690 , Reply# 22   8/6/2018 at 07:46 (322 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Just read in local NYC News

launderess's profile picture
Mr. Lance Bass is that upset he was gazumped, and feels he was very badly used.

Post# 1002696 , Reply# 23   8/6/2018 at 09:05 (322 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Yes, I saw that.

Usually, the high offer is accepted, and wins the property. Bass says a studio won it though. Maybe even a little padding on the sideline to the seller. Who knows.
A German lady in our area took the first offer, telling me they were the type of people she felt should be moving into the neighborhood. A young doctor couple.
Not really a doctor's prefered area, so we'll see how long they stay, and who the next residents are.

Post# 1002712 , Reply# 24   8/6/2018 at 11:04 (322 days old) by IowaBear (Cedar Rapids, IA)        

iowabear's profile picture

It would be nice to see it saved.  I'm not sure Bass's project to remodel the interior into the set was a practical one but it would have been interesting to see it attempted.


One analysis of the show described it as being almost a "real-live cartoon" with its one-dimensional characters and simple scripts.  That is sort of true I think, but that make-believe world of kind people and sunny California technicolor was pure after-school escape for us Midwestern blue-collar kids.


It has actually been decades since I've watched any of the shows in whole.  Something to do one day when I find the DVD set at a yard sale.

Post# 1002741 , Reply# 25   8/6/2018 at 15:31 (322 days old) by washman (o)        
The show took a turn for the worse

When, in the fifth season, they starting using GM cars instead of Mopar.


And it made NO sense whatsoever for MIke to be driving a 2 door convertible Cuda with 9 people to haul around!


Heck in the last season, they showed a 2 door Caprice convertible also!

Post# 1002744 , Reply# 26   8/6/2018 at 16:01 (322 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
The house won't be raised.

Mike deserved a convertible He earned it. The wagon was large enough for the family.
My aunt and uncle had 7 kids, and my aunt drove a Colony Park, and my uncle had both a '69, and a '71 Cougar XR7. Then he had Lincoln town cars after.
Mike drove three Caprice Classics. A '73, '74, and a '75.
I had one. Loved it!

Post# 1002846 , Reply# 27   8/7/2018 at 14:37 (321 days old) by IowaBear (Cedar Rapids, IA)        
HGTV is the Buyer

iowabear's profile picture

“I am excited to share that HGTV is the winning bidder and will restore the Brady Bunch home to its 1970s glory as only HGTV can,” said Zaslav. “More details to come over the next few months, but we will bring all the resources to bear to tell safe, fun stories with this beloved piece of American TV history.”


Probably as good as outcome as any.

Post# 1002859 , Reply# 28   8/7/2018 at 18:02 (321 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Post# 1002868 , Reply# 29   8/7/2018 at 19:41 (321 days old) by good-shepherd (New Jersey)        
been decades since I've watched any of the shows

MeTV and other cable channels play episodes of the Brady Bunch.

Unfortunately, the endless commercials for "final expense" insurance, animal cruelty, kids with cancer, adult diapers, catheters, etc, etc, totally ruin what would be an otherwise enjoyable show.

As they say; You can't go home again.

Post# 1002870 , Reply# 30   8/7/2018 at 19:51 (321 days old) by wayupnorth (On a lake between Bangor and Bar Harbor)        

wayupnorth's profile picture
I wonder which HGTV show will be the winner to redo the house back to what it was on tv and recreate the original inside.

Post# 1002873 , Reply# 31   8/7/2018 at 20:00 (321 days old) by RP2813 (Too many people know the way)        

rp2813's profile picture

Amen to the good shepherd!


I suppose HGTV will bring the Brady home into the 21st century, but I doubt the finished product will show any trace of the home's original interior design .  Perhaps they'll work in a nod to the stage sets from the show, though.  If they put a real window where Hollywood placed a fake one, I wouldn't blame them.


I'll take a wild guess and say the highly promoted Property Brothers may be involved. 

Post# 1002876 , Reply# 32   8/7/2018 at 20:12 (321 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Have learned to avoid or at least ignore

launderess's profile picture
Much of the MeTv commercials. The ones for My Pillow get up my nose!

