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my little laundromat
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Post# 1019542   12/30/2018 at 21:22 by electroluxxxx (Syracuse NY)        

I know it isn't much but over the past few months I have acquired some wonderful machines. with the help and advice of some of the members here all of the machines are up and running as they should with the exception of my Easy Spindrier (not pictured) as that is the next thing to be gone through. my goal is to find the matching A806 washer to go with the dryer and I also have an earlier model 142 from 1958 that will be either restored to the best of my capabilities considering it is in rough shape or I will use it as a parts machine for my 142 that is currently in weekly use.

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Post# 1019544 , Reply# 1   12/30/2018 at 21:30 by appnut (TX)        

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Very nice!!!

Post# 1019547 , Reply# 2   12/30/2018 at 21:53 by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        

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I would definitely visit that laundromat!  Very nice indeed!


Post# 1019551 , Reply# 3   12/30/2018 at 23:03 by whirlykenmore78 (Prior Lake MN (GMT-0700 CDT.))        

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I'd use that Laundromat any day.

Post# 1019574 , Reply# 4   12/31/2018 at 09:27 by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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how cool is that.....your off to a good start.....very nice

is that dryer vent zigzagged like that for a reason....just in thinking of a straight run for best airflow....

Post# 1019577 , Reply# 5   12/31/2018 at 10:01 by electroluxxxx (Syracuse NY)        

thank you guys!
yogitunes, yes it is zigzagged like that for now until I put a T splitter in so I can vent 2 dryers. eventually i will be hooking up all 3 dryers and all 3 washers I have but for now i just have the 142 and 642c in operation. my plans are to move the machines into my "back room" in the basement and finish the basement that you see, as it is a full basement. In order to have everything take place I need to insulate and redo the ceiling in the back room, run plumbing, electrical and ventilation for the dryers not to mention a double utility sink ( which i have). As we all know things like this take time and sadly I don't have much time, so for now im going to run another 220 line and add an additional drain pipe and utilize both sets of machines that i currently have.

Post# 1019586 , Reply# 6   12/31/2018 at 11:05 by LowEfficiency (Iowa)        

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>> yes it is zigzagged like that for now until I put a T splitter in so I can vent 2 dryers.

You might be better off just running separate ducts. I researched the "2 dryers / 1 vent" option for my own machines, and quickly decided it would be easier, safer, and cheaper to just run a second vent through the wall.

With two machines on a Tee (or better at least, a Wye), some amount of air is always going to be blowing backward through your other machine(s) instead of out the vent. This means you are pushing lint and humidity into the exhaust and blower assemblies of your machines, which is obviously not good for safety or longevity. (It's especially bad for gas dryers, as you create a path for combustion gasses to be blown back into the living space.)

The obvious solution to this is to install check valves... but the typical "draft stopper" style are prone to collecting lint, and may be a code violation to install in this way. There is a different style for multi-unit apartment buildings and the like, but they become more costly. You also would need to cut a larger hole in the wall and use a larger exhaust vent and pipework after the join, as a 4" vent is only suitable for a single dryer. And there's no way any of us would only use just one dryer at a time if you had multiples hooked up!

To me, cutting another hole for a second dedicated 4" vent made the most sense, and it's much easier to stay safe and compliant with the codes that way.

Post# 1019600 , Reply# 7   12/31/2018 at 13:59 by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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yeah...been there.....multi ducts into one 8 inch main duct...

first, just free flowing of sorts, if their all running at the same time, your good, but if one shuts off, the air is blown back into that dryer(s)Ö.

second, I installed dampers from each unit......and true, they required more maintenance/clean out....

third, and found it mentioned, a separate vent for each unit....

keep in mind.....3 or more dryers venting outside....that's a lot of air coming through the house.....especially robbing your conditioned air....on the good side, it will pull fresh air into your basement....


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Post# 1019629 , Reply# 8   12/31/2018 at 17:35 by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        

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All you need now are a couple of vintage vending machines and an old TV showing black and white reruns of As the World Turns!

Post# 1019635 , Reply# 9   12/31/2018 at 19:37 by Washerlover (Lake County, California: Wines With Altitude)        

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Beautiful setup! You have inspired me to look into getting 220 hook ups for the dryers I have in my own little laundromat ó just havenít had the time and Iím tired of looking at cold, non-operational dryers!

Post# 1019639 , Reply# 10   12/31/2018 at 20:24 by hippiedoll (tucson, arizona u.s.a.)        
very cool!

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Looks like Maytag-mania!
I likes it!

Post# 1019668 , Reply# 11   1/1/2019 at 06:40 by christfr (st louis mo)        

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can you imagine the sound of all those machines running at one time. oh it would sound like heaven

Post# 1019683 , Reply# 12   1/1/2019 at 09:54 by lesto (Atlanta)        

A very nice collection of Maytags. I have a 1962 washer in chocolate brown with matching gas dryer I just love.

Post# 1019685 , Reply# 13   1/1/2019 at 10:56 by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Thatís an awesome little Maytag laundromat! I am a big fan of the 1958-62 (or thereabouts) line, as well as the mighty 806. Congratulations and hereís wishing you many trouble-free loads.

