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Sarah Perdueís Mid Century Kitchen
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Post# 1035619   6/18/2019 at 12:05 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        

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Ok, guys, I think itís coming together.

Iím buying the Hotpoint combo for 500, and I may have just found wall ovens to match as well as a modern Elkay sink. Iím posting a link to the ovens below.

Thank you all for encouragement, advice and support as I work, plan and dream about this project.


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Post# 1035633 , Reply# 1   6/18/2019 at 13:52 by mixrman (Eutaw, Alabama)        

Sarah: Tell about the modern Elkay sink.... is it stainless double bowl with drainboards? Dimensions? Since I cannot find a way to get our Youngstown porcelain sink refinished- might be an option.

Post# 1035635 , Reply# 2   6/18/2019 at 14:11 by mixrman (Eutaw, Alabama)        

never mind- found the link in the other forum...

Post# 1035642 , Reply# 3   6/18/2019 at 14:32 by pulltostart (Mobile, AL)        

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Looking good!  Here's a nice SS sink - LARGE model - Lustertone; high quality if you can spare the room.  I had an aunt who's kitchen had a sink like this and washing dishes (no dishwasher) was a breeze.


It's located in Knoxville, TN for $200.



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Post# 1035681 , Reply# 4   6/19/2019 at 00:43 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
Thanks, Lawrence

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That's a really nice sink, and I will keep it in mind. At the moment, I'm still considering the double drainboard sink although the price is certainly better.

I'm attaching the link to the Elkay sink.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO sarahperdue's LINK

Post# 1035709 , Reply# 5   6/19/2019 at 10:11 by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

$200. is an excellent price for that 43" sink with the deeper bowl on one side. It's like the one in our church kitchen, except the church's uses a Hudee ring, rather than being self-rim as the one shown. It was installed when the kitchen addition was built in 1959, and still looks new 60 years later. I didn't see this model listed on the Elkay website, so it probably is a made-to-order modification product (rather than true custom), so would be rather expensive. When I last saw it in their catalog a few years ago, the list price before any discounts was well over $1000.

Post# 1035724 , Reply# 6   6/19/2019 at 14:41 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        

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John, the enamel double drain board sinks come around pretty often. I saw one not too long ago. I'll see if I can find it. If you're willing to wait, I'll help you look. Lawrence, you up for the hunt? You are always posting cool listings on shopper's square.


Post# 1035734 , Reply# 7   6/19/2019 at 17:53 by pulltostart (Mobile, AL)        

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Always looking.  You're looking for a double-bowl with drainboard(s)?  Porcelain on steel?



Post# 1035834 , Reply# 8   6/20/2019 at 18:40 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
Yes, please

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Double bowl, double drain boards in stainless for me, and then white porcelain for John. The stainless ones seem to be rare. I found a new Chinese one for 600+, and an American made Elkayfor over 1000. If I go to new, Iíll buy the Elkay. I can just hear the tinniness of the Chinese one when I look at the picture. Iím also trying very hard to buy American. That said, are used to stainless one would be magnificent, And, given the price of the Elkay, I might settle for a double bowl sink without the drain boards.

Post# 1037252 , Reply# 9   7/5/2019 at 18:38 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        

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So, guys,

The old kitchen is out, the sills and structure have been restored, and my builder is waiting for me to choose flooring, countertops and appliances. The stainless Hotpoint fridge in Birmingham sold. Iím kind of revisiting the one in Louisiana. Iím concerned about all the tape in the butter and egg compartments.

Iím definitely thinking linoleum floors in the kitchen and butlers pantry. Iím considering Lino, Formica or stainless for the countertops. I think Iím leaning towards stainless (but I havenít had the price comparison reality check yet. Hmmm, maybe a girl can have it allóstainless in the kitchen and Lino or Formica in the butlers pantry.

I hadnít thought about it until I started laying out the kitchen, but do all vintage fridges open from left to right? My preference would be a left to right layout of fridge, sink, stove/ovens, but a right to left opening fridge seems best...

So here are some photos starting with the demolition. Thatís my older son wielding the sledgehammer.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

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Post# 1037306 , Reply# 10   7/6/2019 at 10:53 by pulltostart (Mobile, AL)        

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It's good to see progress!  Looks like some hard, sweaty work - good thing you have young help.  I love the old (must be original?) red-and-white tile floor.


This was your grandmother's house, right?  So in the long term, what are your plans for the house?  Do you plan to reside here?