However what really bothers one about MeTv is their editing of vintage programs for commercial breaks.

All of these television shows originally aired on network television and thus have cuts for "station announcements" or whatever already. MeTv takes things further by adding additional breaks and the resulting editing ruins programs.

Love Designing Women, but cannot stand the show as MeTV does episodes. They cut out so much and or stop for commercials right during key sequences.

What kills me is when watching Mannix or Cannon, there are only four or less minutes in the program, and MeTV *still* cuts to another commercial before broadcasting the final minute or so; much of which are the ending credits.

Post# 1002880 , Reply# 33   8/7/2018 at 20:36 (321 days old) by DaveAMKrayoGuy (Oak Park, MI)        

daveamkrayoguy's profile picture
Okay, so I was wrong, the window (fake) was added--don't know why it had to be put on, as it does' make much aesthetic difference to me, with, or without...

Let's just see how much & how well, then future generations really will know the history of & behind this property; the show was the last escape from reality of how the American family would be rapidly changing, and trying to cling on the brief, half-hour fantasy of a "what was", available on just about every TV screen...

-- Dave

Post# 1002892 , Reply# 34   8/7/2018 at 21:03 (321 days old) by good-shepherd (New Jersey)        
the resulting editing ruins programs.

Oh, I forgot to mention how cable channels speed up episodes around 10% to squeeze in more commercial time.
Ever notice how things don't sound quite right with familiar theme songs and the dialogue.

Add in the depressing commercials, station promos and they become borderline unwatchable.

Post# 1002922 , Reply# 35   8/8/2018 at 05:20 (320 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Adverts are down right depressing

launderess's profile picture
Bladder incontinence, life insurance, Life Alert (help I've fallen and I can't get up), hearing aids, male "virility" aids...

Makes old age sound line one thing dropping off after an other....

Post# 1002980 , Reply# 36   8/8/2018 at 14:31 (320 days old) by countryford (Phoenix, AZ)        

countryford's profile picture

I wonder which HGTV show will be the winner to redo the house back to what it was on tv and recreate the original inside. 


I guess I don't quite understand this comment. What was shown on tv of the inside was not of the actual house. They only used shots of the exterior for the show. All inside shots were on a sound stage. The layout of the house would never fit inside the actual house

Post# 1002981 , Reply# 37   8/8/2018 at 14:34 (320 days old) by countryford (Phoenix, AZ)        

countryford's profile picture

However what really bothers one about MeTv is their editing of vintage programs for commercial breaks. 

While MeTV is bad for that, its nowhere near as bad as TV Land. They will turn a 30 minute time slot into a 45 minute time slot to run more commercials on top of cutting the episode. About the only TV I watch on network TV is the Buzzr channel and Cozi TV. I like Buzzr because they play a lot of the older game shows. Kind of like the Game Show Network used to do.

Post# 1002986 , Reply# 38   8/8/2018 at 15:30 (320 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
There is at least one website out there

launderess's profile picture
By an architect showing floor plans of famous sitcom homes as they appear on the set; then again as they would have to look in order to accommodate what we are told are the living quarters.

Most famous and frequently visited is the home of Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Stephens (Bewitched), but there are others.

Quite honestly no television sitcom home can think of has ever had a set that matched what layout is supposed to be. How could it?

Post# 1002987 , Reply# 39   8/8/2018 at 15:37 (320 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Another case in point

launderess's profile picture
Would be the "Golden Girls" house.

There were four of them (Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia) each supposedly having their own bedroom. If you look at shots of the exterior of house there is *NO* way there were that many bedrooms down that corridor.

Cannot recall if they all shared one bathroom, or if at least Blanche had her own.

For a house with four bedrooms (supposedly) just one bathroom would seem an odd design for a fairly modern home. If the thing was built back in the 1800's or early 1900's could see it happening.

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Post# 1003003 , Reply# 40   8/8/2018 at 17:38 (320 days old) by IowaBear (Cedar Rapids, IA)        

iowabear's profile picture

Fun links, thanks for posting.


If you click the second link and scroll to the bottom there are some good pictures of the Brady house set remodeled for the 1980s.  I don't think I had ever seen these.  Horrible, back to the 70s for sure!

