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Miele w3033
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Post# 1016566   12/2/2018 at 18:56 by MrSmokey (new hampshire)        

Well gee, I tore apart a w3033 i bought. Does anyone know the part number for the drum bearings. They are trashed to the point that the drum was cocked enough that i could barely turn it. This thing is amazing inside, i would love to get it back up and going.
If any one wants pictures of any of it while i have it apart, let me know.

Post# 1016607 , Reply# 1   12/2/2018 at 23:27 by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
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There is at least one thread on bearing changes for a Miele washer.

You can contact MieleUSA (parts department or tech support), and they will provide proper part numbers. They will also advise if in stock, price, etc...

Tech support will also tell if things are a "kit" meaning if you'll need to order a set of parts, not just the one.

Post# 1016610 , Reply# 2   12/3/2018 at 00:18 by richnz (New Zealand)        
How is the

drum spider? Still in one piece?
Put photos up. Love an autopsy

Post# 1016642 , Reply# 3   12/3/2018 at 07:58 by MrSmokey (new hampshire)        

Launress, thanks! That link looks to be super helpful.

I have not tried calling Meile, though i had intended to. Our phones have been out for over a week since the last storm, and we have no cell service out here. So, I'll have to wait. Thankfully we still have broadband, though it is slow.

richnz, Yes, as far as i can tell the spider is intact, and.... hopefully.
I have not pulled the drum assembly out yet. I just have it stripped of the top, front, sides, and the gasket out. I'll take pics, with steps!

I dug into this blind.
I stopped once i noticed what i should of noticed in the first place, to make sure i could get parts before i put more time in (too many other things blown apart right now). I am an automotive tech, this is all new to me, though i am impressed with the innards of this thing.

I picked up the washer and dryer as a gamble, the funny thing is the original owner was Dr. Amar Bose, or so i was told.
At worst i figured i could part out what was good, see how well these were built, and make a lamp out of the honeycomb drum. pretty neat to dig around in a top tier washer.


Post# 1016675 , Reply# 4   12/3/2018 at 12:30 by MrSmokey (new hampshire)        

Well the phones are now sortof working. I called in and got as far as the number for the assembled spider with bearings, MIELE 7447243. The tech was saying something about the bearings not being available by themselves when the phone cut out again.
I'll try again later and see if i have better luck.

Post# 1016702 , Reply# 5   12/3/2018 at 17:35 by MrSmokey (new hampshire)        

If nothing else, this russian site has the dimensions of the parts, they then have lots of model numbers to cross ref from there to find something that exists.

I'll pull apart the rest of the machine and go from there.

Post# 1016727 , Reply# 6   12/3/2018 at 20:16 by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Again search the archives

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Those who have attempted and or completed a bearing change on Miele washers (IIRC) went through same. Bearings come as a "kit" so to speak meaning you'll have to purchase the lot.

There are also videos on Youtube showing Miele washer bearing changes.

Just so you know MieleUSA does *NOT* do bearing changes/repair in home. In fact for all but warranty work they actively discourage because of time, labor and expense. Machine must be secured, packed up then transported back to Mile's shops in Princeton, NJ (or whatever similar in Canada), work done, then machine packed and shipped back to owner. If out of warranty this costs very dear, and Miele also wonders about opening a can or worms. That is much like a surgeon opening up a patient there is a worry of finding other things needing work while they have machine apart.

Post# 1016753 , Reply# 7   12/4/2018 at 06:34 by MrSmokey (new hampshire)        

Laundress, thanks!

So, i did some more detective work.
I found this page for the part number for the spider by way of google:
...that and the russian page i linked above cross the model numbers, so these now appear to be extremely universal parts for miele:

some list this instead, which has a shield instead of a contact seal.

From there i find a lot of kits that have a seal, etc.
like this one, though i do not know the manufacturer of the bearings and seal included:

The seal seems to be this one, but I'll keep looking:

I am not sure i should bother being picky about the bearings if i cannot get a quality seal.

I'll pull it apart, measure everything to make sure, and make sure there is not additional damage, and go from there.
I am confidant that i can find the bearings now though. That timkin Cad site is great if you need to find something by size.

Post# 1016940 , Reply# 8   12/5/2018 at 14:42 by MrSmokey (new hampshire)        

Welp, I have it completely torn down...

The machine looks like it had low hours, no brush dust, everything is nice and shiney aside from the innards...
It was not the bearings, they look and feel great.

It was a materials failure, the cast alloy spider for the inner drum spindle corroded and failed.

Based on the condition of everything else in the machine I really wonder how it got this corroded, was it the PO's soap, or water, or was it just a poor choice of alloy?

I'll get pictures up later, but it is bad... I am not sure if i will be able to get that part. Our phones seem to be working, I am going to try calling service now.

If i can get another one I'll try to get it powder coated or something.

Post# 1016951 , Reply# 9   12/5/2018 at 15:36 by MrSmokey (new hampshire)        

Well I'll try calling them again tomorrow to see if i can get different info, but it seems this may be the end of the project.
They will only sell the inner drum assembly, which is part no 06266979.
The internet does not come up with anything for that number.

Miele wants $750.71 for it, and said it would be closer to $1000 with shipping etc.