Post# 1037320 , Reply# 11   7/6/2019 at 14:15 by spacepig (Floridas Emerald Coast)        

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Thanks for sharing the pictures of your re-model. I saw that the fridge in Birmingham sold after being dropped to $500, so I was hoping that was you who bought it. In regards to door openings, we have two vintage refrigerators (both GE) that open to the left, so they are definitely out there.

Like Lawrence, I *love* that original red/white tile! When we re-did the floor in our old kitchen, we uncovered several layers of old flooring until we got to the original which was a gorgeous dark teal linoleum. Unfortunately, it could not be saved, but I kept a few pieces to make something that I could incorporate into our "new" vintage kitchen. Keep the pictures coming!

Post# 1037326 , Reply# 12   7/6/2019 at 15:13 by LowEfficiency (Iowa)        

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>> So here are some photos starting with the demolition. Thatís my older son wielding the sledgehammer.
>> Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

Yes, start wearing a respirator and use more caution with the floor! Unless you have submitted a sample and received a negative test result, the odds are pretty good that those floor tiles you're ripping up contain asbestos!

Post# 1037362 , Reply# 13   7/6/2019 at 21:17 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
Failed compromise

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My son and o compromisedóinstead of a respirator, I told him he could wear one of the paper ones with the breathing valve. I confess that I didnít notice he didnít have it on when took the pictures...bad mom. It was a deathly, punishing 105 degrees, but we had to get it out that day because the builder was coming down the next day(1:45 hours each way). Regarding the mask, itís a lame excuse, but I know he kept t on while ripping up and sawing the floor out. I need to teach better safety.

Damn! I missed it when the fridge dropped to 500. I most definitely would have snapped it up.

I remember the red and cream (or yellowed) linoleum tile from my earliest childhood. I even remember her replacing on of the cream tiles with a white one and being disappointed that it didnít match. I think the brick sheet vinyl came shortly after.

Lawrence, I do want to live there.

The original structure was built in 1938, and there was an addition during the late 50s. Although the addition was added some time mid century, we think the structure was moved from somewhere else because the construction techniques are much olderó

Post# 1037382 , Reply# 14   7/6/2019 at 23:11 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        

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I thought the Lino squares were the original floor, but we found red painted tongue and groove under that. Alas, no salvaging it. We had already scored the floor into 2í squares for easier removal before we discovered it.

Iíve decided to deconstruct the addition. Itís always seemed out of synch with the rest of the house, The quality of construction is not as good as the original structure, and we donít need the space. Large houses are, in my opinion, overrated. Also, the siding is a match, and the original house has a lot of rotten siding. Iím going to ask the man who restores asbestos fiber cement roofs in Alabama and nearby areas if heíll go thirds or halves to remove the shingles in tact. A stash of shingles will be like gold although, after weathering the 2011 tornadoes here in Tuscaloosa, we will be doing our best to remove trees that might threaten the house.

A lot of trees and vegetation has been removed since some of these pictures were taken. A house nestled in the trees looks lovely, but my boys and I watched the tornado uproot a 50 year old oak and drop it down the roofline of the next door neighborís houseóbisected it clean in half and crushed the buildingís supporting structure.

And, without further ado, photos

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Post# 1037390 , Reply# 15   7/7/2019 at 03:45 by vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield & London UK)        

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Thanks for sharing the pictures Sarah, its easy to see why you should want to restore and live in such a beautiful house.

Personally I would advise not to have stainless steel countertops, I work for a company which supplies commercial kitchens where stainless is universal and, whilst it is certainly durable, it will get scratches and over time will not look as good as new for considerable expense. On the other hand, if you do decide to go for them you could get sinks and drainers moulded right in to them to your exact specification and size as part of their construction. We do this all the time and any commercial kitchen supplier or metal fabricator (going back one step in the supplier chain) should be able to do the same for you.

Good luck with your project, I look forward to seeing your progress


Post# 1037398 , Reply# 16   7/7/2019 at 07:16 by JustJunque (Western MA)        

What a beautiful house!
Thank you for sharing the pictures.
I'll hop on board too with the love for the red and white/cream kitchen flooring.
I've discovered so many flooring options that really appeal to me, that we never even considered before we put hardwood floors all through the whole house.
Oh well. First house. Live and learn; right?
Best of luck with the projects!
Keep us posted, please!


Post# 1037703 , Reply# 17   7/10/2019 at 10:11 by mixrman (Eutaw, Alabama)        

Looks like a lovely house! Can't wait to see how your project progresses. I agree with your comment about the addition being out of character with the original structure. I don't however, agree that large houses are overrated!