Post# 1003007 , Reply# 41   8/8/2018 at 18:12 (320 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Golden girls house

is on Saltaire avenue north of Sunset Blvd. in Bel Aire, not far from Betty Whites home.

Post# 1003058 , Reply# 42   8/9/2018 at 02:53 (320 days old) by SudsMaster (East of SF, West of Eden, California)        

sudsmaster's profile picture
Sorry, I must be one of the few people here who never watched the Brady Bunch.

Perhaps in part because from '69 until '74 I watched little if any TV. I was too busy with other interesting things to do with my time in college. When I finally got a set around '74, sitcoms were not my thing.

Thanks to the internet however I'm aware of the "Marsha Marsha Marsha" meme and the housekeeper Alice. But I didn't know anybody in the '60's who had a housekeeper, aside from one high school classmate who lived in a relatively wealthy enclave of SF (Seacliff).

Post# 1003060 , Reply# 43   8/9/2018 at 03:00 (320 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
You were'nt missing much

launderess's profile picture
Never "got" the BB either, nor any of the other "west coast" shows like Flipper.

Watched the occasional odd episodes or kept it on TV when it came on instead of channel surfing, but BB was never must see television in our house.

Post# 1003078 , Reply# 44   8/9/2018 at 08:42 (319 days old) by IowaBear (Cedar Rapids, IA)        
It was a syndicated after-school staple

iowabear's profile picture

from 1975 at least through the 80s, maybe longer.  Millions of us watched it every day. 


Sherwood Schwartz always claimed was a purposely simple show, made for kids.


I wouldn't expect anyone who missed the childhood indoctrination to watch it as an adult with any enthusiasm.

Post# 1003084 , Reply# 45   8/9/2018 at 09:38 (319 days old) by countryford (Phoenix, AZ)        

countryford's profile picture

By an architect showing floor plans of famous sitcom homes as they appear on the set

I have a book that shows the floorplans for tv show houses. While it is fun to look at, the sets weren't designed to fit inside of a real building/house. Usually the sets were more like a "V" so that the side walls were more spread out the closer toward the camera they were. 

Post# 1003085 , Reply# 46   8/9/2018 at 09:40 (319 days old) by countryford (Phoenix, AZ)        

countryford's profile picture

Cannot recall if they all shared one bathroom, or if at least Blanche had her own. 

I think it changed depending on the episode. Blanche did have her own. They had at least two others shown. One episode where Dorthy was in the shower with Sophia's new husband, Max. Then another episode where Dorthy and Rose installed  a new toilet in a bathroom. 

Post# 1003115 , Reply# 47   8/9/2018 at 15:29 (319 days old) by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

TV and movie sets are usually designed to be practical for the filming crew. Cameras and lighting take up a lot of space, especially back then.

And to set Launderess straight, "Flipper" was set and filmed in the Miami, FL area.

Post# 1018347 , Reply# 48   12/17/2018 at 19:47 (189 days old) by sfh074 ( )        
Well this should be interesting .......

Anything to stay relevant!


Post# 1018369 , Reply# 49   12/17/2018 at 21:52 (189 days old) by IowaBear (Cedar Rapids, IA)        

iowabear's profile picture

It's too bad the original sound stage set wasn't preserved and placed in a museum.  To me that would have been far more interesting than what they are doing now.  But in 1974 they had no way of knowing it wasn't going to be just another forgotten sitcom.


Here's a website with some interesting behind-the-scenes photos of the set.


Another fun fact is that the Brady set was reworked after the show was cancelled (staircase taken out and kitchen repainted) and used for the 1975 horror movie Bug.





Post# 1018386 , Reply# 50   12/18/2018 at 00:47 (189 days old) by RP2813 (Too many people know the way)        

rp2813's profile picture

Looks like I nailed it with my post from 8/7. 


The Property Brothers are HGTV's counterparts to Food Network's Guy Fieri, and have become equally overexposed.

Post# 1018955 , Reply# 51   12/23/2018 at 23:26 (183 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

askolover's profile picture

I've always noticed what Launderess was saying about the interiors not matching up to the exterior shots.  Here's the Designing Women house.  Many people don't know that it is located in Arkansas!

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