Post# 1019714 , Reply# 14   1/1/2019 at 14:19 by electroluxxxx (Syracuse NY)        

Thank you all so much for the wonderful compliments and advice!!! For now I am going to try the dampers, I clean out the dryer hoses every 3-6 months and inspect them regularly. I have found out that I actually have less lint build up in the vent with the maytag dryers than I had with the whirlpool ones I had. I also have noticed that the dry time on the HOH model dryers is actually less than my previous whirlpool dryers and also my westinghouse "spacemate" dryer. not to mention the electricity usage seems to be a little less too so rather efficient and I love that! Maytag machines have always seemed to be extremely reliable and seem to be such simple machines with little to nothing to really go wrong. I have replaced the injector hoses on both washers, cleaned out both valves and reassembled them, the motor on the A502 has new springs and glides and the 142 although used much more in its previous life seems to be fine in the way that the motor glides on its track and the tension still seems perfect. unfortunately I am not able to get the agitator out of the A502 to clean out under it due to the hard water in the previous house. so any pointers on that would be great because I really don't want to break it.

Post# 1019779 , Reply# 15   1/1/2019 at 23:49 by Electroluxxxx (Syracuse NY)        

I figured Iíd start off the new year on the right foot and hook up the A502 along with the 142. I did the maiden wash today and this is the first time it has been used since replacing the parts mentioned in the post above. The issue Iím having is that when it goes into spin the motor sounds like itís ramping up and then trips the thermal cut off for at least 30 secs, it seemed to spin out fine on rinse however when it went to do its final spin it tripped 3 times and the load wasnít uneven nor was it overloaded. Iím guessing I may have to either adjust the pulley a little bit or put some petroleum jelly on the glide track. I did use a little 3in1 when reassembled the motor glide assembly as I read somewhere not to use grease.
Could someone please shed some light on this? It didnít trip before I replaced the glides and springs, then again there was nothing left of the old glides and the motor seemed to want to bounce around. Also the belts seem to be pretty tight, the pump belt tension is so/so and I know it usually is supposed to be somewhat loose.

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Post# 1020036 , Reply# 16   1/3/2019 at 21:49 by electroluxxxx (Syracuse NY)        

Anyone have any advice? Correct me if Iím wrong but If im not mistaken the motor is supposed to slide back and fourth during wash operation and stay still during spin.

Post# 1020038 , Reply# 17   1/3/2019 at 21:53 by LowEfficiency (Iowa)        

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Isnít an overload at the start of spin usually a symptom of the belts being too grippy? Does the machine have the proper Maytag belts?

Post# 1020039 , Reply# 18   1/3/2019 at 21:57 by electroluxxxx (Syracuse NY)        

As far as I know the belts are genuine maytag belts that say maytag on them.

Post# 1020044 , Reply# 19   1/3/2019 at 22:42 by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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the motor pulls forward more during spin start up, until all the water is out, then it will pull tighter as it reaches top speed....

I have 3 springs on mine...

I did have a round motor cut out on me several times, basically it was overheating on its own....even with an empty tub....installed a square motor, been fine ever since....

Post# 1020046 , Reply# 20   1/3/2019 at 22:59 by Electroluxxxx (Syracuse NY)        

I do have the round motor in this machine. Its really odd that it seems to happen after I replaced the glides and springs considering that it was running so well before. Should I try to grease the track? Would it hurt anything?

Post# 1020047 , Reply# 21   1/3/2019 at 23:08 by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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cant hurt....

Post# 1020049 , Reply# 22   1/3/2019 at 23:34 by LowEfficiency (Iowa)        

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Are the new springs stiffer/stronger than the old ones?
Maybe try putting the old springs back on as a test?

Post# 1020051 , Reply# 23   1/3/2019 at 23:39 by electroluxxxx (Syracuse NY)        

Thanks! I will give it a shot and let you know if itís resolved. I was looking on the member collections yesterday and yours was one of the collections I looked through, you must really like those Neptune front loaders. My questions are how well do they work? Are they reliable and what do you dislike about them?

Post# 1020052 , Reply# 24   1/3/2019 at 23:41 by electroluxxxx (Syracuse NY)        

They are stiffer and Iíll need to find them,if I didnít toss them.

Post# 1020287 , Reply# 25   1/5/2019 at 23:37 by Electroluxxxx (Syracuse NY)        

well... today was a productive day! the DE502 was completely lubed and put back in to service and the 642C is next ( this week). The issue with the A502 was indeed the tension on the springs so I stretched out the new ones a little bit. now here is the good news, after putting the machine back together I found both old springs, one I had put on my workbench and the other was lodged in the vacuum hose that I have been using to clean the basement with. I will also put them back on the machine this week as well, but for now with stretching out the new springs the machine seems to work well. I oiled the pump in both the 142 (pot metal pump) and the A502 (replacement). next is to take out the leaking anti siphon on the drain hose and to extend the hose a little bit. Other than that, thank you all for the wonderful compliments and advice.

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