Post# 1037711 , Reply# 18   7/10/2019 at 12:24 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
Happy Fun Time!

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Too funny, John, I'm in the process of writing an email message to you this very minute!

And to everyone--

My lino samples arrived yesterday, and I cannot wait to get down to The Pines and hold them up against my cabinets. Since I already have the cabinets and a big room to stage them in, I'm going to block off the kitchen/breakfast room footprint and experiment with arrangements.

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Post# 1037717 , Reply# 19   7/10/2019 at 12:55 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
A temporary fridge

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Hi All,

This GE fridge is available here in the Tuscaloosa area for $100. I'm thinking about buying it to keep things cold until I find my dream fridge.


CLICK HERE TO GO TO sarahperdue's LINK

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Post# 1037718 , Reply# 20   7/10/2019 at 12:57 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
Lino vs formica?

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I started another thread and am including the link. I figure it might be helpful for future AW users to have the lino vs formica discussion all on one thread.

I'm posting sample formica pictures here for those of you who are following my kitchen but don't have advice to offer on choosing a material for countertops.


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Post# 1037721 , Reply# 21   7/10/2019 at 13:04 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
Geneva kitchen cabinet pull

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I'm looking for the same or similar replacements as the one pictured with a wood background for the Geneva cabinets. Some of the cabinets are newer and have the pulls in the second picture. As far as I can tell, these pulls are original to the cabinets.

I'm happy to trade..

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Post# 1037725 , Reply# 22   7/10/2019 at 13:25 by ea56 (Cotati, Calif.)        

This post has been removed by the member who posted it.

Post# 1037801 , Reply# 23   7/10/2019 at 23:45 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
Removing the addition

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So, a little Photoshop and here's an idea of what the house will look like without the addition. It amazes me how much bigger the porch looks without the addition behind it. It's the same photograph...

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Post# 1037888 , Reply# 24   7/11/2019 at 14:34 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
Oh, my lord...

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David Allen here in the Tuscaloosa area has offered to go check out a GE that is listed here in Northport as "Working" but, according to further contact with the seller, does not cool... In what universe is a refrigerator that is not cooling working? Anyway, the price $100 is good, other than the not cooling part, the fridge is in beautiful condition. And, did I mention that it's nearby?

I was thinking it would be a good starter fridge until I find my dream...then I saw this--a Hotpoint combo that is one of the rare fridges to open from right to left...

Of course, it had to be 12 hours away in St. Louis...

And the stainless Hotpoint combo with the built-in look trim is still available in Louisiana...

I'm linking to the Hotpoint and including pictures of the GE and both Hotpoints. As some of you may remember, the stainless Hotpoint appears to have damage to the butter conditioner and compartments inside the door. Also, the seller tells me that it is plugged in and working--but it just does not look plugged in in the pictures.


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Post# 1043411 , Reply# 25   8/31/2019 at 15:50 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        

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The east wall of the kitchen--where the windows and sink are--is very short. I wanted to have the fridge on the left side of the sink and counter on the right, then cooktop and ovens on the south wall, but the east wall is so short, I would have very little counter space to the left of the sink wiht the fridge.

Enter John (mixrman)'s turquoise GE wall fridge. I've still got to work out the measurements, but if the wall fridge fits to the left of the sink, it will be fantastic.

I've purchased (but not received yet) a vintage 6' stainless Elkay Lustertone double drainboard, double sink. I forgot to save a picture before the seller pulled down the ad. It's got some pitting and someone took a rotary sander to the drainboards. It's going to take some elbow grease, but even with freight, the price beats a new one by about 1,600. That's worth a lot of hand sanding and polishing, but I think it is fantastic that seventy years later, Elkay is still manufacturing this same sink.


Now, I'm looking for the right wall ovens. There was a marvelous Thermador side by side double wall oven in Georgia. I was still wrestling with whether I was going to get a 40" double oven range or use the stainless cooktop with wall ovens. It finally clicked--I want wall ovens so that I don't have to bend down for ovens on a range. I missed the Thermadors by one day.

I'm undaunted. So far, it seems like everything I've considered and missed has been OK because as the plan evolves I find better options. I'm going to have faith that the same thing will be true of my ovens.


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Post# 1043677 , Reply# 26   9/3/2019 at 08:14 by dermacie (my forever home (Glenshaw, PA))        

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I am behind looking at the pics. The house is just beautiful! I can't wait to see the progress you make. It really doesn't need much in my opinion.