Now that I am aware of the issue, I have found via the internet that this is pretty much an issue with nearly all front loads. Seems like planned obsolescence to me.
It is a shame because nearly everything else in this machine looks built like a tank.

I'll put pictures up later.


Post# 1016979 , Reply# 10   12/5/2018 at 18:35 by henene4 (Germany)        
Run time and universal bearings

You can check the operation time counter via the service menu.

Turn off the machine, close door.
Press and hold start, turn on machine.
Start starts to flash, then pauses.
Once it's paused flashing, press start 3 times and hold it down on the third press.
Hold it until the LED lights again and immediately let go of it.

Welcome to service menu.
This is a place that can brick your machine if you play about without knowing what you are doing. So be careful.

Scrolling down in the display you will find the operation time counter.
Anything above 10k-15k hours is a good run.

On the bearing side:

These bearings should be a universal bearing size.
Measure the inner diameter, outer diameter and depth of the bearings.

Then go to a local hardware store that can order bearings, tell them your measurements and usecase, and they should be able to order fitting bearings and a seal.

Always replace the seal when replacing the bearings.

Otherwise, I'll check if the bearing kit for a W3xxx series machine is available here in the EU.

Might cost some in shipping, but certainly cheaper then a new machine or a tub half.


Sorry, just realized your issue changed.

If it's the spider that is highly surprising. The spider should be stainless steal or cast iron if I'm not mistaken.

Are you sure the spider is actually broken?

While the surface often looks nasty and corroded, that is often just the surface of the thing.

If it is infact broken, try to search for a donor machine on the used market that has a mint tub and drum (no bearing noise, no wobble etc.) but some other major issue (electronics or what ever).
These should be sold for no more than 100$ or so.

Take out all the parts that still work and transplant the drum.

Could be a viable cheap option.

Otherwise take the drum to a place that can do steel work and ask them if they can save it.

These spiders are usually verry hefty made and could potentially be safed.

Post# 1016995 , Reply# 11   12/5/2018 at 19:52 by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Have told you

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MieleUSA does not do repairs of that nature on washing machines in home; but rather machine must be packed off to Princeton, NJ. Now what a DIY/hobbyist will do in terms of repair likely is vastly different than Miele.

In terms of time, labor and other costs it is likely far cheaper for Miele to swap out the entire drum assembly rather than deal with individual parts. There is also the commonly shared wisdom that if one part of an assembly goes another might not be far behind. So you replace the spider now, then in several months or a few years the bearing goes, now what? You haul the machine back out to New Jersey again?

Since the job is only done in Miele's own workshops, parts sent from Germany likely reflect who is going to be doing the work and where.

This being said while a member did have a bearing failure on new Miele 4840, even the tech admitted such things were rare on new and IIRC even older washers. In any event he got a totally new washer for his troubles.

This being said, Miele did for a while use aluminum spiders which some believe are inferior to cast iron.

For the record we've had a few (ahem) *heated* debates here in the group over the merits of aluminum versus cast iron spiders.

Post# 1017008 , Reply# 12   12/5/2018 at 21:18 by MrSmokey (new hampshire)        

It has got to be some die cast aluminum, zinc, etc alloy. It seems nearly all modern front loaders have these, and so many of them corrode and fail.

The spiders on the outside of the drum, the one that holds the bearings are cast iron, i cannot seem to find any inner drum spiders for any front load that do not appear to be some kind of die cast aluminum alloy, but again i am just using google, and do not really know what i am talking about.

It really is amazing how nice the other stuff is in this machine...
But check out all the corroded material that came out of it...

I am not going to bother welding anything of cast aluminum unless i know the alloy, and especially when i have this little to work with. I though briefly about moving the spindle over and making a stainless steel spider, but i do not have a good copy to make a jig from, mine is mangled, and i have no engineer drawings etc. Anything off is just going to trash the bearings, and not worth it.

I have looked for spares, and while i have found a few machines in the few hundred dollar range, they will be a gamble on corrosion. These are not too plentiful here.


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Post# 1017014 , Reply# 13   12/5/2018 at 22:14 by MrSmokey (new hampshire)        

Laundress, Thankyou for the links!

I am going to try to source one of those old style steel ones, wish me luck.

Post# 1017058 , Reply# 14   12/6/2018 at 12:22 by MrSmokey (new hampshire)        

Thanks for the info on how to get to the run time counter, i wish i had done that before i pulled it apart, but i am betting it had low hours by the looks of it, and that it was in the previous owners 3rd laundry room, on the 3rd story.
I'll check the run time when i put it back together, if i do get it back together.
I am waiting to see if someone with an iron spider in Germany will ship it here to the states.

Maybe i'll rig up the electronics and check run time.

If you see one of those steel spiders in your travels, let me know.

Post# 1017554 , Reply# 15   12/10/2018 at 05:48 by MrSmokey (new hampshire)        

Well, I have a handle on a steel spider. Just doing my best to make sure it will work.

The only thing off that i can find so far is the splines that the pulley seats on are longer than on mine, the rest of the spindles dimensions seem to be in line. I can handle that, but i want to make sure there are no other major differences.

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