Post# 1043702 , Reply# 27   9/3/2019 at 13:51 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
Gonna need more

sarahperdue's profile picture
turquoise and probably an extra fridge.

because the GE wall fridge is small and turquoise. It's going to need some turquoise friends...

Post# 1043718 , Reply# 28   9/3/2019 at 15:26 by goatfarmer (South Bend, home of Champions)        

goatfarmer's profile picture

$100.00 is way too much for a non working 'fridge, vintage or not.

Post# 1043720 , Reply# 29   9/3/2019 at 15:36 by goatfarmer (South Bend, home of Champions)        

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Post# 1043721 , Reply# 30   9/3/2019 at 15:42 by goatfarmer (South Bend, home of Champions)        

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Post# 1043729 , Reply# 31   9/3/2019 at 16:40 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        

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I will call, but it most definitely bugs me when people don't post pictures.


Post# 1045136 , Reply# 32   9/16/2019 at 23:34 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
Progress report

sarahperdue's profile picture
I'm getting my friend John, mixrman's, white Americana for my second fridge. The fridge in the picture is not the one I'm getting, but mine is also in very good shape. I keep thinking that the Americana would have been perfect for my grandfather's midnight pie raids. He was a cattleman, and always put his hat on the marble top credenza to the left of the refrigerator. I walked in on him many times during my childhood. He'd be stark naked in front of the fridge eating pie straight out of the dish. He would put down his fork, pick up his hat and cover himself until I got my water or whatever it was and left. Presumably, once I left the scene, he recommenced eating pie.

My sink arrived on the Greyhound from New York today. I will post pictures when I unpack it. Although it won't be vintage, I'm planning to use a commercial spray faucet. Their functionality just cannot be beat.

I'm really leaning towards a turquoise and red theme. My question of the moment is, would it be a sin to paint a white Americana red? In another departure from authentic vintage, I'm considering using mirrors as a backsplash. I never, ever would have thought of it except that our current house has them. They brighten up the kitchen and make it look bigger. I can also see and chat with who ever is hanging out in the kitchen with me while I cook.

I've been looking at vintage kitchens online, and this one is my favorite so far. The cabinets upper cabinets seem unusually low. I will probably want to incorporate more white in the plan because my kitchen is very, very small and only has one window.

And yes, I'm having fun yet,


CLICK HERE TO GO TO sarahperdue's LINK

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Post# 1045144 , Reply# 33   9/17/2019 at 02:25 by MattL (Flushing, MI)        

It's your kitchen, have some fun and add the red - but it needs to be the right red.


Just curious, have you ever posted a floor plan of the kitchen?  Curious to see the layout and window/ door placement as well as dimensions.

Post# 1045159 , Reply# 34   9/17/2019 at 10:11 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
floor plan

sarahperdue's profile picture
Not yet.

Will do cursory measurements today. My craftsman and I will be working on cabinet, appliance layout and where to put the doors from the kitchen to the breakfast room and from the breakfast room into the hall on Saturday.

I'm attaching pictures of the house floor plan that I did on the Home Design 3D app. The first floor plan is the original footprint with the '6os addition removed. The second includes the addition which I plan to demolish and use for donor parts to repair the rest of the house.


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Post# 1045301 , Reply# 35   9/18/2019 at 14:43 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
Elkay Lustertone!

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My sink arrived, and it is beautiful.

It's going to need considerable sanding and polishing, but I'm confident that it is going to turn out beautifully. It's a very heavy stainless and well worth the effort. Starting with a high quality product makes it worth all of the work.

70 years later, Elkay still makes the Lustertone sink. A new one costs about $1,900. So far, I've spent about 16 minutes with 400 grit sandpaper on a small portion of it, and it is going very well. So, I've paid $150 for the sink, $100 to the seller for his trouble and $134 to Greyhound for the shipping. I can do a lot of sanding for $1,500!


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Post# 1045816 , Reply# 36   9/23/2019 at 23:53 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
More Geneva cabinets seem meant to be

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I started playing around with kitchen cabinet and appliance placement and realized I have an extreme shortage of base cabinets--like only seven. Most of y'all have seen the pictures of the cabinets in their original kitchen. There seemed to be tons of them, but when I went back to the pictures, sure enough, only seven.

Enter a set of Geneva cabinets in St. Louis as if on cue. It's not much further to make the round trip for the refrigerator and cabinets as it is to just get the fridge. St. Louis and Ft. Knox are reasonably close to each other so it makes perfect sense to pick both the cabinets and the turquoise GE wall fridge in the same trip.

I'm attaching a link to the cabinets in St. Louis, pictures of the cabinets, my new Americana--which I think I'm going to paint turquoise instead of red, a floor plan of the kitchen and that gorgeous turquoise Frigidaire Custom Imperial double oven that I'm leaving in the morning to pick up in North Carolina. For one pained minute, I thought the Americana did not have a butter conditioner...then I found the switch, yes? The Americana didn't work when plugged in, but John Gillum tells me that the main switch is in the freezer compartment. I'm expecting her to start right up when I get to the country this weekend.

Thanks for all of your encouragement and enthusiasm!


CLICK HERE TO GO TO sarahperdue's LINK on Stlouis Craigslist

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Post# 1048854 , Reply# 37   10/26/2019 at 01:19 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        

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Hi All,

The Americana fridge is working fine, and I have a tentative floor plan for the kitchen


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Post# 1048866 , Reply# 38   10/26/2019 at 05:49 by vacbear58 (Sutton In Ashfield & London UK)        

vacbear58's profile picture

Is their anything going in the space to the left of the door into the dining room? If you like to bake it might be worth putting the Americana there and extending the counter round from the bar to the Geneva pantry with cupboards under which would give a really good space for a "baking centre" - lots of room to spread out and yet it's fairly close to the oven. The small sink there would also mean if you had someone working with you they could use that area for preparing veggies and the like without getting in each other's way. You may also be able to fit in some more wall cabinets there too

Post# 1048878 , Reply# 39   10/26/2019 at 09:14 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
Ideas, please!

sarahperdue's profile picture

Thank you very much for the idea of putting the Americana to the left of the dining room door. I had planned to put a comfy chair or loveseat there, but now I'm going to have to make some major changes. I realized there isn't enough room between the kitchen windows for the wall fridge.

Please, y'all, bring on the ideas! I'm struggling with the new plan.


Post# 1049211 , Reply# 40   10/29/2019 at 00:46 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
Still struggling...

sarahperdue's profile picture
Here are a couple of alternate plans I've worked up. I'm still not satisfied. The kitchen is so blasted small! I can't steal space from the hall because a bedroom opens directly into the hall behind the kitchen. And I can't steal from the dining room because the dining room extends further than the breakfast room. There are windows and such that can't be changed--or that I'm unwilling to change. I'm not a fan of monster kitchen or open kitchen/dining room areas. .

As I often do, I went about the whole process backwards--collecting the things I liked without thoroughly planning the space I had.

I'm thinking grey floor with the turquoise border. The border pictured is 6" wide. I think it needs to be smaller. With the ice maker on the wall with the window, I have a bit of space for my chair by the window.

John, I really, really want the combo, but I may need the cabinet space more. I'm picking up a donor fridge for the wall unit in Fort Knox, Kentucky and more cabinets in St. Louis this weekend. I'm rather wishing I hadn't bought all of the cabinets...and paid more than I should have, but it seemed a long way to go to get just a few... And I've gone from not having enough cabinets to having too many! But I need some from each set. Sigh

Paul, how wide is the path between your sink and island? (In the house with the turquoise GE kitchen)

Wanting too many appliances. I'm sure I'm the only one here with that problem.

I'm feeling a bit weary but know my enthusiasm isn't gone forever. Friends, I know you will inspire me, and, now, I must sleep.


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Post# 1049249 , Reply# 41   10/29/2019 at 09:44 by pulltostart (Mobile, AL)        

pulltostart's profile picture

You've amassed a large collection of MCM kitchen equipment!  You are to me commended for your perseverance and drive - and for that you have been rewarded.


However, if you're having problems being happy with the layout so far, here's a suggestion.  Stop.  Take a deep breath and relax for a bit.  Think about what you are really wanting to achieve in this kitchen.  If your goal is to assemble a collection of equipment and display working models, then how the space works isn't maybe so important to the outcome.  However, if what you really want is a great, working kitchen, does that kitchen need everything you've collected?  Think about how you want the kitchen to work and what you want to happen there, place the equipment essential to that process, and if an appliance (or two) doesn't make the cut, so be it.  Store the leftover and/or sell it.


Think about what you want to achieve, then "make it so".



Post# 1049251 , Reply# 42   10/29/2019 at 10:10 by sarahperdue (Alabama)        
The trouble with wanting at all.

sarahperdue's profile picture
Thanks Lawrence,

Of course, I want it to be everything and small. Youíre advice to take a break from it is right on.

Thanks much,

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